An Effective System Is An Effective Business, 12/4

Del Walmsley
Monday, December 4th

Every entrepreneur, or investor for that matter, is tested by entropy of their business structure at one point or another. As Del conveys on this podcast, this is not a time to rethink your business as a whole, but instead your systems in place.


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Welcome to del Walters radio show with a high fence and help begins undergoes don't want Julian is always. We're working on your financial freedom with me here today to help us. As mr. Kim Maclean Kim is from central Texas he's the multifamily rental Arthur welcome Ken. Welcome to help thanks for having me on. Kim I got a lot of scuffle to talk to do about but some of its personal some of its consulting and so forth. But I wouldn't comical statement before we start just to make sure that this doesn't or is it misunderstood. Folks my entire life I've never purchased a home. That I could not afford to pay with one years with the pay in other words whatever my income was. When I first started at a 40000 all your come out lived in a 40000 dollar Condo. When I moved up to make a hundred grand here I moved up to live in a 100000 dollar house would amid a quarter million dollars a year. I lived in the 250000 dollar house when I made my first million dollar year income what Bubba soap a million dollar mansion over gallery. Here's support that would assure you before we get started Kim in the rest of world is that. I've never ever been house pour. But I will tell you something I learned. When I was out there trying after I started becoming wealthy to find something to spend my money on because my wealth was growing so rapidly I figured I'd better do something for. The enjoyment in life it's not the money's lifestyle. I looked at motor homes. And I just couldn't get much of the Bible and dissect you body depreciation down by 50%. And you know use park it somewhere get paid a parking you'll use it every once while I looked at yachts I have friends who took me out of the odds for it was fun to go out of the yacht that man. You have to park those suckers somewhere you have to clean them you have to put gas and then you have to maintain them. And you still only get to go autumn every once in awhile and to worry about a hurricane. You know my dad so long time ago is not what it cost devised what cost to maintain it. It's Cedric Cedric. Oh it's all kinds of things you can spend your money on walls doing all that for about two years of investigating what I was gonna pick as a hobby. Steve Davis decided he was gonna take this class and how to build houses he went down to Galveston and pirate's cove I think it's called an adult himself. Eight beach house. And I think you build flight 450000. Dolls are what whose gun it was worth likes governor 50000 and he just had a blast with it was just. It extreme fun for him may have been his stance Steve lives in little 1718100. Square foot home. He's had for the last 25 years thirty years and he's he's doesn't live in a big house this was his home this was his. You know splurge. But what got me about the whole thing Kim was set. About six months after it built the house and I was sitting look at all these things that word depreciating. And that we're not somebody who enjoy every day. Here he had a house that one up in value his toy went up in value in irritated the Livan did jeepers out of me. So what I for a ball by first million dollar home over the Del Rio and I got up every single day and was waking up to incredible beauty. I realize. That although I don't want people out there to thank you need to go spend for a home right now. I want you to be conservative your home but I want to get so rich you can for whatever hole you wanted to what I won. And even the whole my living now which is 20000 square feet with a twenty car garage. I'll sort sixteen adults we're people the twenty car garage. Even this with incredible landscaping unbelievable. World I live in more than it's like you go all my backyard so accurate tropical paradise. Even that I've bought a fifty cents on the dollar and made two or three million dollars on it already just owning that here's a point and getting to. There is nothing that I found more enjoyable as other than your relationship with your wife for your kids or whatever but as a financially physically purchased enjoyed. There's nothing I've found his bed and waking up in home your dreams every single day. Looking out the windows and in my yard battles icy water icy water falls lacy mountains I see all kinds of tropical stuff. And now I know you've purchased your home your dreams Kim. And I'd like to touch touch base who you could ever remember two or three years ago me giving you a little bit of or harassment because you were trying to figure out. What retirement was gonna look like for you and your wife and you were a little worried. And you know you came. Before he came to lashed out she really had a business that was really good job you worked at it. And you really didn't know where you're gonna retire how are you gonna retire in that job. And I'm giving all the spa paraphrasing appear Kim so we can get right to the to the conversation. But the bottom line is I want you to take it from there that guy that had a job couldn't see the future to now. Building your dream home in a dream location. Being married to a dream wife having dream vacation set up all the time. And still having tons of time to give back to the people. And have significance. In this world other words you didn't just walk away and become an old man you are significant to people's lives out there you were important. And I wouldn't know what it feels like to youth so that people out there can go hey I would love to become successful like Kim. And so I could have those things and I could still have time to get back Sherwood is what it was like just being that guy working in the trenches everyday Kim and what it felt like to get to this point. Well a built pretty. Now it it is the king of the understood that they you're the master of the understatement artsy. But the absolutely not you Bieber expand more and mercifully put I was when I first got into this business I was working in it instead of on it. And I couldn't glass but what it's like to have other people take care of all these things for us. And let us and you know still make tons of money in and go up and do fun stuff and once it finally collect. Then we decided okay it's time to make that move. Mark my wife. Mom was. Financially secure and ready to go live why and and enjoy it in on or they didn't get to her life was cut short. But she always instilled all my life you know do this stuff now why you're young and you can have fun. And so. It would have been easy for us to just stay in Houston and continue buying property that spelling and working in the business than in all of that but we decided no we need that. We need to get away from Houston to where we're. Were forced to have to live their retirement lifestyle. And so we had a we had bought these slots in years ago and decided we're gonna build there because we just love this area. Northwest of Austin. And so we just completed. Are all day before yesterday we got our that there there occupancy. It's a lot on the way. It's just fabulously you're just so excited about moving man. And Bergen it contained continued gradually move Manitoba corny yet. The month we have movers come and take all the heavy stuff out of marked down home. And we're gonna start living the retirement lifestyle. In our brand new home and we just that you know we pick ourselves every day because we just can't believe that this is what our life has become. Thanks to you and lifestyles. Have you truly grass to get Kim I mean I'm asking honestly because. I grass things in in pieces and parts and sometimes I just wake up and go wow I didn't realize how good I guess you know just. Every guy yet. Now I doubt I really don't. You know we we were we've been capable of traveling and doing whatever we want for the last 578 years something like that. And we had an old puppy dog and we didn't wanna travel as much but go to him and passed away until now. We don't have anything called and asked back we can take care of any business we have to do from wherever we are much like Johnny Lama does. So we're able to travel anywhere we want in that that's hard to grass. But coast are automatic reaction is what we don't know we can't do that are you know whatever so so we're part we're having a tough time. And forcing ourselves. But we've done it we've we've just got back for a week's vacation on sailboat in the Bahamas. We'll get right in Jackson Hole for a couple weeks and so yes we're up. We're gradually getting hold of the bat if we are financially. Agree completely and do whatever we want winner. So for people out there that that we're sitting back where you were when you had your inspection company. What he had to say to them to do get him over that hump because I mean. There's like people listen show and on every day I try to beat into their mind that I know you're skeptic I'm a skeptic but. How did you break your skepticism Kim. We didn't have any trouble. Believing. Before we ever went in any like stalled B Vance. I have done a lot of Reading about investing. Because. I had been woefully. Unsuccessful. At investing in the stock market every time I've put some money in there I would end up losing it and so I knew there had to be a better way. So I read all these books and when I went to the year your first case study. Everything you said makes Dan that all of a long all of. Reputable book in the red and so we don't fan from day one I think we joined. Going for the good guys enjoy the lifestyle that very day in and all right Kim we're gonna have to go there pushes up the back into this segment. I feel like to ask him questions numbers 8777115211. 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Within that confines of their schedules and commitment. Want to get started now go to might passive income workshop dot com. That's my passive income workshop stuff. Come. Again and stands today all day long in the car on my way to work heading home listening online keeps you in touch will you work at top thirteen seventy dot com get a ring no talk thirteen seventy anywhere kind of their friends away. The man on a mission to retire. Once. Welcome back to Dell wants a radio show with me here today is Kim clean out of the central Texas office use one of the three multifamily canceled filters or two or three out there now Kim I forgot. Are we to step Iraq. You have to OK to multifamily consultants and Kimball who went to break we're talking about you know what it feels like to have come to the end of this. Well not the end of the term but to be or not tomorrow night bell what what do you know but I don't know. That but at pitchers who words. So as we do is we look at this leg of who we think back now what does it feel like to be a mentor I mean. Q you've got this all this free time everybody else might just take it disappear. And you've elected to give back. And help other people. Why do you do that and what feelings do you get from that one out what is his satisfied in your personal should. Psyche to want to do this. Well when our when our first twenty year to date and use that company it really struck a nerve with me and stuck with me all these years and you continue to stay year after year. And that is I'll teach you gotta be really cheap you've come back into the map to other people. And I used. Just changed our world immensely it's just unbelievable how much different than a much better our world is. That it was before we join a lot stop. And so the only way I can really show you appreciation and everyone that helped us along the way is to pay it forward and help other people. And when you came to me and asked me if I'd be an Indian man tour I didn't even have to think about it it was a no brainer but yeah I. I promised you I would do that when I first joined and that's what I'm doing. And I've gotten way more out of it then I put into. Or listening to people's stories. Helping them. When they feel like there's you know all is lost or there's there's no way out of this this endless hole of work and to get die. You know it it's really rewarding and an these. Many people that are wealthy now they've started off with a job in it and and no way to lift ourselves. It it's just a wonderful feeling. Help them help and all these folks. Have you everybody successful come back Q and do you view. The big thanks yet. Oh absolutely all the time all the time I get I get text messages from people that there you know thank you for. Helping us get into this apartment complex are these apartment complexes or whatever you know we we know our best to wipe out there and am now. To your help and I get all the time and now. Am kind of kind of shy when it comes second stuff and I dollar Noah lifestyle I'm just the messenger but does it really makes it feel good that did. Well you know I was reducing the other day about what it takes the sixth needs a human beings have. And one of the needs in this is not want to in this is not a desire and this is not a goal it's a neat. Is to feel substantial to have something in your life that makes you were make you feel significant. And I cannot say that anything is ever give me more feeling the significance then. Consulting people personally. To the success level. But beyond that like you said. What I felt about being consult wants it kept me razor sharp. Because maybe by owning my own real state I've run into one problem every three to six months so would drop all my how to solve this. But being consulted it was like its people bring him stop every day I had to be razor sharp. To have all those answers also it kept me razor sharp on the market. I knew exactly what stuff was selling for I miss sect him not being a pants on consultant and more how do you feel about that level. Yes absolutely. I just. And it's it's I left Houston and moved over here in central Texas and our realized how much I didn't know about this market. And all my properties are in the Houston area and Pasadena. And so it did really took awhile to get hung up on all the information and everything so. Yeah I and it does he'd be sure our been he'd come on your toes I get past is that there are members asking me questions all the time and I'm like oh well well look into this. And have to get the answer forms but yeah I it. It's definitely oh. I here's a trick question okay. Yeah. This this is itself would of told told John Ridgeway this long time ago what I brought him as a consultant to jump. So there's only two ways you can engage. Your success as a consultant. As the number one. He retired people. Which means you've got him enough pass an income that they grew replace your income and number two they win awards. So can you share with us any of the people that you had a hand in consulting. That'd be the retired themselves or have won awards I know I didn't warn you this question. But I it's like asking people stuff that I don't warn them of just to see if they can think on their feet. Yeah quote of bill when it comes to mind immediately. Is Carrie McKinney. He was. He was a passive investor mine in my very first lead deal it was his very first deal to invest in. And I remember Kerry would come all the partnership means he would in deftly asked question after question after question. He was really kind of a pain in the butt and not her I told him that and but yet. Parent there were good questions you can. And here they were good questions there and he was not asking just to be a pain in the body that they are insular. And Kerry went on to. Oh lead syndicators. Wiped out in the Austin area he went on to a man. B Austin apartment association investor in the year and various other awards for his property. He's the first one comes to mind their meaning anymore after that. I helped John or react to a to a lesser extent just being a fellow owner and a member of our our DNL group the owners group. And helped him somewhat. Offer advice when asked in so he's he's. Wonderful example of that he's just gone on be a tremendous owner. An investor. And many others that I helped just as a fellow member and lifestyles. And now in central taxes that help many people that have gone by their first and second deal. And now it yeah at some. And it was their own legacy of atlas lists think of your legacy Kim of helping turn the thing. Kerry McCain not only has won awards turned into news not only had massively successful deals multiple multiples of these all over the place. But he brought gave a shipping yet. David Shipley Dowd said multiple successful deals or did we should be became a consultant and it started lots of people. Think of that we see you guys are on like this not the second generation or the third generation nor the fourth generation. You guys are working on the fifth generation since you've come here a successful people. Have you ever thought about that. Now that that's an excellent point and it goes on and on yeah I absolutely. You think about the original members. In east and it came in what art group in 2006 and 2007 and all the people that have followed their man and in fastball. And yeah it's pretty pretty amazing to think about. Our folks if you would ask him question we come back Kim's gonna talk about. Some consulting he's done but if you wanna ask my personal question or direct question our number is 8777115211. I will be right back with Kim claim. And the del Walters radio show. You're listening to the Joseph wants the great here. Principles are just different. Longtime lifestyles member Curtis Haines. A real joy for me looking back. Is helping others and I wouldn't be able to have done it without the support of lifestyle ladies can't please thank you enough feel for that. If he were to ask people if they could vote on the top ten guys. That help for the people you'd be one of them there's no doubt about it you have. This road map of holy success stories on this one I'm just. One person out of the thousands fantastic success story that each and every person can learn from that's my advice. Take Curtis Haines advice come meet felt like minded successful investors who are helping others just like dale helped him. Attend the workshop getting your map. Safely and quickly build wealth and passive income so you never have to worry about working till you drop. Losing your job or retiring in poverty. Call 18669718970. Or go to lifestyles and limited Austin dot com that's lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to register for the workshop it will change your life. Get the latest business news from CNBC. Weekday mornings at 630 may thirtieth weekday afternoons at 12343530. We. Make you smarter. Hopefully it'll also make use some money. Stay connected with talk thirteen seventy the right choice. Conventional wisdom just sets you free the men on a mission to reach. Once. Welcome back to don't want to radio show within days Kim McLane from the central Texas. Area he's so Multi Color mentor out there. And Kim let's talk about. Some of the stuff that's been keeping you interest did in active lead consulting and helping people change or lives here there late. Last couple weeks yourself. Well one of what are things that really came to mind when I was trying to come up the topic but he show what and one of the mentoring that I had earlier this week. That the fellas I'm a colleague Peter that's not his real name because until and if we're without inspiration because I think it's at impact it. He's he's Vietnam immigrant. He's. If you remember that iconic video of helicopter leaving the American Embassy in Saigon and all the people fight to get in the fan but they can get on a helicopter to get out there. It's Stanley was in that group. And he did not get out. His dad worked for the US state during the Vietnam War and a lot of people don't really think about what happened to those folks after the war was. And he was telling me and just grief. Summary of some good stuff that they endured and it just really mind boggling and it makes you really think about. You know when we complain about but this sacred as Spain or there's not going right what these people really endured is just phenomenal. Is dad was. And I don't like us that work for the US government and so in the north Vietnamese took over they tore up all his paperwork. Which was huge over the air because if you didn't have idea or repair their version of an order whatever it is. Then they would just pound you and Iraq issue immersed like and so his dad was put in work camps I believe he's that eight times and in years. And what they would do is. They would come and knock on your door every night in a neighborhood. And look for your identification and if you didn't have the identification they all do all these work. So consequently what he in this Stanley had to do was that every night they would have believed that Al. And just go hide somewhere until about midnight when they are checked into effect in house. And he couldn't work. You know regular job over the air because of that amendment and small village in. I mean he's just unbelievably hard. Are living and they did this for ten years and he finally qualified as a rip UT. And brought his family with this shirt on his back and nothing else. We've got to America as somehow. And this man is amazing he he went and stayed and did what every good and he could is that we did including our member Peter through college. And is just the distress of all of that really got him. And so. He would tell me how a couple of years ago is older brother died in tragic accident. And that just kind of stand is that over the edge and had this mystery illness or he would have to develop a fever only at night. And it kept him from being over its fleet. And doctors consider what it was and so anyway he kept he couldn't sleep he lost weight any finally passed away eight. And you know Peter didn't speculate but it sounds to me like there's the ought to have and hide every night for all those years in Vietnam might of this do it. It does so in light of somatic doesn't have. Ams are I said sounds very Psycho somatic. Yeah yeah but he would eventually took his life and that. You know pretty traumatic for this this family. But anyway. Peter. Went on to college and got a degree. Is built a pretty good life for himself. He's working as a chemist. He has a wife it's an engineer is also Vietnamese and Chinese. And there are both working and they had two children. And yeah. Like most wives and engineers she's not real sure about this real estate investing thing so and he's kind of doing it on his own. He like as that they had two small children but he invested in real estate before doing watch out he bought the rental the and didn't look very good job urged them so they're increasing in value but he's not really getting much Erik Logan. So somehow we found about lifestyle. And the joined just couple months ago and so now he and I are talking. About him being a lead investor. And just you know. Talking about where he came from. And what you want to do now is this really. It's really inspiring to me. You know you like you said Jeremy and you look at people who had almost everything like the brass ring that the silver spoon. Growing up here in America it always amazes me people who've come here with nothing from other countries. Understand the value of the entrepreneurial spirit understand the value of education being able to get. And many of our. You know people who grow up right here in America. Our friends as we grow Pratt and just didn't get it so. As he goes into this right now. He's working. He's a parent. He's a husband. He's got a little properties he's he's worked with where does he get the time to work with you on moving up and becoming a lead investor. Well he and I met after work yesterday. And you know he's trying to get as many vice colleagues in this possible. And he's just dedicated himself to making that happen eat each artist and outreach way to work he's on call 24 hours. And it just doesn't leak in many times it's been with this family. And so he's really dedicated himself to making this happen and where it what our health it's gonna happen I guarantee. Such a great story. And intended infancy was talk about someone that's gone through that phase that you're working with now. You caught me on another one off car here. That's what I'm here to do on the interview guys that on the guys don't two questions you guys gotta go over the years it's. You have well let see I'm going on a you know an inspector with the young lady you owns a sixteen unit announced he's got a 96 units under contract. And she's all excited about that a nominee Bill Walker units with our. And that buying that property is probably gonna retire Hirsch who works for the state. And she's just thrilled to death the date that. We have another one tomorrow. It's. Another gentleman that got three small properties we need to look in an honor and tiny stitch unit property. And that's gonna retire him. He's thrilled about that. Got another guy bit I helped him out on his. Closing I helped him sign on his note he audit thirty unit the other last month. And he's just thrilled that he's already turned that property around raised the the ramps fifty to 75 dollars a month on every unit. He's ready to retire. So I mean the list goes on and off and they're just so many of them and they're that this story seems to be the same with the wood my honorary. Well you know the thing that I was just like giving measured tone these multiple stories. And what hit you back with this year we've god two and half minutes so royally two minutes. Does it seem that to use that most people grow exponentially in other words to go. If they do house than they do ten or twenty or more units or if they don't to a house to do 220 unison they do a hundred. Doesn't that seem. The most common to see them grow exponentially as opposed to just literally from tended to another tend to do twentieth you know. Oh absolutely I'd add consulted many of them that they well I think you know I can probably get enough money there are in ten years it you know by als beer bottle off. And I'm like no you can you can not get rich slowly you really need to do this quickly. And it is possible that entirely off one and you don't have to double your income. Or your network very often to get to where you need to be. So yeah it. People are amazed at how quickly they can get to to where they where they want of the I got I've got a call the other day from the gentleman that helped them close is urged property last year. He's that the property is doing phenomenal. I'm ready to look for another bigger one. And not quit my job and I am ready to move off so yeah it is just amazing how quickly it happened. What's amazing is how easy Louie throw around the statement I quit my job. It helped or how easily we throw runners table this one will retire him we're talking about peep in their thirties 40s50s. Maybe even sixties but they're doing this stuff in two to five years that just blows my mind. Okay it would go one segment left you gonna get an askew question in numbers 8777115211. If you want you to question call now during the break you won't future right when we come back. Otherwise when we come back Kim Morgan talked about. Vacation. He wears a best places to go on vacation we rules to invest right back. We've Kim McLane and the Dell want to radio show. Listening to their tell monthly rate. Principles are just a few. Did you know that every dollar you put into a piece of real estate may cheap money five ways. Cash flow of money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars you create when you have the right team and by the right property using the right map. Appreciation. Real estate doubles in value about every ten years equity buildup. Renters pay down your mortgage each month and finally the tax advantage we pay almost no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains. These are the five ways we make money in realistic which is why real estate accounts for more millionaires in the world today than any other investment vehicle. You should have some real estate in your portfolio. To learn how to attend one of our free workshops or call 18669718970. Or go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718974. Go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com. Hi this is Gordon Deal join me weekdays 4 this morning America's first news to hear the stories you'll be talking about and searching for all day as we go beyond the headlines and above the chatter weekdays at five on talk thirteen seventy. What would happen if you didn't show up for work tomorrow. For the next couple of days for a week. A couple of months a heat. How long until you lose everything you've worked for in a fraction of the time it took different if this fear keeps you up at night it's time to learn the strategies we teach at the lifestyles unlimited start with a free workshop. Go to my parents who didn't come workshop dot com and find your true financial piece like so many of our members already have. That's my passive income workshop dot com. Thirteen seventy. Conventional wisdom to. The men on a mission to reach out. Once. What about you don't want to read your show with the use the mole Bertram a mentor from central Texas mr. Kim clean. And Kim as we go to break goes warning everybody that I was gonna ask you the best places to vacation as a real estate investor and change it slightly and say hey look. I'm real estate investor. And I know investors that go on vacation one week every month. I know other investors who go one month several times a year all different ways to vacation share with us. How are you thinking a beginner rules investor that's getting in his first. One or two apartment complexes should look at vacationing and how are you had a range it. Yourself to be able to make sure your business gets taken care of and yet you still love all that free time to take off. Well they're the key is to. Like I mentioned early years to work. On your business and not in it. You need to trust people that are gonna take care things in there and these are good people. And make sure they take care. We need in order to move over here and retire we heard a supervisor. Who has. Point 530 years experience in the industry he takes care of all of our operational issues supervise our managers. And that would just very very fortunate that we have enough units that we in the would do that. That's kind of the end game is the idea is you'd development or buy enough units to where you look forward to our supervisors. And into an apartment you wanna buy enough apartment unit to where you can having manager on site to take care of all that. So. That. The main thing and the minor things is round at twentieth of the month he seemed does not have much going on you think they're all your first of the month stuff you're. Partnership reports and all of that though. If you're gonna plan to meet very week vacation do it at the end of the month on the you know. And now. You know I I have a first world problem with my vacation my wife is that flight attendant for thirty years he's been everywhere. So in order for me to convince her to go on vacation I have to get real creative at these someplace interest being in fund which he never been what's that that are not. My outlet. Then did you view significance doesn't it. I'm not. You know no hard and I thank you very much of our have been there done that. Been there done that yeah I was fine I. Got a emasculated you right there on the spot doesn't it kitty. I tell them. So the back into the month is a better time ago and didn't get to read soon you've done your eviction they're done all that stuff out of the way. General repair bills by the fifteenth of the month is that about right. Yeah yeah. Yeah out. You can you know big states you can bet bing stuff that they automatically that you bank traps they can do you know whatever and so. For that sort of stuff that you know the mortgage. Things that are pretty much staying every month he just arranged those pay at a time and to make like. On what he's there. You know I'm I'm an old fart and I just recently figured that stuff out are you that are just got frustrated afford to finally decided to go and do it. And it it is amazing I took all my personal bills and put a model draft and it's like a whole different life I mean that was a whole day in my life I too got a period of stupid pills and man it's so much she's you know so I agree with you I put every autograph or possibly could. I used to worry that they take the wrong amount of money or they do this they do that now legislature. It doesn't matter can always working out the back end if you had to. So that together and I also made. What else would you suggest people do. To keep themselves in the position we're in the business doesn't rub them but they rubbed the business. Keep talking to people like you've been their own because you're gonna make sure that your. You're not up they're planning flowers that your property. They're not you know bringing units from make ready and things like bad. We we were so proud we bought our very first property and we are now they're planted flowers around the fine and we thought that it. What is and we haven't even gotten it up and down you can pay me to go out there and do that. That's hilarious you pledge your own flowers. Yeah we were saving a Malayan skate and the. Men and that is hilarious it really is you it's. It's interesting though you're right though hanging out with people. Really does make a difference in fact I think. You know every group of people we go out with a regular basis. And what effort started hanging out with them there were all working diligently within their business. Very happy to see just purchased properties they're all excited everything just like you are talking about. And you know. Week after week going out to dinner with me. So forth. I just pounded the living crap out of slump in time to file who's guided by either like Iraq. I don't wanna go over the everyday I don't wanna do all the stuff you as stuff that you have to lose that you think you have to. And that's what makes a difference you have to realize you just need to set the systems up so you don't need to work in your business. And most people have never been able to see that because everything they've done life was they've got paid for them working. Not for them. Creating something not for them. Organizing a successful entrepreneurship but by working. In the business trading time for money and that's what they're used to. We'll give or pledge came on today and appreciate your time and restoring. And I appreciate you being out they're consulting other people were lucky to we're able to take you from the Houston market remove your. To the San Antonio and Austin market really happy still have you on the team out there you feel like you get near your arms around that market. Absolutely absolutely had to step they got away keep Doug from doing all the work he's got most of the members and Antonio anything to do most of the war so I'm gonna I gonna I don't. Brussels some of that away from me. What why do I see this little violin in your hand picked it up at 200. I would like dedicated and believe it then you're really worried about that although I know it's true but are there for some reason I continued to complete eye nose. See there was flip flop story boy dug a wish you wouldn't work so hard not they're also. I thought all right well I don't think I've lived by what you what you always state. You know they're too packed packed with people in the world and those who work for a living and those that let them. Now those are willing to work and those that are willing to let them and you're right yeah we're on that others are there. Which is sure. Our guys thanks for coming in today have we look forward to helping you more and remember we're not doing it for the money we're doing it for the last shall see you tomorrow. Yeah. The. We radio show. Can obtain the rest. Join us seventy. Can't get enough. Just enjoy the. And okay. Yeah. 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