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Debbie Lewis and welcome to my show we talk about money and finances in mortgages and today. We're gonna get hit all the biggies we're gonna talk about your insurance. Mark block is with us to talk homeowners insurance and what do you need to know how to stop the policy correctly. We're gonna talk. I'm building a house with an architect Scott snacks we are thousands of reverse mortgage information. And. Talk to about money and retirement it. Let's just first start off with this you need the proper mindset. Before you worry about your retirement you need to paint a picture I went to this workshop last week it's a unit of the problems with everybody when they get to their retirement years. Is they don't know what they're looking for so when I talk to you about buying a home I think your mind automatically envisions what that homes like what neighborhood it is. And the mortgage is the way to facilitate to get that pretty picture in your mind well. The retirement is just like that he got to paint a pretty picture in your mind and the problem is what most of us we don't know what that picture is so if you don't have a picture if you. If you listen to Oprah or anybody want to get talks about. Sitting goals you have to have a goal it has to be concrete enough region closure rise in sea yet you've got to feel it you've got to have something pulls you towards that even end. When times get tough ENN. When that goal lasted change eve then. When that gold doesn't seem attainable if you put out there in the universe and say this is what I want is gonna start coming back tee. And I know that spill metaphysical percent of you. Others have you chime right in and oh yes I get it it's like goals setting for your job if you're in sales same thing with your finances we needed goals set. I have to write some things down that I want to achieve just like you do you can't get anywhere unless it's measurable analyst at that time stamp on it. And lets you can really see it an invasion it so today if you work with me let's envisioned these things what he won in retirement. Let's talk about that a home envision some things going wrong and make sure you have the right protection so that that doesn't happen. And envision your new home with Scott spec today first step. Let's talk money and retirement and why that's so important the sooner you start the better even if your your picture. Isn't crystal clear is still Fuzzy they've got a head that direction. So your radio talk about. Debbie and we are talking retirement. We're talking about. What does it mean to retire. Does it matter what age you are some factors that she needs. Look at. To help you determine how your retirement gonna go out. My jockey Jose what do you do for a living and I think I've got a new job Thai police say I do mortgages and investments and insurance. Now I say I protect. Your income. I protect your income from going away I protect your income for retirement. I protect his nobody wants money just sitting there they won that it's got to mean cash that they need cash flow to be able to do stuff in retirement right you can't. You know that constantly be pulling money out of investments are selling properties union in time that you can live with just like when you work. Only you're gonna be retired. Today our country is twenty point five trillion dollars in debt. A lot of our families are heavily in debt as well. One out it's two. People right now on the United States relive into their ninety's. Cancer. If you get diagnosed with cancer you're gonna still need in town. From any thing to help pay for treatment is not everything is covered by Medicare or your insurance plan. If you get sick. What happens if she died too soon. What happens if you get sick in you don't die. He's droppings react I think about when I'm sitting with a 65 girls are different talked when I'm sitting with an eighty hurled. The eighty year old it's too late to buy a lot of these vehicles you have to buy and 65 to seventy. After seven they get too expensive. So reed to tight end and a planner write I should be I'd protect incomes and help you plan. To have an amazing retirement. 300%. More income. Would you like to have that dodge had tax free income I work with companies that do it. There's so they called. Critical and chronic care. Now that is a writer. Or reasoning for you to get money out of policies that he sell life insurance policy they won't talk today about how to make sure that you have the right kind of insurance policy. It if you the wrong kind of insurance policy it's called a death. Benefit. That means you have to die to get the money but what happens when you have. A critical care or chronic problem our terminal illness. Would it be nice to cash out need the money get the money before hand take a little less. Get the money right now so it's good traveler take care of your spouse or buyout that house and pay cash forcing your wife has a place to stay or your husband. Not to worry about it. Why wait until your dead to get the money when you need the money before you die. So that's called a chronic care or a terminal illness writer. And this is what we need in our insurance policies so if you have someone in your family that had a term life insurance policy. Let's take it down look at it call me let me see if I can flip that into something with chronic. Are critical care terminal illness writers. Sometimes you don't have to spend anymore money we just quit buying which you have. And buy something new or some have you bought the right kind of policy that can convert. Into something like that we can do data as well. With your money doesn't rule called the rule of 72. That means your money is gonna double every eighteen years. Just on compound interest I have to add any more money in the pot and an eighteen years and shall doubled. Well here's some charge that I can show you. Talks about different policies and how life insurance is sold and bought I can you got a one on one basis. But what we're looking for today is sending called living benefits. That means you don't have to die to get the money so as they're talking about critical care illness and long term care writers. All of this is classified. As a living benefit so debt concerns. Is when policies. K. After you died. Now say you don't die you at a critical care problem you have a terminal illness. You're gonna. Basically be filing bankruptcy soon because it's gonna cost you more money than you ever thought and we don't when she ran out of money. The term policy should have living benefits on its cheaper and better for you. Most claims are cancer. Living benefits kick in when cancer can be treated. It's way better. To spend your money then when you're living giving the best. Treatment it's you can for your cancer. Spread it insane I don't have any money to afford this I got to take what I haven't and I'm gonna die. It's better stressful. If you're trying to figure out high and pay for everything it's less stress if you got that covered so let's go with less stress. The reality is cancer is gonna hit people that you know and watch it probably already have. You need to have dignity. Dignity we wanna hope you have dignity as you age. I personally took out my long term care policy last year because I did not want my kids to have to cure for me and her small children the same time one of these days that's gonna have to happen are gonna go into assisted living. But I do not want my children taking care of me. On adult diapers honest I don't want that I don't want my kids remember me like that I wanna go through that. Especially if I know what I'm going through that that happens to me and I am I am in critical care I won't know what's going on that's even worse. So let me take your fears away let's planned this out properly it's not would end. And if this happens. It's if and when this happens. There's insurance out there that I work with companies that I work with that helps you build. And survive after the worst thing happens it can help you reduce your fears. You can count on me. I'll be here twenty years from now I didn't do end. My business for twenty years I'm only 53. I'm gonna keep market I got nothing else man got my kids to take Kara. I'm working I'm gonna go have fun lie if I'm always gonna wanna work it's it makes me happy. Consumer debt. Is 50% of what takes companies down. And consumer debt can be your house your cars. It's not anything due to medical and you can't enter into retirement going this debt. Cancer patient spends on average 12100. 66 dollars a month of their coverage. It's not covered by insurance they just have to pay out of pocket. Your quality of life. You have to have benefits you're gonna need these benefits. 43%. Of long term care comes out of 43% of people under 65. I'm 53. A lot of this starts in the forties so I'd beaten half the odds can you say the same thing. The cost them a facility is gonna be ever 40000 dollars a year if she won a nice one it's gonna cost about 84000 dollars a year. Need to be prepared. You need an accelerated benefit on your plan so that you can make the benefits start working when you need it. A lot of these policies have no underwriter restrictions you can spend money anyway you want it it's not a reimbursement policy that means you just get a lump sum of money in you spend it. The money his jurors. You usually pay off medical. And you you pay for your medical you pay for your house you may want to go on vacation. Totally up to here. Two of the six activities of daily living has to be a problem for critical and we can go through all this. I just went Chenault there's something called accumulated. Products that actually accelerates. And accumulates your benefits for you. You want income at retirement 65 years of age. There are for different types of index strategies that we can use with one of the companies that I represent. There's also a select income writer that means you can spread out the payments can get like a monthly salary. There are all kinds of ways for you to get money as you age and you don't have to wait until you die. There's all kinds of resources I can direct you to a reading materials so please email me so that I can via. A vessel of information for you can send you articles to research I can talk to your kids there's a lot to consider that this is a failing proposition right. Everyone has to buying in because it does affect your family if you have the right coverage is up front he did to leave your kids more money. In your grandkids and present a legacy. It's you need to have enough to cover yourself first that's what I do my name is Debbie Lewis you can email me anytime Debbie at Debbie Lewis show dot com. And I'll respond tell me what city here in so I know when I can get there I have schedules I am. I'll take phone calls 9792203018. 9792203018. We can Skype we can email we can talk. We can show up in person we can meet at a coffee place we can meet at your house that you need in my office does it matter I just need to get the information out there. Once we covered this there's a lot of things are going to play your mortgage your bills. Your retirement income your pensions lots of questions because a lot is riding on it. Please give me cause I love to help and will deduct more myself. Just a moment. I'm sticking with my. Loud and mark Q a with the woodlands financial burden carrying. Editor Gerri are you doing today dead zone you're gonna meet my goes. Guy when it comes to insurance multi Farmers Insurance. Car insurance. Umbrella policy march following a team in the business and and where did you come from Morton the woodlands group start and how did you all get but that. I can guess so I've been in the business since. 2003. I started with Dayton nationwide agent Smith wanted to say that I learned that didn't visualize what. It's a captive agency meeting that they always sell their own products they ought to have their home park there and auto product. They'll quickly realize. I did not have the markets that I needed to be able. Client so when Baxter decided to change positions in the marketplace real rates go up I have no other outlet to do micro bites into. But no I do not. I think Upton went over sued the bewildered financial group or GW. She's pretty sure. A couple of years after it started a nationwide just so that I can provide my clients with more opportunities for different carriers. In the independent agent. How often do rates go up as is an ongoing thing that we should be stopping our insurance all the time. I don't know that you want to show clear insurance all the time to bring her people helped out of things to do their time for rates to go. Periodically especially we're talking about. The coastal market which would include anything basically what we call here one we should do you tell us how nearly coastal counties church do Harris County. And it really all the way up towards Colorado we do see increases. On occasion to do about coastal risk for homeowner stick with our. Are those that you have more people on the roads these days the customer care vehicles is gone out of all the technology that's involved first satellite assemblies of carriers are looking at their numbers those claims data comes in to determine if it'd make adjustments to their rates and we have seen some significant. It increases over the past few years. People are looking at Arab bells and make ten men are sometimes surprised because they haven't had any saying. They haven't had any claims but dare infuriated at their rates are but that's kind of how it works rates go up. All of crossed a market orange area based on moving our risk out to more people crack. Correct yes or raise rates do go up periodically to the number of different factors that the insurance carriers look at it calculated on an annual basis which is why you have being an independent nation just such an advantage because we have an opportunity when those rates do go up. Well for our clients. That we can look to other carriers to help possibly also some of that increase diversity in our current rates. What are the reasons why rates go up I mean if we have a claiming you know you see commercials all the time mark that. Says you know we weren't properly covered we had an accident and our rates went up for we have an accident our DNR rates didn't go out how does all that really work. So rates are determined to veto little the company can look how to perform a specific area. We needed expenditure geographical area. I don't know overall basis so they're gonna look at that claims data. Determined to get to the reality is gonna determine if they're able to spend money on their products work of literature currently side of the product they're currently soda. And their gender their evaluating all this data and they're not able to really sure that they're going to be able to make money you have those reserves based future claims. Just homeowner's or auto customers. And they have give back the drawing board instructed it to do with terrorists and make sure that they can't be profitable to do have the ability to take us future claims. Some of the things that we need to ask our agent when we get our bells and we need to shop and why don't wanna come to an independent agent to get we have more choices what are some of the twice is that you have mark for us to pick from. So some of the choices that we have to pick from put the Asia insisted that the wide variety of markets that that we have so. What it when somebody comes to me yet and the first thing I wanna do this interview that person that didn't work more than just insurance agents really look at ourselves as the most trusted advisors. Well crisis certainly been an important consideration. We do want to make sure you know our clients are getting the proper coverage. For their risk. We don't we don't wanna just hard somebody intro market and given the cheapest thing possible we wanted to make sure that they have the coverages they need to make sure there. Their families are properly protected so we'll work with the number of independent insurance companies we've got some. Over 25. Homeowners markets in the greater Houston area where ago. Between different potter out of here that we work work. What we're looking at we go up all these carriers to. To provide quotes. That we always go to every carrier all the time just to make sure that we are going to play and a personal the most appropriate market for their situation. Because people didn't have different. Different situations some people have claimed some people are people operate or some of our carriers do better when someone has a you know a child and high school or college and so were other carriers do each carrier you know it's just kind of dependent upon what they're looking at or what fits into their target market. Wanna make sure that we replace our clients in those and those areas. Where we are shopping for policies actually you're doing shopping for us if we didn't quit that company for a long time that we might like that person that's helping us. But they really don't have anything to do with their rates so. I know we'd like to stay with people because we like them but sometimes they only if they're specially only sell one line. Insurance. They only have that company day can't give you their best that may be all the best that they had. Correct right for you for example natural we're running at you what people are things do live like this state farm and Allstate is that you only have one. One product climate itself and it's kind of getting in Syria they're trying to make it any one size at all. And that's just the application and we wanna make sure that we're putting into. We're gonna get us better than a square hole. Enough. Not trying to jam around attitude square hole also because we have so many markets were able then he had to to go out. You look at these different carriers and see what fits for somebody wherein that somebody has just done one market they're trying to figure out. How could make it or did it may not work exactly the way it's supposed to do and generally that's going to be to the detriment of the car. I get there they're not being a good coverage they need or you know the pitcher decides hey you know this isn't a risk we want it appears to have the ability to go back. And even within sixty days of bonding coverages and look to see you know there's just a policy that we want to rise. And they don't they have the ability Kamal that policy. And then that person is back up the market players trying to bottom market that is good about pursued their. OK mark blood information is someone have to have on them to talk to you about. Shopping for their home or auto policy. I am so for homeowners policy were really just need given name. David bird. Around us. You know they beat bit and accounts for less than two years been we're gonna typically need to prior arrests and an eight that it kind of information as far as updates throughout the hospital they have good days you know as a new group. It's upon he's been updated. You have been added an additional two to house their pool there's a lot of things that we can get from kept kind of tax records now depth becomes available to us super. Square footage today at cover torture is sizes they're barrage. There is some information or not. I'm able to collect from those tax records we also utilizes Google Maps that we can kind of get a visual of your house because one of the things that made it companies and if you're serious look. Look at me now are being in shape for the roof there are certain strips the roof that are that are that are available avoiding Wear and they don't catch wind. So there yet there it goes toward those kind of being that the corroborating factors on homeowners insurance does need to be considered. The other big thing that I would tell you is going to be. Specifically dollar marvel at how. About dogs because there are some breeds of dogs do certain carriers all right so the overall while orders governments possibly German shepherd and certainly capable. That's important information for us you know so that we can go to carrier that will allow those types of animals to be returned to their policy. I'd give up time for people to probably about their pets to have an inspector will go out. Well good oil companies due to fixture inspections. And enough on this vehicle out of pit bull or look on the government. And then I can I get an email from the carrier saying hey they're gonna come off this policy because of anything else it will breed dogs. So it's important to make sure that we have good information information up front so that not having to go back and trying to reach all the homeowner's policy. When we could have just gotten it right the first time. A trampoline do they have a problem now to. Just trying to triple believes that force some carriers there are problem we do have some carriers that will not allow trampoline. Other carriers will allow them and then we got some that will help them but it will not provide any liability coverage so if someone. Believe so it's a neighbor came over Moore's jumper got a crippling and it hurt there would be no coverage for the person from liability standpoint. That you exclude us. It just depends on the carrier. To get hold of mart at any time I guess he's open almost 24 sevenths you can reach him at 737. 4027036. That's 7374027036. Were available currently third in the morning to decree until our very nice weekend's pivotal roles myself on its fifty offices close so I'm available. Pretty much anytime somebody needs me. Okay Greg give me the number one more time. That never really wanting not one I. You're 811. Thanks so much for being witnessed an Martin's. Next up we need to talk reverse mortgages and all that he's via a bad word of people didn't understand them I've been doing them for about eight years and now they're calling it an asset it's hidden in plain sight and financial advisors are starting to talk about it. And turning to mortgage professionals so once item ally has finally topic the other side. Financial planners are now colonies in a big tell me about this reverse mortgage. I've heard you talking about a three years how can it benefit me. Well. Academia is now decided that doing all their research and studies are afraid that our senior citizens are baby boomers do not have enough money to make it. Through until they die which is not news to us in the financial advising world aids and H academia I guess. There are reverse mortgages available out there. And I think more people need to giving into the summer any kind over the benefits and YE. You would to have one and and what's changed used to be anybody get a reverse Tories didn't matter about credit. You just had to have enough equity in your home to make it work well now if you don't have enough money saved up or you don't qualify for in come a requirements now. Date set aside an escrow account to keep paying your taxes and insurance. While you're in the home so you don't have to come up with data on your own. Several universities have got together and they put together a steady when they're finding out that. In their range of disciplines. Academia has decided it. They are now concerns for American baby boomers and their retirees will not have enough money to retire and they're gonna fall short. We talk about links you reverse marriages too respectful names. Which is why they have people showed up on T needed to know in life can have seen for years past. Front page stories featuring citi's senior citizens to face foreclosure are widow whose husband has died before. Dean. A victim ever home date they've all this stuff up in the media and let me bring some things to pass and how this actually works. To do reverse mortgage. You have to be at least 62 years of age or older if you are not sixty years of age. EU cannot be on. That reverse mortgage in some states and you can do the reverse mortgage and also give a spouse it's older and one is younger some states won't let you do that anymore. Other states. Allowed it back when they first started it with their find is when one of the two of them pass away. On there is a closet and there it is that if you're not 62 years of age or older and the other one passes away you have a year to decide what you gonna do in your bereavement. What that means is every year to decide if you're gonna have by the house with a mortgage. I refinance it that's what that means or you're gonna sell the property of or if you have nowhere to go and can't afford anything very addicting you so they pick these things have been the media like this is all what a reverse mortgage does and he's signing the contracts is like saying if you. Violate the contract with their cars he quit making car payments they're gonna come and take your car does not just mean that's just the way the contract reads. You should know and your financial serve advisors should know that things have changed for reverse mortgages in the last couple years a lot. Last year everything changed in April what changed was that now you have to take it. It's like. Satisfying. Test. Of your fight goes scorers. What you earn compared to what you oh how you're gonna paid its taxes that would make sure they're not any big sue for not paying your taxes and insurance. They wanna make sure you understand the roles they wanna make sure you have decent credit in yearning take care of your credit therefore you're gonna pay your taxes and insurance they do a litmus test now. All financial advisors should know that congress and tied to have acted to rectify lending abuses which happened. And then had been out there in the news for years. How this is going to do is there are going to be. And there are now enhanced protections in place to protect the non borrowings spouse of the hears she can remain in the house once the borrower dies homeowners either. Not inclined to or incapable of meeting ordinary home ownership responsibilities. Such as taxes insurance and maintenance will not qualify for a reverse mortgage that was a huge change. Therefore for closure is based on tax and insurance failure is unlikely. The issue about FriendFeed has been addressed by both the competition on the secondary market and the reduction in mortgage insurance premiums for clients. Using their homes. To live in that equities slowly. Advisors took a second look at says her (%expletive) did take a second look at this now. Because reverse marriages were burdened with high set at season's set asides not true. There is no Laura cost third verse Maury age then for an SA today's first time home buyer alone. Bylaw. So first time homebuyers pay upfront mortgage insurance because they have 20% equity as a reverse mortgage you pay eighty FHA. The Ford doing now mortgage just like VA just like an FHA first time home buyer. FHA insured reverse not mortgage is known as a home equity conversion mortgage. Are hacked. Once in effect alone is guaranteed to be in place until the last homeowner dies. Moves. Or sells the home the terms cannot be altered even if the underlying asset at the house declines in value. There are stop guards in place by now most people should know from TV the did you homeowner retains that title to the home just like with any other mortgage however. Dare lingers even among advisors the notion that the bank gets the house. Not only is is not true but the homeowner or his estate is entitled to whatever remaining equity there is beyond. The value of their home when the person dies or vacate the house. Once advisors understand a heck of the features that hack them prices. Has improved in the consumer safeguards are plays they are now equipped to hand how they have come on a credit option. May contribute to retirement income security. We put this in English for you what that means is. You pinch hit a cap on the reverse mortgage not take out all the equity as a cash advance and let it grow. Let it grow and it becomes a retirement vehicle away for you to save and if you have questions about how this might ministry EU. Cummins talked to me calm me email me my email address is Debbie at Debbie Lewis show. Dot com I'll be happy to explain to you your financial advisor I've defined the same time forty offered it to you but if you need to understand how this can be an investment vehicle please email me at Debbie at Debbie Lewis show. Dot com. I help which she'll learn from this show is if you don't understand the concept please email to me I will try and explain it to you. So much has changed in reverse mortgages don't listen to your friends don't listen to the news. Actually get the information I will be happy 89 you got the exact information that FHA bylaw. Says that I have to. Did you I have to make sure you understand I have to tell you the pluses and minuses. And everybody is concerned while Kane talked might shall of course I can't can you comment I'll live here sure. Can you email them a packets liking ever in the end then some people only want their kids to know about it. It is just and it retirement vehicle. It's a way for you to stay in your home and have access to money some people don't want their kids to know about it which ever way you decide to do know. That's fine being George decision these concepts are not that complicated I promise you could understand it and I won't let you. Dealer reverse mortgage LSU do you understand you do know how it's gonna work and I teamed give an idea with names and numbers of people that I've done it before and they can tell you my gosh I thought it was too good to be true it's not. It saved me. My name is Debbie Lewis who will be that was more on my show in just a moment. He was gotten back and Scott you are a great architecture in the Austin area well when did you get started architecture. Boy it's been a long time. School in nine so be going that must guard in New York City opened an office there right after grad school my partner at the time of articles that are important. Fifteen years or so no business doing lots lots votes are dot com company's office tells them. Commercial slowly into respect that point and had doubts ten years ago at an office in Austin as well. And slowly transitioned over to Austin but now it vast majority of my. Houston the southwest and Texas. All over Texas and did you work in Mexico or articles. OK so those extremes how did you go from New York to Texas where you frau. Not very long straight that's my partner. You're opening an office in Austin as well what does it goes up some new. York and Ellis is all. Wow you are just really busy now and not a lot of people get overwhelmed with the idea. Building out their offices making building's design a home. How how can you Claremont disease that there is it a method to the madness. This is uninteresting good. All we did and what types of calls we get it is interesting year to. People really don't understand the process of architecture of what it does and that is not a strong our clients to duels on. Think people just overwhelmed they don't understand that you can take anything to imagine. And and build it it's they they don't get that it's a disconnect somehow. You know a lot of people have service mark you know and also is well it tells it. So I expand. Its power corporate that. It doesn't have to be that way. Lots and lots of different Kurdish. Or why it's so that wasn't used that in the majority of your life our list and so. Have a place that you look forward to coming terrorist. Companies don't really sort recheck what offices should be like this there's still. Russia I. Largely older homes at the same way. Lot of people see something you know how to beat you Bart pre designed all of them off shelves what. Right but again it doesn't have to beat you I think it. It. Make your life wasn't that what it's really is it's a psychological tricks. The feature like choice at the particular nature of your family or you. Can transforming that into a place you want a bit. God do you do you mark commercial build lean they had offices are more homes. At. It's at right now we're doing a lot more homes it's here's what's it demands and it's it's funny how. He's changed all over the. Country it is to be going to a city's tallest buildings because the cost of its always put the past 78 here's the tallest buildings now being built. Are always residential. Cities that. The tallest buildings interests that are under intense hours prior our article Austin is probably get calls for a sparkling and how. Don't go so well the Austin landscape just keeps changing I went to school in Austin and and moved away in town it's changed a lot the landscape downtown has changed picture. Will we speech that he was saying you know ten years ago. Something like 2500 people living down. And right now so so like 60000 you know the idea of living downtown art at least it's kind of a downtown office cleared out here on out right whereas now it's very different. When we look at our homes what are some of the trends that people are wanting now because you do public big homes little homes world homes and ancient homes. What what everybody wanna. Are specialized in doing. All he giant engines or doing only small look. Housing the reed dirt full spectrum. That you learn from each side parts and buck the trends are seeing right now are. Ridiculous switch to single level. Stories people just seem to want to go when I have everything on one. Is that the population's aging. Hence people want is easier to get around general. Downstairs or potential climate either upstairs downstairs guest quarters so they can be off. Separated out and I am not or do people you're fired back up. Distinction of a lot of spin storm or. Sort of a modern. Richest people wanna do my. You're finding the man for the all levels from. Are distractions down the smallest houses so people definitely want more modern house. We get that point across to do we take pictures of houses are re looking up can choose where we found these great ideas well. Talked to your listeners about the process architecture how. Yeah it is pretty. Much about it so let me start to work. Operate and the can be a lot of class to pull out palm pictures from interest or. You know howls as worst or even cut it to sheets out of magazines. But we just. Those kind of things and you know sometimes we adequately what we usually global terror. Yeah. We have chemical list sites are moving here. You want to veterans feel this way when you walk and wanna see this and you look look look this didn't have a courtyard off. It gets hot coffee in the morning and it really does describe. Why should we use that trip for you put the times. Do lots of lots of early sketches and irons in my body he would like to test them. Or at a house weren't allowed to get the idea that a top down like you go to an architect and the. Other price ranges in certain homes in areas we say you're gonna build a house under 300 you know. You're gonna have to buy a box house or does it go off of size her. Is there any project whose small. In fact one of our popular prejudice has been published everywhere. And I Wall Street Journal is called. Lost 450 square he. Wow. Well. What does it takes this tiny. Space. And you the most prospector what is it we. Every wall surface to king certain types of storage cabinet street ultra efficient kitchen. He's that normally eat you know he's graffiti can be reduced our tenants still well well aren't really thinking through how you use it so it's pretty dramatic. Got it how we find out more about you in and where are we look at online to censure. He got a presence there as well. You could find a certain aspects architects are obvious SPE CHT architects wouldn't pass the arm spin. A full portfolio are generally look troop projects. Larger white yen. They're if you wanna talk. That'd be great thank you very much. And we'll be back with more of my show it's just them. My hope this helps them today my name is Debbie Lewis and I do business in Austin Houston radio shows and College Station in in Tampa Florida. I am on the radio talking about money and finances but I actually have a practice so I want it call me if I can help you with your mortgage. I'm the girl the call I work with fairway mortgage or a great big company but we stand behind our service we've got great. Great service when it comes to closing on time so please call me and let me bid on you were alone let me see the best rate I can get for you and there's some great things built in our company like there's an automatic slowed down as the rates drop you get the benefit of that. For no extra charge not everybody does that. I have right now I 500 dollar coupon good towards closing costs and I'll be happy to pass along to you because I want you get the best service at the best price. I am wrong call almost 27. I'm sorry 24/7 is seems like 274 bit. It's every day all day all night and weekends so when you're wanting to have questions answered about a mortgage which policies against when it comes like a cut it. 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