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Del Walmsley
Saturday, March 10th

Del Walmsley Show for March 10, 2018. 


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Lifestyle you. The next hour we'll change your life. And now you're. National award winning investor relief here SC EO and founder of lifestyles. We'll you don't want to review show with a high fence and help begin to under most don't want to win is always working on your financial freedom to name my friends. I want to sell you wanna concept. Over so you on the concept that the market is not oversold. Interesting concept you know because in markets they're cycles. And we tracked cycles. And we have different explanations for different segments of the cycle. It's all very logical. Mathematical. Cyclical. I mean everything in your body. Once the cycle to occur. Because you've been trained to believe in cycles you been trained to believe in highs and lows and reciprocate should. Pullbacks. The verb management talk your entire life. Corrections. You've heard all these words over and over and over can you hear people talk about all the stuff. And then when it doesn't happen. You start to wonder. Now in the last couple of weeks. I'll take it upon myself because they have come out to look at and read. The reports of many different economists. Some of them directly related to department industry which my peeps can you know a little bit skewed others are not related to apartment industry. AM. It's interesting. The data that they present. Is pretty much the same. So they're pulling their data from national data banks. Facts. Figures. And then they have to make interpretations of what's happening. The challenges. Is it the interpretations of very difficult to come up with. So. You ask yourself. What if they get it wrong. What if there interpretations are incorrect. Does that mean disaster to use an investor. And surprisingly that would represent Q that it has not in the past. It has to certain sectors. People that are speculators. Speculate on the value of real state just like people speculate on the value Goldman speculate in the value boil and then by. With the intention to sell. Get caught in the market that doesn't work someone who buys from the so personally new market joke goes against them. And creates a situation where. They lose their job and they can't pay their mortgage payment anymore and also little that I usually can't sell guns you have nothing unum could have spotters or refine his mortgage will almost no equity. So when the equity turns negative it's negative. But if you would have bought that property with 25% equity unit dropped 20%. You can still get out of that house. Even you would wash your equity and we all would cry about losing equity but the problem was really not losing your equity. The real promise you lost your job. If you had lost your job. Then you would had a problem losing your equity. Interest and how we see that so. Wrong. How we eat invent in our minds and our mistakes. By feeling totally. Satisfied that the economy's booming that our family can now afford to make a big purchase into a house really can even afford owned. How we believe that on the economy. It's not real state to do that to you I was in real estate during those sessions 20022008. I made money during those years during those recessions I mean when I never lost in real state. But I wasn't in the position that these people were in which was just like you bridge I think also lost money real state at some point. Is that they had the wrong setup. They had the wrong system the wrong financing system the wrong income based system. Back in the eighties. People bought real stayed on purpose to lose money. You can drive right up. Could also be an 8687 they took those right of way Reagan took goes right also waiting guess what. Boom there was no reason overpay for real estate anymore and mostly crashed. Same thing happened 2008. Also in people to inspect your real stay forever. The economy gets soft people lost their jobs. And the Bloomberg urged. They're talking down votes of the college inversion. We in the interest rates. Become higher than the rate of return on investment. We need these returns. Become inverted when long term interest rates. Right are lower than short term interest rates. You have a problem the economy. Long term interest rates should be higher. There should be Acosta taking money law. They short term interest rates for the use to figure out who they shouldn't cost too much Emery get my money back within a year that doesn't demand the same risk. And so now the big thing is you come to talk about this inverted rate curve. If the rate curve converts like you did in 2008 everything blows up they say. But yet. When you read all the rest of the report. But if the Fed doesn't do that if the Fed doesn't mess it up. And everything else looks Rosie is can be. No today if you can hang with me through the show. I'm and get to a point where explained you historically. Why I believe this market is not overbuilt or oversold. That historically. Were actually in a better position right now to buy apartment complexes. Do we everywhere or even rent houses. He's just an incredible thing to see what's available there. So when I go through this with you hope you can follow through this whole show because this is going to be. A gigantic signals pitched you. But because I'm penciled the I need to cellular hadn't product to sell you. I have. Because of to show you that if you're sitting on the sidelines. And not building wealth. You have no assets. That you're missing out. That you are missing. Out. Chris Angel talk to me the other day he's got like 27 apartment complexes he's bought as many as 34. Got. Thousands and thousands and tens of thousands unit. And interestingly enough. He Sergio guarded by for the last four years and people been sitting in silence to beef up the cycle that ended. And our own way better off because of it. And yep Salma friends and fellow investors pulling back. But I didn't. And so now he's. Who's hindsight 20/20 certain. Maybe it's up and down fluctuation markets is not that important. May be what's important is keeping your money invested in something that's earning money. And his cash flow from all these investments is phenomenal. That summer better in some words summer break. So mad capital gains so you have large cavity so that no capital things. Put him hole his portfolio. Is truly invested. The early investors that is what he looks. At his job as a life is that keep the family business investors so it's making money because what good money Singapore when K that urge you nothing. What good money sitting in diary there and do nothing. What good is money sitting your paid in full home which earned you know but. How would that benefiting your family. As opposed to have needed businesses that are money now you can evidence savings. In most of his account to bring about half a percent although online seems accounts now or up to one and a half percent. I just transfer to budge much on that received accounts into these online savings account to get that extra 1% interest. But theoretically that's ridiculous compared to own a piece of real estate which could earn 678101215%. Depending on the deal. So today I've got to make this point you. Do it across do you. That you need to be invested in this market. Wire 2018. Is going to be better of the 2070. And every economist every one bar none that I read. Is saying the same thing. 2018 gonna be better than 2017. And you better get this. Well. Worded the cycle go. Well that's what we need to discuss. Because I have a theory about cycle expansion. That might make sense to the opening. What if we change he entire shape of the core. Is still occur. But it change. We'll discuss that more when we come back to the don't want to read show. The. 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Or go through what styles unlimited Austin dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718970. Or go to what styles unlimited Austin dot com. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas weekdays from five to seven on talk thirteen seven Michael Berisha. Thirteen seven. Now here's some more unconventional wisdom to send you. The man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time and hope clumsily. Motorbike you don't want to review showed today I'm trying to make a point. For the fact that markets although they can be cyclical. We believe that to be cyclical. I believe cycles can expand. Now what do I mean by that. What I mean is is that. If you have one dollar it only takes one dollar to be 100% return on a percent return on one dollars a dollar. So the cycle can ogle from earn you a 10% return which is ten cents. To a 20% return which is twenty cents down two weeks nothing return very easily. But what if you're earning not a dollar bridge earning 200000 dollars. You would think. That it would make sense it's a complete would be just as easy to go from you know 10% return which would be 101000 dollars and 20% return just 20000. You'd think those numbers all line. But I'm suggesting use those numbers to not a war. That the larger the number it is the harder it is to give it to move. That's a strange concept. But I believe this my whole life I've noticed that without buying real state. When I first started buying very very expensive stuff cheap stuff old style worn out stuff and I can earn 2030% return on cash flow from day one. But only paying 101000 dollars a unit for that stuff. But when you got up to where you're paying. 20000 it was twice as hard to get the income to go up. By the same percentage. When you pay thirty was three times as hard. And now we were looking used up anywhere from eighty and I've actually looked to stop myself now in the last two years from a 120. Last week a look at 1200000 dollars and door. That you think about that. How do you make that kind of percentage change. When something's 200000 also door when someone's paying 3504000. Altamont threat. How do you raise a revolutionary raise it a hundred bucks that's nothing. Percentage wise. Where would people were paying for her ultimate threat that risen to 500 that was a 25% rate increase. But a hundred on 3500 is nothing. So what I'm suggesting you is this cycle. Has scaled to the point. Where the returns have got to go down because the cost of getting in the business is so hot. Yet. At the same token. The cycle has expanded. So where would take you X number of days to get from point a to point B. And then to point C and then to point B and then to hit to end the cycle come back to point again. The that period of time has to change. It has to change almost. Directly with the size of the change coups it takes longer to make those larger changes large you know. Descend the cycle. Through which loops. Now this is just projection. This is my theory. No economists out there or spouse in this. I was bouncing it could I step back now for 27 years and had to watch every single yours my members of the best. And by real state your record year for your and every once in what every like four years ago I should that we are peaking in this market it's probably going to be over by next year. And the next trip I go you know what I think we are peaking. Last year. I decided to some rules to properties that I thought we had gone past the peak and we were on the edge of a bubble. While I was still encouraging buying. We discussed or don't we shared notes. And although I got out of historic highs. Do to get back in common have to get back into sort. So. Let's take a look at some enormously star was single family I'll work this wholesome and are not dissimilar as we don't show. We'll work this through two departments will start a single analysis. Right now first time homebuyers with 32% of all the buyers. Fair and the problem with that he has. Is that they don't build small houses and we'll be giving ship the median home right now it's 248000. Dollars. The average home is 331000. Dollars. Now let's go back to what I bought my first hole. I purchased my first rental property at 25000 dollars at the time the media and was fifty. All right let's think about this are barred it fifty cents on the media. What the median is 240. That means we can buy houses that 120. There's still be buying at the same the same discount I was buying yet. At the bottom of a recession lows we knew that absolute best time to buy when the world had exploded and things were going for fifty cents on the dollar. I was buying a fifty cents for the median price. Well guess what folks. Were still buying houses 809000000. Dollars 110120. All day long. Which is below 50% of the median price. We are killed and it. And not realizing it because those prices are higher than we've ever been willing to pay in the investment world. But not understanding that. The stock is being built as higher than it's ever cost in the history. And that people coming up to buy their homes out there first time home or looking at price is 240000. And so who are these first time homebuyers. These in the morning Eagles. 25. To 3035 years of age got the first big pay and job may be just got married or have a your relationship. Maybe the other first baby and their living with mom and dad they got to get out. But to get out they got to come up with the price. Of 250000. Dollar home. That's a big chunk of pay for. It really is. I remember when I got out my first home a ball was a Condo for 40000 box. Him. I mean 43240. Dollar notes thirty years later forty years later whatever it is but it's still massively different. So. How does that hook up with the apartment justice. But back whenever got a new apartment business of buying apartments that were old. Worn out tired. Lowering stop for 101000 dollars and door. The high end stuff the stuff I really wanted to open I could deport was like 40050000. And the median home prices back then. Or like a 100000 dollars. So could I remember I got out of single film out of because single family houses the media what to 75076. Thousands of what a tremendous housing business just get to which that's. A you can buy a house for some 6000 ultimately money with. Why would two apartments where two bodies will be able apartments for cheap and picked him up and make some money with. But if you look at and say okay. Back then we were buying apartments anywhere from for. Bottom feeding stop what god behind it 101000 door to really nice cutting edged up for 4050000 door. Their houses were only selling for 76000 door we were paying percentage wise the value of a new home. Very very close. Now days. It's not so re. We're not even that close were not even close chemicals. What we're paying for apartment doors compared to prices. Will blow your mind. Animals come back after the break and doing to ensure you help or off we are how much lower were buying apartments for. We'll single that was cost. People got to live somewhere. And it goes ballistic reports. 87771150. To a level we right back with you don't want to radio show. The war just well the past have been comebacks over the country it's coming to Texas Saturday April 14 joined thousands of top investors and expert while educators from topics like passive income target asset protection tax free income finding fixing and finding houses and apartments get your path to retirement and just one day to its wealth and passive income tax code Doctor King one on one access to hundreds of industry expert. 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Every day thousands of you or someone to your local courthouses for jury duty. By showing up for jury service you're participating in one of our most important responsibilities. As citizens. Preserving each other's right. Without you our system of justice cannot function. We enjoy many rights as Americans. And with those rights come responsibilities. So report for jury service and be a part of doing justice protects. Use those sent origination. Would you like to you what my campaign platform would be if I ran I'd like to debate Feinstein elected debate everyone in the state of California politics builds a wall featuring California and Mexico meaning join the federal government in protecting California from the invasion. Decourt aliens who are criminals. English only voting that's so simple how much concern for all pools. Well you know what. Become a part of this application weeknight eight to eleven on talk thirteen seven. Can't might be bearing the whole point of this country is a melting pot and gets the points are we can't. To decide how to garner this play. Or not. One of our parenting news weekdays at five on talk thirteen seventy. Top thirteen seventy is everywhere with the new toss out to get it now at top thirteen seventy dot com it's. Yeah. The following is obtain commercial program is an opinions expressed are those of the host their guests and not necessarily those of talk thirteen seventy or Entercom communications week. Here's some more unconventional wisdom just sets you free the men on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. No one's really. What about the don't want to rated should today I'm making the point that. The cycle. That we are living within within the rules and investor world. Has expanded. To the point where. The curbs. The link in the distance between the crude from the ups and downs. Is getting larger and longer and longer. I saw a documentary of the day from one of the economists. These docs or. Word pointed out the largest expansion. In the country. Was. I think was a 120 months. Of expansion. And we're currently yet like a 104 months of expansions would the second largest. Expansion period in the history of the country. And appoint or make in his I mean how much further can it go for almost to the large expansion ever. And Mike theory is that us. If there were fifty and sixty in seven month expansions in the somebody had a 120. Isn't there that opportunity for everything to align itself. To where there could be 13840. Months of expansion somebody had to hit the 120. Were a 104. That's a long ways away but somebody had to set that record in some set of circumstances had to set that record. So is take a look at our circumstances right now the play into me believing that the cycle has been scratched. In fact completely. In erupted in some cases. But maybe that's an overstatement let's just say stretched out to where things don't work at the speed that we believe they would work. So let's talk about it number one. I believe that the the value of the real state. Is controlled by supply demand and buying power. So what do we mean by that. We'll bring tons and tons and tons units on line. And Olsen were over supplied. Reds have to go down occupancy has to go down. And real estate values start to plummet people can't operative believed to profit. And so they have to sell they have to sell lower price because they got no financials to sell to. It's Cedric Cedric Cedric. All right so talk about a minute. And demand is how many people there are two. Read those units Soviet large supply rituals and a very large demand they can neutralize each other and the property Steve's profitable they work. If you had a higher demand and supply. Then you're going to have an increase in profit in an increase in value. Okay. And did you have buying power. How easy is it for you to barred the realistic. Outdoor in the marketplace. Well let's look at single family homes. The buying power is going down. Why is debunked or going down because the prices are getting very high and interest rates are starting to rise. So the buying power is going away. But what's happening commercial real state is that there's more and more and more money to throw it realistic to buying power is unbelievable. And interest rates are staying relatively fixed. I mean I'm looking in interest rates right now I can get a dual power to go than just already won't 3.2 seven. I can get it fixed rate of four point five. That's phenomenal. Thirty years. With a ten year Bluetooth four point five. Interest only would truly Mujica you it's like you're paying 3%. Did you stumble it could there's no. You're not paint on the principle. So the the payments are very small. This gives you tremendous amount of plotting. And the fact that there's tons of cash sitting around waiting to get into these deals usually even more buying. So as the mullah deals come out in the world changes from. You know us old folks like. To do more deals. They now have the belief that they don't necessarily one owner home. They don't like upkeep. They do little with their parents have been tenets for the first thirty years of their life now to be tenants with freedom of not living in mom and dad's house is like total freedom. Thirst for old and they want nice amenities so the can't afford about a little crappy home and a crappy neighborhood they're not gonna do that. This all leads them to demand. As more moral rule and yields are wanting to move him. To the household. Will look towards old girl household by themselves. There's more more demand for apartments. And not as much demand for houses because we can't afford to Bible tells us. They don't have the buying power to buy those expensive holes 25%. Down I don't know I think you bio rock between 5%. But you have to build a stand for the mortgage payments. You have to pay for all the maintenance repair mowing the yard all you to Mosul pulled. So it is sending demand over to the apartment industry shoulders more demand for the apartment industry. And the apartment industry is putting up more supply so what happened in 2008. When the recession yet they stop building so to nine to ten to eleven. Until about 212 did you start seeing apartments come back on and when they did there was a shortage of apartment there was a shortage of housing. For many years so what happens boom big giants when you depend moment everybody jumps and startled to. But they're building Klaas case. There's no more class B and class sees. They stopped even naming anything a class. Even if it's a piece of garbage in bad part on the call a classic they've eliminated the designation. Because everything. That you could put a human being here and is rentable in this day and age. That's a market ship folks. I mean when I got the business serves were d.s there was doubt that people shouldn't live in. And they're not even condemning it and they're going to say anything you put a body in nowadays is a C that's blue collar living wa. Tell me this market hasn't changed. Toma the curve hasn't changed a cycle hasn't changed. It's unbelievable. What else control supply and demand. How about jobs. Scott what jobs for we are right now at the lowest unemployment. Level. Since. 20304050. Years I don't know when most but it's been a long time. Less than 4% you're known as situation we were when I was growing up we was called. Under employment. In other words there's. No it over and over employment there's sole many people have jobs and so many jobs are one people. That it's a wonder we don't have inflation. Whatever they're doing the Fed is doing something that's holding down inflation. Fairly well. Because now it's gonna be driven by the fact of people who circuit higher wages. Doubt Mary that would what Donald Trump justice. This new tax law is going to change things dramatically. Companies are going to make. 25%. More money that they were paying 42%. Tax. Cut corporate level. Other paying 25. I took 50% cut taxes guys. These companies could be gushing with cash. So when there's a lack of people who work for them when they're trying to expand these wonderfully profitable businesses. They're gonna have to offer higher wages. I had my staff can be already so you know don't think we're far higher offer. Opera are we just from people you like our entry level people you know a reception as the scope what more money now because you can bloodstream. While. It's happening. So people are gonna have more money. Right so there's gonna be more money to bond with. Buying and actions are a lot. Consumer. Index is it that study how people feel about the future there all up. Everybody except the Talking Heads on TV Democrats bleed the trump is going to blow this thing apart it could become incredibly positive. For everybody. Because you don't believe in trickle down economics that's fine and acute debt but the bottom line is. When there's more money out there and there's less job orders more jobs than there are people. We just have to go up. And there you go for everybody da Matta would you white black Hispanic Chinese Indian. Wages are going up. And so you've got this perfect storm. With the economy is booming. Where we're at the point the cycle when you'd say the cycle should be shutting down there. He should be over. It's the beginning of a new peak. Because revenue trumpet. I think of the now one more thing. They've slowed down the amount of new apartment conflict is coming on line. 2018. Will bring less product on line the 2017 did yet 2018 we'll have more demand. More demand less supply. Higher rents higher occupancies. Its common folks. It's all happening right before rise economists are saying it. And their baited to leave holding their breath Cohen I can't predict what this is going to do. Because it doesn't make sense. So I don't wanna be wrong. I'm sitting here right now saying I'm willing to be long it's happened we'll take a short break back don't want to read. You're listening to the Joseph wants what radio show. Tell will be right back with more life changing principles are just a few minutes. Learn to master apartment investing on the multifamily masters too with del -- and lifestyles on limited one day only Friday April 13 right along with the country's top team work and investment professionals is important for apartment communities would be owners and operators alongside their mentors and educational. 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Texas weather can change on a dime. I wanted to get your brain. When the weather turns severe. Turned to us for what you need to know on air and online at sock thirteen sending dot com top thirteen seventy the right choice. I can now here's some more unconventional wisdom just sets you free. The man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. No one's. Well the back you don't want to radio show today I've been making the point that I believe that the size. Of the cut the cut economic sides of the scorer. Changes the wing of the cycles. And it's just natural. That as the trip the size of the numbers it's larger larger larger that the cycle. Becomes longer and longer so that hey that one time the best the longest. Economic expansion was fifty years one or fifty months. Somebody got seven months somebody got a 120 broke to reckon we're down under and four we having reached the 120 yet. And why couldn't we be 13240. Because now we're moving numbers that are sold large. The next what I wanted to make laws. Single film housing so expensive. That is driving the millennial multifamily housing. More demand. Next what I wanna make. Is that the financing availability for multifamily is over the top. Cheap money tons of it and tons of investors to invest for the capital part of the deal so there's tons of availability. For buyers to get out there be a gross investment deals next point is supply apartment complex who went from. 384000. Units last year being brought to light only three and 35000 units being brought on this one this year so there is less units being built. Now on the putting in Newport which I haven't made it and that is they're not building classy and be apartments anymore. There's none of them out there they're starting to disappear or at least the percentage of units on the market that are classy and be. Are dropping think about it you're only building class days. Eventually the percentage has to change now the theory would be. That once upon a time that class say it would just be eventually turn into class beast. But that's not happened in the wake blessings were built since 1990. In 1990. They stop building a box apartment complex and started building. The stuff with a beautiful. Amenities. Buick Open area offices just. Workout rooms incredible swimming areas dog walks and sold even prove those amenities since 1992 now. And every year of humidity get a little bit nicer but they're just a little more expensive. But the the same amenities they have not come up with any new secrets the open air refueled a classy apartment. It still round. So it's not like before the seventy destruct construction became worthless because of the aluminum wiring the flap roast in the man's arts. You know the seventies construe or eighties construction which I bought a ton of a couple of years ago the eighties construction finally had pitched rose for the first time. But they got older and nearing neighborhoods that eventually turned a downward. The classic case. Even in those downward neighborhoods are staying classy it's winners things now the other day crystal we bought a classy for 120000 to four let's think about office. If you could a limited classy apartment complex in a good part of town and this was that a good part of town. West trees there. And that's a really good part of town Lehmann and into. Economic stronghold. 420000 door with a median home price in that series 240. Thousand or better a door average price 300000. Adore. He's buying that for less than half of the median price. A hole. So he can offer that unit. Of four rent. At the same thing it howls cost and make it Johnny profit. That's what's happened folks. The apartment industry. Is falling behind. The cost of new construction. And the cost of new construction. Believe it or not is getting so high it's squeezing out its customers. So if that happens. Not only do you have the fact that the curve is flattening out because how long it is. It helped you just think about a gigantic circles if a circle was large enough. A curve is large enough it looks flat all think about being on earth. You're standing here on earth you're looking out and you're thinking that it looks flat. Landed up flat earth is round one we think it's flat because the curb its slow march the sought the circle the sole large. That the curve looks flat I'm suggesting you now. That the prices of this rules date compared to the prices in the past is so large. The crude is still there are guys. But it looks flat on the service. Finish is not gonna get their very quickly. And by the way we don't fall lawful birth even though it's round. And I don't think you're gonna fall off of your rules to investment. Even though you're sitting on occurred. This is an opportunity. Right now. To really killer. I hope you'll see that hope has been beneficial helping you see that. Now before we gorge will remind you. That I will be on location this year all over the country. I want to go to this website meet Dell dot com meet Dell dot com. If you go there you'll see all the locations on the B yet the dates are to be there and I'm going to be in your area sometime this year we're going all over the country. Portugal that website. Pick out the meaning what you wanna go to and register yourself to come see me in me be personally. I always do. Not little presentation but open. Conversation ass Dell presentation where you sit and talk to me personally. And asked many questions when asked me you're not gonna wanna miss us. Seize this opportunity. He's always gonna occur in your city once each year because I will be going all over the country. But these are little small intimate things that you can get involved in. And you're not gonna wanna missile to go to meet Dell dot com and EET. TEL. Dot com that's dealt with one L meet dealt dot com I look forward to meeting you personally. As we go through the salt. And I try to help you plan your future and investments which remember this. We're not doing this just to make a few more bucks would I do this make a little more money we're doing this to complete. Change our lifestyle. Have a wonderful day remembered not for money. It's much now. I. The radio show. It obtained the list. Join us seventy. Can't get enough. Access has joined by. I. Okay. 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