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Sunday, June 17th
Come And Talk It, for June 17.

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It's time for comment socket with your host Michael kargil. Trust you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army. And has achieved national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine. Fox Business news CNN money. AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill. East Austin Tex is loud music cap on the world list praise the lord and pass the ammunition I'd Sony today I'm excited. I'm I'm motivated. I've been back just energized by what happened in San Antonio by the Texans. Are Republican Party I'm telling you people today. It was an awesome event you know there are good stuff there's some bad stuff but mostly good stuff that take place. There is some history that was made. And we were able to get some things done that we did didn't think were possible bully made it happen this year. And so we're gonna tell you about that today we're also gonna tell you about some other stuff as well. But you know. I had to have Max stay over a little bit. We we we need Max sustained because you don't Max from the pre is our mission Ted Cruz a you know just like the snowflakes the Democrats. I was a little triggered. You know and I say you know what. I can't let Macs ago because he mentioned to Ed crews my junior senator from the state of Texas. You know you just can't talk about Ted Cruz and just walk away like that we gotta make you stay. No ma'am do you feel Michael Elliot we haven't AG's Mickey stay a little bit so you know what is your beef what'd crew lock go to bed as I'm gonna turn it around why do you like him so much looked. You don't Max did cruise ease ease and he's a great senator is he stands up and the second and these kinds of all of our constitutional rights. And he believes what he says he isn't the fender and a fighter for what is right out in this country and also in the state of Texas trial do you load. Well I would does that hadn't gone it's radio we'd video on yet Michael getting all worked out so let me just let me diesel actually he's getting all excited. Which is up quite a sight to see actually so let me just I think what offended Michael not offended him to go his interest was I say it's. That. Take crews. I can't even stand up for his own families and how can stand up for us let me just explain that Michael lest we wanted to know right wolf yeah. Uneasy displays to be explained to me like a match. I'm a nine year old my ten year old you know not I've got a better idea go 40 explaining to you like you Donald Trump own rules seen mental close to lock the door. This is not gonna in well not. In well. About this and I play. At least dog that Norton. Get giving given police should have. Don't let me six pleasing thing and then not that I rank a guy OK we'll do that it needs a good Telus is democratic cycle might call fickle my Starbucks it was OK so. Now my plays very simple so take crews. Did go to Donald Trump saved out take crews in the snug as a lot of people in this from the Donald Trump say about a crazy said. Early on during the incident with the marquis said early on during the and during the presidential campaign before trump was actually chosen. He said that Ted Cruz his wife U member this take cruise's wife was really ideal intimate a candidate but I don't think on the yeah yeah he's got he's got a tells what's about sister and his wife you know I had it in my car. Does it take crews had a problem with you know how his wife was treated to go ahead you can gain as he did pastor Michael freedom and on the much coffee equipment seven so they can tell when work with professionals here today this is. This is the high point of radio. So take crews let me just recap so Donald Trump said about take cruises wife. That she was very ugly tweeted a picture of being not the what house who say me just be gentle in not photogenic I think that's fan. And what they take crews do often that do you remember Michael the idea Haas is rhetorical question you don't have to go back out there. He he took his what could you imagine this some living on the causes like 25 people in the studio now but let me just explain this. Is someone insulted the members you'll you'll wife few months review children. And say that she was ugly. Would you then take that woman or drag that woman ten Dina. Wade that guy that insults it you'll wife now that's exactly what take crews did take crews took his wife. To the White House for dinner last year and keeping in mind that take cruise his wife. I've never met I'm sure she's a nice person to being insulted. By Donald Trump suggests on the human level is not politics kids this politics this is a human level. Can I ask you showed no hitter. Just real quick doesn't that prove that Ted Cruz is kind of admirable and that. He can. Put business set aside no personal and business because we do that every day in the world Arianna reality of the world we have to set aside. Personal and business if if I got offended every day. At at the workplace I I'd I know little known I would do that. May explain right so I use the C would you will not pass he would Michael don't worry. That would compromise OK so there's that but this is not about that he could have compromised his political beliefs without dragging his wife. To the White House so that's the first thing guess what a storefront is Amanda. Is it don't trust mothers speaking I don't know may be a lot of people say that's his get out of jail right so he tweeted a picture. Of doves take cruises dad's. And implied. That take Cruz's father had been involved I may be in some way I'm not sure that's his way speaking. In the assassination of JFK what they take cruising do often that's. Take crews then decided to write a puff piece in time magazine this is only a few months ago. Saying how wonderful. Donald Trump isn't he supports everything so again my heart that was very simple my points for a simple. If take crews cannot stand up for his own family. How can he stand up the year he doesn't I really disagree with your point I think she's eight. Yeah. I just don't understand until listening to you Robert I cannot trump right now when you. Where you're you're only hear me injured I'm not Ted Cruz if you're only complaint right now is that you'd. Think Ted Cruz. Is not shyness is an a for his family because he's not yelling and being disrespectful to his boss. Otis the president of the united kids of American Donald. He's not winning earliest wife and his dad they're adults they didn't take care of themselves. Let's put to be as behind as Beatles and get stuff passed in congress is is an asinine congress. Asia could do you really think that it's asinine if I sold two years if I say if it would you expect Michaels and we invite me on your program on yeah. Insult me all you know how does that add on you not only looks and I would still be here every day at 4 o'clock you'll thank Donald Trump was bad to say that. You do see I. I don't greedy that Donna Johnson opened this fat mouth and that Intel not at all your talking about Ted crew guys so does the commerce can and hearing just a Nagano. I'm not so I'm saying I'm saying I'm saying now say game plain English okay. That Ted Cruz can't stand up for his own family to his bought snow wedeman is not his boss he's not elected by Donald Trump he's president of the united he may not really artsy yeah. There are elected by Donald Trump if he chooses to stand up and say. And B how many times he's seen by the way. In the White House at in the White House. I'm making a point people in the White House saying Churchill was a great leader. Now there's even a bust every time we see Donald Trump Donald Trump all the church killed bused back into the White House because they criticized Obama for getting rid of it right. What did what was Churchill's modus operandi what does he do. In the thirties no one wanted him. Even his own party didn't want him the members of his own political mainstream party didn't want him. They didn't believe anything he did but he stuck to his guns Nestle currencies. Take crews. Can't even stand up freeze own watch why even drag why even make the point have taken it to the White House taken gone by self why take his wife. Why when the Manning so chill Fonda. By implying. That he was actually involved in the white in the assassination of why would you even do. Yeah why are you assuming you almost make it's only she dragged her when you aren't. You know what I would have because I really don't give a damn what Donald Trump says about me you don't. Cool a taped since I Leo how fast you would that can now because I know I'm not not you know but I'm in the. But his wife isn't actually on the but he still she steal it and so why this is all about being overly sensitive in this world you know what maybe she really wanted to go. Really sensitive EC our president. He can't even take trip I mean he can't even take criticism as well from a hold on so weak he slowed a little bacon gee you know my religion bashing my president of bashing your for. And get the that's our president of United States act and there's been no I don't like Mancini president did you catch Obama. Little different and Sebastien I'm by the way on human level. I'm so we need to be we need to be consistent you know and all the stuff that we did you know I don't think we're being the odds are you asked me why why I was about like. My point on Tikrit some right point on take cruises if he can't stand up for his own family okay if he can't say. The that attacking my wife is wrong if he can't say. That accusing my dead of possibly may be being involved in the assassinated JFK. Then why on earth do you think he's gonna stand up the me that's my only point that's it's there's nothing else that. If you use bijur and re saying. Experiencing congress raised not stood up for you and I Ashley avenue will feed each January hands. Hint of for the omnibus budget package cornyn and tankers at. Well I I'll here's what I'll say to that to answer your question regarding Ted Cruz and I think. It proves a lot about the man he wasn't elected by his family may probably voted for this like to buy it. The people at a large mass of people elected him and want to do a job. If every and I know a lot of politicians my business is right by all of them I talked a lot of them. I follow politics every single politician gets their Stanley dragged in the mud as they ordered stop and take their eye off the ball every time. A family member had something set about them and not focus our arts a task hint. Does that leave. Not true that's what most people don't drag the beans as a people finally got through the money if they don't drag them they drag the Donald Trump does Donald Trump could. Size is people's this is how you know can't trust me only response when he got sacked he W tax credit he just and I do the same thing that's why actually you know the more people attack him. The more I actually start to like him because that I never voted for Donald Trump in the first place I cheap because doing when he was radical election I see both in nineteen. You talk against him in accede to supported other candidates in that race but the thing is. The more people talk about him and what they put him down because he is a regular person. And he he's actually saying. You know he's what regular is a regular person he's a businessman that same what do you look what he thinks so now have a problem with absolutely no let me just say one thing in the this is like a hundred people in the studio now he's. Do you think is wrong of Donald Trump to imply that take cruise's wife was ugly. I did it he needed just sabre fans are going. I'm not sorry hill alumna did Donald Trump's I let you view. Much time to speak can you yeah let apple know I am I I'm very simple question that only take cruises will I. Don't think that don's son Jay is a professional and not personal just like Ted Cruz is doing by having his wife by his side. Wade he went on what about when he insulted days that. Is that wrong today I'm not prison if an Iraq bio cruise but this is dead. I know I know his name you haven't sent its I was letting you know that I knew treated or talked to run out and grow and I don't show I'm grown now early season. Clos Linehan is weak at Republican party of tax is any you do or think cable taking up for himself is not ten cruises. Job to hold everyone's hand he is there to pass legislation you know you wanted to adopt that. Those are relation he's passed out like tonight they helped mark my main point here was seed. The whole reason why do my program is republic I'm an independent retire and they may not believe me he's hit him I would for it. Republican a Democrat. What is anybody done recently for the average working Americans and by the way let's say average working American I'm token full face of the population not not the top 20% on token. Every bully below decks right they are actually worse off on the trump then they will people. Face it I cannot do is estimates and that is not going to I'm gonna be that lower portion and and after the Aaron. Tax cuts and jobs bill that was passed. I not only got a 10% raise I also got a thousand dollar bonus. As many other of my cell young Republicans across the country date big as their employees are sitting many and they pass those savings. On journal their late bill only that because I'm not arguing Il sixty point about the average people. Everything and I I am doesn't averages you again I'm a twenty something year old millennial inmate Michael you're less than 42 a year c'mon there. I so we come back from the break out we're talking about an army ground round UK what are you kick you out yet we're gonna make mistakes. I 'cause we're gonna pushing your place a little bit because you're definitely wrong as you're deathly wrong you're talking about my president you're gonna talk about my two senators from the great state of tech I didn't mention this as these guys the lone star state I know I'm a Texan. I you're temporarily a Texan I'm real I drawn little accent on Matty would accomplishing your place this is Michael aren't going employed by UX I listened to come and talk. Beautiful on the warm and you're listening to come in pocket with Michael Carter. Listen to talk thirteen seventy. Yeah anytime anywhere. The only already old dot com. Check your phone's glass door or visit to. Thirteen seventy dot com slash out of. Welcome back to come and socket. And now here's Michael card bill. I so we're back we're gonna talk today about the Texas Republican Party convention at a place in San Antonio. You know and I'm actually motivated I mean. You know energize because you know I actually think that we're actually gonna keep Texas rig there's no way to know we're not allowed as Democrats take this state. You know but you know there's some people Larry there optimists believe they're hoping they're praying. You know that he'll things are gonna be a little different but don't worry it's not gonna be differs not gonna change we're gonna make sure Texas stays red. And we're gonna make sure we're not gonna get those are reinstate laws are written appeal laws or read what everyone grumbles laws. That say they you know one. If we think suspect. Smell that someone in your family has an issue which is gonna take their guns away. You know I'm a red tail Michael Mori Brentwood though is how we have a trick is how how cool is a great what is aren't something laws. Maybe a little packet of black sweater and a leg belongs yes so the red flag blog has been author red pill that I read I feel like I'm in the matrix already basically now Milliken and an alternative. Universe and is truly a deficit in the major. I had death in MA six right now some sort of a red flag laws we think about those raids lag loan and I know what it is they are the laws that you know. If so when your family or let's say along force not should things that you know what. Your acting kind of weird we're gonna take your gun rights away. You know I I think a lot of people have a lot of control right now. Police officers we give a lot of power try law enforcement and I love law enforcement I'd love a PD awesome to support me don't agree job especially dealing with the the bombing and things of that nature. But when he comes seeding this is kind of worries me. You know if in the state of Texas and we kid this type of power. Tune to people judged without proper due process. I think that's a problem talk much to be your gun rights we for a year. Actually just to be very very clear because anonymous allegedly crystal clear most of the people in this room think I'm a Communist he's not till I'm not funny and you want to live I but I'm a nice guy am I correct you like I I you're not as common as he cannot get. But I'm on independent let PGA I live I live in Texas writes I live in Texas. I married. A Texan. Not in a Marriott Texan I married a Texan his family's being used his 1830 when she's listening she doesn't he give you need to Dayne is he's 18310. She is mentally that on the I'm sorry Austria he's been a big this family Mo Weiss has been used to say teens that he lied and have dug in meats and an. And it's and not only that they sold a lot of the land we UT it's rice we have a lot of land grants and Sam Houston mountains seem to have false in the whole thing right whatever it is. So all else and so I recognize that living in Texas people who carry 'cause I'm not saying you shouldn't carry gun. You don't think he's right though you think he's wrong to someone's acting we've that they plea shouldn't question what is weird I think gambling neurological tests may be would only have a definition. By Eli can make its threats against the school. If you make a threat yes didn't. Obviously yes OK we are we here is that there are good thresholds so there so that my point being you and I can agree. There is say that we don't know what the definition he's yet them that we noticed between possibly may be some perhaps a team win whatever that is second we have it right all or. Definitely a 100% if someone makes a threat against the school. They should probably not have a gun right I mean I think we I mean I somewhere in the middle as a compromise the C word I don't know what it is but I don't think this. As we don't trust that system we don't trust you once you get on that list how to get off that list because there's a there must Elissa I get on a sec they're missing links you can get on where you can't buy a gun and there's no way you can get off that list and we have a problem with them. There's a sex offenders list right coming in are allowed to go within a certain I know what it is in Texas so many hundred feet of the school you think that's wrong well it's actually here's why. Okay what do file when I was in college the 1000 college again until fight with my remained. And since it began to have fight one of his physical file he and one of us was charged with the domestic violence. Because that's domestic bounce you didn't have fun with your roommate from the and that means that you would not be able to buy a gun forever. So is so usual gun rights so if I guess I I I don't eat. I'm them look at everything is black and white his chase of re exactly right that that's the problem at all around to look at analysts say I told you how many independent autopsy on the -- would you also and things Mamo. Well that's all we can't blindly go into this stuff I think you know waiting this past this would even think about it because you're gonna change people's lot how to edit yeah this is gonna effect is going to be those people that you have on the bottom portion of the total bull candidates thank you have a sensible debate understands. What the rule what the consequences might be and from that you make it rational choice that's how it works is simple men who decides. That's proposal's there for wrestled the judge's approval process have once we while we a nation of laws right I mean that's how it could decide the speed limit someone decides someone decides that though the way it works is if you act actually you have money piece of my as the bandages on Sunday you know like I love you man that you're just wanted to use your wife was a trust fund baby is so I didn't. I did not say escalation that's what hurt us. Even used the words I cannot say she was a trust on beta said they're old Austin meanwhile tailback and arranged by the distress from being loud and so. You know it and what have. Happens is you have money you can afford an attorney not everyone can afford attorneys to fight those guys it's tougher and you know it's stick it marked people's edgy Betty here for Mike I agree are again but if that meant he got they eat these costlier. Hitting right now that these laws are going to I think some people that report I didn't say that you said that I'm saying that if you if there's a rule Leonard. Yeah a gentleman from the UK can you not admit you're wrong I can admit when I'm wrong with the yellow proving your point oh is saying is that poor people will be like more like Serbia you call in vols are now calling me so each hit my. I am I and you could call me so Max if you want that's a fine certain Max yeah unique so agreed that. Yield there's a problem with you know come with these laws are any problem with a company that went a little bit about this of the people that are mobile destination yet have a driver's license you have to make sure your car insurance or lows there for a reason I don't know in this case what it is because nothing's being proposed yet. That's does it make it right the ship to have a driver's license does it make it right did you have to have yet to pay taxes of course wasn't making I don't think that's right. I think does not want to like this up forever you know I just think taxes on my house forever you know the cigarettes her sex is for grabbing koranic Tebow carried you on Hannity and I'm sure these tax on my house forever. Of course you saw. I'm so when I'm eighty years old because I did not true exactly and my family lived until they're 89 the op. Affect the oldest person lives and their hundred is six years old. You know good DNA thank you because I'm almost fifty and I'm looking guy in a bridal cracked yeah. So you know what I gadgets that Asia told me that I'm gonna have to pay taxes forever I think that's not true intent in Austin. If you went and someone I'm chilcott Cohen tell you deletion you actually. If you actually. And young gun okay and then and then at the age 65 I stopping in Texas now they fix it it's ideal stays were it is just nicely there there's. I work in property taxes on tally of six overs sixty I've exemption only if I sure IST taxes. Which is the largest tax Bryant into T on your taxes that you still pay taxes on every other entity and there's no cap on it and. Right so you learn today October the biggest thing the biggest thing that these episodes posse right. Okay now. Now yes now. Now partially right the tax is that all of your taxes done to increase she just said that there I anti tax primaries everything outright anger but does so well in Europe create a paper towels I had the price like it put us posture right so I as a set I didn't know exactly I just icing their remember because of the missile cited that fumbled on a sensual but the bottom line is. That you'll have to pay for services you'll have to pay for roads you'll have to pay for whatever goes into the the society around the successful responsible society is due otherwise to thank you miles ago leaving and wake up right I mean it's just it's just the just the way it is that's how life is the only Waco because I know you're listening to don't get in just gas I'll be OK Micah. Oh get him where in Wesley you give me in the then they yellows Ford's car and I saw. No he's not deals was I bios was gone had a so so I guess you put the point being these I. I understand when you live in Texas. That people have guns are shot is dishing on the good shot told this before also off the radio one's as far as I'm actually a pretty good shot. I could probably do better than he had I doubt that very tie thanks so old idea. And I fight nor how else fighting I always give easy these guys who UK all my and they get schooled every day I'll place I tell you now know with a handgun and like Hank has been with a rifle. I'm pretty good. Max out pretty good you learn in our right now I'm pretty good so a friend the mind I want give his last name but a friend of mine actually is say yeah. West Point top 10% colonel. And he down and he ends some property outside of Austin and he's taken me that first thing like give his first name his first name is John and he's taken me to shoot. Yeah right. And a first he tells me is. It's not gun. It's all right so I get that sort of West Point attic and again but. It a surprise as no surprise that good I was asked the military might is right mindset right in the military it is a weapon. Yeah I don't use civilian world it's a firearm and can guess what else amassing pretty good with the shotguns that I got it out you know when you get the clay piecing things. I can do to and one of the same site oh my goodness well the SE a change in ninety tell I've diet I'm Donna I surprised my Texas friends are doing then she goes is TF and I'm more I listen. I'm more than willing to bring you a cup of Belgrade next how well he's either a grain Angel grace is the best man. In regards Ali yeah I'm about to say that don't look because I'd answer I have your business card I got your I have your card against in my hand a tight budget thinking. Okay what else. I'm Max I can give me am I am really geeky allies we price of me and I tell you I appreciate you staying over Maxine register though you'll talk about whether Cruz so we can so that we go agreed to take Cruz has done nothing for Ted Cruz is the Ted Cruz is my junior senator finally and Texas keeps saying I Israelis are doing a wonderful job for the state of tense he's saying he's he's she say my it is my back until you stand outside his office and occupy his office only one bit he's doing all. Outstanding job as anybody in text people out to fighting dizzy he is these senator that has actually standing up for the second and more so than John Cornyn. OK because I'm not arguing that plan on disagree with that I'm just making the point for the average Texan is I think in it yet so there's nothing you can possibly say to me I'm not a solitary Seattle ever. I may actually stay after late hour late out of the question now is are people like you is is not don't ask me why don't like can you tell me what he's done a new process so far is one thing he stopped one thing he stops everything that they're trying to do that delivers a trying to do it. In polls in gun control laws that our economy is one thing he stops that. He actually he's been working hard on doing what I need to. I mean they don't become even sat. And I did you get on a diet for the omnibus budget package and you just can't and I didn't I didn't hand I I didn't Amy I don't know that we're not saying well they tell me what he's OP voted against something to do what he's done what he's accomplished voting against some may well we don't pay me now I'm giving you the Johnson I. I'm giving you the floor you probably can't do this and I think he's done a lot oh yeah I'm with a roomful of people and a 12345. Or six people. And not want today's sakes people you please tell me what he's done is ways that you ready I'm ready as announces that revealed the Internet ready hold your breath get it if you found older I had holed it. Don't we look at my funneled directly your eyes I'm looking like renteria put an aggregated data in the second memories of an electric show. Talk bad. No talking he's also made sure that you know the health care deal that we need do the right thing in this country and make sure that. People can actually afford health care I agree you know it goes right now people can a forty your forcing people that can afford this to buys something bite into something that's actually breaking them. The fact that where you know. We're having. The loan. City conduct. And by the way. The fact that our Condo and that says it all out. Aaron I backed that unemployment is so lol oh yes tell him it's it's he is a part of that. And he's going to try not tell me. It's six people and no proof just don't like what I'm saying no DJ is Carlo you you totally hear the great totally saudis against you haven't told me what he's accomplished you you're just for some reason you're just I'm used stuck on this do you iGoogle home and just look at his picture and not. Now I see how they reside outside my silly now not how I I yes you really Nash infatuated by. I think I may be im in love with him in give me tell me. It is done. Independence exactly the citizenry don't have an independent body they wish we should have won. OK so we should absolutely have read it gives you an independent that not enough so I bogeyed the senate president and it's okay. Democrats is gonna come a Democrat was not about Texas Democrats webware program. Are the Hokies Texas maker and why. The entire country would have been done I submit that a lot of being set and I'll attempt taking rights away from people that he keeps saying that on the bottom portion of its and then think about this. It's all right so my friends Republican or Democrat thing where was the stock market when Obama to Coca. Disney had a place to go but up. If you put in there in the first place where where's that 8000 to give a 41 K did you do really well on the bush really well under a bomb in the very same miserable scene believe I just think how it is to do this and by the way to I know I got a nice and changes in that cannot mask I'd corporation got a I tell legally is tell. I like is it. Yes it was easy to go to America Nancy Pelosi struck out Andre I think I think she's gone that's his thing on how do we ever get there and get a house member Republicans and whoever Republican president and things the greatest country. I needed him me but I just said he had full face of the population that they're actually comes gone down. I just that he be missed the good part of the show I just said that. Full police say hey I know they aren't very convenient. And thank you magnolia chicken me ask you don't love me anymore not only are we keep you out worry Gregory hit it Dillard green eggs and hands were rib on the senate floor. And we guide to a break now or might just leave and don't worry jammed we're gonna keep dessert he has some people have racing it is Brit or this brain rent out the door and they are such a lovable Kamal. Yeah. Back. And next I really appreciate you see it minister in over your there's no any time I was like you idea wanna come in early on your show. And yes yes he does city and then we're gonna should check with your audience in the end you known. In Ely I saw gangs are not only about a dude beard he doesn't ordeal to get anywhere early now to. Yeah I don't dude beard is easily get a drink Scotch. I drink liquor he thinks easily done as the enemy okay I think Scott has got John. People my phone's going off all right guys I haven't Amax appreciate you staying over you have a wonderful rest your weekend we come back we're gonna talk about the Texan Republican Party and talk about it didn't talk about the band. This is my Cargill and youth. I listened to come talk. So this is year olds already here on the precinct three county commissioner here in trials Kim and you're listening to common cough it. There right choice. To me. Welcome back to come and talk get. And now here's Michael Carvell hi so we're back Whitney kicked it. Live on Johnny here tie here in an accident Gatti here this is America this is Texas the lone start state. Don't Baghdad UK and another that that's why we won the war that's what we kick your butt back across that water assert that really can you read your vehicle that's right. And and just so you know Ted Cruz beat beat Jimmy Kimmel and basketball eleven and I told you when here don't talk about my senator. This is Texas the lone star state were as standard brand best stuff. I had so. Now let's let's get back to you I'm talking about the Texan Republican Party the convention. A lot of good things happen out I'm motivated I feel so great friend. Leaving the convention. I'm very happy. If you know history was actually made. We actually had an opportunity for the Log Cabin Republicans to be in the convention to have been beaten green in the convention and I think that's a big step forward is not exactly what we want. You know there are more things I want but you know what we made history we have protest outside the building. There's no she national flags because you know this is Michael card a little plate and I care accurate three guns that I will show one would take a flag on my hands. So that stuff so no they were able civil. Now we had a great time there's no one yelled to anybody it was wonderful. Had a meet and greet Wilson had a nice little function the night that was packed I thought the fire department gonna show up they shut us down but luckily they didn't. I begin little hot because we had a lot of people that would dear. And so more people than we expected showed up to our after parties which is actually citing a lot of young conservatives young Republicans. All showed up to support Log Cabin Republicans in our fight for. I'd doing pushing the party to do the right thing. And so we're getting near its inch by inch it's progress. You know and we are in progress that's actually being made so that's actually get sol let's go the full leash a leash is with the hill country. The young Republicans and she's got to talk to us about you don't. Her take on how the convention actually came out so Felicia. Get on the dates of Mike tells about the largest convention in the world yeah Texas Republican Party convention. It was a lie is does meisters Republican Party convention. I learned a lot. My as a lost twenty miles according to my apple watch and above their nails like you walked a lot lastly did you want to reset your goals aisles like definite part of that this Friday night we're going from bars to talk. Can't say step RR Martin Marty. Yeah we edging Wheeling dealing Ford or frame. We could go to different route to this day we walked around a long way but never followed I drank little and sugar gags never always map quest it very Google map that Airways whenever we do these days. No it was really great so I had she spoke to some playing. Just before the show started about. And Texans term responsible marijuana policy. And their Republican Party made history I'm Forbes Marty posted an article added a fair article person you can look it up but we have full hurt playing with. In Arab platform that grew from 266. And just under 330. Eat me yes in the B Bible it's going to be there Republican Bible wow. Guess our name and Jill book sales. You may know it was a good hair volume by phone books of the rebel he's Sosa is the lord knows so we have four planks in there. Most if not all her yes with about 80%. I'm approval rate from the body of the convention. The first and probably the biggest for a lot of people is the decriminalization. Of marijuana. Means that if you were coyotes win found an ounce or less of marijuana. Your Second Amendment Rights would not be in frighten. So that's a big really big deal for the Republican Party to come aligned with this we give Democrats come alive the Republican Party comes on line we've may be able to act she decriminalized. At best you don't even legalize marijuana in the state of Texas as goes Texas will go the rest of this country. So they're actually already worked Kenya and on exact and then congressional leveled against the powers of the states. But one of the other planks that we pass and sorry FIA. Paz amateur asylum from my phone. Adam. And we did pass a platform had our had plank about an industrial hemp. Say no we just are using that as a crop here in Texas to boost revenues so we don't have to continue to import everything. From Canada am. Because you preferred should be obviously. I am a self sufficient. That's right scrolling through all of this information and there aren't plenty there's a lot of stuff that needs us and you'll end while you're looking view that. There was there was little drama. Little drama and I'm let's have a composite is in the in the negatives. You want to say they're real quick millions doesn't happen amoled and doubt about it went I about their alleged that in reverse order but hey it's raining or does enemy to be pessimistic all men I can't even see him. Look I'm very easy downtown so I can't seal the buildings downtown right now is rainy it's rated. That's a song in case anyone has and where did know the weather here yeah. He's stuck on I 35 very young slow back civil penalty at that link and does make an fine and a hundred dollars no jail time. And sixty to 70000 people. Are arrested for marijuana offenses that would be. And cut out by changing from criminal to civil he had less stress on our law enforcement it's less stress on our jails. Saves us a tax payers money let's stop jailing people for these nonviolent crimes. I still call. Either let me is that the Republican Party stink about the people that you know because who's the who'll do these offenses actually affect the most that's what she did ask yourself. And so would make image changed the saying you know these are taken but didn't hear everyone. You know it definitely you know this didn't start just worried about the people that are on the upper scale. Other rich were started taking care of the people that are on the bottom of the scale there and sold is you bring up the ones at the bottom you know it makes everyone better. We also voted to expand the compassionate use act angry get into details as they. We also voted to expand the compassionate use act and that was passed by the Texas legend 2015. And to allow doctors to determine the appropriate use of candidates to recommend to certified patients. Also caught on the federal government. To change Canada's classification. And say that can't add congress should remove candidates analysts as schedule one individual is scheduled to you and and those enough are still. It was really great I got a goes in Enron's in testimony at the platform committee and see the passion that people had been full her definitely medical. And met noble medical marijuana being expanded in and further utilizing tax says. And then just a passionate people have for all of us there all their platform planks. And you think that we really need to do something before. The convention next time we action should decent training. Oh my gosh yeah policies and parliamentary procedure training what is it then be. Because out one point Weaver is trying to amended. The plane. And the platform talking about industrialized tent. And this poor and durable little's woman. Bless her heart and she talked among my Republican women got up there and say how do you we have this and are playing. This is just a foot in the door so people can get high and say they're gonna smoke a rope they have bigger problems he could we have more word I think I'm about. We weren't even voting on the playing on camera voting on changing the wording. And then playing that we are ready pass about him. So even as an understand how Mangini procedure in a public aren't as in the years just tighten up the word phrase still the only motion that could have. And made it. Well after the amendment was pastor denied it was have moved to strike me but I. It just it just didn't happen in a James Dickey aired newly reelected. Republican Party of Texas chairman was a great convention chairmen. And we had Lindsay not only honorable mention. The the winner I. I think if I had to get an award. Someone out of the entire convention I would have to give it to the vice chair Amy Clark Amy that is my girl she asked my Belgrade is every thing he knows why he had his. Very unpleasant plus here chairing the elections and Republican Party of Texas I live. Our enemies some Amy Clark and it's and I'm she's great. I'm I'm sad that she's leaving is not by sharing and more about almost glittery top Shiite East Asia means a spot in the Republican party for the state of Texas somewhere. Because she yelled Dallas same old she did precious yard the Americans. No my age and people booed at one point and you know she held it together. And is she brought us all back together knowing Amy well one day earlier just blowing the process they ask unhappy about the proxy and the other candidates for. Ramallah Jim Graham Texas chair bless her heart as well. Line at nine as d.'s I have 220 forced a floor vote urge tried to force a floor vote but first try to do a minority report. Which accomplished nothing you know I always did it have a hard time just. To actually hear what she had to say because this is a what's her name. Cindy at sixty cracker at accede lit we actually had to sit these four hours. A deciding whether or not the Texas Republican party's gonna be live by a Dickey Thorne ash. It was four hours in this I'm telling you right now. Ed so let's listen to us in reaction in her last speech that she had to make before people or gonna decide should I vote for. Dickey or an ash to lead the Texas Republican Party. I am running because I am deeply concerned about the future of this party. Which will ultimately impact the future of this date. You deserved to know that truths. You deserve to have leadership that is above reproach. Because the only way weaken advocates for our party's principles. And our elected officials and candidates is to be known as people. Our word. I have been. I've been accused of running a negative race and spreading this tree roots. But every piece of information we've put out has been backed up. Overwhelmingly. White evidence and support us in fact if you missed it just a moment ago our current accounting director Jennifer Stoner. Submitted her resignation. Minutes ago. She never has been quit the party for eight years. She was hired by Kathy Adams and proudly served under Steve mean hysteria. She is known by every one of those state chairman as a professional with unquestioned. Personal and professional integrity according to Jennifer she has resigned because in her entire time has accounting director. She has never seen a level of dishonesty. Manipulation. And erroneous reporting. That she has seen. And that's when she was dudes and you know that CEO has it easy enough of that because you know year. This is your opportunity to bring in the party together you didn't letting kids in a meltdown part okay you and gets an of them part now I'd say hey does this sound is that Clinton and I can save and that you bring in the meltdown part. Okay and so in LA you. She she had this opportunity right in mid air. To say you know what I'm gonna bring the party together we're gonna come together as one I'm gonna show them that I can lead this party I can do a lot better. And she just told me melt down dad to the point where she threw a staple there in the in the back of these days scary and just walking out grabbed a Texas team and just stormed out and just luster ever love and money is basically doing temper tantrum backstage. When Adam after her speech. Issue when overtime when she was arguing and get more time but they when letters has just been averaging had the same monetize you knew how much time you're gonna have going out and. Yet the same amount of time is your opponent so let's just get this done. Then a delay in the process. There's multiple photos of her being. Potentially a quarter of the building not shared the tall man in the back is. She does they left the building legal legal security during the commencement. Sergeant irons sergeant in arms his residence and your arms and says it has passed out ballots and tell you that you're being too loud. And a half happy when they clear clearly things Benazir and the conference is the real security did you enjoy it out. Play. She last halfway did before voting was over. And then a one all I mean lost almost two little wine. Eggs and several as these are sending district to unite as she lost worse than that around in the first round. She had a temper tantrum onstage there's nothing more entertaining than adults ember can Joseph let me tell you that. Yes apps I. Understand in eight you know that's like us and that was our opportunity to bring everyone together and say you know this will we be. Let's move us Ford lets keep Texas ran the and that's the concession speech or first and then she went off the rails. Alone you know world you know week so at least after four hours. It detects Republican Party got a chance decide where they gonna have a danger and actually decide to go for the Dickey. As always. So you and about every appropriate Barry SEC aren't there is no less than me. This is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael cards and that has some red there is Apple's coming to an unknown is poses like OK Michael listen to settle down this you know gonna close this show I'll you know real silly number thirty minutes so you know relax a little baby you know it's a street that. You know because you know. I was playing unhooked ginger not you you know wind would drill and drew got cold feet you know he says well I'm all. Does he is anti gun. Wait but using an I guy and yet he is anti Second Amendment why you trying to deny him with a woman. Truly is. He's a little known in salt and then he's not a woman he's he's definitely a man now in cell. I looked her opposite you know with anti again and he does and I'm 23 but I say what I think you can change. I think you have the power to change our Internet Manning there my man Danny and a lot of yeah and they give her project. And it is it is its project is eccentric and Exxon boyfriend to bring him around he's back yulia. But I know she can do it anyone can do it denied can do it. As must start mice. It my eyes are red deer and tell you right now. I don't I'll take the talent to dig channels RA so he he led Juno. I guess on when foreign. Is waiting on him let me tell you writes a week we got a lot to talk about you know what. Yet in in the yen. Zinni was talking about Jennifer you know she's in Jennifer or resign. Anger and all of the guys that you know what Jennifer don't let the door knob each with a good Lois bleach it visual replaced as a Monday. And it satellite image out of you can't I don't know how can apply for that job I think he would do. It's really funny is one of the things that that that as candy was complaining about it James came an inspired every line eggs well all been there eight eaters so he obviously didn't fire everyone on guys ranked. You're gonna have an argument is they get a good 18 and he is art everybody on day. But I didn't air for eight years. Announce sound like you're all right senator is not out and I don't wanna go yell liar but your liar. Eric so we we got a lot of stuff that's going on around the country that scene is not reporting on so we're gonna bring NT. For some reason they're stuck on this trap trap trap trap trap destruct that try this truck that in the lab report in the eighties Axel there's just stuff that's at the altar shouting no he's. That make you sick. So with that Zach. You mean you tell me debt that there's noise in the building noise coming from different in eight equipment in different things like that that she can effect. You know your state of mind they're pretty much so easy you know the reason people have migraines. Is because of this different noise level. It can be so that uses a weapon. Yes it already is they have these. Devices that are like speakers because apparently the US the US embassy in Havana Cuba. There researches you know found that some of the people that actually worked there are having problems with. It Alter sound beams and sensors and things that all the devices that it's actually causing dizziness. And the effect in the employees there. They do. I know you it's not my idea of a all right so eyelids yeah AM moved in really quick and move real fast on this and also we have Maddon. Mean you know fewer than one in two when he street robberies and burglaries are being solved by police in the UK. Then they just don't get stuff done over there. Say that time people do you not know that in the UJB ninety Kenya national brother so why are Brit was here. In I apologize for not bringing it up for an hour but I know he's at his vehicle stuck in traffic right now on his way to Latin. To his is mentioned that he had it where is that cook and what is trust fund wife lives. That fewer than one in twenty street robberies and burglaries are being solved by police. In the UK. And that's pretty high less than one in twenty street robberies and burdens are being solved the UK official police data shows that. Just 4% of robberies and 3% a birdies were solved in England and Wales and 2017. Yes street robberies that's where they come up and they take something from your person. If she didn't have the secretary of us. Of the hole in secretary art and I haven't been home security. Equivalent to our Homeland Security secretary rank. So yes she was on the street and some some guys came up in a moped and robbed him yet they basically waited for him to pull out his phone and then they sped by and grabbed his phone out of his hands as is the politician. They took his personal phone. And just sped off and the thing about mope and robberies moped crime in the UK. Is the police have to stand down order. So if some criminal does something in there on mopeds police cannot follow them for risk of injuring and it's an. He's database Eagles is it's it's completely unacceptable. This policy of stepped up action to tackle it but we need to do more. He is working on he's we're gonna review to give cops more power to pursue mobile phones without fear. Senior officers say that they are hampered by health and safety rules that stop didn't giving chase if crooks removed crash helmets. Yeah so if somebody on moped takes their helmet off low cops better stop chasing him. They might herd them back I can head injury could do no path so next time you commit a moped crime take your helmet off the left here in the UK well take your helmet off. They can't chase. I'm just and you have to defend Scotland Yard here it's got to be difficult. To solve all these friends gone on. When you're busy arresting people for means. Dictating where record ending can't put on their albums and insane outside a hospital make sure baby dies in the womb you know it's got to be harder to do your job. When the State's asking you kill citizens in you know arrest people for making jokes serve means online. When you're so busy infringing on all citizens is hard to solve actual crimes yeah dinner and they're not hire as many police officers they've done in the past. You know because in 2010 in a 134000. Almost 135000. A law enforcement officers in 2011 went down with one engine 29 and 2012 who went down to 1 June 24. In 2013 and went down to 120. In 20141182015115. Now in 2070 is at a 1111000. Law enforcement officers so. Beat the hire more police any need to stop worry about like you said. These will penalty little crimes and start going after the real criminals is a word about what compulsion on FaceBook and you can't. That's I think in ninth and it is crazy stuff you know he had done. And January a multi if these carrying knives Robb. An entire day robbing people and in Cambridge on genetic January 24 members of the public including eighty year old grandmother in the old grandmother. Intervene when when would be robbers attempt to steal the moped bloom may end. Is this is just crazy out on ferry to force the menace that that. You know and maybe you need a gun. Oh yeah. It may and I Phillies as something AEA at least in my knife they give the people the new tools so they can protect themselves. Oh my goodness what we have got God's sake of giving these tools so that weight you can take your own personal safety the only chance. Well let's go back to deletion Keisel police who were talking about the the Texas Republican Party would talk about the convention. Again and and how that stuff came out we're talking about the marijuana and change the word from him or change it to sample from him. And they're either we are supporting use seeing him and for industrial purposes. And having Maggie and crop in the state of Texas senate we do not have to continue. To import a 100% of our hand needs from K okay an initial negative stuff you know there's some stuff and yeah. That you know vendor lock out Republicans word you know we're not necessarily trying to change a whole bunch. You know maybe just a word he revered. But this should go some stuff that I think personally not a lot of Republicans will meet personally I think is offensive. And that we need to stop worrying about so worried about what people are doing their bedrooms. It'll also not the things that the state the government the people need to worry about you shouldn't worry about what happens in my four walls. You know yeah play 316 says homosexual behavior. We affirm God's biblical designed for marriage is sexual behavior between one biologically men and one biological woman was has proven to be the foundation for all great nations. In the western civilization. It also says that we oppose homosexual. Mary's regardless of state of origin we urge the Texas legislature to pass religious liberty protections for individuals businesses. And government officials who believes marriage is between one man and one woman. In LN and we don't need to spin those type a resource is to worry about what's happening in my four walls. You know what I guess I got a second and Iraq is gonna defend that I got a one NSA's fan I got again decision not coming in my bitterly tell me exactly what I can and cannot do. We did not get as far. I am on LD CQ plus rights as we wanted. I did watch platform testimony. And valleys out there and watch about 35 people testified he added that there was like I won. As 35 over half of those are pro all of you BTQ plus rights only two people spoke against the and most of them spoke against. On how being in that type of sex education and elementary schools which does not exist. Exactly was there but July is actually pretty much got didn't testify and lied you have to say that my favor of playing. Think your public embrace of taxes is playing 283. Says hey is that we oppose the use of women and military combat you mean. You're telling me you don't want me on the front lines of Ahmadabad mood and give like random as of America needs you what if you if you can pass a test if you can Eagles in the training there's no reason why you should be and not just in combat units is still bribe that means no women that X if you can get a job eagle Ford. Yeah and so I tried to get that winning and chicken from the platform. But inflation because one of the roles that we had passed to make up for the time that all adds and the ash. Waste and we did not have time to get to that section of the platform the bush and we spent four hours is that we're not gonna have a DQ and Esther reed dearly departed. He wants out and a teacher and is believed there. And makes is some media outlet here is this later on down into the into each. Well I I looked up a couple of their a couple other playing send there isn't playing 140 age gender identities. That says the official position of the Texas schools there's inspected Chad French respect. Two trains gender isn't is that there are only two genders male and female. Homosexuality. ET 56. We believe there should be no granting them special legal entitlements are creation of special status for homosexual behavior regardless of state of origin. And we impose any criminal or civil penalties against those who oppose. Homosexuality at a face conviction a belief in tradition trust us. 256. Aaron in Britannia about 140 generic didn't need the official position of the Texas schools would shrink to trans injury is and is that they are only two genders male and female watching. Yeah I have a problem ever had about one parent mama I'm proud of them don't. That thing that's a teacher EM a male and female there's no other all the salute indie stuff in between and whatever I don't there's 55 it is a man as I admit it male and female what was really disappointing is that one of our legislative priority is unfortunately does include some pervades and dole and me hey you know those city letters to my house. Okay in the nineteen I'm I'm a man. I was just talking and you. But I demand and a weenie hate mail to my house the coldest shop and increase Carlos allows us there's only two genders male and female. What are our legislative priorities actually includes verbiage from last year's after bell. So it looks like fast fight may not be over in the Texas legend if we waste anymore taxpayer dollars on talking malware people gain PM and he really effective. He think he does is is just ridiculous but that is one of our PT's. And legislative priorities are some verbiage and there's a lot of stuff about abortion as well. And it's. Tyson would come back from the break Rihanna talk about that I had this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to comfort talk. Three this much regulated to come and talk radio what my art. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere. Radio dot com. I'll welcome back to common socket. And now here's my car again I'm no good eats me I got to. Where's your happy place. Takes him to. They need. That's right. I'd somewhere. We're talking about feed Texas Republican Party and we got it's a little argument on the break there were talked about abortion. And and so begins an abortion I just love talking about that kind of stuff makes these people go on so tell me. Tonight what's your stance on. I've got. That's a boy and what is my stance on abortion. Personally person I am I'm pro charts. Why. I I but I'll say this I don't think I'd to I think a lot of baby. I agree right but I don't think it's for me to make moral decisions for everybody in the world are OK great so. I don't think it should be in the political realm and I've never. And I know that one of the main reasons it. Continually is is because of Planned Parenthood who likes to say that they don't. You know use their money for abortions and they do prank it's only preach and that's the problem but thanks to a shot your abortion exactly if we'd eliminate that. Where taxpayers look I don't wanna pay for someone else's abortion obvious first saint can be found about the government's now I don't I don't think so I should I think it should be completely out of the political round completely. But personally is that the state issue. I think it should quit being discussed that I don't feel it's time to learn I don't wise this Danish police would not. Asking if some. I don't know if someone can go get plastic surgery or whatever why are we even keeping it some medical issue. And other everybody has a different opinion on on abortions and I think they certainly should do with whatever they feels the best thing to do I don't think it should be. I mean I don't know the Taliban round opponent all I knew nothing my job's just to pay child support. There's a lot of there's something you had a problem either way I do you could grant you that I still cannot opt out of paying child support then. The enough Christmas I agree case assumed yeah problem and had he have a baby then I'd be winning can I convert it in linking it cannot opt out of paying child support no yellow or women you cannot answer and so if you. Here is get our years and I can't talked. Can I opt out of being tossed I think often. Opt out. There's going to be some females that might get upset with me I think. The females kind of want to do both ways and I think it's unfair. It you know there's some women not all that he will get pregnant and they guy doesn't even get a choice in the matter she. Granted he's an adult and should economy make sherbet. Things happen I don't think that arms somebody should be forced. Because then it if you flip bit. Then he should have the right to say whether she can get an abortion. It's used to olds know it but they can and they can only. Decide what they see an upgrade now is hours you're stuck on which direction you should get it's it's a very and that's why don't they. It takes its initial realm as should all think they should be a family matter and only match between you and your guy is right. That was something we did what at all those people that say this it's murder. It's murder. Ashtanga murder Aaron having in him that pretty written. That that's getting really tough as well. As we have so many cases where babies are being born earlier and earlier that than living and surviving and so it's really gets into we reportedly get at is that when this is a heartbeat is. Yeah yeah that's disappear when they're viable way and now we know we can't I don't out of the womb so now we don't know. Yeah that's a bit heavy wind. Is is one of the toughest conversation that ever comes into politics it is very tough because. You eat. You. It. You have to start digging into personal parts of people that typically don't come into the political round. You know is yours sexually assaults and an mpeg and CD NA zoos and T when I carry around a reminder of the worst that ever happens you've. What's that like the 110. Of percent of cases earned it. I mean. That it happened the minus neighborhoods like I usually very hands. Yeah of course it is a what's it like I need couldn't resist. I knew were gonna reduce CNN announces conversation I appreciate it I'm from a heart which again how well. You were talking about who speaks for at life of the child yes you think the mother that yes I'm curious. It you know that. They are united as one Intel had a birth happens. It's in the mother of the giant agrees mom doing just cut off let me go. Tonight I don't think the baby has an opinion and that time I don't think. My understanding and I'm not. Well versed on current abortion legislation. I think in. Many states there are distinctions between first second and third trimester and gradations of white is considered a permissible abortion based on the development of the fetus. No what ranks in the mean that. I thing because we don't have the uterus correct I. I mean. I do think once there is a child's growing in a woman's body. And I'm missing her body that's that's her choice so we should be an opt out of channels for. I think you should Wear condoms loop. The dismal place. Yeah maybe it does and I you know both people responsible for this yep I think just tuning I think it I think that's true but I I think that. You know people talk about. Being grown ups you know this is a grown up acted should happen between two people it. I think if you're being really safe about it you shouldn't like you should know. How a person intends to proceed should you become pregnant he book. It if you're really afraid of it before engaging in a sexual so he doesn't have a choice because eating where conned the machinists. Unfortunately yes I think so well is unfortunate. Because I think that. And the view and he Jermaine cart path and I well I think day. There are so. It is an extremely complex into a situation and that's why there is so much conquer the Yankees suck it up. The woman is choice. I think once. Once an embryo existence in the it's in the woman's body and I don't think anyone outside of her should have an opportunity to dictate how she chooses to proceed and he has no way out. Not after they've had sex. So I have a question so end actually at the new Republican Party of Texas platform when you can actually find online at Texas GOP dot org. If he wants you read through. The over 300 planes that your party is supporting you. It says that we support of repeal of the physician homicide exemption and and less is absolutely required to save the life of the mother so that means that doctors who perform abortions can be charged with homicide the creator securing. Directed at me yeah harbor compared to anyone of them I can minimum. IC's. With it I mean I see you gotta look at you gotta look at what the law says and if the law says that it's well they want to repeal the law. So we're thinking says are right now that the current law intact ecosystem and a good section nineteen point 06 says that I detect passengers who performance and a bird format. Abortions occur. Uncomfortable task. You won her appeal later you initially projected. I think based on the decision in Roe vs. Wade and then you know we are permitting abortions at a federal level Sanyo doctors should be protected my own so feed if we Angela hadn't pulled about the BB outs in the Bibi lives. That means that Bibi wants a live. It's how my IA our I'd. And are we cannot doctors I know but I'm just I'm going back and won back a little bit we get to his left sold in the babies in the body and then. And we build a pool the baby out to do an abortion and and instead. We. Can put on life support the baby lives that means that they once lived. So a baby. Once lived. Got the mother didn't. They changed things a little bit. Ours is as he said them younger and younger man babies are surviving then you know and if younger. You know time in the womb and so. It changed things a little bit. I yeah I mean I'd I think. Press for aggressively earlier viability of the fetus were only made the conversation. More challenging but I I think it will produce and needs to continually re exam. To continually re examine. The legislation around. What is considered a permissible abortion vs not. Just save them easily put all that you know the lady gets all the choices and I mean has none you know how he doesn't get as an opportunity to opt out that's that's where I just outer life. Again if he can opt out why can heat but opt out of what that child support my decisions he had pregnancy she couldn't decide whether the baby lives or dies. Bryant. And then so let's say hypothetically. Someone is pregnant. She doesn't want the abortion and this happens I'm sure often she doesn't want to abortion she's gonna have the baby to guide didn't want a child and and. So he's not gonna attack he can't tell her you have to check forced her to have an abortion. But he should be able to opt out of paying child support you know if they don't fortune whether it's a guy comes Asian of late arsenal we come back into another show. Is always you know what we should do it in single but tide pods in school shootings I think we should've won a lot of key is that's just me. I'm more guns equals less track led by yourself to get Youkilis to come to talk it. With Michael cart.