FanstandATX Podcast, 10/12

Thursday, October 12th

Snupe Daniel spotlights this week's biggest area recruiting headlines (Westlake's Braden Cassity & Oklahoma State, Lake Travis' Garrett Wilson & Indiana, etc.), previews Week Seven match ups and unveils this week's Fanstand Big X for 5A and 6A.  'Like no one else'.


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Named him as a quarterback for the people who realize who brokers in the suspense and yeah. Currently no one else they stay NET extant I can't ask constantly Daniel Sepulveda dam solo. Could start saying constantly twelfth 2017. And became top ten weeks and if it. Just hours away and keep fielding she's thirteen sixteen match yeah. We'll preview here in just a moment by the way happy ACL we'll keep an endemic to the finals go announces a local park could be saved. Let's start to reply to as we've got to recruit and it was just a Westlake difference eleven break JC Vietnam forgot. But Oklahoma State the you know we talk about the ship around six and joke candidates and. The always in the middle innings and that defense is what's the story really here for the champ ran out the chance of breaking. The moment in the game so lacking in Miami trying to unlock Raymond Cobb was lemons. The cavaliers. Kimberly is wireless. Seen forget we'll see. And NBC talent points out offered by Indiana who's. Right seem to quite simple. And changing chase boats over number. Challenge being blonde female linebacker Keith Nichols he's just enough perform. Really looking DTX right now. That one although officially ended. And maybe I should handle their ranking behind Jacob. Conan fans will quadruple on. I personally am nation's main mistaking celebrating a wide receiver treatment accidental indicating. Rented a birthday yesterday. Going to affect your original. Check out to demand a mistake. And who we are recruiting service by the way don't ever claim to be that we can probably will keep you posted face daily TXX. Would. And just to Graham okay. Let it sit tonight. Thirteen six say gives hip pocket and look real answers weren't right dragons and coached the squad look at what their first win people feel. Wild coast she come. They stayed six and analysts last year. I'm looking for their first win. 2017. And things can change industry deadly deprivation and ultimately can't come quarterback Trevor why Ozzie when we played. In the game tonight when he'll be rude noise. He shrank in this particular interest thirteen 68. Why direction thirteen 68 tomorrow night calm the concerns or similar. Us eateries too you know signals don't need points and you know a district practicing in the end. Weekend with Stacy to reach of course being McNeal back 66 to thirteen. Last week I still equally cedar ridge ban opened the red. Why did you actually get them by. Beat west wanted to look fourteen ultimate finish up this season strong and maybe make globally up. And McNeal and Westwood rapidly dirt easy to imagine it's more. I'm both mavericks and warriors good for the first district win of the season. Amazing and easy to find. We'll bring you know weeks ended quickly I district 1460. Both teams picked up. I'm mark goes and it seems like. Attorney general. Mesa Lance. It seemed like Atlanta. Pickens wants to accumulate 66 to 48 San Marcos beat del Valle 31. Seen it Anderson we have Maynor on hand demise on the trojans will open at least in plain. Man made numerous things. Blue lean on the road. And O'Malley who. Fourteen seeks an action and is finest what are classic say all games Friday 730 changed. Hey he's in layman's next big primary matchup every year about shields is stadium last week canes lost to Wesley thirty fortunately for respectable. Lost there and we win column the best what a classy in his state and we truly believe that from Brad never NASA bit. Global pride but does either they love Savannah gripped lopsided Lee 62 to seven last week and they'll meet Friday night. This is a look to both are right hander vs Brandon Graham still lying and so alliance and about the loss of mr. ridge at thirty fat 28 cent to that big lopsided vinegar to win. Over lane and should be a battle of Vista ridge by the way as the by this week battle of the links most people's game a week. I really like cedar ridge stony point blank like Travis Leslie always he'd like those genes probably am. Probably the most even of a Matsuzaka remember between these two teams that knows how much. More about this being the very sensitive matter. Alicia Anderson whistling distillate both teams. Going dishing now it seems I play all games Friday 730 gave up an extra two ensuing days to kinda. I would bears coming off a big win over Connolly could do to 46 in fact they went dark. And they want to fans didn't seem to win the last weeks of beach and it goes Brandon. Heading into the van meter can treat this vote nation huddle as it pulled two weeks to prepare for this game I get those last. Ground and they've been ill get 56 of fourteenth I would think I was gonna make. In his statement. Now we think it is an improved faster to miss that beer that's up. The game to win and if both stadium at cedar creek emergency department of course symbols are going to be heavily favored in this went to Reno district cedar creek and the wind. Michigan win over he's viewed during homecoming it actually has disappeared except for the loss of last week's right now. 42 days in court says she departs this last Friday hopefully enjoying themselves. Now watching Jay-Z. Morning Gary etc. any steele's answer but it's back to business Christina Park. Emergency decree I felt big check up to mistakes and Perdue and Atlanta at Portland next sixteen new quarterback. Bomb away. The 2000. Lose the leftist candidates will we start in 2010 Brian Hogan was the senior. He's one of the first people that we can reduce indigenous side it's crazy. I'm glad that last bit at least ninety back. Really hot pictures of wanted to redistrict Connelly won two. A must win for both teams and this is that the final game in nineteen last name is concerned about Georgetown arouses. But he's UConn could not come up to sixteen to twenty loss to Georgetown last week at Connolly yeah. Calling the dean of 46 and she got the best drop. But to be seen spam. To hand only and it. This Friday in date and can even think about smelling blood in the playoffs in the same situation goes Rouse one into industry towns. I think because Georgetown is one of those top tier teams they can lose and not free get too badly. Well if the raiders can go in there in Edison Georgetown which. Most experts would not pick. But we'll see raiders Eagles add to it. Programs that would head to head in 2000 at twelve if you wanna get real throwback to batted for the right to go to the state finals and at final four Rouse and George Tenet is just incredibly went fast forward is six years later to do a bad Madeleine nineteen violates all right last but at least decently fast lap race on games started 730. It's in ninety arsenide. Playing live near. Austin high coming up Elofsson MacCallum 66 to thirteen a Lanier got beat pretty bad about LBJ 6826. Maroon should be favored to win this when. A stay tune out Crockett is the by this week the cougars come up to be 389. Win over trends and. A lot of mixing Linear that was probably tired and I was typing that but I had the article says trend has been the video live pictures still says when he starts. I LBJ Chris is ready. Don't always agree rivalry may handle. I'm tomorrow night LBJ won one in district a right in the killing me here. And now and they want to know industries like so you know it's. An not basic schedule is because scary and Amanda. Only usable and it seemed to. Hi there when you know. The industry didn't you know I. Jack's going to be heavily favored bit Reagan always puts up a good flight MacCallum Eric Stratton is that's arresting them battle of the bill. Only mistress these rebels and win a game yet this season on the calendar should be seven you know. I didn't want to talk like that McManus McDonald's Siemens automation this year. And here and being seen in six day this week. It would give me your driving our sixth day whistling wind and followed by a late trip mrs. Jeter reached we got to believe the Internet stony point one. Immigrant Iraq is just sit Sam market is standing ultimately. I'm big into major piece brings. One coming up combine well rested by the way come on tiger Singapore. 03 George Campbell. You look at UC McCallum a BJP leader right. Mistakes now. Bad shot now. Because you won't cut. Enjoy this week. Enjoy ACL investigated after Sokol park we save a big states will drive. Our goal we got. And an indication. And as weak system. Every week I would. Cortes a Kalin and every weekday improvement appreciate shell watching a follow us on Twitter and is to granite base staining TX like no one notices run came up.