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Sunday, August 19th
Come And Talk It for August 19.

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It's time for comment socket with your host Michael car deal. Brought to you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army and as the chief national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine Fox Business news CNN money. AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics. And now here's Michael Cargill. Good day eat our student sex it is loud music around the world. You know. It is a beautiful day out there today. You nailed it clouds are clearing nice bright side in the we can see downtown Austin in you know what. The Austin's the what does it they'll stone you it is no longer the tallest building in the sky line for the city of Boston. They're doing a building is is that what is called well that's I don't know it's when I call it looks like that JW but apparently they've broken ground on one it's going to be even taller than that of the king of building a highlight a year and a half I guess she needed Palestinians really. How do you feel this. I think there was an article in the states I really this past week. And it's in the hometown so that these guys at fifth and browsers I think so yeah that's hazard I act agitated Lou they're moving out there lieutenant. They're closing in on us that that is crew re easy. Wow that is wild okay. At well where is scheduled to have the and I'm Austin police officer I'm tarred Dallas police officer. That expose a tell us about what's going on in Dallas. I was still trying to get in touch with him we'll see who can deal on the next break. Because apparently there's some stuff going on in Dallas. You know and Dallas. The police officers and Dallas are really upset because their pension is in its endanger the leader. It's there's a problem with them possibly losing their pension because all the officers that have been there for years are now retiree. And you options that come in all of us officers that are still there today. May not have a pension. And at times to retire so there's a problem there also. We have Nelson Linder ease the head of the NAACP. For the city of ought wolf for Austin, Texas area. And so he's gonna talk to us about what's going on because apparently. You know there's discrimination concerns amid the city equity office so we'd find out what's going on with the C edit office we find out what's going on with the city Austin. And what's happening there and also I like the kind of bridge his gap between the gun community in India look in double ACP and the black community. And also. Camp is scary that's right that case went before the forget what the court was but case what fort the appeal and guess what. Well it's uphill campus here is till the state because it the judge found that the people that that brought that case. Didn't have a dog in that fight. Campus here is to the state there's no reason why. License holders should be able to carry a handgun on a college campus according to the way to legislature is leading a lot. To talk about that in more. We got a lot to talk about but you know what. Nelson Linder. In Delhi CP sir welcome to come to talk been burned through her to be here absolutely sure in nine. In you know we go back and forth you know we'd get upset with each other we yell and scream at each other but you know what I cattle like T bridged that gap. You now want to you see what we can do to work together because. You know I go back to like the eighteen hundreds you know I've talked to my great great grandparents I've talked to my great. Our grandfather. Before he died and he laid a lot of things outs and mean and said you know if he always cheered again in so. You know I act I want to make sure that you know in my on the right track in my doing the right thing you might lose in the eyes of the prize. Because what I've found that you know listen to my my ancestors. Is that. The reason we have gun control is because. You have a group of people that decided that they do not want free slaves have access to firearms. And so I decided you know what I'm gonna follow the status quo. I'm Michael lists of one dictate what I can all like it when I can half are responsible citizen. I'm an outstanding says there's no reason why I can own a firearm. And there's a reason why law enforcement. Can't treat me like the man did I can't. Who can responsibly handle firearms. So I decided you know what I'm gonna teach other people. Including other black people how to carry a firearm wanna teach him how to you what are some of the laws is so they know. You know what they need to do when it comes security gut. And so that's what I did. And I wanted to change that narrative a little bit. I wanna be that person that's on the knees don't beat it statistics don't wanna be that person that you know that you see that's being arrested. So I don't wanna index stuff I want to make sure that hey you know what we can do this we can do this right there's a reason why the black community. African Americans or whatever you wanna call us you know are able to all the firearm and B you productive citizens in this society. In so that's why I want to bring I Nelson Linder on the shoulder talk about. You know what's going on with the city of Boston we have justification that's going on this is crazy and it's just madness. Where we have. You dared. Are a number of blacks that are leaving the city of Boston in droves. What's happening. And no no one seems to care you know we're losing Austin Austin is losing his sheep is losing its you know what it what it wants will lose I'm wired every. I don't know. Still later we're go just. It first opened here a little history on. But in 2000 audition piece photos and quality of American quality of life. We were addressing discrepancies in education economics employment housing byte did and said look. We're moving will focus on also living in front of folks have been evicted let's addressed in terms of policy and on. It was 2000 pot this is 200810. Well or nothing has happened. And displacement has continued. So the mayor came out within college tuition task force or racism. There you'll rarely know finish it. And did nothing. So we have these conversations. And yet but both have been pushed out. They can make them on the money opportunities but we're doing nothing to address also wants through a closer look jumped to policy look at reality when you and it is not that complicated. Both these Jonathan Martin and opportunities. Like before counter and besides that. They'll allow racism discrimination actually home. Between. Fulfilled and powder and and of Merck employees we need to address to us shall we came down to respond to a pro scarf is still look. That's just to complain to your this portion despite people you've done nothing about the talk about it that's what was solutions that socialist or. Right so we have Nelson Linder here he's gonna talk to us about what's going on with the NAACP. And what's going on with the C Boston gonna talk about bridging that gap. Between the black community in begun community because there's a huge gap the year. You know whenever you see these protests are these you know. Activist movements where are you have a lot of people downtown. And saying you know what we have the Second Amendment we have secular rights why do why not see a large you know group a black. Americans at these events. And I think that is a problem. So we'd talk about that bridge that gap even talk about Morgan talked about the Dallas Police Department talk about police officers around the state of Texas who are standing down. They're standing down because you know what. You have. Leadership in different cities that are not taken care about police departments that police officers. And so they're not enforce the law this is Michael Cargill and few are listening to come and talk. This is Britney grain and I let us that he is from my. Michael Hart I'm coming off. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere on the radio dot com now. Welcome back to come in socket and now here's Michael target. Liz raised the. And then this and that's what I'm talking about. Right so we have at Nelson Linder ease the NAACP. Shearer president. President of the indelibly seem. That's impressive eighteen years without Austin he's the NAACP president. Oscar. And so we have been in the Indy. In the studio but before we get back to mr. Linder. Let's go to nick nick is nick are you with the Dallas Police Department or are you retired. Not all current or a case of nick is active officers in an almost hesitant to have active officers on the shell. Because I don't want to get in trouble you know I love my police officers I don't want you getting in any type of trouble where you get fired or something like that so. How Amaechi careful we don't you know put she didn't endanger. All monogamous I'm very grateful for that but what I'm doing and doing the collateral dual mandate and look toward which was staying alert and stay and that. You know my talking points so very controversial because. You know acted cops generally don't speak but again when news mobile that you feel will you'll just be certain that you gonna do what. He portrait do. Iso nick tell me what is happening in Dallas because you'll hear our Austin, Texas where in the capital. You have to governor listen give the lieutenant governor your people and all those little offices that are right now listening to yield. What do you wanna tell them that's happy because they don't know what's going on in Dallas so you know there are a lot of people here to don't know also tell us from the beginning what is happening in doubts. While let me in our leases sitting but let me say in August of two that is seventy outlook for the Dallas City Council. And I say. You'll have a viable policing function and oust X. I think that to. They were losing he has lived and they understand that despite. Little later or how little it is short we have no I human appreciable gang unit I'm in possession of hundreds of cold sheets or hurt the entry. All expired no units available. So you can cold and say you're watching someone be beaten or you you just watched someone robbed at knife point and went back comic. Absolutely. Not coming. So let me translate that for people that are listing so you're telling me that when I called 911. And I'm asking for an officer to come assist me because I'm being assaulted. You're saying that. No officers are available. That's that's entirely correct that bottom line yes. Why's that. Well in there I want to qualify my response. Like this is. You brought Max is the city manager the scenario that I'm describing played out in two coal washing chick. Wonder he scared her there at city manager. What what they're dueling news we have to tax dollars in place a great first responders in Dallas Texas. Don't forms are largely being diverted. And so peripheral projects and ensure deals at he expense of the public. Now watch me hit aero won't quarrel or at least the yacht narrative coming out of Dallas police office properties that everything still cult site. And that it outright lie. Now my question to you or anyone else that has waited this is it cop yes iMac in the lead and I haven't eaten that called on the carpet at the coast Marin there it is is totally our little coup. Especially minority yearly it would help us stay getting. Jack should not have an MP. Gang warfare prostitution all sorts. And people are becoming aware I'm getting cold now because I Spokane on Rick rock which or WP eight feet. I'm getting calls from people that actually additional put right tools and then what I do show it show that they did Larry say that. They'd been placed a poll by the mayor and the city manager. Wow. OK so don't make sure I have this right now so you're saying that DC manager of the mayor denied doing their job and we have. We have a rash of Dallas police officers and who by the way would you quite a bit you know you've gone to a different chief. You've gone through. A hectic shooting events and some other events after that. And you're saying that these officers. You know one. They're not being treated white ranked so that's why they're retiring and also officers that are being shiny new. Our. He also officers at a leaving the apartment and going to alters CDs that is surrounded down what that surround the Dallas area. Are you you're right on the mark richter let me send that when our city manager tells EF fault that this that we wanted to dish actually higher. He's being very disingenuous what your hiring. Are you starting at fifteen to 20% less than the Metroplex can be so once again Larry. We want to do something which are not you know. Intending to do you might say nick why would that be let me tell you very quickly why that is and this is bottom line and what I think has the mayor and CE. Manager are concerned. They want to star. That Dallas police. Pension fund it and more treated to a 401K. Or ought to do that you start that's why they are not hiring and because they're not hiring this city. Doesn't have to kick in their contributions. And stolen Mercedes we are looking ten million dollars a month. In our city pension and it is certain to 910 years of the farm will be finished. And then they can go ahead and more brilliant and minimalist pension fund. And let me say if she served. Because if you tell the public there's no money went when do we city councilman. To sit on admitted on radio or blogs are here they're just not being useful police and fire authority here. So okay I'm I'm confuse so the money is the year. But just saying is not being here is why. While the cause for an assist one example. It's a lot of money going into projects that again I'm not saying illegalities or curry but certainly unethical things they're taking. Mullen is that what you more for police and fire in the using those qualities. Public parks. Well peripheral projects handshake deal and if you should make it an example should be. Well if you've got at the airport here in dollar executive airport and it means up fifteen to twenty million dollars in repair you would think OK well. Era. And it places I'm referring to the bidding process to make sure that attitude out legally. Well but made it on record as saying welcome to keep it clean I'm not beating. You it is really. Exact total circumvent everything that makes a process where you're allowed minority business concerns it is well. So you YouTube not our democratic government in Dallas Texas you have to executives be ruling city. Wow. So so you know some regular citizen. You know I might wanna go out by myself a gun because you know what. That tells me that the police department in Dallas is standing down but not working as hard as he normally would because you know what their leadership their boss. Is not helping build out. And in making sure that they're gonna be taking care of so I can be taking character and watch that I worked for this person. What were you regular a really pilot point the young people who are not young like all of us that are still mistreated doing what we can't look what we have. But he's a point on me this week and I'm sure to check eat balanced loose ball sacks. Because my point is simply this the cheek and her executive command start are now cold or sending us now. In the east. Didn't object numbers to be emboldened keel. They really obviously don't care about what they can say we can get the job done officers that we have no we can't. Because again my mind narrative is driven by the fact that I mean possession of all these school she chulk. Spurred. Should leave domestic violence though police available to respond to sit this and this and this is this is what's happening in Dallas Texas. You know what I'm noticing this in Dallas and I'm starting to notice is a little bit in Austin. Because we're starting have that same problem because the Austin police officers don't have a contract. In so they don't have them any motivation. To do the job you know because they're not getting that overtime. That they need and I didn't those benefits and are used to so they're saying you know what. I'm gonna stand back so just last night alone we had so one old. The arch their holy shelter Vick and you know what a half an hour later an hour later. Three other people to three other people actually you know passed out at the same spot this guy died in. Because of the walk too because the K two and nothing is being done by the city of Boston if you go right now you know don't take my word fort. You know what Michael fake news Michael is fake news don't take my word for it. I dare you to go right now to our 35 and six street gold to bet. You know the parking garage right don't I thought a proposition I promise you you'll see someone laying on the ground right yeah. Me. I did you Eileen you. I live downtown and I've lived downtown for three years now. I've owned a business downtown for five years and I can tell you personally because I walk when I'm not at work I walk everywhere. The number of people IC passed out on the street has. Gone up significantly. In downtown Austin where it's almost getting. Kind of frightening for me to walk around because if they're not pass out they are so strong now. It's bad it's getting it's getting a law or. He literally old dean in this town just like Dallas is happy Reagan Austin. As goals Dell as well go the rest of the city in this state and you know what the mayor. They governor the lieutenant governor dare doing nothing you're doing nothing. You had your Dallas police officers who was suffering right and a law enforcement officers here Austin police officers are suffering right now a guard governor. You're lieutenant governor are silent in here doing nothing. Nothing. Now there's this is true serve and I mean unfortunately it's amazing trouble too real so silence. But I tell people that if it is going to change it how would you are. Proposals that are effective in goals that are architect and quite frankly this constituency. Possible I would ask you want paper sure I would actually help people to look at baseball park FaceBook page nick ever CK no quello and OB EL FOO. And the reason I do that obviously I want right there to support now watch increasing. Jerry is what's being done in Dallas it will be exported or teacher told you because eventually these people wanna be able balls shot look at the hundreds of millions of the site you. In bolting the police to Altman is just something different but his support. The point is that you're going to go from a police he is somewhat concerned. To warm up coercion. Right now it's simply not become dependent on you to do my job but if we want to do this monstrosity that may very well becoming. I will be telling you what to do. Wore the consequences will be Euro breakers yeah. I think we're talk when nick he's a Dallas police officer would talk and with the ER president for the NAACP in Austin this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. There's the school. You're looking to come and talk it would mark yeah. Sound off on the news of today with the top poll online ads on thirteen seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy in the right choice. Okay. Welcome back to come in socket and now here's my OK don't. That's right we're back we're talking about. Dallas would talk about the Dallas mayor. We talk about the Dallas Police Department would talk about the city of Austin and the Austin police department you know what we're having this staying where it. Police officers around the state are starting to stand Dell they're not doing their job is hard as they possibly could. Or Kim because there's no motivation there because you know what they're not being taken care of they don't have the data is they need they eat. Are not getting those type things that they're used to instill their suffering. They're starting to suffer a little bit because they're not able to secure their Finley is much. And now on Friday week on Thursday we had a shooting here in Austin on Thursday night. Where in on and on our people said oh my god how in the world could aid officers eight police officers shoot one guy well you know what here's what happens. Yeah the way it's all set up on six street you know I you have a group of eight officers that sit at the block on sixth street. And I she you know what I want to know he not want those people that you know what I'm from Missouri to show we see some light show me. Because I need to know how this stuff happens so I get a ride along the day after. On Friday did arrival and I want to know private world can keep officer shoot one guy. Like oh my god that's just in sending to me police officer she won got here's what happens well you know what there's station. Ed blocks in their eight officers each block so you had this idiot literally shooting someone. Right into the Alley and he ran into those eight officers that was stationed at that intersection. They turned around saw this guy with the gun and so they blew him away. And that's what happens you know very simple to me so that's wholly justified. Now in the only question I have. Is the one officer that shot the chaser so you know what I'm calling BS on that when. You know you shot a teacher I'm one of the dead that opposite Baird did not fire one shot at all. It's a later down the road he says well look I didn't are Shaq but we've been discharged my taster. So I'm calling BS on that so you can you can this likely be a lot if you want TI cause legacy. So you know you get it in again at Gideon will you feed him. I'd so we have Nelson Linder in in studio in these present for the end only see people Austin so Nelson what's your take on some of the stuff. What do most recent stop the shooting last week at six treatment that terminal was totaled six. Persuade the other kerik situation here along folks who danced and drank in regards. Element in being young born young kids who have a history of controversy. So of course of these events by storms. That north south mushers and you got tails. You got people shooting people bombing that you've been to obviously in the crops around corner. Was about one what they thought control your running wild gun. Someone who keel. We're talking about how to police despondent tone of conversation the truth is both terminal six has a problem as to your folks that are young we're gone into enough son fighting. That's always a bad scenario historically speaking the past four years. You've been through four bit issue in the area of downtown soulless on downtown. He was both found her out of control over confine them to best scenario. We familiar red and killed two years ago. An innocent civilians killed three years ago from Fusco. There's an officer without Soledad shop but want to cannot cure and hit so it's it's bad things come downtown six treat each address a situation. Therefore we stalk somebody killing be the best environment person against police thing it's also support. I so let me go back to make real quick before he could she lose snake out with the Dallas Police Department so Nikki you know. What do we need to do Israeli citizens how can we help the Dallas Police Department. In making sure these officers are. You know what they're getting the Justine they're being recognized state they get you know what they deserve as far as being ill awesome officers who are protecting their service. Well you know socialism don't want to that would not tooling and Alison. Culture issues that aren't at all. You know Archie is on record as saying she really didn't want discussed all she wants to discuss will you can't discussion salute to our call. You know lead the ticket section of the gentlemen. Just now spoke very still. Had decked out. We we need to work together we really need to work especially with two minority communities and us or our communities a seat belt. Police protection and I'm being cold wind so the African American leaders who are quite frankly shape you know big. It would seem that. We see that. Prostitution or channel three is is rampant. The beauty. Crime is being driven by gangs that not be cool because we don't but a small small gang unit which she's achieved just I didn't actually. Last year and we still don't this year and so we are prostitute to me it's a straight. And setting optional and cost. The only thing that tree just alluded to earlier. When people. Like ourselves who do the living and dying and paying the taxes when we say you know produced. We electrocuted do our mandate you to legal procedure actually checked stop or we hold up. That battle it will be BJ. Are angry he wanted to send you know as we do something. Because wouldn't you have it honestly the Supreme Court has actually ruse that law enforcement have no duty. I've seen enforce a law they only have a general duty law actually no duty to you know protect the public damage it'll do to enforce a law. In the Supreme Court rarely go on that. Know you're probably right would know that in Warren first unit District of Columbia was pushed out should constitutional right to protection let let me finish this is where these cities are very concerned. You you you pay taxes exit articles dollars a year more Russian partners. So contractual there's an obligation it ought in like contractual instrument tech. They need arsenal when you all put PD we don't show you think are have a constitutional right to me but. Monetarily speaking to pay in taxes won't pay to maintain our Bible policing function and recent article you can important. To help based on that argument and they have to push back. So what you say you're not standing down it's not just staying down did have the resources you have enough officers on the street. You have enough back up to make sure that we do go into an area when you go into a dangerous situation. You have someone standing back there does back you up. No no we we and it's just become an odd terminology like this when I speak little listen to this. Michael who aren't. Look I got in trouble. Apply them in a while while ago. This is what it is actually told him I was diminished. On the way back and I pulled on the way back from a lot promptly and I heard he company's core radio host launched what went cold pretty. America is people people fighting on the seat and putrid. I think it'll police should respond that didn't actually reply to police say that you're into the future I don't like. Well Mike can you imagine that I'm reading that Allison. So you're telling me aren't telling me Dallas police officer you're telling me that the beat Dallas pulled a fire department call for help. They call for help and they did Specter said you know what run. Yeah but I'm telling you wow we're on our governor at where you are you listening as governor anyone I don't Abbott's office are you guys listen to this. I lieutenant governor Dan Patrick are you guys listings it is. You mean you tell me that our father app fire department I was fired it'll officers are being attacked. And they're being told by deuce back just a real and this is insane. Mean it is correct or use their element and I'm reading you. From ma BP message that was sent from Lisa Meyer our folks. But that's part and parcel being so pressing kept from the public everything scopus that it has or public. Is concerned because the BP. Mean. In Eaton. All right you know it nick I think you for coming on the show today for tell us what's going on in Dallas. In the fact that we need something to happen here in the capital city. Because this is something that's affecting all police departments around the state is not just Dallas is happening in Austin. At this incompetence is happening in Houston is happening everywhere and we need. Our legislature to step in and do something about it we need to governor to step in to do something about we need to lieutenant governor's deputy about either you know step ultimately lead the way. Or just you just can't wait and let license all the you know what. Just by yourself again if they're not gonna Haley go there but it's a good teacher Parcells at the in your own hands that's classic. Wherever we aren't athletes are thank you for coming on. Oh. So let me go to that Nelson Linder who the present for the NAACP here for Austin so Nelson and this is a lot this line. So long and also Marquardt analysis were Dawson whose format you have a new city council on the 101. Is to not know responsibilities. That I haven't leadership on the old system at large system there was talk to fallen. At its inception you can explain why should have a police department would no conflict a whole year that this thousand new years you are insane can UB. But without leadership. And fortitude you can't solve his sponsor and Austin, Texas is getting worse right now it's the same thing. You've got help folks from Powell who understand the responsibility of public safety and also to balance we help them issue particular post that the the same time. We also invest in socially as a social causes it to do both is not one person other. But what our leadership is not gonna happen we have the same phone call in Austin, Texas it's an urgency but it's also the solvable with the right people and. Call me. I so Nelson shall tell me. You know let's let's back up a little bit so we'll talk about. You know the Second Amendment and because there's just disconnect between the black community. When it comes to you you know responsible gun ownership. And you're saying you know what they're guns in the black community. Are. I'm saying also go to business consumption based on history Michael. Let's let's let's go tumbled by mullah gul was dangerous especially at this socialist republic the speaker on about that but in reality it up from Georgia. My pass on grounds Obama offers Carlos that the eurozone. We moved closer to kkk. Gaza not a problem. But that was an efficient with tall responsible follow news. So that's of this moment of the book by Robert Williams called negroes and guns issue peca and hold chopper predicated kitty. Girls not a problem but there are political differences between the folks who promote these these bonds the folks who don't like the black community. Let's face. We suffer disproportionately go on about a talk about gun safety the Detroit this and not home in my community. Published that is not some guy would go to come to my house all the offensive threat. This might sound though. And often come accident let's be clear about that who's been kilowatt even keel I believe we've gone home she'll also be gone safely and I'm training and you know. The military if you lost a weapon you want to go to military have a lot of responsibility that comes only gone green not to lose it would not address and that okay. We're not assuming young boy guzzle told a pummeled them look. If you go Don realizes that giving a pile let's be clear about that. If you insecure I would god if your work one so if we issuance and training aspect is that you use of defense. But junior guard and being. Oh what is that on the Murphy or it's always hard cargo worker 2018 is too dangerous so honestly should use a professor right wing on the ball and make sure. Open personally. You do that would do to restrict a lawsuit by killing by the you'll have to now bosses this young probably became retreat. Do so it save yourself in Somalia if he can't do that you don't do I'm not anti god. I'm anti gun violence that's unnecessary. Right now I think you talked about that that case it happened in Florida council and we'll talk about what that we come back from the break. This is Michael Cargill age you are listening to come and talk. That doesn't mean jobs. And I get my gun knows yeah. Salmonella cases. Catch up on the latest headlines anytime at tough they're seen seventy dot com. Welcome back to examine socket. Now here's Michael Carr again. Hi so we're talking about what has. Happened in Florida now we're gonna change here's a little bit sewing and Florida north Florida yet they. A guy that was. You know in a parking lot and a couple pulled up into the parking lot parked in the handicap parking space. The portrait gets out with his son goes into the store. He comes out of the store. And he seems a gentleman standing near argue with his girlfriend. Because the gentleman saw vim parking apart is I'm sorry hint Gephardt is based in answer words with a lady. So he came outside he saw this guy argue with his girlfriend it's eagles' opening pushed the guy. He pushing so hard knocks him to the ground is a league to guide it fell to the ground pulled out of gun shot and killed. And so that's we're talking about the stain you grow along this thing about law and Texas won Texas because this is not Florida and Texas as he ever right to be here. Are you and provoke that person you're not commit the crime and then you know being day. You're just fighting in and you can stand and it did you do retreat. So. And there are a couple things that you know animal let mr. Linder. Talk about his thoughts on that first. I think first of all sure of tensions initiative look and how all this is this is legitimate world he's not prosecuted thank god. Later this and we know we're gonna done discovered this you have a history of anti dozen people so we got him just wanna say this has been hardest and I don't think you should walk around the world and function and killing people because might push you frankly about does not want the on the other hand too young brother who did that you know up until info photon yet keeping hands all people. If you can't do that that's just not gonna work because now they folks fall and wants to prove emotional situation might want to be ended but think back. Parking space somebody due to a three twos is not worth. Some sense in many cases be the bigger person I did I get chums all the time Obama views what I'll do you know what. No I must face a Mulcahy a mother is secure the awful thought it would dangerous regards if you provoke absolutely hurt that's my concern not just a law. What will we as Fabio on to how we treated to a disability issues. I think what he's saying you know what you say his was right there is right that is wrong on Beisel the law says hey you know you can stand your ground. But you know what in the bigger scheme of things you know your license holder UDC's eat even if your regular citizen doesn't matter he sees something going on that's wrong. Why get involved when contacted police that the police handled that situation. Instead of getting our your vehicle confronting so why take in and take it along to your own hands you're not a one on security team train it's clear entire building. He say hey you see something wrong something's not right then called the police let the police handle that situation in a documented. You know an and then you go from there but again not your vehicle confronting someone emanate come outside in in on the same side. Don't come out and put sure hands on someone you knock this guy to the ground. And he's staying you're staying over him he's laying on the ground he perceives you as someone who's trying to kill him. And he's justified in belong to stop you. And so you know Eagles Eagles both ways you know we have that responsibility to as a society. To be nice and polite to each other. And we need to you know gold actress steps for some reason. You two have come in contact with each other and something's going on whether road rage whether something else but something has had. Happening in someone's really upset someone you stick the upper hand and it letting go. Just live. Backed down and let it go snapped a series it's something so minor. That we've escalates the point was someone has lost their life that will be ten seconds fifteen seconds or twenty seconds that would change your life. For ever I promise she and those things that we teaching class. We T assisting class you know and and you know in Florida doesn't bill. Have a class we you'd go over this type of thing noble we do have this in Texas. You can't come see me. Come take my class you know let's talk about some of the different scenarios and I promise she'll. But it's time you leave that clash he would think twice before you pool they get that music because that will be ten seconds or fifteen seconds or twenty seconds. That would change your life. For ever our prom machine that. As so we're talking with the present for the NAACP with Austin. And you know Nelson I missed a Linda what's happening with the city Boston with the city manager because this is stepping Ichi issues going on there you know what's going on. Or are they were very young finished person manager. Who says it is his info from the Mayo to move on in the city all those found his job this is accounts has all the government. And in my opinion spousal crop was Holland agenda which of the major city basically as strong reform government doesn't know anything that a budget. So when he changed his stuff. But since the dismissing his his spot that says that measures. He promoted to the people who we were to talk or briefly drew a canal whose wife and Glenn Hall whose wife and incompetent. Those full stop motions. But they'll post got dismissed we have a problem that. We talk to talk about having more diversity into the wall so well. The thought taken place but we'll probably lost some crop is or attention he's very inexperienced you can founded on Minneapolis. By islamists who vote often taxes taken or was found ya but when the mirror and also and the confidence City Council. We have a mess in the city and so the blood to voice for elective and arrest has been one of the two years. What went down at a depressed over the all of a sudden we just some solutions wolf wanted to admit to a town do justice what can City Council Lehman. If you treat people improperly that's addressed this is talk right now we have values on here nobody was joined us so is out of control. But based on a pro government Muslim we've got negotiations the conversation what you should did that two years ago. Floated equity office was been her last code enforcement was going to arrest human resources been the last those folks all blight department hits it's a problem. That same time you're talking about. Task force of all races really. Test was always have this shuffled from tree to enforce law. Is the central the central. I find it amazing that the city loves getting involved in small businesses around. The city of Austin when they can't even keep their own house in order it's it baffles me. And he just lost the case with the wall they lose it appears that. They became Serbia and what was it it's the exactly yeah the pace seek leave so there's something just happened with that this week one or. Young appealed I Flynn and and and and and basically stop it houses the the other holy enforcement of that boat afloat given basically but also a member also Michael. That a code next week Peter Kovacs. So this code and be in court everywhere you looked so the question really is. And Wal-Mart you what what what you don't do this really well it will support sounds like the city of Boston these dig their attorneys have been just aren't just territories and you bad legal advice you can't even when you can't win not one is in court. Look what would pose a question because I thought of law as a human being. If you are hell is she what can we talked father to us market people the men a poultry people correctly wasn't a difficult thing to do in local leadership. The mayor has done nothing in the City Council has done nothing now all of a sudden they're wireless and talk well again that you know rules and regulation you have you have these two of them as a form of government. You can address discrimination. When you you don't engage people. But you have the task force for two years the legislation and they're going where no money we want to housing will no money. Widget you can body Sarkozy in this fight but all this money. That this opponent to her while soccer. One inequity while housing. All right so let me ask dismissal under so at what point is the black community. At what point is Indo lacy. I am supporting some libertarian candidates are or maybe we should start supporting some Republican can't is because we're we're putting the same people in office. Year after year after year and we're expecting different results. Or a good question but here's my question. What does live tour in platform. You know I'm wasn't Republican platform if you have a platform that an improvement we can't do it that's all say we have a platform on Abraham Lincoln. That was a long. Leon. Come ago we supporters shouldn't. We're super formal social justice civil rights who has an equity the return is a lot of friends of the jurors are right the denials of the constitution but. It'll we've social policies on the new policy on don't exist now helped exists. So what do you do this and our concerns that I drew within the multiparty. System this country that's responsive. The democratic polity obviously the ligaments in his probable like new book what to alternative. Give me an alternative not a a look at. Our solar mass one he's with the Libertarian Party you know what's our attorney why should the black community. You know turn to Libertarian Party and give you their vote. Absolutely I mean they they give where you're coming from we do tend to. The only social issues should be addressed. Privately. Because of the fact that the government has proven to be so inept. And handling the situations over and over again so we'd rather see. I government sending back allowing four. Entrepreneurs and if people and able to start their own businesses. Now having barriers in the marketplace in that regard able to take control of their financial freedom. In that regard and then seeing the private organizations in charities that are actually. Accountable. And successful and a lot of the things they're doing to adjust social issues taking. You know believe on that as opposed in the governor words is proving to be inept creditable and ought to waste on on their so that's kind of you know our biggest. Solution in in that regard as trends he you know what we can GG get to carry less involved in this because they've proven to be said on that. We get real hint this is for both in terms of Republicans. He does so most socially conscious and introduces you biblical solutions country. You have some attention. Until you address the racism exists and otherwise of Christian thought on how open a bird flu to platform and what to do. I'll still say though. You know he had just been you know through the pros and the business to go big business that its rollout is or as we're concerned where the government is their belt. And upon you address such a social equities. And I'll think we'll have a conversation up that post Melissa because the moment is. I am not in low density on. But of all it chose to do adoptive aunt and they seem to be develop alternative despite what they do and that's arguable point. But in the meantime there's nothing on the table I don't see local Vodafone doing his thing for the most bar. Among Lewis and his big business posted a return softly. Something on the table let's are more diversity if you don't have that right now. Thought out they do a little bit there's there's a place for meaningful conversation I'll look through to explore that must have fun with it opened a two revoked in office are expensive lawsuit would in the first. Well without them things. You know I you know I have people that tell me you know Michael Cargill why do you wanna get into the gun business you know there are no black people better and guns. You also had some people that word you know what I ate ran for office as a Democrat. After costs one precinct to I had the black Democrats tell me Michael Cargill why you hear. We don't want you here know what once she here why don't cheat Lee. Actually people told me. You know and in but you know what I inlet in this stuff stop me because I'm a strong personality you know what I'm gonna move forward. We'll Fordham and make sure you know I'm gonna do what I want to do I wanna find their determination and what I find in in the Republican Party. In limited party is Xena what they're not in neighbors. I do see that in a Democrat party they are in neighbors their people that in that party in the Democratic Party. That aren't for instance you know encouraging people to get abortions and things that nature I seem you know I see a Democrat party is or is they. Is organization is actually killing the black community by encouraging them ill to get an abortion and things of that nature. We're gonna talk about that more we come back from the brink this is Michael Cargill and few are listening to come and talk. Thanks it's great that Europe often brought us. Come into focus and. Welcome back and socket and now here's Michael I guess I'd somewhere back in yeah. Deep into this conversation now that's what we call this come talking so skip Davis. Gives me a lot of problems online that you know let's get titles says Michael what did you tell the audience about how will you were received. How will receive you were at the Republican Convention we know let's get. It wasn't that the GOP. Didn't had a problem would be being black. It the problem was the GOP had a problem with me pushing a gay agenda what they perceived to be a gay agenda and that's what the problem was. You know so. Probably that there they should she know what you know let's get guess what I won that fight you know watch because a much stroll blackmailed I played crap. You know that's that's how we roll here in so. We know we got that taken care we got this solved in you know what I'm precinct chair with a Republican Party. You know and I get I get everything that I won it at they'd the Republican Convention that Texas Republican Convention this year. We gasoline is removed from that you know why because I'm a stroll blackmail and hope we don't plea yet so let's keep it real. I'd to let me go back to Nelson Linder. Beisel Nelson deal would you rather have the conversation going back and forth the so you don't deny US and things you're saying. Adam yeah I was just commenting on. My views of the Democratic Party the Republican Party being for. African Americans in this country. I support school felt vouchers and that's not something new democratic parties or it's. I think it gives young children and opportunity go to this through it a better performing school. Regardless of where they live. And we were just going back and forth about. Went and also say at this moment of welfare. Should the original solution white. Why folks need to offer due and a new deal. You've got others more white people got on welfare and too quick to juncture you got assistance to you on your feet to provide folks we've never had that. We never had a chance to get support in your feet. We have program that would give them a toast that my wife people that's his reward for his country and again to be fair enough we're not just Democrats went public employee had a good platform. We dealt with a we have to do releases in this country want both of done that we've been through the current administration I mean who annoy him as well as for dollar fine. That's bad for business the world changes so may itself to a person who might be the person who worked well polished. I'm going through that felt some anti Republican Party and NT platform. Mentally platform I'm not pro Democrat but frankly in 2018. Under their their their platform to improper deductions there's more there than on the sides. I'm more of an independent political. But given current reality. Are those who was a special survival was right now. Is in Groupon. Do you think African Americans today are suffering from the same things that. They were saying you know fifty years ago. I think something's always suffer from up north through this. Oh Paris why it is we made a lot of progress in many things based on fairness and vote for example so we thought the 64 the more likely that a lot of progress. But when you come to a country can do forty of those from the nation's clearly. Who took awhile to overcome some things we're seeing more educational equity. We think income gains and by businesses felt completely right that are going on. But the point of conflict in recent said but the despot Charles we were from Obama. Who was not a magician who wouldn't have been Donald Trump on the explained. Historical content and they systems that we do the same thing we have a car reconstruction. By forcefully and where were probably guess what. They said about it. So there's challenges and as often as lessons learned probably the best practices regardless of the policy. Well well I will preface by saying I didn't vote for Donald term this is the first election I sat out because I didn't want to vote for Hillary Clinton either having said that. I have read. Recently. And many times more than one publication that black incomes are. Up significantly since trump has been in office more so than in any other period including Obama what do you have to say. What I thought true that's that you just talked Richard about who broke from the written prose than we're in a recession. It's a chemist told turn votes from essentially rebuild this economy. Now folks and offers him a hand you don't we're bitter comment and a half cup is getting right now some of the Obama effect. You can't say no comment to make it took Obama is used. To rebuild this nation he did that time and I did say the good it won't won't won't. Many want further historically. Who built on Condon in my head Donald Trump is almost assessed the hidden recruit another two years. You listen to talk them fight the salt fog hampering but he can't find growth of this because this is that is don't we need can press. I I can't say everything because I'm I'm certainly not bad informed that I know every single thing he's done but I can say something that I do pay close attention to which is the stock market. The stock market has gone. Tremendously. Since Donald Trump's and not an office and I am I watch it on a daily basis because I have its substantial amount in the stock market. I'm paying very close attention. And often times it's because it's a deal that he's worked out and I can't say that Obama can even remotely get any credit for that. Look at the drug among them Obama companies who deal with our did not want but I really don't turn people a deal for mu of course this place who wrote well who runs Wall Street the illness of yes and usually run walk event if you if you please delete. No clue how that's that's incorrect amount sank an elite might not run Wall Street but the average American. There's there's no smoke that don't have funny and Donald Carlin case you don't talk is big business and is Donald Trump is big business at home so the cycle the last is open now already met another thing is. Is Republican white. We believe that protectionism. He's a seasoned storm Gordon doesn't want the reason that's bad business one of the reasons I didn't want to vote for Donald Trump has because historically he's been a Democrat. And he just changed his tunes because he wanted to run it couldn't run as a Democrat. He he can out of my father is not our job as an opportunist exactly. I would not on the as any he's art. When you are you know your role he sees this as an economy that's garbage film version politely but he's a little boy in town comprehensively adult visitors don't. Excellent guilty he broke Neela he's actually running for district I think it's 46. For state representatives a gable welcome to come and talk to serve. Michael or are right so you know what's your take on this you know other Republicans in the bag wrapped from the Democrat party. There have been some degree yeah and an operative mr. I don't agree with everything that the that the Republican platform and work and they never. When I blues. Well as this treated by Democrats because well the single bed take care about it you know greater daughter on his own. Try to work two jobs and try to do what I can in. Or out and got myself out. Cultural multi candidate to bail. When I went oh call for help and I know we can help you between your mail. When I wouldn't beating. An old dating. People of color you know people who did not look like he I would admonished Democrat is changing his victory in current. When Madonna was beating up a little younger and they're on form will be. Well it matters but not assault which is we're being told. You can do it at its machines sit on it and you plot element that is the life and I'm not on the award optical character and Edward. And the integrity of differently and we spoke. To the round and they're great people and so I'm like you're about my beliefs. And will meet when it came to the party platform Arnold our weekly retreat saying it was about like liberty and opportunity. The park in Naples area are great everything local paper for debate. So for me when I left the party. Back when when when are the portrait reciting were signed sealed and delivered in 2000. It was it was about functional unlike our entire Bible discussion about being ostracized what. Don't think that I do in my own personal and put a decision that I make for my employer or implode. Both are. The super supportive. Austin actually go Potomac opponent show. The emphasis of Intel platform. Announcement that everybody I was so for example Bill Clinton despite his personal sources. I'm on his policies. But those that humans can. Home home to build on things follow this economic squabble label all pauses fine I just think overall from a perspective and lawnmowers numbers. Unlocked version currently are over to democratic toughest of invent. You certainly can give me probably solely what he's doing and again what we have a right to own sources but the lawnmowers and comes into our country. That's almost minorities by both staff included Margot Bruce a platform ecosystem there's nothing there based on practice. And a sister Olga and insult to occur in an argument you show me softness fair and based on equity interest in who are doing I embrace it regardless of party. But I don't see that nestled just want a do about it. Let's look at the racism racism and discrimination but the car president and that the Republicans say enough about those races of the Garko went home that don't. Some thing because to sum up always hasn't said so me a social policy they're condemns racism and are all totally but I will say that no sense. Why would you say he's a racist because he called her dog I didn't have been a good one example but that's what Paul's policies of the past twelve years removed emperor were racist. In Central Park killing what he did before we zillions Blake young men and tribes and races and Carl Africans. This H. Pitt for best for his policies against black about spokesman race I don't possible including Hispanic people I don't. Argued that he. Doesn't. And speak tactically because I believe it. It's worse than I would agree I was just trying to think of a nice poisoning can but if you know he called this woman a dog which I totally disagree with but. He called Rosie O'Donnell fat slob I think or may be worse so I I think it doesn't. It's not racist it's just the man doesn't beaten up slightly above most of. Every terms of white person is floor Q check this out okay dump them all of the wrong things lower Q. We have our weapons on my lower Q that's a historical provision is racist comments across the board against black and brown people that there's no getting around that that's who years. I'm just acknowledging that born forward but we know we know we. I I just. I will pay more attention to that because I just feel like he says bad things about a lot to what one non does and I'm not saying that's correct it. That he does that I'm dissing I don't think listen I've noticed that its he's a president who latins or he said the same thing to African nations. ET to Puerto Rico. Our go to war that's who use and we know that by now. We come back from the great north it is conversation hold a gave a visibly Chico back interests as we come back. In other Republican platform is it just like any platforms not perfect that's why you have contingency can change the platform. Also you know what you have under Bill Clinton you have more blacks have been cost three in the Bill Clinton in the a little president so I got a problem are human juvenile. And then I'll let you know what president trot he actually I don't know what. Al Sharpton march with trump. Jesse Jackson march would trump when account we came to you. You know he was saying you know what we need diesel about police accountability he march with the black community doing that timeframe before anyone thought of him become president. This is Michael Cargill. And you are listening to come and talk. It's not raised you Lipton. Talk radio was Michael core. Listen to susser G-7 meet anywhere with your Amazon and do just relax and play soccer seven. Nothing took thirteen seventy directs. Welcome back 600 socket and now here's Michael Cargill. And it's an astounding go to my happy place. May I say something golden boy girl boy did not skip Davis who commented my name is denying knocked the blonde. And I'm not sure what I'm oblivious to could you enlighten me please. Of bid price of Gabriel go ahead we we catch up there you land if an argument that. There are no problem and open to that we are practically the whole platform. Along the red meat might might Michael rate in the police well. Three area aren't firing the opening with everything at a debate. When it comes with a purple you don't practice you don't have to be 88 person can take a while I believe they're in the platform because if you do that then you are not. Following during their it'll. In our ability to all who you are and you're just going to be oblivious to everything up for going on around. Now which looked at Wimbledon obviously and you're talking about or hold the home purchasers are armed European and Latin American community. If you recall. Do you literally we got beat edition of the subprime mortgage allow people going to go. Was fluctuating rates which are popular and I went one of those in and went out and in the about a and I would have lost our home enough power he's got all the effects of that global. In 2007. To build an eight win also important were being tracked in addition to that a couple of equipment in the poppy. Turn corporations. Are in the black community. If you recall all social and Clinton and an Arab Bill Clinton when they were talked about. Increased. Mall while reform we're all people working in the rest of the Republicans are calling minorities super predators. Just because that particular possession with a small bump spot on our. Mission have been having on and you're in another action. There are all of them shouldn't pay higher archery and incarceration rates which are are are purposely picked the wrong. And were on multiple trying to change that work for me working as an alternative which is important campus. I port every single day to try to during the cold couldn't heartland with that and what to do. We interpret effectively end but more now on to talk. His wife are on our long term is fiscal second talk about Bill Clinton notre when new dinners. This Garmin already and that it won't put a product from furcal mark America. Alton there was reinforced its popular talk about who Clinton Uggla moved into what those there was an almost as good or listen a monstrous and in our racism. But when you miss it. Don't mention the candidates are have a problem that you simply look there's racism and both parties is no doubt about that let's be clear about that. But don't come about bill trend mentioned that normally do and then as it is they brought the whole process into reality. We fought for years serves to ended from a justice racism we do it every day. Regardless of the opponent this putt from the stuff we condemn racism it's a massive difference objected it was I'll call Brooklyn now that's pretty recent. Democratic Party with trying to nullify some parts regardless of the party. This just appalling flight so the blood person America we get from everybody that's why. We go to to the source available and look at the before the Nevada platform I'll take a look at so far only now. He argued there were no you don't meet any of the parties none of the parties. That are open right now are being viable platform that will seek every single person at all I can turn overturn a. I'm good at what I'm saying you're gonna choose among scientists are offended though for from her form but does something you can chose to mr. prime mortgage and well look. The bank and industries scandal which are the drugs that we did nobody else did so well thank you Bob Hope platform what works what doesn't work. If it will work you'll Bristol platform. I'm not I'm not entitled to divert part of you that not only a couple of them all the time in Germany won't go out of the 101 system but it does something good about sort of price that. Regardless of the policy. Chemically and and I brick apartment. For the Democrats are there and I'm not I'm not very purple the opening that helps me out. Become a simple person and to be able to be to look at other people and created its attributed that we're. Wondered to opportunity of being able to sick and you know. Recorder not long barely stand up on their own entry I'm not seeing it and and that's part of an armed and unarmed oh there are about what Google Michael what was. And you know what when I'm not seeing is a scene that racism from the Libertarian Party so Leno made doing these are birds voting for some libertarian candidates. We important or appropriate debate hey well. And both things then we're trying to just within the retain parties. You know. Diversity within the party. And we feel that our ideas are great and then they would help out. Everybody. I'm but it does and I mean and even justice in each there's an awful lot of ever seen agent tends to skew. I'm very all the tend to be the interest in anything in them involved and with the parties so many libertarians and give us some balance. That's I think that's that would be great. All I don't go all libertarian than there there's crazies over there on the eatery and a whole bunch crazy it limits their barn and dying for real so we can't go. It's here we get 123. Maybe four Max five that's it that's all I could take I think I sided bet you know you got some crazy zooming and taking control themselves very Edward we're no different than any other party we got our crazies are is don't call me don't seem to have faced the message don't call me at the offer is only your jabs at ya crazy. And you know when I think to a military and ought to think about Thomas Jefferson. And are confident that the pollution and the pins where. He drew a line when it came to buy people's entry through the right that we are so because people. And that's just over the test of time there's I would probably people always polished and to hitch but had jobs and our right and food and people. Run and had this conversation but don't American history and current reality. What do from the white people in this country always polished page we upbeat confident. I'm I'm not frankly a like some of the U did you go to turned pro reform you Gaza the dissidents on the constitution. While unfortunate was to have some fun I was tossing more on you good on the constitution. We were all good on the constitution. And a racism is about a country. Your best and Vince on the constitution Obama to social policies and Huckabee are you gonna draft and I can assure you this circus they can if you can just such an equity in these other issues. Both Wallace and. Trump is a Democrat who's trying to be Republican as part of why no one problem parsing the same thing tune a little bit. It does have a that's as if it to be comes across as being a Democrat that's really trying really hard to be a conservative. And this is me. Given more money to the Democratic Party historically than any it party well maybe you were right now. The Republicans are protected him and asked us economy is apparently an. Well that's he's closed the bridges of frozen who said that I'm not saying it's there and that's typically the people I think part of our problem though from those wrong he's wrong. He's zoo belong. No nobody should be okay are there more we. I. Is slightly people are things are open source to a room now I'm not I really don't dispute that right that that's that's for that's frightening probably was why it was wrong. Why aggrieved there's just not enough people that that stand up for what's right and we're gonna do partner we need this summer continues and we do things yes but. It's not just a Y and you shouldn't saint. How confident are not news that the US are not sure who thought it was. Purpose of what it was worth. There are typical among white for hasn't been. The thought issued. The white people too often the Charlotte when these things take place I think a lot of people the Libyans speak up through commitment you're not doing that with a B all City Council by the way. Which is mostly democratic and a terrible. Now they'll they'll say anything look at that would be more the returns in Austin government will talk about it if you took over they know me pretty well. Well but on the social possibly some civil rights based Sony empire of of institution as social issues and we have the best. There are I'd I'd Kennedy remarked a big one of the things they were lacking in the political sphere as well as consistency. Across the board and people are willing to you. Then on principles win you know it's their guy or it's it's they're the ones in power in your principles don't get to be your principles and it's advantageous or. Are good for you it's your principles even when it sucks they have to be your principles. On the other running jealous was the thousands who yes we are at particular call up there. I got sort of got. Yet as we need some fresh Sweeney some fresh voices and airborne and it's that's in line. They're killing me they're killing me on the you know and that's why we're taking recorded every turn and we're winning court cases left and right I got to big court case is going to court gives the city of Boston September. Right around Simpson and fifteen cents on the sixteenth. We're gonna we gonna take the city lost in the court we're gonna win again and it's going to be be a big huge case. That's gonna affect the entire state of Texas because as we take down the city of Austin. Every other city municipality will fall in line and and in him and lock in step I promise you that. And we get we gotta take them down it's gonna be a big huge take down. They gonna lose. Millions of dollars in this lawsuit I promise you that. And so we'll see what happens in September and I'm sure they don't appeal their case to the next level and will take the appeal will go on for we're gonna win this case. And because we're on the side of right in the Saturn wrong we gonna continue on. But I'm. Hate Nelson how can people find you have people find in double ACP. I think if you wanna get involved in double ACP Heidi help. Where one of scientists. And ACP Austin dot origin. In ACP Austin daughter or choose. I'll phone numbers are 124766230. And we at seventeen no amount east twelfth street. The business has not consists of three. So we will get her listeners say onus was released Austin out of their sales before I was born. Avoided 69. A lot of that is sort it out almost government to put up yeah so we've seen the expression petition we see these things change and was filled it with a funny. But look at doses though I'm sandy polity affiliation. Also opened them would you redundant have conversations for example who really is Michael cardinal. Who really is no flew under the swim lesson. I would agree that it is not even as a female we I experience. People treat not talk to me the way it was like I think it is not limited to African Americans look like I think we need to stop doing that to. You have to understand about dispensed over this is just a portion or no say I would thank you want to hear this polarization. Not only if anybody would know that just and if are good people out there. I have a hard time. Even go there right now these stand up and be counted. It was something is wrong information from him. Right so black chino are leaving the city of Boston because you know it's a Democrat controlled city in they're not feeling the what they're worth. They're not leaving those Republican controlled cities in the state of Texas daily living leaving Austin the Democrat controlled city. You know went in. I don't know what it is you know some Democrats seem to be oblivious of the fact that Bill Clinton got a blow to talk about Donald Trump you know who's you know seems to be out of control on Twitter. You know no one's above the law we have these issues on both sides will need do is come together figure out how we can solve some of these problems. And maybe we should pick and choose a different candidates as always more guns equals less crime. Locked by yourself again. Youkilis to come to target with Michael cargo. You keep yours.