FanstandATX Podcast, 10/4

Wednesday, October 4th

Hosts Snupe Daniel and Aaron Anderson breakdown big Austin-area recruiting news, preview Week Six, the new Fanstand Big Ten (5A & 6A) and a plethora of birthday shout outs.  'Like no one else'.


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Listen guys since Ken lay our senior from the returning losing his fans. Fans stay an easy. I can definitely annual alongside Iranian news you wanna work Lance and I mean do Internet podcasts alone today sir appreciate your treasure. No bomb went deep down pretty depressed and alana I don't know Wednesday until global war. 2007 seen at this season flying by already halfway through the regular season week. Six on the horizon bay as we start every by chance we'll recruiting news a lot of players that would be wondering tandem with the realized. And the biggest one probably Chianti Kennedy verbally committed to fix its. It took a lot of recognition previously unknown amateur star but not the top 100. Have other people in the lower started him in the cowardly and whatever but congratulations to him hey. Hamilton can also verbally and. Mercer from Travis. Will make competing offer from my favorite basketball school. Online I don't know what your fans listening to mine in North Carolina. Yeah. Teams that aren't that sometimes he brought us so where's the game you're magnitude nine and so I ended seater is jamming the rim Kansas. Wesley Glen Wesley Wesley and president and we haven't came and Thomas plays when wide receiver card. Committed to lowering the stage and in the movie doesn't expect to hear weather's getting an offer from U mass penalize you hate. You know from from Kansas sorry game grants to all those young man of course we'll keep because did mostly coal Twitter world is safer and easier to follow. It filtered through a lot of classrooms got a little. Minded seeing pictures of golfers who committed self addressed all of them for. Countless times. Thirteen six at 1468456. Day. As little as 95 days into the top five made the exit of flattening districts that we can ever bodily alive on Friday nights at 630. To midnight your neighbors and along with a host Chris such as the KC does not thirteen seventy domestic. Whip around coverage. Home Austin area high school football like that would put around here. If it's like it is kind of like an adult red zones. With the help Katie RP became anxious and I reporters are reporters as agent sports that's kind of a new law also. That's again they have committed suicide revenues from thirteen six years Collins games by the label for. Change the net Lugar bill in round rock your school like to do thirteen six and again literally becomes the action starts at 7 o'clock so yes. You're ridge will be going to rooming and meal plan former Dallas scenery dealing Hendrickson big win for him 43 to what he said. Anderson will be blamed Westwood Westwood this is their first game in district of they had a violent week and it's an idea and mosque two in cedar ridge for the bill. Actually play in violation don't blame. It winds extend his round on fifteen to 48 Dallas she used enough person but maybe around I was gonna get away it would take care because they're up like thirteen in the third quarter to a day. And instantly when I came back in mourning and different management. Tuberville being and then deal what may come back as well last week ferry port 27 to go with the wind round rock with the via. Hopefully. That's why would help them for the him. And may need to so hopefully that style game kind of bounce back and get emotion prepared. For next week six today quarter finalist in 2016015. Halfway through this season in 2000. Is not lost. Now do well in the recipe kick you in the playoffs and you fourteen making so businesses when teams only store they could still make it but definitely definitely get that. First incident making. Get on the right track to get back to back into is that recant thirteen six days scenery Jamie Neale injection vs west wood from Louisville stony point round rock with a by. My district forcing six say I'm. OK so. Into the weird district okay. I would say everyone on a bye but two teams and those two teams you really well dad. Two of them firm and I can knows he ran out Akins and del Valle and so Anderson doing Maynor. Now the bias Anderson losing a liberty hill 35 to one he bullying. Coming back in overtime to the Abilene Cooper 3514. Maynor. With a big win as well against course you can't 3833. San Marcus is on world and by the way 510 and it's been column I know the comment that great team but. For once I don't know him at Purdue is in the same martyrs come out form one and that one mosque was close to Enron's building their Plano valley. At same as the market zone teamed up guys come and travel man doe valley losing team in this seventeen and thirteen sound. Four point difference from del Valle still being undefeated. I'm a lot like the ultimate spotlight supermarkets. I think they deserve more recognition I mean outside of us I think we do the job it. Outside. Possibly here yeah. I don't feel good people doing and they are itself. They're playing at 730 to try. A big game big game it. Oh yeah. The official forcing six game district opener because only the fourteenth to sixteen to be sacked San Marcos. Cool and ACL vegetable. Buys San Marcos pulling their final manager gamers is McCollum. Had a net yeah Bailey vs San Marcus will be the fourteenth to say if you go putter from the himself three teams from 46 states in action in the rest of the get a feel that. This again and get Dwayne came in like a guy. Photographer got married in the Yankees have finally done something in play but they're blinking like this weekend and pitcher structure. Okay all right district 256 sale games on Friday shipments of the keys for the so yes pace will be playing a Wesley this week pays or losing the Lake Travis Gregg for sixty. Our kids kind of good night on this tour. That's typical game the taste of its war took the lead multiple. When transit between players and half took over. What it's like being in this one the most tight games by the high game on the decree sided game so far this season. 303031. Wesley with a big win that game in being the they'll go for the win in clinical it's not a way of forty yard game winning field goal clutched it after being Mickey why some 49 yard screen assistant Linda. And Napster like a 36 yard touchdown pass through for me and aggressiveness constant plays after I am yeah out. Leander will be going to eviscerate this ridge why no indentured Leander had a body. Last week so this is their first game industry. History beating Maine and 49%. And Lake Travis at Clemson beat Haiti's they have a bye week this week in and their next game what you believe that. Being tied to cross the seed Texas vs Wesley so what's things got to be careful it pays not focus only transit Hank as they might lose and then. Give up efforts seem to Lake Travis here's my question are the cavaliers gonna go check out Jay-Z. Six at a row Friday night for a sealed their authority gonna see this games. Is Sudanese rebels take on the Wesley chaparral sickening and little extra scanning I'm sure the coaching staff we'll be down and Bob Chilton stadium bleacher and it's. But we'll see some putting plastic say at named in the blame can be Manchester differ in layman -- and vinegar anti immigrant got a and now lives Paulino then they don't let that last laws affect him and they're gonna come wrestling against Tulane and absolutely yes and commanding grip down heartbreak here. That it should be good when Monroe statements and yet every Catholic classic say hey it's vs west lake. Only in their history age layman and integrate flick trends on the night. Part this city TX applied to an excellent you know what no one else you'll hear Davidson. That was gonna sock five days above 95 it will start with. Now these games on Friday. Sitting there so vast job will be facing Connelly best jobs being lost against Georgetown 623. Hopefully they'll bounce back making competitive Connelly won one district at length his district sometimes they start early in the game they're just still got that from you know. Have to almost nine halfway there yet but there's still work in. I'll routes. Did not score poignancy of park they laws. Let's get cedar creek CA critically plane at routes this week seem Craig. Big win for them it's ECU 21 NC flashlight. Scoring touchdowns as the I think eleven seconds lamp for secret to get the big win. Yep big win for them in the and we have please come Cedar Park on those on a bye week rows of coach who received facing CP Connolly and and restaurant Connolly winning 28 to 21 gets Albanian after the bounce back against high no huddle I mean out of the hot team right now so. Understanding that genome it's hard behind winner when the hires teams like Cedar Park. DC you will be playing Georgetown this week. And in Alcan will be playing hide Ohio had a bye last week so high dose of Aaliyah two games industry. The baby will be Plano in out it was kind six point one putt 02 and oh in district Dave big time for an am. Yeah 95. Just being crazy thing is going once he netted him when you having as ralphs and believe it mails as one wind right so. A mission 95 a slave master of Connolly cedar creek and Morales. Eastern University Georgetown little intercity rivalry there. You know two schools and community as they say alien vs. I've seen of oracle buys. I convinced 95 mile Pacific plate HB street gangs and only four playoff spots every game is keen for Atlanta but at least district which classified me. A one game got tomorrow night and in the rest of the actions on Friday via Austin. We blame them account on the calendar. Big wing gets LBJ might be in the game that wind you know. Passing you know one district for them it still up for grabs an awesome 32 right now. One now in districts of mayors there maybe caught. It last week for their first district went 4514. And and we Friday Friday Crockett vs Travis Travis had a bye week last week's of their. First just your game is this week. Crowding in losing fourteen of 45. And then when Mir will be playing LBJ LBJ losing close and accounts of their probably. And if I expect the LBJ and they're gonna come out with guns blaze and so who near will be happy careful me. Italy India hasn't hit. Figures certainly thank him not not now based in new and I'll hit. I am. And Lanier. Losing their race in eight to six the race in that has a bye this week so they will be not playing this week. It stopped by name matches to get out of Reagan. By getting the vibe guys seen these young and they're going to be game there's still a ways away but. Austin high is you should be a great game Austin nine MacCallum tomorrow nice and beating. Still waiting says no that's true personality and lost in time this evening kind of doctor Jekyll mr. and leading game to go. You are cracking vs strategy is game winnable for both in Hamlet near vs LBJ at jaguars are favorite car. Is six edition this week. Went through it and who we GAAP. One for me his Westlake. I was in Boston but there's a wind number twos Lake Travis and number three cedar ridge I guess do we Fuller. Del Valle five. Stony point six and they're coming so. Being aware of what they're doing and they might be going up higher in the top temperature. I didn't have any grip. Because they lost a Wesley can almost wind you know big very close games got the same market seven. Can exit date I'm sorry San Marcus hey Anderson nine Maynard chains of the universe and then starting point six stories and on the 'cause I have mr. rich. Yeah absolutely mystery show with a big window open history as the six day. Because kids what's likely trends seem to read your top thirty followed by whom we don't valley stony point. And manager of San Marcos Hendrickson Maynor wrap up this tops it. Aren't they standing in violated vision here really no change really since the beginning of the season and eventually into the middle yeah. It's isn't this like the top three is a cone going back like Collins who along with the computers like how magically other team because. Dripping springs wind seemed to part 230. All undefeated. Ball really good teams partners and the one loss on the outside it would likely come and play themselves. Which is early season play it's important had a little got a chance of execs say so yeah I would consider to be played southern district. So IOC apart is a huge game Georgetown was in the huddle by half mile oval. Therefore MacCallum five medium Yale daily and download squad to six Boston. Actually Austin seventh. Connolly aids. EC nine route ten custom element yeah and so on me like at the bottom part six seven entertaining keeps changing. The top six. And it really change at all do McCain can count LB James finally switched his LBJ used to five for bohemian season out in new down one spot because it was an account. And it I think LB and Rouse can be interchangeable. India's had in addition to the wind. But yeah it's you know what you get past. On an Agassi and and cut off but as far as the more superior by me eerie scenes after LBJ and the guy Austin Connolly east he Rouse failed in all of them could potentially rise to that level lit. There to have everything clicking I mean you know is still early season so there might be a funny team. That might like Austin Austin is AB MacCallum. They're in first place for the district. So that's huge for them so may have that your that mean they control their own destiny and the deployment count does sound in Austin need to account which there's a chance to. All senate Austin's. Is now moving up in the top five as well for five minutes. Yeah we need Austin and I am reporter about the way it is for yeah there are right now cool daddy here are real quick with the shadows at first birthday shout outs to. Not basketball start with the mr. ridge wonder twins. More editing equipment Taylor finally graduated last year you'll be cleaning chances at the bit. Community college and later linebacker Jimmy Fallon happy birthday Georgetown. I superstar came legged he's just. It is incredible DNA matches before this season. Dot here and bimbo or division one athletes in the eyes shaking my hand. And the opportunity to you know higher ceilings in the all of those very talented but Kate and that's my fans happy birthday former Louisville at the only name on Johnson graduated 2015 former. Hendrickson now reporter exactly several networks as well for men aboard you know get. The talk. Last Friday of my men in the first time and met a fancy reporter. Back in the early days which is an infinitely desperately Barbara claim that from a W two years ago when he did it may be the year earlier I don't play it inning guys. LBJ's Alley greens. ECU David filtering. They're Belcher on the depends on usage but on the road don't try and and in that once you hunting down meaning you know it is. True it certainly isn't lit meanwhile get to the quarterfinals in 2000 and it thirteen thousand senior year he had been run incident claimants and then their currency has just been sports superstar which violated claimant Simmons of the east yeah. I wish you were randomly taleo Lending Tree and we'll play and with the snails live QL it is. Elegant look like Singapore. Is today do you imagine. Any stout defense they had that skill players were in saying look. Feel it and squad would let me tell you is that 2013. And Elvis alive and it anyway all right I digress art we're getting out the remainder. Wide receiver running away. And more intensive they would for the estate bottled war to 2012 loss to eventual state champion Cedar Park. About the mono is in the Austin area would be greatly outweigh anything on yeah. Yeah John's playing around them. Check out the god banned variety. And it's so you. Colin message sending any chance from last year star almost all the flashy but we are glad to rest got the stars. Was very patient. Had a lot more patient but he did and he's improving every week and doesn't meet with me so. Big stats and hampers your name is patchy areas. Shout out to our reporters of course mixed takes a great every week have fun IC open as some but not too much money from the will be battle. We can six starts tomorrow and extinctions every Tuesday around 9 o'clock. In thanks for the support Folsom instant ran into sweaters phased in atx like no one. Hi this is Peyton coyly I am I reporter for in the east you patriots and as his fans an atx.