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Sunday, June 18th

Come And Talk It, for June 18.


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Take talk with you anywhere we'd be on news talk thirteen seventy app lets you keep up with the latest breaking news and our search for top thirteen seventy in the App Store or find the links at top thirteen seven. It's time for comment socket with your host Michael Cargill. Trust you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army. And has achieved national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine Fox Business news CNN money. AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill. Good afternoon. Austin, Texas is the live music capital the world let's freeze though little lord and pass the ammunition. Today I tell you family my heart is handy it's really heavy. I didn't think about this full Lindo cast steel sheeting as since Friday. After the verdict was released. And I gotta tell you. Today I want to reach into your soul. I wanna talk to you about something that no one else. Wants to discuss. What are the effects of slavery and segregation. In America. Think about that and ask yourself. What are the effects of slavery. And segregation. How does it affect the Americans of African descent. And Americans of European descent. The reasoning. For my question is because of the full lane they'll cash still shooting in Minnesota. Belinda cast steel. Was a cafeteria manager. At a school in Minnesota. He and his girlfriend. Alone with the air forked over her four year old daughter. Were on their way home. From the grocery store. Wendy were stopped by police officer free broken. Tail light. Listen to this very long minute long video. Of the girlfriend as she described what happened. On that day. They are now. Without thank you very nice and we got blonde Albert was allegedly was supposed to be a broken tail light room. Even if you let us know that we had a broken don't tell idea that we were we aware of that we sit you know. As we sit now he tells us put our. Hit an air we have our hands in the air and I would I would need to get yeah I let art and then there he acts are license registration. Like Frank Gehry his information in the thick wallet in his bright Baghdad. If he's reaching for his back pocket wallet he let the opposite now up there. I have a fire arm all in me I begin immediately he'd like to think care app and feeling that Cossack. But how can you not move when you're actually provide that registration. If you want. Can't be an argument that information and I let it eat you breathe. I'm not even read it you want it reached I didn't forget to look like to know why yet but I can't do so you felt like. And hey. Yeah and you are my idol winners interning at the end at eight. Lines we yeah are we got that papal route odd that people. And we can't get I would meet people who thought about the fact that I got away from not that we take a quick look up what. It got away from these children. It looked good mix he's done it whack at this LB elementary school Obama does art that's. Some UK I didn't know and get an analyst at JJ hill where he worked them. And our youth it was never. That game he never did anything to hurt anyone in the quiet most blatant that person you ever meet people loving. It at least that's like you might not within his body was sent intimidation and thought it would and I can't shoot me. Yeah within the body language and it hit me I want to be did. He did that do not want them but we. Officer at the bus route would just put dirty hit an air and get to license their registration. Agreement on a woman's race he was Asian. He was start he was. No glasses about I had six than. About a 156. Is. In her off the surveying. I'm not sure that I get as number tied all of his embrace it definitely not release any information to me that's not there. They say at that in the investigation it was I know war started that that will let me know. We'll we'll know. They gave me what that. If I. I don't station. I don't know nobody but even then probably stop as this moved him. Think we'll demo it's a side at it again to close them out at. I'll bet it was OK and he would get through this went well it's what I actually meet in the backseat of the opera. They were part of the vote and let him sitting in the car after they shot him. You know and god detectives thought that it at least not all of them. So I walked away. The call for backup and at least not start and shot it was still an and it would want character as well gun steel drone. After you shot some good news room yeah I mean we're we're going we weren't coming from the grocery store from put it we'll give. House for myself and my daughter we have all been at work are being he had just left front shepherd get it is scary day for his birthday. We left from jot and restless they're off. Lately live by the fairgrounds. We are dropping a problem getting groceries from her. The officer pulled over to talk about a broken headlight that was not brought in one of the first things that he's so did you. In a permit to Kerry plans I've been through them. Blanton got some who argue over and note that yeah no object you have a permit and caring dementieva went to. And let yeah they have open. Ali. Several times they told us that. But eating give us the opportunity before he let out grounds he adds that spread like and their registration. That he was free to bring it right there register our. Yeah yeah. He different now green and it wouldn't commit murder. And all I'm really hungry and wants answered yeah. Because I wanted. Everyone in the world to know that no matter how much the tamper evident how much they stick together no yeah. Manipulate my ankle leave it ought I want the flooded out looking eagle I thought that people that I. It can't be not want that they and its radical right yeah. Public debate that we need to tell them if you bought the I only do I didn't see it's really easy and it's a little more credit goes out this well. Yeah those communities are murdered are well I yeah. Video. And secondly my old. Because I want everybody in the well he's doing and how involved in it right this. I didn't do our pity I didn't do that first. I didn't get the black. That beep at you aren't I don't know putts and I. And what happened. They tell. Yeah. We don't support each I don't know I might add an event got married and it's not okay. Good name but it may electricity problems will never may think Britney never being handcuffed son. He can't be taken away from his community. This is detrimental to everybody as you're holding me and my daughter but everyone in the where I was at every one of continue to pray that we all did just that anybody who's ever had lost a loved one and are somewhat close and dear to them I'd feel for you guys. I don't play for each and every face I see it tonight because Nolan desserts. Nolan desires didn't. I've not been able to sleep at not being mainly API. Have not been able and have not been able to do anything with I hope I'm not there at anchor how much of those super she relishing it. The transient and she knew that he was gone before I knew whom they sees that I'm probably not bad guys. And Jill so any network. So it never kind of back. And thank them. At that know me that he thought at Halliburton never speak let it sit and if so are we only speak positive thing. She knew he was going to he wasn't coming back they didn't let me know he did it feel. 3 o'clock this morning boots I didn't rifle include about 5 this morning. Right. We're at the BC is he did more than once and and that itself is at this point they don't know. But they knew he can't when they took it from the C. Think probably he was their regions hospital when not active regions hospital he was not there he was that I see him sleep. Dennis thanks. And wrecked and I haven't got the see him be blocked. Did whatever they did I never got the same last worst enemy that. Because they tell me he of that little Trace it that he does not. Why do or alt text they're trying to cover why the police department is trying to cover it but it's not acceptable if not okay and it won't know. Be tolerated I don't know HTM. There's hospital well I think they can ATMs and that's a longer ride there and tell him is because. Living conference they hundreds of cameras snap it or you can. Yeah. Offer comp day and a four year old Adnan. Outlook on not only do bobbled just that they want peace but I feel like he does. Best. Yeah yeah the front end I don't mind doesn't need to be released a bit like need to be. And ultimately people not there yeah yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. You hear what the smoke yeah. At millennium Hilton the idea we don't rule out. I need help these people I need to get back pretty demure. It's funny he's yeah the vehicle that I cannot and does not and read it. At the bill does yoga and come together and it kind of both yeah. That we didn't embrace recoup a lot of bad. No longer would. Then in lawn and do fans that you feel sorry the snow. Via. The this is yeah. I have been home. You. They apparently didn't get it straight. Game the way you. Forget the red. But it could be achieved she got quite have a good. I. It's not OK maybe that should not get through it. I've got some. That's. The officer walked up to the vehicle in asked the Lendale if he knew his tail light or hit like whichever one was busted. He said no and the officer asked them to you put their hands in the air. The officer asked for a driver's license. And as the land doe was reaching for his driver's licensees say it's the officer I have a firearm money. Not that point our belief Lendl cast steel made in minor mistake. Mind you as a lot of people do windier pulled over by police. People get nervous and they do really weird things. You should never talk and move at the same time. But that mistake should not have cost him his life. When I am had a gun range as the structure calling the range I'm in charge. And I have had hundreds of guns pointed at me by nerves individuals he stroke victim's heart attack victims and most recalled recently. A person suffered a brain in terrorism. I had a few people that was so nurse they were screaming. I've received death threats by way of phone calls pulls cards. I did crazy people walking to the gun store and threaten to blow the place up. At the point I'm afraid to do my job. In treat everyone with respect they deserve. I will retire and go home. It all situations. I just mentioned. I'm in charge and in control. I would give clear instructions. One. I was told that. The once I was told there's there's a firearm in the vehicle. I would tell everyone to freeze. The ask where is the firearm located. Then proceed to give clear instructions. On what the drivers should deal. As an inch Procter. And watching how people conduct themselves when they are most nervous if you yelled they will do the opposite of what she'd tell them. If you're making the most nervous. But if you did it together and you speak clear. Slow and firms they won't comply do exactly what you want them to do. But if you know put your hands up give me your driver's license don't move. China's. Give me your driver's license don't move. Ends up getting a driver's license don't move your. Give me driver's license don't you put your hands up giving driver's life is don't move. What do you think. Is going to happen. This is Michael Cargill. And you are listening to come and talk. See this is my regular students come and talk radio what my arch. Get the latest business news from CNBC. Weekday mornings at 63830. AM weekday afternoons at 12343530. We. We make you smarter. Hopefully it'll also make you some money stay connected. We talk thirteen seventy the right choice chaos in the wake up and fly right on 1213 seventy. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael's car again. All right so let me bring into the conversation because we're talking about for Lendl cast still shooting. We're talking about how old you know because I have a hitting hard on this one. I really want a recent every one soul and my question in the beginning of the show. Was what are the effects of slavery and segregation in America and how does that affect everyone both sides. And so you know that's that's my question that's out there because this is this is heavy here I do wanna explain you before I bring in to guess I have. For you. I want to explain when you get pulled over by law enforcement. And eat let's say you have a he and then in your vehicle you don't have a license. Honestly is on it would build the way the law is you really you don't have a license you don't have to you. Be forthcoming with any information and there's been vehicle but always told people that it's important. Yeah it is important to be forthcoming. When he comes when you have a firearm inside the vehicle. But you don't you don't have to on the law but once you have a license as a license holder. With a handgun in the vehicle or on you in the vehicle you have to be. Forthcoming with the information you have to give the office here you're drab slicing European realizes he beat here and he India. Now. EU also what you should do is walled this and this is more about your safety this is not about the law but when your safety. In the safety of everyone inside the vehicle in the modern public. You know what I do is I. I don't communicate anything verbally I just couldn't him the Ulster my driver's license in nineteen unlicensed threes I do that is because I don't know who's open to the right side of the vehicle. Horry you know. All who's listening or whatever so I him Yasser my drive prices in my he'd get a license and just wait for the option to communicate with me. And then go from there I don't seen I don't like to say firearm I don't like to say gun or Eagles words at all to be honest with these. But really shouldn't have to do that honestly. It's really you know when it comes to certain situations you're in that situation where the officers in charge of that big scheme of things. So old he's in charge or are she's in charge and they should kind of control what's going on. I am and dictate TU you know because you're in their world to be honest with you and that that's kind of how I feel about that. OK who if he said that okay sir I'd I do have a firearm on me at that point the officer should say okay. Okay hold on everyone freeze don't know one move the case so UCL a firearm and he wears a firearm located. You you communicate with clear instructions but if you're scared. You're afraid then maybe be an in law enforcement is not the job for you. Think if it just by so once in the words sir ads what you did know that I do have a far money. So once in that in that that scares you then you're in the wrong profession. Let me bring into the conversation. On the first we bring in Harold lions Errol does that. A schoolmate. Carol isn't up Florida and we act she. I attended the same school together parallels my grandmother the one that's on the card deals side miss Cargill of mrs. Cargill would anyone a caller. End. And I literally you tell I'm gonna let Harold tell you about miss Cargill and and how I got to where I am today Carol welcome to come to talk mr. Why compared to talk to you again back on this cargo ms. Goodwin a dark Cargile. Oh sure sure our school. She taught my older brother and younger brother is whoa and down everybody's a much restriction your grandmother's Shia. She's sort of the black humanities class and if you were out at Dover you had to go to the black community program. Stressful essential purpose but it's more important as far as censorship under got you this court and we got much emotional terms what is your behalf because there. To appreciate that. An end and herald tell me your thoughts about first what you do now. I'm contract not a dual home shores restoration and our special reader that's and you have some kids. Our age for girls or boys three branch. And three grandchildren that I tell you what I think I'm getting old. Good lord OK three grandchildren. I'd so you know what what do you tell your you know. Your kids your grand kids about you know in a rash would law enforcement. Wouldn't be here here's western Mike's first and foremost. I'm a member of the fraternity. And I perhaps there rule. Returning to broken there are you the police chiefs. A close observer broke that Marshall Dell call or so years before these. Started having these deep color composition regard are we need to conduct ourselves police. I'll my Brothers are their composition would Marshal on about how do you need to enact we have police officers because they on the front line in DC. All what takes place. And so much so the minister of different young ambitious are you angry drivers licensed to beat Dominican certain movements or anything like that habit. It's good advantage is also bit disappointed because my mother who's who's eighty years old and broken Miami. Are they must follow the reason was from the trial Colquitt Georgia. Do you like watching it to conduct himself was certain we around walks fortunate so it sure at this C. That's so owns 67 years later that we as black people to some degree still captures. I'll instruct our cute particular sort of hobby need to act around law enforcement. Is that something you think we should do she'd look at it ceased to kids how to back to order. Or is it. An indicator reason why oxygen I have daughters as well I don't have any compensation with Marshall Islands. Our own admission I'd be on sheer. But I'll have become essential posture on about putting himself in a compromising position another word I don't tell them this. Don't go to don't go to some are towels in the NB Abraham and not being sort until my door Tuesday. Sure we're YouTube you board your future growth could not out of the tire problems some have one more my daughters are undeniable car. I'm pleased about our electrical market mutual and great sort of compensation that any prayer answered their door to get it could be different air official. And so so like why has yet we have parables composition and I have merely want trips daily life for. And I got much love for but I also distribute their composition when we saw certainty there's certain things they just over here. No differently and so it doesn't have a door doesn't groups are concerned that you have when you have a door burst of the sort. In addition to certain crimes six big that would think about having with bitchy. And that's because Betty that we might live in the same neighborhood I live in the predominant white neighborhood my kids have gone down the white schools I have adored this law school at Florida State. I have a son that's a school there Florida State. The conversation we have then is do. Because that term bing are going to be given the benefit of the doubt because they're called. Now thank god that we have not necessarily overtly encountered anything but nevertheless I chipped it before. Not too weird or some kind of our scarlet letter or something they can pull out as Cordoba accusation that the reality of life. And that's because more specifically regarding could steal our outrage for the first time since we've had dish. Slowed to elaborate termed as wrong on all male black rifle potential objection here is our car. Yeah are crimes are called Marshall Islands who have read our call martial law our call my nephews and our for our. Because it could still could have been Marshall. Marking a few. Because Greg we've all we've instructed our shorelines to Obey the law and there's nothing that these young brother could have been initially sitting here. It would you do if you Obey the law he will be our own people their own called the police soft as it used to in the debris of war shots. Four bullets and our charge in the car and thank god therefore you'll Chara wouldn't kill. Let me bring it conversation mark shield Maher show pulled on the air I'm just wanting a marsh ill. It I act she met Mark Shields probably a few months ago. And marsh hill is she's a firearms instructor. And marshalls out of Atlanta and let me tell you and I'm very very picky in very critical of instructors. And I tell you I see something wrong I will let you know. It in the hot second and let me tell you how was so impressed would mar she'll when I met church. I was just you know just floored impressed you know in in it's it's nice to get up there and talk to people teach a class. A teacher handgun class gun safety course and where everyone's on the same sheet of music we've never even met each other in person. We've talked to each other over the phone. Maybe you know. Gone back and forth on FaceBook but never in Persian. And they just stand shoulder to shoulder was someone who says exact same thing you say I tell ya I was so impressed and and and I just whenever one I wanna introduce Smart shield from Atlanta Georgia marsh she'll walk in the coming talked. I thank you are mean. Outstanding and told them because marshals with tee national after American gun association but tell me about your company. And so I hired a company lacked air archer had eight irons that's in. I'm my main goal is you make sure I reach out there minority and it's improper are making it. You know black people go to the range this seems like you over the reins and you know we have are a lot of look at carry permit believe they're actually taking classes. And I found that while ordinary here in Atlanta that agreed and we don't take a bigger ego feel comfortable in the injecting don't look quite good. And a lot of Conger intimidated. So bella at what I want it to be a I want to eat I want a educated at it as it. Right and so mark Sheldon give me your input. On the filet and they'll cast steel sheet. All of the dilemma associating one. I I can't they'll cry when it happened actually at the time that there is that bears murdered the way I wouldn't. Married simply not you're you're feeling and I remember calling him that is not found out that being not crying. I'm Alan they're ready to be quiet on I was extremely. Uncomfortable with how immediate chart in this situation and try to make it seem like you know when he actually all of the law. On personally if I had been in that exact same situation. I personally wouldn't have moved at all in the quiet on what I. That they're gonna warn him living your life because it's eaten. It an active transportation. Fuel in my current Barack it's a lot where. Other people you know why are like have done. Our words being in that same traffic stop in area is bill that go call. So actually we should be persecuted is that it kind of art in your screen. Police eight people who don't look like EB immediately thought yeah. And let me go back to Harold. Yeah. Yes I'm so are you on. That you ordered you to do it I'm I'm I'm just in all of the young leader and instructor. Oh absolutely yeah. Covets and Marcelo is no joke ever tell you right now she is no joke. And acne in a GSL from Marshall yes yesterday to tell you about yesterday. Yesterday we actually had opportunity in ti teach a class and with over eighty people. As some gun safety and you know kind of like a beginner handgun class and and gun safety course out we were in Houston Texas for June 18. And how is impressed because people came from all over the state of Texas to attend this training let people come in from Dallas. People came in from you know Austin and Houston and Galveston. You know to attend the class and to listen to. Moss terrain rub off from black guns matter. Two more shielded from Atlanta. Huge Arenas bills who's in Houston into myself and Austin, Texas and I was just very. And victim dish tractors how we were all on the same sheet of music we never talked together at all never said the classroom together. And it just flowed nice Emmy we just Whipple and blue Angel and you know and just float off of each other and I tell marsh shale is no joke she is right on point. Perfect in out and got. I am very critical structures I will give British structure in the second I will tell you know there's no way in the world let out and teach a class I have this person in my class. But until I was so impressed that marsh shelved and you have no what would. My instructors will tell he did things that stand by you they won't know how did you are. Because they know how mean and how critical I am when it comes instructors in teaching individual special when it comes to guns. Thank you so let it become attorney who you've been you know in the arms expert he no longer there have been a lot of current and I excuse me you call me old. At your honor I will tell you Bristol. A lot of them but as an instructor I'm always open to criticism because I know that I don't know everything and that's where a lot of instructors mess up thinking they know everything right everything I edit the class that they it's becoming concrete he. Or feedback from other instructors outlook and he struck a complete lack let me speak speaking at any feedback into me all they needed a better way to prevent an act graciously incarnate better. I'll go out always open and I am on the line side and we appreciate any feedback that you have and thank you for your word. I take it it was it was very empowering I walked away feeling like wow. You dot aegs I had a rough week last week you're dealing with Austin City Council and things of that nature and I tell you when I walked away yesterday. I feel the power wrestle refresh our select I just took a nap. And I didn't recharged. And I was really come back to work today. And I so I do wanna say you know. You know instead of an NL TC is struck to were prosecuting instructor I feel like sometimes that I'm a Syracuse you know even though I'm not clearly a deer penis. But I tell you for that June teens you know that was that was an honor and a privilege for me to spend time with yield great instructors from around the country. And you know and and the one thing I remember from yesterday is I stood in front of that class and I explained briefly that he and a lousy Texas. I didn't turn to the class and I asked him. Now that you know what he and gun laws are and you know. That you can have a he India and in your vehicle you don't need a license. How do you get in trouble with the heat and getting your vehicle. A class of over eighty people. In unison all seated immediately without thinking about it more I knew these people did not know each other. Other than all of them work Americans of African descent. See it driving. While black. Well sure of authentic. And actually really unfortunate that that would hurt aren't. This is Michael Cargill. Engine are listening to come talk to. They've been very great and I guess my levels that he is from Michael Clark got on coming top kids. And breaking news exclusive contests and more delivered right here rim not to like knowing things joined the right choice club that's talk thirteen seventy dot com and still be in the just go to top thirteen seventy dot com and click on the right choice club from top thirteen seventy the right choice. The right choice for breaking news first talk thirteen seventy though right choice. Welcome back to come in socket and now here's Michael kargil. It's so it's. It's really it's something else when you have an entire class. And a tiger from people that our freedom law enforcement. And that to me that's a problem and here we're talking about the full Lendl cast steel shooting and that happened in Minnesota. I was talking about the effects that have yelled things of this nature have on the country we talked about where does this come from what does that mentality come from. There is a police mentality. There's also old. Believe it or not the ears and everyone else mentality. And what is this us against them mentality what's going on there. And now what shall listen to this one ladies. They split glad pulsing that she did not too long ago. I literally had to pull over at the very next exit and get myself together. It blew my mind how. Right there was. Believe Elvis now. And I never make videos but. As you know I just posted a FaceBook that a list. Two days about fifteen minutes ago. And I'm twenty. And I got pulled over by police officer. And I couldn't understand why the couple over immediately and he pulls up behind me and then he Mo he gives the car and emotions for me get a card and talking to me. And it. I just food check on you because you're driving under the speed limit. I'm gonna last question I was going to slow. Patient she is just if drivers aren't really tired. Or there inebriated they tend to drive slower guys that I just left the base fifteen minutes ago. And explain the situation and anything OK that's great when they're thinking various service. I was just checking on you. Yeah. Let the husband is big news that you really wouldn't it. All this checking is. I just that he's the definition of. Can't appeal this. All right so and that's young lady that you know was pulled by law enforcement and she kind of you know told. FaceBook everyone on FaceBook how she filled. When she's being pulled over by police and a lot of people feel that way you have kids that feel that way you know this is something going on an end. You know and I am I don't we begin deep here we really need to get deep in I've actually invited in a different show I'm gonna have a psychologist on the show. The talk about this because my questions a psychologist. Is you know. What is going on how far back does this go. And I'm gonna take a little a little back and taken back to the seventeen hundreds. And I wanna tell you if you don't know. You go learned today. And I wanna tell you about the Winnie glitch letter in the making of a slave. This speech was said to have been delivered by Willie lynch on the bank of the James River in the colony of Virginia and 1712. Lynch was a British slave owner in the West Indies. He was invited to the call me a Virginian 1712. To teach his message to slave owners there. And this is how the letter went. Greetings. Gentlemen. I greet you hear on the bank of the James River in the year about lord 1712. First I shall thank you the gentlemen of the colony of Virginia. For bringing me here. I'm here to help you solve some of your problems with slaves. Here invitation reached too mean on my modest plantation in the West Indies. Where I've experimented with some of the newest instill the oldest myth is of for control of slaves. Ancient Rome should. Would India us if my program is implemented. As our bolts sailed south on the James River named for our in lustrous king whose version of the Bible cherish. I saw enough to know what your problem is not unique. While Rome used chords of woods is crosses for standing human body's longest highways. In great numbers you are here use in the tree in the reopen on occasions. I caught a whiff of a did slave hanging from a tree. A couple miles back you are not only losing value the stock buy paintings. You're having uprising sleeves. Are running away. In your crops are sometimes left in the feels too long. For maximum profit. You suffer occasional fires the animals are killed. Gentlemen you know what your problems aren't I do not need to elaborate. I'm not here eighteen enumerate your problems I'm here to introduce you to a method of solving them. In my bag here I'd be foolproof method for controlling your black slaves. I guarantee everyone a view that is installed correctly it will control the slaves for at least 300 years. My lesson is simple. Any member of your family or your overseer can use it. How about mounting number of differences among the sleeves and I take these differences and make them bigger I use fear distress and Amy for control purposes. These methods have worked on my modest plantation in the West Indies and it will work throughout the south. Take this simple little list of differences and think about them on top of my lists his age. But it's there only because it starts with an eight. The second is color or shape. There is intelligent size six sizes of plantation status on plantations. Attitude of owners whether these slave lived in the valley or any he'll. East west north south that's fine here course here or is totally short. Now that you have a list of differences. I showed give you an outline of action well before that I shall assure you that. Dish trust Schreiber have been trusts and in be stronger than adulation. Respect or admiration. The black slaves after receiving this introduction nation shall carry on and will become self refueling and self generating for hundreds. Of years. May be thousands. Don't forget you must pitch the old black male first the young black male. And the young blackmail against the old blackmail. You must use the dark skinned slaves first light skinned slaves and the light skinned slaves first the dark skinned slaves. You must use the female verse the mail and the mail first a female. You must also have wiped servants and overseers. Who distrust all blacks. But it is necessary that your sleeves trust in this pin on us. They must love and respect and trust only else. Gentlemen these kids are your keys to control. Use them. Have you wives and children use them and never miss an opportunity. If you use intensely for one year for the slaves themselves who remained virtually distrustful. Thank you gentlemen. Now fascist to be the beginning of the letter. You know an edit in the outline of everything Eagles a lot deeper than that it is very detailed. And I think that's where our problems lie Eagles back that far. Is not even further than that but that's definitely one of the issues and what we've come today. Let me go back to the full my my callers herald herald when you bring you back into the conversation. What are your thoughts on that. It was all in the shade is here our own. Maybe mr. wooden bench and his family and anyone else there's all of them their Bosco wide open in birchard hurt. That's first and foremost. Are in this country. Our own look and producer when actually urgent time additional questions when I was younger than either so often are watching now. And as I've gotten older you sort of notice that the cowboys always eager travelers in the beat the Indians always been Becker. And next with this country has banned date creator of patriot it. They're Americans. Or whites always write what they do is always right to get crowded markets even Nader stroll. Everybody else be damn longest rear right. And that mindset. It reversed field in this country now. Is it ever won no arms it and most know but as far too that. And so when you think about it pains are taken place and lost fortunate and now the out of mass incarceration of of black peninsula. Our smallest incident that. Is no different in. Beat the cowboys mean to do in the native American being bet it's started mall would go. And they put this game and play different religion is still playing out. Andy and we wanna complain about it's weird weird I'll play in the big it's not a matter commander victim. It is effective track. Their bit to put in place of all time ago. They leave reap the benefits are good so are off. Let me ask you this do you think that. I am because all these years of everything that's happened eagle that back that far you go back to the seventeen hundreds. And it will we are to date you know when you he said 300 years behind years is 2012 by the way. That's 2012. So. At some point do we think that certain people or large majority of the population need some type of therapy. To overcome. The hundreds of years you know that that hundred years of slavery. The album even bigger than that stare is so small. If we knew we'd been injured a bigger the incumbent upon others recognize predict injury is very. And those who have been injured have to determine OK yes it is happened. But we got to keep moving but it this same term goals school who benefit from interest don't dare try to pitcher for the market. I don't have a truck and that I told you guys were gonna have a dis is a deep conversation we're gonna have a deep conversation there and reach into your soul. And and and reach deep inside it does we we definitely need send some answers here. Well there's a reason we come to where we are today but the hit zero. Yet here here's here's what I was saying all along the lines. Are you a verbal call phone lines are what you do you know about what they're sent our attitudes within the next class. It would not awful they're sent out and and decided that hey we're going to put ourselves in this position. Could be awful curse to be victims to be pleased are. This is not a big conversation these this ball morsel and other shark we know widget issues. You know just like we know with a whole movement in Iran. But we did critic here. Well let me ask it is does a lot of people say you know at some point we need to forget about that and move on. What was your literacy in and out serious here all we will never forget about it. Because this country or if selected industry getting Ford engine while we celebrate Narnia movie we remember their missile collective effort get. What this country doesn't want to do it doesn't want a hole in the mix that this country has done. And that is what all Barack the blood there are due to derby day and I take my butt and work to go get. This I would have obstacles may be. And a lot of full due to black and white. But nevertheless I am not our home. I'm not shocked by that they've actually in this country because of how this country was built if you start alone how do you get it right. The legal Lamar shield Marshall at what point you know should we. You know. Move on and forget about it. Think moving iron. And regaining about it is back at that nobody they're gonna outlast I think that I mean. I don't really crude unit aerial that we see it's good they're put. But the urged that on the other side. No great did Kirk is ever gonna say you know what I'll look back and all that it makes you gave me about how I am gonna change my. They do not care because they don't care about or apology we're never gonna get an apology. Where Morgan why we went something traffic in an epic ever getting preparation. Not yet not looking for an app for that apology. It's not a great opportunity occur it. What we need to do the black community is it being a Concord. We're comfortable right now we are okay with everything that is happening to. Why do I know we're OK with every bureaucrat meaning it but we're not doing anything about it meant that prop. The problem is that about as bad. We aren't we cry we put double made it there we go back our everyday lives as we're okay looted and I treat bear him out in the suburbs. We're OK without senator Bob. So until we until we wake up realize. You're not as comfortable as keeping you are great at 880 thank you are in nothing's gonna change our community. Harold. That it that the basic as it and I would this saying bet. Are out there absolved of responsibility need to wait to them what I'm saying is that we know what the problem is we don't wake up. And if we go every day the challenges we're gonna show you the big picture record out of their part. Bet. That this is about Pia. This and would be would bear it they pretty good ministers from an all they don't need to understand that it's about their. We still get up and go handle our biz and every day no I'm not I'm not saying yet. I'll we should be waiting for reparations be should be week of apology sort of you know. They need to be ethnic composition throughout the part that they continue to play in this I'll OK there's one out of a hundred they need to have that conversation. This is the problems we have a barber shops. We are stationed there you have rehearsal laws it's let me do whatever the case may be we have these conversations about injustices toward those. They need to recognize the injustice that they're perpetrated upon us to make themselves drink it's okay what is it that we can do our need to be a committee wanted to strike me as a black next. Army Sharma can media wants to Bishara handle my business every day India would go to Brooke. That's what is going to prevent baker that's what they need to do. Or we. We're doing it reader to continue to do what we do and I agree reviewed it we'd be at our business we need to get to step pastors and we need to be very charge card real change what we can't affect control. Myself. Well I think that in Imran are they legal landing like you know I think it's fair ball. I'm gonna make that valiant effort to not be heard and I am or my you know grandfather and they had been the last four country here. Think that. We don't need to wait that that that. How we eat it did not have been in Beckham is gonna take a lot of red carpet. And a black community into the hole temple loose into very very we try to look for it not been out he'd keep track. Build our own community. Theory at point blank I don't grocery store on your blog I'll get it now banks are no police thought they do not own neighborhood and we got to worry about. One minute think they'll allow a lot of you know activists at talk about it is you know in the eight. Immigration. Is out there that there is yet we got better education you know better books better quote Caremark RB capital. And Marcia hold that thought this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. Keep up with the latest breaking news in Austin and around the world. Take a moment to make sure you're following us on Twitter at top thirteen 7811 tweeting began. Just one more way to stay connected with top thirty teams and indeed the right choice. The thirteen seventy. It's. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael Cargill. I did get knocked down you'd get a gig. Back up again I'm telling you. I like did I like to play this song hit this this time of the show. Because you know get a pick back up again got a now. We we we talk a lot about marching we talk a lot about seeing mean you know that stuff you know I don't like to march and I can carry a tune too much. You know so when I in I had a problem had a problem with universities and people being able to carry handguns on college campuses. You know and I had a problem with that because I had yields certain members of my theme we have something happened to them on a calls came as a while they were leaving going to a from a calls campus. So I didn't march I didn't seen. What I did was is I got with the with my legislature's and I thought and I fought and I thought need to oversee cheers and I thought. For six years to get the law changed so that we can legally carried a he had done on a college campus. I don't march I don't sing I don't have time for. I'm an alpha dog. I'm the lead of the pack on the lion. In order to. Dethrone means you don't have to kill me. And sold that's just how I work. I think that's the bills are the things that we need to do you don't like something in you know what do something about it don't talk about it be about it. And indeed you gotta make that change you have to change what you think peace to change. And pushed you whenever I see something wrong I definitely stand up and I see something about it and I do something about it. I definitely do something about it and make it change. When I don't like it so let me I go back T Marshall and that I could show off the year what you're talking. And much much kills my my instructor from Atlanta. Expect. Yes oh I'm content. Carpet and now it's our commitment it's the daily and the garlic valid for soccer oh EP. That's right Marsha good truck traveling around your teach you ladies all over the country now. That is great if they're both are we heavy babies cannot play in the head about important at all. Nice okay so. Given those cities will more time. So. I didn't order it Greek and I'm going to be in Regina and believed Virginia I'm eating at or women. After that the following week it'll be Orlando. It will in Sacramento aren't a lot sixteen. Intellectually herb Elliott or or else. Yeah at our lottery outlet be actually. It when Italy and that July 8 and Dallas argued it. OK we got to get you hear an awesome little work and and I promise that's AMP yesterday you motivating me. So much. I'm dumping on a work on give you you here I think I think I wanna do it on Labor Day weekend that's that's the bull soft part of me is seeing Labor Day weekend. They don't do it. So would a little work on that and I think I need to work and macho again I think I do want. Months years is well because he has been Austin talked Austin so we'll see if we get Austin crowd together as well. LB pretty cool apps Lou I'm so glad he is using. Are politically what I was saying it is our immigration. Why I think it any given the opportunity to have better things that we app. Where issues that they already it hurt that we focused on creating our all our library being cool. And degrading nothing's ever let aren't creating are obligated to vote go to any immediate RB why it is that we are up art or is advancing. Not a fairly a bad thing is not. They back in the old days if not a daily bad thing because again it apparently that would ever act before. But the problem is meetings take that knowledge equity and opportunity not could be Arnold why is incurring that our community. We're we're spot mine so you can obviously your sperm or whomever make sure that you're needing a helping me and helping it grow your age that we eat. Then I sag. I wouldn't think bill you know we kind of found that that no team in health and lomb met. A member of this is. They've locked Iron Man that great in all split you know Winnie and hoping you're all our firm and help other black lawyers don't have opportunity that you act you know its its its parent. It's a lock our net you know is is why now. Art not a they're looking RT like eat your skin and got caught. If you know what I do I'm I'm kind of prisoners myself you know what ideas actually only do this with people that are that are pro guess. Are. That's our other I was out the you know he buys a lot of guns from me and and and he's my doctor he's. Yeah he's an Asian guy in at say that bio key I act I trust him with everything any doctor this is what I got going on with me and he comes into the store he Basil lab again as the me today. It also my dentist's yes my dentist is pro again until he loves gans he has so many gans. It in a blow your mind and if that's why he's my Guinness. So I'm infected and art aren't there all alone in Austin's it was real hard side. There are caught in the paper that's right we're in the ads that did see blue. As I it's illegal back to Harold Carroll. Apparently he's still an end and full use that influence the Alando right. Rondo actually Intel actually omit allegedly allegedly South Florida. Are. Here's Lou here's your literature you when I was coming out Australia open go to law schools are of this article breakdown of what a lot of Lou trying to oust him electric guitar. Looked and I realized I could read Mark Cuban embargo. Yeah it's become. Did it change to its. And I didn't want her to do by nick almost all yeah. And so arcane that determine that it put our whose and I are restructuring and New Year's educating here they've gone chain Europe sort of stated. Are any branched out. Our premiere is tellers have been older expediting the British cultural attitude to live. Indeed it was too much. If environment and it paid it changed that much and image that is consumers marches and an environment. As you know. Put a mentality fascia are unloaded. Dude this is period. Are his armory don't think it's lord put up with an attitude it's if it's all gears. Now many MS isn't go to FaceBook does I Cortese is courting Beasley. Says you know the vein in us are too general and I and ease I think UVs we need to get away from the it also he says we are just as guilty as being prejudicial. As weak plane then to being. If prep for it per Parikh absurd perch got it perch waits. Just as much as we eat CD. Per per per chewy things that I can see that we're printing world. Thank you. Thank you see that's see that's why I love her. All right so that's what Courtney says there. What eighty anyone have any response at all. Well our house it is you are good business. Are you another shot out Erica a lot of shame you sound so to bring a potential initiation then to execute being a business. And and Marshall his business that I started I started it now. Specifically. For black market. Are to deal were black folk are almost more important to weasel black. Are actually missions and use in March it was to give us opportunity achieved object they need. That we deeply that we needed we partner initiative be awarded on Israel to be put other people. It's that and I can't I can't do that I don't feel right doing that. I don't know. It's for some reason I did reach out to everybody. Well not not keep one. Seat are big business wants to assist night awards so when I listen chewed. In a no no district. Jeanne anyway but when I listen chew. Broad issues there's talk about a two bit one note I applaud their but I have been doing this since I was. 23. Our group and all black neighborhood Kabul branch is wash all blah actual door business to get sir that's all I know my my parents from the islands. And so our Arco remember lost all the hoopla Burris bobbled ball along with the bill glee tobacco companies from an average of and Jamaica to bring a car to Miami Hollywood just brought dead to. And so that's our awful reading everything. We brought businesses first arm around. Now that are creatures on. And I have the aide I had a wild a customer base so Smart so those are all also lost friends have muscled leg are. But other kettle black got that they've got one intruder spare cash mark clientele is both black and white. In order to meet you what my business is believed to do the things I needed to Jerusalem must amniotic posterity it needed to be registered shot margin. It could be of course the war because our children if you didn't just sort of just our community because I understood archery operate. You're not going to be as successful. Asian could be I'm not saying you walls are success. But if you could probably once to. That's why if you operate a player or you might be operated chain of stores is that it is open everybody. So it just like with which you do did you richest try and reduce they've got worse just in the black community. Or just they would Republicans. Or you will not be a success you have to orphanage it is brought it becomes an eight week period in two. And who is willing to to to stay in green dots. As sort Astaro yes operated business. I'm definitely agree I definitely agree. Because we can't reach it here's what we can't do outrage established or when our first guest a lot of business. Ahead a gentleman from the C news from. Some national. Business association would occasionally being returned to Kmart was always in my way at Charlotte Meserve our toppled like Jim a really nice guy. And during this time they had minorities said it starts. And he came in what they have and we were talking in even ashamed of these minority sort of started really need to do so about could mr. took the organization will lobbying. You know politicking and to have this criticized the way. They would share EC. Our switch will be told huge circle almost 16% of go to minorities. In of their 16%. Tell our neighbors are the result what result was to be listed at Lennar. So you'd need usually prepared script which you upset because the brother just instructor and you give a hundred car. Followed out of ten million dollar contract. Which mr. Gordon got his wife said it would have been that have a contract issue gentility Beckel for the debate yeah. You know and at that's real salt can bet that there's episode YouTube won't be upset because it does little portion of the school to get him we got as we got it. I'll share that little portion. Which which a lot of pollution that would target. So for me I don't know but never did it minority Serbs sobbed and I'm a businessman. In logical agreeing NASCAR do you. I wouldn't shake our governor guard reels do our own and as good as anybody else and I don't care what you colors. It doesn't make it there. And what I try to do is to make sure out of a lot of opportunities. To other people. Who look like me because I'm going to give you do real scared. I'm gonna give you all to being that would give my nephew and my son all of the advice about you don't do this you do this. It's how you handle X. Because you Martin this year to get there from someone so. Yeah. They Harold does is act in the studio I don't. So not too bad not too bad so you mentioned that when you first started out that you. Can have made it a point to hire people in your community of your color. Right. Correct. That lucrative distributed Beckham produce what are your RR which then regret. So the people are what are what stand you students. And they happen in failure happens to be the best Asian nation you're out there. And so given that most of those students that I saw him come to Moscow my clubby were black. No different and I had a great department young data AJ. Well that's okay do our store mostly that you are hard to manage more AK my Marguerite depart. Well what if there was a white man that. Basically did the same thing saying hey I only want to hire. White people in my business. No no no you you're mission would observe are sure. Okay combatant say that I own are so I give you perfect example Edberg or my business. And I got to have my second location a production facility. I got really into your interview a guy. All of who came from two counties will. Interview he came about 53 and it goes together and I've got much books or mentioning Bodiford. He came in and try to get disorder actually got to get shipped out in Daytona something like that already behind it because that was hiring him. To this and do without doing the interview process will hit the side of the border machines. And he'll mention that order didn't he drove we need chew up told expression was shipped that order out. I heart him. And I couldn't second charging my right hand me into mostly are are his life day much most of them. Like what them down in Miami which racial issues from the culture the culture. Rider beat net. The anatomy get a bright panel how are black folk don't our heart capable for what I do understand. Is that they are charms and they're people who go give cable ball. People of color or women who capable don't give in the same shot. And so what I was dual list if somebody came in he looked good jobs it independent art department wide gaps. Kobe would used to mentality when he came to you to relax my production revenue with the challenge of global who could draw McConnell did he continues sanctions I had black and white. I'm sort you saying get our car people. We'll spare you our new album give them which yesterday came to me is it where it went like al-Qaeda that you all are hard and as well now. Not for the white guys do and they're not harshly by the Politico would object we keep this raw nobody would have been bigger stronger and add that. And and by the way I gotta give a shout out to bandy baby Adams was going on how you Dylan. Dallas right now RA dandy listen to us from Dallas I did it go hit they have Russia. I did when it I'm a liquid or that both currently deck but I want it is it actually entered yeah mostly. You're asking political white man we're we're the only highlight people out personally for me that would bother me at all. On that he could not. Feel like your current and their communities. Like it means EE like Indian community like. Urging community. Out there are that many Arab ethnicity who are only hire people are family people are from the Anchorage this ain't quite that there are. Nobody that they're not. No one goes down a China that it might aren't they're black people working at this time account rep nobody does that. Why with the best under rated. Look at. A lot of organization you bet they do about say hey we're only Harry. It's one great is as it is our candidate like a bank well below are women club that I eat it member of and I realize there all of their photos all of their marketing your entire web site earned only white women on their web site. And I are at low wire here and there are minority in the organization but why are they represent are you biting your. And not really get a response that make me like I'm not. Oh I'm not gonna complain about it that's who you want your organization had a good opportunity and then you know I got I today. You know anyone that it is open I error include whomever they want clues. And I'm. Completely okay. And turn it would do that who becomes more than. You don't take that. I would take that. Now just a can right curry awesome nets they lead they do much else in any hair and only let the Marmara shell my shell. Tiller won the naming your company woman time. Trigger happy are. How did you get you involved NT teaching foreign instructions. Other army border betting years I was in a little Iron Mountain iron needs when I was being used in them are a lot about it pretty. Why not add up army. On and we'll backed Lilly in the IR word you know pandering here in Atlanta like army buddy and manager and I may need my eerie at a court that aren't yet border area. You know that it's not sure at this up where you could be art and better. Artwork in their outlook. A lot about actually it's pretty pretty darn good and I love eating people. Is that where thirteen months became the manager. Every lap I wanted to go added alone. And that's our own company and he still outlet that so bad and I got a bit. And I like something you said yesterday you know you're tells of UE says something he said you know because you're not gonna hurt my feelings because I was married to cut. Lucky they'll understand. Alum is not we have no Jill you know ill feelings for each other at all. So we gave it its brutal do you have a big earth that do the academy in its iPad. App that in a lot of other lives as well yeah like you know if it is so big car. Come and there hello my detained at yes. He Caremark. Yeah I might you know it. Yeah it did not occur geopolitical picture of the young lady recording. I'm that you please someone to do electrocution or your service as well this. This wonderful young source you have one stone that a major repair chain and to have to push bidders are weak through any broad I noticed in Atlanta irony in sorrow than it is in the manner that really wanna see your deal. The role because I think it's is is world knew he'd. It didn't really is but I also wanna talk about a young lady who was cry yeah but your average listener. They're young lady personifies. Everything that is right. Bet your average listener and who are. Looks. Sheet of teacher. She's the Boettcher. Okay not just her but our hope they hear it toward the net I'm pretty sure. Strap it all great to boot camp put her life form Amare. And broke down simply because all we're supposed following her. That is not lost only. She my goal overseas. In Hansel and sure they're hurt in the number of game. Well what brokered Darrow was a police also following behind her pulling her whole. There's until this country something that there's something wrong. In an act and that's why what are and that's why I brought out that there Willie lynch letters in and read that letter and because a lot of people have heard that story before and didn't. Probably don't know anything about it. But you got to understand this stuff goals only back to like to seventeen hundreds and this is something that's been in green. In people it has been passed down from generation to generation. The point I was late can mix it is it is not it is not own us in every week we should have all to the other side need to get a live sweet Lou that. They need to hear him that they need to understand where they get a good shot Aberdeen when do we we we are living with this fiction. And an epic and I think you know we. Honestly I honestly think if we need to go to some type of you know feared the accounting or something like that to overcome that and and moved together society. As as one human race. Is it but that won't happen why. Who have here here's the reason our our our own leaders have to. I think the average person is well intent. Argue. But I also think the average person is not willing to stand up in the nation something. There's a wall and really columns chew reached. Because apart stand up edition classic if our standards so when it comes to reach. Opt to change me preacher in a position Mitchell an equal playing quickly. And everybody in India there might be sure it is and there's not enough to go over opposite don't eat cheat. I was being equal disadvantage is marcher. All My Children sure if I'm older and headed vanishing right now. You all had a situation where it's fiction several years ago we're young leader apply the school do you can't. Because Lou she wanna say because some set aside whatever we get defectors in the general population had agreed to give me. She also concerned to predict some minority schools got the slot Vichy DCU okay Gator hit me. But yet you couldn't make it in the general population your body else so you wanna come on this shot session to being mr. -- the chip there are no. You couldn't giving. She wanted to be advantaged. Are barred disadvantage. And that's not sure many you've got to really do you attribute that great alarm clocks. Nights and Marshall. I'm Arab rhetoric they're not it would ex eagle area. The a lot how about played well you're absolutely right I mean there are people out there are taking advantage is that its memory and an a lot of I don't realize that situation and we are in. And or a lot of like people I'd never be anchoring is are never been in that situation because it doesn't act like we expect you you have accurate we didn't. Up involved in this situation doesn't mean it's not happening there ground people crop currency. So bad luck a lot of our activity is and that kind of like leaking eap on uniting our people are like I never been you know Brett probably thought there's not a lot Arnie it's. I wrote that there lot Arnie did it. Go to black I'll bank and that that the huge issue to be on any night our Ali. I'm I tell you now one thinking gas come on the show today you know someone to go back and explain all this stuff in angle back to the seventeen hundreds a little bit. To maybe give people the inside of a little bit of what we you know how do we get to where we are today. What I didn't do was tell you about law enforcement and where law enforcement came about a lot of people don't know. That the reason we have police officers or law enforcement. Is their job was to go in retrieve. Runaway slave but again and so that's where a lot of stuff comes from. And you know once we understand our history you know we were kind of forgetting history for you get different routines come from and how these came about. It understand why people are responding to Wadey response to law enforcement as a reason for that. And once you understand he street. You understand where we've come from an and why things are do you know. Where where at law enforcement came from and those different things like dad do you understand why we in in this situation today. And and I ask. Them how was as people you know to please please will you get pulled by law enforcement this is it's not about. I'm not telling you about the law or anything like that I'm just trying to tell you how to get home safely how to go home to your family. You get old all by law enforcement. You have a gun in the vehicle. Keeper he has in plain sight even skip told me don't have a Denny vehicle keepers Kansan plain sight. Truck not a fact I'm not gonna tell you I want marsh Shelvin tell you Marshall can you tell me about one minute what are look what I need to do and I get pulled about police. Surely people are flatly not they need that bag is your rights record Eric eat it point that you are and at that camera where it's going to be inactive any additional who commit your answer the Arctic air will. Do not move. It not look around for your I eat. You get all the information and opted direct you usually era when all of your windows me are all out and it is our. You need to have your life on here people really eat everything about a year B. Very clearly. Very simple as that you know and this is all about you try to get home. Yours is not for you to argue about that in the sather wrote about that stopped about whether or not you're lights out we're not hearing and that stops side. Your job is team. Do that in court in Iraq and argue that a fight it on the side of road that's what your attorneys for Fletcher attorney do you dad and that's what it's all about. In an Italian. We gotta get out this believe in slave master mentality. And I see this when I travel around the no different parts of the country. Certain people are subservient. And don't have the drive or determination. To leave. Only to follow and be told what to do. There's always. More of guns. Equals less crime. One by yourself again. Even listed common talking. With Michael Cargill. Again as stands today all day long the card on my way to work heading home listening online keeps you in touch will you work at top thirteen 78 dot com get a ring no talk thirteen seventy anywhere kind they're great.