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Sunday, September 9th
Come and Talk It for September 9.

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It's time for comment socket with your host Michael Cargill. Brought to you by Texas law shields. Over the last decade Michael has championed and supported the rights of law abiding Texans to own and use firearms he is the owner of central Texas gun works a veteran of the united states army and the chief national exposure and such prestigious media outlets such as Forbes magazine Fox Business news CNN money. AOL BBC world news Huffington Post and the New York Times. Cargill vigorously defends lawful gun ownership in this country without regard to party politics and now here's Michael Cargill. Austin exec says the Latin music capital world let's praise the lord and pass the ammunition. Iso today we have a pack studio we have the Austin police department union. Inside the city also we have an Austin firefighter and sad studio. So you don't. We're having a serious problem with our elected officials are made here in our City Council not taking care of our. You'll meet the Austin employees you know what is going on they're not taking care of. These you know we have a situation where. This see this city has actually said hey you know let's make Austin. Lee you know. Just allow anyone to comes the city let's make it wouldn't call it a Sanctuary City it's a Sanctuary Cities so you don't bring your poor bring everyone. And that the problem is if you do that you make the Sanctuary City opinion I have to take care of people and provide some type of services when they do come when you invite them here to the city. So now we've created this whole the situation. And we're not doing the things that we need to do to take care of the homeless you know they're here is a problem is a problem with the arch you know what's happened downtown. At a serious problem with that when you have people that are laying on the street laying down at the arch and then. They have passed out. Cost being indicted. You know we need to eat eat we need to take care of them need may be some services are and we need team. We need to do something and something needs to be done and also you know we have our our employees who worked for the CD. We have issues they've had problems because they're great employees been working for the city of Boston like a firefighter or police officer and maybe they've come down with cancer something that that's related to the work they're doing. And now the city saying hey won't you know what we're not gonna pay for that. I don't know what's going on you don't. Our mayor our city councils being met time going to El Paso. In talking about non emirate you know and not doctored or undocumented workers people that are not in citizens of this country. In August instead of doing that go on El Paso and talk about those people will be taken the people that seek you to City Hall. We'd take those people that are here in Austin. Better citizens of this city. So let me bring into the conversation Kerry Stuart theory is an Austin firefighter. And Karrie welcome to come talking. Thanks for having me absolutely cared so Kerry first tell me. A little bit about yourself how long you mean that you've been an Austin. Firefighter. I joined AFD in 2000 so I just hit eighteen department eighteen years. Wow congratulations in eighteen years on and I mean people out there. Actually in eighteen years with the same company but that's that's definitely a moral stuff. So. You know what what are some of things you've seen it be an. Austin firefighter. Pave I seen that I've seen a lots and that it had been on top of an aerial square in honor on a house fire I've helped resuscitate children that we've rescued from buyers. I hope cut people out of cars that are horrible car acts though I had seen a lot over the years and them. Somebody that you try to leave at the station and you meet on the job and energy he take it on the view it in a lot. Actually in you know it's in its eight 911. And you asked for you know that person come and help you whether it's a police officer where it's a firefighter. And you know what they show up they do that job no matter how bad it is they see you when you're at your worse. Missing hey you know if I need your help I needed now in your head you're absolute worst the bottom of the barrel. And you know what you dared to do a job they do it they bring you back to where you need to be. And that now we need to focus son. Bills people right now we need to give back you know because they helped us out you know we've done I won one we've asked for help we've asked for assistance. And now Kerry is saying. You know she needs a little help a little sisters are just you know someone that you know pay attention to her situation. So Cary Allen. You've been with the Austin fire department for eighteen years. On market is eighteen years that's a very long time and so what's going on. I I filed my a cancer and I was diagnosed in 2015 as though as a workers' comp illness and it it was successfully. Granted benefits through the workers' compensation process. And after we got their contested case hearing with the judge and was awarded benefits the city. Though that make that decision though they have sued for those benefits that's kind of the next step if they settlement of the page and it's going forward. That was filed with the suits in actually march of last year for my cancer. OK so you see you contracted cancer what type of cancers breast cancer breast cancer okay and they're saying that I don't know why this video videos like sideways for some reason that's really weird. But even. See you. Now that's an end my grandmother. Actually had breast cancer so you know that kind of touches home and I'm an old you know. How clear we've had so one. Well the year. You know your mother. Your sister. I year yeah I T or whatever. If had some type of issue with cancer we've all known someone out there and contract cancer. And so you're is you're saying is related to you the work that you do. Yes we have prism of line Texas that if you. You meet some stipulations about how long you've been on the job but there's a presumption that if there's nothing else significant your life that you NC. Develops her contribute to your cancer that there's a presumption for firefighters and EMTs. That worked could've contributed to. That illness. And so they're ours very high rates of cancer in the fire service in general so. Type of cancer aside we have a 14% higher risk of risk of dying from cancer and a 9%. Greater risk of can of developing cancer as firefighters so that's by the presumptive law exists. And we were able to show on my case a link with those judges between. My service as a firefighter and my type of cancer. Obviously you were able to take this case to court to district court here that in Travis County not yet. Not yet we use I would it's a contested case hearing as part of the workers' comp process so we thought the judge and presented evidence. And testified. I testified on my behalf from my case and the next step is that the city has student and the next step would be that we go to district court. Okay because I thought a case had gone to quarter going somewhere and gone to the the appellate court or something like that that's something totally different that's a 08. It was receptive for a judge and she heard the case and then the city appealed that decision and I went to an appeals and on they got used to overturn that decision to actually OK okay catch okay. And so basically year are you getting worked as workers got pregnant. They have paid for everything so far they've reimburse me for out of pocket expenses in their currently paying for my name. Does it's gonna have to go to oncologists but the city wants to you may wanna get that money back they can't get it back by state law so they've stated that they won't ask where back that they can't anyway. They don't have to pay for anything going forward and if I were to die from cancer they don't have to pay money to eat and. Well in an ans that's pretty sad because you know you've you've given eighteen years of service. To this city you know when someone's called 911 you've been there without a doubt no question. Without complaining. I even an outstanding employee of the city of Austin. And so for the city to come back and say you know what you we're not going to take here you and you know I I think that's very disheartened. I agree it is it's felt like a betrayal that and given up large part of my adult life to. Serving Austin and I'm like the city doesn't have our tax returns are. Right so we're talking would Perry Stewart she's an Austin firefighter we also have kids Cassidy. From the Austin police department the union and also Justin Berry in sad steals we're gonna talk to them we're talking about city lost and we're talking about homelessness were talking about. Our employees were talking about the people that are giving service to you and meet this is Michael Cargill and you. Are listening to come and talk. This is bigger than it is not a particularly since you're listening to become an update on the yeah thirteen doesn't need to. Listen to saucer G-7 meet anywhere with your Amazon do just ask what are plates are thirteen seventy. Now playing took thirteen seventy direction. Welcome back to come in socket. And now here's Michael Carr again. I'm so we're back we're talking about the city of Austin. That's right we're talking about our our elected officials the people that we sent this city halt in the things that we needed to deal. We're talking about this 300 million dollar library that CE Mossad has in the fact we spent 300 million dollars on a library. But we're not taking care of homeless we're not taking care of the employees actually work for the city. We need to do a lot better Dennis a lot better we have a young lady in the studio that he carry student who's an Austin firefighter. At work for the city of Austin in that she has no she's come down with cancer. And so now the city is actually suing her for workers' comp. This is insane to me. This is just crazy. Ilk does she is putting eighteen years of service of the city of Austin and now the city. Are aren't they here our City Council wants is similar for workers' comp. This these stock we need to do a lot better than this your mother your your sister maybe giving you you know may come down with you know what some type of element. And saying look. Your organs workers' comp should take care of that. Let's come on Steve Austin we can do indebtedness we can do a lot better. So let me bring into the conversation denying. I'd tonight Michael she's definitely with the subject as I am not. And so I'm of the brings in the right in here to talk about cancer in what she experienced herself. In Europe and you know what she experienced so you know Jim I definitely won this conversation here. As we were we were talking early. Earlier before the show started. Going through cancer is is one of the most devastating things you'll go through as a human being in for me. Being health conscious my entire line of thinking and doing everything right. And then hit with this. The last thing you wanna do is have to do with. Financial problems and you think you're OK with the job you have that they're gonna take care viewed it in the instance with carry it out every day. Her job requires her to two. Going to sit in situations where her her health does that risk and she's not saying well wait a minute women now I don't think I'm gonna go into that building. I know it's it's I don't think amenity that she's going ahead now she knows I'm going into the job. But she's also expecting. Her job to take care of her ride for me taking that risk because somebody needs to do it. And it's because if nobody does have been where we have we don't have people that will go helps cut someone out of a car. Takes a whenever burning building so she's expecting that for them to betray her like that. I couldn't even begin to imagine how that would in this is. Austin you know I expect Austin you know the CD this is not a Republican problem this is not a Democrat problem is not a libertarian problem this is a problem our elected official. You know our CD. Our Arie as she be elected officials were not taking care of the city employees and acting cared to citizens because you're creating this problem Ukraine the problem of we see in this is a sanctuary seating. So we're inviting you know anyone bring you don't bring your tired bring your homeless bring your undocumented bring whatever to the city of Boston if you save that if you take that responsibility will you want to bring anyone. To the city Boston the homeless everywhere on document what ever being you have to take responsibility and and take care of those people. And the same thing for employees are you know. Apple is working for the city eighteen years I can't get off of that eighteen years how did you review. -- our destiny to say you know what I'm not going to take care of your workers' workers' comp gonna sue you for how did you see that. Ash is crazy to me knowledge stand. I don't get it. And they did to me they don't make any sense because you hear situations like this but then. You go to they feel for hourly workers they wanna make sure that there there. That. Independent business owners paid for their sick leave you know that the bit ridiculous thing that they passed that. It has being. Taken back where they want employers to offer so many sick days but yet she's sick and they don't. On the flip the bill. So hypocritical. Deathly you know an enemy lives at the top floor that The W. Hotel you know so he's living fine he's have a great time you know I don't mayor we can see from what we are right now got a good view of W. So you hope you have a great time because you know people are hurting. And we need your help we need you do the job that church you know you want to El Paso. And you say you know what I'm gonna go to El Paso and take care of the undocumented workers people just. Not even citizens of this country let alone the citizens of those city of Boston. You know you're gonna go El Paso and take care of those people which are not taking care of the people not doing your job as the may hear of for the city of Boston. And so you know we did do something we even to replaced as mayor I Wii to replace City Council do so because you're not doing your job. In also Perry you know I mean no more you know the people they wanna hear the year they're asking you know can you tell us little more about your story. And it just what's happening right now. Well currently we're just kind we're kind of in a holding pattern with the lawsuit now. So waiting to see you at the next steps are. They have received a lot of emails and calls this week since this story came out on cakes and and that has been beneficial I think it's. It's shown that people are paying attention and backing continued I think that's agreed that it in the right direction the senior freaking yeah this lawsuit dropped. Am because it's not just for me this would be for features the employees enters features city workers feature firefighters. That vision not only pro only five pars actually have this problem. Knows so we are not in Austin there have been no other suits that we have. We had statements friends that years management about denying all cancer claims because they don't have to pay beneficiaries of salmon died from cancer. And that I think that's a breakdown within a city management itself because. The worker's comp is there to protect people on how people their injuries and illnesses. And if we're having a mentality that we're just gonna blanket deny any one type of claims and we're not truly looking offer our workers. We're we're thinking of the bottom line being financial and not really taking care. You tell me this is something always happens this is in the city of Boston is its SOP for them to see you. The employees that out you know. No things were when we first certifying his cancer claims that the city there were statements made in and risk management meetings that they would have. The Niles of these cancer claims because they wouldn't want to paid to beneficiaries of some market. So it just kind of illustrated a mentality that existed within that office. That that does need to stop because each worker's comp claim whether it's cancer or not should be looked at. With its own merit and four that claim and not with a mentality that you're gonna just the night in. Okay. Insulin Eagles are phone line I thought minus 5126435483. That's 5126435483. And let's go to John Donne you say how can we implement a plan to improve Austin. Yeah payload. And certainly on the answer and you re in the background it. I do. This not Abrams creator owner took. Yeah I mean I am a he can use between those Ole. Why. People are student. Blake Miller you know on so right now my. Know everybody should have sympathy and empathy for she's working order there and sees rock and roll and and she comes down some. As the personal liberal. I'm like all sore right got more and Alberto ordered newsrooms or. But there are the conservatives. When I look at things. You know the city of Austin doesn't. Think about being that way you know where you got planes like the rainy days Simon Texas Austin against that because of their like hey we debate sidewalks. You know the color of gay rainbows. And how do we bridge to gap where rebels in the left to the right reality in the middle. Well we let a lady Lake Bell that you're dealing. I think we need our our elected officials and to not pay so much attention to. This special interest you know and and really start taking care of the people. An and do what's right because eat it shouldn't take you know it doesn't take much to do the right thing you know we all know what's right what's wrong. And so I I think you need to focus on a cable there's an issue with you know the show and lady feel she's come down with cancer she's worked for the city. Years and she's filed a cook a plane and the doctor says hey you know we need to go and take care of her. You know it's gone to one panel they say hey we take care for is gone is gone up above that. To the next level they say hey we need take care receded bag down to lower level go and take you ever I think the C needs to take here ever. You know because that everyone is saying hey this is your job the city she's working for eighteen years paperwork in his cop. So it's it's really it's a no brainer. Well yeah it's a no blame brainer menu unless you do a cost benefit analysis. Which is what I'm surge seemed given lip and hearing from lawyers. Look what I was just the city Boston India is not paid thirty million dollars for a freak out ansari 300 million dollars frayed library that no one's using. Except for you know I don't know who's used an African library the fact is it's in the it's it a story came out of how all man it's great the city of Boston has the best library ever in the entire planet the world or whatever. You know we don't need a 300 million dollar library what we need is starting to compare taking care of our citizens. Well I agree with you but the problem does that again that the reason I'm calling it. Is and he does something on Serbs that firefighter can I get her personal lives. Should probably want more liberal than she did when she voted as we all are. You guys leg I have on the liberal friends back door and do the crazy (%expletive) that I would I'm sort. About just where would never do current. That's a what John I'm gonna take getting consideration I got to go to break now but we're gonna talk about that we come back from the break this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. It's strictly grain and I mean might as well above that yeah I know I'm coming from. Top thirteen seven it's the right choice. I. Welcome back to come into office. And now here's Michael Carr again. Kerry stood she's a firefight with a Austin. At least I'm sorry to Austin fire department. And also we have Tim Cassidy and also Justin Berry with Austin police department union inside the studio and so. Political team line to tie you say you that you don't understand the specifics of what the I'm not sure what that is so. What specifics they try to stay intact. Yes yes we're exists though want to know about the other specifics so off neutered is the Sudanese who own or something now. Along with just the workman's comp benefits or is it. They're saying to not cover anything going for in the future and they also sued me for attorneys' fees with this as well. So and so if this video off as soon you Bert Ernie chains. Are. Aren't freaking believable. So we were so we need you you know to contact the city Boston called the mayor's office for sure. Not a problem that but just this vehicle will. Absolutely there's a need. There are no sir thank you for calling in. And I call in numbers 512643. Lives that's 5126435483. Com and talking to let me bring into the conversation. I can Cassie and also Justin Berry with Austin police department union I'd definitely welcome to shell. Thank you for having us and so you know with would. With when it comes to the Austin please part we look at that are homeless problem this is not aid law enforcement problem. This is not policing this is a City Council elected official problem because. They said hey yelled this is a in the city is open this city. Is is what we call it. Forget that the term we use it and sitting yet it would. Sanctuary city of freedoms and yes Sanctuary City. And so it once yelled come on bring your home this bring you're tired bring your not to you know you're undocumented. When you say that even when you say it's a Sanctuary City thing you have to take the responsibility of taking care of those people. You know when something goes wrong. As you open it up you open the floodgates. And so you know what's going on can't. You know I think it's just mismanagement. Twice today you've talked about the the millions and millions of dollars are spent on the library downtown a so it's nice library but it's. Miss we were a lot of transients and how to hang out and and clean their toes in the sink. It was not a good investment they could have built a smaller American reviews. Probably a fifty million a hundred million of those dollars to build. A nice facility for these homeless people. Somewhere else in the community other than them though the city. Where it's a basically a death trap for those people live there there's no hope of getting out. And while you can do is drive down there on seventh street and look at it every day and you just see. A Third World country right next. The police station in yet people that are afraid to go downtown to the arch annually since they're yeah. It's a legitimate homeless people are deathly afraid of going to the arts downtown because that. You know be the crime that is happening around that little area there. And you know it. It did it please the reason I say police is not the problem because you can put those people. We can sit in Austin police officer and down into the arch knowing that someone selling drugs is doing something. And the arrest that person or they tried to that person to the Travis county jail try to study jails Tennessee Al want this person because. They're too far gone we don't want and in our jail take him to the hospital you take into the hospital and the hospital the doctors like I don't wanna hear the hospital you know they can't pay for anything so let's you don't put cinema back down the street so they're right back out within an hour or less. You're exactly right numerous if you down their right now you'd find dozens of people. That have been arrested. 5200 times. Probably in the last five years we literally had people that are old dean led the arch up so right there in front of us dying dying or in front of defendants. Now we've worked our who earns off over the last two years with the case who epidemic and and several of the issues that. And what does that what does the KT what what is that. That's that's that's a really big problems at Justin got along so I I've worked downtown firm owns six here's my career on some it was an especially unit capacity and we folks a lot of ground to arch because. That is where the epicenter of most of warcraft statistics and from that point arm is what K two is K two is it is. It's marketed Brenda synthetic marijuana in which if you look at the business side of it. I'm not gonna Marcus and as others I should chemicals in here it's not synthetic marijuana it's more like PCP or. You Wear those clothes medicine marijuana section bunch of stuff the budget jumped as added into it. We found rate in their one point oh lycra clad can call analysts and their notices but to kill other creatures onus be put in there. And so when the they branded essence of marijuana because they can marketed that way to most people so when we go out there we would go what they're trying to form. These K two users of what's in there and I I mean I'm a plane put amnesty box of their own was so bad we had some to a falling out is like look. The greater good here is the preservation of life. Because that's what we care about as the sausage the preservation of life is our first duty. In so to names Abbas take but the scenario we're financed raided her refining chemical poisons that you were trying to kill you with this stuff this is not a joke this wireless phone out in they're like. Mauresmo does till two whatever and outward up that. As he people ask me what should the city do you what should the mayor do you look first of all let's stop making this a century city as second of all you know. We need to have some standards you know you have a problem down arched let's start enforcing those this make the hospital to dispose do let's. Go and make Travis County shares part of the the jailed eight except these people. Hold them were you know hold him in the jail. And then say you know what here's what we're gonna do. At the arch we're gonna actually you know not reap it's not let not let people win don't recommend. You know if if they're not doing their schools to do. And didn't get them some treatment given some help as a hey we're gonna put China's program if he'll stick on this program that we're gonna kicking out the city. Thank you it is what it is because it's got to stop you know because David there if they're not like you know help themselves. You know to be a better better people. Then we need to go in just released and let him go you know because Jerry York a detriment to society and we just don't need you anymore. You know Michael the annals of people got it don't Sunni FaceBook messages. I don't call me at the story can like that I don't care it it is what it is you know we either have to cut him off you just like you have a family and that's out there that you know that has a problem hasn't addiction something is going on is trying to get them healthy don't want to let that addiction don't. At some point you have to cut them off. Michael. You hit the nail on the head. In this city is going in the wrong direction when it comes to the almost you have a lot of people have thanked the more and more money so glad that you're gonna get your way out of it. But if you have dealt with people and almost community like Justin and I have for twenty years now. They have to reach out for help and they have to wanna help themselves on the after wanna get off street you'd be shocked at how mean people are out there that want to be there. They don't want. Government rules I don't want the police I don't want anybody telling them what to do and they are happy being outside and people you know are probably listening to him like. Oh he's crazy no 11 without on the street are there are a lot of people that do. It is scary going downtown and parking underneath I 35 their rent six street you know if I have to go into. The like and the county that county is that that office has ranked the same building and in his court admissible court fight onto admissible admissible court. Doing type of business at all you have to park underneath I 35 and that is scary. It is really scary you have to carry gun did make it to the courthouse which you can't do it because it is its students right there you know he lives of people that are there. They run up on you and they are you asking for money demanding money cannot even asking they're actually demanding a very aggressive. To the point in it I would never you know let any female for my family actually go out here part here. You know to do any type of services at all it is it's really it's it's terrible in if you haven't had a chance to go downtown. And park or just drive thru take a look. You'll look at the arch drive you you know take a look at. The parking lot appeared on the back 35 you know in this is not a policing problem this is a City Council this is. A major problem. They're the ones that create this problem they're allowed it to fester without doing anything. You know it has mastered this is San Antonio Antonio. And it just in the busting it is in the Austin instead let's say really they do as an historic yeah literally will give me give them a busted a dissident Austin and. They took all their money instead of building a 300 million dollar law labor moments ever cost they builds. The community element that countryside not believe it's east side or west side of San Antonio much which one is. The best for all the homeless you know may take care of them out there. And if you go to San Antonio line to get down to the entertainment area how many homeless people tease you down there not one has are being taken care of by the citizens of San Antonio. Outside of the city in. Boundaries. And that's a beautiful facilities so oral or chiefs have gone there it's a great idea but we built this library in that building something from these. And three engine build our library rate down slackened downtown. Instead of take care of the real problem the real issues that we have in this seat instead ia where Greek Rick taking vacations del paso. The talk about non you know undocumented workers. You know people they're not even citizens of this country. We we meet in and this is not a Democrat problem this is not a Republican problem this is not this this is everyone's problem this is everybody's problem we really need to jump Dan. And say this needs to stop. You know the city of loss and our elected officials the deal with the need to do because it's very sad when I mean you know on being white in congress. And in Austin police officer has to take you know on their own free time has to take someone to a doctor's appointment. You know go get a card for this idea and all this stuff because they don't have transportation can't make it themselves. You know they're taking their own. Personal time to take care. Of citizens you know. Something needs to change something needs to happen because this is this we've hit rock bottom and is this problem has grown is getting worse. It's growing. Were seen it from from. May and from what one in of bin white fear all the way until 35. In its in school and all its downtown you go downtown you go around arch. This is getting really bad really you start caring about each other we need to go to city city councilors say you know let you know as City Council. He'd do something unique discipline mr. mayor you know come on down from The W. Hotel come down from the highrise near and let's start taking care of the people. That you know which you institute. To where you are today so I take care. Will would app police officers don't have a contract. That's another issue that needs to be address. We you know. I. Art our let our elected officials. You're not doing what she did. We need take care of our law enforcement we take era firefighters there's no reason why is generally should be sitting here she served eighteen years. With Austin fire department and she's not being taken care of at all. Eighteen years. I am anxious I'm destructive in its various it's sad. If it hurts you know the fact that. You know we have to go out act act I I try tune. You give some of these people actually given pizza I try to give them a lot of different things in it really it's sad in it hurts it hurts that. We have civilians we have citizens of this seed and are suffering. And our elected officials don't care at all. This is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. Is that many jobs. And I guess I'm done it's I thought you. Government health gifts. I listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere the only already old dot com how. Check your phone's glass door or visit to a thirteen seventy dot com slash app. Welcome back to women's hockey. Now here's Michael Kaiser. All right so what tucked away Tim Cassidy. We Austin police department union also Justin theory so we have Kerry Stuart. She's with me and that's a famous name your student. It sounds famous. Heads with the Austin fire department and Kerri tell us about and the fact that she has cancer. And that the city of Boston is suing Kyrie known. For the workman's workers come in so many wanna talk a little bit more about the bill Austin police department in the at the contract in what's going on with that so what's what's deal with the Austin police department contract. So. What's entitled little bit of explanation that. We worked over a year of working with city management coming up with a contract and is a lot of people know we ticket. Our membership voted by 85% to accept it on average it was about a one point 9% Perry's for officers every year for five years. So one point nine for five years. Which is lessened the city employees get they get 2.5 every year things firefighters think a little bit less amount. But. Something we worked hard on was that a lot of money on a lot of attorney fees. And then we know what happened in December 1 from the city council on it was voted down in the main reason was given. Was it just cost him. Button as over the last 67 months were saying. Well and that's and maybe not money. But now it's the police oversight for just long enough police oversight no way of cameras on our backs camera on her head cameras and our cars. That's oversight. And now you know it's unfortunate that City Council. As. A few members with some very supportive people and counseling where some of them just block this. The entire way. Mainly being and planning and Ingrid are. And they are now saying that they want to have all the sector oversight that wasn't in the last contract. So. Rusher what they won amateur for a money issue there for so oversight issues. Okay and and so now what's happening with the vehicles because there's an issue with the vehicles in. Something wrong with the they the issue VCU guys have. Are there was went a couple officers were severely injured by carbon monoxide poisoning. There was a deficiency in the forest explorers that we had. They've all Benson back then and refitted that had. Exhaust manifold replaced. So we were we sent the entire leadoff earlier in the year. And we just dealt with a few cars had left Iowa and I Campbell who made it through that but we did. But although he gets any slight risk of vehicles or something we did I'm there was it was crazy. And but all those vehicles are back and win not adding more exposures of comebacks were over satisfied right now with the work that Ford Motor Co. Did but there is still losses with the officers and Ford Motor Co. Because we do have two officers that are. With a pretty severe brain damage. Now as an issue with that with the CD as far as their workers got. They have actually done a good job on the -- but that the Austin police department also had a employees that. That I had issues you know with. All the time workers' comp is a nightmare workers' comp was fixed. Basically. Mr. protect big business from. Employees. And polls say that most of the dealings I've had the city of Austin workers' comp. Myself have had lots of injuries and 21 years. Have been positive but I have got a few negative. You know right now it's kind of the popular thing is just to refuse all all planes. And make people go through an appeal process and make people jump through hoops where they just get exhausted and like to screw it. I can't do this anymore just rob I'll pay for myself allowed then that's become a big problem here in the city. Now as far as the contract is concerned. How does that relate to use like hours and overtime you know with the contract and right now without the contract. Right now we can. I've had a lot of officers believe there are disgusted with the the way they're treated by City Council normally we lose about four or five people mom front now. Since December we're losing about. Between nine and all of them. And they're going to other departments. So we're spending a 100000 dollars to train them now with of these young girls who is leaving here to go to other places like San Marcus and rumbles towards a smaller cities all smaller cities. And let's that's the city's loss. Cost over a 100000 dollars to kind one person. So we're seeing the same thing has happened in Dallas for the Dallas Police Department we're seeing that happen here in Austin is it also affected the tension. Believe it is we actually just because I didn't like and at Dallas Police Department you know it it's a big big huge problem with their pension. In the end they're worried that you know when he get down to the Amir the officers that are left are not going to be able T get access to their pension. That is correct so you know the fear and fear offers let's hear people that chip putting into the pension. So while we've conducted a study that we should have results back. Beginning of our early next year with art and an actuary. When they're taking it very close look at it because. No just the common sense in the math of it is is that over a period of time it will affect pension. And now that's something that we need to. Was privately talked to counsel about. Let them know that is an issue and men they're aware of. In an ingested. You know. In more more on what the pension system and and I am arm but it eat in mixed sentiments fall lost a great loss in common sense you know. Arm it's it is unfortunate talk to a small church who's lost a a twelve year officer twelve years you know. Why are we losing officers in that middle range right now and that's that's that's very concerning because those officers actually have more than 100000 dollars between couldn't. Mean you know. It's it's death with something that you knowing these these accounts report about fiscal conservative missing in and finish responsibility. You just throw a 100000 dollars grand per officer right. Yeah that's gonna cost more in the long run to retrain new people coming to make up for that if you just retained one. I peninsula is asking all when it comes like oversight. Do you think there should be like in like an independent. Group or something like that that actually does that. So we have been and what they've been calling stakeholder meetings with lots of individuals from around the city from ACLU Austin justice coalition. Austin police association. The city management. And what was come up with a of this. Taking civilian oversight out of the contract. And let them run another one Iran. They believe they can skirt. House section 143. The government code which controls. I files and the way and so they saw the way things around as if that if you're sustained on you get a day off for more. Your file becomes mobile and anybody conceive that. If you don't get days off or you're not just time for this one. I cases locked away forever nobody can ever see it no one has access to money and also offering has attorney Alan. And if they want Saddam locate and review chief Manley is just one of law officers because of those are open record. They can have that admiral we're inviting them to do that. But they know they still want to of the office of the please monitor which is welfare must -- Two overseen and monitor. Investigations by our internal affairs you know which we've had for the last eighteen years our officers Michael and accepted oversight. With open arms for the past eighteen years and people just keep trying to grab more and more and more. And I think that know how to do better and actually they don't I'm not yet Nelson under on her few weeks ago Don Nelson's been. It was a huge supporter of the contract he's been with a since the very beginning he's been here as much more history in the city then. On these youngsters from Austin tests coalition and they have ruined everything we ever worked on for the past eighteen years and you know we've worked with. The NAACP and several others in the community for all the period of time and now these. Young people think they know better are trying to come and then dismantled what was bill. And that that's what they want rules were were and welcome them with open arms and do it but I don't think they're like what they get. Yeah because I think some people ask and four. Like I guess a separate toll separate group. Or organization to actually do like the oversight whenever there's a police involved shooting or something like that bird in ozone in. Can I like what you thought man you know for for me is. We elect is that we we openly embrace arm oversight and accountability for the sole fact of I thank my reputation offshore. I don't wanna work next somebody that is corrupt or dirty or has issues because. Gil last initiation I'm going to be pure and assume I'm that same way so. We take a lot of pride in not having those bottom of the barrel applicant problems here in Austin open keep it that way opposite of leadership wants to keep it that way. Ox and the citizens definitely want that. Arm is so when we look at these kinds of things we look at it yet oversight and accountability and things of that nature is like when you go senior open heart surgery. You're the recipient of surgery. Tanya detained Hamas or how to do the surgery or shut Shiite should give content of schooling and enough training to earn the trust. And I think this time around here is known many of these groups that want to control policies and controlling things are doing things. I'm all for in public because neither see some were not and that fruitful dialogue but to actually have the full control over that about that as a citizen. It's yet an activist group controlling the priest for many operate. What if you don't think the same when did you politically it to me now on the police department and do things like foreign policy that forces and it is not do that. Those are the kind of questions and we look it would to go to. To defend our community because of things. And part of that is all season common sense and good logic and in these conversations so that we want to every system based business came running part time or cellphone. We have cameras all over us. We have a cornerstone as the foundation or profession fiscal integrity. In the moment I lose integrity and immediately fired as I should be fired. Because of that and also you know we have that they hate lol this downtown with what's the halo program you know they look. And I can personally say from experience others of our video that came out with me. Apparently punching guys in them ahead. Period assaulted one of our police sources downtown. Men from the angle that it was video from it looked like I did. But that all day long cameras were for right on top of us in the clearly showed that I'd delivered a strike to the guy shouldered get him now under the ground. Man that's just one of the many benefits of having those cameras where shootings on a regular basis downtown on an island cameras. People dealing drugs. People commanding lead and seeing collisions in the parking lot downtown so I mean it that the cameras cameras don't lie. And now they pick up everything downtown and is a force multiplier. And I wish we had more. I sort talk what can Cassidy was cardinal Justin Berry with the Austin police department union also went Kerry Stewart she was she's with the Austin. Our department this is Michael Cargill and you are listening to come and talk. Hello this is Gerald dirty hand a precinct three county commissioner here in terms. And you're listening to common problem. Welcome back to common socket. And now here's Michael Hart yeah. They eat out today in this. Ed shows it's all gloomy downtown. Overcast it's you know. I love this view I'm gonna misty is viewed this is our last time here and intercom studios. We're actually moving to a different station and so I'm really I'm just gonna miss this view sleeping tonight and misses it it's a beautiful view of downtown Austin there. And the kids mitigated I'm sorry there are other. Yes yeah it's he adds it's a beautiful view done deftly Dennis missed is viewed gonna miss down sound so. Yeah we. Did I miss our family here in a com studios have been very great. Everyone I've had a chance to work with the Indiana com so when that thinking gas has taken care of us are producers. The old producer is the new producers he hasn't done a great job taking care as we make sure we do the right thing so really appreciate that. So definitely think he gas Aaron and that was that Mimi connect crank phone call to your cellphone. How are such an eye you're saying something. Do in the breaking you're talking about downtown Austin because you're businesses located downtown. So you you know have a lot of interaction with the homeless and in people that actually live there you were bearing in you know you do everything downtown. I lived downtown and and I and business downtown and I was asking. These gentlemen it if it was my imagination nor is crime getting worst downtown because it I've been downtown about. I've been living downtown for three years but it on the business for five. And it just seems to be getting worse and worse and as I was telling you earlier. Most of the time I do Carrey again when I go to my store in the morning hadn't for awhile and. The other day I just something told me no bring your gun today and. And you really have to listen to that yeah you realize they own you really deed and and I did. And I was so thankful because my daughter and I were there it was early in the morning. And a gentleman came in with no shirt on and that's I was asking him what are these people on I don't know I don't know how to determine what someone's honor. Lord figure out. What is making them act is that he appeared like a zombie kind of he had no shirt on and I have personal message you can't come in here with their shirt. He went outside I don't know where he got a shirt but he came back and. And he sat in there for about 3045. Minutes just in the corner staring at us looking to the back. Looking at us looking to the back and finally. I grab my gun I put it under the counter and I told my daughter I said it's loaded it's ready to go but I want you to call 911 beach has. I'm not feeling good about this. And she was able nothing's happened and I said that's right I'm not gonna let anything happen and it. And so they came and they escorted him out but it scary. And and I see that more and more and more when I'm walking to go somewhere downtown and there's just more and more aggressive. Aggressive on this there. Are a lot of things that you know that don't hit the news you know you have. Like I've said on the show before and as a rash of people that are going to different businesses like beat coin ATM machines. And they'll go in and Nell pepper sprayed the employees and break into the machine is still the mine and machine and stuff like that. Valuable a lot of business owners who get follows from their business. To the bank are home and get robbed and they're not you know they're not say anything about that because that's embarrassing yeah. And it happens a lot you know itself yet there are things actually happen that's not the news that you don't hear about and people say why didn't see it on news it wasn't on this station was on that station. Because people don't want to do a news story on that because it's embarrassing that happened today and in the fact that. You know. You'll this business of rob or they were robbed one from point to point B because they have that same routine that they do. You got to change your routine up you got to looking you mean there's got to check yourself. Don't you don't be in the business of ad in the Dane. You know you're taking net cash in doing that drop in the bank he'd do that in a different day. Or different times or something like that definitely usually hit when he comes of that stuff because people watching here they're sit in the parking lot their keys and you out. There watching you to look at your routine he'd be doing that same retained. You know big deathly gonna catch up. Is gonna capture. You know. And really. Allow that to hit home quickly tells you how the viewers the story of my sister. I grew up in North Carolina. My sister and her fiance his dad under two several on shops in North Carolina. And 34. People it was it was a mother her son a father and his son vase state to them now. Figured out their routine my sister lived on the country. And they broke into their home and we're waiting for them. When they got home duct tape and held them hostage killed her took her fiance to the pawnshops the next day rob the mall. And held my sister hostage for two days. Murdered her down a dirt road suffer in the back and chanting and her body was it now for nine months so people do watch. And follow in half and. And sat at a and no I am. Justin you know with the Austin at least partly you know you guys have seen a lot of things you see this stuff you know first hand. You know so you know what what kind of advice would you give people in business owners that are out there. And I think on the biggest advice and you were down in 2018 as it off your phone or walking. I mean let's be honest you know he being distracting this horrible there's a reason we have eyes and ears is to be able aware of our surroundings at all times. You know I think most of our. Criminals look for crimes of opportunity and look for vulnerable people in our corner or someone that looks prepared looks ready or looks like they're aware of what's going on. In other people that won't go to describe them to the police if they get caught. They're looking for people that are distracted and so the biggest things be aware of surroundings first and foremost be prepared you know with the divorce because things be prepared me of the observing. It word your surroundings in you to big thing is is a few in the business community you're you're carrying. You know Larson's cash in the bank to deposit slip like that. Armed you know change after teen change between change of which branch you're gonna go to arm you know don't be predictable don't be don't want because if your one has businesses that are that are being monitored and to have it targeted. You heard those are the smarter ones are the ones that are put together a plan put together an action you're gonna know you. There's also the ones are for crimes of opportunity and it was a laundry need to not be on your phone because you may be that opportunity. Absolutely and I make every team that never take money home. You know ax and wants a one follow me to my house changed I take different routes to the house you know even though he can probably Google my home you know Google it. Online anyway and from where I live in but I definitely try to change that re Tina and in the end of family takes it a big role in that team you know the theme he's got to be. You know vigilant as well and making sure they're aware of what's going on that's why you know RT sixteen cameras at the house sixteen candidates out. You know two cameras in the vehicle so no matter what I'm always on camera. And I. That's good or bad but I mean can you bet it was deafening on camera. Settle July. Let's talk a little bit more about a year and your cancer episode that you hand you know because you have the skiers while. And we're gonna talk about that. In about few weeks I think we're gonna have him talk about that a national. About cancer we're gonna have to specialists in the studio to talk to us about you know what you went through what a lot of Hebert and even mid. Yes. Organ it September is ovarian cancer awareness month and actually prostate cancer awareness month. And so we're going and we're going to have. The director for or ovarian cancer here. An and get and oncologists to come on and and I. Can reach out to someone from the prostate cancer. Organizations well. And he carried me asking how did you figure out the next sheet you you came down with cancer as you know was cancer. I had oh a month and actually read. Can't find that and tell my husband Fred a cup of in the kitchen when he meaning and I spotted his hand away and notice like a couple of inches below my clavicle and along much less. And it was biopsy and we determined that it was a statement cancer shame on the has been trying to copy yeah. I'm a little humor and some. Oh man okay all right so and then that was that happened in you guys you to step she needed taken. Did you have to having the knee surgery years I did I chose to do a bilateral mastectomy so why did the big surgery and was that for people who don't know it's ready. Pretty much removed all breast tissue from them. And I started very constructive process and I was able to do reconstructive surgery. A few months later Q&A. And everything back. Yes I underwritten by grandmother go into that in that was very it was it it change your whole demeanor. Because you know she is in her seventies and she had to have her entire breast removed. And that was very hard for her. Yankees you know she felt like. She wasn't a woman anymore because she had to have that you know that breast removed and I'm amber heard talking to me about that and crying about it in a that was. That was rough. That was really rough. Yes there is a large Mensa nice that aspect the whole cancer diagnosis and recovery and tonight I was talking about that earlier this pilot just wrapping your brain around it. And weird we're discovering all the time that. My cancer side that word we have firefighters diagnosed with different cancers all the times what it. What are some little different levels of different cancers that you know other firefighters experienced. We had prostate cancers kidney cancers. The most prevalent cancer in the for our services testicular cancer. Alerts incidence of that overseeing multiple myeloma overseeing and news of the glioma from exposure to. Buildings when they burn and asbestos being in the structures. And we're seeing large larger numbers of music premiums in the fire and operational. As of those people that let you know they're saying hey Kerry were behind you. I am lead to contact the city cannot contact the mayor's office contact your City Council member. And say look you know this is a shame that the city's actually suing. I'm an employee of the city. You know whether they're police officer whether firefighter you know we shouldn't be suing that person you should be staying behind them. Because they're doing the job that you wanted to indeed hard to do to do it for years outstanding job so now we need to take care of them because they've taken care of us. This is Michael Cargill and Hugh. Are listening to come and talk. It must be raised he listens. Boston radio was my core. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere on the radio dot com. Welcome back to come in socket and now here's Michael Carter again and go yeah so. So bad and there's been some crazy stuff happen around in Texas this week. I tell you go to Dallas you have does Dallas. A police officer that you know she she finished working her shift she Dole's home and she goals of the wrong apartment. The what do you do that act as a gimmick and then down in Houston. You know in Houston. An officer and is standing in the airport when an air fifteen. And discharge. Or brown goes into the ground. Care and people are seeing all that's Barney I know Barney Barney wasn't allowed to have bullets and that was need Barney five you not know what's going on there who. And I could imagine I can imagine standing in the air. In the in the airport inflict in his safety switch on and off you know safety fire safety fire was finger on Richard has seen this act I see people do that all the time and and that's how things like that happen. You know finger off that your Alicia on target rate of fire. Leave it on safety. Here you know is is disputed missiles things there's and and then in Dallas. How do you go home to the wrong department I don't care I've been in some drunken state let me tell you and people though you guys know I can be in a drunken state. And no matter how how terrible I am I go home. I know where home is always make it home no matter what happens so. It what will you thoughts and again that's crazy. You know I'd efforts somebody rooms for over the last two days if it isn't it yes let's say. Now averting where from a dating relationships are not a dating relationship. I do know that they were working twelve hour shifts and you know that's about a fourteen hour day plus two hours overtime on top of that so this sixteen hour day. And I'm not making excuses. I mean this is just a horrible tragedy. I don't know what happened that I can guarantee them the Texas Rangers will get the bottom of me figure out what happened in and you know. That offers commit crimes here and you know they've done something wrong and you deserve to be indicted her ever prosecuted and win them on the I was accused of a murdering his. Baby's mama and then the baby. And hero two years ago and and I just I said he deserves now before and fair presentation to slicker what else we community does defeat committed that he deserves. Two that for the crime deserves the death penalty ban. Just like that any charges be brought to bring charges that person he's locked up just like everyone tells her and you know with its people my biggest problem with. And it just. Shootings in general and and death and our community and officer involved shootings is that people jump to conclusions. You know there's certain auction on now on the map and the you know Foley's. Doom and loan officer must spurred and I mean until you know and there's an investigation has been completed by professionals. You know it's it's it's pure speculation. I'm speculating right now. Oh the Texas Rangers will get to the bottom of it and will figure out what has happened on of the media played a big. On Yahoo! and the dials. The BofA today. The oh my god had been involved in other issues with where she was fighting the a criminal over her own and then her Kurt Masur and that's them on issues that has no business even being brought up in this conversation. Its the totally separate incident and that she did wrong to deserve to be prosecuted just like audio. NASA says that you do to get Clinton impersonation is mr. Assad does not true and. But I thought I'd do. I think is a guy right here is this dude can do you agree that person asked this. It's just tell me that is not true. I am not as easily as it actually is not me. That your process and the new Monica Lewinsky and look at it has been as Libya that nothing. All right so so what was asked him for the telephone number T yet to contact in May air. I would some of these issues in and made that was number is 5129782100. And I'll put this in the end in the FaceBook feed results also it's 5129782100. That's 5129782100. You wanna contact in May here and say hey mayor. Whitney do something we need to. There's no reason why the city should be sewing and employee for workers' comp you know it's already gone to the processing and everyone has said hey. We need to go hidden page Carrey you know for continue to pay her for her benefits. Let's go and do that as she's she's worked eighteen years for the fire department and now you wanna Sewell are. Deal to not pay for her workers come in and that's that's unacceptable so deathly cold mayor Adler you know he's at The W. Hotel he's looking as we can see it from here 5129782100. That's 5129782100. Deftly give the mayor call let him know we do something. In an eighty to stop what to do and beer and we need to also do something with. The homeless situation this hopeless situations is not a policing problem. Is not a policing problem this problem is a City Council it's a may your problem. You know we say that the city bosses SH were receiving Milan people to come here because he'll bring your. Your tire bring your ER homeless bring your your undocumented didn't you know what we need take care of them when they get here if that's what you gonna do. You're treating the problem so now it's time for the CD to fix the problem. I'm so. Carried what you what you want the people to know about you your situation what's gonna what's the next step. And the next step is hopefully we can get with some City Council members and educate them on my claim in my case and the suit that the city has filed. I don't think that all the City Council the mayor were aware that this had happened before we brought it to their attention. So hopefully we can educate them ends and then collectively. Recommend that the city drop the suit that would be the next steps but if people can continue to call and request that the suit be dropped. I love working for the city and awesome but I do want them to do the right thing and I don't think that this lawsuit is doing. In each meter future attorney fees back as well well so for. Part of state laws that I can't pay an attorney so unless I'm claiming damages which I have not I campaign workers comp attorney that's state law. So go the F to. European for an attorney at your pocket I'm not I cannot pay for an attorney out of my pocket for workers comp and less likely and images he would get paid out of those images action so he is working Pavano from okay. And then them let me go to Justin Berry you know we want people to know about Austin police department and think you know arm. There's there's a lot out of talk about you see it is this movement about you know. And in the community gives the police I was sitting here with our RC customers but it it or assistance it's a priest partner ago. The moment you see to us via NASA red flag as a citizen wise or trying to make us pleas against more warily trying to do is Indy we come from the community. Either serve and protect me. We're not there as is off meant for trade as the oppressors of the community at that can be for the contribute even you mentioned you've seen firsthand officers are driving. Moral people in our community to go to if deployments as are not safe to do so because the city treated environment where saucy for them to do so. On you know and I think that's. And the biggest things is I'll fast for people to look at different perspectives of things you know how fruitful conversations at Dallas on a couple of timely. What kind of change your perception. And off force or idea because you've been told so long that I'm here to keep you down I'm here to make life harder. On what can do to show you something different and and have really enjoyed those conversations with people. In an incan Cassidy you know. Participate in government. You do not have a ride in my opinion to bitch about any thing less to get them vote and you know. I don't blame a lot of the stuff the City Council does on them. Because people continue to put them an office in the people in this community need to wake up. The start paying attention what's going on around them and put new people and office of those. And you know a lot of people don't know why I'm Michael. A lot of our officers in the last six months of taken a 508 dollar pay cut who in the heck in Austin, Texas has taken a pay cut these days. Of retaliation from the City Council. Not to. Reinstate the stipends or shift differential. Which is people who work night shift and education. They have about her career about to get paid more. So is he working night she can I get a differential you do it on the City Council voted against it. About three months ago. It is Jenny Flanagan. On trucks Claire. And kitchen. Erica Sar. And or Houston those of people that voted. Against labor and against the people's rights and to have a differential on nights and as retaliation against it's. For not agreeing. To their terms and a contract in this of oh so it's a negotiation. And that's something that we work with the city mansion. And may have overstepped their boundaries. And this process and and they need to be brought back and and but on people we can do that is the community. And the people laden districts now what do you think their City Council should do with the homeless situation what do you think she did fix it you know movements. We're eager to vote on a billion dollar bond that's a big issue that's coming out. And some now's the commission now is not allowed to be on being here. We've seen success in San Antonio why's that money not going to something like engines and that's much more my questions. Because I don't think we're doing anything from home Sutherland and waste money. Having them there so large men you know. The cities providing an environment for people to be victimized them and that's exactly what is happening down that area. And and most from the City Council members came down on now but walk throughs on Friday of this past week we've. Some of our chiefs and I think there were shocked at what they saw. Man they need to do something for the people because. There and their victims every day. Just couldn't agree more I think you know policies are holding com. People in this community and not want to hurt me or official machine about a victim or victims rights or. Are doing inning on behalf of the victim. It seems to me is that previously from our judges now and it is pure bond issues there's a distort public K due to the day. About these habitual violent sexual offenders in PR watch normal on the personal cons of wanting your beach is that there's one just recently where it. Is that I think the guy who he would. On. It had to felony convictions and he had been put them in jail for I think it was tampering was. Physical evidence and possession of controlled substance and they've given in the PR bond. And allies accused of getting on PR bond and rankings and he was he was working that the circuit America's epic if okay yeah Dakota and then and is now he's infectious often the only. In this this this drives dress home you know you you got to take your own personal safety your own hands because our. Our elected officials that we have here a deafening you don't care about your personal safety. So don't leave it up to them you know to do they're supposed to do and and taking care of the problems that they actually created this homeless problem that we have in Austin. This is a problem that's been created by the City Council and also the mayor so deftly called Mayer Adler at 5129782100. That's 5129782100. As always more guns. Equals less crime why did buy yourself a good. You must become a talking. With Michael cargo. You keep yours.