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Sunday, September 10th
Come And Talk It, for September 10.

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It's time for Cummins socket with your host Michael Cargill. Trust you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army. And the chief national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine. Fox Business news CNN money. AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael kargil. Good game Austin, Texas is the Latin music capital of the world list praise the lord and pass the ammunition. I sold today a week at a lot of talk about we're gonna talk about some of these fake online handgun courses and on. That we're actually seeing in better heating the state of Texas also we're gonna talk about no firearms allowed in shelters. And then we're done a chatter about cold necks and density and what exactly does that mean. And also a nurse gets a rested in you topped what you know what blue lies really do matter. And so that's globe and also things are gonna talk about today so fake handgun license course let's chat about that first. So apparently in that there's this thing that's gone out around online. To win giving your handgun license course. On line bull that you can do in case you can't get your handgun course online but not in the state of Texas ship. That's gonna be for like Virginia he did one in Virginia. And Kerry in Virginia but that's gonna be a little more expensive. Because these state leveraged Virginia is a hundred dollars. Ending you still gotta pay the course fee. So you're actually paying more money too giddy Virginia license a you're not fighting now that that's Virginia until you get down to the any actually paid for it. So don't get hoodwinked. Into wasting your money and pay in for some type of online handgun course and take your butt into a classic if you wanna get the license very go take a class. Sit down and get the laws of the state if you leave and which is a state of Texas I also were talking about no firearms allowed in shelters. Well apparently when people were evacuated for hurricane Harvey. The whipped into a sheltered. Down in Houston and they were surged at the door would not allowed to bring their guns inside the sheltered some people say what you need to beat a guy into a shelter. Now people are stressed out and shelters. You know they're really need they're they're kind of stress you know because of what's going on it just had to evacuate from their hole and now they're stuck in the shelter when you know what I'm stressed out every day there's not a daily news on this earth and I'm not stressed out you know what. I carry three guns on me. And so if I wanna carry my handgun eSATA to shelter the you know what I'm gonna do that because apple license to carry he had done and that a Smart right under the Texas State law. So let's get over it also comes next and density what does that really mean all you know cold necks which is. What is code next let me let's go to Libya Libya tell us what is code mix I. Really even know anymore. Kodak seems still there right now have been finally catching on for. For east Austin I it's and we are in the second rafter connects cut taxes being you CD. Land development code plan because we've been stuck with the existing plan for what seems like fifty years it depends on the talk. We're talking about the rules foreign you know. How do you get things done in Austin as far as building is far has been able to expand expand your business as far as being able to build. Maybe a second story anger house you know we're talking right those rules and selling them done too Sony is planning major fighting parcel packages all the whole thing about cold necks is Disney they're pushing this DNC right that's a cold toward people. Density. Here's a bad news to me you can't. We'll wanna do is you wanna put you in these high rises. And and build these high rises but shops at the bottom we're gonna stick you in these high rises. Also you're gonna rent those and Kate and I to be all can't dells and things of that nature we're talking rental properties they gonna read these little high rises and move in the air. And also we're gonna put whatever we want in the at least. Do you know that in all of your government housing. All of your government housing you're not allowed to bring any firearms because that is in the least the contract that you signed. That's government housing now exactly but. Also they're doing that in apartment complexes in Austin not. How long you have the oil that you have a choice to read Julius everybody knees Surrey there Lee sack because a contract you understand that contract you don't have to live or you live that they don't allow firearms. Or. Accessibility to your firearm. Without triple checking in or whenever they TI to sign that contract I had a compartment. But think about dizzy in actually what does that mean city gonna stick your this highrise but the little shops at the bottom and then make you. Want to take public transportation. So now with all of the natural disasters that we're seeing hurricane Harvey hurricane. Karma. Hurricane Jose in I think Jose is really chase and Armon because that. I think that earned its trip the terms kind of pissed off because she's an end because I'm seemed that she is she's mad because her to build a hurricane. I think her and Jose will be messing around in our. Why don't go there because I think I'm a found out and now are not. Is is is she's looking for is she wants to get your butt holes facing no honeycomb backstop you know we can't make it our about it but since it but. Burma's Smith and so that's what's going on there where we have these natural disasters that are that are happening right now. In if you're. If you have to depend on public transportation. If you have to depend on the government to come get you to transport you from point to point B because he forced you into this density style style living. That's gonna cause a problem. Well and also a lot of this density that we're talking Alec Kodak's happens to be focused on the east side and done. The site is the lower portion of cost and and that's kind of a downhill and so a lot of connects so hear them talk about impervious cover and I did try to get the mayor to. Actually define that the meeting he had he's until some last Sunday and he never really got around that. So east Austin is built basically in a flood plain and there are parts of central Wisconsin that you have flooding areas that you feel notice shall create a retirement floods against rebuilt literally overnight. And there's portions of its awesome that that's still not happening with the soleil and damaged and a lot from an increase flood someone not. As so you know when you're when you're adding density engines and dizzy doesn't just mean one building it means a lot of buildings and and an area and I know that we had people on her last and they are talking about Antarctic being dense but we're not talking and I and article retain not east Austin. As a want to talk about is turning Austin, Texas into a place like New York city's what you're talking about. It really what it boils down to essentially that's what that's what it it it. Looks to pan out as but the consultants repeatedly said there's no. Comparative data there's nothing they can based on because process so unique which is exactly why this is kind of like them. The city's biggest social experiment ever its. It's not being handled the way it should handle these are people's lives and they're going to be building and and they are there there's that whole entire chapter of codecs that talks about. Reducing parking spaces and so yes like yeah it does like the municipal government is forcing you to take a city bus and if you have children there's only one and Children's Hospital on east Austin and it's not nearer. I mean if your child is having an emergency or something you're gonna be forced to take the bus so awesome I don't know how many people had to do that. I am I turn to take a bus and just to they HEB on 51 street and. Hold that thought before he's finished talking about that also wanna talk about four go to our break the interstate got to rest I'll talk a lot of people upset about that nurse that got arrested in Utah. Still this nurse was in the hospital Utah and useful to draw blood from a patient. Apparently the patient got to some type of car accident with the law enforcement officer so he wanted to draw the blood. And so. As we talked about this on line a little bit right Libby yes again and some people get upset because I meet Joseph blow you know. You know often. They officers' lives and attitude you know lack and he was just doing his job and you know and she should just comply. She is doing her job issue is actually following hip. Code which is a federal law exactly as some federal over Bryant's city any time any given day I'm sure she's gonna win a lot of money from now lawsuit on Asia Asia. And I mean the thing is like you know like I said earlier online Ivan nurses reject drying my glad because I have really tiny veins that are hard to get to you and I did not body slam no body into the ground the plot. Lying is he was wrong because I always down first you cannot force. A nurse that she draw blood. You know just like I cannot force one in my sales clerks to sell someone again. The bottom line is she's wrong. You can't force of police officer to arrest a black man because he's I mean we can play that game all day long he was wrong as she was right and I hope that's a human this lawsuit. But you see what happens when we have we know white girl down. You know it did my thing is that people get so upset about different little things in this world. You got to learn how to agree to disagree. You know you just you're not gonna agree with everything that someone says you know we talk model is different things on line. And I get some people that you don't get upset with me and because something that I said no if you thought. Then I was actually serious. About agreeing with the fact that the officers you know arrests this lady in you have to listen to me not one I love you in her life exactly. You know. Yeah. I mean Beck took one for the team I gotta say nurse Becky took one for the team as she took one and four. Everybody what is said bill is that we take something like this facility until I realized that there's a problem with. You know that mentality right and then people say that wolf it's the one bad apple yield debts in the bunch will what happens to the one bad apple. If you have one bad apple on this his buddies to teach kids you know that we're trying to get out of trouble VM one bad apple on a bag of really good Apple's not one bad apple gets for his within 24 hours. The toxins that are released from that bruised apple starts affect all the other Apple's 24 hour person. And so one bad apples apples but stand fast and also we have Sid is that studio we have. Coach how do we care tackles will air welcome to come talk to sir. Thank Q. So glad coach where it was coached track coach at east until listen. Yeah 22 years 22 years wow how did you do that for twenty years in Houston. Yes we got to eat your like his ego like what you do anything it it's thereby any thing that you give in to you have to lie dead and the sound like coaching occasionally. She ended Lisa says sort of what do you do and not be a means is acting. Make sure that whatever you do in life it is to. It's a two can't stand it you likely you don't like I don't even any advice from beginning and is saying they don't like you don't do things is because some ideas mentioned. And we're gonna it's ugly culture where about what's going on the east Austin wood with that code Nixon also density also we have done. Inside the stadium will get my friend jelly jelly luckily I've become its socket. Our car turns on her. Thanks these remaining. And so she's got to leave us soon she's a day went to DC to date the flag locations getting all emotional. Cranking out the stuff like that and and yet where we actually hijacking a for a little bit to talk to her about code Nixon was going on in east Austin. Also because we had a little form and he's in Tilson this week won't last weekend. About that in and also we have Sid who steal a Vinny who. Step on them to the Mike sort of go out of the in so many who is. You're hip hop artists correct sir Harry is so the reason I brought you into steel because you actually says some stuff that she touched me. At the event. And last weekend and I liked the way you worded some of the things as some of your concerns about what's happening in east Austin he talked about why you're leaving Austin. And this is the problem yeah they're they're a lot a lot of demographics that are coming to Austin that are coming to Texas but there's one Denver graphic that's leaving. And they we're also was demographic for the city who loves to boast about so it's something that. It is very irritating to me I think most important beyond me being irritated Denise dubious solution. Or is like if we all go it's like oh quit selling the city as such. If we're gonna for not here actually so it's something very important to me. I swear talked about all of that today is going to be a really quick shall we talk not fade on line here and done courses don't give a good week would talk about no firearms allowed in shelters. What talked about cold necks medical worker called density what does that really mean to you density and the nurse gets arrested in Utah. Blue lives matter. This is Michael Cargill and few are listening to come and talk. This is Britney blame and I thank levels and is from Michael's cart now I'm coming pockets. Top thirteen seventy is everywhere with a new talk app to get it now at times thirteen seventy dot com it's. It's. It on the line. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael Cargill. Do yes I got to take back church taking wade back. That's ranked this high so we're talking about fake online he and of course we'll talk to my new firearms allowed in shelters are also talking about go next and density. And what that means to a apparently got some comments on line. And Dave's soul who's on the commission for a coach knicks has got some say what does Dave have to say I'm a league. He's coming through this and he is on the advisory. Board and he said come next is about choice my call. No one is plain to stuck in any forum housing innocent his or her will no one is going to be forced living our thinks. Did already know once and no one's been forced out of their homes east awesome it either Diddy Saleh is solid. It's forced out of their home right dean right game right with you tell us cause we know that in Clarkson hill and I guess they stated we Dave you call until they show okay see that happen day and we weren't you don't be doing that. It does Colin. It up and down on cell. Tell us and I wanna hear from in maybe you. How would share your thought you were. You at this event last Sunday in and you heard the may hear talk about code necks and bubble ball full for a I have you respond to me tell you something about you know. But they asked this little video the mere. On YouTube or FaceBook with he was showing people how to make little gift baskets or something like that for the needy. You know the last thing I need to see in this town. Is the mayor who lives in and the W. On the top floor. So it's you know sit in his office telling me showing me the pin is and how to make a gift basket let me tell you not lived in the giggle Fort Lauderdale, Florida. I miss Graham for days given one year. So I don't need him to tell me what I needed to to put some things together the go says some people that's the last thing I want to do. You know what mr. Mir while she says some money down to Houston or something like death put up or shut up though so don't on FaceBook YouTube and and show exactly and show me how to put some craft together. You can't show me nothing I got so stricken time. Please Pargo hitting in the U. I have had a heck I'd. I Khomeini who. OMB ENI HUTA dad dad. With that being said I can't speak on any any of that I didn't what you can talk about you know your idea of code Nixon and what you experience was at this meeting. Well you know yeah that's gonna affect east Austin and I currently live on east Austin and live off of fourteen street. And it's it's one of those situations where. I've seen my ring co each year. I don't see like the house that Livan going go up each year by the house being ended is an increasing but I see. A lot next to me see. Black family slowly moving Al and then warmly people moving and and now I've been trying to understand like okay how do I stay comfortable in the city. Whenever where. So many things are changing. Play all these changes are improving mileage for my peers and I think I live in the house. Those mostly black man. And I think we're at every days they only how do we pay rent this month. And like our opportunities are opening round of the writers like in Austin and they as a musician especially one who makes the pop music. Industry doesn't lean towards us so. We have to create opportunities our own we have to I guess even bring flaws too like their own events so that we can put our area our industries. On display. And actually up until this week you know they anymore anybody. And that look like you'll need commissions yeah. So it and that's and I'm glad I'm here I don't know legacy at the end. And now I'm glad that. I'm glad I'm here to speak. And that I being that commissioner in that town hall meeting last week. I didn't see anyone that looks like I mean there as in the owes someone who. In their mid twenties. Who creates art who wants to be a resident in the city for X amount years I didn't see anyone speaking. Everyone. Was coming from my odd thing here for thirty yards in your pretend. A my way I hear interest are different from mine even though we have the same interest to keep in this city diverse. It's like wait Noah speaking to my struggles to my problems so and that's why go next may be answer easier prey is yet I but I. I don't know I don't know those. The legislation changes in that. And like when I see and everyone's talking not new to cup Pataki and we talked about a formal house and we're talking about. You know get you into your place that you can afford and have been all those things you know. At the bottom of those buildings we have all your resource rent if you can get a job into one of the English and worked their best we're talking about our. I would 'cause degree. So late that it. So China and nights because it's like. Once once again I see creatives as Greece's and way it is that's slackening keeps you from playing the point he. Arson is full of those jobs weary years that you can be comfortable. Just like I made it hedges this month. Have enough I have enough to right by my my alcohol and my other indulgence. And make it into the next month. That doesn't that does it help change this place I think all these new high rises and on like I think they're actually being built. I know the conversation last week was about four wheel housing vet. What high seas condos. You I see condos being built for imaginary people. Rather than people who actually live here. A leasing coast where because I saw this sign as I was driving in today I saw this sign that was read on 35 in a let's see it was like twelve street. At that little Mexican rest. Appeared with the developer Sino yeah dad and asked talking about trying is to keep the community in the community in Iraq. Haggling over that property L yeah and so they just saying it's very interesting because what's because it they have built right there roadblock the capitol view. I wish we talked about trying to sow so what are your thought toxin in my. You're seeing them in my thing was that we gave that. That show and is toast. The bottom line here as we got always had a glass is going up any closer. We got all these high grass is going hugged a problem that we daily news. Where all we going to have Al east play and sports. It's all applause can be grown to cut the trees down five roused and keeping our terminal can begin building. Let me ask ridiculous. You know you may put affairs don't ability doing New York. An issue basketball again this is not a prison time. Awarding we have it we're gonna Crete at this for let Chicago. We're just not good don't I know that that does not go you gotta go and upon you got you got tons of eyebrows around you got there one little plug and wanted to space. They have footage is go play. Does not good. We we got from him now you know did you got track who has run around him can't use of the to schools they paying taxes instead beautifully do dad didn't get a piece of more money to. Used it tracks he has done in the connect acid before that we wanna why these cues from Hughes and ask him are you and we'll party Q mark because no I want menacing. And it did the did billion too much and it is is tumors. Outsiders Massey Assad is reputed comes in here. And how lonely hello leaving here in Austin forty some years. I have seen other Latin American Timmy anything different than we are not taking care of two people and is here. And lashes sometimes it's from Truman did not tried to get easier feed them but the bottom line is. We have to figure out something not just. This can fifteen years you don't do what you want they're going to win. None and asking is what people continue to vote for the same people in City Council because they know Bono meetings and you don't own a bad. As well but what will put the same people in office. In Austin City Council in there I really do this he allows same how many hours you. Love it now don't promise ranting I'm RC. Don't don't do that and the biggest part of it is you know we. Whether they like it or not. We mimicking at these big cities LA Chicago. In their feelings here and and in their ale and the same thing they note that Villa highrise apartment where he came for someone to gain bristled in Japan into town miles an hour in their failing. This is. Owning a system. We we have no more will remain in. ESATA awesome to be anything. And yet people that are you know that data moved out because they they want they're people that want to have that house they wanna have a yard can be wanna be able team you don't build their little. Fresh trees and festivals and things like that on the property. As let me go to Michael's David you know whose mood out there. You know out of the CD you know away from here three years ago. On the third and NY because you can afford. My name. My rent for a three bedroom house was 14100 a month. And when I moved out got my acre. With a three bedroom two bath house. And I paid 940 Clinton but since then it's risen 9101160. Marketing so taxes have gone out. Religiously high even all the way out McDade. And so. And my the last Hassan lived and that I rented. I can you in the garden I have now my house is probably four or five times better. And a fruit trees and everything Noah. Space from my dogs and I don't have to worry about race. Some problems museum you know more about I highrise and you don't know the shops down the bonds on as Hillary and it is organized people. It is all Iranians and actually being used have not I. I don't where you wanna use that'll limit it. It is guys honest I don't yeah. This unit and I specifically as Dave Solomon says he wants to come on here and troll this page to show me. The success rate of VNU since 2000 is that the city decided this was going to be such a great idea of frost and I wouldn't say he's says as if I was a criminal you know what I like coordinates as a criminal because you can't. Love code name one stop shop oh yeah so the six less strain of being used has yet to be determined there's no data on the brink NG vehicle. Hold on the second hit. These businesses are usually independently on its third change even if theory change and they are not successful most of them don't make it pass a one year mark. Most people though we're designed for the people who worked. Downstairs come live upstairs the rent is so high that those who will not org downstairs couldn't afford it the people that Randall's businesses couldn't foreign their leases on those. Birds kabob which was it's in post south Lamar was that this is a great example being is not working. And it's it's still happy and there's still pushing him there's still building them there's one any sponsor right now there's a tuxedo shop at the bottom. The N and you click is is ridiculous like is is like an Italian soup shop at the bottom discuss cancer in the the regular person can afford to lease space in those places nobody can only afford to lease space in the place it should be like EO Phil is like. Mexican bakery at the bottom or some and it they showed success with having like a real time means in the box there's not give them fresh food stores any spot let's talk about. I Dave's a cool it would be les as far as the pitcher the outline the way the neighborhood looks what does that word. The neighbor big characteristic characteristics of the neighborhood. Let's talk about that for a second concern and a good coach with. Now last teen years and last ten years. They got so many restaurants and wail. And those trailers that it. And did it and then we wonder why you know that America have a bad a hidden of Q is obese is tough and and and and and keep my he's done. They see. And onetime Boston was to what there is it you see in the United States. I don't believe it is that's pretty fair I don't believe it because I turn as an island medium you've read he's now. Our jackets pretty what just as you get and suddenly dollars. Press is foods fried chicken last line Wyatt then you get this morning and you can run I take it a hundred dresses but more more more but what I'm saying is is that. You know. Forget about. Isa if we give them back the keys to forget about people. And touches people's codes of debt that these guys are turning to be hectic. He won't be able to drag on the web that really aren't any easy bundle so actually. You write big guys may Q. Radical X. They are Aminu uses she is not G and we we think there. Now listen to like he hit the nail on the head night. Being on the east side there's a luxury of not needing the vehicle. Everything's at your fingertips. By the way is getting to a point where it is just not gonna make sense anymore like the east that I remember when I got here six years ago. I felt my burger. And then my Barbara through my cousin niece who go to UT easily goes on the Isa I remember when everybody was like now don't go to the east side six years ago. That was the language being is that ET. Now it's like all of on the east side now yeah. I might as he now I don't go to inside you studies adding yet did you get a much food to restaurants of a fact it is funny cynical and I don't you don't do it because it. Did act them out there the characteristics have changed like right next to Las Cruces think I know America. But right next to them loses this place called by Clinton. My only my first song has the word I've been only made his place is cool. It's a slow line. Yet as Kathy. Yeah it's coincidental well it is just like yellows plate thank. Everyone everywhere what he coupled can marches Wilson Betemit al-Qaeda plan how I got the master plan may have been everywhere I go there every everywhere so open carry martz who soared marches and when we come into the eSATA Collins I knew in my own since you do from the then Michael Black mink here and again from eagle learned again. I don't want you can. You know you're. Everything that is still feel bad about these hundred but the unease we all in this together. Whether you white bag looper these guys going to be of watchers of billions. And actually move it seemed that knows your bank but what about the left side Maceda pat. But everything will be fixed overhead you know it. But also we're set in my eyes and why isn't hodac's focus on the east I'm making is I just lets from the left side you know on the trees colony I was quite impressed me nimby is less cunning my word I'm yard nimby look how many. They billion that in my name I don't Indians get have been in that they have not done one job to get things that act is dead after his average down. It's a bloody day in posture that thing is bad. But get billions of many billion. Trying to think about it is some some out of street seized about don't trust from do we. Just tap Baylor. Only major city only major city that allows hazardous materials are drafted or downtown is often just below the antics in no matter. I am the one they houses they say they I'm from Dallas. Dallas is trying to be like Austin. Deep yellow show be like us and even near it ever goes that Alia I love us and language out. Always the other courage confident change their changing characteristics. They did they had his taste entail the toes facing the head and I don't understand why and the city wants to be like these other cities. When knew we had the blessing of of how it was and now we're we're trying to transition into this realm that. It's gonna it's getting capped out and be for me Corning this place is gonna be corny soon and they did. And lived in these Dawson my whole life. And whom lived off a clover leaf and 51. On October 3 channel three and certainly lived there for years and lived over by. I really in for a few years and I lived out and there's French towards Mena. My entire life and you can afford to live here anymore. I don't let anybody in this town hardly because there. Californians and the site only slept. I do anyway. I thought seriously. Hyped I come Austin and it's a rarity that I hear some news. Don't say yeah on the last night and I was born here I've lived here for like you have for forty years. You know it's rare hell even get six years out of somebody is like oh I'm all right I'll consider your last night as you came before all this crap. The consultants for code next are from California I don't know what you always has won again and I only commission actually build Bostonians. I don't though that other salvation and I. You've seen whenever bank they consultants. Who designed code next our from California everybody loved that again everybody looked that's again for just like to use. All we know we come back where we're talked about stayed online and in courses we're talking Michael next article where this density. We'll also talk to my no firearms allowed in shelters and also lead nurse that was arrested in Utah. This is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. Childhood is Doug Ming Zhao. And I get my gun and it's. Michael cornfield Gelman okay. This is your favorite shows keep up with the latest breaking news and more anytime you add top thirteen 78 dot com sock thirteen seventy. Right choice. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael Cargill. Are you can't always get what you want you know sold that's when trying to deal with trying to figure it out sorted all out and and figure out what's the best way to guilt. Until now Houston. With her eighteen. Harvey there's a lot going on ms. Tempers are getting high. Because people are upset because the resource is not going either way they're supposed together not one direction are supposed to get a medal there's a lot of money a large companies a lot of different groups popping up. And people have good intentions are starting you know with the get intentions but then things are gonna wrong down the road and it's going the wrong direction so we got to be a little careful. When Dylan would different groups different organization when it comes to raising money the end and ill someone saying hey you know donate money here or. Come drop offs and you know angle here you gotta be careful with that stuff because it can go the wrong direction and here's what aid City Council members sit down in Houston. Now the last ram will be on the red mosque I'm sorry the Red Cross. And because of Red Cross if anybody wants to donate to the Red Cross please call me I beg you not to send them any. They are the most in out on organized organization than I've ever experience. Bennett king wouldn't fight this thing and we have not seen one person not a single person from the red lost. Yet every stomach turn on the TV they're receiving multi multi hundreds of millions of dollars. What do you guys don't with. How many contractors you help in this wet so to this day. Many days after the hurricane hit I have not seen any single person inking whatever and clearly that's a representative of the Red Cross. He knew opened our shelters. We did he knows sent water. And supplies. We did. Keep believe we have cots we got blankets we didn't get a darn thing from the race. So if anybody wants to send money don't waste your time don't waste your money send it to other causes thank you mayor. And so that was a City Council meeting down in Houston Texas like so you gotta be careful makes you verify these different companies that you work with. T make sure that they're doing what they're seeing they're going to do yak there's no work. There's a rule of thumb when you. Work with any vacuum year or any person that's. That's fleeing and disasters some of those who worked with Katrina. You know the rule of thumb is do not go down to. A an area that's been declared a disaster. Buyer government. And bring back people that you're not gonna be responsible for for three to six months and the thought that means for average person you go down there you just adopted. Thirty or more children and for 36 months and their pets and their pets and their children then you have to be responsible and people get it felt like while. He don't like a lot of people say they're fine policies but they're not saying that. They're not ands and you know I hate to say I mean I act out of the kindness of my hard to like I like helping people to. I'm not an or I'm just one person because I except 100% responsibility for everything I do. Every person I've held during the C vacuum evacuation in this the storm has my cellphone number my phone has doubles I'm forced them and they can call me they still have any means I help you everybody get their kids in the school. I help them get counseling drug counseling whatever they need it. And when you overdo it on a situation because you won media time are you want airplane you start to endanger people's lives. That's when that's why we have I mean sometimes like this is why we have government. You know like the government has to regulate things like that because you can't you can't expect to save people and then the next day be like I'm done I'm tired this onboard. I need more money you can't do that if you're violent C you can apply for emergency disaster relief assistance from the government aid the government will help you. Take care of people that's your choice that has to happen in a timely manner it's a series of steps you can't just be a final one C and then start. To go rescue people you have to you have to go through a system and a process and if you went through the final and see process. Do you need to just keep going if you're not even a final one seat he should not be putting people's lives in danger and take out how people get back I mean there's so many. There's some opening question people don't necessarily want to stay in Austin. In our collective mind. People you should be collecting money lowers your checks and balances system Lou you lose. And make sure I do have a receiver can give you an. I mean it's real problem people take advantage of other people and it it it's an actual lots and ended in Carolina view if you take in somebody who's bent through a traumatic situation and you're and you're not. Taking care of them. Unfortunately as good as or better than the government as you shouldn't be doing it yeah. Yeah period and you actually redness when Katrina hit. And a lot of peoples in an pastor down as a friend of mine here truck he'd load a truck so wins or did meet and everything even radiant. To figure out where I'm wearing it came up truck down nobody sell anything. First of all these people are British frustrated rank and this should not be any holidays to you anything and everything on the truck. But you're right. Mark my company also stratus is what I wanna see and we took a lot of people from. The back LBJ. Took them to. The Wal-Mart and please again real travel policy know as anybody and to. If you wanna donate some money -- can be donated to AGB. Does that say we can't really yeah. Nice everybody needs to give aid to be some credit because I mean they've done this before where they just kind of take over the situation don't even ask. They don't even as even hit down below ten and that's some right way to do it I mean if you really wanna help you get involved with an organization like aid should be EU or you know I mean. The best thing you can do is when you're at the registered don't need a couple of Charles ATP has a artist you can't. Actually see what they're doing in real money is gonna go way this is going to be ECB is on the move yep always. That's AM looking at the updates from hurricane Irma and her cameras actually going to do Naples Florida right now and and it's and it reminds me I'm looking at the pitchers and it kind of reminds me of hurricane Andrew and I was down in Florida and it acts she won't. This hurricane will pull the trees above their roots is something you never heard before and I'll never forget hurricane Andrew. And never sit in the house is it's almost like he a freight train was coming straight heard it was outside the door in a train was going to find my window. I never give them a lot in my life arousal scared. Luckily they were they were those two won't Florida were evacuated. Early. And any how many million mandatory I valuation. And they locked the navy came in on people complain about while you can evacuate 69 easily beat them as if he's Arab he's got. Then he took over that the mayors the governor they asked these fleet is our governor let me lay and not let it. States to come in and help evacuate these people so nobody would act so you question what's Sylvester Turner's motives war and of the Arab and the mayor of New Orleans a city imprisoned right now for the same pain and people are acting like six million people to die on the road. Knoll there and we have this example and right now were about to see side by side what happens when you have a good governor you have a good mayor. When you have this you have control of the situation and that's what. I don't know don't have Democrats and and in the mix exactly as they don't cause a scene. I'm gonna like us the end they'll listen there was a scene that came out from Houston I'm I'm from Houston assembly term a leaf and I was Selma Sammy to evacuate because there was a leak from City Hall from some mr. Turner's office in his and the lady said hey this is gonna be a really bad storm. You all need to evacuate and then City Hall went onstage and said no no everything's on the contrived it's gonna be fine but now we're seeing these this huge catastrophic event happen I mean. Me and it is Meehan a team of of youngsters we were out there saving people with boats. And it it was disgusting to see it was really sad anyway it was a fire department the and the Red Cross where we're all these people that work. Our tax money is going towards. Where where where were they it was literally civilians out there saving people. Out to water to their necks colonists in the cajun navy and and a couple dispatchers here locally in Austin I mean. They eat it really makes you question where where's our money going to like the National Guard are our military. And whenever you would try to go in there and and then try to assist people that would tell you to turn around and that it cannot help so when he what do you do. And then Dana you guys were down in Rockport you know how I would things down in Rockport. It was. Destruction and then Porter and this is garnering just passes almost guarding our ports almost gone. My brother and our street there are only three ounces still standing. Is his neighbors. And the guy on the other side of his neighbor and it's 'cause they have. Hundreds of like a live oak trees that saved their spouses book while anyone that didn't have trees literally surrounding him. Don't. We had a disaster of like torrential winds and flooding in east Los and we don't have any more trees others though and I'm just saying they got trees the last awesome now. Lots of Richard the tree say this Allison is simple histories say no and went and end what. Before you when genetically bubbling. Ferrari or we realize Saturday morning okay so here there are suited even near the entire time since after the hurricane passed through food so elect. Relief organizations did you see down in Rockport it should be National Guard wow nice and. Those guys are troopers everywhere I troopers and everywhere the state trooper helped yeah GPS. They were all over the place just don't stop looting and all that kind of stuff. It's Saturday night we want your limited anyone over in east and I'm just curious I'm just wondering. Act acting because they're afraid well you know I say I'm. I feel better operating it's like. Dynamite dynamite. Some don't don't don't police doubles over in December issue of the public trying to gland helps them give him that people take a shot shots and mean there was shoot them. So you don't get loud isn't Germany's discount and the reason I think you're doing and Kaduna crumbles that they run around. Do they wanna rip somebody else or you don't wanna put these around there's Nellis crazy. So naive. And now living yearly list into the police scanner right I'm on the island part of Blake. Cross you know not only FEMA but also local dispatched teams and I was in onboard at the bomb mines scanners all day long and you mean. People have no idea of what was going on and I would tell all of these groups listen to this scanner before you try to go down there and I mean I was even worried and knuckle went down there and I'll like OJ got taste in Kevlar. Like I was not playing. Because everything did you not meeting he held the resources that you write your own right here in Italy on your own I mean from day one thing you know there were. There are Coldplay you know shots being fired at police officers and he's I mean. People understand that chaotic situation how dangerous and is that it's like for death and if you are ready dealing with an oppressed people or people in that in a situation that. You know. It it's not eat a lot of it if you try to get food I understand that if you're shooting at rescue worst. That's a huge problem like these civilian rescuers also that we're getting shut out. Not just the police I mean the pleas were leaving situations that there are getting called and fourth for looting because it was too dangerous they couldn't get out fast enough because of the floods. I am I know we get around we get them. Like a lot of people coming in from a different different states and things like that had people come in from New York Connecticut Knowles places they were far flying out of New York. Won't you fly out of New York. If your from a different state you have a license to carry guys in New York you can't take your day and it's new York and fly to New York. So we have a lot of people that were coming here you know trying to get they're young guns in the nation to Saddam is suggesting down to Houston and will they were there are getting all worked out I took my guns don't yet AM original Daryle Ward doused there by any ammunition and get stock dove to go to Houston. You know they were doing it you make sure they had to Camelot I told everybody thanks so you have Kevlar and extra MRI so much talk about that talk about a lot more this is Michael Cargill. And Hugh. Are listening to come and talk. This is bigger than it is not a particularly Satan you're listening to common topic on talk. Thirteen 118. This is around welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael Cargill. I think DM those organizations that are trying to promote. The legalization we'd be may have the answer is that they act and into my show and in the day ask where sometimes it pushes me to is what we're light up as soon with. And united say no I'm not gonna do not gonna do McCain's drill isn't bad. I'm back in the Dark Knight a mini level how do you do it you know fifty years leaving wife leaving. Hawaii leaving las Austin's a great places thriving. Why you let them push you out and now huh. Hi how are now being pushed out but the load thinks his social media my my my reach will always be felt in Austin but. I'm leaving because like. Opportunities for me are optimal here I there's a certain threshold. And that it. Has been reached for me here musically. And it has just like a public figure in the in the city. And I feel like OK thank my name my rates or the demand for me will increase when people hear see oh late. This guy has the chops to be around these people in New York or LA. And that's and it's it's a shame you have to leaf. To receive respect from people that see you back I guess it's Alex is go for economics. CMI leniency and they know me as a black dedicated his gander so unless I get a Mossberg shockwave and it remains intact fourteen. How little open carry it and I'm like I'm coming down congress have come for me. I go an angle into that. Outlook what is it that the Sokol yeah I'm good I'm so colon and I'm just gonna stand red Daniels will shout look at my cell phones my mosque per shockwaves are gonna form. Sylvia and I used that they once again and thank. By the end may lead us and has its ceiling. Especially for hip hop artists bank. And like they industries not hear the industry comes in south by. And like. Although Austin artist I've seen participate in Europe and south by in the in the room with hip hop. They ourself by officials but there's levels to it this hierarchies and there is so like a lot of artists that community. It's it's hard to get into you know south by south ways events it's hard to you. In TU was the only the the pistol again ASEAN. It's very hard Ian. And India don't give artists an. It's like ACL as a few. My peers on their line out split. It's it's doubly the bishops. Magna cart mail. But at the end day. They're getting ready to lowers the lowers spots. And night that's because the demand for these acts outside of Texas. Isn't that huge and it's important for me tonight okay. To create the native you know I'm based out of Austin I started my music in Austin but like I am in my local act no. Among global act. So that's that's gonna be the difference and that's why I'm making this chip to like New York LA for two months and then Nigeria for a month. So it's just like yeah yeah acted diversifying. Where people know me because. They when people feel like they have they tweet for axis team. Its like I'll see you next time. I don't need to say anything spoon right now could you be here tomorrow and I have to make sure in that demand at the shore in the supply of me. You know. Isn't paying the first time I saw this young can't speak I had RD loss actually met both of them in the same. Meeting and I Harry lost a Hewlett to relay this girl is about to jump across his room. But when he spoke I was play. This is well Austin is taking for granted this. Is what it cost if you people leave this city in these young people young minorities who are brown into the radiation. But because that's the start let me make the if we can. Olivia leg is feeling is I'll know and analyses that's right. The goddess I'm when it was last when he spoke I was light. This is why I fight fight for people are is because we asked we dropped the ball we should have been more active we should not gonna City Council way before. You existed in Nino. But when these stories of these you know young people. Having this this will battle it should not leave Austin only to come back into. And try to prove yourself and jelly there's not a reason I should be happening Anjelica why you leave and Austin when. Yeah. I there's there's several reasons why I'm leaving Austin one is just the cost of living and me and make a good salary but at the same time I can't. Invests in stocks or anything because I'm having a worry about. Prices of cost of living expenses to get around the city is transportation. It 62. Hours in of all please you you're going to Washington how she. Shahak I got a good subway system read something that I. Oh yeah. Transportation is not has asthma ability Bonnie yeah and I aside and part of this is my fault too you know because it Angelica. You know increase his conservative. Uncertain Latina. You could say and act you don't you show in this town I don't Kempthorne at their anyway he thought and so and that and this is what we need you know losses this is what we're renting out this is why need to go to the polls and bowl. So within a conservative law and said. Not to persist but these same Steve if you banking offices and we have the same results. Yeah Austin. Also leadership here like community activists. Seems like anytime a youngster tries to reach and in help with issues they just take it personally it's like they're gatekeepers. And it's gonna happen yet it's something that I added like about one hour from Houston and people there you know you're trying to grow as a leader your. You're fighting for the same cause and everybody unites for you come Austin and so divisive. It's so the guys that as a sham among minority leadership. It's like we have a lot of minority gatekeepers. Like they're activists but they're gatekeepers they don't linking I'm actually dealing with this right now my home page. I tell people I'll give you the information and a walk away I want everybody to know how to source information but also like you're emergency about an issue. Is not my time if I tried to help you or I tried egging you on baldness something and then at the last minute you wanna jump onboard and I'm already on to the next thing the next huge. Issue. Late it's not my fault you're just now trying to understand something when when someone like myself are Angelica approaches you and says hey I think this might help your cause and you ignore ignore ignore any you Mecca she brings a mayor out. You group didn't bring the mayor Al it was ten years you've been fighting and I'm in the same strategy does not winning is not getting work. All the stayed after after these activists left the meeting. Before it was over. And we all got to talk to the mayor one on one and we don't need to middlemen we don't that is a choice when you keep climbing up the system was fake meetings of bake activists things and Marci I think it's. You're just talking. The what if there really upset me about some of the people in this city on the act to decide is when we have a situation of the naked guy that that was shot the Mickey kid that was shot right David and that point time. That was wind. Yeah we have an opportunity to really make some changes Austin end with the with the law enforcement. We literally had our foot it's right the throats of the leadership in this town and you know let a compromise themselves right out of it. There are busy needing hagee didn't they tell you get a lid had it rain we had sold. And many opportunities you know what the environmentalists. Seem to take over every opportunity and we specifically asked for that meeting with the mayor. For everybody to let people who lived in the neighborhood speak first and they did and I thought that was one of the means that everybody's it was respectful of that basic ruling. Please let the people live here that are are that have prices speak. And I out Blake you and Anjelica did a great job of maintaining Mac and the people that showed up but the me at the meeting was over I don't know if you saw as the mayor was getting ambushed by environments is actually speaking to the mayor and environmentalists in Iraq to me started talking over me. Power play. Exactly what we're dealing with it you have friends there and arm Angeles in Austin and they're not marching with you about police shootings and they're not going. To the school district and gaining PIR packets for you because you're at work and they're in your way. That's sick. That's it and that's off thank you can't have these people show up to the only community meeting that has America's talking about co next where it was a form it was not. Guarded we didn't have we can't have a panel it was people and the Maynor. Period I don't know why it these activists keep complain about the same thing over and over and over and they talk about suing people on doing this and that and having a tantrum about you know what's being built on their side went even know about clinic and they did know about connect. They weren't on the east side talking about it there mark. Yeah but they want you to buy their solar panels you know that yeah he did not when I see these same environments and is installing solar panels on the people in east Austin elderly who have homes whose energy bills are. Astronomical. When I see those environmentalists installing solar panels on those houses then I'll listen to but where are they on the east side or you know it's of food they're trying to they're trying to get votes now they're holding co next meetings. Now the habit because they election is trying to suggest that that's the thing that really kills me here. You know I'm I'm a total my keys and the talk about you know during they're running part of it has done what I do not like. We got people in UCDs they complain about in lunchtime and he can thank sues you ask them full of fun out on two and doesn't have a Kia we. Oh well coaching I just gave and we subtle attempt no you didn't you lead you lose in the club together and you had to drag down. Little nog on Cheney often come on now that you've got to drink Arthur Thomas always tell you when you go. And when you go to elvis'. You know. Then the new one time. That goes does have a twin brother so he all you need to it and he has played well does have a tall and well. In this same girl. Don't promise me something that's right don't do it just a short original authors of this happened in the about eight years ago. His gas was heaven Dennehy was you know I know coach when Bob I you know I can you know me and I muck things about the key it's yet. Come in my office and go right your chair until it offers. Senators are we not imminent the it was correct. Sydney in town of Iran and I think winning on the back when he left old actor in musical odds now inputs dual Ganassi I don't Eagles rallied 200. A computer check. Austin is known I Elise Philanthropic city in the United States and I learned this by working the cultural arts division which were trying to develop programs to do a better job of operations volunteer I'm doing as a as a volunteer because I know that there's a gap between. The the city and reaching out artists like. Like can I mean you'd there's a huge gap some money there the money is sitting waiting for artists who apply for and there are not applying for because the city's not doing outreach much prop my draw. Liz yes some of these so called city so called little activist leaders who have their little issues tee because some of them like. I kind of hooked on drugs and her. Bet there's a lot of problem there is no there there are there's a lot of you know activists leaders of that hurt my busy gaining highway I'm getting phone calls from evacuated as a parent I'm more. Mac because you could see you tomorrow awake is it's cut it comes out it's asserted smell it comes out he pours so you can you can tell. OE console in someone's Dylan too real certain things that are doing. Wanted to do many things are going Obama do anything but. I mean if this is like you've got you've got to understand like if you're not if you're an activist and you're still complain about the same theme being complain about for twenty years. You don't cite your resources you're not a 100% transparent people need to let go of you. You are the one dragging everybody else down people like Angelica she does so much stuff on her home. I do a lot of work on my own all of us have the potential to work on our own. Aside from the government aside from groups and do away what is right you have the choice to go to city council on your own. Let's talk about school closures hazard closes schools down now I stopped when he already use and so Wednesday night anybody who's trying to read about the bond you'll hear and I held at a high. Is already lit up. So this is my yet our request that I am I applied. And a two I ST I got I asked for the entirety of the Bonn process start to finish. -- I won it all public communications at this hour I wanna see. Cool signed what paper to talk publicly about these bonds when the city did have meetings in East Boston I'm not familiar with the buying. I was approached by another activist who's there she's doing a really good job about talking about the bond as she does starter pack program. As she I started bawling her and I actually talked to her about connection talk to me about fine and I didn't understand that because I go to school for that. And so I just bottom line is they're closes schools they're not school seed people. So a activists tend to over communicate their strategy and as for the district picked up on that real quick as another not saying closing they're saying consolidating. And so when you consolidate you cool something you're not seeing your yeah I did not agree on here. This product in delays and their transition to will now we have is vacant building because the schools are consolidated you know so well immediately. Do these urban sprawls gave. Ending at these how to drive gasoline Boston beat up would do is gonna go to school gave any. No they're not only the model where the city demographer said the population's gonna. That they are expecting a deep crease and they. Am means an east Austin and where I. I was raising the roof there red flag not the white one what is is it because your pushing families away. Is that why the pocket. Asians decreasing. And the reason and the reason I'm talking about this topic on the show is because this is gonna increase crime in this city. Crime is this is going to eat it the more we packed people together that's right the more we status. I mean I don't believe there's that imaginary ones eat their greens actual studies on his Barry problem is that. Usually when people's color it simulates incarceration. Yeah. And that's what these years do you live in image and let these people want to be because they're not doing in west Austin. Now there's there's not they're they're the example of pockets brawling is the domain dot the domain was they took they can you know what. Isn't it domain what are the dummies did and I know I know that. There is a marine people that are going around breaking into apartments in the Galena. But so they don't video Bullock who I don't see how high crime rate I'd do you take we need tape this this. This pocketed urbanization and he's sticking it oh a little bit away from the core of the city which would be like east Austin how he used to get on a different part of the city people are gravitating and they start to move out there are sprawls like these people these urban is a time not just overbuilding is Boston but there are talking about pocket urban sprawling west Austin. Which is visit hustled the domain on paper is successful as far as urban sprawl. Is really successful almost turn into its own city now a crime rate yes look at yeah. Exactly every day at all because I did alerts but you know why I of the bladder reported the associated classes there are those who know the online golf course. I know I'd tell you what I know what I listened today it did little reports say he got a lot of little break ins that go on on the air. There's audio that's all well dozen videos on you team. There's a lot of sexual saw their to a lot of robbery stores gain rob yeah. But but I keep pap meaning he's awesome though thank you city of Austin. I was talking about this go about last break excited about the code next talked about what's happening down the hurricane. I like going on this is Michael Cargill in youth are listening to come at target. Hello this is Gerald already had the precinct three county commissioner here in trials Campbell and you're listening to common caucuses. Sound off on the news of the day with a time poll online ads on thirteen seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy go right choice. And and fun fun fun. I'm open. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael car deal. I say oh you guys have a wonderful week. Make sure bet you we have coming up we have Aaron. Stephanie air force is that we're having the awards are. Slow shield. We have that they fourth Wednesday of the month previewed at the legislative update a lot of changes have happened. In the Texas legislature this past session C wanna get all those updates and changes about the gun laws are deathly check out a seminar with a Texas in US law show. I'm Kerry in my main samurai sword now hah hah hah hah hah hah hah. Plus she'll also protects me if your fist by the way. Oh yeah I don't think you can't. Apple's weapon that you used. Is actually protected by you in Texas the unit law and protect your minds so deafening yet. You might play check into Texas law she'll be. And I yield you gonna find out next week we'll talk to you Marcus Allen Wheldon next Sunday. About you know his issues and his problems does Marcus Allen will then nicknamed the Santa shooter is back in the news again well and I was trying to get him on this Sunday but weren't able T get him on. Before he went off the air but we're gonna have my next Sunday to talk about some issues that he is involved in. Right now some problems he's having Nik Aziz he's been cleared he's been found not guilty but they still have a worn out for his arrest and that and he's been found not guilty. Yeah how he can legally the state you can't leave the city can't leave the country. So the end is it they can't carry guns can handgun license he's been found not guilty. So be it the legal system is something else and he didn't have. US law she'll even have any type of legal. Legal program media like that assisting him so you might when he attacks and US law she'll. Because you got to find out if you have they ever have to use your firearm either be very surprised at what really happy. Yeah eat well here I'm Mexican done the math on it. So you can even get your OTC terrier or handgun until you're 21. So if you lived through another hundred years mean your 121 years old which. Does not happen very often and you still has spent thirteen thousand dollars on posts Marshall and me and guess what reality is and you say you're thirty glance. I don't understand why unlawful. Possession of a firearm is what like 151000 on the minimum plus the lawyer plus the bubble artist is it's cost this guy this guy here over thirty green to defend himself. Still haven't legally agents right now takes us shows so worth it man I gotta I gotta do like your ten dollars. Yeah yeah and only five. They take in the primary carrier on France's Alain you know it takes that one innocent that won that one thing and at one time you're done you're done. Yep. And that I want to thank Angelica from Columbus science now I mean yeah. And really yeah. And mom. All of Becky and get him back here in Austin a meanie who is Leven towns. Bomb meaning we gonna get him back so. He's gonna come back I know Tom people leave and now we're gonna get back. He's he he's kind Nigerians and I want to think coach where from coming on called earlier. I've as anti you know you hear you an awesome you know awesome track coach spent a lot of time that he's in Tilson. What am I appreciate that you know even though he may not have been appreciated the Indo with more even though we appreciate any coach can you imagine having him today on the by unionized Beagle drink. On a US ASA. State now just get my estate as a nation to alone we we love you and we appreciate you. I appreciate it I Levy. Other reasons I've blood. I prayed long and hard about my decision just remember Agence. It was sometime he's utilized as you know but I'm. My tease him about his some tools and am about to CME sad is that I get. The thing is that people need to realize that. Stamp saying something to do which is say yeah and show it and I kept them alms alms season minutes ago. Don't kill me something about you I think also she is support. Track hooked. We have to see is that they come to those who why did you always seem painful yeah do you go to NASA's. It did they think they pay for Lindsey and Hillary is crap. You country. Chicago payout if they peel four whole world is going magazine. I've been trying to find different don't you know the only guy. And I would that you get when you get in trouble and don't compare nobody was doing good gender year of so my attitude kiddies Q when we travel. A BG needing or or. Or find find the waited to make the city do grant. Like this any I mean that's the promise city has grass everything is just so it's so hard to get it is so are you have to fill out. Form have to try to get as Riddick is Shimmy that hard to take care of the bat battling. Pages is definitely a week three weeks now and it's released from Willie got to go to his message got out on how to turn that. That's not helping these key down in the one Wendy's Q that was getting in trouble up big bowl team not easy a bowl. And don't want to stay in housing they don't they'll pairs of delegate Brady games at. What else can you got a way about him but the key is that Applebee's is that the market basketball run track briefly about. How can how does that. Those keys a bowl it. And each track is didn't messed up this is nothing that they have here. And Anjelica we want people enough. So logo on its. Happy that I don't vote no go Sloan yells no and actually look down sprint. And it's about having your home you need a bridge or is he he he finished last and this is home. Many who would you let people and now. I want to people who know. You can cash in on any platform. Only underscore many 20 and the EN I H Hume but most importantly just keep creating. Quit complaining from the silence and get in the game and and participate in the best way you know how. That's thousands. Yeah. Is Andy and his arms Angelica. Powell you know I'd been a pleasure to grow into city essentials and we'll always be my home in east Austin and I just really hope he can spend apart their differences innocent conservatives were going to a city with a point and maybe you can come back internally here so. You better command and now maybe. You have. It's tough on you since it is a coming we're coming back so Mario and I you consider myself a conservative but you know let me elegant the bronze the city has right now that's a democratic leadership. That again today that's it. That's a problem that's oil looks like Chicago now. Yet there is any people continue to vote either democratic. You know that's that's what's gonna happen you could use eighteen people in office. Yeah every day you'll be about same day prime weren't the only city in the United States as a losing his African American population and you look at who led back then. Yeah yeah it's a really understand what that there. See only on the other one did you guys come into the show today is always more guns equals less crime. Glad by yourself again if you listen to come and talk is. With Michael card. Keep yours.