FanstandATX Podcast, 2/8

Thursday, February 8th

Hosts Aaron Anderson and Chris Sanchez cover the latest recruiting news, national signing day, the district races in basketball, and the latest Fanstand Big Ten.



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They stand atx the podcast presented by academy sports and outdoors is speaking of academy that was my first job when I'm wade and Chris oh how is in fishing and hunting sales associate at. So I knew how to do guns into Netanyahu can tambourine backed up together and met together. Fishing did not. Had to do with Afghanistan back on checks out. I might have been the reason why eating again because that call that guy and say out now allow later the reason yeah I'm sorry people but. This is the podcast welcome back. We weren't doing yesterday Chris is working in now is working so. We wanted to do late last trying you know was your vote tired was just go out that. Right GA area you know we're we don't we don't need to make excuses swing has some of their yeah I am plus net yesterday was national signing day. And we didn't wanna take away from all the kids are signing so congratulations. Violated no matter what school it is. You still got an offer he still had a school that wanted you so congratulations to everybody who signed. So yeah we do you wanna take away from the kids loses all value off on this is all about us. The kids in high school and so big big day issue was for a lot people moving on to continuing their sports careers. Which guiding it to Desai and we'll tell him now. But like this and we. We are so proud especially I know I was proud and I know Chris was wearing when he deftly price paid attention a little bit solace. Oh yeah yeah there was a lot of signs and found you missing he's saying I'm in advance any TX on Twitter advancing atx on nine NC Graham. And we had a lot of lot of content out there so I don't check it out won't we got a lot of a little national Letterman tent opposed set their courtesy of you know snoop Daniel shout out. Chad yes just give Daniel we did have a lot of Basque we'll action Lotto what's a lot but there were some upsets. The past few Tuesday and Friday action game sell us our office thirteen six thing. Yes cedar ridge last Friday lost or round rock 4844. A definitely a defense of pain. And then also cedar ridge are losing out to her there against literal 64 to fifteen they're playing. Our next Tuesday at Westwood to come on warriors Hendricks and I am blessed party lost an email to give it to 62 point. Oh loss forums that the hawks also came back after that big win over stony point 78337. They're playing a round rock on Friday may deal. Five and six knicks game this Friday at stony point footer rose's game will be this Friday at Westwood. Around rock and of course you know how that Tuesday lost I was with 4641. Another very defense of heavy and gain their stony point. And we talked about them already you know essence and a 505 sunny point at two and non. Yemen on 146 or get a Cannes last Friday they when he gets Billy 6458. Then losing its. Your whim nation Chris in overtime 63 to sixteen zoo. Next game for that eighteens Eagles is this Friday in San Marcus and mark uses on a losing streak ran out of time bounced back. Aiken sitting at two and seven Anderson the last Friday win at same march's 56 to 39. And then this Tuesday past is they lost to del Valle 66 to 48. They're next games this Friday against Maynor. Anderson's enough five and three Bowie. So last two's air this Tuesday passes they wanna it's him artist at 941 like it says simmers on losing streak. I'm Billy knicks game this Friday vs del Valle do we sitting at three and six del Valle 62. That Blair win last Friday or last inning when it was last Friday when vs Maynor eight a 45 Maynor sitting at three and five. And as San Marcus who start off for now industry is now formed for so I'm they're looking deathly bounce back on their. Joining street. After the other cent a definitely a turnaround for at the San Marcus travelers a start off for an though. Now sitting afford four and now almost to the point where the other then they could lose a playoff spot if they don't keep give give them some more wins here. They can send that to a 72 we three and six. I'm mayor three and five hurt a couple of teams that could catch San Marcus if they don't try to get back onto their winning ways. He after share on the and on a 256 say yeah haze last Friday that the loss in overtime. To Leander 659. A beating Vista seven to 65 on Tuesday of the replaying and Vander gripped on Friday. Let's see Lake Travis city at 82 last Friday that B layman seventy to 42. I think you're the lobos there and I also how to win against Leander. On Tuesday night 5843. The cavaliers will be taking on Vista ridge is Friday Leander. Since the foreign six they got their next game this Friday vs Westlake they have you know just to a take on the powerhouse that is the chaps a layman lobos. A loss of those Wesley jumped the sharper l.'s Monday when a 48 they'll be taken on Leander of Anderson a six and for less for it last Friday winning at mr. ridge. And then mr. ridge is sitting at three and seven Westlake at ten and oh can anybody be Westlake. I don't think that's gonna happen. Maybe not this year of the this year air and they they got a real good chance of going to. At a different I mean Leander winners got there and now opportunities there than one excimer outlining get a chance at Atlanta I his sense sometimes. For Wesley B I mean sometimes losing and district knows sometimes going undefeated amazement. Sometimes just you know one loss can bring you back down a little bit you realize that you are still be able you know. Just as you know monster team that they are Mazda team a good bit leaner look and definitely go in their house on her at their place and beat them. I'm moving on I 95 they bass drop last Friday's loss vs Al gained 15948 the next game is this Friday eat at ease do you. Mashups in two and twelve will not make the playoffs cedar creek. Last this passes a loss at Georgetown 58 to 51 next game. This Friday vs Connally either one in thirteen industry and Cedar Park last Friday wanna do is to -- in overtime by 558 to 53. Then passed this past season they lost the Connolly at college it to sixty T two at their next game is this Friday vs how to OC departs in ten and four Connolly. Who's on a big time hot streak right now beating Rouse last Friday. Who was undefeated in district in now their one loss is to Conley Connie CNET twelve into a one sending one to sixty east view. Last Friday lost Suharto eighty to 56. It is now and they lost the past Tuesday at Al in 6552. They're sitting at 312 held in 77 their next game is this Friday Rouse. Georgetown seven an eight next game next Tuesday so era plane this Friday act Connolly. And Connolly is on a hot streak for shares of they've got to be careful for them down meant hot though. 95. But this passes they lost arouse 8555 Rouse. Sitting at thirteen and wine industry and like his and their one loss is the Connolly who. If Rouse loses again. Connolly Rouse could would have this year at the title for a district so on still for arouse moving on to 255 day. You have a nudge her a quick before we were on the 255 is their Aaron as you got him to sort of a point out Cedar Park are Connelly I don't know and Rouse lookalike that they're they're. They're sitting in the a playoff spots right now you know back Sharpe cedar creek. And east you pretty much out of it at this point elegant still at 77 in Georgetown a 78 still have a chance to make the playoffs a 255 may Austin. Senate foreign six Tuesday losses. At Travis wasn't helping them. And their playoff hunt and extend this Friday at Crockett muscle Crockett two and eight. Let's try to lost to Reagan sent a 65. And also Los LB Jason two to 48 Lanier. Sin and that number one spot where a nine and one last Friday the big win over McCallum 8876. Our next game of this Friday vs Reagan what did you showdown that's going to be a real huge showdown. LD Jason wanting them to lose Fisher because when nears one losses Austin. So they don't have handed the their lives that shared title they're absolutely no big game that Friday yeah LB JS and getting to last Friday had a big win over Travis I get into that century mark 103261. That's not easy to do there and in high school knowing I was actually out whether gains last year where they do this entry mark so. Mom LBJ's no forward. It's kind of I guess call the Golden State often and they were they or their running yeah there isn't libeled set up the offense like slowly like Gregg Popovich spires there exists. You know he got home shot take it or he got I'll drive to wind take it so. It's a mean missing it's easy but that's their type offense where there's there's gonna score a lot point. Yeah it and now they they should and they sure did that last Friday as Travis a once in 10361 the plane of this Friday who rivalry game. At McCallum MacCallum that's enough for six Reagan and 83 wood talked about them earlier planned I'm beginning a slow in the air. On Friday in the Travis city at one in ten of the next game next Tuesday vs Crockett. Yes a lot of big time action in this Friday were still have a lot of teams. Lot of playoff spots left up for grabs and then of course when playoffs are the which will be a couple weeks from now public. Lot of gains for sheer moving on to the top sin. Christmas watching mean. Clearly haven't done this terrible than linebackers. So I was like that you know I'll China. You know Nazi get really in depth into and then I got ensued in depth with us and GAAP literally have us respiratory hearing gal that won the third three outlets like number one. Late present you know change their Lanier in moving up to number three and a name for 456 again Boehner for. Connolly five is a B rows and the Ross's six and harass is still on top it. Account I'd do it for my top ten whose idea better teens that also like he's on a hot (%expletive) like the power rankings in the NBA instantly know and site that Rouse at six seven ML BJ and eight Cedar Park nine flu prevail. Two and I got del Valle. And then at the cusp. Anderson so no 311. Through three Westlake which has a near 456 nanograms Connolly. In Rouse 73 ten LB JC apart flute bill. And Dell's now leaning court's attention looking outside in. My tell. So you against all the different than what's on my piece of paper here well that was the last episode I. I just every does an author of in my time and about does that that was last two and oh yeah I wanna men and women and women's game at a lot of our vendor simply remove Conley in the Thompson. Yeah ours so shut up to fully realized even the me who put on blue room. I said. You know it's been differing as kind of flip flop from football and basketball you know whereas like you know Lanier. Of Lugar bill off the Thomas and I think king is that a good football team as Americans and AM moment. A Fuller room on the air outcome ahead who did make the playoffs nasal ball. Are having a good year basketball era and her looking like not only name players that chance at winning their own districts so. Set out to them. I say if there's an 886 the podcast presented by academy sports and outdoors. Chris Yani shadow. He had shut outs my pair sent in via the show to win nations have tomorrow warriors Westwood civilians and 50. On the shout out to Oregon of course and Michelle two my grandfather RP it's his birthday today. Issue levee grandpa. Ominous as best I steamers some basic and grabbed hostages those in this last payment it's and CW now targeted Nancy out of Atlanta the status for me shut up guys fame lane. Franz. Based Leo all our reporters knew further opportunity. I'm a C. Chris I was Asia Chris Casey in snoop for being impatient when they put all of that at bats ago when I a amazed. You know we're we're we're we're giving you were were gay you there were grooming you. And you know pretty soon those training wheels are gonna Kamal GAAP try and Mike Meehan a statue there's just chiseling away Imus a claimant. Listen had a great week. All the games tomorrow Friday night yeah. Hopefully no no injuries that have hopefully their meets tons of great games. Shot as he dog in this state has an atx the podcasts.