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Del Walmsley
Tuesday, June 12th
Del Walmsley Show for June 12, 2018.

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And no viewer vote. National award winning and best game of the year. CEO and founder of lifestyles not limited to no one's going. Welcome to tell walking radio show with a high bench in the help begins under host a while Julian is always working and your financial freedom with me here today. He is one of our. Southern California ambassador Jett folks what's happened lifestyles we are growing so rapidly now. That we heard needing to have people in each date. That worked to get the people together to network and to educate each other and to build local groups. And then as we build these local groups we got more and more events for them after location. And the ambassadors helped organize I hope our national team organized. A few beds because they've got on the ground. Disability what's going on so with us here today is Karen Tucker there chief from Southern California. Kevin welcome to show. I don't get it there. Appreciate you taking time to come on also appreciate you being an ambassador for lifestyles and really. Is something very beneficial now you told me earlier that there's two ambassadors in California right now or so more than two. Other correct there's. Steve Anderson and then my belt around and my husband as well and gave quite a stepping under in the spot. Well let's do this why don't you for the audience just sort of lay out some of the style that is an ambassador. You've been doing and how you're helping other people get together for a bench and look at events that you put on. Sure well Steve Anderson and I recently. Write books or Easter we organized an all member blood all get together and Temecula California. And we had. That's a bird and Burton to at all level content and Steve and Andrew went oh burst some of their cap and investment. I'm about luncheon and we were able to all get together and network. And that was great and we plan on doing those all member level get together or lunch and every quarter. And then for a how that investors are for our investor group the pig we college. We get together every six weeks in Korea which is the Orange County. And we try to kick a centrally located area which is Korea because we had such a huge area. Members you know to cover and so everybody traveling along the we have all the and but I don't. Orange county and Eric any camera Nocioni and so we try to make it convenient for everybody. It's only one air yet and not on the well I think like you are are there. Well it's interesting to me it always has been since I started. Broadcasting out in California. Maybe you can help me with this. It's not a question they're prepared for some that. Give to you ledge 2% and that is. I was always surprised that we had such a super high response rate from California. Which is a state that. I believed to be liberal infect politically tends to vote liberals it's as a as a whole. But. The thought process is who were teaching there are very conservative a glut on your own and make your own success don't wait for the government to give it to you. You don't learn and earn income that's non taxable which is definitely. You know not a democratic. Led to organize guilty long. So how how is that there's so many people and in my just getting it wrong. Or are we fighting those people that are there. In California there really closet. Conservatives. But the state and however that a lot here and I think router you're conservative or liberal but what they're aging is the truth. And I think that people can't see through that what did you know doesn't matter which side you're on. I think everybody. Ultra there and wave than a legacy. The income no matter who you are. I kept waiting what you're teaching is more on the conservative side and you're here finding a conservative. But hopefully all that finding you know political out here as well two should join and because. Again what you're changing a bit. And we can be high and ever. Again. Nell I don't know if you can hear me but you are breaking up on your side of the show. I assume you're on a cell phone do you have a landline. I do our. Yeah I can hear you to break up code in and out of sorts it's difficult all right let's talk about your debt that you guys got. Coming up here in a June you've got to. A big one day event there will bring in a bunch of people want to tell nobody about that have been. Sure that would be great that we have a workshop scheduled for June 30 at which it was Saturday. And it's an an iron and it starts at twelve noon about 4 PM. And you and I'm registered for that online. The URL is retired and the number five years for a blood stock on. Anybody like you I'm pretty sure about. And we're going to be iron you're speaking to the adapters are going to be there and other members are gonna be there. We're gonna go Kurt angle alien that didn't locate family value plays. How investors in and a little on how to use blood bridge is going to be a great day. Let's get their website to get retire here in the number five. Years. So what was. Or yeah like years or Web.Com. Or less focuses more to Orleans always dogs interest and they write these things. It's its walkman. Which is hard for people pick up over the radio show but OK yeah so what you do retire in the number five years or less. Dot com. And you're good to go there and get the information on that show and also registered forty people like to also on that website goes I looked it up. It's got events or not only in Anaheim got him terrible Florida's saint Louis Missouri. Seattle Washington. So overall global lose the country guys and if you go there you can register for whatever location fits you best you can guiding California. But California waters June 30 so we look forward to you go to and register for that now. You say they're going to be doing case studies. And do you have any idea how many cases in just one Malta bend one single family or do you have any idea on that. Not quite sure on that I think Albert and go over a couple you know different angle and wait yeah investment. Probably ideas their studies and then also go over the multifamily value plays. I'm not sure how many you can go over. All right now is there any feed to come to this meeting that they have of people listeners to this one just. Open invitation. That's all that open in the old war. Great well there go pokes big free workshops something most times election open to something for free. And these are always great I've got a logo to remember tell argue opportunity to go to Wendy's. Because there's new people you get to meet fuel people don't people get to meet new people the networking just phenomenal CW what we can to get out there get to this. Preventive possible. Again I'm gonna do one more time it will burn that bridge you're that is the website is to retire in five and numeral five years or less. Dot com retire in five years or less dot com if you wanna register for this event now loan. Karen has been a member and is an investor Indy 300 plus unit apartment complex. And has been doing real state for a while. With different varying approaches and interest to a so we're gonna wanna get her story when we come back from the break. And go in depth a little bit more about what she has gone. And then. From there we can going to what are their stories she'd like to share with news of the the group as it's starting to build up in California. Let's give her on first though so again one more time for a go to break. We're gonna go to retire in the numeral five years or less. Retire in five years or less dot com. We're talking about June 30 in Anaheim California starts at twelve noon. Kansas fourth in the afternoon. I like to see that there will be right back with the Karen Tucker and don't want to radio show. You're listening to their Joseph wants the radio show. Dell will be right back with more life changing principles and just a few minutes. Lifestyles unlimited is the real estate investor education and mentoring group that has been taking people by the hand in teaching them how to invest in real estate for over 25 years our students have been so successful at creating wealth and passive income the people on local state and national investor the year awards. Ten of the last ten years it's easy to see what the real time magazine named us the best in the US. 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Each month and finally the tax advantage when done correctly real estate investors pay no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains at play styles unlimited these are the five ways we'd make when you real estate which is why real estate accounts for more millionaires in the world today than any other investment vehicle and you should have some real estate in your portfolio. To learn how to attend a lifestyles unlimited free workshop. Call 8669718970. Or go through what style unlimited Alston dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718970. Or go to what styles unlimited Austin dot com. Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the on the top thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away at talk thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back now here's some more unconventional wisdom. Just set you free from the man on a mission to retire America one person at a time. No one's really. Welcome back you know wildly radio show with maturities Karen Tucker from Southern California. Karen one of our ambassadors out there and she's got two events coming up in the future but we're gonna go and take the sick when you get to know her a little bit. Carol once you show this win in your life. Did you first realize you had entrepreneurial spirit what was it that. I I think it would growing up my dad owned a heavy equipment that. And I'll we saw him working real. I'm sorry could out there working what. Well below is that it. Hello. Yellow book she presented. Can hear me okay. Greg can keep drives. And I tell my ink are in. The growing up and my god it came it's called it and I always thought I want it is always hit that step then and only looking at my own. And Eli Obama. So you you've got that fight or you were bitten by the bug early on your lifeguard and the ideal how old two were with a sort of happy what was your first thought dual experiences. Lemonade stand selling Girl Scout Cookies what did you do to start up. Black aren't selling product online at Amazon. So I led doorstep or. They'll go on Amazon and that took a lot of work. A different computer a lot. Many hours actually and they would rewarding. That would do well however I just wasn't for me because I really like. You know talking to people engaging with people. And problem solving and and different things than I enjoy that I knew there was a different business turning out there. How old were you that come. That was when the Dow. I was doing at thirty I think when I get that. I got married and I got married between one. And and we are having children. Or earlier doctor. And we have four children now so I did that bargains are applied early you know twentieth and end thirties and then. I'm after the children you know we're we're a life. The bullet and doing different things I consult a little up and I started getting into. You know a bit for myself. What kind of business did you choose to start with. And I guarded beyond that they're going out different Idaho get four on him. Protection so wicked do you get. Interested in real stated the first times I know you were interested in it. Promote quote from your resume before you came to life styles what caught your interest at that how would you expose yourself. Cracked yet so I'm my husband has its Bill Gates. A traitor quite and so you've been into real estate they are not daily that said that he'd been an important many years and no. I've always been familiar with real estate and that we had went back and forth we'll talk about me getting my adult life so. And though about by years ago when at an angle they lighten. And I've really enjoyed that aspect of it and I I would kind of familiar with the already because they're the kind of daily business that. I'm I was part of the well. So you started out selling real closely what. Interest in view and gain in May be buying some yourself did you buy any rental properties or just personal residences. After we got married you're out we got married we bought our burst out primary personal residence. And that was picker upper so we bought that six. And then opened several years later and we need you know creates creep in on top of that as though we've done that several I'm. So we know that the opportunity for well it in real estate we mean not just our personal residences. So does that help you as a real estate investor that your husband's an appraiser of certain core lesion there. Like yeah I don't believe there are huge part of that and he's good clip in value relocation. And that the huge part of that so we will try to I mean you know I he's got an area that he'd like an outline. And how did you guys. Fall into lifestyles and secure about us. Well your I got my real estate like and I learned that dollar will stay at the job. So I was doing open houses and on weekend collected and in the Elaine. And I started thinking during a transaction that I would like to be on the other side transaction I'd like to be on the investors site. And I remember bringing that up and I'm my op at one day and the conversation didn't really go anywhere. And I don't know bit. Hello and cut out those again. Come back to us Karen. There. Look folks would like we luster caller. We'll see if she can get back online here where this two we get doubled to go back over the seven year the event coming up here in Anaheim California June 30. Is gonna have a case studies we have people get up and tell their stories about deals to Doug. We're gonna have networking we're due to meet all the members out there and network with the members. We're gonna have strategy meetings we actually have some all member readings. And some open media so you open mean to be available to you but we have for the members. Strategy meetings and we have some of our. Opera and mentors coming in to be able to talk with them and do some on site training there also seems like going on going to be a big event it's June 30 in Anaheim California from twelve to four. And you're not good wanna miss this event because. Just the opportunity you know a show this week. The reason why would you case studies and tied them to information on free workshops. Is that. You've probably lose the show for a long time and say. We have I don't know it's real. Yeah I don't know I can do it a case study. In a short and networking event. Covers all those questions first won't come meet the people that are doing it and that is. You know in itself says while it's real these guys are really doing it and number two. You meet the guy. That are doing and you go. Wow they're just like me. And you see those two things. In something starts to changing news. Because before you can achieve you must believe. You can dream but dreaming. Is just a blueprint. For a goal. There hasn't and won't be accomplished until you start to achieve it so to believe it allows you start to achieve that. And then when you would cheat that you believe it even more becomes a cycle you follow. The little successes. Soldiers strength lead to the larger successes. That somewhere along the way you get to that point where. It's just simple to understand it you've accomplished become accomplished edit. And you can forever that point know that it's going to be taking care you the rest your life. There's no need to work until you're 65775. Years of age. Most people who join lifestyles retire. Between two. To five years. And that's what's gonna wanna do it took a short break we're right back. They'll want to reduce yeah. You're listening to their Joseph wants what radio show. Dell will be right back with more life changing principles and just a few minutes. Get total freedom in your life safely and quickly build wealth and passive income so you never worry about working until you drop losing your job or retiring in property. Over 25 years ago cell Wall Street bounded lifestyles a limited Dell has fought over a 100000 people just like continue to principles of financial freedom through his national radio shows and personal one on one match point and lifestyle element of it. I'm excited to tell you about the real state workshop that has changed so many lives this workshop takes you inside what do you in what we believe. We'll share with you the five ways we make money in real estate and much more just like your personal trainer the lifestyles a limited field motivate and encourage it. 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It can't be worse than another meeting about meetings or another mindless night in front of the TV go to lifestyles on limited Austin dot com. That's lifestyles unlimited Austin dot. Again and stay up today all day long in the car on my way to work heading home listening online keeps you in touch will you work at top thirteen 78 dot com get a rain no top thirteen seventy anywhere kind of their rights away. I. I can now here's a more unconventional wisdom just sets you free from the man on a mission to retire America one person at a time. No one slowing. We'll go back you don't want to radio show with me here today is Karen Tucker from Southern California and before we got cut off pure. Through some electronics problems we we're talking with her about. How she and her husband fell last a little limited. Cameron one to pick it up from there. So so we had bowed. Been in real estate you don't need papers title I would selling residential real estate and. We both wanted it beyond the investors' side of things and so. I've been researching. Different things online and what they would choose your iPod out and then. Tiger I ask on there and started listening to it. And we'll get a couple weeks and I told Dan like hey you got a little older guy. And cellular we'll hear loud and we both really enjoyed your staying and completely believe in the concept but each each. And so. From there you know we called and I got to do that today we did that all. And really enjoyed that that you gain hearing about that and then and now the bad. Believe we get done didn't sit there is no hesitation or leave it just became members right after. A 2% so you took the two day. Over the Internet that's. That's interesting how did undefeated did you ever get to take it. Live after that or not. We did yeah and February we were an. We went and any Dell up in arms bring out there and then about Brian you know and outfits today out there. And it was great and we thought our kids out there are for it seemed that. And that we wanted them to deal is that there an analyst good and it would bring it to go over that as a Italy. We really going to online as well it was great and it it would hurt OK. And I remember as you're going for it online you know we were getting are watching it. And we would sit there and I was a while back or any other because. Would like that the information we've been waiting this year and so we were it where I cable were hearing. Well that's your fishing you don't just turn me off. Back. At. This seductive for now this story so that's pretty good alone. What did you get out of alive one. Differently. Than me on 11 or vice Versa I'm just curious for people who might only one Dubya on him. To see what the differences. Oh yeah online like it better and I can we could do it other on a like we act I from the cigarette school you know we'll watch it then so it's a little bit easier. I'm making a schedule of you know our LP field what's that all. But also. To do it can't hurt and there's not inaccurate late. You know being their life. Networking with other people. That's just irreplaceable I think I think doing it both ways it's pretty amazing if you can do both. Both Lleyton is really great. I ain't going get a good job teaching at you know he went over exactly how to ride here looking indicating they look annaly you know exactly how to find that. That was great deal back in B got on line. And I would definitely recommend. You know either way our vote. He had done and people to both before and said that it was it was more interest staying when it was alive just because. You participate in the feeling in the room which is leads me to the next question for you as you can stand took it. The training. What were the biggest of Tiffany's an obvious people pick your fingers and rules state. What little white ball it's a wall that's the stuff we were needing boom we're missing their. Google well returned actually online and I remember you talking about one that early on and premiere that was huge because our mind set. A growing up. You know look at the art that will that we have one line that we're anything you buy outs to pay it off that type of thing and and the wind I think it important to get it you want to learn something different. Dial I would really appreciate you taking my bet on. It'll in the online course. And then. Also how you go over. Notes you calculate the happening. Or hear your return on network I should say and so our return on network pretty pretty well. And insignificant actually and so should be able to look at in stake we got silly. Need to get up the income for our panel in a kind of like actually turning point I mean defining point in our life the note it. What that is and what it needs to be at the big different there so we we needed to start doing something. To get out there in I. Via voice inflection that I am hearing sounds like both you and Dan were both excited about it. As opposed to one of you dragging the other one to the water trough like it's many time we get both end of this whole. Approach. Completely yet we're both completely on board with the other don't hesitate Cheryl brown either one about. I you know I turned down onto the ship are out and it was a bite you you know he's a toll on board with that and it and a like step by step. We were in agreement but in Iowa. Now on let's talk about the end of the two days. The first time you took it. What did you India and come to conclusion though that you wanted to do how read an actual license and take approached tick and what approach we're gonna take to. Can start. That would be cute and bad. Pass the plate and multifamily. You know we pretty darn thing apparently had I think the and we don't spoke very California. And we're ready we are investing patently true. You. To get out that income op can. To get our network still got so. In other words we're looking more like value plays. And the multifamily. Increase our network to really get that happening around pulling out to invest in more. We you picked a large would start with the accomplish unit apartment so. Where's that located and how did you get it get into that deal. Now Owen is located in and hung out. And I got that one I. You know emailing believed and got on hit distribution list. And he then took out a webinar and Dan and I watched it together and again that was of value play in the exactly what we're looking forward that we are you defined. What are alienated. Burst that they guilt I. And believe that what we were looking for and it was great because. I had you know not at the webinar you know the lead and we'll let you know that we're interested in about being and you know back I'm not sure how many spots you know for newcomers. And and and not about me out for volunteers to dependability. And again that little Antonio or how born yet and you know back you know I feel I'm in deep visibility. But what you know I get a point that there will you know if I think he got worked a lot to kids. Oh email write back and they just let the admit that you learn to stop spot. Indian rule in the deal and I would get it for Jack and you take you know you don't have to count that as you know at the heart. And I don't know like I would really like it can't and it steering bats so anyway and able to get a couple of our work is hoping that your kid. And I headed out at an attorney out or couple days and did inability you unit. And it got old man. It was a great experience like every day again. And it's a great story like. It's will be that is some commitment that's that's unbelievable. So. Were you surprised. What she started getting to live events. How open people were about the personal financial situation indoor. Our businesses and our apartments and how we operate do we surprise of people would give weed out which information. Noise that they huge stock you know four per or because people are. Oh and it gives you can't learn. And you know our spirit here and in Southern California everybody that are open. And helpful and welcoming and innovation sustaining when police first joint either understand. You reach out to us right away and welcome. And it's so refreshing and that kind of unheard up especially that will say that it's like bill that. You know the thing they're pretty bright red and competitive and that it is not like that it all everybody is here to help and everybody shares. And contribute and and it's just it just a great stealing. Yeah you know we call letter or consulate coin that the abundance mentality that we tried to. Permeate the group with that hey there's an opera all those guys you know just all work together and get something done right so let's go to me batting so. We're gonna go to break here given the minute solo record hitting it that website out there Q and are well. Karen's got this that we've gotten that come up and and I'm California June 30 one day event. It's got case studies networking. Strategy meetings mentors and educators there it starts at twelve to four it is free. If you can find this website. And give you which is a retired. Yeah and barred the numbered years or less retire in five here's a list dot com. We'll be right back Karen and you don't want to radio show. You're listening to their Joseph wants with a great deal. Dell will be right back with more life changing principles and just a few minutes. 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Hi this is Gordon Deal join me weekdays 4 this morning America's first news to hear the stories you'll be talking about and searching for all day as we go beyond the headlines and above the chatter weekdays at five on talk thirteen seventy. Thirteen seventy. Now here's a more unconventional wisdom just set you free. The men on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. No one's going. I love about you don't want to radio show with me here today is Karen Tucker from Southern California should Lamar ambassadors out there. And we run on the show today to highlight her story and also to highlight the fact we've got an event coming up in Anaheim California on June 30. It's going to be from 4 o'clock untoward from twelve noon to four. Pia and we're going to have case studies networking. Strategy meetings mentors and educator programs and done I think Kara and also has. Set up some other types of things for some of the regular members as they've got always freeze opened to the public. And just can be great event pretty. Stick your toe in the water you need to listen to the shall prolonged time Dow's time to stick your toe in the water. Commit let's go to the next level here in his conversation riches. What are your plans four year old investing here in the future. Oh. Plans are due to get more are not worth noting create our network will provide value play. On and get more out there and count and I hit it to get out Rowland and and then I would like to start by independent rental owner courses I would like to do that. And also. When the children get a bit older I don't like to be a lead. And I've done Miley interpretation on line or your training. So I'm ready. I going to be a couple of years without probably but actually like to I'd be independently owners so. I'm an attack absolutely after the summer Okur. Excellent excellent and you did bring up my next question actually your children. Have you and your husband changed your belief system. A ball the way the world works financially. And up to one and share that or change the way your children see it. I'd definitely you know we definitely out and you know we just started out by chicken and you've achieved aimed at. Introducing at children and eat well and we've got into but 309 unit built in and Ernie are. I would overt that deal with the kid and when we get different champion and you know all that kid down and anger true. Definitely think it elite event if you. And I want to be a part of that every step of the way. And that summer I would like to go through that single family I did think of what the children online. So all that single elite or I went on it in the kids through that. And then they get into the summer and they'd like to lick it up kerchief howl of a single daily rental maybe intact then. And they would do little processors they would go to all the course there's. They would find out out to purchase warrant and how it shall we say it did manage it. And actually be bears and they could go on from there. Where that would be nice if you could get back completed its ruling giving your children a and see heads up of future a leg up on society to know that type information that will teach a lot of the finances in school. Would what ages are your children. Are their ages are 171812. And not. Wow. Can spread him out there. For a are there different ages. Interceded different levels featured. And to your typical way this could that be a good and is is they're different responses from different age children front figure out at what age children receptive to this type of training. I think all the kids are interested because I think that's kind of how. We've got to like raid that could be I'm searching for a different thing I'd rather not talk that the kind of financial. On education and all but we're trying to think it's kind of eked out out on in life and everything they do and so. They're only interested in it and I see no builder ones as I can get in your next here and to. So for her I really like her to be able to comprehend the table and really grab that the bush relieved. And than the younger lion and he's he's only nine. The plane hit went all the kids are there it's kind of like that group mentality you want to be learning all about. Now he's gonna go pick up on everything but you can't hear that question and then from the other kids. Do you you know the link wage and kick return but I like him to be used to hearing and soaking go to our look back. There won't be so uncommon you know I get older. Yeah that's. That's a which have done that with my daughter I didn't get to start my daughter told. Think sixteen or seventeen she started paying attention. Yeah wasn't really interest group or that or maybe it's sort of an interest in teaching her I didn't think you'd be ready. But it's only go up more people are bringing the children at a much earlier reached in the settlement or from seeing kids in there 89 years olds now. And compared to book take this seminar and take it to PG like eight at its own. He's right yeah yeah yeah yeah and for our meeting in Southern California here that we that we need. Pat under a couple children back content so we bring art call your old and there's another number that bring her daughter aren't as well and so. I'm we talked about it among the members about it would be nice to bring their children so they. It'd be seeing what that that the cable and cheering the conversation and we're just getting them started early I think that's really important a lot of us. Excellent. Well one more time to get up the bigger picture for showing up for the show Karen with skip this website to them if you wanna come to this event in Anaheim California need to go to. Retire here and the numeral five. Years or less dot com that's retire in five years or less dot com. All it is a free event just need to register while wall my mirror you'll also see events in Tampa Florida on July 7 street Louis July 28. Seattle on the state team. Remember always to not the market. It's the life he. I. The radio show. Can obtain the rest. Enjoy those seventy. Can't get enough. I. 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