Eliminating Financial Dependence & Prioritizing Your Life For Success, 7/30

Del Walmsley
Monday, July 30th
You get what you focus on in life. Del Walmsley leads us from dependence to independence, to interdependence, and financial freedom in less than an hour.

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If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics below also talk about how great it is to live in Texas we days five to seven on talk thirteen seven's Michael variation. The information and opinion see here on the Dell wants it radio show or those of the hose still wants Lee has gas and is collars and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the station its affiliates its management or advertisers that don't want to show was for entertainment purposes only please consult a professional regarding your personal investment needs nothing presented on the Dell wants a show constitutes and endorsement recommendation offer solicitation to buy or sell any product security. OK until motel clumsily radio show. Tell challenges the status quo who questions everything and it empowers you to return to your core belief still make your life better. Don't ready to hear the truth that you remember the lifestyle you really want the next hour will change your life. And know your home. Self made millionaire national award winning investor of the year CEO and founder of lifestyles are limited to no one's mind. You don't want to radio show with a hype and can help begins admirals don't want an always working and if by. I don't take them in realistic it's easy. People are typical remember that that's idealism and that prolonged. Realistic Z people would typical making a lot of money's easy. People are typical. Retiring a rich is easy. People are difficult. And why are people that were called by the way to a typical people the typical people all of our. The are all whacked out general belief systems. Most people successful outcome Cologne it is really it's interesting to music. Watch people everywhere ago. And I notice that almost everybody out there is living a life of quiet desperation. Now what is your quiet desperation. Well maybe. It your body weight. You know I see families would of been waged 300 pounds wiped waged 25300. And these are little five foot tall Hispanic people. I mean you go you get into the other cultures that are taller people be people waiting 23 and 400. But what's and it's their kids are in first grade second great they're great they already 200. Their life is miserable. It's that would help you judge because I know what it's like to be fair it's miserable. It's a miserably to be able to neutral when you look it's a miserable way to live life that I see people out there that don't have any money. And their life is miserable. He says it will no one gets is that everything nobody used and everything carries and everything but it you don't have a future one it. Food is and everything but if you don't have you sure want it. And money like everything else from if you don't have it you one. Money makes the world go. So some people have its own people though but those who don't currently have very unhappy. What is the largest cause of divorce. In America. Arguments over finances. Children are second. And there are some people are live another life of misery. They've raced all these kids have all these kids who did intend to ever make you an intended to have the data and realizes now the entire life is reaching kids there's nothing left for them. Their entire life is dominated control manipulative. And go down one you pick whatever the Pena is just say I can terrible marriage and I see people I meet people just miserable. In EC people treating others now how can you feed partners. That's a ridiculous thing you could electors while you're reading your calls don't cheaters but they can it. Because they can't break out of the box that they're living in because the aimed. Of doing that the work it would take to change their life is too great they don't want to do. It's only go to on this list of reasons people live these lives a quiet desperation. You're sitting there listening this either in the copper. Or maybe it. Uncooperative traffic you're living a life quiet desperation sitting in bumper to bumper traffic lets us know you're going to a job it's really not ever gonna make you rich. That may be like you need you hate. But it's the monotony but even if you like it every day giving up putting clothes driving the same room and getting to work indoors Tuesday garbage every single day. And then coming home again the traffic the routine getting home the routine at all. We are put on in the excitement when you were a kid would. You instead of coming home to see your wife just belted routine and got the bills and the kids in the of this that. Honey boom it's gone. You know. In the position I'm in and tried. To impress you. I'm telling you about the opportunities in the world. I wake up every day and look at my fiancee Melissa Wednesday. He wanted to. Where he wouldn't go through something new we haven't tried to rough spot a new movie and place to go into vacation. What you would do. But most people say. What do we aptitude. Because they don't own their own lives their life is owned by others. And so asking this question to very important question. Who owns control to manipulate your life. Q you. I would suggest you there's three different types lifestyles since world. And the three to protect lifestyles are a choice. The first choice is live depend. What are you depended on. You're dependent on your job. You're depend on your family your depend on your religion your depend on your. Help. You depended on all these things that you worked up in your mind control manipulate. You know I'd love to do that but I just don't have enough energy I'd love to do that but just can't physically do it. You know had loved to do that life just doesn't enjoy that at all I wanted to come to your program to get rich but. Know much else that no way Jews were not to go to another crazy day it's on believed it can't possibly be true. Who control to manipulate for like and why do you let them control manipulate your. And and maybe that's the right thing to do for you because if you don't wanna take control of your life. You don't want to live like it's gray and his possibilities. You don't. Other like you take control. But you don't want to take control you're letting other people control manipulate you in your living under the ball mobile life of quiet desperation. And to tell the some sort of pressing against depressing. I stood outside a look at echo. Again. I couldn't be that person. Never heard a million years little muscle be in that position doesn't matter how much money they have done matter what I am. What I have I'm not going to let myself be in that position were controlled manipulated the people who things and other places. You have a choice. In life. 213 ways the first way is to be depend. When I was younger. I was depend. At a cycle mother it was a drug addict. Wouldn't work stayed home all day and smoke. Cigarettes drank alcohol and took prescription drugs. Laid on the couch did nothing and made me clean house and cook and take care of my sister. Like little flames. Because she and mine was sick all I'm sick you should care about me you should worry about me. Until I found freedom. You're reading books about how to before a fight freedom and free world. Around. Harry Browne could book picking up to. Help on freedom and free world. Where everybody else is werewolves control manipulation pulling your old strings by doctor Wayne Dyer another great book I read what it. And one day I just said to other ma. Your sickness issue or problem. You can stop smoking you can stop drinking you can stop taking those drugs. You can physically and helping you could get back injury. You just don't want to use light green. The person. That. Everybody. You wanna be pity that the way you'd teacher retention unless I can do it anymore. I'm not gonna be isolated your desire to control and manipulate my life. And that was my first real exertion. Of my free will. And I remember my dad can always upset you talk your mother which it sure did and haven't talked that we use to. Because you're not going to make me live the same miserable life you're living. Just because your parents grew up a white. That was terrible. A wife a whole whole total pain and suffering. You know to. You know when I was young we were Smart enough to move out of the bad city Ferguson. Illinois are produced in Zurich that is where there's all these games in all the wars and all this fighting. We moved away. Any other family in that neighborhood kids get in their car and move away. But they go. There affiliation to their family to their game. To their neighborhood. And affiliations the most important and so it went on to do with them talk to you about. A couple things number one how to move from dependency to independents. And that movie is going to sound terrible to you because it's gonna sell them on nappy mean. To give up on all the people out there the control manipulate you sound like you're a bad person. And then I'm sure you want your free all the wonderful things you can do hope the people. And then you're gonna become the third lowest interdependent. Where if you are totally for you now have read addictions. Do good things. Was before in your life you have no reduction that. You've got to get up and go to work it's Monday guys you're going to work there is no charity in your life today. We take short break we'll be right back ago. Yeah. You're listening to their Joseph wants the radio show Dell will be right back with more life changing principles are just a few minutes. 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And breaking news exclusive contests and more delivered right here rim not I like doing things doing the right choice club that talk thirteen seventy dot com and you'll be in the just go to talk thirteen seventy dot com and click on the right choice club from top thirteen seventy the right choice. Welcome back now here's a more unconventional wisdom to set you free from the man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. What about you don't want to radio show today we're talking about transforming your life. Now making money in real state that's an easy thing to do I can teach him that cup two days to be two days teaching them to make money in real state. I can talk about it for questions about it but it doesn't do you mean he could you can always thousand guys are teaching rules to programs out there. Thousand guys out there that you radio shows. That all of them. But what I'm trying to do in my life that I've been lucky enough to become massively successful is to give back what really makes the difference. And the difference is not knowing how to do reels yet we know how to do rules dating life doesn't do it better than anybody else how we know that. For the last eleven years we won not only local and state concept won the national park association rules to your work. Eleven years and road we've won multiple awards everywhere. Odds of them. Nobody can prove that can track record it's not out there. So it's a known quantity we've got more members and the other members group that's known quantity. A we've been in business longer and everybody without going out of business. And having somebody try to take yourself. That's been known quantity. All of those known qualities don't keep you here to do something about life if you don't realize that you are sending their living this life of quiet desperation. And there's different degrees don't get some of view of the just a little bit of desperation some of you just really. Almost ready shoot yourself that that which desperation. And there's everything in between. Well we're able to talk about now is that I talk but there's three ways to wouldn't either dependent. Which is total desperation. Or. Independent totally free. You make decisions and you'll know what else makes a decision you make decisions other people make decisions are right don't you. Yeah big controllable laws and they control the rules they control the economics of the country. Don't control you. You can just be like pollute your lick. They can throw rocks at you in the water to its goals around. It back if water roll over rocks long enough rocks giveaway. Water always wins. And you have that fluidity in your like you can do whatever you want to do. So if somebody moves your cheese that's the book says who moved my cheese it's will be changed the rules and you. You can change inference they have changed the rules on you financially. We talk about that all the time they moved you're jeez let me give an example. The two thousands are no in 1970. If you would retired millionaire and that would be hard to do in 1970 because money you know we're more than. A but it is a ballistic you had a million dollars you can buy CDs. At 15%. And you can burn 150000. Bucks a year which back then would be a lot of money. But today. If you say that million dollars. You can earn half a percent. Maybe one person. At the malls which means you're sick of being looked at you about the reports that the average at Celtic percent that's locked out of bucks a year. Can you survive a pop culture let's that you don't that you get 1% mr. That's 101000 a year there's nowhere near that 150000. Year and that's 4050 years ago that it was 150. Today that money probably doesn't mean any winners. So yes they move your jeans guys. But they threw a rock in your way. You can go round rock. But first before you can do that you have to make the decision to be three. You have to take back your life from corporate America. You got the buyback from corporate America you have to buy back from everybody else is controlled immediately. Now. I used of this deal when it dated women I've been. It was an opera web gears and so there's no beating in my future anymore but I actually do this was. Inevitably muted gorilla suit with talk about the buy things in life that you can prioritize. And you know after it's done have this conversation with him I can tell you exactly who they weren't. What they were gonna do and how the relationship and because you can tell what motivation. People you can tell what they're going to do especially you can tell what their real. That's an important factor because people's failures are what stop them from getting yourself up to route to every single one of government says. William is the way to succeed if you're not feeling you know you're not succeed you know you're not feeling I don't believe that at all I don't consider the fact went out there to become. The body boulder that was a second place the first time in the first place the second time. I don't consider the first time a failure consider that a result. And the result was closer equals or cultural world wanna be that's not failure. Villiers attack in personal rituals muddled the wall that doesn't work that doesn't work that doesn't work that doesn't work. And that's what typing is doable self help people are Taipei they would tell you just don't roll on to stop on the wall. And maybe one of the bulls ticket won on sticks me and you date. That it Taipei personality children to be success. Now that's not. The way most conservative. Intellectually based people becomes. We'd be intellectually based conservative people this rule we make. Moves we take actions we reevaluate the effectiveness of that action and it just our actions that's not failure. These failures wanna tell you which PO I failed a thousand times that I got what you may one work. That is not success. That his failure upon failure upon failure and whatever is eventually. Repair one into some in the works there make a little bit of money but also people can keep them. You and the team and get in trouble with Watson's family relationships. And business problems because they do have a foundation for. So. When I meet people asking these questions to figure of the art Hogan they'll and the Arctic it's not by questions of what is part Ortiz prioritize. These five. Items in your life and what on religion. One of the country's east a CD will call cities. How do you feel about your civic responsibilities. The next morning's AM new responsibilities and actually financial responsibilities. And the the next one is health fitness happiness people. In other words yourself. Now. I would of people assembled people are gonna fail. I can tell you which way they're gonna be realistic person who believes family's the most important thing. Well I came out of the those forms. And we was all week. They didn't believe in the civic opportunities because it with the government was on their side they thought the cops were against. They didn't have any money so they didn't feel money was important. Most of them. World peace and and out of shape I mean tragically obese and shape fitness and being healthy and good looking had nothing to do with their lives at all. They all looked. Terrible. Felt terrible. So they have little hand. So how did they fail. Your blood in the world and they couldn't get along with society. They had no civic responsibility. They might even be big with gone. And they would ask god to continually get them out of problems there and god please take this to weigh. And all these problems help me god. Inflict I'd like a bank account they go to him for depositor withdrawals. And keep would brawl would crawling with throwing. You know I hate to see. The bank account want to. Be short break right I don't want to. You're listening to their Joseph wants the radio show. Dell will be right back with more life changing principles are just a few minutes. Get total freedom in your life safely and quickly filled full capacity from should never worry about working until you drop losing your job for retirees improper. Over forty years ago Dell won't sleep founded lifestyles on limited. Dell has taught over a 100000 people just like you the principles of financial freedom lives national radio shows and personal one on one match point at lifestyles and I'm excited to tell you about the real estate workshop has changed so many lives. This workshop takes you inside what we do and what we believe we'll share with you the five ways to make money in real estate and what's more. 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It's time to live a life you deserve you can only do that by creating passive income. Let us show you how it's just two hours. Can't be worse than another meeting about meetings or another mine was my front of the TV go to lifestyles on limited Austin dot com that's lifestyles unlimited Austin. Dot Texas weather can change on a dime. I wanted to doing do you normally. When the weather turns severe. Turns to us for what you need to know on air and online at top thirteen sending dot com top thirteen seventy the right choice. Welcome back now here's some more unconventional wisdom to set you free. The man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. Oh one's. Can. What about your don't want to readers should never talked about how to become free. And not just financially free but totally free and independent of the world control and dominate and manipulate you from all week shapes sizes. Talked about the five now use. And these five values. That you value in your life determined. What your life is gonna be liked or another way to look at it is. Each one of these values he's going to control and manipulate your life and at which the more important she put on one of these. The more he's gonna eat up your life now. Let's take a second. And what's realized this would talk about morality. There's everybody's morality from top Obama. He do you believe in god. He which has gotten everything. Or you don't believe in god at all which has got nothing to try encircle you can't figure out where that circle begins and ends. You consider religion gives us all where good morals but the you can see the religion is probably the main reason for almost every world war the reverend was in mutilation. Torture. Rape is all. You know cloaked under religion. And so you can buy that argument that religion is the worst thing. And the new considerable it is a religion religion is man made but god if they will be and if god is god why did you let all the bad stuff happen. And so religion is one of those things you can't cope of their two week it is just what you believe. If you believe it's probably not it will control manipulate your life. I had to grow from one time was dating insurance system was it about Catholic. Remember talking to her about salt of all they did was he can people be successful was ridiculous. Because she. Had this belief. That came from the Bible. That god have what she called the book of life she goes god has already written my story in the political life. And it's not going to change no matter how much to me and tries to manipulate what god had intended for me he's got a plan for me I'm just gonna go ahead and let it happen a minute role myself to god. And let him control manipulate everything that comes to my life. Well needless to say he is a global life you're lucky she's sitting there waiting. Which reminds me of the story of the guy who is. Sitting there and a flood. We shared drive by and says hey you gotta get out your bench which you can flood Vietnam the devout believer in Jesus Christ on the way he can take care Clinton. Picture prize winning his feet and come back later boat in the water already. You know filled up the first for this guy's house in the sector important you're going to got to get the vote and get get out here accusers and question is gonna happen to go away it was topic few. I'm a devout believer decent tried to take care so he doesn't do the vote sure that's conceive of people please. Finally. Sure come back and helicopter guys at the top of his rope a wad of all we have the rope and stand there and the share of drops the rope ladder to climb up the ladder climb up Leonard I don't know of devout believer in Jesus Christ he will take care. And the wave hit and I was gone. So the guys signaled the pearly gates talked NC Peter goes I don't understand it here I am what are your most devout believers. Why didn't take care but he. And got looked at him to take care you we send you a Jeep a boat and helicopter. What their act you expect us to do. Seat somewhere along the line folks about what you believe in religion or not you have to take action. You have to take advantage of the resources that are surrounding you. Because maybe believe god created the resource big guide didn't tell you what to do with the resources. He met that a view. So some people have religion tied around their neck and can't do it because her waiting for god to do it for them. So here's what it would take. Sensors no way for. Your morals my morals. Or Germans morals for mobile homes morals or Christians morals anybody's morals and bacon says to everybody deals. I gave up. The religious morality thing and I came up so completely different. I came up with the concept that every decision like has consequences. And you decide the consequences. Good or bad. Is this an effective action. Or assistant ineffective. And ultimately. You become a peak and start robbing the ultimate. Ended that is not because god said do not steal it because you're gonna get your butt thrown in jail Sunday. To that and ineffective way to live your life. All put it in effect. It may on the short term B. And so one and so what do you make all the decisions working for your entire life. Satan. Living. On a budget. These openly and effective way. To legalize if you wanna be at retire or be ever wanna be Richard won't be success we have to give away. Remember. What you want out there and you can be effective. Are effective for every. Now you know I think that that affected because your position in life says it's not that you have anymore that you won a thrown everybody salutes a but you're a Democrat Sidwell parenthood. At a Republican George runner goes to the welfare is instantly being millions of black people around this country. Enslaving them to never want to be anything more than they are to make them dependent on government programs. And so Republicans believe that you actually hurting somebody. By giving while promoting and the Democrats really believe that there open shall well. Wired or by the Democrats doing it because they want power over these people. Because they want their votes so they have power over everybody. Right. So you go back and forth to these things what is right what is wrong actions and what is effective as the welfare system did effective. Or allowed to judge that. My opinions but it is not about things status is not about morals that's about starting to think he actively. And starting use. Logic. To make decisions you'll. You know you can have empathy and have logic. That you can't have sympathy and have walked. Simply means oh my god I'm so sorry for you and your situation company means area I totally understand when. Come from that's terrible life terrible and I understand that you got there I'm one of the people where you're right it's you know you're a tough situation. But Saudi sympathy for you could you put yourself and it's too. Right there's. Just the week you've got to look at. So. I'd sit down. Myself who did this this'll tiles which I gave to everybody and I give everybody when I beat them my side of the equation. My analytical side of the equation says the number one most important thing like this help. Help and that she don't that's ridiculous. Now it's not. 61 years old admirably Deluca 65 mobile market in the past sixty. Here in the sixty wanted to embody different things wrong with me. Every time I go to the doctor the doctor what to do all these past Ernie tell them dying for by different kinds of things you know to all you stop doing extradited issued an issue in this. Enables you to item but they're saying this is gonna lead to your debt. I'm thinking what can I do right now help Olson's of people a day on the radio. Think about who lives. One I did what can I do. Now writes a book to stop it sit and put them. Material manuals and stuff I've replaced myself and other people to do consulting. People one accompanies so I sent all that stuff pop but what do I actually able to do more. More can I produce we'll play that it there's nothing. If I'm sick in debt. Welcome it. Very little. Helping fitness allows you. To go out there and produce. Now to go one step further help and that this is something else. Opened fitness allowed to Walt yourself. If you hate yourself it's impossible to love other people 1200 pound bag kid. I hated everybody because I hated myself. My life was miserable. I've got no love no action no attention. So I'd equate to help fitness with Natalie that but with beauty and beautiful kids in my school got everything they wanted they got picked first for everything. They got all the accurately to all the attention about how good they were what they did they still end up getting all the attention to it. It's or equity beauty and happy to. Once I became physically fit I was trained person. I know I've got all the same attention equally to everybody else did. And also was happy about it. Once I had happiness for myself there was room for happiness other people. There was room for law to other people but in Kindle I was happy about me. In till I was physically fit in had room to share. There was an open meeting get. Because I had. Opened fitness. Beauty and happiness. The starting point for your entire life there. Is particular you. Like this in their. Got so when you take care of put your mask on first. And there. We're right back don't want. Yeah. You're listening to their Joseph wants what radio show. Dell will be right back with more life changing principles in just a few minutes. Did you know that every dollar you invest in real estate makes you won five ways cash flow of money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars and create when you have a great team and by the white property using the right map. Appreciation realistically increase in value over time equity built renters pay down your mortgage each month. And finally the tax advantage when done correctly real estate investors pay no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains at lake styles unlimited these are the five ways we make money in real estate which is why real estate accounts for more millionaires in the world today that any other investment vehicle you should have some real estate in your portfolio. To learn how to attend the lifestyles unlimited free workshop call 866971. 8970. 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Start with the free workshop go to lifestyles are limited Austin dot com and find you true financial. He's like so many of our members already yet. That's lifestyles on limited Austin dot com. Taste talk with you anywhere. I'm your computer or Smartphone logon to talk thirteen seventy dot com. So I stay connected with top thirteen seven eat the right choice. Thirteen seventy. Welcome back and now here's a morning unconventional wisdom to set you free. But the man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. No one's. I. Welcome back to don't want to agree to show enough talk today about how are you couldn't. Identify. Persons. Future. How they prioritize their priorities. And I gave you five categories and so I just want full and fair that I share outlines that made you think about yours. Mine based on effectiveness. Opened fitness to mis. Very important because you can't be effective in the next one money. In the region you thank you are you need money to be able to. Helped keep wouldn't security apparently went in argued church. You paying taxes to the government money makes the world go round but I don't think that money's the second most important that it's because I believe the way you get money. He's by helping people. In you can open up other people won't get what they needed one that you can have whatever you want money money is a scorecard. For Europe that does to help people so you go well. I can be effective agreed on my church and I can feed people's soup out of some people do. Every sector I don't know where anybody thinks that kind of voluntary doesn't think you get her purse from minimum wage to serve up that soup. You could be out there making billions and giving them the food and the money to support that entire operation. Now that somebody doing so which used to and they're serving up the soup yeah. Due to insult them but it's not much. And so when I see people that are out there helping Soviet Union critter rent house clean Paltrow plays. You've helped one family. They can't afford to buy outs themselves it's important to up themselves they don't have the ability to get loan to goad me into it you're doing all that for your help with. But. When you're out there by a thousand unit apartment complex you're hoping holes and pay him and that's what you're gonna make a lot more money than we won rails. Because you're helping more people it will that we worked so we wire athletes musicians. So rich. Because they hoped and some holes until people. Addict. Well watch one football game. You've got 30000 people auditorium another million people watching on TV. And Dave marquis getting that type of excitement like that it it my and so. There's no way they they were high school athletes who they weren't and they cheered on their their high school team and their college team. But they're sick pits armchair quarterbacks the people out there that have not been in life. Except the light years experience. And these apple are giving them that by carries expertise he wouldn't team win to beat Houston after one this year people go easy. Two years three years four years ago nobody cared about the afterwards nobody knew who they were even cared about when they weren't all the sudden everybody's an Astros it. Because. Curiously you're report. Were important travel all over the country now and you get out of your report you stop at a bar and talk to Leo were used all draft rules torque up. All right after nothing to do the Astros. I'm lobbed rockets of a living vicariously but really allowable because there's so much fun to watch and enjoy watching other teams that are that great. I enjoy the fact it's on but he figured out. How to make that team win. But I enjoyed it and so I'm right there with everybody I'm getting that by curious. Hi I can't wait the next game and his fifteen game winning streak right next to him. So. Being healthier hoping other people be happy making other people's lives better is how you produce money no more money you have the more people you've helped. Even if bad people have money they've done something. That helps them. Now some of them have done bad. And then what you have to say as well. In that case. What's gonna end up with that. Right in the wha what's good and to put them treating people tuned for people ultimately. They're gonna go down look at all the stuff right now was going on about the me too system. And all these people never would have thought all these liberals and religious people important people. We're all getting called out. So all that stop he did it come around to get them. In the long run. You get what you missed you received which you've given. The next one is fairly. Bailey is your castle. You think about the old days. Four people feel sick people walls are round themselves and they lived inside this council moves as a group of people they can live with. In if anything went wrong to go inside the castle and that was their protection your family in your protection it you love. Future security. And if you picked. The wrong terribly wrong wired for you raise your kids and correctly. Your entire life will be miserable. The outside world could even be successful. But the inside like people it's two completely different lives. And so you have a wonderful interior life of the castle in the family are good as they say. If they have is happy you know everybody else is happy to whatever. Believe you have about how you make a fairly happy if the family is happy and supportive. But outside real world just out there. You battle with them you bought flood gates may be you get slate for time to get your butt kicked when you come home you're the king of your own counsel. That's important thing. Now the sexual that'll take any affiliation with the ball that civic groups. I don't believe that the government has anything good mind probably most people running almost every local government is corrupt. Now there are few people that are tick my whereabouts in every person balancing it very large percent of people on the government to corrupt. They would inflict their values on us controlled manipulate dominate us the way they want now pure libertarian. And you're not that kind of person you see what I want is a government person I want to make everybody leaves won't. Power is not. Out there quality of life is knocked him out of power given the government about our government inspected people for them on the radio. Many times and I believe. So the bottom line is folks. Come back to god that to the number one. Or not at all that's the whole full circle there's no it should. Remember this though there is three choices. Dependency. Independents. Or being out there helping other people be happy living great lives. And that's interdependent. My goal for you is to become independent. So someday you could become interdependent global till you're independent. You. Have a wonderful day you tomorrow. Thank you for listening to win so clumsily radio show. I'll listen and everything. Can obtain the results. Joining us seventy so. Can't get enough distance to go on the radio dot com. To listen to the till clumsily radio show and access pass your broadcast enjoyed the conversation. Okay. It. 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