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Del Walmsley
Tuesday, August 14th
Del Walmsley Show for August 14, 2018.

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You're ready to hear the truth that you remember the lifestyle you really want the next hour we'll change your little life. And now you're okay. Self made millionaire national award winning investor of the year CEO and founder of lifestyles are limited to no one's mind. Welcome the don't want to radio show with a high bench and help begins I'm your host a wildly and as always. We're working on your financial freedom to do my friends. We are going to highlight another event that we have coming up here and won the ambassadors going to be involved in that event as you'll watched Els has gone national. And those looking the other day when I was giving a presentation. And it even boggled my mind the number of locations that we have had events and are having events in the next you know twelve want to just. My embarking old country so. To start off pretty they point to sort of regret. While you're listening carefully to give you our next big event coming up and that is our Seattle one day on Saturday August 18. That's in one day event on Saturday August 18 and it's free you can come to a no charge she just got sucked so I got. You gotta go to retire in five years or less that's retire in five years or less and the five is a numeral. So retire in numeral five years or last. We'll get to that now. Decided to go to the free event we get to meet our mentors and our members and our ambassadors. In that area. You're gonna get to see case studies of people boo Doug duels before giving them networking gifts of education all this will be a part of that one day event. And the reason. That you're going there is decide whether or not you'd like to attend art who'd event which will occur. On September 22 and 23. Of that wind is not free you'll have to sign up for that went and will have some discounts or whatever at this one day event or you can do score line looked it up and see what you go out there who look up going to the two days. You gonna go to give me total freedom dot com that's give me total freedom dot com now. As we get started here today governor bring yeah and Mike Cox who just are washing their ambassador Mike welcome to show. Mike I'm so happy to have you on because. There's so many times that people listen to the show and people come here and the results are phenomenal. And I'm sure people sitting out there and yards to go and I tried real stay once it was terrible. My dad tried real state he did terrible all Cuomo friend my boss they're all trying it. And they did terrible. And I would see very large percentage of people who quote to try it on their own. Make a lot of mistakes although real special for giving too many times and still make a little little money would that but they don't make the big giant money that we're talking about. In our seminars and so forth. But you went through that same thing what I want to share with people here is that guys. That thing is is that real estate is what I call oxy moron. Those things which we think are the normal natural. Things to do the right decision if you would normally gaps of the right decisions. Are almost always the wrong decisions and so today we have Mike in here. Both because he's an ambassador and the events of we're talking about he's gonna be but also highlighted. His experience. As of someone who did real state autism ventured out and did it so Michaels and certainly restored. We're talking about you started doing real treat a long long time ago 1990 Ripley was 29 years of age start your story there back before that. When did you know you're gonna be out nor how early in life would it bug you do that you would get out to do so. Well liked it yet but it had that desire to own my own plate but it'll. You know the same message that but he years it'll Euro pals so what. Well actually at a younger age. It had a pretty good paying job even grownup. Union jobs you know they get wage and I try to get along the battle on both debate maybe. Eight years before I was able to it I just didn't have a credit what. But eventually the B eight point nine got myself into. Thousand dollar. 02 bedroom apartment Condo and back into it which. I remembered thinking all right. Don't look at what a waste of money. Oil and Cairo. Who spoke from there. I can go back into the job up to that northern border. And I held on that place for a couple years. Well. Of course it appreciate greatly and without I didn't know I had this sort of that purple in no no indication of where they'll be. I. And Peter later I open and made. Letters about our profits. There luckily I didn't go buy it caught. Whatever else. Actually bought out by live that the updated iPod and other spot I'll ask which. That is my mother would have been if you know what the real the real estate investor at the time I was. In don't do it would make sense at that. So you were just manipulating housing for your family and I believe that during the eastern time also got married had child. You were just doing the daddy thing manipulating housing for you viewed your family your mom's what was going on. Yep that that that that boatload. Oh. One deputy Asia went down to Palm Desert I grew up any input on that it might play well putt like a lot of golf. In an incident back for the real thing market. Just start declining out of especially. I met a brother a friend with a realtor. And I think it really bite of state. You know. He can do that it is a real estate that so I about a hundred well I'll. Whip. Of course set up the right. Started these. Home equity line of credit to you that by house. We've got to. Or no hole what I want slows orders second. How did you by the house did you pay cash for the house or do you can go a mortgage against the house. Bill I bet I got home equity line of credit on the house they'll. Room for. Played out. But then but then took that lawmaker delighted paid cash for the next house. And I got a mortgage. But what about our mortgage and pay cash and that's. Which they did at education whatsoever. Bad idea. And include the content. Again Larry experience. But apple two. That it's okay all the diplomatic and other all the equity credit. Bought another one. And they're I want city. What's been awhile. Oh right it refi on. Which enabled me to buy pebble. Well. We've had six property that. While it's a good place for us to take care of him. Go ahead. Kickers that caught a break I would make zero dollars off of what I. That's what we would come out of brick and talk about how somebody can buy all that real state expensive real state like you do it figured out how to do it. Yet had the assumption and the way you tell the story is pretty much that that you thought that's the way it works so wouldn't cover that would go back a couple of people must think that same thing. Mike so if you're looking to come tour event coming up here. It's on us. Saturday August 18 in Seattle. So one day event to get to go to go to retire in five years or less dot com retire in five years or less dot com welcome to the due date education class. That's going to be September 22 23 put it on your calendar so you don't miss it. And to do that go to give. Me total freedom dot com give me. Total freedom. Dot com now you're not gonna wanna miss these events especially the you wonder to start with because that can do all kinds of free information. You'll be able to meet Mike in the other bats are you also be able to meet. My mentors. That we have their for you to educate you there will be some education going on and then members who do case studies and talk about the deals they've done. So we'll all be there. Again it will be free you just got to go to retire in five years or less and sign up for the August 18. One day Saturday one day event will be right back with Mike Cox and the don't want to redemption. It's. You're listening to the Joseph blogs and radio show to help will be right back with more life changing principles and just a few minutes. Lifestyles unlimited is the real estate investor education and mentoring group that has been teaching people by the hand and teaching them how to invest in a realistic for. 28 years our students have been so successful it pretty well it hasn't come at the of one local state and national restaurant you're at war. 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And finally the tax advantage when done correctly real estate investors pay no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains at lake styles unlimited these are the five ways we make money in real estate which is why real estate accounts for more millionaires in the world today that any other investment vehicle you should have some real estate in your portfolio to learn how to attend the lifestyles unlimited free workshop. Call 866971. 8970. Or go to what style unlimited Austin dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718970. Or go to what's files on limited Austin dot com. I. Again and stay up today all day long in the car on my way to work heading home listening online keeps you in touch will you work at top thirteen seventy dot com get a ring no top thirteen seventy anywhere kind of their Greg's place. Thirteen seventy. Welcome back now here's some more unconventional wisdom just sets you free. The man on a mission to retire at road America one person at a time. No one's going. What about you don't want to reassure today we are highlighting. Are bent in Seattle Washington it's coming up here on the eighteenth. And August. And Saturday August 18 that's when did that we're you gonna go in and out meet our mentors to meet our local ambassadors. Members and they'll be educational part to the program networking partner program. Can be big days and what to attend that go to retire in five years or less dot com. Retire in five years or less dot com and by the way were also having a two day event the one on. Saturday is free. But on September 22 23. That event to event will be either which is to the education that with us today. To highlight this today and as Mike Cox whose. It's an ambassador from Washington and he's talking about his. Or new beginnings and rules Dave where he was purchasing homes first justice housing for Stanley. Then later decided to kick it off into an investment type mode. We're he bought himself six houses. And as to what to break my Q you've shared the point that. There was no cash flow. In six houses and I mean Microsoft's number that was like 700000. Dolls with the rules state that or something like that and there was no casual pick it up from their share that with this. Yep that's effective. All over every month I would say it was it was nervous time right to that but they broke down there. You know I needed repairs them out. And I get. Like these people of this really both ago. That the diet and property in ideal to by the house to get a mortgage if it's a bit of an up or. And you win you know. Of course certainly a so that's the point out that I would do it right thing by. It's only been about what they've the right thing for my future. In my life started off local Seattle and here you are married you know as part of politics that I think it was. Real big chill. After the police and have been. A lot of public spirit in you or tell a story about. Are you are job one day mistake. That guy. It would be. And then start talk about real estate and he came over the you have to bite out of the about Internet. I did that and I very weak later on a plane. Irving Texas. Forest that do that to date. And I'd say that they want. We're going to the bank ever to do real state. I did every single or double. Every single button that it was you know not a toilet they did that. I did everything and if but it was such a relief knowing that. OK as a way as a way to make this. That's the area have been on every step of the apple well. Let's step it back to the guy who selling the houses who's who your real estate agent or broker. It will part of state aid. I can get it opened up some. I guess significantly. What Bo. The real bait boat it is a deal for friends and what. Vote at great prices are now. But I did it. And it didn't really know what do I think beyond debate it. The best probably best people. That what it is it's somebody get there to cover the mortgage and rated as though it's. Now in that do you think that that is a generalized theory. Of most Californians or is that just this guy just didn't know war. Were you think that theory comes from the you just buy something to barely cover the mortgage with. I think that that is the generals there I think California you're you're thinking about the equity. I learned it was by way they went in built state well activate money for or they'll quit. Without knowing. But I commend the jet there's a bite of play hopefully it pays for itself on day all have a windfall for the I don't want. But when triple. And if it. Well the beautiful thing is even known as a one trick pony. Many many people made a lot of money with that one trick pony. Just as long as they can hold out if they can hold out. The appreciation calpers and wonderful. It's a lot of people have some very expensive drills to the other hand. Which I think for him and they compared 100000 dollars for the house sold for three and 65 cents. That's pretty amazing game right there for something that number 18 you didn't know you were doing to start with two of you didn't know how to do it even when you finally figured out you wanted to do it. I mean that's the pretty effective results right there. Even with those things in mind so admiral proud of you for making that. When we come back from the break this time when elected go through is you went to the two day by the way did Christie goes to do with your Hoover's. Negotiated that Obama so. The moves go ahead and pick up we come back here. The concept of what specific. Things. Did you learn that that at that class because there's obviously if you sit out so all these things they did wrong I'd like Parcells out maybe we save somebody. Some pain by lifting some of these things. On the radio I think we can do that force and make it beneficial for somebody out there. If we can all star would itself start thinking about which ones you want and I would you do just thirty seconds here to give me number one what was the biggest off a moment he got from attitude that the biggest the weather I am that's it. I think the biggest of the purple martian. And I had a big one the big purple martians debate and a lot of folks don't nobody. Well I think it when they're too when we come back and I think that's a good place to start. And we'll talk about that when we come back for the rest you go out there if you go to what I mean Mike personally. Our mentors. Our members. It's an education for free we gotta wonder about coming up here. It is Saturday August 18. And you're going to be you begin to medication. Units and mentoring and networking blogs that's going on there August 18 and I can Seattle. And if you wanted to and you go to our website retire in five years or less retire in five years or less. And apply it in that is in numerals for numbers sorts retiring numeral five years or let us. Doctor what go to the tutor class it's going to be coming up right after that that would be September 22 and 23. Are you go to give me total freedom dot com. Give me total freedom dot com. It's signed up for them so we're gonna go to break mikes and talk about would come back what a purple martians and all the things he learned instituted it changed the way he is doing real state now. We'll take a short break. And will be right back with Mike Cox. And his story about purple martians. And that they'll want to review should. But. The. The who's. Nude. You're listening to the joke once what radios. Don't will be right back with more like changing principles are just a few minutes. Get total freedom in your life safely and quickly. Field full capacity from should never worry about working until you drop losing his job for retirees improper. 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Stay connected with talk thirteen seventy the right choice. Welcome back now here's a more unconventional wisdom to set she. The man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time to 01 slowing. Welcome back to del Walters radio show with me here today is Mike Cox is an ambassador out of Seattle Washington. And he's here to unload his story and I'm lucky that we have coming up. On Saturday August 18 into one day three event if you what do we care and go to retire in five years or last retire in five years or less. We also have another bad coming up a two day training class in September 22 13. To get to that a factor to give me total freedom dot com let's give me total freedom does comes from combat you know Mike was gonna share of those his horrifying experience of first and we finding out what do purple martian was. And what they will do do you if you. Or unlucky enough or an educated enough to rent that Michael and pick up your stories where you left off. OK so that it in my first renteria refers to in my first that investment property. Single mom. Yes shed little boy a has had a job I think. Don't think they were the same job for a year. So my Reverend Wright realtor friend as it is the one. I in the renters. You know you know the background and whatnot but just in full trust and thirteen hundred miles away from these properties. So couple months ago that it is in the mortgage. And then one month comes up about. That was typical. Child sports about it and now it's become just the fight to try to get direct. Just some of the brand and its appreciate Payer quit. You know every other. But there's still sponsor. And Cilic the pitcher would have good times and bad which is paid on time what. And I help though learned that I entered into. Paul Pia landlord tenant tension. I'm giving you it'll this property to live and a lot I had a lot cheaper than all the wander around. In return. You know enough quality and bumped and broke open. But that isn't working right lesson in the tropic. So that's that's figured it civilly. Well you know. And any issues to really play it out there emotions in my wife we feel really bad reporters she's a single mother just trying to make kids. So one month we just completely for it and remember that in just break any of these properties and but a thousand dollars on. And then ask for it I get out there and this person has it. Is an actual phone and need. It's packet saw. An appointment for her underdog to dictatorship. You know what guys I saw that it herbal worship at. We got I got. I would just completely polluted by someone. And boy what it what it educational. It was worth every penny. That I while we edited. When you got played like that and by the way. I don't think it's worth every penny I make and distribute goods if you would have been able to find us and to take the class for human saw that coming Beckett freight train. You've seen that got out of all out it. What what was the regular. Know what we had discretion. Did you know at that time you being played or did you think this was a really sincere person that you were just trying to help. All right is since tears interrogated I was just trying to help on that not so good a bit about self. Yeah electric and your Christian Laettner in the background there actor. Yeah. So all you don't know ink. All no doubt. That mothering instinct right. Got to take care about it. That poor little boy and it teachers Scioscia knows you know sixty kids. You know coming from broken homes and so yeah if. What do make you feel like when you saw in the two day. The explanation what do purple Marsha Walton woes what went through your mind about an awful moment. Anger so stay here you know. As opposed to do it. And and yeah just I just couldn't wait to take it all to start eviction process. But can't get up and that's but if. That's great I was good on the list of other big. Oh good that. Oh yeah I get the speed of it all do one more of my next property. Body of realtor guy and he's found a guy who doesn't smoke not you know. Just the hard working guy pay cash. You know to be works OK question that's great but have been there. Again Wren didn't. They got as big tennis story. Flight finally got him out. Got Immelt went down there and as well 5000 dollars of debt based on the plate that he had two dogs and into the chain smoker. So. Boy that was a possible. That was yeah that was talked a little about it. Verbal question that it. So obviously. Screening was something you learn to the two day class what are there are yet to pick up on. It was a big one and I learned that and there are some really get people up there it into place to salute. You don't get from the bottom of the barrel. So I went there I don't mean process just like I was taught instead it all up on life is you know. Then they repeated it today I wanted to do all things that he's Santa Anita no all of orbit and back he'd do three. Papers servicing to do yourself and called their employer republic last. They're less landlord. And it's not that hard. You know there's no guesswork or cross your fingers opening words about. You know I don't have 310 that in my proper. Yeah that's amazing that you're gonna get to that next segment. About how much different situation is now what are other items did you pick up on that Rua made a difference for you while you were taken to do. He had that big what was it 1031 exchange. Some I'd never heard about knew about. You know in my mind I was kind of stuck with this property is trying to determine that turn it around. To make it profitable. That's not the case at all there's so many ways out property. And so what it out so that when it get shot and again I've made and I made a little bit mistake I was a member of lifestyles where. For a couple months Biden and I didn't. You know I didn't put all the road map I I thought I was jeopardy and felt really good and I get a jump into something good. But I could jump into something great if I would of lived and so is still a little stubborn. And but again I learned and. Good that orders. Go ensure that stored because of the play sports and you've still got remains slow to finish that story of two and there that is good. A target at 1031 exchange and people know that is all of a down payment and all of the equity gains. When I told Alice goes into an account wears somebody the custodians of that account well I had 90000 dollars in Iowa has pretty good. Took a change so what I did was find these. Most expensive. Thing I can buy. Other makes sense. With that night out bought about a four plex in College Station, Texas does also don't know lifestyle. And all of our connections didn't. Everything starts in Texas and you have realtors you have lenders you have property managers army and these people are great I called up in the Beanpot wherever it. Just so helpful. But part station we didn't have a big presence. But I thought tonight four plex and cost base of those very nice place and all of that money went into its corporate. Which is you know it's pretty is being close to a thousand dollars a month and passive income. And remember I was making zero dollars a month on the property that I. Traded for the so that doubt that it great great thing. It's a good thing because I've sent flirt like it had a lot better with 90000 dollars. Mike what would you what was to the other possibility that you didn't pick up on at that time. Oh like it ought to. Five or six. State apparently told. You know and dignitary of 500 dollars per. Per child per month. Catcher. Our organ go to that'll come back. Welcome back to pick up back up right there. Are you wanna come doorbell and Saturday August 18 go to retire in five years or less dot com sign up to a come to the two days September 22 23. Go to give me to a freedom dot com. We'll be right back with Mike Cox and the bill while he rated show. You. Yeah. You're listening to their Joseph wants what radio show and tell will be right back with more life changing principles are just a few minutes. Did you know that every dollar you invest in real estate makes you money five ways cash flow money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars and create when you have a great team and by white property using the right now. Appreciation realistically increase in value over time equity built renters pay down your mortgage each month. And finally the tax advantage when done correctly real estate investors pay no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains at lake styles unlimited these are the five ways we make when you real estate which is why real estate accounts for more millionaires in the world today that any other investment vehicle you should have some real estate in your portfolio. To learn how to attend the lifestyles unlimited free workshop call 866971. 8970. Or go to what style unlimited Austin dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718970. Or go to what styles unlimited Austin dot com. Lifestyles unlimited digital map to retirement lifestyles discovery is your GPS. Quickly scanned the investment plan. Pinpoint the best deals calculate your returns and taking action. The free online. Investment operatives to learn the property valuation techniques you need to identify the very best deals go to getting the best deals dot com to sign up today. That's getting the best deals and dot com. What would happen if you didn't show up for work tomorrow for the next couple of days for a week a couple of months. Year how long until you lose everything you or forcing a fraction of the time took her earnest. This here Cuba that night it's time to learn the strategies and teach him lifestyles unlimited start with the free workshop go to lifestyles and limited Austin dot com and find you. True financial. He's like so many of our members already. That's lifestyles on limited Austin dot com. Hi this is Gordon Deal join me weekdays 4 this morning America's first news to hear the stories you'll be talking about in searching for all days as we go beyond the headlines and above the chatter weekdays at five on talk thirteen seventy. Talk thirteen seventy. Welcome back now here's some more unconventional wisdom just set you free. But the man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. 01 slowly. Well America let's say they don't want to British showed today we've been highlighting Mike Cox whose ambassador in Seattle Washington. He's going to be an event we have coming up their August 18. A few of them attend that event it's a free one day event go to retire in five years left dot com retire in five years or left dot com and the five is in numerals to number. Also coming up in Seattle it's September 22 twenty thirds or tutor class there. You'd like to attend the two days in Seattle could give me total freedom dot com its interest and take these classes all of the country now. Specter location to to vacation frequencies the other you've never seen it. Sign up making a business trip whatever. Back with a stout Mike Cox Mike. You've gone on now and make some additional changes to. Your portfolio that have really benefited you want good finish was a period this last segment. Showed everybody what you've done to work through your. The stuff that you've gotten into and then where you think you go that's kind of what we get you got your news last segment which is only seven minutes long so predict that. It would be accurate so based that it stayed current with what the property and dear little cash producing properties and a to. Oh I have to be more that I want to do the same. So what I did first was get rid of the field and it clean about. Rent import value which is four to 500 or more. That what I was written for. I got some good people and there are so now these properties are actually pretty easy money. And patients. That's another thing I can't chests and it is. You don't have to do it now now now now you know I had to take it back off it and be patient there's plenty of time. So he's he's out there still appreciating find it or not that's okay. As stated that time comes out and do the same thing to sell that property. Where I'm making now 400 dollars a month. Profit and I know I can conservatively turn that into. A thousand to 15100 dollars a month in profit. Of our planet to do that read basically three more times. And without alone I just. I just don't replace the money that I'm going to lose in when I retired. So that was my first goal but wants. I went to the two days and I started networking meeting meeting all the people that have done. And I can't just all these people were just like you'd just Communist duplicate people that it ought to help each other. But I don't two lead in the second I feel like I can just just keep going and keep building wealth and educate my children and educate others. There's just no end in sight is that excited about it and look forward to do. Will what you think about being an ambassador what does that mean do you. You know you've taken on giving back even before. You've had your giant payday retire from Border Patrol by the way thank you for your service for the country. In the border because we don't have the time to go into the deep middle pick it up next hour. But that that but what do you think about being an ambassador would what does that mean to you so early in your career. Did I do love it if it means that I could do. Share my story and and stop people from nick in the city state that may. And word that it'll a lot of people book call me. All want to get my number. There they just don't think it's real they don't think it's. In Mountain State is skeptical which is fine having to get skeptic citizens get back. And not tell you breakdown of errors and tension along and explain it. You know and they excitement. The post these people out. Started their journey down the capital which you laid out financial freedom. It's not a need because it has come into camp France to become in most small community. We look forward to me down there in Seattle. It's just thought it's like joining you know cloak that. And you all of the same gold mine. Is to. Retire you know live the life that you should be able to live. Well we're really appreciate you being ambassador. What is. Chris and think about all this. Well she started out very dialogue and I do property. No no no don't do that we can't we and we can't you know. Yet seacoast of assembly favors exactly. I told him we you know the opportunity to do to try to trust between. Now I don't even have to scared simply afford. So yeah changed it to have a long ways she's she's and the result that you know I. Think she's seen the road happens on board. We'll get a minute left here. Also I cutter and a. Well I guess but they he's gonna hit three iron and directly always planned for injury iron. And let the clock media worker working toward the goal lead at the right like they always. Did even carried that lead buyer. What does one of the family income description that's the savings fairly. What do we think both that you're doing got a crazy. You know acted it into being at I'm. My parents were divorced I was young. I think my mom with a deeper issues of the line and they see naked investment. With how many. And then she actually married man didn't land development in California. Though as they. Rid of their income in California doing now I think she came to understand better how to invest money and landed property. But what state is relating she understood what are about in Sydney in my and making our intent. Great. Well guys say look forward to senior would we get up there and really appreciate. The additional help. Of being. And so if they're so development disloyal to work. Roy appreciate being investor after coming on the resumption time. Progression out there remember this is not the money it's a lifestyle have a wonderful day we'll see you tomorrow. It. We radio show. Can obtain the rose. Join us seventy. Can't get enough. To listen to him. Access Castro broadcasts and enjoy the. Yeah. 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