FanstandATX Podcast, 2/21

Wednesday, February 21st

Host Aaron Anderson recaps 1st week of basketball playoffs and gives details on games later this week.



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Facing an atx the podcast presented by academy sports and outdoors hosted by air and Anderson and usually Crist signed says but he could not be here. Sums gonna recap all the playoff eight games that are happening yesterday and feel them on Monday. And indeed he did details of all the scenes are still left to their being in playing against if for some of them I do have details on the location and time. But it's for some I don't moving on US. Thirteen sese verses fourteen sese thirteen six saying dean dean complete sweep against fourteen say same by district. Anderson winning 85 to Samar is 37 Henderson on a four game winning streak Anderson. We play Houston Eisenhower. In Neil being dove valley 5543. Mean kneel on a seven game winning streak in Neal William playing client force. Louisville beating Anderson 742. Kyle will be playing its sack on a flu W playing as Klein oak. In the west would beating do we 63. To TT five a west went on for game when he street west what will be playing is detainee aberrant high school at this Friday at 6 PM. But we 1256. Say Lake Travis being Santonio make our third 52 to 34 Lake Travis will be playing its Santonio Brennan. Leander Wesley both M Monday gains leaner losses Santonio Madison 7855. In the Wesley beating San Antonio church hill. 92 to seventy. Wesley got a fifteen game when he strayed they'll be playing his commerce jets and at Hays high school this Friday at 7 PM. And then their grip losing yesterday to San Antonio Johnson said he 768 in overtime. 195 they all games yesterday Cedar Park blossoming Nellie is simply too to 56 Connolly beating. Willis my alma mater 67 of 53 Connelly an eleven game winning streak. Daly playing his Brian runner huddle lost a Huntsville on a big. She scoring game 9188 in overtime Rouse beating Tom now 64. To 45 browse on a four game winning streak Rouse will be playing against Bryant. This Friday 17 am still waiting on a location for that game. Last district point 55 they Austin lost out more highs. 48 to 46 point you're losing to dripping springs 55 to 46 in overtime. LBJ gaining a one win against. And is distributing Kerviel tiny 5452. They play actually this Monday night yesterday. A LBJ when playing in San Antonio Houston. And then rain losing to Bernie champion sixty to 38 so that's all your games are tired playoff games that's only by this year action. For all the teams. That their season ended at nine Plante Seymour still can gradually since you. For making the playoffs. Pro teams they're sowing the Playhouse. Keep grind chided that link he moving on to the next round on we so have we son. Lot of good teams left from Austin area had a chance to make it to states. So yeah as a recap some all the games I'll try to post the details. For location come for everybody you know on on a sense away from the islands and some others web sites. To get its natural confirmed location assassin quick chat and god Stanley Franz. Set to snoop Chris. Having been belated birthday about way I keep forgetting. If it was yesterday. Or Monday or Sunday I know is in the past few days but sat out to you Chris happy birth of Labor Day. Set out to KC again snoop Fergie means our proceeds to do in Afghanistan and out. Try to do more help snoop around he does a lot of stuff with Nick's tapes and sell. Try to make it easier and to do more than prepping in staff and podcasting so. Basis chats and damn facing an atx the podcast Brazilian by academy sports and outdoors covered like no one else will catch you next time.