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Sunday, September 2nd
Come and Talk It for September 2.

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It's time for comment socket with your host Michael Carr guilt. Brought to you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army and as the chief national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine Fox Business news CNN money. AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill. Good days are stand sect says the loud music capital world less praise though Lloyd in Bastia ammunition. I'd so you know today we say good bye team big good or reeked of Franklin and act silly. And I think we said goodbye and not because that was a ten hour funeral. Ten hours that's a lot. So we deftly say goodbye to the queen this week and also John McCain he's hero. IE EE sacrificed a lot for this country we have a chance to say good bye to John McCain. Also we Sega bites of the bed like the idiot that seven self on FaceBook live you know. Some people are kind of upset with me because they're like Michael knew that so insensitive. You know you're just so insisted insisted like oh my thought you know. You are on FaceBook live you put a gun to your he had you shoot yourself you know what thank you put that in their heard good byes say lobby. Yet he just helped us out just a little bit you know what's of your upset because I say within an hour heard then you know what that's too bad you know his mother ship had an abortion. Also we he's. We say in good bye to that idiot that point it hit. A cell phone. And open driver. Does that so we need you roots is kind of the road. He jumps out of his car he pulled out a cell phone and says I got a gun I'm gonna shoot you. Any also sends text messages about it before you and instill this guy's shoes that driver she isn't in the chest and kills them. And you're upset because I said you know what. Within and heard. It's Derek clip listen people there at times you just have to sit inside you know there's some people that should not be with the rest this week we gotta let him go. Oh. You know. I'm sorry it it it's is this true you know just let him go sometimes you just have to do that so. I'm sorry that your upset with me you know dolce mean messages on FaceBook you know the Olsen a little messages seeing you know Michael you need take this post down I don't take pulls down. You'll like I say. It is tough. So I'm in it stays up it is what it is within that we need to thin the heard there's some people we need to release from society they're they're not fit to sit. With the rest of us. So we're gonna talk about that and talk about the reeked of Franklin the queen of soul John McCain yeah he was a hero. And I know what the fact that John McCain even on his dying bid. He said John McCain's you know what. John do you want the president to brits or participate. In your funeral he is like. Now. Never any gonna happen. Act that I thought it was hilarious. You know he's east as strong you know even on his dying bid his last breath is like. Yeah up telling India stay in DC. You know it is what it is you know but hey he's my president I. ID support the president and I I I do also like John McCain. In what he stood for as well. Bit. These are just some things that we're we're gonna talk about today also inside the studio we have some good friends of mine. I guess we'd see. Yeah I went to UC I met him years living here about you see results questioning. I'm seeing go boy single bullet. And I'm Robert Jordan Robin George and you guys have a podcast yeah we're just cult lecture morning trigger a morning what is chaired a morning all about. Well it's it's exactly political shows. Oh and I. Close enough. Isaac lived editor show of our talk like that it's outdated tomorrow to have sorry it is six and if we're serious there I heard the rumors are we share drinks and good for guys we'll take a doubling the we just kind of you know it's what's people from all different walks of life you know maybe bring some fueled axis senator there's lead to arrangements and from going on this sentence as a senator. What's left what's right what willing to have a conversation willing to talk yet and I left and right like I don't look at this is you know a right wing. Podcaster any thing eyewitnesses just trying to reach out and talked people the trees down and touch someone yeah I think we're trying to it makes a little bit of the like Berlin that led like our prisons at just grabbed by the judges grant jays are reach out grab them and that's it I get a drug favorite kind of try to combine a little bit of the early morning radio show aesthetics where it's a lighthearted silly program and it's at its core. But also would jumping on and talking and you know about some serious issues likely going to review we haven't fund. We're also trying to solve world hunger in peace in the let's do some compassion and. Guys had me on their podcasts and let me tell you we solve the gun control and so that's and so really we're we're posting it today you're asking it's taken out it doesn't hours it was three Aaron I don't know what you have are the causes street and and have a good how does when I made it back to the office thousand drove it. Once called me dove world hit. Counseling and my employees would Texan named my mother was texting me my siblings were text and everyone expects me to FB IV aids yet there was like we need information from you write our Uganda could. A disconnect myself from two hours people. That's exactly kind of I think the feel we're going for his sister come in and disconnected from I think people's build so much a political you go right now. We just wanna have a police recruiting come hang out talk about things that they're serious about who they think ideas are kind of the new music and a sense in note is all because of the Internet genres if you think of cultures and ideas as genres were kind of localized. In at any serious way in the NNN is. Completely open the floodgates inside the score kind of jumping out those waters and mixes honors them hang on talk to people without taking it so seriously listen it's obvious you guys talk about. Ask a solid guns loves sciences. Particular for subsistence let's let's get a heart and oh yeah. Yeah serious that it we we talk Velika quantum physics in the first. Maybe like yeah I'm not that I'm willing to sleep yet. Go on for our so I think chemical engineering and I just really a united sound sexy. It is I mean at its core it is a sykora get in there they just have been he's just ruin it in school I got. I don't you'll know about that I think is important phase of this sound sexy clothes okay those put me on the spot news. I would say that the there's some of the most interesting things that are going on right knows you know in these. Probing into the actual fundamental nature I don't know him. Edits and it's been most of deep core I like when you you're studying the things are going on at the L particle accelerators and we're really start so it. But even though you're sitting in front of me you're really made us an age diet high alone probable a sickly. I ordered a New Orleans. And you wait you did it. Oh yeah you did. Now they are consortium and Abdullah but instead. That's a 100% OK I know this happens that I have and that this is your roommate is low blows and no no no no you guys are. No number we were just record there. I cool now and also we have inside his studio to but to the Mike. Kyle Austin was a gal nothing much has to go Michael Chang W Lee did. So right now run for office Texas house district 49 state representatives that representative district 49 Janet. And they lose and lose your opponent. Gina Gina hosts yeah we got together in her group. Blues have gone out of conversations is on top of acting gals come over under morning. And trailer both of us the same out of here alive today. I've had a big actually C awards are about we got a lot talked about was in the body Aretha Franklin sent the body John McCain were single but I'd say the guy they shot some unfazed. I had and also the one who jumped that is vehicles and he pointed a cellphone that's a driver this is Michael Cargill and you. Are listening to come talk. This is Doug's main jobs. And I get my gun. I thought yeah come and help it's. Making talk radio upgrade again somebody has to come out and tell it like it is. Top thirteen seventy the right choice. Welcome back. Now here's Michael Cargill. That's right we're talking about Aretha Franklin were saying that I was saying the by the John McCain. The honorable John McCain senator who also saying good bye to some it is out there that to themselves out like the one that did it on FaceBook. Lives the one that did it by William and all the driver. Saying you know making little threats like that and in pretty much getting the wrong vehicle. Is cut off the wrong vehicle. And jumped out of his vehicle with a cellphone has him point the cell phone at the wheel drivers and I got a gallon when she achieved. And the driver who happened to be it a law enforcement officer in training or. Recently graduated. From the a police academy pulled out his gun and stopped him shot and read the chest and someone asked you know where's the true whereas everyone else will you know. Zach is out of the country right now he's actually in the UKE on vacation. Must be nice. He's living it up I mean he's actually he just registered to do a rock and he's when he 200 mile race. Man he's gonna run for 200 miles W episode. And he's injured he's just. Hundred mile race 400 excited sounded like and that need to you know what it is and domestic partnership some going on CNN gets an insurance gone on here because 200 miles an hour gonna make it over that age where they're four. Also tonight is that it she addicts out of town right now she's on vacation. Living it up some kind national park somewhere and I don't know where police she is she's is MIA so we just talk dirty about deletion. Disney sheeting called we didn't text me to say nothing she just didn't show up Saturday. Let's eat my Laney as you know you just can't trust and are now ambient. So yes that's in the so weak but you know what we have great stand by people you'd day so we have our podcasts. What you think do you go boy from the forward and Michael poster. Return Ari it is called trigger morning what equally trigger morning it's a play on the words from judge trigger warning. And Leggett said we're kind of in viewing a little bit of those early morning show aesthetics so it could be you know lighthearted enough that we don't have to be super serious. And so it's a play on the the two of them you know that we are going to wade into it things that people are going to find offensive and it's their suit angry all day that they should Muster our show. But where else again in the morning since we first ran Egypt into each other at like ET right. No I took your class okay he's at that's yet to your glass is superb and a plug that all day as the customer excellent viewing and listening take his last. We we both actually take your class and we may have seen each other. Did you go to the UT campus Kyrie protests always a mall is there a pro we probably ran into each other there's photos awhile ago and it and so when asked O'Donnell said was of the global. Are zero for other dingle Berry is what was available that I don't know why or where where it actually came from other than that was my named a new. Clearly again I. Tell me old about campus carries a YA is one you think campus here was so important to pass. You're in Texas. Along well I think the we've seen situations on campus. Like there is that murder of that girl her name was who Rico. Britain riser and Tony I just sold never ever see her name they'd liked it ain't little resonance that's ridiculous they're gonna advocate. Yes oh well it's a Palin not allowed to see your name well. I am I by the Nazis who were arrested she made any of the defenders say she would have been told us sort of really angered the the campus of the Angie Kerry crowd arrest that I saw although I think that that the if they're all about feminism there and I'd I just pointed out that I think that being able to carry your firearms as an inherently feminist thing because. There's it is a natural power differential between men and women. When it comes as is the ability to enact physical violence and so giving something that is the power equalizer. Isn't inherently a feminist tool to name but they really don't like that angle because it. Creates that that you go compromise or there's two ideals are opposing each other so it's. Is that something crazy happens Saturday morning yesterday. Where can a guy act she shot eighty lady. Actually in the face and Austin whole tale I'm at a Saturday morning. It SO at some point. You know ladies everyone you got to take your own personal safety on hands as a lady a woman was shot in the face early Saturday morning in a north Austin hotel. In policing the suspect she is still at large. So his own copy guy. And there's there's a problem with crime here in Austin crime is actually it's actually increasing in Austin. The reason crime is increasing and Austin is because. Our police officers don't have a contract. Sold the fact they don't have a contract they're not working as hard they're like saying hey you out on a contract. You're not paying me you know two. Which they depend on that an old soul by the way you're not paying me when I read a ticket. You're not in the police officers to go to court so as a hate so far right so when a speeding ticket. I'm gonna get paid for like fifteen minutes away everyday as seem to go to court I sit there all day there so why would I already ticket. You know and in American pays for so they're not enforced and a lot of things right now also crime is actually increasing do you all that. Every big corn ATM machine in South Boston has been robbed every single big corn ATM machine in South Boston. Do you know that. FBI the federal authorities are not investigating that because that's not a regular eighteen. Is not a regular ATM so what's happening is the Austin police department little ones and attacks investigate that so that means no one's been caught. Do you all their act they're almost like at a million dollars had been stolen from bitcoin ATM machines in this. In our state actually over a million dollars in the state of Texas. That is stolen for big corn ATM machines and no one's been captured. You have any idea how they're being probably is a look at it is it's it's is classic. They're actually going to melt Adobe 2 o'clock in the afternoon at the spree that the employees an inch crack open the machine. Well at the better not try to figure restore doesn't fit so. I'm the only only place that has not been broken in due to his central Texas Denver. I've had so there's been a challenge out of their operatives it's. A credit to my game of them. They've got tired you know he's the other and learned that it's Loyola I think I got I my right names of my bullets let me tell you. Yeah I have a little marker and I describe some of the night and see remote attention can come out and added all I wish he'd say how pleased you. You're invited to winning and pepper sprayed me. And finally a Disco in back to the dentist your bridges is like and I've I've had and did incidents with like the whole homeless around there. After the horrific murder they they cracked down they had ugly massive squads of a motorcycle police right after that but for a long time there is a church on the drag on Guadalupe. Where there are just be like sixty in addition you can see him shooting up in broad daylight they got a bad batches of T two and would just be walking around in circles and in there there's times and I'll be on campus until like three and sometimes and you know walking home from that and illuminate. I don't know I think we talked a little bit on your show about how I think the high school environment can be really damaging. And would keep people in Canada suspended childhood because when I go there they'll like everything will be safe. We're in school I'm like dude I just got chased LSU with a hobos national. The other guy edited there are moments they speed up the street always cracked up drug. He brought that odd comment and I'm like I guess the answer the schooler reserves held a serial legitimacy things like that never happened to me to bounces right up my. I don't doubt it. Hey hey yeah I had. Yeah prison crazier than I don't know if you me you can't take from the willing co pilot is situated where. Oh man Kory easy insult also in the studio we have my favorite libertarian. And Michael. Yo your favorite every day and you love the area that. Have a president unable libertarians. Absolutely pleasure to be here as always so what do you what's the Libertarian Party a T this month. This month. Word we've got our. Gubernatorial candidate mr. Murr tidbits as being your market tickets let me tell you and close attention Martin is because. This guy and you know he's pro Second Amendment unlike you know some people were saying hey you know adopt pro Second Amendment I think we should have red flag. And you know an end though we saw this week what the red flag laws really mean we saw that in Florida. They have a red flag lawn Florida we also and so on Florida they raised Asia limited who can buy any farm at all for eighteen to 21. And we still someone commit. I shooting. He'll sober several people sell those red flag laws also raises an age limit does nothing also unmarried and this guy was from Maryland. So they have the Asian women in Maryland they have bit the laws in Maryland and it did nothing to prevent that sheeting and I'll and so. We cannot legislate crazy. But on an audience of tough to get stuff about Marc tickets. Oh yeah I mean he actually was when is he spoke. Out against the red flag was at the hearing that they had. There at the capitol says Yzerman. There and the state doing awesome things rivers and the party really well here's here couple weeks ago for pride. In Austin as well as the marijuana policy conference so marks for doing great are sending candidate Nieuwendyk has been governor and the state as well season be facing off with. Robert horror and Rafael Cruz. In that sense I was seized their real names might get his what is this bid still crap and what does this ten draft I refuse to use their fake names and I'm Nicole has and a Robert Francis over. Rafael Edward through his. Yeah yeah. And I think about it the readily agreed I mean I know I became dean go but I better. Hi I'm Tom tentative Saturday not even though I'm an abbreviation abuse or espionage and but I. Ed from rob we know it that's closed door unlocked because he does is buildings Edwards and he knows his is added to Edwards basically. Robert a light guy appealed to the Hispanic population by using that. And they never followed by the Oki data limits on AI when Denny before and really he's under brilliant his time we've never done anything for you the last thirty years but I promise this time we're gonna do something just for ulyetza James has been improved because I'd seen my name again. Oh my goodness. I take I'd so we have inside studio we had. Lindsay was named by guest has them for their morning train our morning I remember that I gotta I gotta young latest coming to Simi she's. Sugar happy and we're gonna talk by her little later this is Michael Cargill and you. Are listening to comments. David made a bureau often quite. You can listen to come and talk with Michael are you. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere you all know pretty old dot com how. Check your phone's App Store or visit told thirteen seventy dot com slash app. Yeah. Welcome back to common socket and now here's my pro card do. You've got to get picked up beginning get back into that fight. I don't want happens let him gets down all right so we're talking about a lot today you know what. I want what we have is the first of all trigger a morning NASA named the podcast cultured a morning yet rob Jordan and the global. And I'm. What's the Howland was then you guys I don't even know diggers Howell and they marsupials is on the but I imagine and howling in my heart I had no huddle bill is. The dog like a creature from like what Australian. Is it a baby England's particularly to Bailey on the first public image Jacqui because this is America's Andean American doubt now that the we're broadcasting and everywhere. Did check back all of your room. Oh values OK if I don't tell me you know right so. When it comes the Second Amendment. You know our problem in this country is the fact that we're not discipline their kids. I think is the one and the big problem in not just the second marriages anything. Children the family is a problem parenting is a problem parents are not discipline their kids. Whenever I look at the majority of situations on lie aim or. Different cases in court or different news story. I always say I look at him as a you know what man that's gonna give parenting issue. You know got to look at the parents what's gone on mirrors so you know so let me ask you being a boy when you discipline as a child. Oh yeah I think we got to know a little bit without on the podcast relaying the story about my karate since they slash. Philosophy tutored. When I was about eight years old. I used to be really rambunctious and he he's always. I used to just be that kind of mentality judges who could somebody into another door and he's grabbed me by my heels one day and pick me up and is doing to me in the litter box and a couple of minutes into your life your head in a little bit. I think it'd be tidbits of good at the well let me ask robs a rob when you've displayed as a child I was in a very different way how we just I would dictate the house and like twenty degree weather you know an island what did you do. You out. What they view that she's only really laid back and say I am I've had it's whole change of securing the hybrid in. Yeah fighting with my Brothers sisters as radical as yeah yeah absolutely historic he's still around the McChrystal using his size isn't. Are you so he's there having let. What they did you'll you know I I get kicked out and I go wandering around I'll pass that Texas you know for awhile until it was just like I can't take this anymore again or to stay aids you know either a 106 degrees forget I want a megaphone please yeah I was outside the elements disciplines is there it is yeah I think a few years of that honestly think it was like five or six and so he came on line and now you behavior yeah like mom I love you mother staying yes I lecture every day yeah part of such a seamless it's just it's just. When your kids when they get older. They'll come back in like hey mom they'll call you later on down the road and if you don't just let them once again at a house or not coming back. And I also think they bill again I've would I brought that up on the part because I just don't think that school like I never really went to school never set foot high school. I basically just dropped out. And and home school myself with the Internet but I don't think that school is providing a good psychological development. Structure because I think primary news that is that the people that you interact with on a yearly consistent basis aren't even the teachers you even switch between teachers eight times a day it's from your peers it's yours it's your fellow students. So you don't have any wisdom really being passed down to you consistently your people that are tracking your grow disagree I had a home school. And I think it's a cure necessity of I think it's one of those things where a parent to respect the parents and of course of course but I also don't think sending a kid eight hours a day five days a week out of the home maybe both parents working. And then having essentially to kids raise each other because that's what that turns and does speak frees up our group in the. And it was again though we have a C a woods school we get a seat I enjoy it's two months I mean that's Paramount like I had food it was hot food you know we get a C when I went home you know we're you know oh my goodness are we having dinner I don't know I think I. Could be replaced with the other communal structures I think historically Luciano religious but I can recognize that historically the church played a big part of our role. You know and I think that we've looked to the state to fulfill a role which it cannot fulfill look at. Part of it too is is the way that the education system is designed again is to be the state is. It was designed back in a day where you had you know that the assembly line they were. Preparing kids to be assembly line workers and that's not the case anymore that's the world we live in so in this instance public schooling is kind of designing kids to be. Tax and debt slaves and you're gonna go to college you're gonna get yourself in. Fifty did a couple 100000 dollars in debt depending on what you wanna do then you're gonna work and under five and then I don't can be a life. Now rob agrees of these are Robby you tell me you know you did you went home school. Nobody drug that has Coolidge. That the end except. Meanwhile nowhere else you know I went back and I actually did go back to public school with returner school and I think that's actually where why did you about a school. I want I was doing invites all the time I was I sign that's. CEO yeah RC mine just like the most yet I sat quietly now you man the man in the game I had piercings. Piercings all over my face you know like black clothes annoying like. The hands of a decision gloves shoes golf match I don't that's kind of my point though is that got a legacy we all I went all man I was angry teenagers due in a lot of ways. And I think that a lot of that is like psychologically and brain development like me Ingrid tend to grow out of criminality by around when he finally if you actually look at the crime statistics of when people are especially males are in the mostly criminal prone behavior. Ages it's it's Indians around 25 usually. And we. And I think a big part of that is the school system doesn't actually address young angry males in any capacity to see you here triggering people right now does not got mrs. flashing at me I still say see these school is right now you the majority of your shooters are white males so what good does that well I'm glad it is a full accidentally landed a white male but what is the race have to do that I have no I know there are still white people make of the majority of this country had announced delay. And not only that. If you're talking about mass shooters you're completely discounting the city of Chicago lyric of grass shooters are predominantly minority in the you know nobody cares what are flush and I don't think nobody cares and cares it's only is my at least it's only ticketing separated at the border that that the lessons to care about. You know people of color you know that's when they're in murdered in the streets of Chicago every weekend nobody cares not a good token narrative there you know when we're telling my kid. Of the border it's like you really don't have to go that far you just killed two lets the big wide in congress and look on this service road. You'll see little homeless camps there and the mayor. May add there's so busy going to El Paso all the talk about people who are not even citizens and he's not taking care of the people here in Austin. I mean it's sad that I look a bit honestly people. Don't take my word Ford just ride around in white just take a stroll and then why. And they'll just between congress in I 35. Look to your left slightly to your right. Before the service road just take a look on the side you'll see something that's amazing is set it. It is so sad we have people suffering. They're living in this it's a hundred degrees outside proof easily. It's a hundred degrees and their outside in the sun know she'd whatsoever. In their living on the on the side of the highway. Let me an awesome that's kind of why I went back to the psychological role that the at least on a societal level that religion used to play. And as we've moved away from religion and again I'm not religious but it's it's fasting to read buddhism is all rooted around suffering in response suffered so you anyways. Is that I I get a lot of boos plus B because those can secrecy yesterday addresses a that atrocious this year second CU like you know I don't know I'm not taking Carlo I had a really I think meditating is actually really good. Like emotional and psychological grounding mechanism that you can get into that state where you're you go is no longer thinking. It's a wonderful place to be. You know at least to give you that perspective it's daylight you know doing mushrooms or something like that that makes you go oh man all the things that I I think can talk myself into old they don't have to be true but again going back to it I think that. Religion used to these motivate people to address the suffering in their backyard now and I think a lot of the neuroses UCL a political skill now. Is is because you would trying to address it viewed grand narratives and you know so they're trying to scale it up to everything it's like all know it's like well you know what how much you just go help some of the EC campaign. That's part it is is everybody's got here complex especially with a social media so again flooded in their their one and that is if comment on everything that occurs and have an opinion on that on every issue that's going on. They're not looking in their own backyard and see if it's even in order to you can be doing a ton for your community here in Austin. The million dollars and a library. Millions of dollars on a library and Indian people that are sleeping on the side of the resolute yet before in the overseas but the do you think if the government did that's where I would be series is do you think that the government should step NC for me I've really think we just need kind of a they not a literal religious awakening buddy psychologically religious way can you say hey you know what if we don't want the stuff to happen we should take the responsibility I'm uncertain when and why bother talking about what's happening in the border in an El Paso. And what Nieminen are you about that of a bit you know what I mean now know that distancing you know why then why should the mayor of Boston mayor Adler. Didn't worry about what's happening in El Paso. You know I don't that are not even says yeah it was not his that's not his job he's I mean they're not it is not citizens of the country bonanza zones are stepping Austin. It's that you its token they're demanding and I have monitors. That's why I worry that even on on all sides of politics I think we tried to scale up and I don't think humans are good at mentally scaling up but I don't think we can even adapt to admit it myself included. In I'm not trying to be humorous that I understand all the problems I think we can only really address things. On a moderately sized tribal structure effectively you know he has only to trust a list of people don't ask cal Austin is run for state representative you know Carol you know in a minute can you tell me something. So back when you're talking about that Cali great awakening aspect I'd like to say that. I think that we need a philosophic great awakening wrecked one where it. You were talking at the EO earlier I think that it's good to have a rational EO one that you are self aware of what you are actually. But then not. Inflate that with lies or anything else like that but now we know where you are and once you know where you are an eagle things are somewhere else. Then you can actually try to go out and starts to localize your values like kind of realize what your values are. And and help out people that are part of your values because if you if you find somebody like your your friend or play if you if a kid or your parents your family your friends homeless people any kind of like. Passionate you have. What you know where you are and you you know exactly exactly where you are you can start to the branch out and like really spread out your values feud to a degree much higher than injured on the line about where you are. Was an inflated ego at. And I think a lot of it is like. A talks but talks if you can often stem from one that bit stingy self almost as do existing as a discreet entity that will no longer grow and I think that's kind of what you're saying that philosophical weakening as it's like. People need to look outside of themselves and I think a guy got into. They have always been kind of social flossing your but I I got into Rio trying to understand really the extremes of where the human mind could go so I read like a radical people like some the school shooters a lot of it was there's a lot of of of intimate vulnerability in the ratings you know is all that got sold you know what man Alley just. What did Fred yeah right this is Michael Cargill and Hugh I listened to come. Hello this is Gerald already had the pre. Facing three finisher here and try to. Can endure listening to come and talk to. Hey Austin wake up and fly right on talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back to coming up. Now here's Michael tiger. Someone asked me you know. Hey do you wanna talk about John McCain. All because you know he's it was a senior senator. From the state of Arizona. And this guy served a very long time he served our country you know faithfully so actually we do need talk about him because we lost you know someone. That was I think get a lot of good things for the country and you know just like Aretha Franklin the queen of soul. I mean that's a that's a major loss all in the same week so absolutely we didn't think about the news. I actually test you grew up as you often use striking is they're even much more of a libertarian I would say very rarely me that I am in some ways. And CI never I was never a big fan of of McCain I figured you did a lot of of expansions of the of the wars foreign wars I he was always in my possessions he had this argument the other day we this argument was. You said Woody's you'll be retired under Rudolph believed about whether or not clear whether that's right on by citizen and ask you know that I I guess I'm torn through the philosopher and me who wants absolute zoo and a mathematical way a bill like everyone should be free. Once you say yes but then the engineer and me. Who understands that you know having multiple safeguards and procedures is probably good idea when you're dealing with you you can't trust the car might. My thing is you can't trust a regular citizen citizen with a nuclear weapon need we can't trust the government. See I don't know I guess but also known assimilate so if the government should be able to have nuclear weapons and every citizen should be an app that I don't think is showing people didn't you know if you could buy it and you should hold it. I'm I'm just not convinced slate from an engineering point of view I've got I. Rob Jordan. This is gonna say I've already heard this unmarried at this rally I I'm just don't let me say it straight. Michael and things that we should. Do you go doesn't that's the end of well let's let's I wanna know how this relates live on the tables. I guess I'm just not enough of the libertarian curiously somewhere and I like what I would call and all terrorism in questionable though that's like that I I called him a question myself that that that. Did the I don't request the the the conflicted me is that the pragmatic. You know. Reality based think OK there are barred now weapons on the planet that can blow up they hit a half of the continent in no real negatives we believe. It is we said you know hey there what does this the Starship Enterprise out or a spaceship and you have a fit easier in you can find it easier and another ship. In there there's a difference that person turn at these around invited at a planet and destroy the planet. You know he gives the government should be able to have that you know that I controlled and there's always a lot of people should I guess the ideas they get at least individuals in the government can do things unilaterally that you're so lucky he's a multiple keys to turn you need like multiple people to make the Harding did we are so that's ultimately try to go back to eighteen hundreds and you say OK when that when the constitution was written. You know that time frame they had mosque it's also not only did they have must as the heels led machine guns in the wells that's exactly were the theoretical most of the weapons that we know about Atlanta. That's laying the argument that it just the idea of it being the names and how also this here's what we also discussed that at cannon on that congress can and is still discriminatory use aim is you can't on congress moved the there's a young lady to others of the as a woman candidate and one Christmas again and at two to fight off the Mexican army and I completely agree with that. Is right again I would that's sort of claim because of this young lady. Week this is the reason why Hudson is still the capital. Alt text to be a boring game and argued for a miraculous Cesare and I was residents are always plays well engineer as some do you study the image. Screens and and the understanding of how long these weapons poison environments. And also that they have no discriminatory basis for the most part they just blow up any of radiating massive area. That may be that is that the way I can be insane you know a vital evidence should be able to have it. All torn torn because we've given the federal government is like a cure now I think the federal government is way or grow we talked about that Sid you know dogma I don't wanna be cassis and he's like profiler government and libertarian on 99% of fronts but we've given them the federal government. The authority for national defense I mean that was one of the original reasons the federal government exists and so they're there to confront other societies that is while we may be you libertarian philosophically pure those other societies don't care they're gonna have nicks. So our federal government needs to be able to confront them and that's for the libertarian in the pragmatist in me you know. Comes in the conflict is because there's there's two conflicting principles I agree the jury's not out but I think I would fall on the side I was fighting these Eagles to nine display with left and the right incidental to a debate auto OK I think our air on the side of I would be I think of daily to came down to need to make the decision I would be okay. With amending the Second Amendment for the purpose of making absolute clarity about what exact classes of weapons can be restricted zone very disturbed of the encroach on late. Yens a year and nine I might give me all I wanna say access to do everything I would say indiscriminate Max blatant massive yield weapons I going to get Ellen I want it. Well that's yeah I guess that is there's a pretty much a tank. I'd take yes I'm not reinstate underground NASA yield industries surface to air missile and fire that. I don't leave earlier and that's where I think that's why I. Good to waging judges tramples all over freedoms I just want yeah well up inside so much faster core I just won a world where I could ever recreational news and just lived through easily throughout the nuclear age I don't have good. And it died. Exactly that was that was ruled that if you meal I won an all. I want and I'll now get. Is that. I'd say me what else we talked and I totally forgot now. And McCain campaign and McCain to nukes because I can I challenge you would like we you can talk a week and out there. But you're talking McCain up until like these are looser and I was like. I think he's one of the people. That was kind of chameleon and Brennan was kind of anti libertarian you hit it nearly. The military stayed a lot of where received the voted for the foreign wars she was in my way if I'm remembered correctly he'd voted for like things like bean DA didn't vote in the patriarch. Absolutely yeah and he also he wanted to words I grant needs to run on you how long are hawk war hawk Auld and I'd like as a libertarian as amateurs like les Gelb and millions like -- it like I agree that he honorably served in the military I'm not calling on editor question. Feeley can go a little easy on McCain yes he's dead but we're all going to be dead Monday. You're negatives gave so I'm just challenge you on as a judge you on your show particularly point out. I don't know lazy and say no those are they miss just a trigger Florida. Showed it triggered a it looks like an email this point it's. Trigger morning good morning podcasts at days ago vanity yeah. That wasn't Michael. Me Killinger right now I'd so. Don't let let him get called out yeah. Delegate hug it would delay out there is leaving and it seems set to go together and. Sap spent. He says totals straight big focus is libertarians reboot took some conflict in Osaka at a I'd so you know what goes to a person's head you know and and I know this guy's gonna get the overdrive is gonna get fired. I'm convinced of that. Yet and I think that that's again tomorrow sorry you're not supposed to be carrying injured in your vehicle pay an annual and Teixeira and Andre has look at the video of the interview this year I don't know what our home icon to share. Oh yeah he was heartless this year just comes out I'll win any holds up a pitcher and he says. This idiot and it does some bits of that sort is is like this guy you know. He. Says text messages. You know apparently he was he got the wrong vehicle so basically what happened I think what happened was that. His grip the guy's girlfriend. Help some stranger. Into and over. Get a ride home. And so this guy was this lady was toll drunken in the back of the Hoover. So be boyfriend. Just got the wrong vehicle by his growth firms and a vehicle was she was knocked. And cut off the vehicle. Rim debate over off the road. Had a cellphone is hand jumps out of his car goes up to them the vehicles is hey I got a guy now she'd shoot. And he also sent text messages making threats you know as saying that he was a decent and all the drivers he didn't pull over. End over driver of course pulled out again in the shooting this guy and so they share was just he was heartless I mean he just say look don't do it. If you don't wanna wind up like this guy here then don't give out your vehicle. In an Allen seemed within our I mean I totally agree from like the aid the point of view of like you placed him in games winds to the president is right. But at the same time I'm curious from like a purely legal point of view as laws exist right now I didn't see the video site could be totally night and I'm not talking from super informed position. Do you think the guy was justified his immediate slugged it to me is still questionable as I said if you guys enter from golf as he has been you produce a weapon ever right to be there. I you're not you're not commit the crime. Yeah I don't provoked a person. Then you ever writes a stingray and the kind of thing I'm questioning isn't a stand your ground I told leaders say ground is that they do you think he was credibly in fear for his life just on saying like. I'll shoot you. We are producing a weapon did you guys hear me over an atheist COO a lot of cell phone. He pointed the cellphone at cabinet that time he thought it was a little like a dog that's better than you just don't know you look at the Beagle video really quit it looks like yet from my understanding is that he just verbally was like Tammany kill you man I Cheney shot -- like this you are solid and that's been his arm is that you don't gonna she Jeddah the splits organization that makes sense you don't you don't pull something out that there is being your hand and say by yet but that anchored it totally just finally glad to clear that he was idiots and Steve reprise of the year there because he now he he's done. He's history. I'm and it's sad you but yet he deftly should stay in your vehicles being your vehicle don't get out your vehicle they'll put yourself in certain situations. In things like that we're gonna say rob Jordan. Well actually what's the you know will he face charges because he got to this vehicle meanwhile he's dead. Note on your record temperature which Ohno who forever statin saddens me more salary whichever never got his vehicle he stayed in his vehicle that approached him it hash out the window literally in October of this in class this will be. If you ever have to use your firearm it will be fifteen seconds twenty seconds thirty seconds that would change elect for a you know that's it and it happened just that quick I want us it was like fifteen seconds it was all over yet that's what makes this so hard with the like a lot of the police cases where people say oh he was unarmed and then you want the video he made like really fast movements like you exploits on the house it's like. These are decisions that happen immediately so it's like. When it comes to confrontations interview with police officers civilians being civil and you know. Check your ego at the door he never known it's going to be a lasting and Clinton in Texas this is Michael Cargill and few are listening to come and talk. It's physical. War he would do to come and talk to Michael. Welcome back to come inside it and now here's a nice of Cargill and. It's a win hearts and our lives they ended I want as my my guesses studio. You know should we free week. Yeah because. We just talked about Austin and some of the problems that we have here in Austin, Texas. We talked about some of the people that are living out in the hundred degree weather on the streets. But there is prop probably old possibly a way that we can actually help some of those people. If we actually legalize. Marijuana. And this next Texas legislative session. You know maybe we should look into decriminalizing. The court legalizing. Marijuana. And and that she text and it sold that way we can possibly. Lower or eliminate property taxes or that triple net. That franchise tax you know in either lawyer that or eliminate some of that stuff all together. And and actually. You know provide some assistance or some help to people that are in need. You know to get them off their feet in and pushed him along that continue assist as the least give them a lift up give them some help. So what would guess you know thoughts on that issue we legalize we should attacks at what. I think we should look the libertarian and a guy running for office Jumbo an hour ahead. If you value affairs Jeff yes Chirac. So in my eyes when you're talking about should this thing be legal and it's just property and it's a question property rights and I think that we should we should. We were talking earlier about changing the Second Amendment I think the most effective way to defend gun to be if you were to change as recommend you change between property rights amendment and you just say it's legal. To own property. And the only thing that would be illegal is actions that would infringe upon the rights of owning selling at your home consuming it. Selling it producing it does not infringe upon the rest and Ailes is not initiate force upon anybody else I don't see a reason why it should be illegal. If anything allowing people have property rights to that kind of extent is only going to help the economy that's just a side effect a should it be a reason why should be legal. But is this going to be it's just to be beneficial side effect anyway so I'm completely for property rights I don't think that. Having those had a proper resident would be any kind of infringement upon animals rights or your thoughts. Was is that I'd like to see decriminalization is opposed to legalization I just want any Trace of marijuana candidates whenever it's gonna be referred to remove from the penal code. And therefore it's just not going to be crime anymore I don't like the idea of taxing. Like the idea of taxation in any way shape or form so I don't think that's an anyway surprising but I have no doubt if it would have even in. Fat than mobile at the time. That the founding fathers would have put in the constitution you're allowed to grow. Plants. On your property and consume them and use and in any way shape or form you see fit and no doubt that if that was sung I thought that crossed their mind that the government would ever infringe on that right there would have written it and I think was just so out of contests and in such have an idea that didn't seem plausible and anyway she performed that's why it's not written in the bill of rights there. I think that's a pretty much sums it up I've. And for him completely libertarian on those. I I guess but what are you going Kerio says what do you mean by legalization verses to colonel if you just wanna Don what would you consider to be legalization because the question. Legalization would say they'd. Geared now able to legally. Using concealment purges marijuana. There's going to be regulations on to where you can do that who you can get it through what kind of licenses in fees that they're gonna have to pay is a producer of that associate whereas decriminalization just removes any. Pat punishment for use over carrying or garner anything about an age limit. I was just announced that. I I woods I would EOK. With it and be treated. Like alcohol on that regard but at the same time also there's there's sets the medical benefits and especially with children with epilepsy. It's and they're really really gray area. Yeah I think with a doctor you abilities just about any substance you want that the doctor and you. You know agree there are negative effects I think in children who use marijuana before the age it's like 25 isn't it. I mean your brands not on developing a structurally nuclear arsenal while that doesn't and from my understanding this is. Research for a few years ago that might have updated since then but from my understanding the areas of the brain to do with like short term memory. And the least severely Olympic systems. Can be affected in the size and shape when you to do a lot of marijuana at a young age. Not totally get that I guess and then at that point I would say probably eighteen. If there if there are legally allowed to be viewed as an adult and I did you make a game you can join the military and you can get you Rhode got hold on a study it makes you stood at twelve is gonna make you stood at any team. Oh look like the earlier the worse essentially is that your brain it's because they did this way it's a chemical actually affects your. In new phenomenally system which there's an economic systems all throughout the body but a lot of them their really crucial to the actual development of of certain brain regions that duel but short term memory and emotion Audi and so if you're taking that when your brain is growing really rapidly in your teen years. Then you're going to have more effect on that growth. You know if you taken in your old you know early twenties it's and it's for my understanding it's not going to have as much of an effect as if you take it. Consistently when you're twelfth in a like think about how fast even just seismic outside of the brain how fast children grow vs adults you know you might squeeze in another inch around winning. But overall you're not going to be likes you don't sprout and and all that so I think we're we're pretty you know. Where were four and Dario I totally don't prefer it live I was and there are a lot of news distinction between legalizing anti decriminalizing the only argument I would have turned up for legalizing vs decriminalizing in some aspect of a positive affirmation redoing all. Would be good to create the somewhat of a legal crisis a constitutional fight between the federal and state government to trying to the federal laws of states rights because you don't have anything on the books on the states. Minutes still seemed like the federal government still has I would like to see that conflict more between states and tolerant actually forced to fight. A cut us. We think. Well so he mentions state vs federal and I see that says. One government vs having another government look over on although individual rights I'd rather just see legalization across the board just its a its property yet that's Liza that's I was like I would like disaster I don't want I don't want. The states then be the ones to say oh you can't have in this day and it's like oh well I'll wanna live in this state but it's got. These six out of ten things that I like and in this in this state has these foreign ten things I don't wanna have to like move because some states decide to infringe among my natural end of the individual rights. I mean for purely libertarian point of view I totally agree but then from a point of view I'd like government to kind of be like a bus today I would prefer the states have more control and less I would then have that freedom can choose the right yeah with their feet as I it's definitely better. Then sub state vs federal I'd rather have state didn't want to Jews well I'm gonna take from the stance of a liberal and say you know what. I don't think he should do it because you know what. It's bad for you in the next president of the dust up here okay that is it's bad you know I don't what she did because I think is Bethea well I think on both sides rather be really conservative or really liberal I'd you know how about we just stop telling each other in an authoritative faction. What's batting good flick I can and I can advise like I used to smoke pretty frequently I stopped the in oh about a year ago and I'm glad I did it honestly. But I'm also a lot of stuff like I think that it is. A good thing to do maybe in your mid twenty's. I think you can I had and because I think even just the idea of having me a substance I don't know I don't do it never done it in it's well I since it never. That and I'll do that because this might. I feel why is and that's fine it's not that you have to the one thing that late I would suggest as an experience like to me. It did expanded my conscious I don't mean in the do they thank you see things it is expanded my eagle and isn't just the idea like case ever really strong strong sense of self. Just that realization. That taking a chemical. Will also in the song sounds different all this food tastes different. It we mentioned this on our shows that if I think it actually added to my ability to understand empathy in the sense that not just oh we experience the same emotions but. Everybody in this room because there slightly different brain chemistry is currently experiencing slightly different emotions so I think a little bit of dabbling in a responsible you believe in. In the cycle active compounds can be useful but then you can make a religion out and then. Do you think motions. Me home and forget it get everything in moderation fresher. Yeah I I agree and I think it's. Add to your point Michael is. That's fine if if you think that it's bad for me you think I shouldn't be doing it you don't get to initiate force against I don't apologizing for notre. Or android is playing so that's was howling let me know we are today because I read the point where. Send certain people like things that certain people are saying sir like FaceBook is like you know what so and what doesn't like what you're saying instead of them. Our liking your page unfriendly youth but like you know we're gonna soured CU. That person has control of their hands they have the choice either not like your page not free new block you block he's your the European CU exactly. But instead of them taken it controls in their hands and and say you know what I wanna make sure I don't see that they just want to make sure that your silence. And that's what are under the hubris of the intellectuals thinking that these dangerous ideas and impressionable people are gonna get a hold of them. It's together some truth that all ideas are dangerous I mean once upon a time galileo's realization that the earth goes around and we do though. The third universe didn't orbit the earth that was a dangerous idea means sharing ideas is inherently dangerous and life life is dangers in general Sanaa. And this I don't like these scenarios contaminant was forever I'm in Canada and I constantly be an easy easy money down and I found on the scooters I'd like this drill in Austin and stores all over the place I mean they're going to likely not see people yesterday I was on I was on congress in house that Redick congress and have to get to cross street. And I was gonna cross over the the congress bridged there. And this guy was going down comes as fast he possibly could on the scooter. And that he made a left turn he went to hit on he was on a cell phone talking to someone being almost ran head on and talk with the car. It is only a matter time before someone zobel when these students yeah there's going to be a isn't. I'm Taylor and America. No regulation whatsoever no one cares its like they're just running up and down congress you know down 63 in on these little scooters as they possibly can. And that would no control whatsoever is is a matter of time I'm just waiting all kids I just hope it's on face would gladly have. I needed. It is to have him a kind of back to two you're saying his words if you're pushing this dangerous idea underground and trying to silences. As gonna give validity to it in the as a lot of people why is this thing so dangers that they don't want me to know what it is. We're talking actually might a little bit about the about bump bump starts where people want them just as the event that this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. The decision brittney play an. And I thank levels that he is that Michael heartfelt I'm coming up. Sound off on the news of today with the top poll online ads on thirteen seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy the right choice. Welcome back to common socket and now here's Michael Carr again. And. And I still and you now is gonna talk about a little more about Aretha Franklin. But we we honestly we had a chance to say goodbye to her this week because it was ten hours long. That hey let's in are on do from what was tonight I went to work it was on. I went home it was still wrong. To get our feet are they doing it at what you do to turn our future and it was a lot everywhere and adapt to speak they gave the eulogy. Hard nearly everyone. I was alone and was in its occupancy and I canceled my speeds of it happening right around her she was eulogize its lease. Fifteen to twenty times. And then you know performers the music was great I mean it was the car it was a free concert it was beautiful it really was it was nice who it was a gold casket. She had gold casket she was laying a re address would rig I shoes on with her legs crossed in the casket. What do you think about kind of treatment of slivers of unwarranted do you think I mean it's a phrase there's some people can sleep when this was our fantasies icon absolutely have thought it was beautiful. It was just a way of you know for people to say goodbye yes so I respect summit surgical troll but I totally understand. And she's she's been the issue lift the so many different keys and she's she's been married and at some key points. In key turns you know of our country so. She's you know she's always been there and standing on the stage singing that song you know at certain points so. It was I think was feeding you know to say to by the way he did so I thought I was getting. Do you mind if I ask a quick question of of the libertarians in there and he I mean I am a fellow libertarian like I don't most of our discussion is kind of revolved around to retain isn't. And you know as a candidate and also somebody that works in the kind of the official political structure. What are you guys think that the libertarians. Can do to stop being so irrelevant. In essence who. That's something that we're trying very. They yet that we're richer I really hard. Did to get more. Exposure during our best that we can there but you forward. Great candidates. Like a senator gubernatorial candidate is doing great going on around. They've actually we put enough pressure on the debate commission that they said OKV can meet this fundraising threshold you'll get to participate in the debate is wells. I do stuff like that mentioned earlier are fair that argument Oreo candidate in New York is going to be on the Joseph Rogan podcast at Neiman in the English sharp he's making big weigh yourself. Part of its. People are becoming more interest especially after two it has sixteen so it's it's a word that people aren't necessarily as unfamiliar with. As they were two years ago so that's part of it. Trying to put a good face out there. Trying to let people know that yet. Just like every other party we gutter crazies are seem a little bit. Latter because we are smaller so they get a lot more attention than the rest and libertarian as a myself included tends to attract the censured types a thank you. That absolutely and Willem I. I love our our love our crazies founding fathers were produced and oh yes absolutely I. I made they did tooling in the streets. After documents at they literally they were doing each other in the street yet advice resident was that a vice president that was killed. And Hamilton Canada and in the key authors in the constitution. So I guess at that that's gonna that the main thing is consistently. Stain on our message which I think we have the best message were also. Curse by being consistent. Which is really easy to be attacked on by both the right. And they'll let us I think that libertarian hasn't it's kind of like we're we're talking about the nuclear weapons or is like a most people think it's pragmatic not to have nuclear weapons but. But the clay is libertarians are so uncompromising from the I would say that that. That the other than the main political parties are less motivated by really clear cut public rationally defined philosophical principles. And I think it's cut it can make libertarian is the little and approachable. And then on top of that I think that libertarian has has done a really poor job of reaching out to young people I think he could be a really young rebellious. Of political philosophy and it can make waves in the way that progressives and unfortunately has. But I don't think bit libertarians and has like had affected even online are preacher and colleges or anything or they're actually getting young people Leonardo men like maybe we should scale back the government you know. It all down. That's a he had that's kind of part of it is we do have a very much older party. You know the median age is deafening and maybe. You know kind of around the boomer period a little bit younger than that. So we're starting to get more young people they're getting involved and have energy and reaching out these different platforms and early because he's June part of why I try to get out as much as they can in his. Absolutely we have been defined by the other 2 parties and I am very tired and very tired of being told on TV here. You whatever form of media that. Here's a Republican talking about what libertarian is here's a Democrat argument there libertarian is I was getting out there on us talking about ourselves. To be the ones like no this is what really gets me mine I'm emissary and this is what we are not what they're saying. A. But I totally gonna all I guess resistance because they're in the next Lawrence's. Reach out young people more be my only decent choice and a really focus on the people that are actually gonna come in and and you know make their lives. All right so tell me athlete what are your thoughts on the goes Gunner in the three in three rainy and what Cody will seized on. Because Cody came out this week we'll actually a judge said you know like. Defense sherbet Cody Wilson you can not give away the play ends at three training. So he can't give them away so then Cody came back the next day in CO case I can't give them away outsell them. And somehow I hit so basically some people said hey I abide for zero cents. Our rob by the plans for a dollar a penny or whatever and so now he's selling the the blueprints the firearms. When you when you thoughts on the community in particular just adds anybody when he Dobson well a whole the whole three praying though goes got there might be a good team you will. On. Our podcast and release him pointing those guns breakdown in like you know after use to uses you know. VA cannot do that irrational right but what you said was that the we let the government know that you can't. You know the Tampa he can't. Is the First Amendment right. Cody Cody speed you can own net yet you can't own letters and numbers on the screen. And on the upper body yesterday from the principal point of view. I'm totally totally scored nearly a 100%. Is it from a pragmatic point of view I think it's totally relate to the issues a little overblown where technology is now it's like. Those guns fall part you know you can shoot ones with the actual ones that are completely three president. And it was that with people like you can three deeper and an air fifteen and thank you know you can treaty print a lower receiver which is essentially the hunk of plastic that houses the hammer and that is it. All of the combustion everything that goes boom in the bullets fly out of is still made out of metal that's the. There receiver play and you have to be confident enough to put it together. Not as they say you guys and the thousands of dollars on the three different you got to become an instant it together it would still just be easier to go through the process of buying into our eight or making and a metal shop like we're not at a point. Yet with three predators where you can make some crazy high density plastic or you can sustain nonstop explosions at it that does not there yet. All right it's so and also this week a lot of people were upset and Megan McCain. Because they're giving her hard time because the way she. I guess didn't admonished or delay she talked about the current administration. Doing the eulogy of her father. John McCain and so my thing is she's elected official. She elected into office so she want to go up go up and give the eulogy of her father. And mentioned there White House or you know indirectly or whatever art you know talk about her father that's her right to do that. That is you know her father she associates say what every she wants. She's not an elected official she is not a politician. She's a regular citizen who has a right to say whatever she wants. And use whatever medium she wants you know just whatever words or whatever. I think ultimately over hype things and deleted fuel allowances and it's your father's funeral she wants to go out there and a chicken outfit and have a mental breakdown and clock she can't can I come on people late idol. Idol I think we took returned everything political they would turn and into the early retreat they reality TV. Regina people's teams and then we're like in Utley it's like backwards wiley was I don't know the teed teenage girls are like. It Jacob. Eight hour. We've done that with the people have their fingers on the nuclear weapons that the government and yet people love nothing more than to any team than to be offended. Yes that's everybody to be our political drama. Yet and somebody else's drama and it's it's annoying. The oppression Olympics is here yes. And the oppression Olympics. We don't know if everything you know it's it it. And they FaceBook is doing in this you know twist in this when he don't like what someone is saying you know where you know banning their blocking or you know. Just stopping speech and I and I think that's a problem that's going to be is a problem society that's going to be a problem with this next election comes up. You know we're we're having an issue where. We're allowing social media to actually control this election were all talk about Russia Russia Russia. But FaceBook and Twitter that don't allow worse than but Russia is has done and in worst case. Very don't think I don't understand like if there is some actual deal the goal. Like criminal Nixon style collusion Cher prosecute that but I don't know why Lieberman's own unhappy or even unsuspecting. That Russia and China and everybody in the world is going to jump on FaceBook and try to influence the election of the most powerful militaristic country in the entire planet they. Is it that just a given Eminem Facebook's not American it's global billions of people on it of course rose is gonna jump on there and I can Beers and you should vote. War and that it's. We interfere in other elections across the globe. All the time usually violently so yeah if this is what's gonna happen and this is the worse the rest is gonna do. I'll take that over a violent over the violence that we can. In part on loans and. Though it's like Russia it is a foreign country and if if the United States is is a democratic republic. And the seat of power is supposed to be the people than who also is Russia supposed to try and influence than the American people. You know to me it's kind of an oxymoron when you really laid drop down to the theory of American government they're supposed to train influence our elections they're supposed to negotiate with us through means and there are X there any interference was exposing the truth about the DNC let's be honest yes. For or against Iran because you're leaning forward and I mean I just think whoever the Russians are doing is deeply seeded though because I'm on FaceBook and insulin for Donald Trump. I think it's very literally gotten your mind your news of Kaiser's. That's the mustard instituted. It's it's funny because he knew that we can impersonate you allow someone to influence you. You know without you doing the research and that's on you yeah machine one year due to research. Getting involved in what's going on know what's happening around you and make an informed decision. You know V if you don't do that it is a shame on you. I'm I didn't vote for Donald Trump actually voted for Geary Johns Gary Johnson news zone. Africa ahead Jessica. You know what if I supported now in the eyes of you know and the reason I support him is because he's getting so much the lack. You know and themes and actually I see things actually going pretty did. I see some of the things he's doing what I see what he's trying to do. Which trying to he's tried to kick start some of these different companies by stopping certain things from happening other countries taken. Advantage of us so. Absolutely you know I'm all for what he's doing. As always. More guns equals less crime. Why dared by yourself again. You've been listening come in talking. With Michael Carvell. You keep yours.