Del Ponders The Portrait of The Millionaire, 10/9

Del Walmsley
Monday, October 9th

Responding to a listener request to analyze a concept mentioned in the classic Napoleon Hill book, “Think and Grow Rich,” and the landmark publication, “The Millionaire Next Door,” Del ponders the concept of transmutation. Del’s pondering provides a great review of his beliefs about 401ks, higher education, pension plans, consumer spending and more.


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CEO and founder of lifestyles are limited to no one's going. Show with the hype and now. Help begins today we are going to go down a very Dicey path. We're gonna be discussing a concept out of the book thinking grow rich by Napoleon hill. I was asked to discuss this concept. Way back in December 26 2016. And I let it lay there I was afraid to pick it up and carry this so let me give you a little heads up the name of the concept is. Sexual Transmeta nation now. The conversation we're gonna have to date has nothing to do with sex so you have to worry about that this conversations not about that at all it's about. A concept that in thinking grow rich which says the demand. Creates his largest. Period of success and growth after he meets his wife and settles down. And the concept goes a little further and say here what happens is. A way to manage younger he's out there to so results he's out there looking around to find himself a spouse. Or twit catch with a another human being. Any till he gets that attachment completed. He can't follow it's something like making money that becomes secondary to him however once he comes attached. His female counterpart is going to create demands upon him whether or not it's a demand or it is his desire to create. It's such demand in other words she either she demands can buy a house for the family or he wants to supply house for the pan am immature. If it really means. Either way any different but the bottom line is is that now this man has accumulated. The family. Wife kids. And now he's changed his folks he's not out there are looking to sow his wild oats and more that amount of energy. Can now be true it's mute from sexual energy of trying to acquire a spouse craze commuted to earning energy. For trying to acquire wealth. And that's the concept that the polling Eagles bounced. Now when I first started thinking about it I didn't know where to go with who's really. A difficult concept of freighters so politically incorrect to think. That number one minute of the workers and failed to market. Think about this can you imagine that number of people not to listen to this particular show because I don't think that we had that. The larger group of people would be offended by it but can you imagine out there if this was being presented as an idea. Talk show. They would lose their minds can you see delete the five ladies would have the the unit showed they have in the morning you know the what you could you imagine them. I'll say that men are millionaires first of all not win. And second ball saying that men do better after they have a woman and that there you know just the whole concept so. Perverse from a politically correct point of view and so as I looked at at the open this this is too Dicey. Where are the facts. To be had in this kind of conversations what was really bothered me I didn't really know I couldn't figured out. And I said they can you know. My first thought. What I thought about this is this is not a true statement anymore distance and idealism. Which really was my first thought was this is an idealism from the past. That now days that the gender. Identification has been so skewed in our society. That men have been taught to be an act like women. And women have been taught to be an act like men that any such. Statement. Write it any such David just couldn't be true anymore because we've blurred. The issue we've blurred the lines of male and female responsibilities in our society. I thought about how many women are in the workforce now whether they be single women or husbands and wives. Gotten. How could that be true now the wife is working to demand used to glutted earned money in the white stated goal. And so I thought often can't adjust to think and work additional argument to this concept anymore just doesn't seem likely. And then I thought okay we'll let's look at from the other point of view what if it's still as true. What would make it true that a certificate then here we go let's get this kid out there now and really get defensive let's talk about different. Types of people different. Societies of people you could call it religious societies and call racial societies you could call it politically inclined societies. And when you look at those societies. You would save him why is it that 75% of people that get married divorced now. That doesn't sound like very much transportation to success that's almost a complete. Statement of failure for you even begin because you're gonna have everything you own divide in half. And you know just. Trounced on you know I've seen happen a million times people to go through divorce or financially just destroyed. Armed. Then I think about all the people the single mothers out there there's another society group of people. Single mothers out there trying to raise kids how do you go out of become fabulously rich. What you were also trying to raise children. And so the broken family or the net non existent every system that was seem to me to prove true that the married couple. Had a stronger ability to earn. So that's are wondering about this and there are some Campbell who know what the facts are I tried to look it up and Internet tried to look at what percentage of millionaires. Are actually. And fall into this category as Mitt married men. Right and what category falls into all this other genre of people who don't believe in marriage they don't believe in male and female relationships. They believe in you know I'm not just heterosexual but homosexual relationships. There's all these different categories of people who live differently about the way I would guess from what I've been told. What I've been seeing you noticed. That most homosexual men who lived together our richest can be could you get to bread winners there and not a lot of need to go out spend a lot of money. So it I think what I'm seeing the people I've met they tend to be very well financially but irrespective that this concept. Is this sexual transportation. Is it true. That me and produce more once they're married with kids. Is it true that because of that they buy houses more often they maintain. Income. Providing positions longer and stronger than everyone else well again art art to scavenge the Internet. Looked up over the refined. And I finally found is increasing state it's called portrait of a millionaire and it comes from the book the millionaire next door. And this guy did this researchers found is that who are the real millionaires in our society and his point was the real millionaires and our society. Are not the people you think they're not the guys travel around big cars to those guys are broke and not the guys with the big watch the expensive suit because those guys are broke. It's the average mom and pop art but the war in other words this article. As. The statement that I was looking for and I'm gonna share with you right now it's called portrait of millionaire. Out of the book the millionaire next sources who use the prototypical. American millionaire what would he tell you about himself. And first number 1 state laws I am 57 years old. Married with three kids. About 70% of us earn 80%. Of our fairly household income. There it is that is the research that is the state right. Average person that's a millionaire's at least 57 years old or older. He's married with three children and other words. Napoleon hill's concepts such transportation is 100%. Still. Real. Yes I'm regarded nowhere to go to C until up on this this was very very interest. About 70% of its earned 80% or more of household income and legal under the white distinction here that. All of our wives that work most of them most probably are teachers. Don't know other Tutu and actually happen to know a lot of people in our group this highly successful. Now what I started doing analysts are looking at our group. And looking through to the people that were arts at most successful investors. And you don't have found. Our most successful investors were all married. With children. If we're stable human beings before they ever got here. And they had the ability. Now one other cab got a what should understand that is this. Is that in our group there are women investors that are very successful. But they are married. So whether or not they'd taken on the mantle of an income earner for the family. Still doesn't break the model. That they are 57 years of age. Producing large percentage of the income. And many of the women that would normally be stay at home moms are now out there running the fairways business. As the operating partner. Of the family business. A realistic what you short break we're right back to don't want to radio show. You're listening to the Joseph wants quick break here. Dell will be right. Changing principles and Justin. Lifestyle some limited is the real estate investor education and mentoring group that is taking people by the hand and taught them how to invest in real state for over 24 years our students have been so successful at creating wealth and passing things come that they want local state and national investor the year awards nine of the last nine years it's easy to see my personal real estate investor magazine named as the best in the US if you're ready to add real estate your portfolio go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to access our free live training events schedule. 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Napoleon hill whose book thinking grow rich 5060 years ago made the point that men work much harder. Or success and become much better become a successful financial. Once they have family wife Kelly and home that they have to pay for. Yeah I apologize at the very dry throat. I'm trying to tick through lodged between bricks and it worked for the first segment. But it didn't think working sequenced so I apologize moving on though. Thursday book called the the million and extort and they define who. Most millionaires are. And I'm sure read a couple paragraphs do you think is really interest in. On the 57 year old male married with three children about 70% goes earned 80% of our family's income. About one in five of us is retired. About two thirds of us are working our self employed. Interest will be enough self employed people make up less than 20% of the workers in America. But account for more than two thirds of all millionaires. Also there are out. Also three out of four of us are self employed consider ourselves to be on the doors. Most of the others are self employed professionals such as doctors and accountants figure go two thirds of those people are on to the viewers think about. You know you everybody thinks that the way you get rich is that you become a doctor lawyer than to open your practice up effective it works. But it takes 405060 years to get it done and yet. People here by real state and two or three years they've already become a millionaire so it's much. A much more leveraged opportunity here with real estate. Many types of businesses we could classified as not dull normal. Compared welding contractors auctioneers farmers or so mobile home parks pest controllers scoring stand doers what they're basically saying is. Most millionaires don't. Have flashy jobs. And if you can ever take too much similar permissions million times I hate real state don't want to eat real statewide because it's boring as can be achieved rock carpet paint. You try to created a business that is replicate a bull and so everything is the same and everything you do lose a save you think about like the same and you do the business and for whatever produce I'd be doing it. But that's what most businesses are successful because they're successful doing the right things over and over and over again. How goes those says about half of our wives do not work outside the home number one occupation for those why should do is teacher. All households total annual realized taxable incomes about a 131000. Dollars that's the median of us. While our average incomes to earn 47000. Note that the average who's going to be skewed up by the people at the top. Those of us who have incomes of 500000. To a million. Which is about eight service and the one million more legacy about 5% this skew that range upward so another words. The median is you know million Euro makes 131000 bucks a year. But there are guys up they're making millions a year to skew the average up to 247000. Dollars a year. We have it average household net worth of three point seven million. Of course some of our cohorts have committed much more than that nearly 6% have a network of over ten million. Again these people skew or average upper. The typical median or 50% top fiftieth percentile millionaire household has a net worth one point six million. And that's the fiftieth percentile on average our total annual realized income is less than 7% of our wealth. In other words we live on less than 7% of our wealth. Most of us 97%. Are homeowners we live in homes currently valued an average of 320000. About half of us have talked by the signals for more than twenty years thus we have enjoyed significant increase in value. Most of us have never felt a disadvantage. Most of us have never felt. At a disadvantage because we did not receive any inheritance. About 80%. Of us are first generation affluent. We live well below our means we where impressive suits and drive we we are oppressors who can drive American made cards all of your mother. Ferocious and it. Only a minority of us drive the current model year all the minority ever leave. Lease a motor vehicles. All sort of misread it now mixes my dad says we we're inexpensive suits but it could happen there are conveyed guards or be a minority of us. Drive the current model year automobiles. Most of our wives our players. The meticulous but jitters effectively 18% of us disagree with the statement charity begins in the home. Most of us will tell you that our wives are a lot more conservative. With money than we. Goes on in states we have. They go to help fund in other words we have accumulated enough wealth to live without. Working for ten or more years thus both of us with a net worth of one point six million could live comfortably for more than twenty years more than twelve years. Do you actually we do live longer than that since we have at least 15% of our earned income. We have more than six and one half times the level wealth. Of our non millionaire neighbors. But in our neighborhood these non millionaire outnumber us better than 321. As a group we are fairly well educated only about one in five or not college students. And many of those hold. Advanced degrees well on the one in five dozen other college education. 18% have masters Griese percent of what increased 6% medical degrees 6% Ph.D.s. Only 17% of us. Or spouses ever attended a private elementary or privatized school. As a group we believe that education extremely important for ourselves our children and our grandchildren we spent heavily in education. I believe education's important also that the kind of education people vying for the kids today is just ridiculous. It's not beneficial. To the kids. We've we are fat. Good word of their releasing before. We're aggressive investors on average we've just nearly 20% or household realized income each year most of us invest at least 15%. 79%. Of us have at least one account. Where they brokerage company but we make our own investment decisions well I don't have to count well actually do have one account the brokerage firm no it's not a took. To mutual fund to get back and the reason I have that is I put 2000 dolls and fiery when I was twenty years old. And just for the entertainment value loan of let it sit there. And accumulate and I don't touch you don't do anything with that it I don't putting you know don't take anything out of it informs you about how my dad. What the American dream was about the irate keep it going works. We hold nearly 20% were also twelve and transaction security searches publicly traded stocks and mutual funds. She's 20%. But we rarely solar equity investments we cold even more in our pension plan and every 21% per household wealth is in private businesses. I think we're coming up to a break here if you wanna call and discuss a new this. Interesting stuff our numbers 8777115211. For like to weigh in on. What do you think a million or looks like court should look like or how they live of Butte. Bullets he opened his call. We'll be right back to don't want to radio show. You're listening to the tell monthly rate here. Principles are just a few minutes. Long time lifestyles member Curtis Payne. So a real joy for me looking back. Is helping others and I wouldn't be able to have done it without the support of lifestyle they just can't please thank you enough feel for that. If he were to ask people if they could vote on the top ten guys. That help for the people you'd be one of them there's no doubt about it you have. This roadmap of holy success stories on this one I'm just. One person out of the thousands fantastic success stories that each and every person can learn from that's my life. Take Curtis Haines advice come meet felt like minded successful investors who are helping others just like Dell helped him. Attend the workshop get your map. Safely and quickly build wealth and passive income so you never have to worry about working till you drop losing your job or retiring in poverty. Call 18669718970. Or go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com that's lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to register for the workshop it will change your life. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas weekdays from five to seven on talk thirteen sevenths Michael Berry show. Act now here's some more unconventional wisdom to set you free from the man on a mission to reach out. No one's going. Welcome back Goodell while. Radio show. Today and got another article here that it is sent to me that thank you very interest things from the Wall Street Journal. And the name of the article is the champions of the 401K lament. The revolution that started. And written by Timothy Martin government that is that says that Herbert White House. Was one of the first US in the US to suggest workers use of 401K. Is hope. In 1981 was the retirement savings plan would supplement he company pension that guarantee payoffs for life. 35 years later the formal Johnson & Johnson human resource executive has misgivings about what he helped start. What mr. White House and other proponents didn't anticipate. Was that the tax deferred savings. Tool would larger replace pensions as big employers. Look for ways to cut expenses. Just 13% of all private sector workers. Every traditional pension compared to 38%. In 1979. So here it is these are the guys that came up. With this idea for the forward Kerry and all that it did was it allowed to cover. For companies to stop providing pensions. And as a company owner. I get I mean why would I want to as an owner of a company. Pay an employee for the rest of their life that concept of tension is what has broke. Almost every US city. Many US states. US government the federal government because it becomes impossible. Forty larger and larger number of people. To collect money from a smaller and smaller group of people that are working. We have smaller smaller workforce. And larger and larger and larger retirements group. So the concept just doesn't make any sense at all. The next thing it talks about in here is that the 41 K. Doesn't provide guaranteed income in fact the 401K is subject. To just about every market conditions that can occur. So you'd be sitting there with money you save for your entire life. And then the market can turn on right when you get ready to retire. And you could lose half for your money. Literally people lose half their money you know in the stock market. Correction elect with a called corrections have a crash to correction. You know it will eventually come back right no tie I mean my gosh right now everybody in the stock market funeral pretty good about themselves. Although that little fiery thing I told you about. Earlier I looked at it in 2016. The 29000 dolls were in the account. Mean nothing actually lost what 500 ulcers that and that's in mutual fund you know sitting out there somewhere so you know. I don't know I don't understand but the forward k.'s death would been proven to be a failure now what is. Give you some money insights in comparing four OK. There's more paragraphs here's what effect is a very very large article. And their major point is that as the 41 K plan. Has been shut down the throat of Americans. Thought it hasn't increased the volume of savings. In fact what they're showing you is is as forward cape. Participation goes up. Other kinds of savings go down. And other types of pensions go away. So. You gotta ask yourself this question. What do what is wrong with that why why the 41 case. So ineffective Atmel RS is quite sure Thomas say. How much money do your 401K KU last month. And you left before we can still pay you any money. Go why not they've got your investments in it and some you try to rationalize well. I mean money but it's inside my count. And they take got a piece of paper and I draw 500. For the drugs 6081012. Ago. Boy these numbers feel really good. Can we take them to the grocery store. And spend. In the answer is no. Because they're not really they're into you get the money. And it's not really tax deferred. NT you get the money that it's taxed. So I ask is this question. OK look if you're willing to invest money into something that doesn't make you any money until thirty or forty years later. Then why wouldn't you just do this tonight bring at this point. Everybody gets his. Really terrible look on their face because they know it's just stupid idea she wanted to buy a house. They pay monthly payments to the house. For thirty years hoping that at the end of thirty years house will be worth more and the mortgage will be paid off. And you will have accumulated a nice asset for your retirement. And people go well that's stupid. Why wouldn't we read to make money while we have a that's exactly right it's stupid to put money in a four wood Qaeda doesn't pay you any money think about. The 41 K is actually eating your money every month. You are living on less than what you learned because you're putting into 40 okay. If you do that with a second house and be paying their people would look you go boy you dumb why do you have a second how to go live and you pay for. But that's what you're doing and then your your rationality but thirty years from now could be worse something semi rational be able thirty years from now that also going to be where something. But it's still stupid idea. Every of the point. Wouldn't it be better to have an investment that does the same thing for windows which use. Create tax free income which rules state done correctly can produce tax free income. Or at least tax deferred income if you wanna call that. And has a great potential for upside capital gains appreciation and so forth. Did the same time patient money every single month. Pays huge dividends. No why. Cannot. You out there listening this for the first seventh tenth fifteenth hundredth time not understand that. There is absolutely no rationale to a 401K. None. It doesn't pay you any money. Rule number one investing is don't lose money you lose money all the time. In a forward K how do you lose money well number one you don't control what it's invested in number two the charger abnormally high fees. To be in the forward okay. They limited and investments you can do within the 41 K if you take the money out you know look at the normal tax would be you pay penalties. On the money. So it's it's like that the government has a Ponzi scheme to keep you in a Ponzi scheme. It's a ridiculous concept. So what's going on here in this article actually like three or four pages here I didn't bother to go deeper look into coach really researching the stuff about sexual trans traditional morning. It would basically saying is is that the forward curious failed. And that the people who created it now looking and going. Okay. We did everybody wrong. This is a mistake. Right. That's what they're saying in this article. That goes on to another article that the disinterested. He says. There is a savings of struggle. The percentage of disposable income Americans set aside including for retirement has dropped radically. Some believe it's that is due to a 401K. And thank those measures. Should be changed some people like Obama administration. Believe that there should be forced and mandated. Payments into forward Kerry. And they're tried they've done a couple different things who has a number one they're gonna kick your for a one kid away from you it's the Democrats to do its by the way. So there you take you to forward kiwi from new and force you to buy government bonds so that is not subject to volatility of the stock market. So that there is some cash flow from when you retire. And that was one player. Another plan. Was to make everybody liquidate their 401K and pay the taxes on it. Because they're winners you know trillions of dollars sitting there needs for one k's I received accounts qualified account. And if you were liquidated you get enough tax funds from that liquidation do you know pay off the government debt or at least take a bite out of it. So they wouldn't do that. Then they set up a deal where we actually did pass this one in some states don't know that's Allstate's. That it's mandatory for employers to set up a 401K it's mandatory for them to placed the employees in the forward Kate. Program. And if the employee doesn't wanna be in the program the employee has to cancel it so in other words. You're dumb as a rock your bosses tell you have to be in his 401K you don't researchers to find out the you don't really have to be in the forward Gary. Right and so there you are stuck in your vehicle there's already been agreed to. To not work. How many more times we can train journey that under our lives. By putting us into things that don't work. Our number is 8777115211. If you liked Colin discussed. Any of this craziness feel free call in during the break the lines are open. And will be right back with the Dell wants a radio show. You're listening to their joke once what radio. Changing principles are just a few minutes. Did you know that every dollar you put into a piece of real estate makes you money five ways. Cash flow of money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars you create when you have the right team and by the right property using the right map. Appreciation. Real estate doubles in value about every ten years equity buildup. Printers pay down your mortgage each month and finally the tax advantage we pay almost no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains. These are the five ways we make money in realistic. Which is why realistic accounts for more millionaires in the world today than any other investment vehicle you should have some real estate in your portfolio. To learn how to attend one of our free workshops or call 18669718970. 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One person at a time. No one's really. Welcome back there don't want to radio show. This morning and last night. I was listening to the outgoing president's speech Obama speech and the incoming president's speech. Mr. trump. What was really interesting to me was how these two individuals. Come see the world completely different. Ice. And it started me thinking about. Why so many people fail in life because they live in their own delusion. And when you live in your own delusion you think you're getting somewhere. But you're not. There's an old saying. When you find yourself a hole the first thing to do is stop digging but stopped doing it. So today's. Conversation. Are less that conversation today's conversation was very very interesting to me. From a point of view of how do you see your world. Obama was talking about his greatest. Success. And he named off 2030 successive. But his greatest success was obamacare. And his view was how if you would have told you eight years ago the twenty million more Americans would have. Health insurance. Would you ever believed. This is just an incredible accomplishment blah blah blah. That's his point of view. Now. We go to Donald Trump Donald Trump says you know. I want to be kind to you guys. Got a disciplined greatest speeches I've ever heard just I want to be kind to you Democrats. You created the worst health care system in the world. It just destroyed the American health care system. And you're fighting it out. So I'm a little to own this thing. You know I could let you own this thing and just leave it alone. And in no time an alternate take itself down because fewer and fewer doctors are accepting your health care. The cost. Of the health care has risen over a 100% the last four years. And is continuing to rise. Owned by the way Obama says health care costs have come down from ridiculous guy. But. Europe deductibles are going up the cost is going up in the availability is going down and so I do is leave this thing alone. And let you guys donate in it would take you down the tubes forever to the problem isn't gonna take a year or two or three for that to happen for a completely. Bloat up in your face. Should but I care about the Americans more than that I care about. Of having health care that works so what I'm going to do some good news. Get with congress should write after I. And sworn in here we're gonna put together a plan to repeal and replace obamacare. That's it's a statement that stated if you lose in this you know. Later on down why you might think well. That was I dated statement this is a really worthless and to know this is actually works listen to do a better win you listen to this particular podcast and and radio show when that is. Stop believing your own lives. You are not it's financial successful if you believe you bar. You are not in your bed. I get people told me all the time I hated you for the first couple days or weeks that I listen to you. I couldn't stop listening to you because you were saying things that make sense but I hated you for. You hate me because I making you think. And making you just stop believing in other words you've got your head down and you're digging in his throwing dirt is fast and as hard as you can. But you're getting nowhere. You're digging yourself a hole. Everything that you're doing. Is failing. You know you say you're not a failure. But your techniques. Art ineffective. They're not working you're a good person. I'm not insulting you. I'm pointing out for you could I care about you that your savings techniques your investment techniques are doing nothing for you. That patent full house. That you know Dave Ramsey tells you to pay off that house is the dumbest thing I've ever heard of my entire life. How much is that I'll send you in the mail each month. That paid in full house not a dime what are you have to pay on that house even though you paid off he struck pay property taxes insurance. Right you still have to pay Omer associations. He's still have to pay to warm too keyed to cool. You still have to pay all that stuff even though you created Aussie kid so you've actually paid out salt and live their free you don't live their free you paid a live there. You just lower the payment. But it turned what you've done it's you have killed drew opportunity cost what that money 1020500000. Billion dollars it's in their home. Could be out there earning you a living. Could be a use much you earn with your job. But you don't ever doing that you get to suit their debt debt equity and got to 401K. That not only. Do you not give any payments from you have to take into every single month so again it's an investment that you are losing money. If you look at your checkbook you are losing money on your 40 in case you're losing money and how else. They're not benefiting you and all. Dreier is the same way little bill is college fund is the same thing. All these things are doing you no good at all. Right. Owner region. For articles came out with in the same week. The first one says one tree apartment boom looks set to fizzle 2017. Next article says kept rates remain an all time lows which means apartment complexes values are all time buys. The next was as strong red growth occupancy rates fuel investor interest in the apartment communities. Average rate increases month over month steady growth in US department economy. How can both or all four of those articles ball. Say. Opposite things. Because somebody doesn't really know what they're talking about. Hoping you're like you figure out. That you digging. And first stop digging and then second is a letter to do charitable. Have a great day see you tomorrow. I. Yoshiro. Can obtain the rest. Join us seventy. Can't get enough. I. Okay. The information and opinion see here on the Dell wants it radio show or those of the host Dell wants -- has gas and is collars and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the station its affiliates its management or advertisers the Dell wants the show was for entertainment purposes only please consult a professional regarding your personal investment needs nothing presented on the Dell wants a show constitutes an endorsement recommendation offer solicitation to buy or sell any product security. Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the all new talk thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away had talked thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with talk thirteen seventy.