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Del Walmsley
Thursday, August 2nd
Del Walmsley Show for August 2, 2018.

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You're there truth that you fed to the lifestyle you really want the next hour we'll change your life. And now your host self made millionaire national award winning investor of the year. CEO and founder of lifestyles are limited to no one's going. What we don't want to win your show with a high. Bureaus though while it's always I'm working on your financial freedom. Taylor print double talk about failure. I'm about success. But about failure. What does it take to be a failure. What do failures due in comparison. To what people aren't nearly as to what successful people to duplicate it really more about failure. Because there's a very large block people out there they've decided to fail. Now. For the old you listen to me for a long time you know that apparently more pet peeve is I do not believe that you could barely your way to success. I just don't believe that I think it's ridiculous concept. And I think it's one that will end up killing most people's success in the future as we think it's okay to take a step in the dark. And to just jump out there and try to do so. And every time I look into that theory every time I find myself walking up to the do that a distant looking over the edge. And thinking about. Should I try this. Knowing that I can crash and burn. My human instincts say no step away from the clip give it up. Do not do it it doesn't make any sense to try to fly. When you're not a bird. In less someone can teach you how to plot before you try to do improved view that it can be done. And so and everything in my life I've done a ticket with its. Skepticism. When I first start out this caution when there for start out who says wait a minute. Is this real. Wait a minute can actually be done and last. And who is done and how do they do it I don't wanna do it. Step all you have to clip in question berg. There are many many self help people will tell you it's just the wrong attitude. They'll tell you that hey you need to have you need to just get out there and fail and fail and fail and fail and I think that's just wrong. The question is how do you balance the two. That truly an important question. How do you balance the two between realize you can't do everything perfect the first thing we do it and understanding that is not really. I think about going back to when I was trying to be. Olympic winter and then later power lifter that later bodybuilder. In each of those endeavors. What I found was. I had no idea how to do it. So I gather as much information like couples we gather. And I struck out. To try to get it done. Right and so. We we go out there and we. For example body Boone had learned how to put on more muscle as a power lifter we had or how to be strong at the look good to get to learn how to be fast and athletic. When I came to body goes like how you pack on muscle and not pack on tapping the power if you just wanna be big strong you care if there. Yeah I do is big news from Asian bloc would be which is completely training technique different training technique and a couple of different diet than being about it. So I had to strike out and do this. And as they struck out to do it I found myself going to a contest and being in second place. Now. Interest and you know you could if you were self help teachers say while that's bill. Quite honestly when there's fifty guys in the room the first time ever try something in the sector to meet that is not failure that is massive success. What it also told me was is that there's a little bit more alert to be number one. It's our need to go back and find out what was it that those guys that were winning would do. That was different than what guise of taking second place would do all the meat. And figure out how to take that next step to go and accept the verdict and so went to a one. So because I went back and I visualized. What these guys were doing I investigated. I studied it. And what was more import most want I studied it. I put it in process. And I did it. So the next contest that went into of one from the airport I wanted one and one in Milan to Rome about the winning at that point the point is the learning. The learning process. He's very very important is why I've been so happy life been so. Successful in life as. To my own goals remembered success is relative to everybody uses that to appeal try to rub your face it's very hard talk about these things without. Somebody thinking you're you're you're breaking whatever but I've had. Probably more than marker share of successes and liked although I didn't start out that way I started out as very much of the lose in the bottom end of the told people black. And I relate at all to write a I give credit to defective very early on life I've figured out there if you want to accomplish the goal parts of the guilt it's already accomplishment. And get there with cute it done. Find out from them how to do it over the if you listen to me for a while I realized that I mean to would have been. There were simply cut cancer trying to put together trained Leah. Erin. I didn't belong. To a through different time to have done what wrong upon the promise of a mid tour you know we do right. Aaron. Once I got in touch with his mentor this mentor. Was asking me questions. That. I knew ref like so. Here was trying to develop. This way out to build this thing create this thing in life. And annoyed you what do won it annoyed you would have trying to do. I just thought like you just start creating out of nowhere and something would happen you know how many people or be try to do that rules to. They did well you know just by how's it can't be that are loose as to what relatives of students this way that way left ways sideways. And they start pin with. And they kill themselves into a failure situation. We're they didn't even know the right question to ask about what type of property to buy we were to buy it. How to me engine how. To screen you're tenets how to do the maintenance and not do the means and what to fix what not depicted. What to remodel without you know they had no idea they just thought I'll buy a house and experiment with it. An experiment himself righted field. I've seen this over and over and over again in life. And I was watching stupid show called Dextre. They called stupid because he dumps in the world it too sure about serial killer whose father teaches him to be easily serial killer. With perfection so that we'll never get caught. And it's one episode he picks up this guy that wants him to teach you how to use your killer. And I so related to this because what happened was is that the guy wanted to be it through killer just like Dexter but he couldn't. Who's Dexter follow the rules. That his father give him. Rule number one don't get caught rule number one don't lose money. Rule number twos got to be casual rule number two you've got to be available. You know he would write double wide here the system. But this other guy I just want to do it his way. And I've seen people. Over over over for 27 years. Consulting people. Just wanna do their way they were cut out all the rules cut out all the right answers the door to take the shortcut. They wanna go right to tell opposition groups that would take guild and topic there is normally used up there's only stairs. And you got to climb. One step at a time to get there. The other ways to get their pastor. And their way to get there without getting lost there's ways to get there without getting out of shape or not every part of it all kinds of things you can alert you still got to walk the walk. Before we can talk talk. See this app involved. So with this extra care to what it apparently was to go right into breaking the rules. Getting caught and can kill. And Dexter ward and that's what's gonna happen but to his dad warned him of the same thing if you break the rules. Right there's also it. You can break yourself against the rule but you can't break a rule because the rules are rule because we'll break Q. A member of the story along time ago we're the resistance captain of this Sharia destroyer. And he was rolling up on this flight though by using you know so agreements signal that got to get out of our awaited signals this is US to us. Something rather get out of our where we're just where will you know. What you have goggles. Turn left to do like come back to look good together what does your isn't it. Something or other get out of we're awaiting a news turn left. Volumes you don't understand this is the USS something or other we're destroy or we will blow you out of the water goggles. Do you not understand that a White House. Turn out. So that's what this country and we're right back with a Dell walked in radio show. It's. You're listening to the Joseph wants with radio show. Dell will be right back with more life changing principles in just a few minutes. Lifestyles unlimited is the real estate investor education and mentoring group that has been teaching people by the hand and teaching them how to investing realistic for 28 years our students have been so successful at creating wealth and passing and company of one local state and national investor the year awards. 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Now here's some more unconventional wisdom just sets you free from the man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. No one's going. Oh. We're back Goodell want to radio show today we've been talking about failure. What brings about. So and so forth but we guys and get an echo myself through my headset. Because they're bigger they're configured are so we're done about failure and you know what brings it about and what are likely to renounce region an email that I got became intellect though and compared to another email the cumulus cells and that was just. Sort of contrast the two different points of view. In light of virtual reads. I'm like delta limited changed our lives. It's the real deal my wife and I have been members for two years and lifestyles helped with the following a one. Became partners into apartment complexes but he kept 250 units. Number two we have a duplex for thirteen years prior to joining last Austin. The god device wasn't so good complexity at 1031. Exchange used the proceeds to buy five single family houses. Number three we had another duplex to be sold and get another 1031 exchange along. Along the sale of war alone the sale of one of five to go from the house he bought 24 unit apartment complex this would not a bad. Would not have happened without the helpful plus those elements staff and fellow investors. People who hope to spectral Flores national mentor Julian Garland single building mentor Casey close and apparently realtor Christine Kyle. Commercial realtor drew Weaver the operations consultant Doug crumbled ball but barely consultant Tim McClean. Open up on the console liberal single or vice president fell. Let's go to members people think we can do this by ourselves. What's it liberal vice president Google lifestyles members people think they can do that by themselves. They might be able to but probably not well without training the membership fees worth every penny. Penny wise and pound foolish or people that think they can save money and do this without training that only has lifestyles changed our lives but it helped us change. The lives or tennis by approved in the community that they're livid over. So on guys. What I want to do that this is the productivity and and how they had taken approach to Google bought that so duplex in the four plex. And now they don't so very very much more and they've been so successful. Because they're willing to follow the mandatory. That's the key factor listened to all the different people they listen to no ego would then all right none whatsoever. And it's really important to understand it you've got to be able to overcome your ego. And listened to a mentor. To get anything out of that. Because you're there are these guys already headed to ports are at four plex. We further along with you are if you want to retire it just and he did a great thing you know you. We graduated to two deals that turned out BO OK two realtors very forgiving even if you don't do exactly right. You know it ends up being better than the other investment. But now it's time to do it right into really accelerate so here's a very very positive statement that you couldn't. Now let's contrast this with the and other members. Who is not getting anything accomplished. And the reason they're not getting things accomplished become very opposite suck. We've been doing this for 27. Years coming and twenty here in October. Will be our or September via reunion for the 28 year. Yeah and as we go through this you know you have to admit you have to understand that somewhere along the line there's going to be a person or group of persons that will not listen. To their mental. This does happen to people ask me periodically. So what is the number. How many people fail at people focus on failure third of folks in an email like the one I just read. It focusing on the success too when you come blast of you're gonna good case that you can be hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of successful people. Over the period of your membership. You're gonna see the success is just ripping everywhere around you. And yet some people still looking for about one. That Roche in the corner that got away that one to an Indian somewhere hidden closet so. That's was looking so you invariably get asked a question. Sounds something like with his work and said that it. They'll you stood at 5% multifamily deals program what it says it is 5% mall but in the deals have challenges. And other words. These people value by crystal set out they get their goals 5% and set out. And they don't hit the goals they set up for that doesn't mean they go out of business that means they're challenges. Now the Smart people. Welcome back to a considered man hunt at a wrong somehow missed I missed something here right. Am. So our our look at the situation and that I'm sure we'll review the next why you give it says you and said 4% of you are members. Our invite someone else in to help them fix what they've done wrong. 4% succeed in fixing the problem that the cat that by the way this is not empirical information or not can exact record this is just. The trip looked. How should you see this in your mind. And then I sit and sit this 1% will not fix what's wrong. And there will continue to do it until they fail. Now that 1%. Use the very interesting group of people will talk about second but Eagles and here's what he says what competent governors are either. So I can not to go through step by priests are backed by percent or personal there's no common denominator for the 5%. Our educational programs so it can't. So broad. There's so many mentors here. That there's no way to see which 5% modern challenge. It's going to be something hidden inside of the person. Their skill sets. I find that the people have the hardest time. Running a business or people who have never been in charge of business you take somebody like an engineer who's got in their Douglas marched up useful life. But never done accounting dividend marking governance sales and has no people skills never hired fired trained anybody. Just worked in the cubicle their whole life working with numbers are so that the people have some challenges because they don't know how to sell. They don't know how to market they don't know how hired fires they don't know. Anything other than how to fix things to probable schedule pretty good figured out how to fix things on the cheap right. But you don't have the Ritz Carlton the most important schools a bit of accounting so they don't understand that while they were getting paid her whole life to build things. All the calls to bear building. Was going around them they never saw balls cause they never understood the overhead of trying to sell the product that they built. So there's a common denominator of some variable but there's no way to gauge that because many other engineers committee bill but I also. As an engineer became the marketing guy in my company. You know I've vice president the company outlook to penal profit loss to the level like a totally understand business. This was no big deal for me so that's not a common. But the real competent in years not the 4% who let you get it fixed wouldn't wrong. The real counted on the leaders 1%. That will not let you call them fiction. Because there ego is so large. That they would rather feel. On their own behalf. And let someone else come in and help them be part of their success. Most of the people. It induct challenge. Deals. And I have in the back of the book I read it don't pay somebody in this room to actual murder which don't know who did you. And somebody will not listen to what Wednesday. We don't know who they are yet. When we come back. We'll talk about the difference. And how to make sure your besides. Success be right back with a don't want to reassure them. You're listening to their Joseph wants what radio show. Dell will be right back with more life changing principles in just a few minutes. Get total freedom in your life safely and quickly build wealth and passive income should never worry about working until you drop. Losing your job for retirees improper. Over forty years ago I don't want to founded lifestyles a moment. Dell has taught over a 100000 people just what you knew the principles of financial freedom lives national radio shows and personal one on one match point at lifestyles on limited. I'm excited to tell you about the real state workshop that has changed so many lives. This workshop takes you inside what we do and what we will be. We'll share with you the five ways to make money in real estate and what's more just like your personal trainer of lifestyles are limited to motivate and encourage and teach him. So you can get in the best financial frequently. Call 8669718974. Go to lifestyles on limited That's lifestyles a limited Austin Scott. To register for the workshop that she. Like that's lifestyles on limited Austin dot com. You have to decide I would leave it right is the war over this world what was going. Miss your chance at a delicate question during the show you can connect with Dell popular T. Now on the radio dot com click on the Twitter. Ask your question passed passed passed down our belief that good future handled the skill set to be able to bring people. Through multiple levels of words that are completely different ones have a common for them. We know you're out there hiding in plain site living a life of quiet desperation wondering if you're going to keep your money to the great. There's a better way of federal life at lifestyles unlimited. It's time to live a life you deserve you can only do that by creating passive income let me show you out. It's just two hours. It can't be worse than another meeting about meetings or another mine was my front of the TV goes to. Lifestyles on limited Austin dot com that's lifestyles unlimited Austin dot. Again and stay up today all day long in the car on my way to work heading home listening online keeps you in touch will you work at top thirteen 78 dot com get a rain no talk thirteen seventy anywhere kind of their grades latest. Welcome back now here's a more unconventional wisdom to set you free. But the man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. No one's. Quarterback you don't want to reassure today were talking about failure in different stories and ideas and things are going through my mind today just can all over the place we go through here. Really didn't it's done right at an outline to this which is something that field. I felt that this week after watching. It's Dexter shows there was this guy. Just wouldn't listen to his mentor you know there was legitimate for the best there never was important things to use serial killer. Which is pretty funny pretty good writers can get cute actually like a series serial killer. Collectively support them don't even think so. But still the bottom when it wasn't the reason you like the guys Kazaa guys very principled he won't kill somebody doesn't deserve to be killed. And he has to do the very methodical way it has to work exactly right every time we won't do it. And he doesn't shoot from the hip and he's got to love that about him so over heels try to copy of the couldn't because you would involved in principle so. Talk about. Many times for the past about the fact that I was trying to create this tree mail. To me you know my own got halfway through and almost all built. Well recourse we don't realize it was all wrong. And such sort of looking for a mentor up on the guys that build these things. One of the best in the country there's probably 23 guys that are in country to do this to this level this guy doesn't want the best. And he built well Warren Buffett's trains. Leo for him for UNICEF. And many many others I mean just he's he's the top one. So like book dealt to meet this guy and he shows you what he's doing this stuff to them like this also and I realized it I'd play. I'm not even close. So I decide that I wanna go ahead and go back and do it right suspect tried to do right thinking OK I can do right. But a very quickly realized I can't do it right. Because they just don't have the skills to do rectal I think you know what how what fixed everything also considerably get a mentor cycles guy episode look. What appear to be a mentor. Andy he goes wild never really done that we before usually he just does it himself beat build things he brings the total depth of new drugs that giant business. And goes but you know I understand where you come from this is your hobby you wanna do it and oh expletive it's my hobby. I wanna get my hands dirty in this out of touch it feel that you know. Build it or approval my own creativity into. And legal voters one on amid tears so we supplementary contract agreement. Just like people sort of metric contract agreements lifestyle that's where I got the idea it's that if people could pay me change their lives. Think pace but he hoped xmas stupid Leo right. And so. I started reading through. His question or his materials what I realized was I wasn't prepared to build the flail. We can go ahead and ask all the hard question he was asked me stuff that I could I didn't Cilic whereas in this. Who's a copy. What's that are you know. Engines are you gonna have on what what. Companies are going to be where's that located used to winners scenes of somber scene. On and on and on moment. So I think it's tracked down you run an engine round. And he's talked about building at the Cherokee antique. Layout that is just a workable. Where people who. And I'd never thought about that level he thought that's what I want to that level that's why I looked him up cause that's what he does. It's oil actually trigger too you know I get accused of doing it all wrong. I'm laying track and building base before I decide what is a really want on the on the thanks and that's which you gotta you gotta decide what you really want in your life. Before you start building things before you start trying develop. You're passive streams of income what do you want out of life it never sat down and it's the questions what is it exactly I want. And sec read and go okay now that you know what you want what do you want it it. What are you wanted to do you wanted to loop to loop he wouldn't go down back down back back to a two run prototypical where you take the trains to places. And you loads up and unload stop and take you to that place load and unload. What all you want to have in their view what you know. Mountains and valleys and rivers. Absent that I did indeed he's such a book stop. Cancel everything. I'm not gonna go what have you build the thing. I'll just keep is a mentor here and I use of my power to lift that. And I'll go back abuse and to went back and figured since and I came up with two incredible. Dire rebels. First one is under the current Houston Texas that used to live in surely it and there's this old imperial sugar factory. There's this iconic buildings down issue. That's it I won a model that it's right there on I ninety yours too weak track running in front of it. There's all kinds of track road behind it. It just a beautiful style Rama of an incredible building its historic building I want that a mother lay out in Houston Texas there's everybody will know that when they see it's like. Commissioned him to build this building symbolic picture generic thing you looked it up studied the history of it. And he got his builders to build this corporate replica of the an unbelievable. Deal right. And Minnesota OK I want a giant turntable and round house and well I bought it's the most expensive turntable huge turntable. Gigantic ground house and I brought that in and I looked at the directions and ago. I can't build. There's no way. I have no. Building skills while I tried to build one small model for the way out. And I try to glue these little buildings together my big giant clumsy fingers couldn't glue anything together I couldn't get anything done. And so. I called an adequate to look. What do you what's gonna CoffeeGeek. I bought the building a got all the pieces I've got the roundtable. Will you build the sport and secure a bill that forward. He'll delegate question. Period do you really all the stuff out of new Ellis who will be good I've got some ideas of what I wanna do. And he said can you QB IQ that is can stimulate a plan whatever. And I said yeah markets and the two record to six point two weeks ago. But he let me help you. Let me help you do the most important thing you're going to do to play and what we've built. Before you go out to build this bill that do this do that just maul like thirty years experience can hope you. In Wales bill. In getting the most out of what square footage you have to use. As. I don't wanna do that I wanted to be my creativity. You know and this distinct of people when they pyro who would advocate their creativity within their way. That would reinvent the wheel that's what we all wanna do guys. We all want that same feeling that we did it. My. No. But it doesn't work. So the guy did great finish at the one thing it's it. He says there's wife said but we're going to be done Houston just in agreeing kids. Would you like is to bring this imperial sugar model down. And threw three buildings altogether it's beautiful. And it looks exactly like the building I mean it is unbelievable. I should have please bring you don't like to put Roman layout look at it until we get the lay out dug at least they got something to the rubble right. And they brought it down and listen while you're here can you pick up the round table in the round house built take back of their bill. And nurtured a probable pick back where this again through the pieces to stop the war room layouts and they could put together. And when it came down. I rules out a piece of paper. And he shows me. Right before my. It everything that I played above where I was gonna put four. I watched it right in front of my guys in five minutes. Redraw by tire plant. Tour was a 1000% better than it was before I mean that thousands of Google. You've just bought this most incredible turntable. And round house designed piece. And you've got to talk to weave back in the back if you wanted to take up it's so big you what do you pick up. Space in the back where everything else could be the fraud in this will be out of the way about the problems still that's the law would that. There is feasible beautiful park apparently. It has the most potential. I want it right up front right in the middle of everything we reduce the center of attention you've spent a lot of money of these pieces. And I can put with there's all kinds of any of this will be the center of your play out it will be incredible. It will be the focal point. Asset and looked at that. I would do what I thought about allude to what he would come up with a look at what I thought about. And no less than just a few minutes I realized that I was dog law compared to this. Not everything like but in this particular arena. I was trying to reinvent the wheel could I wanted to be body invention. When what erosion don't just let him. Tell me out should be. I'm gonna to be new owner Albany and the player with the other to be probably showed to people. It's going to be something to be proud of because it will be a giant win. Instead of a miniscule. Minute. Success. Of my own making. Friends. It's time you give up your ego. Go under so mentor. You'd change your life. That's what you. Would take a short break be right back with you don't want to radio show. I. It's a. You're listening to the Joseph wants would radio show. Dell we'll be right back with more life changing principles in just a few minutes. Did you know that every dollar you invest in real estate makes you won five ways cash flow money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars and create when you have a great team and by the white property using the right map. Appreciation realistically increase in value over time equity built the ranchers pay down your mortgage each month. And finally the tax advantage when done correctly real estate investors pay no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains at lake styles unlimited these are the five ways we'd make money in real estate which is why real estate accounts for more millionaires in the world today that any other investment vehicle you should have some realistic in your portfolio. To learn how to attack the lifestyles unlimited free workshop call 8669718970. Or go to what style unlimited Austin dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718970. Or go to what styles unlimited Austin dot com. For over twenty. Seven years lifestyles unlimited numbers of how to exclusive access to tools that have made him multimillionaire real estate investors. Now one of those tools and lifestyles discovery is available to you. Attend the free online class. 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Welcome back now here's some more unconventional wisdom just sets you free. But the man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. No one's really. What about the life to overlook a sort of got 4000 radio show. Today we were talking about failures and what creates them. And the last segment here's what we talk about something. It's. And the same but a little bit different that is persistence. What things that I find successful people have. Is the very persistent. And very consistent. With what they do in life. And because of that indicating where they're going. You know begin get up in the morning so we're go to Dallas. You go find yourself a map that's the first thing the American disclosure right to start asking people were to go go down blocks to the cute too cool to get have a map. And if you find the right map. Between the wronged them by the right now. Videotape you actually get you go. Along the way have your mentor can tell you. What is the right thing to do what is the wrong thing to do it I wouldn't take that freeways I would take this when it's quicker. Too much traffic. To me stop signs to be this to me that so they can really help you. Two accelerate your progress and whether it be financial fitness or help there fail when you whatever it is whatever you're trying to accomplish in life. So I'm real big on mentors in every aspect of my life where record find more. But I don't just pick up anybody from it. I meant it was going to be somebody it's highly successful. At what it is I'm watching. Them do. I don't expect to be successful everything. But what it is following with them I wanna see how it works out. Let's add to that something will differ and that is. How did the integrate their success. I've known people that really good family people. You know I would never could be great family man. You know multiple divorces. Which means what I picked the wrong people didn't take the time didn't think it was important. The choice wasn't important to me enough to take time to learn to do right just get it to flee Q what watery and out of it and appeal disaster. You know I've got a white could end up being disaster. Picked the wrong why just Weathers divorces him like you know. Raised a daughter in divorce family doesn't work out very well. Most cases you see just don't have the same relationship do apparently the rate to one together. On and on and on you know friendships that felt what better workaholic. Just good level and stuff that I am not successful in my own I. But when you look at other people you see okay this guy's really successful in that. But that's okay. You can learn some things from that person. But if that person is a failure rate this guy who Rui a loving father. Good husband. But he broke why. Well when his brother needed money he gave money to whose brother when his kids needed money keeps kids money. He never went out and got that west promotion for himself. Or went out started a business for himself. Because you just never had time to choose that so much time to enter its kids it's a bureau these are good things but did you learn integration. And I think that's the final. Aspect of success of life is learned in grade. Levels success on different part to be liked it to have a good relationship. With your styles. With your kids. With. The people that you work alongside. Wouldn't repeat in year old business or somebody else's business or. Can you maintain your health through all of that. And your fitness through all that. Perez would bring up the thing is many many times I get these emails from people truly sad to be of some because they tell you their story. And the story. Is about devastation. Stand. How they never could put it back together again. After the devastation it's one after another after the because devastation turned to come in threes. I just had a three devastation report might like this last week. Three weeks ago. I was trying to kill snake and he hit with a shovel the concussion from the Schobel hitting the concrete. Cracked a bone in my elbow. What the doctor to connectors of their broken bones is nothing to do about it is live with a week later I fell down. Last renewed my leg two where had to have multiple stitches in. Also. Fractured my noble broke. The tip well bore the wounded have been cracked is now broke off. And that's where we get to cheer for memorize to find out you know how bad this really is a one way went to. Business meeting out of town. And modes there spelled out again. And tore my price of ball. So you know. Under the cast right now we're back and had surgery got back to town Catholic. Here that's so good future in operation. Can do surgery tomorrow flip waited to prove what Dave back and they've got new cast of swing whether. And I think back to you know when I was a kid I almost died. My appendix ruptured. And a 106 degree temperature in the rush from the ambulance and I actually passed out instead that brought you back to life. I remember back to. You give my nose broke eleven time to remember back to. After Edmonton so wouldn't it but console there and went out. I had my teeth knocked out couple different fights one with a broken noses. Then things got even worse that I got staff and they had to cut hold me besides golf balls inside my body it took eight months four to heal. If you could let you from the outside let's keep it open. And then after that I got cancer. Then after that October right rotator cuff out and after that trauma iso ball. They took blew my knee out and blew my card simple music to one armed that the rotator cup by took an interest. What went on to bottle this. So don't let just throws two. Get back up so look back on. It keep on running down the road. That's all arugula. And I get up six which you know my arms beat architectures I'll be back injury. Level go. Friends remember. Persistent and consistent. And you'll have wonderful lifestyle have a great day we'll see you tomorrow. It. The radio show. Can obtain the rose. Join us seventy. Can't get enough. Your show and access pass go by. Guests enjoy the. It yeah. The information and opinions he here on the Dell wants it radio show or those of the host Dell wants Lee has gas and to scholars and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the station its affiliates its management or advertisers the Dell wants a show was for entertainment purposes only please consult a professional regarding your personal investment needs nothing presented on the Dellums a show constitutes and endorsement recommendation offer solicitation to buy or sell any product security. Hi this is Gordon Deal join me weekdays 4 this morning America's first news to hear the stories you'll be talking about and searching for all day as we go beyond the headlines and up all the chatter weekdays at five on talk thirteen seventy.