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I mrs. Debbie Lewis and welcome to show you know we talk money and finances and mortgages and I always talk about myself this is my story today at least to start out positive talks in the comes properties. Tara. Can't we it's down she has a lighting design company and we're gonna talk homeowners insurance with mark's legs and T did you FG. Now first let's talk back credit Equifax is all over the place. Equifax dot breached they didn't tell us for two months yours truly is in trouble. Someone stole my credit just last week so Equifax came out with their email on like Thursday. I logged on because I'm in the mortgage business we get all those alerts from our company as well. Logged on in the last six of my social. What do you know. I'm at risk to have mine. Information. Taken. I mean I could be affected only like half of the United States uses Equifax because every time you do a mortgage were on a try emerged file which means. Equifax Trans Union and Experian. So honey I'm in the thick of it now I I know I'm at risk. I got a call Friday night. Does it are you trying to buy a washer and dryer. And a generator. In Washington. Might know him islet in Texas I am not trying to do that. Their case eat your credit card's been compromised. And this was Citibank they called me so I'm you know it's 1130 at night. As the case shut down the one card that I have with he'd shut down the other card that I have which you. Both account numbers let's kill him and semi new cards and they said perfect and I thought okay. I saw the Equifax thing I saw what happened to me this gotta be okay. Suarez said you know what changed my other credit card with American Express just in case call American Express killed at. Moved account numbers there's that mean new card. Perfect now not killing the card. If for ever. Means that I still are in good standing with the company I can still use my credit cards they're merely sending me a new account number. But it doesn't change my fight go. Which part of that score. Tells you okay you've had discard for how many years you get credit. That's part of your fight score is how long you've had. One to credit so I just stopped long cold Turkey an open it was somebody else. That would be a problem because that would lose all of that longevity. I get my American Express. I count now it's gone through many different cards many different changes but I've had a Karstens college. Have been on a college quite a while so bad is good for me that is makes my credit score high. So I just shut those down and I thought okay now and fine I'll call life lock on Monday. Bad idea. Sunday afternoon I was working a trade show up in Dallas. I got an email that said thank you from chase for changing your phone number on your accounts. And America and I got another email said thank you for changing your email address. And it says thank you. Or at dating your username. Like I don't know this is not good so I called it one agent our number on the back to my chase. Card now I have a chase credit card and to his bank accounts my kids have chased savings accounts we all have chase. Allows me to move money around for them without the wanted to from banks and can so called chase is that it's not me. They civil someone who's got your social. And evidently your email because. They're getting emails and allow them to make it changes in the count so someone can see not only your email. Amos Ted your social and everything else someone who can freeze everything. And I had to go through all of this it's like two hours on the phone on sunny afternoon. To get everything updated so we got it frozen and I said OK tomorrow I would go to the bank branch here in Dallas. And I'll get everything up did because we had to unfreeze the money and move it. Everybody had eagle account numbers died we open up only account numbers for all of us hijackings to say beans for everybody. So now we're all squared away two hours later finish at chase and I got a call like flock. Like flock. There'll premises if someone breaches your credit. Our charges things that are not yours fraudulently they will pay for it and they'll help you redeem your credit. Problem is no breached anything yet this Citibank cards shut it down. The bank alerted me and I shouted down so really nothing's happened except. They were trying. Let me tell you real quickly what we have to do to finish this out cycle of life locked call all three credit bureaus. Freeze everything given a ninety day identity theft alert which means that someone has stocky he's someone to take my credit. It's on the air for ninety days no new credit can be opened. And hopefully get credit cards we'll call you didn't because you've got fraud alert on there that says. Someone's trying to patch and my counts so all my credit cards noted note to call me. If anything shows a busy huge charge that is not typical and I told them typically what I'm doing the next few weeks and they know where I'm going to be. I also found please report today. It allows me to good outing at a news those security number because although they got into my credit report what's the topping your credit report. You're so security number which means I need anyone in U Indian new went there are lots of steps to do I'm gonna just on my website I'll blog about it tonight. Please call me if you have questions about this my direct phone number is 97922030. When ain't. Or email me at Debbie act Debbie Lewis show dot com up next. The mccombs properties and you gonna have to Zeum Tivoli. Top thirteen seven. Hi this is Debbie Lewis and welcome to the show today when we talk about money real estate in finances. Today we've got a big show we're talking real estate were talking insurance in finances were getting off three and here's my first interview the day. Let's learn more about some luxury properties out on the lake. I was speaking with mr. Eric Adams you're the executive vice president and the comes properties how are you doing today. What are we need to know if we don't know anything about the mccombs properties out there at the reserve it like Travis. Prizes are our parent company can't that was founded by BJ red mccombs. Are patriarchate the guy get to work with on a daily basis the the enterprise but mainly office says he taught there at all. Our lunch and automotive group. Which is our core business. And energy company that registrar to beckon me do Lebanese tanks. Properties which is the real estate arm which is what are run almost partners which is basically everything else and that the group Danone was about forty to 45 companies everything from. Get particular company culpable they beat up to the participation. In the Formula One track in Austin circuit Mara. As. Pipeline company. We've got that Philanthropic arm on the komen foundation which. Turkish pretty good car. Patient. Within the property group we've got all I think we'll stay on the pit exit with a little bit. Every acre ranch camber you'll actually end and that we also backed development partnership route didn't need in the markets putting products public. The portfolio of real estate portfolio is our second home resort communities which included the reserve potential. Down in Rockport Texas pull all media incorporated which is the biggest master plan resort community almost a didn't tell you called Broadway community called Cordoba on canyon lake which is between here and often and then. Get into the reserves like travesty which is really special Soledad the portfolio it is our most juror second home resort community. You dear now why you always say as second. Com resort community that is a phrase that not everybody understands tell me a little bit about that phrase of what that means to your. I had taxes now mommy get it would give real quick if those secret. Is getting Ben pershing crooked number appears and they can dive into that but why. The free market. Is slow government. That you've got we're. Folks that are limited action is specifically the main. And yet he's dead VFW and if you haven't looked at data collection pretty interesting to see the population growth every one of those markets David I'm an ability. 25% every ten years. And about 28% PFW about twenty papers. 35%. It looked up population growth. Expected or predicted to continue for the next thirty years later on it's silly people you look at the activity occurred. And that Canadian grown at a rate of 23% twenty years while suggested about it got about forty year. This is one of the biggest stories in the end to North America. When he when he got Boyle let them pick about it they got all these folks who live and they MSAs. They established career took off for good jobs they establish careers they start getting their lifestyle debt. For making money off you know that they have it. Point they decide they need to enjoy it could take a look quite often. It's really good choices are somewhat limited you've got a delay. Around the state that in many cases are being a good thing nobody in the days. Country. Ali by Accenture your family as early edge and then finally had the Texas coast and if you if you look at back at the Texas coast. Blake did encourage an opportunity to have our. She can get away power on the weekend to enjoy your life. It that we bought it. Is the McComb miss properties in the it is the largest developer. Resort community that. If you look lately it even from Austin, Texas where folks wanna have a place a special place to cement that thought. Act by a developer that they know they can try and the biggest decision I've properties at that point is that a good place to go on the weekend. Is it beautiful property to go online tell us the website that we can see it on because we're gonna wanna look at this as we explain it. Is that an amazing. Architecture. Preserve at Lake Travis dot com columns properties dot com and you can see L. Or our second element residential communities. It's nice to have a second home community like this and tell me some of the benefits. Of having a product like this rather than just having your own home. Anywhere on the late because maintenance it's huge. For sure so you know is charged with did everything real estate location location location so it it often taxes like Travis is beautiful body of water. But you've got some very distinct portions of delay you've got the North Shore. Optional and the reality is but you're traffic into off and they've Pennsylvania NSA the South Shore by far the best short of the leg. Maybe if you if you can't look and fell short. How you get currently Travis since it's just the way it does look like quake cracked. About 25 minutes from their country gallery. They're just part of the getaway but not a part of a long drive. And we knew him when we come out here. It could get a large community. We're quite a bit open space and miles short life on the lake. Yeah we did it daddy we got basically two types. You know types of products. One is what I'll call state now and these large one and two acre tree maker or breaker on the sides. Well. It off the water. Our buyers come in and make of the make whole site collection and it. What about how builders to filter custom. Lake L or college and that. Umpires are actually primary on residential that was their full time. Actually transplants that they can meet in weekends and holidays. Other cities around. At stake to around the country that particular product this custom homes range in price. 81 and a half million. 89 million so that definitely one that's definitely what type of fire the couple buyers that can't really want to have their own daily update their compound the life. Met a lot of space around. I hit the design may be a large sprawling plant was different components to it that that's one of our. Graphics side in the second group which is it really being equally sized group could not bigger umpires that are flooding may be easier. Block and believe life style course like how can they get those helicopters are folks from outside of Austin that when it's published on the weekend. Taking care of regular VIP treatment. Could have. But some sort despicable right attitude that's been taking care while they were gone. Be able to come and enjoy it and really was. Traveler and a lot of these cute age that we get that. Piper product look at it and product is something that we had a lot of task list I'll tell you a little bit about economic yeah yeah. I really started in. I only look at the onset of the community and we realized. There realized there was sake but each and powerful appeal to comment to a community that believed to have. Even in one weekend can make all the decisions that needed to build a second home and be able to go away and come back and make it didn't look that. It would have branded dealer pointless to which is the real small collection. 23 properties that are setup ought to point overlooking LA. Particular product which which feels when you see it something akin to see what was the end goal. Beaver Creek or some place else. Got cut about a quarter see Barack stick but fine appeal to become an elevation standpoint. That particular collection and analog access where we broke a lot of peaks. I put on Lake Travis and 20010. And thirteen. Buildup that product lines. Because of that because that. It had been tendered do we want it. Carried on that accessible constantly product launches and actually launched was that our I would like cottage product and which which is 26. Evidences which today calling it. Left of this herself we also. It brought to that I brought to life or are happening product which really is kind of understated. Apparel like the market where. A collection of twenty patterns there's. Overlooking public majority of them are one bedroom suites there's ample notre two veterans each. Had single master bedroom and a master to small wet bar expansive. All backyard typical product and we just recently and construction are second phase of those it. Try to point salute at that particular product or should limit 300 and go to the 600 dollars. The political conflict that we that the question was it would reserve get a kick back at the actual content we came up with which has just come with a life right now I. Had to be ahead with a to the community a 812 acre equestrian hiked the port number recently we made the decision that they were better better useful. Layup and a week. We developed it rebuilt it used all the materials from the original bar and. We help branded the bar which is a community recreation. The car owners are congregated and it should provide you brought that extra credit and it took place just minutes ago about the pop up square feet. And it builds a pool tables captioned. TV couple bars and then you have the power play and deliberately completely fled the let development go to reserve established the bar and we built around it farther out collection which is sixteen but individual car. First have enough right now both parties hope for a home and those that particular product do it again for a rough day. Player can do it clean lines and go a little bit more shoulder room more about on the outside and it's been received really well buyers really like that and they're not big leap a long way to within that are aren't counted and the power concert last year bit. Or at least you know. Releasing percent of our last 2 o'clock to one of them is our trees out collection which I get it right on the water collection of only twenty totally tree houses we just got a really feel good date they overlook them like Travis directly with their own little private beach the trial. Why should we separate a separate. Project. Again right up on cliff overlooking the lake people we're we're developing fourteen law. Sugar in the same really this thing complexes and I'd ultra strong sales person for the tell you that. I've been in this business a long time and I've never change. The community. As a collection of architectural. Beauty each with its own little portion of the community picnic. I hit it up I'll know. How we get out there and do we need to make reservations be taken around to show all these things through your people or regular real estate agents. You know you can go either way I'll tell you that if he would die any of the listeners get saw other reserves like Travis dot com we've got a very very good web site it will show. That visual look at pictures of all the things have been talking about their contact information on there. Couldn't really get to call it in addition to that idea if your listeners do have a relationship. Real occasion we look real estate agent also in so it's definitely something like be part of the. Okay what do we do for interior design do you have help for that as well. Absolutely so one of the strengths. Of that lock at least a portion. Our market that talked about it's we try to make it is easiest possible for a buyers could literally. Quite often command experience. The community on a weekend. And it's our goal that if they all love which means I'm due to be able to sit down with them. Go through all the decisions that need to make super easy we're confident that what what they're taking had a had a gorgeous. It could crawl our products that we sell we've we've put together. Design created. Packages with good visuals you know quite often when you when you build a home there's a lot about selling them at all around the builders well. They include you walk quality interior products that is the opposite of what we do you have been so debate performance specifications. And colors and circuses materials. I that we include with the purchase are in most cases. Perfect for the fires that are that are behind in any event equivocal evidence some kind of very specific unique desire we can accommodate that to you in addition on each one of the the homes we've got. A couple different allowing companies captured by companies that will blow. With this collection processes make anything go as far as helping Turkish and finish off a unit. With the core which Google are still like to do just that these event. We need to make it add to her appointment or can we just. Pop in Baltimore have been here. I always recommend that people can make an appointment and the reason is quite often and I indeed especially in the summertime and the shoulders she's since we have a good number of folks that I. Are coming and I've sought to make sure our client oracle expects to have our candidate and taking care of so it's always best called. And should get a lot of quite a bit if you did have a person that is doesn't do that you're welcome to stop by and we will OPEC here it's. Okay is there as selling season like does that calm down on and it bit easier to get an out and how long does that take to. To get one of these created just for our family from the beginning to the end eight months ten months. And it's probably hard to get it this concern. You know we have good good activity into traffic year round. But it is much busier in the summertime if it is disputed whether it's important to get out into the community up but we do have folks I'd make decisions every multi year. I'm so that's that's really up to the client that only your second question. Don't link the time it takes to. Did you guys on the production and getting I picked it out today it'll be finished when tight time friend. You're so realistic to assume deeply motivated and driven and entrepreneurs that what they come and that make it all have been and then a quick that it. So this is definitely typical timeline. Buyer can send all on the weekend. We sit down we do the paperwork or for whatever product or sell it ain't it where that person coming out there what time is that we can't. We can actually do all of the collections in that same weekend wow which is great to get it up not down. That's that's more than and then our folks really wanted to do one weekend because of their own their umpire that got for the weekend and has sometimes we'll schedule the second visit maybe two to three weeks later to finalize elections on the product that we're gonna built once that's done. Takes it another 45 days to start construction. And then depending on which product line it is it takes anywhere from eight to ten months to actually. Finished the property and be able to close what. OK so if we advise something the end of this season will be and it by the end of next season. Yes sir if you wanna be your Memorial Day next here come out serious as we get that's got that shirt hey how it is also. You also get the idea there. That while there are there are a lot of folks that are rightly so wanna make their selections and Shelvin and they've got a real a real vision what they wanted to do we also built you know got. Now that speculative inventory saw. I'll build pretty product lot of good number of homes that I just wanna have ready for folks when they show up to their weights on. An example mark the fact cottages I've got one less clear not that guy is available now my cap. Product I think I've got. Or that are available now or in the next thirty days that they can be moved in almost immediately by and then our. Carmel collection I've got three homes that are under construction. They should be wrapped up in the next trip for months and ready to close all of this there are there is awake actually and speed the process didn't give the buyer. Happens to all of which one that is one of those property each. OKMR hands gave me their phone number again that we can call make an appointment and come out there and see for ourselves. Sure it's 1802. Point 43142. 18021431. Point your. And the website again. And preserve at Lake Travis dot com. It's. I was speaking with terror camp in Terry you own a beautiful store in Austin UN tells little bit about it. Yeah but doesn't think that lady and buying and being the game playing games like either buying a lot of they'll being. I Wear it right well what are. It like that. Air right corporate culture and make sure it out. That carry. Caracol it. You know we all want our homes to reflect us and to be special. And I think and builders. Are you know we're pitting a budget at that point but once we get in the house. We really need to redo our interiors it and you can help us do that as well because you've got interior design background. It had been hurt. In it now. It hit it eight I can't quiet at that it really hit it might be at. Like. You hit it it critics like. That. That. A lot what's it going to. Stick it out. I hate that app honorable end. Up but it. How to please find out more of what you have on the website give us the web site that for scout. I don't come out and again. In light at. Our lady. And I. Hit a little bit Margaret. How do we get a hold of youth we want you can argument you've got to make house calls. I bought it yet I I. Color. I think that. We just have to take an analysis of what we have and what are sometimes we don't know what are looked as we need help achieving that. I. Eight EE eight at. Our at that. I RE. ER and. Okay what are the things that she can help us with you can unit cores tell us what lighting what are the other line that she represented. I like it. Either. Here. I think. Terry didn't like it out I. At the gate they can't cut it under very good I think yet but it sure it. We have a did you guys all costs a lot of money and we won. We want Neiman Marcus look for charted cries and. It. Well. Earth. It. Our. Our. Our. I think our media wait we got teenagers in our house and so kids are always there and I think as soon as they graduate and go I will not have 20s16. And seventeen and eighteen year old boys hanging around my house. So I can reduce some things and it's got to be durable right now. It's got to be add kid friendly but when they're gone Renee you know come back to visit they won't be so hard on things I can make it really low Chile more like me. I couldn't. Top it there. But. It. Oh wait it out but not right. But I. Haven't. When we are looking at things can you look helpless I mean sure I can find very expensive things on Pincher is to our house. And you can find me son being with that's similar look and feel all. It's probably less expensive. I. Being gay like it. But I'll bet it. I not I think how. It actually worked. I. Hit it. Florida. I job but I like. How it. I think story right back. Or at video or like early at eight it occurred at 80 and it. Back at it that's how are like every great at every car. Or are. Cher how do we get ahold of you for more information Terry give us a phone number. And I let you eat big I ate it. They reached. Eat now are out there at eight. But they pitched I I keep at it it either way I think it can be very. You need a phone number one more time. It. I hope thank you so much for being with us today. It. I. I think he would bark loud and mark you're with the woodlands financial grand parry today. It dead so you're going to be my go to guy when it comes insurance of all types homeowner's insurance. Car insurance. Umbrella policies march following a team in the business and and where did you come from wind a little groups start and how did you all get but that. I can guess so I've been in the business since 2003. I started with Katie nationwide agent Smith what do they go to Harvard didn't visualize it. It's a captive agency meaning that they always sell their old product they ordered out there on a homeowner product there and not a product. There I quickly realized. I did not have to market that I needed to be able to help a client so when I carrier decided to change positions in the marketplace real rates go up. I have no other outlet do blew my clients into. So I do not I think Upton went over suit the world's financial group or GW. She's pretty sure. A couple of years after the start of the nationwide just so that I can provide my clients with more opportunities for different carriers I've been independent agent channel. How often do rates go up there is an ongoing thing that we should be shopping for our insurance all the time. I don't know that you want to shop for your insurance all the time to bring should people have. Power base. To do their time for rates to go. Periodically especially when we're talking about the coastal market which would include anything basically what we call your waddle it should be Galveston County near the coastal counties church do Harris County. And generally all the way up towards Scarborough we do see increases. On occasion to do that coastal risks for homeowners to think with our. Are those that get more people on the roads these days the cost to repair vehicles as. He's got out of all the technology that's involved. Well first satellite assemblies of carriers are looking at certain numbers as claims data comes in to determine if they need to make adjustments to their rates and we got. Now seems significant increases over the past few years. When people are looking at their bills and make ten min there's sometimes surprised because they haven't had any being. They haven't had any claims but there are infuriated that the rates are up but that's kind of how it works rates go up. All across a market orange area based on moving our risk out to more people cracked. Correct yes or raise rates do go up periodically to do a number of different factors that the insurance carriers look at it calculated on. On an annual basis which is why did you have been an independent nation just such an advantage because we have an opportunity when those rates do go up for our clients. That we can look to other carriers to help possibly also some of that increase diversity in their current rates. What are some of the reasons why are rates go up I mean if we have a plane and you know you see commercials all the time are that. Says you know we weren't properly covered we had an accident and our rates went up are we had an accident our DNR rates didn't go out how does all that really work. So rates are determined to veto all of the companies can look how they perform a specific area. The beauty that's gonna be a jerk geographical area. I don't know overall basis they're gonna look at that claims data. Determined to go to the reality is they're gonna determine if they're able to make money on their products work their richer currently side of the Protestant currently soda and their gender their dollar waiting all this data and they're not able to you know ensure that they're going to be able to make money you have. Have those reserves to pay future claims. Just homeowner's or auto customers. Then they have get back to the drawing board instructed me to do with their rates to make sure that they can't be profitable and you have the ability to take us future types. Some of the things that we need Askar agent when we get our bells and we need to shop and why don't you wanna come to an independent agent just to get we have more choices what are some of the twice is that you have more for us to pick from. So some of the choices that we have to pick from would be the adjusted to the wire bra and markets but that we have so. What when somebody comes to me you know get the first thing that wanna do is interview that person didn't work more than just insurance agents really look at ourselves as most trusted advisors. What crisis surveys and it. Important consideration. We do wanna make sure you know our clients are getting the proper coverage. For their risk. We don't we don't wanna just brought somebody in China market and given the cheapest thing possible we wanna make sure that they have the coverages they need to make sure the they're failures are properly protected so it won't work with a number of independent insurance companies we've got over 25. Homeowners markets in the greater Houston area we go between different potter I don't care that we work work. And what we're looking at Ricoh are all these carriers to. To provide quotes. We always go to every carrier all the time just to make sure that we're gonna play a personal the most appropriate market for their situation. Because people didn't have different. Different situations some people have. Claims some people are people operator somewhere carriers do better when someone about it you know trial in high school or college and so were other carriers do to each carrier you know it's just kind of dependent. On what they're looking at or what fits into their target market. Or wanna make sure that we've replaced our clients in those in those areas. Where we are shopping for policies actually you're doing shopping for as if we've been with the company for a long time that we might like that person that's helping us. But they really don't have anything to do with the race so. I know we'd like to stay with people because we like them but sometimes they only if they're specially only sell one line. Insurance. They only have that company they can't give you their best that may be all the best that they have. Correct right for you for example natural we're running at you what people can do live like a state farm or else it is they do only have a one. Product line of this bill and it's kind of getting in Syria they're trying to make it Asia one size at all. And that's just publication and we wanna make sure that we're putting. We're gonna get us better than a square hole to not. Not trying to jam around attitude square hole also because we have so many markets were able to India to do go out. You look at these different carriers and see what fits for somebody wherein if somebody has just done one market they're trying to figure out. But it makes it or get it it may not work exactly the way it's supposed to have been generally that's gonna be a detriment of the car because they're they're not. I didn't the coverage they need or you know the nature decides hey you know this isn't a risk we want answers to your ability to go back. And even within sixty days of binding coverage and looked to see you don't visit the policy that we want arrived. And they don't pick up their ability Kamal what policy. And then that person just back up in the marketplace trying to find a market that is going to be pursued their. OK mark what information is someone have to have on them to talk to you about. Shopping for their home or auto policy. I am so for homeowners policy but really just need given name. Date of birth and address. You know they beat bit and accounts for less than two years then we're gonna typically need to prior arrests and any any kind of information as far as updates throughout the past but they have good days you know as a new route. If the published an updated. You have the added an additional two to house their pool there's a lot of things that we can get from kept Connie tax records now that becomes available to us get through. Square footage they have covered porch is what sizes they're barrage. There is some information were not able to collect from those tax records will also utilizes Google Maps that we can kind of get a visual of your house. House because one of the things that made it companies if you're serious look at now. Now are being in shape for the root and there are certain ships the roof that are that are better you know avoiding Wear and they don't catch when. So there you have there a dose tore those kind of being that become rating factors are homeowners insurance does need to be considered. The other big thing that I would tell you is going to be asked specifically dollar. I'm always proud about dogs. Because there are some breeds of dogs that certain carriers all right so overall while orders governments possibly German shepherd and survived the bull. That's important information for us you know so that we can go to a carrier that will allow those types of animals to be returned to their policy. I'd give up time for people talk about their tests and had an inspector will go out. Well what companies do it fixture inspections. And an up on this vehicle about a pit bull or divided government. And then I'd I'd get an email from the carrier saying hey they're gonna come off this policy because of anything else it will breed dog. So it's important to make sure that we have good information information up front so that not having to go back and trying to reach all the homeowner's policy. When we could have just gotten it done right the first time. Tripoli today your problem now to. Jeff track Tripoli innings. Or some carriers there problem we do have some cares so it will not allow trampling. Other carriers will allow them and then we have some that will allow them but it will not provide any liability coverage so if someone. Believe so it's a neighbor came over mr. got a tripling and they hurt there would be no coverage for the person from liability standpoint because they do exclude. It just depends on the carrier. How they get out of touch with you if they want more information. Aren't to shop there either their homes are auto or everything with the number to reach you at a. Best number to reach me at if they wanted to show their home auto business we do at all. Is straight line 9150811. They were available from 8:30 in morning typically until our very nice weekend's pivotal roles myself on the ticket. Fifty offices close so I'm available. Pretty much anytime somebody needs me. Okay Greg give me the number one more time. That never strip wanting not quantify it. 0811. Thanks so much for being with us today marks there yeah. I. Okay.