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Come And Talk It
Sunday, July 29th
Come and Talk It for July 29.

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It's time for Cummins socket with your host Michael Cargill. Brought to you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army and has achieved national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine Fox Business news CNN money. AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill. Good days Austin, Texas is the Latin music capital world less praised a lured him pass the ammunition. I sold to dame we're gonna talk about. Which draw us what is this big mess that people are so upset about straws I just don't give it. What is it that's all that plastic it is. There's so are you serious knee and renowned event occur. 1015 minutes fear anger around the entire country about straws I'm not get my straw when he got to do about it. Aren't they coming did it I'm keeping my struck coming taking their conferees struck come forward. 'cause I'm keeping my strong I'm not giving up a straw there's nothing you can do Nicky beat so you could take my rock. Now what do you know where they make the losses Kendrick Adams struck I'm still a hundred Estrada he's best. Oh. What are you gonna do people still Texan drive east a break they'll what you gonna do what are you going to do. You can get rid of your toothbrush are you gonna get rid of but your your shampoo your mouth wash all those little things in your kitchen. I mean let's get real here. You and then you get angry would need to get it going to meet idol past always people on the side street to two degrees outside show we care more must also always. Get a life people. Get a life. I also we're gonna have Tea Party on the show and he's he is with the the committee to defend the president is gonna talk to us about what's going on around the country maybe we give him the chime in on the straws as well. Also we're gonna talk about you know let someone is upset. You know their ups and the fact that. I don't know I don't know what it is but I'm gonna find out what is but they wanted to destroy their ER fifty. And so we're gonna talk about that get to the bottom that is why don't you wanna destroy your and walk. These are things that he's no I didn't know bosh draws why would you want destroyed AR fifteen. What is attacked easy day heats. It's just too hot I think what is and actual getting. So we're gonna we're gonna get to the bottom of this I'd so let me bring into the conversation let's go to lying three. Ted Harvey. With the committee to defend the president Ted welcome to come to talk answer. I. Would do an outstanding share. You know. I just don't get it after I met and ask you to chime in on this strong business you know what is going on around the country. Where people want to tell me what I can I cannot use a what I can't I cannot do. I will not comply. It's simple as that right. You know we we had several built like a former legislator here in Colorado it. You know you know several years ago we had some of the most egregious. Gun control pills and Colorado and and one of the I'm one of the most famous line that came out of that debate was I will not comply. We had these are made out in and everything it. The got over the past year Colorado. They were. They could not enforce they were unconstitutional. And it's the same thing that dispute that that the bulk of the bunch of feel good. Do gutter stuff that's not going to solve any problem. And and you know pick the same. To girder radical leftist environmentalists up there at the same ones that are drinking water out of plastic bottles and writer and there the river there in Korea. That are far more that he did drag the Harvard that a plastic straw. They're dragging their big SUV. You know all the way from the protest he now. It's a band straws. They're exactly right that's exactly right well. You know. Let them have their temper tantrum that ego one week from next if it goes from one crisis. And I think the American people are getting pretty tired of it. Exactly you know you I'm tired of people telling me what I can I can ID you know what if I wanna you wanna sucked out what are my big goal. They're big huge glass beat cup would I big huge draw you know what I'm gonna deal. There's nothing anyone Ottawa America exactly that's and that's what America's all about. So you know what that ten RB tell me about you when you organization what EST. Well thank you grab a partnership. You know we started the pact originally at the stop Hillary. We started at five years or Hillary even got into the race as we near the Democrats alike see he'll do everything they could make sure that she was the first female president of united. Stage and it's the last thing I want it worked for bill and Hillary to ever step foot in the White House ever yet so we started the Hillary package. We were. It's incredibly instrumental I believe in making sure that the Republicans won the presidency but that would trump one and the lap. At their portal and come week. National separate instruments. And try to do everything they could that this credit. Not only that presidency but the entire black as they that he shouldn't be in the Cadillac. Act when we decided to not allow this. Very influential organization despair and go nothing we we changed the name to the committee to defend the president. And there and then we have really become the only organization out there at a hat crowd. Back in the RNC has been doing it members of congress aren't doing it until anybody who really want it joined the effort to. And or America stand up for the president where the only group out there so we've grown to be large of a drop act and the country because. Now tell me what you what's your take on you know on us and we have to administer level what you what your take on us. With the Second Amendment in case so we have this issue. As oppressors. Being removed from the in if they lists. Were hoping you know I was hoping that the president will get this done this term this year. We're hoping that we can be concealed carry reciprocity. Password license holders can cure their he had done in every state. You know also what your take on that as something that we were not able to get done and if we don't get done and I'm afraid. And mid term elections we may lose some seats we may lose either house of the senate and and when we're not gonna get the stone. Well I don't think we're gonna invite and how ordered the but the reason why we're not in on it because we don't have enough Republican the United States senate I believe we could get a house. But it got over that that. We have but when margins. That Democrats without regard to John McCain's of the world puts up attention that's what we're focusing on 100%. Right now between now and November. Is to try to let the the US and it. See that Democrats hold right now and states that trump won by sixty per cent or more wary. Flip those six states. That we don't have to worry about Democrats we don't have to worry about it up like. Coworkers and everybody we can get those kind of important pieces of legislation through congress. And to the president's desk so that he can sign it. I would talk with Tea Party these with the committee to defend the president also we're gonna talk about straws on the way to stop a bad straw is a good straw also we're gonna talk is someone who wants destroyed there AR fifteen sacrilege this is Michael Cargill. And you. I'm listening to come talk. Physical on the war and there was YouTube. Michael sparks. Welcome back to common stock and now here's my card bills. Strong enough to strong. That's what we're talking about Jack so you know what I'm keeping my strong you know all straws lives matter. The white strolls matter why straws would rich try to matter white straws would black stripes matter. Even black straws that all of straws lives. Went up the vanity shots in 99 Indies out in a fan of the nun in Asia that they don't end. And in my house. To bin Laden not to bin. That is the question. Neitzel you know tip I'm a big big failures by the way. But you know what I gotta admit it is real lives and people that you have some questions and I got one person is not wait wait wait all the what about what he brought a lot of them because it trustees from Switzerland and other. It wasn't our our managers are up and basically helix OK okay. The big with a helix hiring nobody outlaw the Creighton. You wanna do everything they wanted to solar piece the route they wanna you know bam the big gulp. Yeah we in New York graphic ask Michael Bloomberg. Only. Me and I dole don't get us started down that road. I'd so you know big failures. And I got some people here got someone from the UKE. You know he's not a big fan. And sell but still elicit so let you know that I'm a big fan and you're doing earth you're done wonderful work out there don't you don't keep it up. But then I guess he would get answered questions for. Yeah I said my name is fully Shaq and I man a Republican here in Austin cell artists in the minority. I have a couple questions for a year or. Do you guys obviously you're around to support the president but do you guys support. Everything the president does regardless. Of whether or not maybe he made the right decision and do you you know condemning and weighing in. He makes a wrong call you know do you hold your elected officials accountable and we as a constituents are supposed to do. Well let me. Individual all I hold everybody accountable but so are you the truth that they conservative constitutional lists. Libertarian leaning. Republican and I bet that I'll have my appetite of the three web. There's not a policy that I disagree with that the president has done thus. 00 OK and so glad you said that I was looking forward about in their console. Have you rationalized tech and it's. How to wrestle like air around the charity that the president has imposed tax. Her weird when. Canada what they're almost a 300%. Terror on dairy products as soon as the president gets elected to office. Thinking that this new Republican administration not quite respondent signed I think it is only incumbents. Upon. The administration. Helped hold Canada accountable and say. We wanna have free fair trade we wanna have notes terrace we have those subsidies government subsidies the product in it but it but. If you guys are going to start a trade war with United States are putting up 300% terror up. On our product than you were leaving us with no other alternative. Went to turn around in time. And two. Apply similar sanctions against your goods coming at the united sick we can't allow you could you elaborate what unilaterally. Here on the United States prop. Right and so right so let me bring in not okay go ahead. Hey I am very confused as to how you can say they are libertarian. Leaning individual. Ed and your throat taxes because that's what terrorists are intentionally no where in a scenario where we're gonna have to put him well bail out. Hers who hours early are. From the it's it is still talking to you is how you can be and conservative especially going as party as the word libertarian always give you name. Any name say yes taxes are good let's cue and then bail amount only screw them. We know we're not we're not having to bail out the farmers because Europe lowered there Arab. Because trump was the only president in the last thirty years. Stand up that the their unfair trade practices. And force them below or their terror. And now we are able to freely trade our soybeans and everything else with the EU. Where. Had trump not made that threat we would not be able to so now. That character coming down from Europe I don't know if you watched. The president of the EU come out here last week. And lowered the terror that they've been putting on the United States and therefore the United States are lowering the terrorists that they had threatened they never put into place. Bit threatened. Put it there and play now because trump is actually. Ending up for America and quit and stopping the rest of the world treaty. United States workers as. The piggy bank for the world he is actually lowering tariffs around the world. And allowing more products to be sold throughout the world and improving our. You know I'm glad I'm not blood related he's send news pulling out as shell because I think wearing completely different news cycles that I've not heard a single thing. That you're saying in the news and I'm not I'm I watched Fox News here in the than malice CNN and BBC what everything and not heard that any meaning you're talking about. They'll let me just say. Yeah. It was as you know. With the Yemeni and it. Does is check paycheck this is maximum I'm actually a Briton but I masquerading as an American today. And I'm I am very familiar with Yucca and I am very minute what you just said. And I can tell you everything you just said ivy did not taking medication or we need to re read everything because younger as the has no power. To do what you just said that they sit they greet he has no power. To say we're gonna lower the tariffs on anything he's there to negotiate. The individual governments have the attitude that he doesn't have the pattern do anything. So it that this is a pot is I'm an independent that's why not Mike and I you know Mike and I get on. Because. Seriously. With the top of really upsets me. When people like you come on and do it this service you do it his service to Europe alone or audience. By twisting the truth it makes no sense. This what what was just said by the young lady in the room here that you are bailing out twelve billion dollars with the farmers. By do is absolutely. True. Its own Ponte has said that if you have the guts to stand up and say you're asked a direct question. Did he would disagree or agree with president from. And you say yes. I agree with him 60% of the time you have respect from everybody knew studio right now. So you do not. What. Yeah there is no way Angela and I'd like to Ares I. That I let you know I like it has identified let's let me answer I do thanks Sudan and let him that's about it that's it I'm living in what is an audience question is it true is not true. I do it needs to. He's what recourse to the question was. Did the do you truly believe that Donald Trump negotiated a deal that you say it immediately peace is gonna without tariffs. To be below it on American farmers to export into the year that is not true. I I do believe. That trump. Is the only president I was the last three years. To take our. The EU to take on Canada to take on Mexico and take on China. Who have been taking it and the American worker for the last thirty years and unfairly. Coding terror. On one or what are you saying now why are respect is not is what and it's not what you just say it's. Three hours ago didn't let me read it immediately and an. And Aaron he and forcing. Canada to lower their parents did a thing. Sorry that the lord where they're losing their caddies and then again that is lit at citizens do. I think that he had with the head of the EU. What putting in place. Eddie an agreement that that you would start lowering tariffs on the United States brought and we would be continuing. Do. You though the weight gain at all. Absolutely not true as anyone annual cost you are essentially essentially saying it's that is what the president of the you don't no we started at eight not that. That. But that's not what that's not what the media's reporting I you know I slid off of me what the media here reporting each year what are you leaving Atlanta. If you know nothing more than what haven't you had been good I. Do because I read. And if you are running if you could read what the British press say it. Often that none of well you do said it was agreed to on anything it was an outline. And if you truly kid about the American farm was clearly you don't if you deeds who either don't. If you did it. Then you would have the truth which is there is nothing is being done lately to help the American farm. It's just an. What is it. And and that is not the true. How do you what you want you know once sang hello and an interview and why are you American farmers may not like it's. You may not like it but this press prepared standing up for America putting America. Isn't standing up for America and a lot of I don't and I'm I'm I'm eyebrow I'm an American I'm an American with a funny accent okay. So my question if you yulia is what proof that you Gabi standing up the American work he says a lot but he hasn't done anything. What are you haven't said anything you want to specific question but what can I give him a chance to answer okay. Thank you know I answered I am a bit less like. On our President Obama unlike President Bush unlike President Clinton is actually standing up to the foreign governments around the world. And that you were not going to you're allowed to put on the map of Europe on the United States. And not have any in pride retribution or and that's. The tape that I saw what was to have what every parent I prefer I wonder how that's funny dairy product and not. Have read what is the average tariff what is the average tariff on a product from the United States into the union do you not think that a 300% tariff on dairy product going into Canada is well. Sell some artist you're waiting candidate a break and I just did some research on garlic and every single article on the left adult product I don't let me read an article written in them PS news your time here at the way you did finally the Lehman as CNN MarketWatch EU news. Every once they're working to Ford's quote yes literal quote zero chair adds there's nothing about eliminating them now there's nothing about. Reducing them now there's saying that they're going to have more conversation and the twelve billion dollars to Fella to bail out farmers is still on the table is still problem is is why we're in debt. We come back and let you answer that Ted. I would talk about should we ban the straws would talk about this is that the committee to defend the president and the ER fifteen this is Michael Cargill and you are listing to come and talk. This is good representatives John and tasteless it's your list please keep comments toss it. Welcome back to determine soccer game. Now here's Michael I guess I'd want. Back when chocolate tea parties with the committee to defend the president also we're gonna talk about straws you know so once so angry with me about straws. You mean are you serious you want to call harm to me because I won't get published. Well guess what do Magid a maestro what he gonna do. There's so many other reasons that caused armed Knoll eight. I do so many other things on there we go any other reason Michael no matter has strong there's some good some good reasons they're deathly sound and it also won. Would you want it their way or destroy your ER fifty. That's gonna be a good conversation. I can't wait to sit down and talk with her about. Which kind of contradicts a little bit she's getting a little high strongly here but you know electrical anti we're gonna come for she's yeah. I'm one Annika she's knitting so let's go back to did hardly with the committee that and the president Ted you're asking a question before he went to break. Now might my only question was. It should drop not be going up against people other countries that are. Putting on. An inappropriate care on the United States and not retaliate in kind. As is Max who will products he talking about specifically. Apart from day vertically so look out my governor but he does some pretty better than not a perfect hair on the what product are appropriate how many pro what is the dollar amount of those products. I don't have a place to figure exactly it's an easy number to throw out 300% right doesn't it's meaningless. Ed answer me yes sir now it's back to under that back. We put tariffs on pickup trucks is 25% is that good or bad. If not 300 or right it's the attack him. Putting tariffs on things there is always an outline right. You have to look at the whole team without telling Michael and I don't look at night and I don't want to have any hair at all OK so what does every parent when you have other countries where you unwrapped. He just citing meant to run average tariff head. Into battle he's actually been. What are you gonna rattle up and make no other question on the black and I answered I just I just have to countries that are putting 300%. And Air Canada on the product going into their country. Why should we not retaliating. I think it'll depends on how it is and how much will not dumping metals and aluminum on the world market. And obviously United States is the largest. So we're having and how much China is how much steel did we put a little China iron and metal being dropped into the US economy. And so we're putting Eric on back and guess what the rest of the world it. Canada put hair on it as well because they don't want to have. On the metal that were coming to united state dumped in their country so they also partner on the air until or other countries around the world that they don't wanna have. This map. I know what you are seeing what it let me change speed on the as to what you think is gonna happen. I think we're gonna have a much more fair and balanced. Trade situation around the entire world where we're not having massive amounts of Arabs put on products around the world and we have a parent or your economy. And now that's flies out IP. Libertarians are how assets how's that looking now with the soybean farmers with the guy that makes snails and the BMW factories in Spartanburg with the fact that the guy who has lost his. As it to China and right now my have to lay off half his work force how those people they ordinary farmer and they are exactly exactly so it so they said they just abandon this guy they just got back. It actually. Eventually. Because drop it actually ending up for the workers it will come that the smaller economy as heavy as a market economy in the united in the world the United States it's not going to have to. Succumbed to. They actual premarket and have their trains heading out to be headed in the meantime though and that is what will happen eventually they'll have. Have you been to China. I've been there. They'd gotten that idea and now I can't be moderate there right now. OK great so I think that you should ask you don't than I mean it's kind of like a ten times throughout and clearly area and clearly and that the EU very well. If you think for 12. That the Chinese again about down because they believe is something then I'm sure you'd go to told you called face. There is no way. That they are gonna allow United States to dictate trade policy to China is just not gonna him and thank you Max we'll see you next week path. So instead. Doesn't get things about out what you're committees dealing. Well there are committee is defending the president. And going up against China. In Canada in the EU for their fate their unfair trade crack. With United States which I think most of the American in this country believe it's probably the best course. For this administration to take. We are trying to get. Democrat senators. Thrown out of office the next election cycle that we can repeal obamacare. So that we can build a law on the law. So that we can. Make sure that. Our Second Amendment. Right are safe and that we are appointing judges throughout the United States that uphold the constitution. And any of your listeners were about to let sort of went their separate bank Kurds and go to the committee to defend the president dot com. Or go to our web go to our FaceBook page. And into the and the president as well. Austin and I appreciate that thanks Ted. And we gotta have you back on sometimes you know when we have a more friendlier crowd. You know in in the Odyssey what's Orlando like what she did good did you did get. Four other records that I appreciate what the committee is doing adding that the president gets too much bad press. And it's a little ridiculous how things are skewed. This tariff issue is not something that we should be defending. As lovers of the free market and and limited government Republicans need to snap the heck out of date. Remember our founding principles and defended the president when he deserves defending. And call him out when he doesn't deserve it and this terrorist issue is not Ed where we has not been held we need to die on this is not okay and. You now have their theory agree that it agree I think he's doing exactly what the incident during. And then once into it and making intelligent let's say exactly fine. Committee to defend the president on and on tape look at committed in the department as well. Our rate think Tim Harvey we appreciate that with the committee to defend the president. And we got to talk with you again sometime. Bob you. Thank you guys appreciate have a great Sunday. Thank you sir you enjoy the rest your weekend. Right so let's just talk about straws I don't talk about straws distract me Nazi. You know what's up with straws watch. Why did you see research and straws and let banned them in California and Helena and that's isn't enough rate debt and I believe it is. Six years in jail if you. Analysis straw. A series now now. What do you thoughts. I mean I think protecting the environment is an issue I'm not sure why people have decided to die with a straw. Hunt is definitely a lot of other things that we can be doing I mean I personally yes summer Republican it has about the environment I recycle. Everything had to date and is it is yelling you if you come to my house and you don't recycle we will have. Ward correction has six months give it isn't isn't the problem the problem is people are dumping them would and lasted supposed to dump them. The problem is it you know we're not making sure this stuff he's being travel to where at least get to without coming loose is that what they really. She lesions. The amount of trash that Americans carry it on a yearly basis it's just that it's not straws Pacific that's why I'm confused as to why this is where people I've decided. To lose their marbles just another just that I am yeah. I hear that that's the problem every area that week I mean we have a serious. A series homeless problem you know there's so many other issues that are much bigger that we can handle. That we need to address that we just totally normal. All strolls lives and it's easier whitish dog lives matter black straws lies matters. It's easier to condemn people use Straus and actually take a hard look at your policies and realized that your policies may be what's conjured into homelessness. In the scheme of things straws and not a big deal it says social justice warrior thing. They were bored. Exactly what I couldn't. I agree today. God someone help me by now I believe so let me read let my let me bring into the conversation dumbed down. Well domino step up to the Mike and. And her. So how old domino hi you doing I'm really happy Marian Wright so tell me a little bit about yourself and then and tell me how did you end up with and they are fifteenth so domino has. You don't and they are fifteenth gun and it's gone now. So how did you in that would easier fifteen what what. Exciting you what sparked you. Decide you wanted to give yourself and your fifty nothing nothing at all it was a gift in by a friend yeah excited. Every kind of shot and you're excited I have video I only would ever ask. Play if you are hinted to or wanted to. Anything like this. I I was honestly more excited about the really cool handmade wooden box it came in which I'm gonna keep this in my campaign backs McCain and traveled lacks the grad. They got itself monstrous monstrosity. He didn't. He'll do. You'll I remember you come into the shop it's pretty I mean do you like Hans Blix it's real I remember those words it's pretty. It was that you are very excited I was I was honored to be given a homemade. Thing. What changed in society that made you decide you weren't to get rid of your ear routine wasn't excited change. It was having a gun in my house which had never had before. Honestly and even just the presence of this weapon nearby neat I kept it in my room I wouldn't keep downstairs it was in the Seif. Locked and it just felt like radioactivity. If and mixing scents like it it was just this angry energy. That and then nationally in Eugene Peterson but. It it just made me angry to have drowned. A case and that was not the feeling with you bring it into the home. So well before you brought into the home you weren't angry at it. So not easy to tell me what were your feelings when you brought this AR fifteen to your house does it because that was not ink. It does I think I was it was more of an excitement about it to TV given a homemade thing. And but they'd never shot an air fifteen. In to. Also shooting it was awful. Being around it was awful I just I hated every bit of ignorant saying nothing like nothing at society changed. And I Iowa thought about it more that changed a it got me thinking about guns more than I needed to regularly. OK if that we come back from the break we're gonna bring James into the conversation as James was the friend that actually gave me this awesome gift them. You know that you wanted to destroy a group but instead of destroy that you decided to you just send it back soon. So we're gonna bring James back into the into the conversation we come back because. As I understand it EUR remember you when you walked into the gun store. I remember you being happy and excited about this this new rifle that you yak. And I I strictly remember that because. You were very happy you were smiling. And excited about it. And sown in you came back to return it. Everything can change. But I'm not here I mean. That happiness in the beginning. When the hearing something else or something change something else is going on and we got to get to the bottom. I'm so we come back renegades of the Bob never gonna go to James. We come back. We're talking about straws. Too strong on not distraught all straws lies matter. And we're talking about they are fifteen some people want to destroy their guns. You know wolf we're gonna talk about that in a little more we come back this is Michael Cargill and you. I'm listening to come and talk. And I guess. I'm Lamar he'll come it's so yeah. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael Cargill. Thanks so we're back we're talking win. When dumbed down and she's young lady that had an air fifteen. And she wanted to dish throw it. And sold. We're gonna we've brought into the studio because you know Donna picked up his air fifteen lol what basically what happened is. James I'm gonna bring James into the conversation he's on line one James wanted to conversation you're James a different in my we actually served in the military together. Backe head wilders was afforded lip. It's. That's correct aren't served in the united permanent corporate taxes. Threat okay so and so James you know. And domino or friends. And James decides to build his AR fifteen you know he got the low receiver and you tellem James. Well first I'd like to thank everyone there aren't that excruciating. Being available from which I'm about to specify that we are still. I don't know I didn't know enough about and so ought. Oh well on the radio. So locked and Adam I get an urge to do something a little crazy and and then and I have great respect for. Domino she's an argument being should apology that we. And number conversations and allowed me to sort of staked this might be an opportunity to. To bring up firearms. As an Al and I thought you know what. I'm gonna build something beautiful the complete works. Something amazing that shoots a that looks great and could be an Ireland treasure. I'm gonna give it to her and see what happens. And then what happened what happened was I started thinking about what guns are present. In America as as a Texan and as an American and here Texan I'm a Texan native Texan. And I've traveled the world and the first thing I hear from people is. Oh you already verses in Texas in the second thing I was here is guns guns it's all about guns being from Texas being at being an American. And IA. I'm not a gun person having gone around you start thinking about what they meant to our country and what they represented. As much as what you'll how to school. It said. It's a tool but it's a tool that murders people so as a part kills hammered yes Ed but I don't oppose abortion yes yes exactly. And but I just felt that it I would rather spend my time and energy. Doing something that helps society and I don't think guns at all help society and it's an ST it's only destructive tools cars are destructive tools as well how did you get to DC gonna glass and destroy your vehicle no not at all why it kills more people than the guns that is true that is to arm but it also gets me places and I'm very very careful. I won't hurt anyone or myself. But with a weapon I feel like the there's no point to it so many people who. You wield guns wheeled and Ford. Out of fear or out of he treated are out of you know it's represents something to so many different people. And I didn't want that around me Lee should. And need a minute to. What I feel right now into words my first question is James can you be my for me. And. Well I'd get. Where you're coming from certainly not you know there's some other folks on the FaceBook chat making similar offers and I'm always open it to meeting new an interest in equal bit. I don't know that. They really want to go through it again and be interviewed and met in your friend mark. At the bit and made it what reality in my mind. Neighbors I thank you are my first question for her at the gas in the studio today is. Grenade attacks and you said you're an American and proud. I have been more proud the American now that I've traveled. Absolutely okay great so you've re as an America only exists. Because. Sure yes I in the and you you'd realize that. Firearms allowed society to function the way that it functions it keeps the bad people in place and they try to attack the good people. It helps me feel more comfortable when I walked on the issue helps me feel comfortable the trees seven year old female analyst 300 miles way from any person who truly gives a crap. Being safe and living on my own knowing that night AR fifteen. That would never schori. Sleeps by my bed and my shock and is behind the door I'm in nine millimeters in my car it means that I will never be a statistic. I will never be a victim. That's an empowering feeling that his wife fire mr. heat here. It's so that. I may live in liberty and I mile and freedom for protection from the government if it comes to that in any when he tried to infringe upon my individual right. I do acknowledge that and I'm glad you feel safe as we all should. Not I nine I wasn't a destroying my gun or am I didn't destroy it but I wasn't pushing for the world to register their guns. This was a personal decision a personal moral decision and a very very intense for me. Shell has anything happened and I love that this is like. Grow longer conversation right now has to meet Kimberly to paint a little differently than I think that some of the males. Can't. Is his. Braylon fragile and god we can't protect as I just. I was definitely sarcasm. So has anything happened in your past regarding firearms and has made you feel uncomfortable. And you thought maybe expecting this get could help you overcome that and that's what you're excited and you're like no no. Can't UA. You know did you have exposure to fire arms before just get that. You know maybe made it leave a bad taste in your mouth not necessarily. Specific personal experience with guns and is an and in this guy now my experience with guns has largely been watching American society progress and watching like that fear and steed my end. Obsession with guns American society and made it really seems hazardous to me it seems unwell. That has been my experience I but I love weapons personally I love weapons I collect like weird weapons I I love times I love. Sorensen they enhancement and like love weapons in general. But and I thought I might confinement like a gun I really thought that it might be just the same but it was not at all so. I view firearms as aide tool and from the country trying to finish you know I used weapons to kill animals can consume as nourishment. I'm also have been in my life to protect myself that belonged. So in my opinion it by Aaron is eight tool is a tool for for many reasons as as a gun bayonet you know as the lord. And I have some of those Q and fair phase of my life. And sleep. So so what makes a firearms so evil and it's sword or even a kitchen knife to matter are UK friend is confident ha. It would have been statements love Donald sit I had to get rid of McDonald's didn't dispel only waver in their daughter on the show is if we keep having Max on Donald gonna show up. Hi Max out. A unifier but. Yeah. So the question was quiet what makes it gun feel different and it wet they I think the easiest thing I can think of is. The amount of people it can kill a gun can kill so many people so much faster and I've gone can allows that trigger finger to really means someone else's depth. When someone can get angry wielding a knife and cause a wound but it won't be nearly so moral to so many as a gun you have. Never see me in the car. You're I have. Didn't hear them hide it Google and you never see me in a highly recommend or I heard of by and and acquire. Good good genes linked to chime in here for a second. Well for the record I've amount ever writing which in my catalog. Now. And Illinois State. Ultimately is that this as we're touching a part of reside at this as well was too. Give her the opportunity to experience. To make that decision consultancy you feel about and okay what about the way I would have been set deceit machine destroyed Pettitte and chuck Campbell. Ultimately are very strongly and polite to destroy it because it is her property shorts. Even though and where avidly pro gun. It ain't mine terse. We we and we talked about wouldn't. Like the pros and cons of me destroying mess and I found a great website and return an AR fifteen specifically into farming implements it and be really beautiful and a wonderful used for the metal on Jesus like it was a beautiful gun and I thought at even cooler thing would be hit give it to an artist in dismantling its with like permanently dismantled but. Turned into an art piece I thought I would be really cool so the corner I know I know I know. But that's that's what I like I saw the beauty of this thing he had treated and I seeded beauty of its parts and I CD beauty of what the camera present. Bite the hazard of it is like is like putting a drunk driver on the street I felt it feels so dangerous just to intentionally keep. It in the world but with due respect to my friend IE giving back to them instead of discerning eye giving back to the artists. The hazard of it can look. Can you expand on that. You know it doesn't work and leg issue. Who load the magazine you entered the magazine into the fire army turn out this safety point the fire and active thing you take your point your finger you put it in the trigger are put it on the trigger. And then you pool but there's a lot of things leading up. To this hazard quote and quote. Doing the thing that it was designed to do yes it did in. I mean. He mentioned James mentioned that it is something he wanted to pass down in generations that he created this gun. In it it this guy will exist after. This gun will exist after him this and will exist after all of our generations and I can't guarantee. I can guarantee that maybe I keep it safe because I would literally Tbilisi for never use it I can guarantee that James will keep it safe because he's a very responsible garner. But I can't picture that back on the obesity next generation the generation that I can't guarantee that somebody won't get their hands on the sweat and and slaughter people I can't guarantee and that terrifies me to know that I have the power to maybe. He zones like that generation away by taking this gun out of operation. That's something I wanted to do it that's how I went to contribute to society and our lake knows that this could be hurting. What Martin panel this is where I kind of agree water. I don't agree necessarily with Spain's atmosphere that you can't fault the logic if this is that big a deal. She's not forcing this on anybody else she's not saying that all farms in the nation should be distort you are saying that it's rare that teams should be you know. Demilitarized zone exposed that he'd ever seen the proper way to chop one up according to UPS. This is her choice for her property and and hurt stance. This is how she feels and should best be done. Eisenhower and I quite good chip and what size and torched in autumn. Are too excited about AR fifteen to talk about whether to destroy it or not destroyed. We're talking about something as deep inside of us you know and some things are some people actually about battling this demon. And we're trying to get to the bottom of this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. Yellowstone was judge Terrence is. Okay Muslims from what's called Q. Welcome back to its pocket. And now here's Michael Cargill I'm so when talking hot air fifteen of the who is trying to. You know you. He gets the point where you just don't once again anymore. Here's what you deal. Just got money into the guys don't just give it to me I hold on I'll take care for I'm always available to anyone who think on the don't want it. He finally got it home you know it is it was it's a failed never passed the way you came across this firearm. Brilliance of the ghosts or will take good care of that sector play. A real good here. He like his name. And they will say like IA I mean I can respects. I racist. I can respect the sentiment that when you no longer own a firearm. You're worried about whose hands it could fall into Quentin will open. Ideally the idea of an heirloom that it would be your descendants and fuel. I guess you're assuming that you're descendants are going to be scrutiny because of the all the straws and right now humble illusion. I mean I can respect that and again like pirates aren't for everyone we talk focus on the show before and you need to built feel comfortable and confident around a firearm or you're not gonna be safe. In cell and it is a really awesome date that your friend and for you glad that you donated it chili dip art piece adding it would have been cool for you to keep that. The art piece in general kind of have that on your long and it could be you know like. This really existential piece about the violence of firearms and then the beauty of nature I don't know this isn't my Forte as you can how. I'm not real earthy but. An honest in honesty and I'm glad you you you gave it back he didn't destroyed me an end just likely she said dens and our freedom and I'm one the first people to admit that. You know there's some people out there they just you know should not own a firearm at all. And so it is good use you realize that hey this is not for me this is something that I don't want in my home. And there's nothing wrong with that you know that's your choice that's your right. So I am you know we we are chipper I'm giving you a hard time. But error I really appreciate that you know you acknowledge the fact that this is not for me and not everyone knew not everyone does it mean some people decide to do something bad with. And you know do something bad to themselves or do something to someone else. You leave Saudi you know hey this is not for me this is not something I believe in this is not something I want part of my life. So I'm choosing to you know give it back we'll get rid. And that's that's a good decision and he sanctum and thank you are saying. And our country is happened. Asking me think who and help each other. That out it would probably a different outcome of Max. Re done. But I James Louisiana. There's an art not art. It's. Yet Max drinks. Oh and Hamburg it and we cannot. How battle over a fight after the so so. James what do you do with any. Well I'm a man my word Michael. And one of guns that your return was that it never be our job so it is a or any thing it will not kill so. I it will lobby and and our political and try so you'd have note here for me folks there are plenty of tools available in the rest or. Hit rarely end of perhaps. He just sort of a touch stone for great stories and memories wonderful friend. You know. I'm not certain organs and in the slightest. So it it has. In a way fulfill what I hoped for but it sort of not how I expected to an examiner. Has become something to treasure. But it's mine to treasure now when I never expected to be. You know and then you need to be careful those knitting needles. Because. You know looking at you know what if you Google eyed girls that I heard her right Biden didn't you an idea and bears some freaky there's a person that actually. This dude he was accused of reaping torturing and killing his mom with a knitting needle. From democratic and yet. Another lady was found strangled to death. With the knitting needle Il's. You know in Iraq. And so there it of these all the stories you know the needle so there's so many different ways that people can still on the. Eyes so I brought an inning in and it knowing that it was double play needles which look in. Very intense they're they're probably that they so intense looking and I was gonna say and I was concerned at first time. Serious if you would be concerned because that that also seems like a team of people who owned weapons that yells he. Danger in so many things around you when I'm when embryonic isn't James Bond stuff right now yes and I named after James Bond canisters and sack sack yet they never known an of I might not at all knitting knitting just glance would you say James. It does mean that I can't make your knitting needles for Christmas this year. I would love knitting needles please that the great gift they're more dangerous less Flynn had to give gifts to our liberal friends those of you wouldn't knitting needles not gotten. Hi again and again yesterday here at central affront not. No firearm. In it isn't as the sources that but let's legislate James. A lot of I'd make about a subject he wants it he's wearing steel in private earnings are the sick out. I'd be news. Or what are you looking to build me something that is straws. Yeah what can you deal Miata straws like they have something really big with a lot of straws. Well give up beer and determine your butt ugly guys and I'll let it is right now. Outlawed some their really big with a lot of straws and I want it to be a firearm. I'll crap out credit o'clock o'clock. A Glock but a Glock. Draw gosh I do a stroke or on that would be awesome I would love to build a strong again. Earlier record people please don't do that she not only do they handle it. You do this at home with you tell it's. Not my idea might edit you do at Hologic kids you see that you build strong against. You can get the plans from Kathy Wilson's web and we can down the science and August the first yeah. What did. Our thing. I don't know I don't know I think straws of the way to get the end after the. I wanna say that the majority of the show today has Dennis that tired. At least regarding the straw congress because people that are like better against straws are as site ago. They're little they need to be you know. In any Medicaid. Because we knew gets the point when you're threatening someone because they say they're not gonna get rid of their strong you have some serious issues. Anyone dispute that yeah. Yeah. All of us we only have a certain amount of apps that give accurate. When he's in a quarter to have. It's. On turning years draws. It's a battery in getting airtime now let's talk about them literally anything else at high and then what are what are. The city of Boston people are saying hey let's change the name let's get rid of Austin. Change that name because it's racist. Even kids you yes exactly. They wanna change the name of Austin and I'm so sick of this you know this this thing. These are the things that made this country what we are to date this is what brought us to this point when you get to applaud your start in racing things we're gonna get rid of Robert. In your bonus change. The foundation of this country and how we got to where we work. This is why we're so great now you because of our past and were recovered from in the fact that we eve ball. Even possibly as a as the father of taxes if we change our capital from Austin and me that at that change in our history they wanted to get less lasting. It. Yes you limit the Leslie unity Leslie they crossed what was college. He's got the car again I'm that would that have. Yet I and I know go Cargill and duke argue it's I like the idea. Changing the world says the scope of American who we appreciate and history it's not a recent history it's just changing it's it's it's addressing the people who did work in different ways and not just. Celebrating white men in history but celebrating a lot of other people. I think what I see in which we acknowledged those bad things in history because they view forget those things you'd put your ballot to repeat that run and so let's put that knowledge in them they're there. You do not gonna get rid of it all of your military bases are named after confederate generals. Every military basis being that the confederate general there's nothing we can do with that you know is it's it's always gonna be there so remember that history your member of that so we don't go back and repeated. That's just me. You know the economic impact that that would have on Austin and it's already in debt. Every single business have any change their address they went and changed to re. You want confusion. Because all of the international airport. That would literally affect the world. Because people client from all over the world to the Austin international import is as insane as our history he's the other Texas. I just I mean. We can't change every single street we should just until letters and numbers now we need him any day. The same thing. IA I like the idea of respecting people and history of more than more than just went in and history. But no that's that's excessive don't change things up. Find find other battles to fight Straus and about the fight. Good good service you know good idea but don't don't and a Canadian and execute yeah thanks to the. This is why domino and I have can still be friends despite such wildly different politics and ideologies. Do you can absolutely target. Functional and pragmatic vs wade what. I couldn't. They're literally membrane is really tagged in the studio the unicorn. I. You know we we do have some in their civility on ratio you know we can agree to disagree and you know. With a lot of different things and you know we this is true civility here this is something that people around this city needs that learn. Because if there's a serious problem with people just upset when people aren't. You're not gonna do a Republican I Jordan never gonna dated Democrat. On to my dead body that's ridiculous we need to agree to disagree on certain issues and move on and be so with each other. And. We don't need a word com and our. In more ways than one some people just need to cut this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. He's been in much the way you listen I'm involved radio. And. Welcome back to common socket at me and now here's my car again. No leaks. And I have to please read. It's my happy place because I can bring you Gary's whatever wanna hit I who carries new Denzel won here. That's my happy place. Me. One little. Thing they carries many on this reduces levees and Larry you've been warned. If there. I'm gonna start putting straws and your holster a whole political. At a network at eight all right so so domino let me ask you this that you know with a pink pistols and things of that nature of the poll shooting. Yeah because you catcher AR fifteen after the poll sheeting as it that. You know was that a deciding factor on whether or not to get again and known a lot of people after the polls sheeting. That would LG BTQ three decided team you know and take of firearms. Yes that was not my response. I won a party and dance club and IE if there is a woman with me who. Had a gun on her I wouldn't feel safer and I wouldn't and we wanna dance with him. Let me tell me you can do answered date another female that carried a gun. That is not something that attracts me to a woman now she you know she's gonna protect you to keep you safe I protect myself. Really there to help each other but she's not there to protect me no man who is there to protect me and so is there is their problem with Herbie wanted to protect yourself. No she can live her own life and I may be I wouldn't. So you what does she she kept it a secret you know of this a secret from you knew and you didn't know until. You know a week two weeks three weeks two months three months since the relationship that she cheered again. We talk about it because we lesbians mentally you talk. You think that yes yes looking better really I know a lot of people that come into my story keep guns there it's a secret between you know. Away from their spouse on the invention ever be seeking not safer is a secret certainly I know people that paid cash to buy guns because they don't their spouse of trying to. You'd be surprised they're. The conversation it's an ex ahold of the conversation could eat the gun until he conversations are. Good James. Cashed in our guns sort of lie about how much it actually cost me. Exactly a lot of men do a lot of people do that they will lie about either how much blows or the fact they even have one I add I've had people come into the store. Because their spouse made them sell their guns so they sold it to us and then we'll come back a week or two weeks later. In the end with cash buy back win their spouse was out of town and stuck it back into the house. Yes I agree Mimi is when I die I hope my wife doesn't sell my guns for what I told Europe it. Yeah yeah. Look at. And and I'm telling you now she will because I. How did you catch is that it was ten dollars. An out take. That's sounds like at. Hunting trend of then why healthy communication in relationships by your customers and that's unfortunate it's this is just the fact you know just facts. It has been adamant in Austin don't communicate. Oh c'mon let's go beat up. Yeah. They'll beat up the. I am the last in Atlanta woman with a liberal Democrat as Canada China must hear me and chime in. Only an unlimited money game going on through. Our liberal man than anything happen that's right it's not happening and as high rated your guns right. He felt quite good and comfortable and as it is doing and I'll forehands and I mean how does it. Yet you're female strong you know a strong female has strong female need debate amount. I drunk female who's been an idol is as doesn't have a problem defending herself you know cares of firearms comes across a man and you know. But she's dating and he has a problem with it. And with their questionnaire. That's and that the statement comes you know Heidi how does that feel. Well I do not care this is my life is in my firearms is in my values is in my beliefs. You can hop on the bus because it's a fun ride I am and cast. Lawyer I just stop in new meaning that the vehicle. Donald you hear that it. As your color guard rated. Nell I mean it's fine he. Mean think about it the most is the fact that he is apologizing and he's a all the time I thought those are stereotypes. And acts and originality. Amp -- you know until we will not at all. Typical of the and he's that was the right outside my move the the. Oh note. And so I Donald says that he's out of the closet when he comes to caring guns in that John says I don't tell my wife what I spin on guns and she doesn't tell me what she spins on needing. As a little bit. Of course he is or she's going to be right. That's a two way street there yeah I have a similar habitat litmus test is whether women. Pet my cats are non OK and yes. They'd like McCants and let me tell yet if you meet a man what cat vacate. I didn't even immediately yeah. And not telling you had your dollar and why is that the students it's there and hopefully it. You. Please it's better than that lesion. And why it was a man with a cat is a problem and then the dog yet named the cat and questionable why. Here's experience at a fair when I get in trouble he's. That's what it could hurt out there is crazy cat man you know I need to know about this. Was that do you agree with the statement. And and I'm sorry James go ahead. You know own Olympic ideal I'm allergic to cats get the leaders thugs and I am a leader and two cats. Yeah three dogs three girls. People's. Emails. Hardcore. It is meaning that's why he doesn't even need and he has enough that's right hook you girls elected him my girls who thought they protect me like daddy when he won SD day. She'll dig his heels could. Yes yes excited about it Taylor that my girls than those materials there Lebanon dad. So I kept it Zach. Is your problem with a man on in the cat. I don't think so my neighbors have a few cat. Actually. If you wanna make their way to my doorstep anyway they'll holster for their animal you're gonna holster info like your dog your cat. Hear you again. My Adidas right. On my shoulders and a manager docked at any but his head out of line and has but on the other end it is how we live our life he's like a little scarf. In the car that's as there is. And so Sean says a man with a cat just isn't right you agree with him. And tell you I only is asking me Donaldson is. Learn to liberals. I can hear you sneezing from here down pat how is that what is the capital last week Donald did you just haven't yet did you break out or something. And Jennifer says yes stay away from me in with cats. The I bits and you can park. This isn't serious problem and I intend and he and the bigger the cat and I definitely let's play. And you know. Even it is like now my cat I think when they have a bunch of kit that pictures of kids tonight though the Chinese say about that album leave you deal out there and be excited untended. If for an out Afghans and allowed that seemed to graduate again and not yet humble now bubble and on tender all their bibles and Austin. Right now while listeners know they're based in Austin if there their offices and Austin. Yet but some haters yeah I government ability Edmonton and they're like hey for every. Thousands like today are donating. Money to Planned Parenthood no leg side. Whale. It Obama. Why gate and a night and it. My leg I would much rather let a bright and I wanted to be finding it rather than the government. As I do you think that they do some good things that. Like I don't know I think now that Jennifer says abortion in mice cats and she is an issue with you gonna have a caller today is nice Jennifer are you and we need to know about this Jennifer and what makes you feel uncomfortable about that sums going on cancer we ears and union plumber aren't here at the browns are firmer grip on loved. The bigger ones far and would say James. All of that being a member of the country kid and I'm allergic as the Dickens to cats but what about your apps like barn cats and barn cats they serve the purpose. Please say hey cutie cutie and and pet. And no word and you are we're. And who like novel at their cats in itself is it's just it's. And I know that I makings many people angry right out. And I did the majority leader or I truth right now no luck for your statement without the thing. Zach. Street straight male that would be so quiet day we think about me and owning pets. Actually grew up with a cat when around four years old got it the students over to have. And all of this cat is left with mean every now a you can't that's different like a grown man who lives alone with a cat wagging you just get a dancer as the as the cool with whoever Angel would go about -- thing during the day and bring back squirrels without there. And some leaders or bring it just as this. This. This gift to me. I felt so honored. Cat around on and bringing dead animal carcasses factory there and federal and and. So you guys are out about the loss than a while you know you ditch big big drop in mill nowhere as low as yet figured that that you begin begin. Did you guys will eat Eagles out he'll get the food for you come back from the beats faster there. Jamie we don't need guns in cats. I'm there. Now can I didn't know all right habitation. And oh that's well actually yeah my analytic about the only good can they can't think here's again. So James what you wanna say and party. Get like thirty. Well. It won't make that aren't aren't traditional to bear want to thank them I appreciate the most and it and I have a couple of things I'd like to outwit one. I would like to thank unique dash AR dot com on the bill. I don't know that any of you have ever seen photos of what we're talking about. But it's it is a unique piece and they were instrumental in. Not only making it. Perfect but very personal sin domino as a gift and of course what hurt and on the action missions or not. But I also wanted to thank domino for coming on judicial building including the weekend. It'll be so wildly different in ideology that as people we can still and civilly and still be friends when all the. Defend and it and domino. I would like to say that I do appreciate my different genes firm. Always being good communicators and continuing to prove that people with very different ideologies like he said can get lung and thriving society I think of that world. We he. Have talked about during a podcast you and I think we our relationship is there an awesome friendship. That is on the market will she be able to do in America. And right next week we're gonna look at haven't RW arms inside the studio talked about talked to us about what they're doing what they're working on. Is always more guns. Equals less crime blundered by yourself well done. Even listed common talking. With Michael cargo.