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I this is Debbie Lewis and welcome to the show today I know we try to cover things that are important. To your family is. Mortgages are just one of those things. Another thing that we need to talk about his disability insurance now I cover all kinds of insurance term life insurance. Variable annuity life insurance so long term care today we need to talk about disability income. Now this didn't make a lot of sense to me until it happened to me. And then it made perfect sense so I was on my way to the radio station recourse and stuff this was several years ago I think my kids were 85 and six are now. Almost in college so we come along way. I was. Citi's stoplight in it was raining. And cars were speeding past in one car clipped the others spender. And I look up and I'm in the turn lane which means I'm facing oncoming traffic. This car start spiraling around and like green circles in the middle of the intersection. And spin is right past me and hits the car directly behind me. Throwing them into three or four more cars so the accident like a tornado walk wrapped around me. Didn't hit me thank god and hit everybody behind the ninth not thank god for them but it it past me. So I was of course really shaken up I came to the radio station on like you know what. I need disability insurance today this could have a whole lot different day had I been hit I didn't hit yes my car is insured. And my car would cover some medical expenses for me. The hit my head and I don't know who I AM or something happens in the glass breaks in it hurts me to the point that. I can't do my job anymore which is means in my arms and legs I can do without a what does it takes my mind. Then I can't talk I can't think I can't. Talk to you about money and finances anymore because I don't know who I am. Now you say Debbie gets extreme that would never happen. Yes it does happen and actually nearly seven in ten Americans. Do not protect your paycheck with disability insurance. Because what happens if you don't. According to be northwestern mutual's 4016. Planning and progress study capital Americans rely only. On their job income. To meet their monthly income means. What that means in layman's terms as a most of us have a job and we use our job money to pay for our living lifestyle. And our kids and everything else. We don't have passive income. Not everyone has investments that pay where the where there are not. Not everyone has rental properties on everybody has annuities not everybody has a pension not everybody if you're tuned it's those security. So what happens. To these half of Americans. That if I thought toward a quick today how would I pay for my family. You say well you wouldn't. Well I don't want that to happen. We need to figure out how to meet our financial obligations. Yet two thirds of us do not own disability insurance to protect. This inner girl asset which is ourselves. To keep us working. This is really concerning considering there are one in four odds of becoming disabled for three months of more during our work career. And know life happens research nearly half of Americans would find themselves in financial trouble and a month or less after incurring a disability. So say I can't work anymore. OK well then. How gonna keep don't want yes I may be able to get so security. But what have. What about the rest of it the risk of experience in a serious illness or injury is more common and we'd like to believe any impact extends way beyond the physical. Soss said pain Northwestern Mutual vice president on disability income. Our research shows that the majority of Americans let's say 58%. EU financial security as a key aspect and the American dream. And fortunately a disability. Without income protection can quickly turn that dream into a nightmare. By creating financial disruptions that may take years. If it could even be repaired. Disability income insurance is specifically designed to replace a significant portion of income and help with expenses and lifestyle needs in sickness or injury. Prevents a person. From earning a living. This can help preserve the existing net state. Provides financial. Flexibility to keep contributing to retirement savings and enabling an individual to focus on their help. Without added financial stress however despite the benefits. About seven in ten Americans do not own disability insurance and are most likely to manage the financial ankle implications of income and direction. By reducing expenses. Are taking money from their personal savings and these can all have a long term detrimental effect on the rest of their life and their families. As life expectancies and cost increase people are ready tightening budgets and stretching savings to prepare for the possibility. Of an extended retirement. Disability income insurance is an easy affordable way to release some of the pressure and unexpected. And to keep retirement planning and other financial goals on track. Protect your assets. And all the other assets should be protected because in on Debbie does sound expensive how I know that I can afford this well you just don't. Any pie in the sky income. You have to tell what your income is so that means you have. The downside of today's medical innovations being MRI Tillis. Is that while it saves lives they may also create long term financial challenges for the survivor and the loved ones. We work hard for what we had so why let an illness take it all away critical care insurance was designed to prevent this from happening again. These are things that just go in place to help protect your assets the reality is most of us know someone who has had a heart attack stroke or other serious medical occurrence. A relative a business partner and neighbor. In fact someone in the US will suffer from a coronary event. Every 25 seconds. And nearly 62%. We'll survive. And you say that's horrible only 62%. But that 62% when they survive. What's paper than Ian. Have a stroke every forty seconds and many will survive with permanent stroke related disabilities. And beaten night diagnosed with cancer every 21 seconds. 68 will survive and live at least five years. Easy Debbie that doesn't sound very good and only tell you it's not. But I personal stories to share with year. So La great friend of mine her husband and her were on on I'd vote in the middle of the late Eric fishing they like to fish. He's an he was an engineer. That was in Chile had a stroke. By the time she did get the vote in it that doc. She dialed 91 wanna analysts was waiting there. He'd already had a stroke and was out. And they brought him back again the hospital. Is now three years later. No longer has the job they kept in for about six months on the payroll to see if he did come back and actually do his job again. He's still can't walk. He still can't use one side of his body very well. Furlong time he didn't know who his wife lives he did know who is child wise. Needless to say they they left his job and said I'm so sorry we can't employ you anymore. And that's yet. He may get as those security benefits. That's not like 809030. Whatever was thousand dollar a year in town would benefits and 401K. Now it's just his wife with her job and her insurance is to protect them. And to retire them. I don't want this to happen a year. She is does a great job that she is with God's help as Dennis an amazing job juggling her work and her family. Letters sent her son has since grown up and moved away in is just turner husband her life is forever changed. He does get better from time to time any is slowly improving. But that doesn't mean he can never have another job. So he's in his mid fifties. And is done for him his work life is over. And their retirement dreams and hopes have been redesigned. Now people from their church helped them she's got insurance and stuck on herself through her job. At their life has been forever changed financially she's still pain Austin student loans of her son in college and her husband's medical bills. And trying to survive on her salary. That's a lot when a critical illness strikes the emotional and financial twelve on the patient and the family is overwhelming. Even the best laid financial plans like hers can get away late and off track did you know that 62% of bankruptcies are medically related. Critical care insurance benefits are paid a lump sum. That may become income tax free and they can be used for anything. The mortgage. Auto loan home modifications. Fears it will share Unita will chair ramp need extra wide doors you may have to move mean things happen. Lost wages expenses incurred during the elimination period disability policy. Maybe transportation and lodging expenses while seeking treatment away from home medical cost deductibles co pays. Prescriptions. Maybe even experimental treatments all need paid. Child care expenses. Your busy working with your husband all the time getting him back and forth to doctors you're not there to take care of the other kids in the family. What conditions are covered a few common. Things that are covered in this type of policy called critical care insurance is cancer. Benign brain tumors heart attacks homeless heart transplants. Lots of speech. Maybe its size hearing. Maybe your limbs don't work independent living. Aortic surgery it's anything with to do with your heart heart valve replacement repair. Major burns stroke major organ transplants coronary bypass paralysis. Advanced alzheimer's disease who should consider critical care insurance. Not anyone it's not covered by disability insurance someone who doesn't qualify for disability insurance. Maxed out on disability insurance if your self employed or working from home if you have erratic in town it yourself employed that's you know mortgage business that I do the things that would be erratic income no income to replace fight stay at home parents. And retirees. Policy options to consider when choosing coverage is gonna include your ages the benefit peerage you want for ten years twenty years thirty years or lifetime. And the return of premium what happens is someone dies for questions like this answered for you. So one on one basis please call. Mean my name is Debbie Lewis what I do is try and help. My number. Is 9792203018. That's 979. 2203018. A will be back foot hole. More just a moment. On top. Eight. Hi this Betty Lou. Lewis and welcome to the show we talk money finances of mortgages. And I know a lot of people have been emailed me with questions about their 401K. What does it mean if the interest rate goes what does that mean that we have fed president trump now what does everything mean. So let's just take it from the top what does 401K looking like over the next few years has you know not all viewers happy with your for a long k.s and not everyone knows exactly what there. Doing what their oral and k's how they're infested. The whole reason and that is so that you know your make it more on an all the time. Compound interest is a wonderful thing but you gotta be invest in the right things if you have questions about the current 401K that you have please email me I'd be happy take a look at your plan and show you maybe some other options that might be better investments for you just make sure you're on the right path no I don't get paid for this no I really don't care. I wanna make sure that you're putting your money to work for you the best way possible and the HR departments and any company are really not set out to be investment advisors they basically say here's the paperwork you read it figured out so as part of what I do I talk to people every day for free consultations costs nothing and he can come in and talked mean see if you want me to help you with your plan. Now for a long k.'s there's no way I can make any money out that's it was just nice to Jack. But at some point if I do a good job and I explained things to you you get your confidence level with me. Knowing that I'm there for you from a fiduciary Hammond do what's best for you. They only do we tire and you land rolled out into an IRA I would hope that she would come back to me and asked my advice and it's something that I can set up. Andy compensated for so not every appointment that I have every day pays me right then and there. Most of my time is spent looking at things and investing in people so that when they really need my help I can help on. The next ten years might be ugly for air 401K does not is it's going to happen. This is that if it might happen this is it could be ugly depending. On how you're investing in you for a long cable plans are on. How much your putting and when you plan on taking an ounce. And what the government's going to do to our for a one case sitters who are expecting a 5% return on their embarrassments during the next decade. Might be in for a disappointment didn't seem like much to ask for a 5% return but the odds are making it. Even on traditional investments in the next ten years are slam. According to a new report from an investment advisory firm car research affiliates. The company elected the default settings for eleven retirement calculators. Robo advisors and surveys and institutional investors. As robo advisors as they call people that are not real people but did just automatically. Assigning your 401K to refine. On average we expect 5% the report tells us that we should start getting used to disappointment. To show how mainstream stock and bond portfolio would do under their research affiliates tenure model the report looks like a typical balanced portfolio. A 60% stocks and 40% bonds. Could be. Maybe 0% chance of receiving and achieving 5% or greater annualized return. Now not everybody wants I don't have 60% stock and 40% bonds. 120 years away from retirement they beyond all in stocks. I don't have anything to let every job I've got twenty years ahead of me before I can tap into that. So I wanted to grow now I get to pick it kind of stocks and mutual funds that goes into. Right. I'm not picking bonds when the stock market goes up the bond market goes down. You don't understand basic stocks and bonds give me a call on set up a time and we'll explain it to where everyone can understand it. If their retirement calculators say will make six to 7%. And people save to based on. That's but they're only making 3%. Third point having massive shortfall. So you you really need to look at what have you got in there how long have you had invested. What is your annual return you not be able to take out 3% a year in your retirement. Because if you do you'll depleted too fast research affiliates forecast for the stock market that rely on clinically ingested. Price earnings ratio of known as the AP eat. It looks like over the next ten years. Rather than one and add to account for volatility and short term considerations. You may need to think of taking less than 3% out. The firm has a website it's run all these things and it's hard to see. The level of return on calculators when we don't know what the future holds and isn't that the problem right so who. Everybody says well I'm getting so security and it's going to be this much. You know that's not even in my bag of tricks when I turn seventy. I'm not for sure what the rules also security going to be at the time another twenty years goes by it can go away for all I now. I cannot count on so security money for me Debbie Lewis I'm gonna tell on the money that I've made and set aside and my counts. Nothing else for my earnings. And when I'm setting aside now get I don't know what they're gonna do do it I would say you don't trust things that you don't. Control I know that sounds awful but I can't control it how I gotta trust it's going to be here. One of the things another article talks about is the for a one K is wreaking Havoc on our retirement because. Survey yours. Distant analysis have blinked W two tax data to figure out how Americans. With varying levels of education or Sabine in their retirement accounts. The question isn't why not shift most savings to so security but why not shift most savings to Sosa security. I don't want my savings and so security I wish the government would quit taking money out of my accounts and just let me invested what they think is we are not Smart enough to do you have for ourselves. And surely probably. A lot of the people are not Smart enough to do that for themselves among workers to hold similar jobs with the same pay. The both contribute to the 401K. Plans a college graduate tends to save 26% more than a worker was just a high school diploma. Workers with college degrees aren't. Only far more likely to hold jobs that offer retirement plans when offered the plans are also far more likely. To sign up and contribute enough to retire comfortably. We all need to be given that chance the medium private sector worker without a college injury degree is contributing nothing to their retirement plan. While their counterparts it is a college graduate pitches in more than 2000 dollars a year 2000 not a lot of money guys. One reason that the less educated workers are likely to hold lower paying jobs that don't offer retirement plans at all according to a study. 83% of workers with a bachelor's degree have access to some type of retirement plans compared to 62% of high school graduates. And 43% of high school drop outs. Even when they are offered for a long K less educated workers find it more difficult to take advantage of them. If you do not have a 401K plan and you won a save on your round please call me. If you have kids that are in college that work that do not have employer. And employer for a one K plans or some type of retirement you say Debbie during college what are they know I know a couple thousand dollars a year. At age 182000. You put 2000 accounted age eighteen. And you don't touch it and you put its 2000 in that same account for the next nine years that's twenty grand over. Ten years in you do not touch it when they're eighteen. By the time they retire it's over a million dollars with compound interest. Investing with very very. Conservative mutual funds. So there is a way to make your kids millionaires without actually happened a pony up the millions of dollars. It grows and grows and grows and I think it's part of our failing to teach our kids how to handle money. Now there's a big difference between how to spend money and how to handle money. My kids are graded spinning it but we've also had to learn how to save it and how to get a job and worked for how to contribute and donate. To whatever organization they wanna donate to you. I'm trying to grow kids up. To Lauren is staff despite if their parents know how to do it or not another big tip for you if you have kids that are. In high school now entering college are in college put them on your credit cards. Called credit card companies you have good credit you want your kids to have a credit score I just got my kids on my credit cards do they have a copy of the card. Now not right now they might when they go to college. But charge campaign back charging campaign that will get them credit. Your goal to get a house located to get a qualify for a mortgage is three lines of credit for at least two years. You can easily do that in college college kids are using their credit cards why not. Give democratic cart with their name on it with their social also baking go ahead and start getting credit and mod turret. Limit on these things but help them out when they get out of college. I mean I just I had to. Did just pour college guide. He didn't have reopened lines of credit we had his fiancee on the investment property is not a bad idea. But oh my god she's twenty years old he's got his first job he's got about 40000 dollars in his retirement plan already. So he's a good save her he just didn't know how to work his credit and no one helped him. Researchers also wanted so lets you know that. By earning more. Our college educated people can afford to save more and I'll make sense. I want all of us to be able to retire the way we want to those security may be only looked at in the future as a way to. Clean up that gap between what she need a lot of people retire and so security is there. Bread and butter it's number one how they're gonna retire. That should be number two your own self should be number one retirement should come on is to narrow the gap not to be everything. There are new companies introducing automatic features. And that's a great thing to do if you wanna talk to me more about how to set of your small business to do a 401K for your employees it's easy to do it doesn't cost a lot. And it's a huge benefit for retaining employees. Email me at Debbie act Debbie Lewis showed dot com that steady at Debbie Lewis showed dot com we'll be back. With more of this show about money and finances real estate. And just if you. You know you can also go to that website anytime. And that take a look at the blog that I write I write about insurance long term care term policies. Mortgages really anything that has to do with your finances. It is hard to explain you everything on the air that I need to. And you can email me with one simple question that's only need to call you back nasty remark questions. So coming email mile sit down and talk about the retirement benefits and what that means to you. The right choice. How do you avoid mistakes. Sometimes we don't know we're making a mistake because we don't know enough to know we don't know. All that and I have kids. So my son always says you know he didn't say I couldn't. And so Tim I make a list for US things that you couldn't do it don't do it shouldn't do it couldn't do it won't do it. Trying to save your money for a rainy day thirteen and things not to do with your money. That could really had a dire impact on your retirement. The concept of same for a rainy days been around as long as humans have virtually instinctive compare per uncertain future by setting something aside. Everybody says how much story to retirement you can't have too much. You can have not enough. You have barely any. It's hard to really have too much but not be terrible at the end of your life have too much and have to leave it to your family. Has to spend it. Have to provide further people's future. With all the money you say for rainy day it's gonna do your heart good to do that so why I think that's a bad thing it's not. By eight. Just Sabine is often not enough to cover the long term crisis it's certainly not enough to cover the ever rising cost as saying your kids to college living comfortably in retirement. Are paying for. Medical care as you age. I Dili Wanamaker savings work as hard for us is we can't know but you have to figure out what to do right and what to do wrong and I can tell you. Most of my customers come in the financial advising business and rewarded and bad things stupid things wrong things. Taken bad advice from bad people and now they're hoping that I can fix it and I ain't I tried to everyday. The biggest mistake number one does not invest at all. Don't wait for that raise in years and her daughter winds start today right now with whatever you can. Consider this if you say just five dollars today every day for thirty years. And earn 10% on that they're gonna end up with 343000. The bassinet to change your life analyzed of those you love. You can't find the five dollar start tracking expenses. You go to two A website called power wallets to Frasor is Phyllis she's set goals and arm actually touch you where your money's going. And best before you dear how our Greg comes investing and risk. Not all risks lookalike stocks bonds or not to the same. And don't semi on on gut instinct I got this plan but I keep losing money I can't say how many people. I talked is that I have a plan but it's just not working out right willing put it. Talk to somebody that has a better plan. And did plans which you need dealing with investments can go south don't invest without a clue talked to some and it really has been successful with it don't trust your friends or your family relatives. They have no money telling you how to spend years. If your impatient I think a lot of people tell me. Certain financial products are not good because they hoarding cash to minute just weren't working the problem is they didn't give my affairs chance. There are detention famines of wealth and happiness than money magazine talked about. If you're going to die tomorrow but invest like you're going to live forever and here's an example of how patience pays off. My biggest winner of this author wrote was that by an IIRA. Is apple. I don't remember exactly when I bought it but I'm guessing it was in 2002 or three he said. His split adjusted price was summer around eight dollars a share. Today Apple's trade around 400 so my 16100 dollar investment is now worth 80000 dollars. But if you hadn't taken. That as an option. If you miss now on money. There are two types of risk in stocks the first is called a market risk so the entire market tanks your stocks probably will as well. The others called a company risk that means the risk of the specific company will do poorly. It is hard to eliminate market risk but you can always reduce company raised by investing in lots of companies. We talk about. Strategy in portfolios picking things that we ended. You don't have someone that talk like that with you call me I'll be happy to help. If you take too much risk everybody wants to double their money overnight but if you're always. Waiting. For that strike I think you're gonna have failed miserably short and you may. Actually turn into game mean and gambling resident investing like stop people do on such as myself that we bet on the long term. And what if you don't like taking any risk. You know I was listening to a sudden money guy talked last week he talks that people don't take anywhere is sit in the corner of the world passion buying. It's going to be fine. You're gonna be safe and a quarter which won't experience any of life he had me sit in the corner. You're going to lose a lot in life if you just sit in the corner. Seven investors some people kind of me like a deer in the headlights they're unable to even take it measured a matter of risk. They keep their savings in Sheridan bank accounts may learn the less are less than 1%. Comfort themselves with. Mark twain's expression the more I'm concerned with the return of my money read in the return on my money. Insurers saints will insure you never lose anything but they'll also insure that your purchasing power of your savings won't keep pace with inflation that means you're gonna become. Horror over time. Did your problem you can have is getting greedy. The first time this author wrote he said may you may Manila's stock market he was tucked. Power he went from overnight from a stable thoughtful investor to a wild speculator. We don't want that to happen either. Pain too much attention. On my gosh it's easy I had people call me monthly sane by stocks are up my stocks are down. I don't wanna own gas I don't on the well I won on gas I wanna own oil. Calm down Purdue in this for the long haul. Average cost averaging. While little bit all the time dollar cost averaging you've heard of that that's what you wanna do that's gonna prepare you for the long haul. Don't follow the herd if everybody says. One of the world's wealthiest men has warmed back he should be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful. Most of the stocks. Or purchased when the Dow was below 7000 and no one was buying so that is like the stock markets on sale. So I I talked some about this last week and I said so Macy's will have an essay all and everything was 80% off. People would be going crazy line up behind whatever they could it 80% savings. And the stock market goes down at everybody. Cashes in with they had been pulls money out of marketer runs away when the stock market is on sale. That is not the time to believe that's the time defy. Holy when you should be letting go there are times when to fold and when to hold on. 98 General Motors of their largest company in the world in 2009 went bankrupt donuts says of the investments that don't ignore the neither. Talk to people talk to people than now don't talk to anybody. In general talked to specific people. The economy runs in cycles of boom and bust so when times are good people often confused look with skill. This happened during the housing bubble the dot com stock bubble. Being in the right place the right time isn't the same thing has been Smart. You know when I first got to college it was the mid eighties I could not get a job. Pain now living wage but I stayed with my profession I was in journalism back and stated that job and I just took an extra job. Today I didn't give up. I didn't wanna give I just wanted to work harder sometimes that's what you have to do with your stocks as well you have to adjust he could invest. And it could change your life when you're young it makes sense to invest aggressively but over time. You gotta back off that little bit because you're not as aggressive when you're 65 and seventy in neenah money to retire sooner. My money's tied it in a 401K plan so I can't just. Cash it in today for whatever I want I have to write out the market. For a one case that's what we're looking to do right out the market. Make sure you see qualified health but the person isn't licensed even go to espy N are any Finneran dot com. They get fitter are not coming in perk. Putting your persons your financial advisor your person that you're talking two's name. I don't Finneran number I also have a license. I'm also I at FBI background checked and fingerprinted. You find out a lot about me. He also found that I haven't done anything wrong have had no one CME. I had no claims against me and no company there were questions had to pay out on my behalf. These are things you can find it SpinRite dot com FINRNA. He think he got a snake oil salesman at dealing with your portfolio give me a call we'll come up on thinner you kin to 24/7. Find out Willie with the person you're dealing with is dealing with your money. How they're dealing with here. Again thirteen things that you don't wanna do. With your investment portfolio. And I'm. This is your favorite shows keep up with the latest breaking news and mark anytime at sock thirteen seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy the right choice. Didn't even know means learning how you work with. Call up storage time on demo and your company while I was dead and a real estate auction and you have a very unique concept. Tell us a little bit of a confident counties in love with Kyle visit their brand new way to story here. I get your personal items year seasonal items it's a great idea. Grades and we certainly think it is does George model of the future of the summer 2000 this team my wife and I we're getting ready for our first you don't ball baby girl July. You paint balls all that he had furniture in the garage week it's. Does it storage site called places here. I mean there's probably get. Ata 68 hour process of loading and unloading. Them back and forth back forth and just realized sources. Typical horror process. And technology. Smartphone out don't know whether it's a better solution where someone else takes up. Struck if it goes storage. Source. Cracked it was clear he zero photo inventories through applications. So that we set out to do it that way. It is we shook the test result. We do pick up. It for free test is ready for us we do all the heavy lifting so different from or something like that which we do all. On me chuckle out of storage and text photo outlet and it went tickets are storage facility and it's gonna be Lugar votes and. Climate control secure. And all that it's great facility. And an access card gets. And it or what data storage which is really cold it is all just well. There account that you see every item they can see pictures of what's storage. Example of the test girls are camping gear back there we did it. They can search for camping. It pulls up tick click on the Adams and will bring a back door you want tree delivered. Five regular size up so we try to make storage sample is right now it has got to be one of the worst tasks that the lab tests author. Sure now are we signing manna contract with you for the storage unit as well as the service. So all the services included with the monthly cost for storage. And so. It's a pick that's how we've kind of made it quite a bit unique is we've heard. Street pick up the frequently calories and all that is wrapped in La Costa split up we. Monthly month month to month contract we have a three month. Essentially allows us to break even subscribe belabor all wrap it up. So yes that's that's how it works people look really really liked dogs up just people resonate with the facts or heart to obtain. Sports storage unit so we miss apple would provide a clear week. 200 people that are calling you bird can't take me into this. Extra a lot of people that are built helps a. Cuts its customers. Our building homes any historic stuff for twelve months eighteen months. You're great experience for us we also a lot of books that are downsizing. Out there and there's a lot of folks at 10 maybe more. Archer. 3000 square that don't live and highrise downtown. And also people that just need extra space grow. Now the closet the local holiday decorations. Right. Kitt the car. Are fit for those folks because now we can't forget to space and as. Real estate prices are also. And Austin so. It's chances that people spaces period people out yet so pricey so. What the long term commitment what does that minute men and how long can we keep your service going. Sure certain minimum service three months that this is the picture right so desperate needs less than now. And they just have to pay for that falls three months. The appeal. Different so that is that is so large job of all home. You know or. Aaron taking everything that's that's an expensive task for us on the labor side it's our minimum chart that six months. Hate term and so other than that after the middle term but just a month month contract end. Our goals that we become an extension of our own or people you know we did we become an extra closet that. Nick garage. For a customer and maybe do that across a lot of sore winner gear. Kyle and and you talk about the literary as. Lunch free delivery a month that that seems like a lot I mean. Is it to people take that fits that role if you don't use it lower high five people are trips for my Christmas stuff. Divided and we have argued act. So. The threats one particular their loved them to buy regular sat. So that's 865. Each shot over five to seven dollars Prada. If you. Large my couch openly to bring to. Two crew members on that job so we charged surcharge for that but. We try to make it very flexible to people that don't want to go back or there's tortured and you know nobody's doing. It notes cumbersome process circuit where things are. It gets shot or out of round you. You know right up. Box of camping gear that's been out there is a it tedious tightly processing you know we met the on this front it and you know or Hertz cut hole. Process she music storage to bring it back. Answer. We know. It user about a 10 X 10 unit you look at six to eight hours time. So loaded halting storage unload don't take that truck track you know do. It expects both it's really it. And it's not a process we tell over don't work. Definitely want it delivered back just click on the phone bring it back so sad part against it and we are happy aren't boxes Kyle yes that's one thing we ask or. The picket be free is it to just be ready for us show up so the cuts are. Provide a service that also do net charge hourly rate there which isn't what is it that they're packer. And edits to full. Jobs that that's that's not us right and so we have groups that we work west are able to let that were. OK apparently get a hold a news copper more information odor coming to the are ordinary it's end term. Absolutely the best way is call ought Storch duck call CA LO BOX storage. Dot com. Our FaceBook page is great applause attack. That is act outlook storage updates but also. Current views on the net to check out our phone number is 833. Weeks to war. 8339378673. World excited for us so I. What CT for right. I've just always look at sort. That's not an excuse to get down there do business on air such a great city sided. What cities are you Hanssen case we have friends or family and other cities McIntyre on the utilizing their well. Absolutely so we started Dallas an expanded or worse he didn't. Any so we're pretty sure. Every market you have to be Metroplex spin offs that we all service generally. Tyre area. George Sheldon. And making. We're actually so. We are also expanding to additional markets zone possible be your first pitch tomorrow. Out to other targets that we plant to be at war. Six months. Now are these. Ideas to our own body you are you looking for franchisees. To Israel but saw lots. That's right so not entertaining franchisees. Yet. But Evernote feature Google's true chair okay again at bottom or more time is 83 free. That's eight degrees three 3786. Sector. Well thank you so much for your time but it won't mind you he's that Iran big burden and you know what I did. FaceBook website and down this hallway and also taking big big time today I think you. Okay.