FanstandATX Podcast, 2/14

Wednesday, February 14th

Hosts Aaron Anderson and Chris Sanchez cover the latest recruiting news, Pflugerville new AD and head football coach, playoffs, and the latest Fanstand Big Ten.


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They stand atx the podcast present by academy sports and outdoors Chris was. He's been kind enough. To come to the station because he's not here he's working so he drives appear I'll ever Wednesday mood so sad to him and we had to show that's the and. No pleasure yeah let's finish arrow click on US senate to me senator Valentine's Day so it's Ash Wednesday. So at all those that or single in the you know don't have a date like me. I'm at the and then we hate him that I can have time to come up. Until out on Valentine's Day yeah I don't Sanders and Hamas thing with the Mac one wanna set up all the single ladies don't beyoncé group. So now maybe there's always next year. We had a lot this is. Reeks doesn't last week of the regular season for basketball them. And we had a lot on the line for districts titles this year champs. We're gonna start off with some recruiting user quake and DJ Bulger or bolder and Ali I always got his Hyde Park quarterback today at firmly committed to Texas stage air Mike Glenn from Connolly offensive lineman. Our line is to say commit and stay or sign actually signs and a stained Colorado. And now one aides say give your take on this crest night and I don't know if you saw. But the MacCallum head coach. Is going to be in new AD. And had cut the head football coach for Florida. You know that I do not know so while do you think because these cars tailored. Yeah has gone to for your real name. So that's that's gonna let you know what snoop said that's gonna Polly reenergize linger in a bit might. I think you will I know I had a little insight on this I don't know. How deep I wanna give in on this one beard at all and there was you know I did not know some people over there. Coach Rogers was the oh is the offensive coordinator. He graduated from west with a 927 year before I did he was an excellent offense remind them. He was kind of in line at the take over for for co chairman but I do know that there was. You know. There were some people that wanted to kind of go outside of the circle. You know they wanted to kind of changed things up. Not really have the same kind of culture and I think that's what you know really was the catalyst on getting occurs Taylor over there and and also mean just the incredible. Turn around the McCallum a cent and an incredible success the coast sailors had. With the night so you know we're making it the space semis last his past seasons I mean knows the best season and then MacCallum histories may not he definitely deserves this shot and it. But you know there's going to be you know some of course you know somebody gets the job there's always disappoint people but I do think that's a great hire for flew to real specially going down. That's a fireman then you know I didn't. Anything can happen now it's going to be Jimmie and really inch and want some really kind of surprised by that actually. Yeah I was I just won the teacher and thank as you have more. Austin and at high school monster seen you've played LS US dollars like series C a nice view yeah it's that would make it Dino and I and actually you know and I'm. Talked to some of those four year old coaches and before it went coach Herrmann Rick really. When he first ever used gonna retire and into the expectation was. Coach Rogers and they just didn't happen. That way but. Until you what can sailors gonna do a great job and I think those those kids in that. Program and those that parents should be really happy about it. So let's get into these mysteries with a recap last week. We roll there was a few games and managed a fine effort playoffs. Burned you know upcoming next week and my own office this of these is next week's arts playoffs but. I you know I don't know take you a degree assault because. I had deliberately did research and tried as far as you know the Ohio brought on bracket. All it has is the winners runner up the fool you know the fillings so this is what Max Pratt said but and we'll start off a thirteen six saying. Big big. Big time a recap for this week here so you would take over 36 say or mean. I'm not either Wesley warriors. And the go ahead and listen sorry man Alicia takes tomorrow but right now I guess like those like Paula just. Blew my mind that a footer real news enjoy were thirteen to. SE associate your rays had a bye last Friday. I yesterday losing to west wood 6861. Hendrickson. Last Friday. One at round rock 6762. In overtime. And then yesterday. Beating Louisville CC six to 61. To get the district a title for thirteen six say awaits quick note. Last year Hendrickson of Louisville the last game regular season play each other then the winner of that game was a district outright champion. And flew a real one so this year he Anderson. So Anderson and it's not so phasing out Laura rings from last year's and their this'll district a chance for it they're thirteen six day and meet Neil. Last Friday one at stony point 66 to fifty inning yesterday wanting it's round rock 4742. They clinch a playoff spot. They started or they were one and five. In district okay. Won their last six games industry to clinch into the plant so right downing kneels on a price on the hottest streak besides Wesley being you know undefeated conditional get to that but. One of the hottest teams in Austin winning six of their last in the history games to get into the playoffs that's huge for them that's huge that's that's big. Yes audience Louisville last Friday lost in settling against their loss in west Linn and loss in Henderson but they are still in the playoffs there's an assembly five. Round rock six and six. If they would have beaten Mike Neal. Last night. They would've been an open their loss selling male got in. Sony points. Didn't play yesterday they are dying last Friday they're they're CNET tune into an in the season. And senior Wesley warrior 75. Clinton plans by cheery looking at Henderson flew over bill Neill and less like thirteen six and yeah. I'm glad as a school let let's just take you back for a quick I'm glad you did thirteen six save because. It's 28 team and this is actually don't even know if anybody knows this for the is the twentieth anniversary of a Westwood there was my senior years there's no age myself. Back in 1998 Westwood made to be a state that's semi finals the final four in basketball and you know shut out two although the guys though that that made it to mean it was there was an incredible basketball season. Something completely unexpected for Westwood. As far as a basketball win and I are set out to Ellison Jeff Jones David farm and Matt Kubiak mamet Kendry. Check mania RP. And who am trying to trying to remember some of the guys on the team but it was an amazing season pass out to those old well old warriors. And I shouts of this Westwood team for Clinton a playoff spot I mean Jim Bailey's we can and at seven of five but pay just you made and in good job guys. Yet and so mom. Say semis is definitely a really tough task to do and fastball by. Wesley can only say we have a chance at so they can do yeah they can't repeat maybe. Mary needs to when he years ago you can you can definitely a chance of me here as long measure in the dance than your average gas. Rot and me like you had a chance so let's do it via with the warriors sat out of the warriors are moving on to 146 day. Akins a last Friday. I would be so martyr six to sixteen to seven losing adds Anderson six to 56 last night they finished the season in district at three and seven. Anderson sharing the district title with del Valle the last front and had a big win over Maynor 5847. Move week with the clinched playoff spot by winning. Last Friday 64 to sixteen overtime win. I'm also a big win for them over Maynor 5755. At del Valle share in the district title with Anderson of course. I initially be neat to beating a San Marcus 78 to 38 and now Maynor must sayings. The mission off at three and seven knots he would now kind of there's appointed to win nation. I really thought they had a good basketball team of this year and you know paint. Even though we lost six fix was at six mystery games 77 mystery games. You know. Bob Thomas a marketers are now some artists and even though I lost this Los decision leaves a mark disclosed in the last a playoff spots on the route revelers. Shall send Marcus to weaken in the. But they're on the opposite end of like McNeill yeah they were born on district and lost six scenario. And they still made it so. Amin well I mean recent hit the reset but I feel like you know what if there are you know go on the streets the most when border Rona. Yeah basically those who happens so yeah arm. Please and I just hit that reset by your in the playoffs. Just in the reset button on the night when he buys six say Hayes and so net 39 last Friday lost and may 178 to 69. There's season into last Friday have a game yesterday they had by a Lake Travis last Friday lost and this race. CC if he. They did Bebinger 6864. Clinch a playoff spot Leander. Last Friday lost at Wesley sending 352. And then yes they won at Laney for decent four or want to clinch. The last playoff spot fortunate blessings they lame name. CNET who wins and they have by last Friday yesterday and in losing vs Leander to send forty wine. Boehner of clinching a class not sitting at seven of five disarray its foreign A yesterday late loss at Wesley 7145. And then. It district champions Westlake. Sitting at twelve and L industry and thirty he was thirty when three overall. On the regular season so. They have a a good shot at makings state semis and state thousand winning but their own eventually they're gonna LA not and last there and play teams that. Are you know. Have really good team so they're gonna have to be mentally prepare for that. But sad to Wesley ward is district champions sell these. Leslie Wesley warriors less less and less things. I really don't know were outside they aero you're earning your way is a west when you're done don't cut that out there you're leaning on that honor can I make us safe being out on him but yet Westlake. Lake Travis Leander and vinegar if are your teams between 56 they representing. For playoffs showed up to vinegar command until you would think the big event clinch a playoff spot in. Pickets have got a good team put up over there who blew Justin Moore and our Greg Brown the dunking county would you seen any of his highlights from the mix tapes. Yes they are sick and I get the idea as sharp studio with a cold selves the bears squad. The his squad you know there so I stayed there over there at Toronto there on the fans than you know doing the doing their paying. It's a set out to them and you know American member of the kids added to follow almost not generals I would tell. I would say bits and yes sounds of the biz squad of Indy yes so I'm moving nine to 19:5 AM bash drop inning. At two and fourteen in district last Friday losing to east you nine B to sixty also a loss to Rouse nine to 52. Cedar creek doing memo one I guess worse she would say one in fifteen. In district last Friday laws was in the Colin 6545. And lose and hello alas I 69 to fifty foresee apart clinching a playoff spot. Finish in that district at twelve and four last Friday with a win. Number societal 5646 usually winning at L game fifty to 49. Commonly. Cougars cardiac cats that Clinton play that they'll spot fourteen and two. With their industry. Record. And east view is finishing up the season at three and thirteen in district L game finishing at seven in Miami lost so much Friday. Aaron Rouse 7152. Georgetown. That's seven and nine at a mile last Friday and indeed to it was a 5046 and says the B George England. Type out yes. I don't know what could clinched playoff spot cement ten and six and then Rouse. With the the district championship at fifteen and one I know of them and calmly world ballot now all season long but to rush out to Ross traders. I didn't that as Seoul district championship. Other one loss was to Conley is so. Shout outs to browse district champions Connolly. Unknown. And then a Cedar Park rivers in 195 days for the best while playoffs on the nine point five Friday. Which is also it is a quick I noticed that I am teams that did make a pleasant football classic or this past season was it last year retirement this past season. They're best we'll teams are making plans aria and only 55 days pride one of the biggest examples. For then so Austin last Friday when a crock is 6836. In yesterday vs counts and the 840 sending they got them when there they finished the season six and six. Day. Clinch a playoff spot Crockett CNET who insane yesterday loss at Travis it's not 51 Lanier. This one. I know we price other video numbers and your result we do a better idea what it's admiral quake L Lanier last Friday wing Amber's rate is sending five sanity inning yesterday. Losing that LBJ 57 to 56 with. Ray Harvey this is just a rate is is real and his first name but every calls on radar team. When he with egg beaten basic game winning three with like two seconds left. To put them not to be sent to. LBJ in Lanier fishing it in and two. Of the eight also last Friday when the gates in the count 6747. On the towns sit ending his season four in a industry radiant on in their season last Friday dated I am by yesterday. They Clinton plans by 84 and Travis. 111 had a bye last Friday. And yesterday loss at track not a typo it's easy Crockett a fact there was a drop it I think. It takes Eli did and I just every now and then say but yes so Reagan but near. LBJ Austin representing point 55 day in rate in Lanier. And I'll think was did awesome the president remember a no instance as a consequence well known it for the ball over four ball. Time under a regular and it was a challenge LBJ. Crock gates. I'm in Austin it was costing out you know it was awesome so but yeah one near Reagan. Dimming the plans and slow ball may the players and basketball. Tom was Lloyd is another team at the top my head that. Damon to play out and folk law made a play as a bass also is it kinda will turn around so it's like Leander Leander I think that one win football. And make the playoffs in basketball with five went so industry excel Bill Gates am chatter tells teams that need to play house info ball. And I didn't hear the few playoff games that I had. Is basically just went mostly this point 56 say because the rest I there is no. Schedule or game for them by Wesley vs San Antonio church hill at 730 new browns bills high school. May Travis for the San Antonio Mac Arthur. That went in have a location vinegar vs Antonio Johnson 7 PM dripping springs high school. Leander vs Antonio Mattis and Rouse persist Tom bought 7 PM auto vs Huntsville seventeen Matt runner high and it LBJ verses your piece. And that's all I can fiber plant in ansari I wish I knew more. On May say you I have been having name Max preps had a few and Mike some of them are kinda I felt wrong. Actually want them had Johnson plainly Andrea ambient air. But same team sidelined as death Enron had to go that went in Madison was in first place so. That had to make basically go through all that to find. A few games where there's so hopefully. We get some news updates for the rest of them and now will definitely cheer up on. Twitter that days and that com. It's a grant fears NA TAX. Also the scoreboard on those over what happened a few days once we get the entire schedule out we're moving on. Two top seeded and I show Chris must scratch keep it pieces of paper with all the writing cross outs in so. He knows at its have not frustrations frustrations on that. Butts looks like him and yet so tops in. For this and the one mile lasts a top stand for the right there season analysts like one Rouse to Carly theory. They Travis for Lanier five LBJ six. And her seven C apart eight and 69. Rankings and an ad because del Valle McNeal and Wesley. And I was Qaeda wanna put in nearly and they it you know. As I can happen when the senate by dish or where there's ads in that. Or ahead of them that word better and district and also want you know were district champions I'd like are from you put them at a summit is but. Recap Wesley line Rouse to Conley three Lake Travis for Lanier five LBJ six meters seven C apart eight he's in nine Reagan's hand. Shout outs yours he got crap. Harsh two god has my parents sent to snoops into air and Purdue in taken. Then the lead on this podcasts and nine been doing a job man announce slip through rough trying to drive the bus. But you have to keep doing that. So this is what is the man's got rough but it's frustrating when Mike you don't hear notes and then you see a typo and site and send it so much time doing and then that little mistake but it takes two seconds and fix that's what it's all my guys and it's as one of the sorry got to reread it many and keep going back and forth but you know I pay. We don't make mistakes and soccer title carrier. Physically autistic he face literally do what I did I'm like I'm good Americans may have been an and his own stuff out there yeah. SI percent of its new center Casey. Also shut out two all the bigwigs here today in a counselor and is due this. Bob want peace Stefan the Mickey night all those a great people that some tall salespeople to shuttle to win nation western warrior showed the class of 98. And until someone who shot up. Senate to you know all the lonely moment lovers out there. If it if it. That says as a half the shadow of the Dickens out of on the need to set up guide family my parents are at the rockets in right now what's McCain's playing. France KC so new. Are set up Chris again word driving all the way up here again the saga. I'm not do anything else. You and eulogy mean you're you're working in them you know regular day irregular hours and you know I would still wanna go home and just relax actually want to go to the gym afterwards but I actually like the only reason why come a little bit later is because of the traffic. I would come I would come earlier to knock it out like right afterward I definitely definitely would know same thing you know it definitely is saying this just takes forever to get here French or the camera afterwards I gently. If biggest the 4 o'clock here. And I'm just like I'm not leaving because as did the traffic outside it will be bad and like six about not just like Ali just six Addai can't lead to 44 I'm not leaving drop. I said but the stays in the pike has presented by academy sports and outdoors. Facing an atx covered like no one else I hope and all you have a great day. Thank you for listening will be more Schatz and updates later on peace.