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Sunday, July 8th
Come And Talk It for July 8.

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It's time for comment socket with your host Michael Carr guilt. Brought to you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army and has achieved national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine Fox Business news CNN money. AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael. Our deal good day. Austin, Texas is the live music capital of the world Liz praise the lord and pass the ammunition. All right so today we're gonna talk about gun dynamics. In crowd funding what's all that about you know I don't know done dynamics is so we're gonna. I got to educate myself you know on that today and then also we're gonna discuss Texas. Should Texas leave the United States. If we do what are the consequences. We bring goalless Afghan. We think Julia. We got a consequences for Texas if we leave and then what about the rest of the US EU remains are gonna ask him those are questions. What if he covers all that stuff in his book. We think she would leave she Texas just you know she would just separate ourselves in the United States to stick a toys and go home California's. I California San Quentin a decision anything three different states. What are me. As for the three different states or its northern California which is disliking the hippie northern areas San Francisco down to Los Angeles there's gonna be like the southern area that might be the part that votes red belt in California with our flag would have 52 stars that kind of socks. We think election we leave we think. By you know Michael sing is obviously great crash mind. I decided to stick around in a trash you have digital Bob bricks it I did I don't Muslim list of about Texas I'd vote for breaks it but Texas odds are ST. Bounce lookup demanded receipts that these. In manner because I'm a Smart person Michael this icy. The item where rates and a rarity here and it's I did I but I am a Smart guy. Fact is that one and how much money that some uncle confuse you the actress Margot. How much money does Texas receive from the US government this is how much money does it pay the Scotland but I've got a suspicion. You conservatives will be shocked that we as he gave received more than we give our award which means if that's true then the only way to maintain it was in that would go would be glad to increase taxes. Lou and then you would like that Michael movies and in order for this the war surcharge on guns being man may be increased to increase sales tax increase thanks property tax on guns. Made like fifty you would look bad Nagano. On this Ali was excellent I live in Michael all of a living Texas for a reason I wanna see your business taking care where it would get an expensive cars they would exit. We would not pay federal income tax that's right he got to pay some kind of tax. Might literally by the way and make it very clear Texas is not anti tax state that is amiss Sonoma it is not like cheap tax on that is California now it's knowledge that it knew who California but Texas is not cheap because the property tax people forget how much you paying property tax and it was like hello who have. You play now you do into franchised fast a franchise even if you leave him against accounting. In as some of the scanner is outside you pay a lot if you on a place and it's reflected of course in the cost if you rent so which anyway and if we separate IP even more of course sex. Of course coma and that you bricks it. It is the difference breaks as it's uncommon oh give you don't cut would you wanna. Lucky Texas stolen Texas dollar yet yet then a guy and I'd I'd like that would be cool around Andrea I started like that I Texas don't. We you'll face someone on the one adult film tape in Abu. Who knows socket a may be on the hundred dollar bill name like I'm feeling something they got a series of actively deadly tennis is at. Is how much money do we get from the United States government this is what we can I guarantee you this morning here. All right so. Let's go to against we have Larry look pot he's on with that guy dynamics dot com and Larry is gonna tell us about what. Is gunned dynamics Larry welcome to come talk to sir. Are great to be here at a standstill right what is gone and Alex. Done dynamics. Is that deeper. Gun focused crowd funding platform in the world. To where gun technologies can be promoted just like anything else sound like a kick starter or indeed go to. OK well now tell me what is crowds. Crowd funding is in this revolution in pursuing the American dream where if you have an idea. You can shoot a video telling the story about what the idea it'd. Put it on a crowd on the platform apps in per how much money you need to make either you. May approach I paper takes something that exist as a prototype and make their product. And you raced 203040. 100000 dollars in pre orders on that product. So instead of having to find one rich person who's going to invest you just get all the little people. Members. Exactly so all of a sudden anyone who's pursuing the American dream to hand. Just side skirt all the you know the big companies and walking around with there have their hands and just put it out there to the masses that the masses like hit. They get to supplied them with the product. All right so now tell me about we got dynamics what is that that's a particular firearm right. Or is it a technology. It is actually the crowd funding platform itself okay it's called gun dynamics Uganda and Aerostar common what happened is we made this. Innovative adjustable trigger earth in 1911 and done you and we got very excited we put you know almost 200000 dollars in developing it if we're gonna do kick starter campaign and you know we're gonna sell 5000 of these things in that battle of the board has that ability to make the 5000 well. It starter doesn't take any gun related crop. So what can he go go out of it in and related products so before we do overlay. You know someone doesn't offer gun inventors at a place to go in the crown Sunday spate. It's just another way that they can choke hold the industry and compromise so I look at our partners and I. Kinda had that Second Amendment American dream moment said. But spilled but make crowd but he platform just Kirk on. Then they expect come. Okay may and that's OK how can I think I think I could get this Nam okay so. Now. Tell me a little about more about this 1911 because I was actually feeling that map I'm feeling something down below there's an adjustable triggered isn't. Yeah usually windy yet you're 1911 comes with what he called the launcher. And yet the smaller and get to go to transmit them. But a small trigger or a medium trigger and what the asking 1911 trigger a lousy news. Put the trigger and want you can go from small extra large I just turning a little X key. As you can actually be in the triggered art so I can put so my wife's got a smaller and an ideal whenever I buy in new. 1911 Chico's ballistic how do I shoot it well up and it almost makes it like now where even buying the aren't many and now I'm go to the range and I can shoot it at an extra long length. And I can adjust it down to short and my wife didn't enjoy that 45 chasers actually brought it close together. What made but America. Max you don't like that idea that the dumping illegal husband wife. I'm and it isn't he isn't hers whatever floats your boat yeah very touchy about paying down thorough maybe for him whatever I can get that you have I don't know I told you go on the good shot Michael family issues together so they get hit ice I I I totally agree with you now. One I so we're talking to Larry look potter he's thought about gun dynamics dot com we're talking about crowd funding for firearms draw also got to talk to Daniel Miller. He's got to tell us about. To exit should Texas leave the United States this is Michael Cargill and you. Are listening to come and talk. They didn't take place. But our menus are my car now on London time. Welcome back. Now here's Michael. And we're gonna talk would. But talk a little trailer park he's (%expletive) gun dynamics. Don dynamics dot com we're also gonna talk about crowd funding. The firearms. And he's you know once again. Larry tell us what is crowd funding. Crowd bunting either way to where you can. If your product make it campaign around it and have people actually buy and you. To develop the technology. Has a certain web site for this. It's gun dynamic track still on your site we get it she said that it helped to raise money to do whatever I want with duds. Well you'd have to go through a vetting process right now we're working with the people we've only been out a little or two months now OK and it amazingly it over forty campaign there were going to be putting out. On the side in the next. Probably month and a half. It's yet to candidly yet to see things like two or three times to meet in last argued. So now lower now I'm standing. Right okay all right cool so now let's get back into this that gun dynamics in this talk about this 1911 that the particular product here. So what does my dilemma do again. Because I'm I'm cal like in this and I think it does something where the the the trigger goes one direction or that there at the bottom portion of the gun goes one direction in the slide goes a another gun hasn't had a. No that's that that's another that's a company called Serb attack apple do you split. Eight. Semiautomatic handgun technology that the same idea actually that fire. Just send dirty talking are we talking Guinness. Okay yeah another Israel gun in weight which he were coming I really got all are they eight. Don't you need it don't either but that brings job par or put the circuit came up with with the split who either are cutting out. Mono slide into that would slide which actually describe his delete and edit energy so what exactly does it deal. The split slide wait wait wait when you. Fire that circus. Or the reverse lights start moving forward and there is any locking mechanism. That actually been transferred into the course up front right forward. So when that front slide moves forward it takes a lot of the kinetic energy to eat eland recoil among acquire a little instead of instead IT. Every other firearm where the slide the top portion goes back. You talked in the portion let your hand is on eagles' four. Half goes back in crap goes sports usually the travel. On a semiautomatic weapon a little over an inch. OK so hold on to describe mr. our listeners who listed on the radio so we talking about. We talked about the the slide the top portion of the heat again it actions sport in your. Yeah advocate actually Oprah and creates the church in court. Action OK SO at a wild landslide that just goes back the front half goes forward in the back test goes backward and then. That creates an opening to reject the spent around. In the first I believe you know me and I add to that you know that is awesome. And what's cool about it it will not like your run of the frame although Larry Helen we we we have so we got to some argument here request. Yeah that's right I heard a million deathly. Ahead comes at an overtime game I'm right now but that column that comment about it and its options I mean had to design Allianz. Have to be does the way he does. He's talked about the slide a bit of a firearm the back portion cools back in the that the front portion goes forward it just opens up and reject port in the bullet just each ex convict. I have a lot of comments. An appropriate for. A leg and it's. Oh look wild about it is that when the front I hit the the front of the brain to actually bring the barrel right back down on target automatically. Now he and he tested this out army. I bet there are I fired at it like cheating America that the mini about it. It's lightweight. They eat the slides are made out of aluminum. There you have your first firearm word that slider Lou and I'm not Il he and that takes a lot of the weight off but it's. Wait at all or panel. Some kind of nine millimeter and a full frame full frame that. And this is is this a 9011 lord says smaller frame. It's it's comparable in it in proportion in nineteen allowed yet actually been banter was inspired by an art you know that you'll struggle quote very. Maintain. And so what do summed up front yes indictments. We have. A variety of products that are coming down the pipeline including a new. They are upper neck as new. Where remote control technology OK where on split that it thermal control to. A lot of issues with they are especially military actions are very hot yes and there are there the the battle starts that the which which actually. Compromises actor. Gentlemen that didn't that impact it's. Technology. Which actually. Loose big gap has been such a way to control the herbal. You know the heat signature the barrel to where. This is a military product here because a lot of years years you know when he comes in military gets changeup the barrels like their farm in sixty or something like that. And so this is its use this as a breakthrough here. Well it's also happening with EM for anyone as well I mean part of it around that you know that but they swapped out that a 100000. And one day forward because the variety issues and more more than that thermal characteristics of a barrel in heavy combat. And and because when you're in an awful lot of people know this when yours you your fire and they are rifle or something like that the barrel gets really hot. And so that's why a lot of people just switch to a different gun. Or. You know change the Berra. In the garage and are inadequate accuracy apparel start getting wobble yes. In it there's a new T Nicholas he can look at we connect GC. The the portions of the firearm that she gets really hot turns red. Yes so kind of when they're actually videos are they sure are going to complete you know catastrophic failure I many around military to melt the barrack did. Well it's on video library top or to go up and then what does she yet. We have a but we have a new another think coming down the pipeline there's a new cryptic. Front grip the AAR is seeing that has been ergonomically designed to optimize your accuracy. What your firearm. They it'll sort of science behind it. To where. You know they on the optimum and petition. For you to operate in their fifteen platform you can really cool. They haven't advanced version which also has all sorts controls your. Targeting this and your lights it you're doing tactical military tactical and I believe. One of the top American army snipers it's been using testing the chronicle over a thousand ground love that allow. Look at that kind of interest and so that's going more for military swap all of those applications are going you know in that direction that we have. Just. Bastion variety of stuff coming down the pipeline at the gentleman who's got a multi caliber handgun for testing where. You can do nine and ten millimeter. In the same handgun. Well. We battle sort of Rico world and a reduction spring. A night and night vision thing on your iPhone Ole. Okay that's only about that. It literally put your iPhone out in year. In the year aren't cheap any kind of firing platform and be able to do nice shot. Oh well it's crazy that at that you know so it's it basically via IMAP. And it goes into your own menus are on they infrared it it's pretty greatly. Nice yet has there ever hope there's a little out a little device that we used. In to teach a beginners what we can look at our. The slap on the phone and it will tell you what that person is actually doing wrong and so I kind of like that is good training to. Yeah that is and that and in the prep to step is you know this gentleman who wants to raise money to build the ultimate range in Manhattan. I mean that this is still open that it's actually been quite inspiring. Just the range of what is going on in and nurse spots you've gotten such a short amount of time Lancelot or we. But we have to make sure all war that's the thing I don't wanna put anything up it's gonna make people feel like they've been ripped off. Nice guys do anything with like would when he comes in the crowd funding and in businesses actually you know starting startups. Or will stores in and helping gun stores with like and the credit card processing or anything like that. We've had calls about that that we are sharing the people that you know our credit card sources were with people that having achieved in the past. Yes sort currently so we we'd like to be vertically integrated so if you know country at least Ian he'd shops. Legal firm can do intellectual property. Web site development. Design marketing all black and the it's been fun and billion far. Am presuming we need talk I crap funny crypto currency. Talk about that offline. Well we do yeah we do we do have someone offered to do that or would you know only delegate so much in line all right and now. And I think that will be very popular Nelson. That's yeah I mean era before I'm a you know we're actually looking for someone anyone out there and all that they're starting their current with the the banquet up the dock for the. Yeah because and we deathly need that because a gun stores and a lot of heart you know a lot of problems I've. You know even I had you know problems like every five years I have some type of issue. With the critic our processors something like that you know we need all the sudden lose heart. Changed their mind they don't wanna do business with a gun store. Waving it you know the guild firearms are ill or the bank or something like that so we actually have those issues so we can and you know we need to have our own. Yeah we need to circle the wagons that that that's as we have bobbled and then and we really realized that you know we're a hundred million strong. And we need it just kind of create our own community within a community because there are together. Yes you know I'm I'm up in Connecticut I'm a little red guys that are very blue city. Oh yeah we are and get all those all those manufacturers out of Connecticut. Out of Massachusetts and bring them down the Texas. Well there there have been well there are a lot to their South Carolina. North Carolina Alabama at that and come down to the south. We love that it. I love you glad that I I love going China convert it blunt I'm until it their perspective on. Firearms in the most of the people yeah it means they lose a loved it. Well they don't know about it there are livid and a double. They're living in the bubble they think the world just all hunky dory and it's what they see when they go to you know their country club in the post they know it. We live in a dangerous plates work. Very fortunate to live the way we live. We're talking indicted dynamics talk about gun dynamics dot com talked about crowd funding next we're gonna talk about Tex it should Texas leave the United States this is Michael Cargill and you. Our listing to come talk. It doesn't Intel. And I'm here I'm gun knows. What it's come and help you. Welcome back to examine socket. And now here's Michael Cargill. Strength yeah when Larry he's talking about gun dynamics. We're talking crowd funding. And little later we're gonna talk about taxes. Tex it kind of like bricks it should Texas leave the United States. Before we get to that. So Larry. We got and they are we any our parts we have a nice grip. We were talking about you know maybe crypto currency. We're talking about. You know. We need to help the little guy out you know I think any platforms out there that god dammit that comes working on Apple's small gun stores. Yes we're getting are quite appalled by Michael on how we can open and a gun stored Q8 campaign and on dynamics and we're actually working out what the terms and how that would be right now. In real time. Mean we're not an actor I'm going negotiations were not only can store the people who wanna set up ranges he. Well I mean I mean it is eat you don't really the scope until you're you know eat into the temperature shingle out. All right and that's a hard thing because if you want to you open up a got a range here in an Austin. You can't you know you you're gonna have to really fight with the city because there's no. It's just the way the the way it's it's all outlined media you can't do any firing at all in Austin city limits at all so yeah because he's been in a county which can't be NC. Well I went to a beautiful arranged called the range. Yeah out there as a great range but yeah I was nowhere near the banner town. Yet that the weight that waiting to make that work is the parking lot is in the city of Boston but the building is in the county. I've studied it that worked. And Mary and it's at a bad period seat as it it's unfortunately. At a meeting had some one down. You bring to some vehicles and aches and in Latvia by arms out outside as the ones vehicles. It's not an agreed part of town either so that's that that's certain you know building stuff on the outskirts like that. Yeah we we we knew we needed it sets up a variety of of people calling in and asking you know and we raise money for this can't we raise money that. So yeah what you were trying to boot hate everyone the best we can there. They're people we can't we do we try to find the may be private investors are also building that aspect of the business as well you know people are like cater. You know those are good idea where maybe someone just needs some capital. And in exchange for some equity. But. Michael if we weren't doing that I don't know where these people would be going right. And and Matt. What's really great about this is we're meeting a lot of people just like the you know we have the trigger you and there'll just like thanks for giving it to place to. Be able to pursue our American dream. It's pretty cool like Elin are expecting it yet but it's pretty straight off them. XP have all these different ideas and he's don't have the funding for it so what you say major platform your website you know they can actually they're people that ruled. Give money so people can actually come with these new products. And and it's both for personal enhancement I'd say of the forty years. Six of them are totally focused on helping. The military. Has small arms technology you know and so. It would militarily always they're always behind me always it it takes penalty for every this switch to a new firearm. You know it had the ER platform for ever you know they have got a good evening hills you know gonna to make it better you know it it's. It's accelerant and long time to get the switched. Yeah and now they're having a real issue because in Afghanistan and the Lotta reports are coming back at the end for anyone it's. Becoming more and more an effective against Chinese and Russian body armor and we're getting out arranged by their firearms they're bringing to the that Serbia. To the field. He. Alone and you're dead and read up on that it's going to go read it read up on the military wants to swap out by I think they're wanted to go by like 20/20 two. I mean mr. Chico who literally call to arms. It's getting that we see this week Steve. I think they're gonna would have in your life you organizes get his mind it that you hit the nail on the head I mean. They can go full circle I was fortunate enough to be part of demand modular and gun. Campaign that swapped out the Beretta M 93. Or any sick I was I was actually at the meeting that it any. Arsenal now and it was. Syria it would give the okay all right so so Larry tell us how we find you online social media. Go to gun dynamics Dhaka. Worked under and Eric dot com and we have a gun dynamics LLC is there in grand OK and land we're out there you know. Doing live fire then sin learning new technology pretty much seven days a week. OK so please help us out with you have an idea or thought. You know please join our mailing lists. Just it's a great revolution more than a revolution and we just need to push back you know I've had enough. I was in thing I'd be doing this even six months ago but once they see how they're going against the industry and you know our constitutional right to that. We had east and get better back to the exit. And we talked crowd funny to look at you know supporting the little guy the little guy helping out the little guy. Pretty much that's. I hit EE eight economic that there might Michael but. Man you know you get a little guys together will be it will. More exactly absolutely that's how you do it. All right so gunned dynamics dot com and thank you Larry really appreciate you coming on a day in and educating us on crowd funding for firearms and tell us about gun dynamics. Because I had no idea when I know. And you know I'm actually excited I'm looking for two and some crypto currency. Software's aren't coming down that there. We've still arbitrarily cards are they he had a wonderful rescue weekend. You're to take care parent so let them what's what's in the knees. What's out there was happening in the world. They rescued. Sin team in Thailand. Well there's still is still on those are little risky for a thing for the. Yeah what about the guy in that in San Antonio that out smashed the make America great again hat off the the one guys in there he was arrested I think today yesterday and this weekend Nielsen fired him from his job markets are limited part time bartender and the carriers they cancel his in a golf when you daisy shut that down here it actually seemed to be protests like in favor of him in the streets that says that it happened you know. If you ads and I guy in Connecticut who got attacked by. Three juvenile laws. A police officer was a little sauce. Had to deal kindly ask you I don't know his gang and kinetic kitten he got attacked by these theory. Juvenile C and he stabbed one of them in self defense. All. Hail and eighteen months. Whom yeah OK okay that's a different and that's the one where he was working at the restaurant or whatever it wasn't fast food joint. And then the attacked him and and he went out he left stabbing in many say hey you should live that are runaway he should run away you know you what you have and how to get out. They're just turn your back and runaway Oklahoma unfortunately eat you got to know the different state laws that you're in when it come see the use of force in daily forced the rules of engagement. So here in a different state united Texas you know here in Connecticut sort nets and wolves at Connecticut Massachusetts zest of forget everything you learn about Texas right there so you know there's a way out in some station to dig their way out you don't have the stand your ground law like we do a state of Texas. So you can't stand your ground you know someone's you know trying to kill you did you know do a lot of things you give a right to be bear. They don't have to stand your ground law like we do here in Texas a deafening learn those laws when you're traveling in other states when it comes to use of force against force this guy got a year and a half cents footwork and adding. It's terrible attorney closes the public defender Eddie again. What specifically I mean I'm kind of out of the loop on that one like what specifically happened like he was is attacked at night like month by some guys in is that correct he was at his workplace restaurant or something like that that Dunkin' Donuts OK and so they keen in and it's something I'm shares started beating him up while it is working in aside and until they attacked him yeah any end of stabbing one yeah with like Alabama -- side and he ran outside stab arm and the leg. And so he got convicted of felony via. What did he can make them seem in London. Will be their charges. Says nothing about them in paper got a parade in the war. At a. What is going on out there. I'd so next we're gonna have that Daniel Millard. Daniel as the president of Texas nationalist movement. He's also the author of Texas. Tech's it that's it how and why Texas should leave the union. So let's bring to the Mike Daniel Miller annual welcome to come it's officer. Good afternoon outstanding Daniel. I'd sold what is all this about dangle you know should Texas leave the United States we're gonna take our toys and go home I you know. He always a divide and conquer what are we talking about here. That would have really ever the book so I can see I don't want to record voter run out of the LaMont faced with a lot of factory and facts about how much we were. Into the union he already left the scenery and he's eased up his car he's read it right now and speed lower rate now at a five. All figures portable them. And and when two honestly I've been advocating for this war it'll be twenty teeters on August. And over the years without talked to thousands of Texans. What I have found is that Texans are just absolutely sick and are living under a 180000 pages of federal laws rules and regulations administered by two democratically elected bureaucrats and I actually believe that the best people to govern Texas. Our actions and the only way that we're going to be able to accomplish that is outside the context. Of the federal political and economic union. All right so. So you're saying we should just leave. Is it is it daddy. I'm. Doubting that you know people talk about it in these terms almost like it's an abortion and a little it's a big deal and spent groups. It has but I mean it bears. I think you're at this. This sort of misunderstanding. Okay. Where there are a lot of he. People up your feel that x.s and in all the other states are just some amalgamated spot that is centrally plan the government. Out of Washington DC. But yet a lot of those same people also believe in the word founders and framers of the constitution. And in that was not their vision for what the union says majora Harry. You're in your members of the pro second. You know the prolonged gun community equal the constitution and the Second Amendment. Absolutely. You know the right to keep and bear arms as safe is safe fundamental ride and end if you would go out of whole sections of warmer on some of the issues. The drive their support for Texas becoming an independent nation one of the things you're going to find this. The big constant in excessive federal encroachment. On the right keep and bear arms are among the whole a whole host of other issues. So we're talk or Daniel Miller is a president of Texas nationalist movement he's also the author of exit. How and why Texas should leave the union. So we come back we're gonna get into this a little more because I need to know one of the irreparable consequences of making such a big decision. This is Michael Cargill and you are listing to come and talk. Peace is much in the way you listen cost involved radio. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere you all know pretty old dot com how. Check your phone's App Store or visit to a thirteen seventy dot com slash Al. Welcome back to come and talk and now here's Michael's idea I went shopping one day you'll military. He's the president of Texas nationalist movement he also the author of tech six. How when why Texas should leave the union. So you know Daniel we gotta put you on the hot seat now because you know I'm one of those people you know I got happily chess don't play checkers. You know make one move here and then see what my opponent's gonna do complaining. Twenty moves down the road I'm playing this game now so how is gonna play what are some irreparable consequences of us doing this house is gonna happen how are we gonna leave. Is governor added. Will he be the governor and actually make this happen. Okay that would a lot of questions and yeah Lindsay and so yeah absolute you know in check little unglued the we're gonna look at what proposals okay it work outlook. Here's here's the bottom line you don't know where this ends up is is pretty much what everyone Saul. Which Scotland in with you Kate you know there's going to be aware there's got to be a referendum on the in this immunized is a weird I believe that we're not to win the UJ. But come to life. But what we're talking about years of reference for the people taxes look this is about a mother maniac. Situation where we have to go ask for permission absolutely I agree constitute the cut. Prostitution is is abundantly clear in the camp amendment does in power. Not given to the federal government was out with state and your taxes. In our quick doctor we have article one section to you that just flat out science. That that people have an all time the and a reasonable right to Alter reform or abolished you're able government such matter today. Make it expedient I agree it up detectives and and how that can handle that so but we're gonna wanna get a referendum because of article one section there. So I got to that point would be idea of we don't lock the borders down we're gonna have our own you know. Old passports whatever has has gonna happen. Well it is heating up look around it what every other self respect and self governing independent nation state yeah they govern themselves without the external influence of the Vito. Someone else so if you look around the world using what independent self governing nation states that's what Texas will do because we have the ability to do. If we wanna have on currency we do that if we wanna Torre. We trade on our rules and when our agreements if we want to secure our border. In a manner that works or are we do bad if we want to establish our immigration policy in the way that we want to we have the power to do that's what the beauty of self government yet. Now we also have some people that are still political prisoners here from the republic of Texas standoff. We didn't solve that yet. Well there're there're a lot of issues in I'm very clear about this when I talk to people. About this issue and yes. Is that Texas. Exes the coming in independent nation. Is not a solution is which and the problem but what it does is it provides us an opportunity to solve those problems. That we cannot solve in the context of the union and I'll give you good example won't go back to the conversation that you guys have a moment ago okay. Which is best. On average Texans who plays anywhere from a hundred to 460 billion dollars a year into the year. Right now you can you don't you don't look at some of those other studies over the years would I love the lump in federal pension benefit payments. In and you know things of that nature of Cuba's number but the fact of the matter is is that across every measure were actually would be on the hook post exit. We overpaid. A significant amount. Now imagine for a moment if all the money that straight into the federal government and end all of the money that's paid in the statement actually stayed here including the money that we will. What kind of tax relief could we give our citizens you know what what what challenges that we face here effective that we can address according are well worries you that's just me the opportunity that we're talking about here OK and then I'll be utopia. So let's talk about this what what does it what will that deed to our neighbors you know what would happen let's just say for an example of complain devil's advocate here. What would happen if California decided that they were gonna do the exact same thing in Texas stayed we stay or a war. What we are with the United States and California left what would happen to the United States in California left the union. What looked you know not given the California specific issues were visible in the meadow all the issues specific a little illness I probably a lot of beat. Which your I left Seattle even like statement yielding just follow Los you know for Lackey. But here's the point I've long been an advocate. And it's one of the reasons our protection in the way an idea I've been an advocate that all states. Regardless of we're but he was probably what spectrum. Should reexamine their relationship of in the context of unity. You know you've got. And in addition effective you've got anywhere from twelve to fifteen other states that over pay on an annual basis in the the federal union. But beyond that you've got a lot of grievances detection have their shared among the states regardless of their political like. Okay I'm in and I can't you want in I did that but let's for example what let's how they'll look at the political spectrum if California left the United States were talking. How is that gonna affect the president. The bill hasn't affect the house and the senate. Journalists is say California. Has an earthquake and falls into the ocean. And all there are 56. Electoral votes in sync with that. So now that means the entire country. Lol guaranteed to have a Republican in office today ever election. And so it's a great thing to California falls off that's where to go on with that but now let's let's turn the tables a little bit okay let's say Texas does that Texas Louisiana State. You know yeah great for Texas. But how's it gonna affect our Brothers and sisters that live in another state. Housing and affecting United States. I think the United States hold on hold on. Well it affected our house again affected around Maria 36 like a 36 wells will be gone gone so then we're talking the United States will gearing week Texas will guarantee. That United States will have a Democrat in in the White House. For ever. And then now they can do whatever he want to decide you know what we're gonna grab Texas ranked back. Now fast forward work maybe Tony years in the minutes of the socialist utopia I'm just eight and m.s are gaining United States those are the master plan doubles advocate or playing chess here. As there is I don't think a socialist utopia is it possible thing they can realistically has really government kills everyone we sat there in their appear to you. Rather it's like Darren Venezuela yes I got a so so so all those people that don't like President Obama you're guaranteed to have Obama in office for the United States shall Obama next Michelle forever. And it can get I think that the point of that conversation at tech that is not what it does the United States that what it does protects as it does for hours got to thank beyond. The near where it is Iraq able consequences you do that it's gonna come back and bite us in the book I'm. It's gonna cup what's going this blue country United States that's always says that will turn into some progressive. Unstick a college party my nightmare won't happen at the Democrats where they control everything forever. Just think about. Well Libya part of it anymore that would we not. We've put it right here still are not go to still in the same content it's gonna Democrats in the empower an hour and a half firearms aren't coming sure can take tags anywhere on that same continent. Yeah. It will affect the thinking Communist candidate you'll only get along just fine. We think Max. About taxes and general and I think it's a cool idea but I just I don't I'm guessing that maybe it's just a way to connect communicate and are wrong and also point Laura you know my goal in the wrong direction if taxes leaves -- California -- it be great -- California last that would mean that then all of a sudden I mean either way you are probably zero balance the political system our problems assault yet but if Texas goes our whole country's gonna become like. A slot walk. You know progressive. Night heritage. A couple of years because you're gonna travel and other you're gonna have to leave Texas eventually build you a busy year low ones and others in in the United States yeah Uga Uga and this. Either because no one ever travel between countries right right apparently traveling between countries in trading between countries apparently never happened with that every day but once a little lipstick is still out there what one of the what would take it doesn't matter look no one million legal border crossings between the United States and Mexico every single all of your date. Utilizing only eight word transit car right yeah no fly in and out of the plate every single basically. You know if it's if it's a bit they're this mistaken idea that somehow. If tech who leads the union that it will be a special case that would be treated like North Korea it would look the other channel three to North Korea right took. No no country independence self governing country if it isolated in the in the snap at people wanna think about it I mean you have to begin to make about it. What part was just sent a moment ago. Look it if the United States want is that the remaining states don't wanna reexamine their relationship post exit with the federal government and they're perfectly fine would be governed by. Two and a half million elected bureaucrats. That there what do what happens happens exit will be available. For those people that want could not live here anymore and experience what 88 remark it and they decided to police the property will public debate. But at the end of today. What is the most likely scenario yes. That's textured effect that goes to a vote on this issue and we began to publicly and openly debate. The issues that are part of this matter. That have led to 54% of Republicans about half of independence of thirty proper and the Democrats here in practice saying they support lately he has yet. When those issues become publicly debated you're going to see people in other states much like much like what happened with the Euro skeptic movement. During the election the way. You're going to see people we're gonna ask those questions about reevaluating. Their states' relationship. You're forgetting about that are short you forget about the liberal utopia that we just created and sold now all week you know what we have a liberal president because Texas left. And they're controlling everything Anderson you know what we're not gonna play with you Texas we're gonna make you. Well you understand we we don't yes and that that beautiful park ex is becomes its own independent self governing nation state. The pleasant United States Obama our president. That congress is no longer our congress we have our own bank and. And we would be one of if I understand it correctly we would be one of the largest nation states with one adapt. Best economies. In the world still even though we're not the United States. So it hears and got a oil we have reports. We have said today personally and they begin growing eating that we needed. You know it's already in their Republican Party platform that one start using industrialized hemp which is cheaper and more efficient and cotton. Usually that. China and all of those and country that receipt and Gannett tray with access. Now I'm not buying that at all in OK right. That was an aria and a net exporter I mean we do business around the world problem that we have as is that we're over regulated but federal government. 100 there was a study that talked about in the book. That was done at that Merck K that senator George Mason university of it studied in the economic facts. A federal over regulation on the State's first and foremost taxes. Was was that the receiving it and we we would have brought in a disproportionate. Way to the federal regulations I saw that what they showed one hole. Thought Daniel Miller rhetorically Daniel Miller is the president of Texas nationalist movement he's also the author of Tex it how when why Texas should leave the unit. Union are calling number is 512643. Lives that's 5126435483. Texans. Colleen and talked to me. This is coming talk. People on the war. Pocket what Michael. We. It's incumbent socket and now here's Michael get this it's around. The last strength. And the year about the leak comes. How did evacuate their concerts in the. I had everything in every you know it every down in an account output to light and it was wonderful. We got to stay in the backyard and do there as typical ever. I had to talk boy Daniel Miller he's the president of Texas nationalist movement he's also the author of Texas how and why Texas should leave the union. Now Daniel got a question for you. All right so. Leash and ask that question to your talk about military bases. Yes so Deen you all I buy your look at their public imparted Texas convention they just started at some really excited to have you on the aired today I made two logistical questions forty. The first plane is. I was always under the assumption that at the end of the civil war Texas made an agreement with the United States say that they couldn't. Or what it says seed so I don't know the details on that. And I also read somewhere that if Texas ever did secede because of the number of military bases that we have here in Texas. The united states military obviously. We would essentially be the most occupied foreign entities. In the world's. And Howell how does that work out logistically if we do step away from the US. Okay. On the look we'll take a 41. Because and the spokeswoman news is always. Pretty dog gone interesting. In it might affect you likely get these answers in the book. Here's here's what here's what we'll bouncy what we're talking about issues related to. First and foremost. You know what happened then in the nineteenth century related to the civil war. There there's one principle which employ in ideas. Whatever agreement Texas had to make war readmission. There are a lot of your red flag about the problem is that this space never actually left according to the federal government's case. And it would have to be no gear piece of readmission so there's that. All but beyond that one of the principles of employee here as future legislatures. Are not bound by actually previous legislatures not the worst. That can be changed in any and so very active of the legislature. All routing and referendum on this issue. Would negate any previous legislative action that would nor. They that they sit talking about military bases I had a talk pretty extensively about that in the book about how. Potentially that could be handled and what the most likely scenario yes. You know that the one thing that we have to remember is that even those x.'s would not be apart of the payroll and and the federal political and economic union. We're still gonna sheer mutual defense can sharks mean there are there's going to continue to be overlap like we have with other regional player. But that's the thing it is that we don't have to be a political economic union to share those concerns in the deal on those particular issues. NATO as a good example. Plant in Germany the UK are members of NATO but no one suggests that they after the state of the United States so you know put him to be able to defend one another and and engage in these mutual spent. I think was surely we really look at it more innocents of you know North Korea South Korea Cuba Guantanamo Bay. Yeah I mean I think. You know when you get down to the require actual actually excel that the best the best thing for us to do is look at say what's happened in the last seven years I mean a lot of people like what this is. Something new and fresh but. You know there have been much more intricately woven bodies that have left other intricately woven bodies are in order larger unions. Over the last seven years and at the end of World War II 54 feet out countries around the world that he had reached introduce 193. Those people been able to figure out. How to how to untangle these things and in live with one another and NB plans with the one and ordered to spend one of the other trade of one another. Without without a whole lot of difficulty. Not to say that there won't be some issues that are gonna have to be negotiated out of a get well let's face it if Indonesia. Seconds especially. Boats to lead the unions are going to have to be some serious discussions on the other end of that vote. About how to handle those issues. But you know when it comes to the defense issues think of the best for a bit and people fail overlook is the opportunity that we're going to have. The set I would national security awards. Because let's face it the the national security priorities of an independent self governing nations say the practice. Are not always going to completely overlap. We get the national defense and national security policies of the United States. Indefinitely there will be differences in methodology. Okay so let's look at this you know I'm gonna jump on your side here for a second because. And confused as to why you're so anti tax I'm not here say I am not anti taxes and I can't throw the United States you know I love my country and I act disk. I don't love the United States are served twelve is the united states army. And I love the National Anthem I love everything about this country in and I know the history of this country will we've come from. And so I'm all about put it together in keeping it together because I know that I have failed remembers that and other states and I'm gonna have to visit. Dole's family members and those other states. And I know what happens if we do you do this what are going to be the somebody irreparable consequences you must do that how that's gonna pick then and who's gonna take charge of being controlled once weep all our electoral votes. From the United States. Is there. So you know but I want a jumping your side here here here I'm on your side. And that is the majority of people that are in the military. Majority of them are Texans. Instilled that's gonna take away from the US military. Because they're gonna have you know I'm I'm assuming they're gonna come home. Yeah well although the stat what the stat is you know pit exit is about it active duty service Texans comprise about one out of every six. Military personnel. However. I'd you've got eight people wore number. Where terrorism and veterans that live here exit so. That advocate the secret they're sort of skew the numbers little bin Laden and people -- leave it there. That a majority of Texans and it's not necessarily cakes but. Again you know there is an outside in the book the examples. Where there are actually some places where they're citizens are allowed to to join united states military without being United States and the other I go through and in the book at act quote chapter and verse. Ron Kirk federal wall about non citizens when in the united states military. But there's nothing saying again that Texas. And race up governing independent nation state doesn't agree to a mutual defense pact that would allow. The united states military to the prizes to be comprised of a Texas citizens from a again and in the and it's self governing. Texas. And been engaging in mutual match you know taxes already had somewhat of a backbone of the military enhancement of the scale structural ones so. I believe in the long term an independent exit wanna watch out its own military. But we can't ignore the fact that we do sheer common defense concerns would be what would be the rest of the United States. All right it's Daphne says what about Texans are adapting I hear yet. And Susan says the thirteen colonies only signed on because they would remain sovereign. That's current you know one of we wanted to thank the carbon in the book it would probably equal footing Auckland and I use that in. Sort of a smack down of the best bet that states are forbidden from leaving the union and in the equal footing doctor and it says that. That it didn't say come into the meeting comes man on equal footing as the rest of the states just like the original or paint. So one of the things that that you realize it is when you look in the constitution there is no prohibition against state. Leaving the union this is just doesn't exist as a matter fact is that our list of things as they took a minute on doing. Leaving it about one of them so. You but what you find is that. Somebody original stage New York being the chief example in their ratification convention where the constitution. In the ratification. Explicitly. Reserved the right to withdraw from the union they were troubled that it was not mentioned. And they're war they X or actually reserve that right in the ratification of the constitution. So because their that. That provision was accepted. From new York and into other states. It became a potentially an unspoken part of a contract in addition to the fact that you really just absent from the constitution which means it's expended all. There's not a right it's exclusive detect any state connection. Aren't already escaped. In some input here. Well I I was like the idea of localization. Government and I'm government Harrison. And I do like this is enticing there's actually a plank in the Libertarian Party texas'. A platform that states we would support an independent Texas. For that for that exact reason of localize and everything. Yet it would I think. Via an incredibly beneficial owner of great thing to do and I would be in subordinate. If we can do it I would stay here in Texas. You know that immigrants here now. A lot of here and let me here in Austin especially in. You know wasn't born here for consumers have a Texans and I would definitely you know stay here for if that happened. We think. I think it's good for taxes. For the US you're basically handing. United States. Through the left. The socialism. Through whatever. Days. That are that are whim. Is. The moment. And that's gonna come back and bite Texas a little. Believe what kind of agreement we used it earlier I guess I'm kind of picture attic for the United States and that was important raise taxes. For the last three years ago. I kind of policy solutions sort of everyone entire country. Her since like we hate you go back. And whether or not how things have been and things have kind of changed over California and Texas have been the team most populous states in the US and they both. Overall the have been fairly different systems that they've both done pretty well economically. Both existing kind of in the sale people are dying. Bullet yet done and changes to this point is Texas has been able to survive and I just know what's gonna happen if this happens it will be votes every two years and have us join the US again. Every single Texas like Supreme Court justice in person that works in DC I guess would have to leave because they're now part of a different country. Just all the complications that would happen I just can't foresee it happening the way things are right now yeah. I think a total disaster. Pollution. Patent. I mean idol is again McCain set off there I've always remained his eyes the idea you know Texas secession god bless Texas you know born and raised. Mood around a little bit of my dad in the military lived in Germany. Lived in Arizona. Aren't her act so what are we Damian Miller president of the Texas nationals movement also talking about his book Tex it. How and why Texas should leave the union this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. Say that they don't know. Parts. Coming off its list like this part here. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere on the radio dot com now. And and. Welcome back to come in socket and now here's Michael Cardoza. Learning we're talking Daniel Miller talking about Texas. Should Texas sixty students who need. You know it'd end. Honestly my honest opinion about it I think Texas will be great text would do fine on our own. But you know just like. Just like you said it would be bad for the rest of country but we're gonna be fine this is Texas Texas who exactly we're gonna be awesome but my question to Daniel is. As goes Texas. You know will someone else leave it it started chain reaction. Yeah I mean I believe it I believe it can have an inevitable. That states will leave the union but look I want to address something that that we were talking about prior to the glory. Because I don't I don't want this ago. Without some further examination and especially. To communicate my point of view on us. Michael has six children there were were the Brady Bunch. And in what I look at taxes not just as a golden opportunity we're work children and in. Experience for you know men and have you know economic opportunities. I look at it from the standpoint. What the federal government is doing right now. You know and where we're mad as of this week we believe the missile let's be honest. The federal system has not been lurching. Toward constitutional as a and lit liberty mindedness so closely price that's not where it's been it's been going the opposite direction incrementally but it's been happening. So I looked down the road at the future of classic children. And I have to wait her future 11 trillion dollars of fiscal child abuse called the national debt or this this crushing weight. A federal regulation that that relegate household income to one expo what it should be. For a look at how the federal government as a tool of the lab has been systematically stripping the freedom of speech freedom of religion like he could bear arms. It's only the other line. It I have to choose between providing an opportunity for my children who live Uri. Or making sure that someone else in the other states doesn't get England's Robert because we left. My children are going to win 100%. Of the time. It and that's how I feel about taxes. Right. You know if if the United States of America wants to being attacked and it in take up residence at the bottom of the North Atlantic. So that is my responsibility and responsibility of it was tax and to do what appears live. Who who believes in and constitutional Republican leaders about our future generation. It's incumbent upon us to make excellent place to each hit a lifeboat while backpacking addict. Well or hit the bottom of the North Atlantic. So that's where I'm coming from that's where my passion is in this. Because at some point in the future I'm going to have to look at my picture over on want to have to explain to them. Either how we made text of an independent nation and while he did it or how we failed to protect their future ramadi on hearing. Bureaucracy. Two and a half million of elected in Washington DC that only wanna use them as human apple. He. When I agree with you wanted to be sent you're you're spot on the spot on right there. We think mean we should just shut the showdown wrecked it it wouldn't you should run for office. You know I their outlook okay here's your spotters spot on spot on you know because we're. Texas is gonna be great this is Texas the lone star state. Texas will be great but all the rest of the US is gonna have a lot more than their feelings are. When we leave. They're going to their right well you have to weigh. That when we want. Don't look at what Michael said the look at what Michael act right after the break and it is what what what happened with other sides. And process before. When we begin to have this debate in in a very public fashion over Texas leaving the union. Other states are going to start asking the exact same questions about their relationship with the federal government. You know that the stat that I would equality before the heartbreak at the hour. Was that that you know that's got to promote had a sinner that show a bit in the absence right. When the study was released average median household income is 2000 or year and there's got to sit in the absence of the federal over regulation. Median household income would have been 340000. Dollars. Wolf that's not a step that exclusive of taxes that last edwards' day. We're watching the federal government wobble of the State's black so it taxes is that almost a second it won't matter. What matters is that other states who want to begin accidents. This question you want to reexamine their relationship within the federal union and then decided that we don't have something better on the other side of the house. But instead of an. Acting as if Robinson subservient to a federal bureaucracy. Just a bit on the other side of yes we don't wind up with better situations in in virtually every state. By negotiating with one another on an equal playing field is self governing independent nation states. We don't want your own out of it and there are subtle way. Would be great for Texas there's no doubt about that. Aren't which definitely should. You that's silent the most unpatriotic peers and ever. And knocked Zimbabwe out after the speech he just gave them get rid played a man. I mean I I love my country Amy I've been involved in politics for years you know quite a fight to get great people elected. But the work that we're putting into it as are all here involved in politics in one form or another but the word that we're putting into play. Where where are still being crushed by the federal Brock Kristi and I'm not OK with. And so if Texas leading is how we preserve our rights and our liberties and our freedoms. In personally am please don't take that the wrong way. It's not my problem what happens of their arrests the United States because we're not part of it. Aren't limited pet protect how are states. Is there intelligent which is questionable as opposed. And they see what happens when you stop living under the shadow of big government and maybe they will take the initiative to change it around. Obviously. Watching that Texas has been the strongest strongest economies in the country right now they're in they're not learning they're still pushing towards a socialist big government agenda. And it may be it's gonna take a bitter pill of Texas leaving and then getting actually getting what they're asking for to learn OK maybe I was wrong about best. I'm not unpatriotic I love America. But if parents are being infringed on at our liberties and our freedoms vs theirs I am now. Writes let me ask you this so lets lets think about Texas and how that's gonna affect Texas you know also can we divide Texas up into. Five different states. And how do we divide that up how's that gonna affect you know how we gonna split at you know Houston Austin Dallas. El Paso. Well I mean I don't kidding I don't know why that. Well I don't know why he won I mean I know the people suggested that they see it in the joint resolution penetration about X about a unit by states that. You know let let's let's stop and that's something that you make it economic California's governor they've got a valid issue coming up with a moment and talk about dividing and Marie. You've had multiple states should engage in war I call people stay movement Colorado New York study them in there have been plenty of others. That it looked at doing this essentially separating. The conservatives in liberals and they and there are interstates. But there's there's some reforming them the last time a politician suggested that exit should divide itself up. This committee work who remember were not several x.s in the state. Which have very different meaning epic a lot of people understand but but the bottom line is the last politician he's actually suggest that such as invoke that law of the joint resolution and a pleasure. Was pretty much laughed out politics. So you know there's there's little stomach your perfect used to divide into five separate states within the United States. Although Texas may decide post exit to. Ship though Howard Allen handled representation. In it senate. You know that that would probably be an interesting discussion Abbott who really is notation would among the populace actually. I don't take one quick call let's go to line one. All this talk about secession we don't need to do that. That we're gonna have someone intent on 9% call on October. Just because she's the forefront it and educating people on the constitution and nullification. Well we have to do is is actually Irish of our rights that are the constitution to not usual vacation. And keep the feds out of our state. Educator sure. And educate our state politicians. Put the constitution really hasn't school for much. All right Jay thank you very much from us at a time appreciate that call that a Jake. I Daniel what's response of that. Well I think if you're normally out and I actually did this in my first book. The most efficient and peaceful means of securing. The lack of Texans in in you late Texas really hurting your tribe of self government up against not a picture their position. They either find out that that. Exit. Back a much better in those remarks on the efficiency issue you know if you look at the altercation. That about every single federal law. That that we have seen it unconstitutional. And think about what that no application process would be paid about how long it would take for each one. And then begin to understand. What kind of battle you're dealing with so you know we will win Obama would whereas the net. Greg Abbott sued the federal government sixty watts times. You know it if you wanna start going down that road and looking at what nullification and in your position looked like just go examine the AG's tenure there and Edgar in the Obama administration you'll understand. At the end of the day why it does not war. At the end of the day the best thing for us all the ones actually one where it's at approximately forty an independent state in the perpetuity of the union depends on the right. Of local self government on appear Allstate's idea you totally free and independent self governing republic and how can we find your book. I didn't try to fit and about Barnes & Noble or you can check it out by its quest dot com. All right and thank you day you know he's the president of Texas nationalist movement he's also the author of tech sick how and why Texas should leave the union you decide. We discussed that we broken down now's a year she we'd leave. We Tex it. When do we state. As always Mort guns equals less crime. What buy yourself a guard. You've listed common talking. With Michael cart.