Del Walmsley, 8/17

Del Walmsley
Friday, August 17th
Del Walmsley, for August 17.

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Welcome the don't want to radio show with a heart Benson helped begins on their hosts don't want to there's always working on your financial freedom today with the other guest. It's interesting because he's completely retired off passive income while we haven't heard that room except ten or twenty times last couple weeks right. But it's a good thing because we'd like to see more and more people find a way. To not only. Retire financially have. The ability to replace their income earned income but also the ability to do enjoy some of that retirement and set up a legacy for the families who witnessed today. As an individual that has. Don't open the old including became. One of our ambassadors for what filtered views and mr. Joseph Mayo Jim welcome to the show. Thank you del. I appreciate the opportunity to be here. Let's set the Euro was set up the show right here with a little bit of background on yourself. Would start with your career thirty years in banking. Now what they think tank but yet thirty years and career the last one day at the level. India tech and operations side and then some credit background if I had a pretty good background and his financial services sector. I had moved around in my career the last stop was in northern New Jersey. A large Canadian bank came out and acquire the franchise that was where. My beautiful parachute open. I returned to Houston for the most untrue cities that I apparently it didn't pan. That experience allowed me to go forward with. The challenges of creating. Revenue streams is gonna look that for myself. After my bank in there. So we knew up first. Got to parachute and you get out which is always a great deal don't touch that somebody pay you to leave it stopped working one track. Well would that occurred. What your thoughts did you did you already have in mind what you will you really go what would you do or did you just start looking at that point. When I returned is that well Michael. Decision maker of the comeback is the there hasn't put a liking to respect that I don't think I exiles but that is starting a fresher by the use that term. I knew I wanted to use and leverage my financial background why. Chose to opportunities as I saw them. One of them late 08 upon returning to Houston that was trading. Understanding and learning how to trade options. But at a court order that could work with and then my interest which have always had a real estate. And through that dynamic. I continued to network in Houston. Came across. Hey I networking opportunity. On a Tuesday I remembered. Like yesterday there was a representative from west doesn't look at it just let his name and it's actually still there. He told me about. The organization. Give me a great perspective on yourself. And I attended. Case study. And then I chilling lifestyles and who literally 2000. My goal has always been unstructured environments where I could gain an education I was gonna agree etiquette but could recreate. Who Jim analysts. Using the count but I was provided. So that I could either. Look at real estate in creating revenue streams real estate now knowing whether it be ten of them market to what had. I mean that was an opportunity. I also know that the industry back in 09. Was the housing market was without conditions. Who's stamp on the economy. And then on the other side the options I took classes for six months. And started trading in early January or not. So I had basically said I'm going back to school either through. But I'll endure through my pursuit where the but the option. To create revenue streams which started materialized. In early 2000. Now what interest me on this fume. Is that my guess would have been reading from the outside. Looking into your personal financial situation that. You know coming from conventional finances. Financing rule you know the bankers and financial planners all these guys. I would found it hard for you. To sound as positive as you sound. About the two choices you make ice I hear almost no. Skepticism. In the totality of your decision to go out there and do something where's I would applaud baker. Skepticism right this is into traditional waited to retire so how did you come to that conclusion that as good a banker. To not have the skepticism of the two things really which are the two things to like most bankable karma thing. You know. There's still asking if it isn't there so handle it and normal skepticism and a baker. I'm a conservative so it worked in and regulated in our industry. But I always had but in the united adore that burning desire it and bank you know with the intro irons and over our head NL I outside their. Metre XP might it out there now but from a profit standpoint. When I came back it Houston and I had the resources to make a life change. I elected to really look hard and say OK let Erica thanks intern and I looked at used. In my personal life leverage up take your talent and then have enough confidence and make the transition. What does he need not really but I was committed to change. So for that 69 month almost twelve month period where I was educating myself. And I believe it invest in yourself up by. Whether there's an option route and I went oh five well. So when you implicitly invest in yourself. You're creating that dynamic. For generating they're looking at bat an income. And I want and augment clarity had in my personal in my private side and then have that. Become a edit it to what I was still. So I just decided. To make it changes. And it was a metamorphosis that I went through and as I became more experience. And realistic became much scoring average. I realized that. My first stop was just you know choir of civil settlement and they had to settle family mogul was or wanted to pick myself I realize that. Pop it M of which kept the directional it and again after hearing. The two day seminar and then attending enjoying lifestyle. Attending classes. This into the videos network in what individuals. I love bellow on and Oates. That is in the ballpark so what America's all about as individuals get an opportunity. To their election. So. Interestingly enough fuel already used interval through the questions I was gonna ask you it took a good kick you back in fifth and quicker and courtroom a little slower. The first question beyond. When you first came in you have this base understand what you wanted to do. Then you went to the two day. And the question always like to ask people is was there an aha moment forty Jim wasn't that like ball boy you know what I really thought what did you just been our rule receive do. What analysts had. When I went through a settle at it uniquely. They have an aunt and I've watched over San Antonio. And I can't attend the first day of the first class what that's what our cricket and the fact that it was a normally. Your presentations from all establishments first the center of Stanley one day one month. And it caught. The market and the next month and that aha moment and that was that gosh. Leopard that I see with an appreciation values and the amount of hands free investing. Which multifamily is the way I wanna go for my realistic sit. And went back expand that and I had bet if you called yeah I moment there was a clear path I understood. Enough financial background to understand and now the part when the market deals and the tools that are that are used for finance so I have some of their background which made it easier. But I talked to prospective athletes or people that work. Believed to let you know we're gonna have to go take a break there will be right back with the don't want to live radio show. You're listening to the Joseph wants radiation. 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Or go to what style of limited Austin dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718970. Or go to what styles unlimited Austin dot com. Thirteen seventy. Welcome back now here's some more unconventional wisdom to set you free from the men on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. No one's going. What about the don't want to radio show we're Peter today's your Mayo Jim is a multifamily investor. Who is that I am it looks like seventeen deals through your. Of them have sold the seventeen apartment complexes. And done that with five different leads would get quite the spread out reporter there. And we're talking about when to break. His epiphany the mall but barely seem to have more leverage and more upside availability Jim share with us what about the mall black and we attract more. The the ability to. He can't treatment investment standpoint as opposed those women were told the senate used the term drug like on the and apparently. Andrea. The leopard with appreciation. The opportunities that are ordered would be financial tools to refinance. Don't have cash flow. There are opportunities to pick up running and only investor has been my philosophy in my belief in the biblical example. Now that's an interesting question on my side I'm interest today askew and that is as a banker. We're. Do you realize that's what we. Did that the way we worked our business was to blog make our business worth more than pulled money out and have none or money in the deal we knew where it mattered. Susan good bankers or try to keep just keep skin in the game. Well I expect I have a friend and lenders. And so I talked him about the models that I that I witnessed within lifestyle. And the fact if you could earn your way out of what you got it cents brew good management. And say that corporate and reinvestment or do whatever the market analyst. On my goal is to continue to be aggressive could possibly. So it wasn't whatever whatever it was but I had that I had the understanding their besides or part of an active when you talked about. Multifamily finance in a commercial financing muscle or like industry could get a kick from my bank to go to court. Yet it's. It's upping their elected reels people many years probably about it and just a guess the first ten of the thirty years I've done. It was never my thought to to refinance something I learned that from a banker actually you know somebody who worked for. Arthur Andersen and after we figured that now I mean it was almost like yeah. The beginning of the new general forceful. I just changes everything to keep drinker no doubt. So you can of the two day you'd I'm assuming you knew you wanted to be passive or was that a decision had to make also. I always wanted to be passive investor. My Bateman lined up a great career but did not want to have the GOP again. I wanted to create credit history. Of what was it trading or through our investing in real estate. But the prospect that is so distributions and door and trade values and ahead. So that was the that mindset that I had cold yet I was up what in what would it. Apply myself but also look for. Onlookers have. My own time. As opposed. 6:6 AM at 6 PM if I was lucky. It's been so excited and I think incurred. So coming out of the other two do did you do you road trips before you started by. You know give them afterwards. After Tokyo reports of luck to you a cup I talked to people. Or in the case study. That experience and they tell me what to expect this or aside I myself and a newly. Equipped understand. And I had that benefit and that right to join the opposite is no reason. It's that you either commit or you don't sit on offense and maybe talk about. It is personality and the personalities and the Obama conservative but as you can't. We have to make the decision. To invest in his opening and then have the opportunity to do that that's what ourselves has been able to report. Now I've got two questions it to go to the orders on just pick one throw their team or score should be. Were you surprised. As a business person. The openness. All of the members of watchdog what they're willing to share with each other's is forced their own personal finances in the business. Processes and so forth. That's just that's open in corporate America people out from companies companies sharing the we are surprised of people that opened. I absolutely remember came Ottawa. Very. A private. Industry called bank. Beckett and didn't know we talk amongst themselves but that that he'll share with other bankers go through it. Other other sources and I that everyone I spoke to. And lifestyles is very opens the how much they've put in what they believe they should be able to realize what got my purple or what anybody else. And the willingness to share which made decision making a lot easier because it'll have been estimated citizen vs. There in the buzz in our own creations in the strip. We first started deciding to buy your first property. What do people more weight off. The lead investor. Or the quality. Or style of the deal. It's just in question. And did a little background might hurt the notre. As a pastor. Was with a gentleman who was it when you want me to believe. It is then it's personal. I also walked in and interactive in my bank in life would I open doors slammed into the mindset of what and I don't know look. I wasn't sure what all. The the a weapon of investing in what an apartment could could be. Up when I went out with curtains and we saw. Ultimately of course investment Barcelona. Apartment. I enjoy it and looking at this FedEx the EPO that they had on the cash flow outlook potential. And one. Except there's error occurred as we get them all this background has as an up and or just over business. At a financial backgrounds than content and it is one great humble. Individual. Has said that the kind of individual I want on the best way that they've got those go that's. The property is going to be my main. Qualifier much as well as you know confident that this individual compared to four and manage it manage it well. And Curtis has all that there's no doubt about that. As you look in that situation. Choruses. Well I'm. Determining factor. If you ask him when he was being the lead was location. So when we come back we'll talk about the location of Barcelona and the other project you pick the proximity would take a break now. But approximate you're abroad and are you see. Location. Being important in your choices besides. The decision which leads you've won and that's with. A political question our numbers 8777115211. We'll be right back with pure male. And they don't want to radio show. It's. It. Up. You're listening to their Joseph wants what radio show. Dell will be right back with more life changing principles are just a few minutes. Get total freedom in your life safely and quickly. Field will then pass it in from should never worry about working until you drop losing your job for retirees improper. Over 48 years ago Dell won't sleep on their lifestyles on limited. Dell has taught over a 100000 people just like you the principles of financial freedom lives national radio shows and personal one on one man born and lifestyles on limited. I'm excited to tell you about the real state workshop that has changed so many lives. This workshop takes you inside what we do and what we believe we'll share would you go five weeks we make money in real estate and what's more. Just like your personal trainer the lifestyles are limited to motivate and encourage and teach him. 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It's just two hours. It can't be worse than another meeting about meetings or another mine was right in front of the TV go to. You lifestyles on limited Austin dot com that's lifestyles on limited Austin da. Welcome back now here's some more unconventional wisdom to us that you. The man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time so once. Quarterback you don't want to radio show we're here today is your mail and Jim is one of our ambassadors here in Houston. Relaxed us a limited meaning dad keys in them. Position that he's already retired himself and he used in the give back mode. Helping other people out where we can't. To direct them to help him get involved in the stuff that they need to get involved and to give their retirement plans put together also so Jim as we went to break a wanted to ask you. A question about. The league's. And the locations. We talk but Curtis liking classy locations liking. That Barcelona Buick right there on Westheimer and you've really loved football at that location. Upper class B flaws tepee locations. Did he convince you that is location important you. Absolutely but that in the nick did means it means a lesson that the galleria at. Area is where are all and where criticism interest. Were at the onset. And being in the gallery of sub market is like a pretty good bet that it short and it's pretty good thing. And it as a back again no it was a very attractive. Area to. Affect. Evidence that with the apartment. But I have a balance between. But the need is. An allocation. They beat the experience with. Have experience where a ball good judgment as to of the locations are so it's not. Driven by all of the investment but I and then a look at areas. And they understand their areas that I pretty diverse in the patient. So. Do you think that the you've just written statement emote just Parse out a little bigger kicker that was a statement. Never heard reports so. It was that. I picked could lead because they picked good locations through that leads that I picked have good judgment and they do pick good locations. So you're not in any low end locations at all it would and you Bure leads to I don't know Europe with Doug ruled by bleeds our. So do you have anything it's classy prospectors everything class. B Horry. I have worn class C it was walker I think at. That was I think I went there investment within. Minutes early to be spot on and I use that term. Again I look at my criteria for investing it would be. A one status for another. I have. One and people look at what this city and it was the only valued play but it wouldn't it. We got an Astro but I thought at that balance. Of BP minus. So. I. Have. It is my values that are isolated incident and who were quick what's their what's the deal well I haven't gotten war zones. Haven't thought. Whatever. I don't have a comfort. No. Let's talk about the fact it. The leads are now going all over the country there are leads all over the country but the passive or following leads all over the country. Did you deals all over the place has got them off and got his deals out East Coast now. A did you get many of his stuff out there that. East Coast up. Yes yes because I have until it I have I have confidence that he now night. What you or expanding. The scope of what about it is now cause me to back up what am I think. Bottom line. Before I wanted to see where the properties or wanted to understand our. Or have a belief system that says if you follow. That they'll model there and you have. Experience that I'm comfortable with. Even at if it's not next door in that idea but in my latest in. Order. It's going to work. And I've gained that comfort. Though as I have experience. Let's. Membership. Has continually had changed as well as well it's changed experiment and. Kerik so we believe diversification of legions who even diversification locations. That that put in a pretty. Pretty solidly diversified portfolio. Four connect to deal to take it you've had three apartments that had been purchased that have been sold since. You're purchaser. Tory at number sixteen. It is sad to more. But I don't you do I'm insensitive mention it yeah so. I have sixteen and I don't want the closest we've come but wouldn't hurt to have a good news you're pretty sure it's closed this week. And I can't really deal that was well. So I've said it brief sides from the port of my portfolio. Which I took. And reinvested in. A good deal. But consider religious we invested. More coming out. In a larger chunks I used to distributions. For the ad and I now until a couple of stuff. I haven't in the last. Seven years that would help them and only daughter with some of the challenges and achieved that with the eye of the Iowa so. And there are all over the city. All of the all of this but this is the cup the two a piece of. He double those of sky can I should have figured out that you get in those. Got it got get a group of print your. When you. When you have a carpet horrible it was. I hooked I watch like there were activities generation we're constantly. There with a Trace stones and iron grosses but every Jacobs discuss any when I children and those those with the means. And then there'll ever be. Curtis saying. Got a mass films but what part illnesses. With Kim claims that was like the next generation. And how there's another generation there's a coalition because as the should sit. Shannon bears C. Allen. Got to pay and that is that there. So I'd watch the evolution there if you are buying the road trips to limit some of my road trips them which station road trips. You expand your horizons. Go to all the road trips in an interview. Although respectively or that we. And keep up with band so I understand who they are that I can make my judgments as to who were like oh I've got. Different generations and use that term could it to me that. Generations of movie that I that I have. Invested with. But the common. Is at all. All of the lifestyle. Practices. And then continued to support each other. And give back and I vote giving back that's when I am in my life it is backed. That's an interesting point you make it's a nerve root. Expressed it that way that generational. Yes of the groups people who come in. But it's true because if you look at some of these the original generation you were naming all those people already made their money. And they're gone and her retired. And there are you gotta you gotta keep going to the next generation. If you wanna keep increasing your investments because. These guys cutesy issues they get out there and it may do no money to tyrant. And boom you're right you're Mubarak to go and it took. There independent owners and that's what they have this is an independent state is being here are rewarded their. There are investors. And they just about an almost certain there disciples. And you look at what they bring to the table from the standpoint of our motivation. And then you'll look at where the Colin and now I've been investing for the annual July 14 2009 was my first episode goes with Barcelona that nine plus years. They always the case studies. Faithfully and on the road trips. I doubt it classes. Two monitors can regulate the equivalent though. When. Back in its report of five years ago and I talked in the current mentions that there had always trying to stay educated and what's going on. I'd taken certification classes for for passive investors could I wanted to be certified. For nine. Was selected. They've property in ambassador. I think it is represented. Truly now in my own experiences but so quick that's practices that I learned where. My experiences are going to be. Commitment throughout the next one and. Detriment Greta take a break there because that's what I want to talk about next was. The ambassadorship and what does it mean to you wouldn't what do you guys do and as ambassadors and how are you hope and other people and then the last part will be legacy you know do you leave it all behind. You're short break be right back with your mail and we don't want to radio show. It's. It. I. You're listening to the Joseph wants what radio show. Dell will be right back when more life changing principles in just a few minutes. Yeah. Did you know that every dollar you invest in real estate makes you won five ways to cash flow of money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars you create when you have a great team and by the white property using the right map appreciation. 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Attend the free online class how to get the best investment properties to learn the property valuation techniques he. Need to identify the very best deals go to getting the best deals dot com to sign up today that's getting the best deals done. Com. And what would happen if you can show for tomorrow for the next couple of days or weeks a couple of months. Year how long until you lose everything you or forcing a fraction of the time but they're earnest. This fear keeps you up that night it's time to learn the strategies and teach him lifestyles unlimited. Start with the free work should go to lifestyles on limited Austin dot com and find you through financial. It's like so many of our members already that's lifestyles on limited Austin dot com 57. Welcome back now here's a more unconventional wisdom to set you free. The man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. So once. What about you don't want to radio show meter to date you mailed jamaat took a corporate buyout package to walk away from a nice cushy corporate America banking job. And went out there and got the rough and tumble world of being passive rules state investor. Which takes up so little of this time that he had to find something to do to give back Jim talked to what it's about. Feel lifestyles and fast and what does that mean what you guys doing. I know we have a whole team do you guys have worked together throughout the whole country I know you have meetings to talk about what to do gives your insight as to what being an investor means. Great. Let me. Mention something that's my general belief in giving back. Three years ago. Because of the back that I've been blessed in my real estate life. I join an organization called scored purpose corporate return executives. Who were affiliated with the Small Business Administration. Score managers start at that I have people coming to me at once are that there isn't Florida businessmen they want it wants and needs help. I have individuals and companies war. The one who didn't have a real estate is single family and or multifamily. Outside help but score a mention please attend a case study but what style. So I just before memorial book but I think that the greatest place that they. And my ambassadorship. I look at it now I can directly get back. A long time I put my experience. Of nine years I was speaking formally to newbies. New investors. That came in and more at the various meetings with a look for handles the case that. I've also. Used the my ambassador wolf what talked to prospective relief and just. Remember. What's out as an arm now surpasses that that the task at the passive kind of discussion. About global warming bill wanted to do when it comes to at least understand. The experiences that that there's. They also have the Mets is that it will quit. But there's just an additional value. Now that I totally heal a country in standpoint in getting back. To what styles and what is your assessment I mean I've got to form today. Is there might score. For in my Patricia. With the impassable. And there. I'm a truly blessed. So how do you see that progressing. This is a pretty much a new thing for us how do you see it progressing. And what kinds of things are you doing besides just the same thing you. You've done forever which is in formally. Spoke with people help people. Is so I more formal Ridnour and. It yet there it and that's really what it respectively. The last. Road trip last week. That was the buying them for and they are or fourteen. Newly. So I introduced myself to them for. Couple reasons one on one and who they are in big let them know that I'm there as an aide to camp. If you have got to come and view is that on that point in the interest of that it would have been involved and a stand based. At some point. And I did an awesome for two years I used to go to. Editorial office. I intend to make myself available for. Four. Other cities. Because I totally have compassion for them do it that's getting back in and didn't have benefited my expenses. That's excellent glad to see that. You enjoy the give back so much was talked about. You're fairly legacy we've only got two minutes left. Do you see your family's legacy. Developing. When I first joined it it would it's simply to Kurt what is strange despite became successful at that I know we have realized I have an old daughter. She married relate to the clinical psychologist by practice. And she went and had trouble and could and a so for the last eight years she has gone through multiple and the entrance and I can compliment. And she now as a fighter has bureau. To add hero. And excellent well all through in vitro. I helped her with that from the standpoint of investing and that's the big east and I hope now hitting me. What what I have what I have. Build portfolio YC mayor. And the keeper educated on what the videos are. What kind of numbers I have just like that I experienced in and vice. But what I do a deal at all about it I insist. And I go spherical airport times here in Michigan. And I want her to be educated. Would be this good world. Bet she's got them in the fall back on a more like this is an important and helpful until I went through. That's great that's really geared. I mean more people can do that. The country be stronger place to live for a report absolutely better. Yourself. As you as low as you bet your life you become less self self defense stop. In the room you reached that point we can feel good about to stop issue getting back is that tangible results. Include an air play and I plan. What has its plan you feel like your accomplishment than Natalie the big time job but what came after the. You know Jim mile or so people always tell people the case study. You haven't closed loop. And you haven't really truly become successful. Into you can give it away into you can pass it on. You can share for have a wonderful day Jim thanks for coming in the rough you remember it's not the money it's a lifestyle. The radio show. Can obtain the rest. Join us seventy. Can't get enough. Access pass Joseph my. Guests enjoy. Yeah. The information and poignancy here on the Dell wants it radio show or those of the host don't want sleep is gas and his collars and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the station its affiliates its management or appetizers the Dell wants the show was for entertainment purposes only please consult a professional regarding your personal investment needs nothing presented on the Dell wants to show constitutes an endorsement recommendation offer solicitation to buy or sell any prior.