Fanstand ATX: The Podcast (November 8, 2017)

Wednesday, November 8th

Hosts Snupe Daniel & Aaron Anderson quickly shout out today's Austin-area NLI signees, recruiting offers, and Week Eleven match ups.  'Like no one else'!


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Oh I don't entertainment. I'm a running back for the mr. Andreas and this is fantastic idea expressed. Any extra time to end the week 112007. Change. Daniel Eran Anderson. Let. I don't lots of shocked about the final week of the regular season we're gonna Quigley we never claimed to be a recruiting we're gonna quickly try to run down and financial and eleven cent gain today a lot of people in Austin are again honored listen. Just touched on briefly aren't so yes the Marines that I know right now that a sign in allies national entered into any Wesley baseball infielder Tony Clemens with the Texas Lutheran. McCallum us our right hand pitcher may surprise you with Texas Wesley tubes solar bribe Cunningham twenty Texas as well also to stay local laws in you guys. C arrangement banks and even car offered by New Mexico State Wesley defensive line and bring Cassie offer that was constant. McAllen running back Alexander Julian visits and advisors say. A university last week made a wide receiver treated Byrd offered by Germany colleagues seen as caught Kathleen Willie Tyrone. See you raised just has bagged in Washington offer by New Mexico State New Mexico military institute same as for Maynor Marcy retreat McCutcheon who also got to offer for vermilion college. How to defensive back knowledge offer by Adrian College Michigan Michigan. Bleed of it's back appears weather is firmly committed to Texas states. A lot and there's Lake Travis I'm receiver Gary Wilson offer my deep counts by California University have Barkley. They Travis quarterback Mac T ball and offer by rice. And then. Big news or girls' volleyball Hollis new panel that when big news for under armour all mayor. And team yet Rouse is a llama Kolb and Chris ran out Mary Wesley and edit midseason holly Campbell who. All meant to be an armour all American seem all mollen of course and call signing with TCU pal Mary would SMU holly Campbell with Stanford they mollen real quick also alerted and none appears with his mantra progress can be with his dad it six state he's the acting coach there Danny Graham hop from Dublin still college Eric Green from LBJ offer by New Mexico military institute. How would tell me Luke camels and at Lake Travis aside it would Mercer that's yet to Kennedy Westlake has signed with Xavier. While loophole in the and we will we Wesley Exxon which saint Edwards. I'm known probably miss the sound but it has simply gotten more guns there's probably a pines aliens for guys zone and in the end it's nothing personal we try to get all now we want to smash an and we did it less than three minutes. How that day. In the words of adding a Borg only bad baby's all right OK district thirteen six say. Forcing six say Tony fast six say nineteen Friday into what he fab five they are five Austin's sister sings that we covered. Based in atx the podcast no one else knew being built here and Anderson now breaking down thirteen six say. All the games start at 7 PM Friday see your rage at was would see grizzly for another winter cap off their season undefeated industry Westwood and looking to get it forces when they won against liberal last week to 2335 scenery it's had to -- so they had to the F two weeks to prepare for less lead yes Lugar bill Hendrickson Henderson when he gets round rock 62 to 35. Round rock and in human Neil Lhasa stony point 34 to 31 and is starting point is done for the regular season they are going to play and play house witnesses. They're done they're having a bye this week our addiction an accident tiger's wood which game gonna go why she gonna watch some thirteen six say again I'm a product simpler milk that probably watch a 14618. The the scenes it might play units would Allison. Yeah I think so. Because and while 'cause Anderson B sample is any of my last 146 and I was thinking that. It is his loss there and there Watson deceit they get this Agassi but Venus and when the head and it sounds illegal. If I'm them wanna watch 146 say okay teachers scouting what Melissa talked about fourteen success against San Marcus and boo either tomorrow night at 730. Thursday. This is the big winner this game wins district gets the championship so out right. Did you should change since in March as one against innocent lastly seas five to ten to one and it's eakins 42 to Tony and this is at the always home team so. Simmers down traveled to come here but the F Friday Akins and Maynor mania going is still about twenty to two when he won del Valle at Anderson's cell. Com a lot of these and no none of these playoffs spots except for same markers and doing their solidified in the plans the last four noble is. Al yet but nobody is. I mean mayors and am but in the last the other Alley would be out right edit on board it is still I think there is a mathematical genius we we did it last Friday and I think there's a mathematical chance. That they're there and play they need a lot of help with the neighbors they beat Anderson so let's let them handle that and then we can deal into the math problems later in the day when it all right that's just an atx the pot can assist new Daniel Aaron Anderson. Mr. Tony classic say Ali Al gains starting at 7:30 PM Friday in the big one of course by the Lake Travis and being aggressive. Both formally industry Lake Travis Sony's history institute wanna send inventor appointees Haiti's. 31 to Tony last week claimant at Leander when they see Angel in the season with a win now the only in with no wins in district. Claiming had a bye last week Weiner lost it Wesley 15120. Wesley and disarray is Hayes is done for the season they're they're gonna finish 32 but they are. Gonna be playing in the playoffs though. They gets some time to scout for their future opponents while you check out our team and he knows they lost the last game of the season but I. It got to feel gating and anger of just a game fourth quarter commandment of vipers but it. Pays some playoff games we believe your season still lives and that's on matter some are now RP IND district nineteen Friday sell. This Thursday Georgetown 7 PM Georgetown will be playing Connolly modular San how to buy and lastly there's five into college and five Conley going as cedar creek twenty to 26. This Friday at 7:30 PM cedar creek Colorado Ohio Los deceit apart thirty found Tony side. Cedar Park Italian held in las two rounds 3032 point one Rouse and Astra national loss to east these 3427. ECU hasn't died there three and five they're down for the season time they have a chance in the playoffs. I will dates of being mass situations alleges wings of the games are over. Did that figure out who's in the plans are not plates and Rouse who wins there and they're the four spot. So browse controls around destiny all right so and listen to thirteen seventy top thirteen seventy Chris such as Casey Johnson had a man right there air and Anderson I don't fry these dream teams are talking Austin area Haskell for Molly no one else whip around coverage you know Britney on the playoff. Implications says that day unfold after a week eleven games are over the prettiest in atx pocket snoop annual air anyway. It's Friday so this there's a guy Austin high at Travis Austin for one Travis on five Austin had a bye week last week trying to sauce OJ 420. And then mountaineers also plane tomorrow at 730 their plane out of district the plane and going in Glen three and fourteen. But when near Los accounted. I don't understand rules and stuff sums aren't exactly and the Leander area school actual answer official Scott may play. Good 2008 seen ninety season hostages demanding we will need not reporters there just saying. And in defense and off Friday LBJ a heck of rocky it's both these teams are authoring to. So mom. The lot of playoff conceding. On the line on this game. Crockett when his reign to when in 120 last week rein in Islamic town McAllen looking for. The last when district to go undefeated and issue I am the district champions so all right. So being big and still a big game for MacCallum did they still want to addition titles allow all right in LBJ in Crockett are basically playing for the opportunity to Napoli dripping springs. Poem. This Gervais brings is on fire CI if I would wanna play Jimmy spring's first week. That's as me because they've been and lost a game in the eighth. They're in the top ten and stay in five A analyst and loved the out mustangs community major business steam roll. Marble falls this convenience in an nothing personal biases and the hi we can definitely edited and they are they argument and I honestly think. They're making state. I think they have seen and state. That's his means. Ten times as you you dial brackets to seek as they would have to play in Austin area team probably mystic quarterfinals that they were to go to state much like Morales. And how those volleyball programs at the last night about the way other raiders are sweeping out those in an affair item one around for a bit is it more heartbreaking. When your team is gonna in my district with 146 sabers is thirteen six say is going to be hard for us. Yeah and everybody. In twenty top spot may access the team it is Japan springs a difference are so biased but not seating is really important playoffs. Odds on Xenia determine who wins the state basically right hand the big school little school division one division two so that we are gonna we digress quickly a big standard. Six same finally addition was our Friday. This is which a budget and springs are no more insane when guides I had to me springs wind C apart too high of three. Georgetown for McAllen five. Austin six. LBJ seven rounds aides held in nine beastie ten deacons held in the Crockett. And on the cusp of I think is the first time they I'd think they made the list but on the 'cause I Crockett. So it looks I get Crockett I don't know they might have been on the customer in the top ten currencies on our member but they're detonate at Tennessee's informing our success. Six and Wesley one Lake Travis two seater history hopefully they'll be rains in the African Associated Press rankings but I digress that's in. He's mine believe Fuller and her five same market six. Anderson seven selling point a Maynard nine Hayes tee and I get Wesley on the 'cause com there's Jimmy dual shake out because Belize for saint Marc is sixth. On fellas is I'll lose one's gonna win so they'll be and see how this six a ends up on dates and after the regular season. All right it's it faced an ATX radio show thirteen 7630. PM to midnight week eleven coverage like no one else. Phased in ATX dot com. Before we get at your rationale is a birthday shout outs former agent sandy beaches laws right now he's planet mailer. Corey had graduated 2014. A birthday shout out former like Travis quarterback Dominique delay era right now he's played at Texas southern all of mr. cavaliers. From 2013 the reports. Motorola's beaches stating we have to really listen beat the current round rock linebacker public assembly playing right now he was C championship Lake Travis in 2006 scenes O'Connor embassy is no longer skeleton crew of rising wide receiver. For the bully bulldogs going for enforcing its exit championship. Two on Thursday night tomorrow night vs San Marcos happy birthday shout out Ali Al boring and channels. The usual same leading guys friends and students from opportunities are involved obviously almost a year ago as almost as it was about a year. Pennsylvania has them while fans and our borders and Jason he'd prefer being Chris certainly need to do on air and on Friday itself. Doesn't help them via Jenna particularly in Canada whistling shifts today SC mix tape that was actually pretty loaded right and we Lennon's post delete them down. This is the playoffs doesn't do it like no one else. I'm Dave Eisenhower put defensive tackle from. Certainly shows in the stands and it's an X.