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Hi this Debbie Lewis walked into the Saturday you tune in every Sunday to listen to me. My name is Debbie Lewis I do a few different things. I'm in the mortgage business and have been for the last nineteen years. I do financial advice thing. I worked with mark blog with insurance. And my job is to help you keep more of your money invest it wisely and make sure that you're ready for retirement. Today we're gonna start off by talking about your 401K plan. Are you happy with it. Doing what their floral and k's how they're infested. The whole reason invest is so that you know you're making more on in all the time. Compound interest is a wonderful thing but you gotta be invest in the right things if you have questions about the current 401K that you have please email me I'd be happy take a look at your plan and show you. Maybe some other options that might be better investments for you are just make sure you're on the right path. No I don't get paid for this no I really don't care. I wanna make sure that you're putting your money to work for you the best way possible and the HR departments and any company are really not set out to be investment advisors they basically say here's the paperwork you read it figured out so as part of what I do I talk to people every day for free consultations costs nothing and he can come in and talked to mean see if you want me to help you with your plan. Now for a long case there's no way I can make any money out that so is just nice to Jack. But at some point if I do a good job and I explained things to you you get your confidence level with me. Knowing that I'm there for you from a fiduciary -- do what's best for you. They only you do retire and you land rolled out into an IRA I would hope that she would come back to me and asked my advice and then and it's something that I can set up. And be compensated for so not every appointment that I have every day pays me right then and there. Most of my time is spent looking at things and investing in people so that when they really need my help I can help him. The next ten years might be ugly for your 401K does not is it's going to happen. This is that if it might happen this is it could be ugly depending. On how you're investing in your 401K what plans are on how much your putting and when you plan on taking announce what the government's going to do to our for a one case. Favors nor expecting a 5% return on their embarrassments during the next decade. Might be in for a disappointment didn't seem like much to ask for a 5% return but the odds are making it. Even on traditional investments in the next ten years are slam. According to a new report from an investment advisory firm called research affiliates. The company elected the default settings for eleven retirement calculators. Robo advisors and surveys and institutional investors. As robo advisors as they call people that are not real people but he did just automatically. Assigning your 401K to refine. On average we expect 5% the report tells us that we should start getting used to disappointment. To show how mainstream stock and bond portfolio would do under their research affiliates tenure model the report looks like atypical balanced portfolio. As 60% stocks and 40% bonds. Could be. Maybe. 0% chance of receiving and achieving 5% or greater annualized return. Now not everybody wants I don't have 60% stock and 40% bonds. Twenty years away from retirement they beyond all in stocks. I don't have anything till every job I've got twenty years ahead of me before I can tap into that. So I wanted to grow now I get depict the kind of stocks and mutual funds that goes into. Right. I'm not picking bonds when the stock market goes up the bond market goes down. You don't understand basic stocks and bonds give me a call on set up a time and we'll explain it to where everyone can understand it. If their retirement calculators say will make six to 7%. And people save to based on that. But there are only making 3%. They're going to have a massive shortfall. So eat you really need to look at what have you got in there how long have you had invested what is your annual return. You not be able to take out 3%. A year in your retirement. Because if you do you'll depleted too fast research affiliates forecast for the stock market that rely on clinically ingested. Price earnings ratios of known as the AP eat. It looks like over the next ten years. Rather than one and add to account for volatility and short term considerations. You may need to think of taking less than 3% out. The firm has a website it's run all these things and it's hard to see. The level of return on calculators. When we don't know what the future holds and isn't that the problem right so. Everybody says well I'm getting so security and it's going to be this much. You know that's not even in my bag of tricks when I turn seventy. I'm not for sure what the rules also security gonna be the time another twenty years goes by it can go away for all I now. I can not count on so security money for me Debbie Lewis I'm gonna tell on the money that I've made and set aside and my counts. Nothing else for my earnings. And what I'm setting aside now get I don't know what they're gonna do do it I would say you don't trust things that you don't. Control I know that sounds awful but I can't control it how I gotta trust it's going to be here. One of the things another article talks about is the for a one K is wreaking Havoc on our retirement because. Survey Ayers. Distant analysis handling W two tax data to figure out how Americans. With varying levels of education or Sabine in their retirement accounts. The question isn't why not shift most savings associate charity but why not shift most savings to Sosa security. I don't want my savings and so security I wish the government would quit taking money out of my accounts and just let me invested what they think is. We are not Smart enough to do that for ourselves. And surely probably. A lot of the people are not Smart enough to do that for themselves among workers to hold similar jobs with the same pay. The both contribute to the 401K. Plans a college graduate ten to save 26% more than a worker was just a high school diploma. Workers with college degrees aren't. Only far more likely to hold jobs offer retirement plans. When offered the plans are also far more likely to sign up and contribute enough to retire comfortably. We all need to be given that chance the medium private sector worker without a college injury degree is contributing nothing to their retirement plan. While their counterparts at as a college graduate pitches in more than 2000 dollars a year 2000 is not a lot of money guys. One reason that the less educated workers are likely to hold lower paying jobs that don't offer retirement plans at all according to a study. 83% of workers with a bachelor's degree have access to some type of retirement plan compared to 62% of high school graduates. And 43% of high school drop outs. Even when they are offered for a long K less educated workers find it more difficult to take advantage of them. If you do not have a 401K plan and you won a save on your own please call me. If you have kids that are in college that work that do not have employer. And employer 401K plans or some type of retirement you say dead leader in college what are they now I know a couple thousand dollars a year. At age 182000. You put 2000 an account at age eighteen. And you don't touch it and you put its 2000 in that same account for the next nine years that's twenty grand over. Ten years in you do not touch it when they're eighteen. By the time they re tariffs over a million dollars with compound interest. Invested with very very. Conservative mutual funds. So there is a way to make your kids millionaires without actually happened a pony up the millions of dollars. It grows and grows and grows and I think it's part of our family to teach our kids. How to handle money. Now there's a big difference between how to spend money had a Hanlon. My kids are graded spinning. But we've also had to learn how to save it and how to get a job and worked for how to contribute and donate. To whatever organization they wanna donate you. I'm trying to grow kids up. To Lauren is staff despite if their parents know how to do it or not another big tip for you if you have kids that are. In high school now entering college are in college and on your credit cards. Called credit card companies you have good credit you want your kids to have a credit score I just got my kids on my credit cards do they have a copy of the card. Now not right now they might when they go to college. But charge campaign back charging campaign that will get them credit. Your goal to get a house located to get a qualify for a mortgage is three lines of credit for at least two years. You can easily do that in college college kids are using your credit cards why not. Give democratic cart with their name on it with their social also baking go ahead and start getting credit and not turn it. Limit on these things but help them out when they get out of college. I mean I just I had to. Did just pour college guide a graduate is by investment properties getting married in a sprained buying investment property first. He didn't have reopened lines of credit we had to get his fiancee on the investment property is not a bad idea. But oh my god she's 22 years old he's got his first job he's got about 40000 dollars in his retirement plan already. So he's a good save her he just didn't know how to work his credit and no one helped him researchers also wanted to let you know that by earning more. Our college educated people can afford to save more and I'll make sense I want all of us to be able to retire the way we want to. So security may be only looked at in the future as a way to clean up the gap between what she need a lot of people retire and so security is there. Bread and butter it's number one how they're gonna retire. That should be number two your own self should be number one retirement should come on is to narrow the gap not to be everything. There are new companies introducing automatic features. That's a great thing to do if you wanna talk to me more about how does it appears small business to do a 401K for your employees it's easy to do it doesn't cost a lot. And it's a huge benefit for retaining employees. Email me at Debbie act Debbie Lewis showed dot com that steady at Debbie Lewis showed dot com an on today we're gonna talk the next step. I've got teary camp with got a great interior depth designer decorator. Out of the likely area. Twist tumors is with us if you are real estate agent and you I'd like to promote your listing the best way possible and you're gonna wanna listen to this interview. And mark Glock is gonna talk with us about car insurance and umbrellas. Why did they go hand in hand what do they do indeed need them so many people saying that they have because they do with the same insurance company twenty years. It's a great policy some of Europe ever pain some of you haven't shopped and things have changed. What bastard deductibles you know you can change those deductibles as well. As you become more of fluid you need to change your policy if you don't have an umbrella policy you have more than two cars. And you start having kids schools trampoline. You're gonna need an umbrella. If you don't know what an umbrella is. That's probably the case it's are gonna need one he has your network grows more people can see you become a target. We don't want that to happen that's why an umbrella and a check up every year which your insurance professional is important. When I do mortgages I talked with mark Wii shop policies. Because you know I am insurance is now based on your wrist fate. That's a lot of what do Jude premium that you asked if he put on it roof. You haven't told anyone about it you could be paying more for your homeowner's insurance then you need to it's important that you sit down and talked in doing year by year. Assessment of how things are going which your property if you that life changes. An issue aged one of the things I'm gonna do with you if you're my client. Is talk to you about. Life insurance touchy about long term care because that's where a lot of my. Customers are falling down they are not shopping for a long term care until it's too late. And then they don't have they can't really afford the premiums and we don't want that. I'm David Lewis and will be back with more of myself in just a moment. You've made the right choice talk thirteen seventy. And speaking with Terry camp and Terry you own a beautiful store in Austin UN tells little bit about it. Yeah I'm demanding and a lady and buying more threatening them days playing games I either lying and there's a lot of still being in Britain where you. And lead the I predict it will let that I've been in eager I think you need to get then. They're built airlines cut back usually. Air right. I carry. Caracol. Well you know we all want our home to reflect. And to be special. And I think and builders. Are you know we're pitting a budget at that point but once we get in the house. We really need to redo our interiors it and you can help us do that as well because you've got interior design background. I started that the jury heard. It is now. It hit it eight I can't client at the elite eight you might be. Like. You did you get it like. That. There. A lot and I think it out. I hate that app honorable and it. Up but it. How to please find out more of what you have on the website give us the web site that first down. 88. I don't get it out and and it might. Have been. A little bit more out there. How do we get ahold of youth we want you to come argument you've got to make house calls. I bought it it I like out. Color. I say that. We just had to take an analysis of what we have in what are sometimes we don't know what are looked as we need help achieving knack. ER. KE EE NER. And at that. On it and eat lunch and straight. Out. Okay what are the things that she can help us with he can unit course topless look lighting what are the other line that she represented. Richard I like it or. You. Bit banged. Up the street didn't like it out I. Color but I. Well yeah the did you guys all costs a lot of money and we won. We want Neiman Marcus look for target price and. It. It. Hurt. Her. Got a record. At our. At our. I think our media we we got teenagers in our house and so kids are always there and I think as soon as they graduate and go I will not have 20s16. And seventeen and eighteen year old boys hanging around my house. So I can reduce and things and it's got to be durable right now. It's got to be tagged kid friendly but when they're gone Renee you know come back to visit they won't be so hard on things. I can make it really looked really more like me. I. Couldn't. It there. At the end it. The white. But not right at. When we are looking at things can you look helpless I mean I'm sure I can find very expensive things on Pincher is to our house. And you could find me something with that's similar look and feel all. It's probably less expensive. Game like that could be up all day. I I think. Are. We actually. Get. It. If it. Weren't. Wait. Did you edit out it's my job but I like. It. Story like that. Well at that you are right it may congregate at any worry that that's how. Like eight. It. Sure how to we get a hold of you for more information Terry give us a phone number. I let you eight big I ate that record I. A rich we eat now air out it eight. At age but I I keep updated at either way I think it can get very. You meet a phone number one more time. I went. Quiet. Riots well thank you so much for being with us today. I haven't read it and. Oh cool. Yeah editor at spirit photography and look up there a little bit but like it played I'll get that many okay. Right now I can't even has been and tell them that yeah. Website I think you've been bit. About Canada act and you're talking five e-book. Look like it is a topic and like that I could have got to get but it really victory act. Making a lot of connection so I worked at what you're. I did it can be part of it is that he wanted and finally on my that was an eight Atlantic coming up kitty a picture of my. But it sure I think that that should. The camera that you with the college. But she did a floor vote might might get my education it back and I. The art EDT to win a competition at topography. Well. I don't. And I are. I'm. Okay all right OP candidate that I really about two years. Look at it ain't like I. There are no I don't even not a good up and learn on the job everything changed all that big game. And it could have been really great. Because not all of these connections but how well again and again if I want that man. And it. It grew like it and it quietly and anti bullying and about three years after I I started it it. My game but what it meant we all implemented and lose ungodly hours that. Night and I happen again. Yeah let me get what you got. Get a get involved even like that. And let him when I act the way I hired a guy and what it in the back lit a fire it my home and but in the name. Yeah that I didn't need you to edit and and it news clip that you might mean it didn't end and I asked. It's adding that I didn't actually love to be gotten no. So sad to Vegas that tell us hot sticky tape can you do all kinds. How do you class Qaeda inside outside aerials. Friday again and I thank the good news you know maybe eight. Knocking down. Shots as well exterior sides. Yet we don't know we can and I don't quietly photographed land we have a committee October. And I. And out here aerial. Video and photography yeah. At that. Big opponent out of the political reality enlighten. It's a greedy the American made that and I became beaten again. By the interior I and then it create a model that you know well I want. Goggles. It yeah. Yeah yeah yeah or my yeah. Again all I'm reading writing and reading anything. So now what we talk about Brady's basic fear that person out there that was solicit their numbers they all by owner they get eight independently what to do there. Anger and error Eleanor here in Austin or San Antonio what other Ares he never. I had all right into the mean you know we we go about it you ordinarily been part of the week and I. Rock iron out while. The. Did that sound expensive to me so if we got a listing what is the parameters on some of the listings because. You don't I didn't or 200000 dollar house in a neighborhood dealer. It's. Not happen and I don't know that. And it might have portable. Glad that you don't like being an auditor. I'm eating eating again I don't. But why I hate. Quite. You can't add ons are a lot more and they get all the mega available online at night. The department shortly. And that's why it ain't got you got me looking. That advantage did about it more vividly walking reminder that everything involved and it made it interviewed forty dollars. I did you know it's been a lot of account and an end and that an incremental might be green I had. Thank god let me I get larger and that they've got. He's got dollars. Florida NN. But I look at ninety dollars. At the end it won't let dogs. You get by him and. So I get it you would do it just been forests that we have a house because I eleventh inning got a house we've got listed. 5000 square feet you can rent some numbers are and it doesn't get picked up the menu that we get out they patterned the other thing. And we get really tailor it to what we want to spend. That's correct and that bullying and we'll get into that and we have land that we have really little I eat out there you don't want to edit that and I didn't beat them beyond the second. No and they're able to probably land area. Yeah definitely I'll do anything to get batten down the marketability yeah we haven't smaller package that bird land. A hundred okay. We need take only pictures. Are you using drones or are you taking pictures. You can't outweigh either way it. What about things you know we get it in your pocket or they're giving you want to beat. Look at someone at the Atlantic it it got pretty. Floor and you know yeah candidate and McCain and I'm there yet well then yeah. But I didn't like it ended the debate. Definitely want a bigger payback and it had gotten into this wonderful music that you didn't want I view that everything that activity at eight. Yeah. Underground thing and outlining bank overhaul. Then acreage of that happening. Well okay say that we estimate time for this is there a long lead time yeah. Because of other properties are selling pretty fast and some of them you know stay on the market Guatemala is there any of earned millions. Am I but the timeframe from beginning to finish shots. Yeah here though and Billy Martin yeah you know that he will get it right act and dial lol got that answer. It's got an air. Quality what are we eat it tomorrow and and that the next 800. I expect him to get out product. I have a formula that. And generally gotten everything being greedy and yeah that yeah. Might gain a little while to get into that inning and then write the people helping you know really getting them. Right and immediately got a yeah. I'll go home and I'm gonna. That banking unit and dollar and 800. That would make it like that again. Well that's great tennis staff now you must not be doing so by herself anymore. I won't want me. It Ali you. Yeah. Definitely didn't. Yeah well that you know what they're behind it Maggie and then. My aunt and an agreement on the hill. I'm good people who like and nobody bugged me and wanted to get anything about Monica and a little. And then we can't get what I don't mind what are. I can't name I didn't get beat the new mayor ordered a new management and yeah hopefully yeah. All the mining town leaving everything out and let you know and and they have technical support it. Perfect perfect so. Basically this because. That eaten benchmark if you're gonna have or in a high dollar homes you're going to need employer services because people are expecting this now. Yeah I did you know the damage they did a great article oh yeah hey ma. And it Villa aren't that big you know that ignited and it expired now Arnold. All. Right at people and you power back. Ability level of marketing at home right I mean. We had other Republican yeah it is out there. Unlike Biden and. You know. Look at the heart thank you you know wildly out of dignity and I'll expect it into but that Park City. But it cannot count. It. And. But since he turned things around so fast they're able to. To go to and list the property gets you guys in there or did you not just a few days to turn every now on. It gives them a really good chance of it stayed on in the last and and did he looked out and not just being sold the next day. Actually I mean you you know the whole company and idiot and a big deal right arm off and big and LA. I well look at it ought right now that it did they get it held it up and certain areas that. And you know you want and like I think they get targeted eight fired. You know can't typically in a property. Right so many people are buying a through those birds or two hours and they're coming into the city they're just looking online. Inside and seen except for what they can find online. Right and got a big. You go to war plan don't portly. Because it and dignity and at that somebody can actually be how they live in ha. So. It's 888. And it made it they don't want. Bottom or you know you can take a war plan. And Vettel and Taylor and. Actual people we're gonna eat the Holland you're not I mean how can people walk and a lot of. I am a big one. Right right you see a lot of this online I think a lot of people are looking online they said something. I better report elastic like 85% of people are shopping online before they even call an agent and they haven't narrowed down to like the talk pals that there existed and and they're ready to go I mean Dave ward. It sounds great. We get information about your business if we won a bug things or. As a are real estate agent or if we wanna but for ourselves and where person wants to try to sell our home. Our cells to your website. Yeah and I'm sure doc trips to learn dot com. And are outnumbered and paltry number eight Utley and end at eight expect. Did or eight. You're the hero teaching. And yeah. That's why they'll let people that big article and junior Al. And then Polly Utley and I can KG of changing it that new cut. It you know creating an account. Or hurt. Energy all quite as well. Perfect now you got a fleet of photographers work for it used that we can turn this around quick. The product it's really hard to grow business and trust other people but it sounds like you've done all the right way. Well I hate that it isn't isn't gonna Darcy and it. And that really I I had let me abstinence thing. Making top radio upgrade again somebody has to come out. Top thirteen seven deep the right choice. My love and mark you're with the woodlands. Financial group welcome to show. I'm good I want to talk to you today you're right I go to an insurance guy but you know we talk about automobile insurance it seems pretty complicated went. Young drivers old drivers are credit score is how how we stopped her car automobile insurance now. Well this automobile insurance and the first thing to remember and everybody's nose automobile insurance instead of taxes is mandatory if you have a car you had a driver's license you have to. Auto insurance in the state of Texas but really had a shopping for auto insurance business kind of become. They're not a typical thing it's just you get inundated every day with all these out on television yes big money here say hey there reality is coming to an independent agent you know we're not just one market we've got a number of different markets we represent over there. Beijing auto carriers in the state it's actually this deep enough where we can look at bigger which is going to be the best company just future needs because there are a lot of variables when it comes auto insurance you've got. Young drivers you have claims activity you have real high performance vehicles you have people looking for liability only some people bowl coverage sort of depends on where you live there are a number of different things they're doing and since this credit scoring as well the other big carriers to look at. What's called an insurance score which is a combination of claims activity and your Trans Union credit score man bit calculated. An insurance score and that does include also an autumn so there's a lot of different factors that go way to determine that your auto race and the great thing about us is we have a number of different markets that we can go look. Look at all the carriers determine what's gonna gonna suit your needs space to your situation. It's important that we have good credit I don't think people really understand it. Insurance is part your record in impart your financial record as well also don't have a good credit score your rates are gonna be higher than someone else who lives right down the street from you with good credit based on your past writing history know of course. I'm when people are shopping for automobile insurance president as a treat you as an independent carrier and some honest with. A carrier may be like farmers are state farm. Well in the that the biggest differences is that farmers are still it's outrageous it's gonna have to make sure. Your history your financial situation or insurance score against you what they have to off. Offer and I have an independent agent we have the ability to trade. What you that would ever claims history maybe we your credit history maybe and finally here that's gonna provide you the best right. So just because you have. Did you less than perfect credit or you have some crimes doesn't mean you don't call harper collaborate. Well except fire which struck on the right carrier for your needs and then that's why we have a number of different carriers because we have some character to great it was just you know. Forty year old hospitalized no kids they are great and then you have the youth ball operator and they're up sixteen year old all the sudden they had to register through the roof. We have the ability of cup points just put somebody to a carrier. The outrage better for young drivers. It's important that we know that it's. There are choices we don't have to and in the end Carlson does too so if you don't like that choice is that you're given. You can't let someone like yourself an independent shop the coverages but the encourages you to choose also has a lot to do with the premiums that you pay. Ryan and that is true because there are many times examined I know I had one today that idea. People call on the hill say hey I need to get an insurance quote freedom from our automobiles at all and I'll ask some questions. What are your courage Kirk covers allegedly answered got to audit logs are full coverage. Pool coverage can mean a lot of different things. And if I'm gonna compare wanna make sure you know which are insurance current insurance companies compare apples apples. Bowl coverage really it is just gorge in people's minds such liability and comfort explosion which is a physical damage covers that the banks are gonna require. There are a number of other products that are available like uninsured motorist personal injury protection are met today. Greta reimbursement. Howling there are different limits of liability different limits of liability under the uninsured motorists. We want to make sure that we're that we do compare apples to apples so it is important but no matter we better go from there auto insurance. That you're providing up person with a Oregon undercurrent coverages that they can actually did you have a proper quote and that they're comparing apples and apples. Because there's a lot of different I mean there's 10300. Then. Any time goes up from there. Ride yet so limits that you choosing it was a very different things that we can do it goes a little extra per sample you're right there's a hundred. 101000 per person bodily injury treated thousands per accident for bodily injury and there's property damage limits. And that's one of the areas that generally try to council people is really going to be a metabolic injury just wonderful and actually how to make sure that there's enough money. Do. For someone to get the medical care that they needed I wanna make sure of property to question another person's auto that I have enough. Did not limit your high enough. To be able to do repair or replace or automobile. In the event of a client because the last thing he wanted to do this tableau limits in the near giving suitable later because your limits are not enough to properly protect somebody. And the reality is what people don't realize is that really increasing those liability limits a lot of time isn't nearly as expensive as people think it is. They have to the other big advantages of visitors to give discounts. To rebuild what what them for having higher parliament so increasing your. Liability limits now has the ability to save you money in the future. When we're talking about increasing limits we can't have a conversation without me ask you about a personal umbrella and why that might be so important. And we may not even be offered that with our current carrier. Friday and personal relatives it's very important so he'll. There are many carriers in church you know. So I think minimum limit the liability in order to qualify for that person on broad policy that personal umbrella bolt typically provide liability coverage over the top appear. Automobile insurance your home insurance if you AGB or other toy is boats they'll cover and provide liability over the top. Talk about that's really important to get you wanna make sure the did you do have electricity enough coverage somebody emerges injured. There's enough money they're suited for their medical. Bills especially for those people. How schools I think it's really really important to have a liberal policies and anyone who contacts me to have people are always quoted umbrella whether they ask or not I'm at least put it out there but there are minimum limits of liabilities that are required on the auto insurance unit that's either 10300. Or cheap 5500. Religion and it just depends on the carrier. When we talk about the umbrella policy is is gonna cover up our home and our personal property because if it with our cars if the limits are exhausted so if you didn't have four car pileup wit 60000 dollar cars. You could have exhausted your coverage and then mark what happens to us. Well so if you got an umbrella the great news here umbrellas and stepped in and then cover that into the favorite rocker girl policy decision. Carrier were writing your auto policy a lot of the time and so there's a continuation of coverage we don't have. Have to worry about coverages and different store or are not marrying up properly but I. The people with the price of cars today and I knew you were kind of simple truck. Standard truck anymore or four courses probably gonna cost you 40000 dollars cars have gotten so expensive and it just so. Easy to reach the maximum limit especially we're talking about a multi car accidents that would take nothing to get under the rules and orders anymore with the prices. Are we on the ticket for a whatever that goes over arm mean like what happens don't have it in you're hitting like three or four cars that are. Amazingly expensive then I mean you're on the ticket far right. We can figure actually writing what you'd probably expect to receive at some point there's a lot of trouble turning back. Asking you for funds to cover their clients their clients automobiles or there are injuries and that's for the umbrella released upset because certificates are liberals either one million or two million dollars in coverage and an umbrella policies are pretty inexpensive. They're really not cost prohibitive and may have that extra layer of protection and I think there's. Really really necessary so I would recommend an umbrella that everybody's pocket so that if you have. Schools if you have toys here on the water baby like that doctor I have always cynical with every one of those. How we get a hold of you mark to shop our insurance is it a here's another thing another question I am. Is it cheaper if we put our home and auto with the same company to begin a discount for that. Did you get heated get a discounts the column altered policy just tell you can't save money there we've always looked to try to put it with the same company. If that makes sense there are times that hit me hit baby. Better just figure home with one company or Ottawa but another. But what are the things that we do because we have such a large number of markets is that we look at all those scenarios. To try to figure out what's going to be that. The best combined. Premiums for home and auto we have the umbrella. If we can provide to do the best in my pretty important. And different companies I guess it really depends on the age of the drivers your credit a lot of factors. Rice into Asia the drivers an important consideration we're looking at that if you have youthful drivers that's and it took could be people college. High school book policy didn't like to know is to get you drunk drivers education got a discount today we have put the aperture better not to discount. They're called student are they over. A hundred miles away from. Beat your current residents could be a potential for disrupted today have a car school there are number different day you know that we use it to determine there the other thing is still in it we can look at it international drivers we have people look at it from other countries and what their auto insurance and health. I'll give them something I've stage people that are retired they're just how true that is in today's day and age should be bullied we were a lot of emails and people sending the emails. I do like to talk to my customers on the phone digital art. Ultimately get off more information but I can tell that he. You know I had today and address those questions for a reason it's because I'm trying to make sure that we get true picture of what your situation looks like. But it provided the proper coverage of the lowest priced ball. It's important in the mortgage business Smart not to have everybody pull your credit so you're shopping for lots of insurance carriers. Eager to separate companies they all pull your credit does it make your credit score goddamn we view. You polar credit just once and you're able to shop through all of your companies that saves or credit a lot of things. Ryan absolutely and the great thing is dead that we don't wanna pull out all the time. I'm and that's never good situation I mean you know got to within the mortgages especially people buying homes some very very careful. Secure because I coaches because they do credit score I don't want to get to show whether credit reports to do anything to upset that long but yet. We brought everything to one program most of our shares of the pink hello Ian Gregor permission one time we get pictures just in this close battle into the system which are things are being pulled just don't want time. How they get to be marked for more information if they want you to give them a quote. Sure guys that you need to reach it situated on. 915. Point 0811. Now on song particularly want to. I'm 1850. Pacers 11 of our thanks so much for being like me are you. We went to be safe out there enough I wanna contact mark blog with the woodlands financial group. Come on back. I.