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Sunday, August 6th

Come And Talk It, for August 6.


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Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the on the top thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away at talk thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with talk thirteen seventy. It's time for Cummins socket with your host Michael Cargill brought to you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army. And as the chief national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine Fox Business news CNN money. AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill. Good day east Austin, Texas Latin music to apple the world. This is comment socket right so today we weren't going to talk wade Tommy Covington. And Tommy is with colds kids and that there at a Little Rock, Arkansas. And let me tell you Tommy's doing a lot of great things in Little Rock. Ye have crime issues through the roof in Little Rock, Arkansas and he's gonna give us some stats about what's going on veered. And what he's doing with inner city kids to change dad just a little bit. So let me walk into the show Tommy Covington. With Kohl's kids Tommy welcome to come to talk feature. Hey Michael thanks so much for having me martyr to be on your show. Outstanding it you know Tommy you know I like I like to introduce to show by saying you know. Let's praise the lord and pass the ammunition you know what I studied that just a little bit you know because I don't think everyone knows you're also a minister. Yeah I have been. Infotalk ministry for about twenty years and so recently. Retired strong he. Eight pastor. And started cubs kids. Actor. In honor of my father until we get into an event that yeah I've been a pastor for twenty years in and still. I still postured. Still have a lot of people who call me and and council and amber do those things are just doing doing the ministry a little bit district Lee Jones coached kids. Change it to nonreligious non profit for obvious reasons. And but it's it's it's still a way to reach out and give Al. All right so let's praise the lord and now passed he ammunition. And a welcome all right so. Still Russell Tommy tell me how did you get involved with helping kids out. Yeah well you know. For the last. Really six years. Obama's pastor down in order in Little Rock is always been my home and I had an opportunity come back here. Am. Started pestering a church in the inner city. In Morocco and let me give you a couple of I was stunned to put things in perspective you in Austria detection they're not a 131000. People roughly. And it 2016. Yet 42 murders yeah all right little rocks population. Is. A 192000. And this morning we had our 39. Murder for the year in 2016. While sir you have a you have of one and 5000. Chance of being murdered. In load Iraq and you have a one and 67. A chance of being a victim of a violent crime and so we have. We have been awarded the distinction of the most dangerous small city in them that America. We had twelve drive by shootings an area that we are hand in six days. And we also murdered club shooting. Mass shooting. We're 28 people were hurt. And so you know seeing all of this would be in that inner city. Is as a white pastor. It took about two years of going on the street. Every Saturday. In hand and walk in the streets handing out hot dogs just just being present. In order for these gay community to. To accept me and know that I was there terror are open and therefore for the long run. And so when I was a kid my father raised me to not see skin color. This is long as far as I can remember you know he was always coaching baseball. And we would go pick up. It kids across the railroad tracks and had different skin color but oddly enough he knew nothing about. And so. When I was you know I'm 49 now looking towards the last you know thirty years what we're doing obliged. And I called my dad not talk to administer data wanna I wanna do crowds cheered in honor of you because you. You taught me a lot of great angst. And what you're doing here is your white guy you're going into the inner city of Little Rock, Arkansas. And you are actually. You know you're mentoring these kids to pretty much you know they they probably don't have a father figure. And you're actually doing a lot by helping them now taken the bull hunting and fishing. Yeah and so what kind of a funny story but not so funny you know your your make an 88 tremendous impact in an area. That when you when you park your car you walk out to talk to all. You know when you're in check on all your translation you come back and someone had shot mock our with a shotgun. Like your waist vehicle. Yeah allows away from the vehicle and I came back cannot solve shot although Mahmoud Ahmad Al windshield and people are like. Oh that's horrible and I had no you don't understand. That is phenomenal that means that we are making it their shorts and we are there for the long all. That's okay. You know Embree and we came up with. That's what we're gonna do tonight to these kids and I wanted to do something. And so how started talking to Mossad used 22 he's a very active bow on earth and and fishermen and so we've we've bounced around they did you know what these kids like to change. They're down in the creeks and intercity fishing which just streamed a hook and some cheese and baloney. And so are sort of going romanced them kids tell you I would like to be a part of a something that you could allow them and would you blow hot and you know we cared we get harvested deer week it harbors ducks and appreciation all that he and overwhelmingly. Of course the kids that kids were all about it and so that's that's how this started and I've quit. Not must full time job as a pastor to to do this full time and that's what we are now. And so old cubs kids is nonprofit organization correct. Yeah. We are a non religious nonprofits. And I don't know if you've ever set up a nonprofit Marco or holy cow. Man you have to jumped to watch in groups and especially when you're talking about taking out kids. We're blows. And ash issue known boats. You better you better do your homework and ultimately it has been a good life is like this tells what you see that was just. Well you have insurance companies that noted I don't wanna assert. And it ended you ask people. Who get on say spoken and made it very you know saying negative things like I can't believe you're teaching. Young kids that are. Tissues and young kids stared kill animals what kind of power. Our view and that's kind of how I came across Shia and I saw these comments of people that were criticizing you in saying. You know this guy is showing these key is that kill animals and you're you're doing positive things you're actually taken them from the inner city. It yet instead of instead of them join the gang. You know less. It'll do something else let's how about we joined this gang will be here we go bow hunting illegal fishing and we become a productive citizens for a society. Yeah and and let me let me just tell you. The people that are critical they don't they don't see. What else is involved. I had David Robinson's cousins they admiral here's cousins over here. Fourteen and twelve years old. They were over here in my house she votes for the first time and and I was sitting down talking to damage and saying look. The bow hunting and fishing that is a reward. For good behavior. And the people who look I have to keep up a three point oh grade point average. There is a certain. Amount. Parties. And on excused absences that they can have our goal is zero. They have to make sure that they are not in trouble at home with small art school. And they have to do community service. Hours each marked. To stay in the program well. And the end you know to kids message out like all kids most kids do then there will be away for him to be able to come back. Into the program. We're just not to discard these kids but they have to understand that you know you're going to be held accountable. For your actions and reactions. And and you know mrs. We're gonna teach you watched four to use. At a restaurant. The key cure your elbows off the table. You know people say they they just assume that that there are hot it is and they are not. So that sort of borrow money and dead duck hunting and all that that's that's the that's their reward short behavior that we want repeated. And and so are much are gonna get Stadler and out of the during the twenty years now and people have opinions. And they've they've voiced those opinions religious now. Kind of shrug it off in the long. They definitely keep your head up because you don't agree thing you know these kids can be out daring you know shooting someone can be happier robbing someone and not being you know. Productive citizens so you're definitely doing a great thing you've been a great role model. And you're given them something to look for a team in as something else to do it. And I appreciate their wanna one of the better sense of being a mentor and have them guys Rick because it's it's way bigger than me. And our our our overall goal before. I leave this earth want to have a cubs kids see every major city in the south. And so this is this is quite larger than in Little Rock but the Manchurian had been a close circle of guys. I was I was with some of the kids the other day and and they told me that that give Marcus Williams was carrying a god. And you're did you see it begun releasing bad week to mark this is there a thirteen year old kid whose Brothers involved in in and out of prison. And are being raised by a single mom who just got out of prison or selfish. And so you know got a hold of of the markets and told him I was I was going to. I was gonna put some current on yeah it's he didn't do right and and so. You know they're getting it and they understand it. And and so yeah it's it's it's a lot of salon it's a lot of talk. So are you teaching him. Or all of them. Sue both types of blows agree curves and compounds are you just Susan come combos or work. Well yeah it's a great question and withdrawal Ling. I mean. We we started thinking about well let's just go ahead and Andy Reid curves. So we can just have. You know one or two or three Bose yeah and then I went down to archers advantage which is archery store here in Little Rock in it's owned by Gerald is a great guy. And mark my garage looks like gay and archer restored now. Aziz Al sizes is you know yeah there were bear blow bear archery yet I this. I wanna give you some love but they won't call me back but bear archery. These tapes both of both lines that you can suggest that you are all linked yourself. Taking out some some shirts seekers. And so I have blows strong 21 pitches all the way dipped to 28 inch or lost and that's a great question. And I really thought about doing the whole recur than. Bush wanted to be able to have something. That first off could be legal when we go out to our dear aunt. And now I tried to shoot a re curve when I first started it is pretty tough. Yeah well that's kind of why I was I was wondering you know if you haven't reach server compound has. Yeah they're both very different. Goes on you know you have to learn both of you don't have them. What about fishing do you just do a bass fishing cat fishing or do you teach him fly fishing or anything words that. Are. No Arkansas. In North Fork community somebody other rivers in Arkansas ROR nationally known each war Trout fishing. He and you know who you're you're also limited to the district that you can travel which group she's in trouble which kids. And so we're keeping it centrally located right now so we're we're doing bass fishing white bass. School. And they blow up the top of the water you chase after on the and that experience alone. Chasing the school and white mask kids just absolutely go pouring over there are excellent and so we Bancshares shift course and and then. But I wanna get a get him out on a boat it's a boating safety they have to go to the corner education courses they have to do that bode. Education course and so. Well we're certainly not for once they get out of our program. Then they can they can pass this on your. Order cleared and then someone else. I would talk it was Tommy Covington and he's got a Little Rock, Arkansas and he's got cold kids he's the founder of colds kids. And we're talk about organizations. You know. He's organization has actually get into the inner city. And he's not talking about he's due and about he didn't say why don't somebody gold here and do something with these kids he said you know what I'm gonna do something with these kids. This is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk it. So this is Doug Mann tells. And I get my gun is. But Michael Cargill economic health. Take talk with you anywhere we'd be on the news talk thirteen seventy app lets you. Keep up with the latest breaking news and our search for top thirteen seven. Catch up on the latest headlines at anytime at top thirteen 780 dot com. Welcome back coming socket. And now here's Michael kargil. I went back you were talking when Tommy Covington he's got a Little Rock, Arkansas and he has colds kids he's the founder Kohl's kids. We actually goes into the inner city of Little Rock, Arkansas. And he's getting involved in actually taken kids hunting and fishing. And I want ST Tom in what are you gonna take into the gun range. Wow. I would love to do it immediately. And it's not serious. And that's what. Because I'm I'm up I'm up pistols and addict and I wanted to introduce them to our arms it it's gonna be a going to be a process to be able to do that. And I know you and soul searching would that was because there already introduced to firearms right now if you got a series probably hands look in little rock and. Yeah blood you know I don't there's gonna come a time that I'm just gonna say I don't care about what's gonna come wit dat. And I need to teach these kids how to be responsible. Gun owners. I'm need to show them how to get a concealed carry make sure they stay out of trouble so they can get a concealed carry. The soldiers there there's a lot to that because of their big guns stick my inner city. But it but it shouldn't keep us from. Should keep us from teaching them the right way to do something. And they had people somewhere along the lines saying hey don't do that they're really hard enough time your season bowl honing in. You know and tees and Heidi you used bowls of stuff like that so and I know there really have a heart attack if he actually India's firearms in the mix. Well it's what right now for me the only thing that's keeping me should introduce our arms loosened. I'm I'm more afraid of getting stuck would they Spinner baits when their task in the they're gone fishing poles pars. Shot by Apollo one of these. It really you know I I had to. I had taken my life savings recorded in the distance so actually Wear and when it when it begins to Egyptian revenues to come here and then we can find I'm insurance company the right policy. And we can introduce these kids. I guess you are I do it again and again insurance company for ya betcha he'll do it. Don't get your policy in mill built I've as a woman that they'll do a free. Yeah that would take it seriously I don't know I was trying to not let out. I'll talk tee off line about it and I'm I'm pretty sure they'll probably do it for you is that I like to see the guys succeed because you don't agree think I'm leaving come to Little Rock, Arkansas Lindsay in either that you. You know teach me how legal fees because I had this little fear fishing you know Mao's little. Hey man Albert it's. I don't go into I'm gonna kick you in the head because if you go fishing without me might I would dude I will flatten the tires are worn. I won't pay your house. And beaten World Series it did just just understand it's a series it's a real fears of series B you know now's a little kid act. I would fishing for the first out my dad and he got some and I you know. You know I you know reeled it. I really don't I really it and I'm really am again you know in a costs of the really quite a dissipate once you if I didn't want to. And it was a dead body. In an invitation since. Not a catcher can't that there is dead body had never been this is that they may be go to the funeral on Italians in was traumatized for me. Eyebrow mutated angle officially unique about. So yeah. You might have a pull up a double. And not all. You become a Little Rock we we'd love to have you part of cubs kids. Let me let me go disarm its CO BSK I. College kids dot com. And we are. You know looking for mentors and panties to come on board and I know where you're located. The crime rate is. It's pretty low but it would be awesome to have a group of cubs kids in the Austin area. Being made toward. So well appeared you know. Absolutely absolutely and then we ask more questions we had some are are you where I'm branching out like campaigning in and more outdoor activities. And you know teaching kayaking and stuff like that canoeing. He insisted any of that stuff for you just kind of keeping us more about hunting and fishing. I am very interest did in that. And I had to make a decision to specialized. And into retreat thanks yeah yeah we wanted to. We wanted to narrow this down to we can have the greatest impact because I don't know of another nonprofit. That is is doing this with inner city kids in your vote on administration. I would I would love anyone knows of another one to let me know look at the blood of our own damn constrictor or boring it's well. Another day of doing things with kids but they're not doing it in the inner city did not actually you're you're the only person I've ever heard of this actually brave enough to go into the inner city and do it for real because it will we really don't have the inner city here in Austria and none that we have a bad to be in Austin is much is. You know people like to talk about you know maybe he's out of Boston and you know Ali wants you really don't have a bad silence on the town it really who really don't. But like Little Rock is no joke. In Chicago we jokingly call one or be exactly so want to go to Baltimore. In and in any city Theres a wanna go to Chicago. In initiating beard and really do what you're doing like you do in Little Rock. But it's going to be it's a great question because it's gonna be a natural progression that there's going to be able to get it down our. Between 800 seat and when it closes or Arkansas although we have. The longest post season in America and Arkansas. And so there's a lot of time to be able to do disk but we've we wanted to teach them how to build a star we wanna teach them how to. To put up a chance so when they're all that they can take they're they're scrambling out and not spend a lot of good a lot of money on a vacation in the end to by chance or borrow it can't go out and we can't tell somewhere so yes we are going to do dad but but the main focus is going to be school. Really home school. Him. The rewards of a bow on them when magician in the state of Arkansas. You just you are it's. If you give these kids something to look up for it looked towards you know something is saying hey you. I can't wait to you know for Friday because you know Friday. We're gonna leave Friday night we're going camping and we're gonna spend all weekend camping I you give them something to you actually look forward to you. Rather then you know. Is just hanging out with the wrong crowd engages in front of the city and. Exactly at what what what a sad thing is if if you go on. On our FaceBook page comes kids she'll be asked K idea of strong base of reducing kidney Braylon. And Raymond was the first kid that I really met on the street and ray and it's ten years old and no longer rides his bike. On the street anymore because it's so vendors who and so he saw the picture than a quarter accord on mr. Graham. About they are the two kids earlier shoot Bos and now this kid blowing up my phone. When you on that mission where you go that issue and so. You know end and mom is calling me thanking me and and there's just are really positive angle that. That the kids are able to or to be involved in him. So how are you getting this funded. He said you put your life savings into over how are you keeping the progression going. I'm assuming you're not charging a membership fear anything to these phone and and and I'm ourselves in street so how how are gone by sponsors or something. Well. I have not been on the sponsorship. Had some individuals that Adams. Have given towards it but right now. It's it's. It's mine. Experience my personal experience. And just believe I believe that we news. Take care of something that's on God's heart he's gonna take care. Well what's on your heart what you need. And so that's the way I've lived for the last twenty years and that's where I can lift the next thirty years but I do know that it's gonna take. Some. And incomes and find some sponsorships and so you know we're we're we're pretty. Currently putting together it sure she's home. We had a kid come options soared I'm brought us drone it would put it up and and took shots at home on the light the other day and so. You know that's that's that'd revenue part in the extraordinary part we have farmers are coming up in. In November and so. You know it's it's a slow process. And and people. This is the way that I'm going to be able to. Funded it is. By people like mark Michael Cargill calling me answering a tell us about what you doing. Can't tell you how much are appreciate you guys having me on today. Now have you had a chance to reach out and NRA I know you're not doing anything would firearms but I would think like organizations like in RA. The National Rifle Association also organizations like I don't know if there's state rifle association in Arkansas. No I haven't I haven't reached out bid adieu to distract dad we are not doing farm during now. Well that I think that you know even though you're not doing firearms I think they would actually help because you're actually doing something positive with the kids harness off fishing game. In a easily as well be something in the NBA and Ari got deck I gotta be able to help you and also national shooting sports. They should be and healthy even though you not do anything would shooting. What you are doing hunting and fishing. I would think that hey you know just because not with a firearm they would be able to help out and donate something your way. You know I'll be on the strong tomorrow with them so that's a great idea. We have six per year instrument of Barnard's camouflaged that that made it not being on its camouflage. And they come on board witness. And that their health index where some camera oh. To close I'm sorry and then. Foursome fund raising needs it's gear they're donating here two hours. And so in an absolute outdoor. Incorporated simulation like jackets. You know Antonio de man Jones he he's he's let me. You were silent auction for one of his duck cards. Here in Arkansas and so we we have a lot of a lot of great things going on the chip understand. That we started this three months ago. Good three much dished part of it now been Anderson pastor for the last five years but this part of it is being. Three months ago where I stand Donald straight and not news that. I had to do something I couldn't just sit around. And unfortunately guys hope no one takes a sense of this but. A lot of these kids are not gonna come into a local church. We're not gonna find their way. And clear her. The church and into the back doors are sitting around the back pews. We have to go out on the streets and we have to differently and we have to build relationships. With down. And missions and about you a news or religion or. Or about a denomination in this edition about mate he kids. Young men who are going to be responsible. Fathers and husbands. When they're when they're older. And so that was the reality for maniac ago Jolo buster eighty he can get impeached. And and they'll come true that but to really get involved in their lives. Of Taliban and Al or a week. You have to pay tremendous price units or relational crisis than may not friendly against. Supported me 100% they're involved. As much is lying around. And so it's just lifestyle changed three months ago that they're rich on just now in the process. Finding donors in a way too. You know I spent 2200 dollars the other day on seven fair. Archery voters. Then when you know it's it's a lot of people saying oh my how in the world did you did you do that well. You know sometimes did it take something. To be able church and it's a great back. Yeah and and so but I do understand as a businessman what sort of minister worked UPS for thirteen years and rammed a Little Rock of our that as a business person. My little same accounts not gonna go there's talk before that big sucking sound occurs and so that's why it's important to people to go to. Cuts give dot com GOP hands KI DS dot com if they can help us you can get right there. All giving this action or deductible. You just like he Bob 01 C three nonprofit. You mean we would love to have hasn't helped. So you can bombings in India are because adapt. And this this is the real deal does cubs kids for the last eighteen years Tommy and Stacy Covington. Nate is a Little Rock have been working with youth and families all over the world. As Christian pastors they have seen firsthand. How the breakdown in the family unit pleasing tremendous role in today's problems and tragedies. Recently they spent the last four years mentoring African American kids and their whole town of Little Rock. The comings and family have taken their passion to help their community. And paired it with your love of the outdoors at colds kids. The community based mentoring program uses outdoor activities such as fishing. And bowl hunting to teach self confidence and inspiring life long growth. In Little Rock Erie you've. This is the real deal folks cubs kids dot com definitely check them out. This is Michael Cargill. And youth are listening to come and talk. They have been very grain and I think my level of banging is from Michael cards on time and topics. Texas weather can change on dime you. I wanted to renewing your normally. When the weather turns severe. Turns to us for what you need to know on air and online at top thirteen sending dot com top thirteen seventy the right choice. The right choice. Welcome back to come in talking with Michael Carr guilt. We're talking all things firearms. Now here's Michael kargil now Sanford. GG in global and needs global Dendy sponsored by central Texas gun works the largest online guns stored in Texas. In the knees. And you bill known as the Second Amendment guarantee act or saga has been introduced in congress by congressman Chris Collins of New York's 27 district. The bill would limit states' authority regarding the regulation of firearms specifically the bill would prevent states from implementing any regulations. But are more restrictive than what is required under federal law. Congressman Collins said and I quote this legislation would protect the Second Amendment Rights of New Yorkers that were unjustly taken away by Andrew Cuomo. I stand with the law abiding citizens of this state have been outraged by the safe act and I voice my commitment to roll back these regulations. Carry a handgun on public college campuses including in dorm rooms and classrooms is now legal in the state of Kansas. And is predictably drawing criticism by gun control proponents. Megan Jones founder of the failed campus cared very adamantly oppose the loss and introduction of the legislature. Has mince words saying quote. Universities can and posters in people's dorm rooms because a fire risk but they're not going to be allowed to banning gun people are going to die as a result of this law. On the other side of that issue Kansas State graduate dare Cox the testified before the legislature in support of the law. Cox told KC TV we always talk about if we can take away all the guns and save one life that would be worth it. Well what if we introduce guns and we could save one life or more than one life I think the argument goes both ways. And stay on campus carry Texas's campus carry along with expanding on. Due to a provision in the law that allowed community and junior colleges to be exempt for one year. All the time is that as of August 1 all public colleges including community and junior colleges. Must allow those of an LTC to carry concealed and most areas of campus. Colleges are still able to set their own rules regarding certain areas were farms are allowed. But they must post proper 36 signage in those areas. Finally with a special session coming to an end on August 17. There has still been no response from governor Abbott's office regarding the demands by lone star gun rights to add constitutional carried the special session agenda. If governor Abbott does not amend his agenda to include constitutional Kerry. The legislature will be prohibited from working on it until that 86 session begins in January of 2019. Lone star gun rights is urging everyone to call governor Abbott's office and urged him to add constitutional care. Otherwise. It will be at least another ten years before vampires were. All right so we're back at work somebody would summing Covington he's what college kids. And Tommy's talking to us about his organization but before we get back to Tommy. I let me go to the phone lines up phone number is 512643. Lied that's 5126435483. Come and talk it. So Jim. Right so Jim your your talked to us about. Just everything constitutional Kyrie. You know you talk about that can still care reciprocity bill that's before our US congress that senator John Cornyn as she actually wrote. I you're talking about the ear protection act that bill. And an end so tell me what your thoughts. Well like this since they are insured group also bulletin happened news or use it if what kind of special period in our troops. Madam of you know corporate down broad. Serum. Or worsening repeated the US car burst into and especially in the legislature. Nolan you know emotional and Kirsch. And it it's a major concern among them you know their weapons or power but there are many many people hear the report card. But it's gumbo or Michael. It's it's and I wish more because that I'd actually get. People every day will ask me about the console care reciprocity bill that's know about the the ear protection act every single day and then I'll in my response to them is have you called your. You US senator Andy Coulson and John Cornyn and he called senator Ted Cruz mr. sinners you know there's two sinners for each state. Any contact them and let them build you want this bill passed. You know so what have you done because it's it's it's gonna take more than tissue GM is gonna take more than me is gonna everyone else because they hear from you. They hear from me. They got to hear from everybody else and so that's what I just remind people that you got to contact them. You gotta call Laura US congressman got a call US you're you're you're senator worlds is a little six to them and one dollar I go down the line. Look slow and don't sort of Oklahoma Spiro was remember on the one good our approach we have we are virtually all the troops there aren't very liberal. And there's there's a bill for SP ours at all I'm. And a more accurate and it and you know what are hey Jim you know the funny thing about this is the bad thing. Is that. If this does not get passed before. The mid term elections then we're done. That this worked another thing that I remind people love. Due in mid term elections the house or the senate looks the opposite side of who Sydney in the White House who is as control over the White House so there's a Republican controlled the White House. The net means either the house of the senate is gonna flip the Democratic Party. Recurrent that's not always happens in so if we do is we do not get. Any of these bills passed we don't get to cancel care reciprocity bill passed within the next year. If we do not give the here protection act passed within the next year then we're done. Well it's. Dorm where Cabrera from pearl. Who is different for you need tennis I'll do. View our parents and the other barrels. Comfortably on Europe's current crushed if they're from all the way of their repair now. A lot of wasted time wasted time there's always time now yeah I'm sort of going. Bills that we consider important for such an amendment issues. Are. The computer or career but it in my longer so it's a lot of Omar and you your friends about my you don't. Now you're you're dead right you'd get rain in that any anyone in this out of my voice if you're concerned about the can still care reciprocity. If you're concerned about the here protection act you've got to contact your years congressman you've got to contact a US senator also damn. And let them told that hey this needs to be done within the next year it's got to be done within the next year. If they don't do replace some data in and take exactly let nobody you're gonna support their opponent because this is what year and this is what you want. And Matta thank you ever receipt for you supporting their their opponent if they don't do it. Remember I told but I don't think you're considered her own accord armor. But keep calling keep calling keep writing so I don't stop him your thought or whatever it is is not even you Jim I know you do your part. Trust me I'm not I'm talking to everybody else out there silence in the last since. Who wrote shuffle whatever audio whatever through pure sort of girls and how strong Euro and district. Anderson I'm reluctant. What can wander a little little. OK and thank you that to have room will remember it well what you're. You Perelman sanction Newton what we're about love record. And which and we're trying we're pushing we're trying but when the other team because they see me you know they see you you're always near and you're always at the capitol I see you at the capital G have. I think you're always there and they see me you know and the like OK you'll hear this guy you know be here they come again. Yet because you know we're we're asking for this you know deep we need everyone's help team we need your help if you're listening to us we need your help if you want that cancel care reciprocity to pass. You wanna be able to Kyrie yearned he and gun. In every state and we want them to recognize your kingdom license from the state that you live in just like a driver's license. Your driver's lies is is recognize and every state right now. So if you want your kingdom licensee recognize and every state they got a pass to cancel care reciprocity no there's no reason why they shouldn't. And here protection act. Honestly that we really need to hear protection act the past there's no reason while why bet device. Should not have been legal years ago used it. What's it made news in the movies and it's only in the movies and. Please call all the vultures for month or it's there Lohse threw a thirteen minute sort of emotional when it looked. I was and so law motive in the yeah. I just sort thank you bought make you you know you know you have talked about football wants to have a broken record food and you're becoming you know much. Number we do yet we do have to keep reminding people every show we got to remind them you push me and I wore remind them you can seem to push me an album continue to bring it out. Because they're listening it they're listening they can hear us the powers that be are definitely Lucent's initial trust me I know they list. Off at its lesson in the rule is to add constitutional caring to the special session and stability in their listening the powers that be a definite list and controlling him like cruising. Calm him like every break. I think Jim. And I call I call in numbers 512643. Live at 5126435483. Come and talk in the legal line three wood been. Yeah uncommon talk. Hey how you aren't going to take Michael keep hearing you sir he going to. You know arm that. Arm arm of the positions it you know I don't know if the mild mannered. Is really gonna do much here we did that for you cure intact and we didn't make progress. And so we started to be open carry protests and guys like Corey wants and flamboyant he walks around target with an AK 47 around their back. That got national attention I got international attention even Al-Jazeera covered. I think we need to be a little bit more balls in our actions and not saying that we do anything crazy right. That's what gets people riled up. We can call the senators and the congressmen till we're blue in the face it is and I know a lot of other people that do to put. Got brought change for I think we need to go back and. You don't actually brought this up less show in year on the south and because. Yeah people are complaining about especially Austin or complain about different people move in from other states in Austin. You know and I said wolf you know to solve that problem I get dean is on unsold cove where everyone hangs out Billy you know T and trumpets. You know as Goldman caring people tearing down as we need to get back to open our. I'm exactly bills they'll send them right back to California red back in the New York so we need to get back to that I need low start gonna ranks dual opened I was I need a Saturday opened Cary. Event's master done and Kerry event in over a year if not longer. We have it we have and remember when we we first went to the Alamo and that was a big deal that was parent. But that broke the ice and then after that. You know everybody hit the pavement throughout the state and it wasn't the year two later and we change. Laws that bit and but for entry. After JE SF and you erect the San Antonio. Who's rolled you know they're like no we don't like guns is San Antonio we have laws that much stricter than the state of you know Ben what. Is actually written in the in the Texas penal code or or. You don't in statute where exactly in the end you see exactly got to change the narrative you're you're definitely on the something. We we we have to get back that's what worked. That's what accomplished what was accomplished in that regard or react he'd call on the senators and the congress and all those folks keep Colin don't stop calling. Think what. Let scheduled for an event and I'd like to see them. You know we should do and here's what here's what we do I get it right now we started central Texas gun works. We goal we walk a walk over to the did transit bus station. We get on the capital metro bus opened here and he and gun. We drive on capitol metro bus we eagle all lead down to the capital and then we walked back. Toward you know walk back towards central Texas on where to go past go through so kill south congress. Opened hearings mr. Yeah. It's not like it an eight. I'm not even doing that support this the shot. I'm doing it because we. What we we need we need people support the shock because you're one of the most vocal garden store at the rest of the campaign. FF fell lighten up guys would speak up like here we wouldn't have this problem. True I appreciate that but we deck here and give us something we need to get back to the base we need to open Kerry walked in and and I know old Tom. I know you out there I know you can hear me. I I'm expecting you to play in an open carry march real soon. In this summer's almost up we begin back to the basics and do open carry event I know you can hear me lone star got a race I know you're listening we'd get. Get back to bases in do open carry a walk. Stern I need I need to exercise any exercise of my life anyway and it's our sweat and. It was it was regular events are remembered Horry Watson's quick with march twice a week and Perry county twice a week. Regular. They'd be on the street corner somewhere. Somewhere in Tarrant County twice a week. That's what does that put the pressure that's what made the difference in that. If you wanna end unification if you're worried about cold necks the little program that the city buses done this is your dishes shared. This will solve cold necks this we'll solve huge unification from our pro machines. The current gas. When they're about to go to Google straight back out there like though these texts say here's the part of this is national rest rest that happens do you think California will abide by that don't like following federal law anyways so do you think that California would say oh yeah all right cool. And I don't think so they won't have a choice you know either that or you don't succeed. And they can afford to they're they're wanna try to Trabant it affords you think they can afford to do not at all. I manatee they can be and I really appreciate your call and I expect net effect expecting you to goal on lol star gun rights. This page FaceBook group they're page and tell them we'd schedule and open carry law we did is real soon. And I end. And we're on the phone we're we're still talking with Tommy Covington he's with colds kids. Organizations are really afraid to go into inner city but Tommy commented in his family. They're not talking about it they're being about it this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. Hello this is Gerald already have the precinct three county commissioner here in travels Campbell and you're listening to common topics. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas we days five to seven on talk thirteen seven Michael Berry show. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael Carr guilt. I had so we're back and we're talking with Tommy Covington he'd been coached kids I didn't go check out Tommy's website that colds kids dot com. And that Tommy Covington is the pastor of home and community church an avid hunter and fisherman. Tommy and his wife Stacy or Nate is a Little Rock in their heart is to simply help people. They have pastor churches and Arkansas Kentucky and Florida but Little Rock has always been considered home. And they have two amazing children Madden Alley who's equally share their heart of loving people. Their family believes in investing time love and compassion. Into their community to make a real difference. Tommy learned at an early age that importance of treating every one with the same love and respect regardless of skin color. Kohl's kids. Was started in honor of kids' Covington. Tommy's dad. Who would drive his old shabby pick up. Into the inner city and peak of key is for baseball practice and games and so what talk with Tommy Cummings is a Tommy come on back in here and and tell us a little bit about your dad. Michael mop my father would would always been involved. Tremendously. With everything that we did in and lie. When IA when I got to be nineteen years old my family. I moved to Texas from Barack in my blood he retired some Nike. And they lived down in Houston. And so what my father even even this last week I was on the phone quality and I have my 97 year old grandmother's living with mark. My dad and she had fallen. So my dad met a kid. That will lose 35 years old he had a car wreck and he was in this rehabilitation. Center. And he started talking my dad. About sports and my dad bought him. A couple of baseball hats and and took it to me and I said dad answered why. A kid who taught you to do that because you taught me how to do that I can dish I can remember. Ever since I was a little boy that on Christmas see my dad would go to. Or religions and indicate. He owned a sporting goods store you that you would take kind of gets to these kidnaps her dad who taught you that he said Tommy. Because I didn't have anyone in my life to ever give can be he says debt fueled. Mosque are to be able to get back out. And it really means I need it means a lot effort you know kids look up to someone. Someone they can say you know what I wanna be like this person when I grow up not someone that's on TV so when you can't touch. But someone real and say hey I need to fold this person. And be like this person when I grow up. Yet Cooper here than their big kid the 35 year old that he gave to ads to the next Tom my dad went to visit. He came to Indonesia had on mr. Kim was you know care stargate when a much to my grand. Who's also here. And so you know that's that's what it's all about news. Which you wanna be a part of something bigger than you Margaret that you are it's it's about others and it's not about us. It's about giving if it's it's about giving back. But Michael I do have a question for you and I cannot you at all until apps that support cannot can can add your goals were. Well why did they make you do to the funeral. When you were kept at that fishing expedition when you caught. It's harder and I'm asking myself that question there that prayer you know. Almost fifty years ago and almost fifty years old. And I've been asking myself that question why would they make me go to dispute the I mean. And they made me look at the body and everything you know at aid it it was privatizing I was traumatized as a child I'm telling you. And I don't. Story this is true. I literally at the first time I ever went fishing with my dad. You know he gave me that the fishing pole you know I was little I was I had to be out of the nineteen years old even efficient poll you know. I'd casts doubt it would be do I reel that was really Becky NC I only know the terminology that I hadn't been cents. In some. I'm really did end. And I'm really not let me this is kind of tough like I keep coming keep enough pull an unreal in a really. And it was dead at the eyes popped out it was just may need to see with a fish were just eat in the body and everything I can still remember that my dreams sometimes of tele. Now motel a man that's very that's why don't go fishing mom which in my an obligation. Wouldn't do that blimp that's. Well let them tell you that and there's this and then since. Fishing on some low efficient or saw an honor now on taxes real wild honor and how many people are should assume I saw while honored. Catch a fish practice they open on on Iraq in Italy and then that's that's what I so I went fishing. So. You try again. Yeah I'm still traumatized even even at you know I almost fifty years old and still traumatized. Hey Michael let let me let me interject something be Kurds if she wins solves some of the negativity of people that were saying. It's a white lady put on bear. The knowledge or racist because I was only. Targeting the black inner city kids. And you know in four years of me being an inner city pastor. In addition demographic where I am dear all black I saw one white kid in four in four years. And so we are not excluding any one injured barriers. A white kid an Hispanic kid and Asian kid that that falls in this area that we are Ricci. Oh we we are open to to reach every kid. But it just so happens. That in this area which is the most dangerous area and America. It is it's per normally act and an eloquent. And a given those stats again give those that she gave for Austin. And you compare them to Little Rock so people know that in Austin we all the other week. Have almost a million people and actual city limits and then it's it's Robby is actually over a million by now. I would suspect is back in 2016 a lot of people even if I guess that's. The question thousands sixty numbers the population of Austin was roughly 93132. Thousand new hedge 42 murders in 2016. Juxtapose that with Little Rock is a 192000. We've had 39 murders a year to date so far we had another murder. This morning and so. You have a one in 5000 chance of being murdered. Men in Little Rock. It's a one and 67 chancellor. BM. A victim of a violent crimes when so it's yeah it's it's dangerous. But but you know it's been people last annual what are you gonna do issue if you get killed on the air. I'm gonna go to heaven. It's a study it doesn't matter and show. Yeah we have to upstairs we've we've had a few things happen but 99%. Of the people. Are very open and welcoming to us. Because they know we're there to help. And a lot of people want to run their mouth and and say negative values are saying we have a problem. But they don't wanna get out and he saw and you NHL I don't think that racism is alive and well it is unbelievable. When you get your hands dirty so to speak and get out in the community. And you start reaching out to African Americans. A lot of people believe they have a problem which. And it and that's a whole another show that I can't even get an answer that's what drives me. I'm just I'm really did a little floor and adds I can't believe that you're getting flak. A fraction Gordon's inner cities you know in in their city. And trying to help these kids and put them on the right path I just I don't understand that I'm I'm just really well these. He and in a lot of it is just ignorance on on the people. I think it's really if they really want to. Learn about someone you've kids you get involved now. And Ashley could make it meat markets and then naked meet. Don't markets and they can meet regularly and that leads toward the American League all these kids. Elijah and Jeremiah. Demand they're just kids and they need help and they need direction. I'm just fortunate to be a part of a tremendous organizations do not. You know there's a saying that you take the most flak when your right above the target. Me. Well mr. That's needles all biblical names do that you just called off and that's an area. It's astonished and you know I'm an endured but you don't the right thing you're actually. You know your your savings in your life savings. A year you're doing your passion what you. Want to do it in its working is obviously working in these kids are actually love in this in the you know they're loving the man to ship. And I wish that the NRA and I wish that he you know the a national shooting sports in any other organizations out there can give you you know any type of assistance any type of help. I'm so I'm sure I'm just trying to think of stuff and I think if anything I would deftly reached out Tia but I am definitely helping out with the insurance I think there's a practice solutions you insurance there you go back and ethnic health as well. His. You know I think it's important that we teach young kids there they're right way to Hamels arms and a lot of the stuff that happens in these kids are actually currently. Discharging a weapon because nobody's ever ever taught him how. Don't hold one and where to keep your screen Europe the trigger garden and all of these different tags so. It's easy to what is that I would end so they don't have these accidents and incidents and things of that nature in. And get stuck with the wrong crowd I would talk with tiger Covington he's with colds kids that sealed he asks. Kids dot com. I'm definitely check amalgamation gap that rank yet at Kohl's kids dot com hi this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. Street is not to say you Lipton common talk radio what Michael Clark. Keep up with the latest breaking news in Austin and around the world take a moment to make sure you're following us. On Twitter at top thirteen seventy elevenths waiting began just one more way to stay connected with top thirteen seventy the right choice. And I'm I'm I'm I'm. I'm open. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael Carr again. Ask threat no place is called colds kids in school kids dot com. Definitely check them out check out their FaceBook page at Kohl's kids can definitely give Tommy come into a little sisters there to help them with these kids an inner city of Little Rock, Arkansas. But before we go back to Tommy Covington. Let's talk about the mosque. For shock waves with the lone star gun rights. He knew for 2017 and when an MS RP a 455 dollars the Mossberg far not a shock wave as a fourteen inch pump action firearm does not require any NFA paperwork. The gone comes packaged and a basic cardboard box with two decals owner's manual mosque for Brandon gone walk and a letter from the Department of Justice explaining the legalities of a gun. Because they bring your receivers fitted at the far through the consumer first and set of shoulder stalk it's considered a pistol grip on the farm. If the overall length of that farm with a pistol grip and Vera once stalled is greater than 26 inches in the barrel can legally be shorter than eighteen inches. And the case of the fourteen inch barrel mosque for 590 shockwave the raptor birds had gripped gives those gun and overall length. A 26 point 125 inches that makes the shockwave legally considered a firearm and not a shotgun. The gun features the hard handed out as aluminum receiver. Fourteen inch from our blue steel barrel per hour speed site. Shockwave technologies birds had grip and industrious taught not at safety and shockwave technologies rapper strive for and the fit finish and quality of the gun is good and it feels solid in your hands. The shockwaves capacity is five plus 11 loading tuned recorder in shells when loading three shells the capacity drops to four plus one. While shooting the gun it was difficult for me to raise the gun to a level of the font B site was actually useful. This has to do with the angles first I agree it's going to be an uncomfortable for me to spend a terrorist much more than that laws. This may vary and not be as much of an issue to someone else. For the your reasoning gun upper shooting from the hip you're really not using the front sight and with despite this I was still able to put many rounds on target of seven yards. I had a lot of fun shooting the shockwave and it's definitely a lot of power in a small package that being said it was hard for me to really find the practicality and but if you're just looking for gun it was a blast to shoot this one fits the bill. We also relate to see firearm manufacturers pushed the limits of the and a fair requirements. Pointing out how ridiculous some of them are. Hopefully someday we will no longer have these requirements. All right so that was that low star gonna race about the must purge shockwave that that's. Nice piece you know equipment deer have been. It's practical C doesn't wanna. Check out that video on on UT even see it that works out for you because you'll see just that she fired again tests out a little bit. The week that they were ordered like crazy and so. It's kind of turned the whereas look at the sharply as. It's like my denture. I'd love to have my venture to create great little gun does say she and I gotta dance you know Islam does say I got list. But I couldn't you can sit right here with ad campaign dude it has now backers that he is just as she. Oh man Qaeda I think hey I gave someone that for a prison you know was built vocal and and then they're injured in the double. This is cool as she doesn't with a ever financing effort are ever. I've I've shot my it's it's hard those things are dangerous and that Sugar Bowl is insane because it doesn't have a guard or anything so that they're cute it's nice is key it's nice to have the zone it's our show beer hey America got this part. Don't touch it. They're fired ever. I think we're back we're talking with Tommy Covington Tommy we get like about ten minutes and souls we were talking about either your dead in how. He got started with your dad in how you Ian Kennedy name be your your program that's your dad by the name that colds kids. In and I as seen in the funny way is SS my accent and a bit. Yeah I know you can't straight code I can't say clothes. And you just did polls closed the lead and then. A in fact we're going right now to bide the domain curbed kid CO BP ads to re direct beyond. Two COB yes because of how you turn outs comes here right yeah death due to. He's done a wonderful thing happening but it. Appreciate it man. Yeah ma when my father. Mean and he's a Texan now my little sister graduated from. University of Texas are my brother did not sister graduated from Texas and around us and so yeah they have that are going on Bart. But yeah they're all down detection and I don't know I miss him dearly but I'll talk to add. Or sometimes. A week into every good son should still have your dad. All in and reach out to him because one day you're gonna want your kids to call you. And so there you have it. And that takes a lot of really appreciate that because I'm a mother's Lleyton I listened to text messages seem he's got called me. Thanks class or economy. Residual dummy look and say hi Dan Burton there are expected equity arm. Mom and dad both Baghdad that it did it for about shoppers are sick around six days. Of man if that's so what is your what are your what is your son think about what you're doing eases the you know you spend enough time with him. My sorry is. In the you know hunting industry needed actually producing. A hundred show. And shall we we get to spend time together. I'm my son is my hero and he is everything that I wish I would have urged. Dan as a young man and unfortunately I took a wrong turn. Very very early in March and now only came back around at the age sturdy well Mossad is my hero. And and so yeah we. We speed and countless inch actually get so mad at me cabal like facetime he's old and and he declined to must facetime. Until it finally gives in and so yeah we might stand a little bit too much time together. In my daughter's sixteen. And wow what such an amazing amazing young girl. Who hasn't unbelievable partner love these kids. Second to none. Yeah we we have we have someone in in a common in a friend in common actually had done manned Jones. And he does the same thing he will face time mean you know and they're just the worst congress ever gotten the worst crimes he will face time in my youth. Faced I mean right Aaron usually. I noticed is whenever we will look phased timing. Listen the I'm never done based Imus I have facetime does declined the call and does make a normal one. Unless they do and I don't need to use in my house that it's at the whip. Or at least at least you know he's starting to accept your facetime now use the U act. I give people that want an answer the phone out text them they'll answer that ran away you call them I get no answer. Eagles voice sure. They sometimes do a spot where you have your phone but you can't talk on you can only tax. Can. That it story. Your rag had exactly. Happens it happens route Alcantara. Aren't. Just going to did you did exactly. I it's Tommy tell little once again how to find you on FaceBook in on your website. We are comes kids and CE OV. Apostrophe NS KID adds. You can try concentration mode you try this on our web site it's COB a K I DS dot com. We'd love to be able to her to interact which you if you have any questions if you'd like to start something like this. Please don't hesitate to call me my cell phone number is on the web site. Called me and I'm not here to talk with anyone that has any questions about it and Michael and the guys at the station I really appreciate. This opportunity is it means a whole lot to me that you guys would be interest it and what's going on out here and what Iraq one. And I'm honored to be on your show so wanna thank you. I really appreciate it gives you donate agreed saying. In Little Rock I wished people would do this in all the inner cities you know decent Chicago Houston's fifth ward ma'am absolutely. You know it kaczynski's to get done so he's going end. And and you know not be afraid that you know to pull him out and say hey let's go. Let's go out. As a candidate for the weekend you know and and get a taste of life and nature. And see what you know what things are all about outside the city. Lots of animals out there and lobster and he really did but you never know. I. And did you floater yet it never got to trust or you get in the inner city now and you've got to the country so are you fishing man how is this is the city. Actually it wasn't a bad day you were in the country buddies rather the country on earth Carmela. Primarily ambassador pray that the cancer and the cancer will see if I think I've got a Little Rock thread Little Rock first. Though Tommy I wanted to come and let me and a depend on you do you know leaves the in the path of righteousness. You have to go on extra early and go up and down the entire bank side to make sure there's no dead bodies and then go back to get my commando. Can't you can take it to a place that her. Will not have bodies floating. If because I have a dream that one day for our local bank fishing and I will not pull anything out we can they are losing to anybody that aren't Texas days now Leyland and but the there is that the little at Texas say that's a little. That little ponder what is the old jump in when they graduate. And that's a little pond they don't and I talk to other body farm where they study how bodies and those old guys know now that added that as like Billy and. This. Surge could spin it as they're a rough crowd here is really revved up this until hardware. Being cruel of me every night. Nightmares of the year and then they give me a hard time of that amount that you and I areas and cry and send me on the bank side pointing and laughing at. Als and they're crying all curled up and you know a little baby yeah okay thanks a lot appreciate it. That's anyway thank you Tommy really appreciate what you do and thank you I conceded that. Continue you know it'll it'll stop and I know you gonna get some negative feedback out there that you don't a wonderful thing. I bills people are just afraid to do you're doing their skaters say exactly they're scared because you're actually going into the inner city. In your reach in your grabbing these kids and you're you're being vet father figure that they need. Yeah I appreciate it acres are very much are you have a wonderful rescue weekend. And that was Tommy Covington would. Colds kids. It doesn't merit. So it's okay because kids definitely check out their website is club's kids. Dot com in the air on FaceBook helps kids we put the the go to FaceBook live video you can check that out we got the web site on the year and also. The link to their FaceBook page and they diesel is a lot of great things a Little Rock there were trying to bring. Bring new people. That are doing things around the country better in the positive nature for the shooting sports. Hunting fee Sheen or whatever. And a lot of people aren't a doing things out here. And they just need to be recognized for the fact of the end for the hard work you're doing in this guy he is he's given up his life savings. And he society news begins say hey you know he's gonna stop working and this is my passion this is what I'm gonna do and he's doing he's not talking about he's actually be in about it. And a lot of people don't do that. So. Is always. Be safe out there have a great risk you weekend the sea of Boston's looking beautiful right now we can see the UT tower we can see. We can see just the tip of the capital we only seem to suit me just give it to the capital but is looking beautiful downtown Austin traffic is flowing nice. Is always ask. More guns equals less crime. One by yourself object even listening come and talk it. With Michael cart. It keeps. And breaking news exclusive contests and more delivered right tier rim not to like knowing things doing the right choice club let's talk thirteen seventy dot com and you'll be in the just go to top thirteen seventy dot com and click on the right choice club from top thirteen seventy the right choice.