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The Financial Safari
Sunday, October 8th

Financial Safari, for October 8.


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Information provided just what it was for purposes only and does not come. Investment tax or legal advice information has been getting from sources that are deemed to be rely. What Barack was seeing weakness cannot be guaranteed either Peter. Including usage of information discussed always consult with a qualified investment legal or tax professional before taking any action. Well hello America has coached me this week on the financial so far are gonna talk about common challenges in case. Cash flow planning. They probably ask yourself what is cash flow winning golden talk about that and some of the seven challenges to true retirement income that much more. On the financial department. This is coach Pete and if you've got questions on how to properly structured your assets until retirement income. You're in the right place and welcome to the financial safari. So on the show I am known as T money so I'm excited about talking about some cash today I am a consumer advocate Tom muscles and then steal with me is best selling author America's wealth financing and income because that is to XP to read we are also joined in studio alongside the one and only rocket man that is Chris broad power he is our master projections he spent heavily intro song from. Yeah got to where I don't want to. Yeah that's that's literally there's 05 cents hit it at apple apple apple app that. Also in studio with us is safe monies correspondent Steve sids also known as chopper. Yeah. Well I guess that goes on saddled with a girl I know did the original thought I'd ask you to download them. Plus I think. That's also yes so let's talk about this toast now you now you are known as America's wealth retirement income coach you've written multiple bestselling books one that I love and it's not just because you let me do the audio book version of the but it is he seven. Baby steps now what are we talking about because I know you're the master of the stuff that cash flow plan you had mentioned before this. Okay my favorites and history. If this semester I had to world. It's about looking at all these love songs that everyone has we call him. Launch sometime Baja and translate that into what a true income plan is okay and now we hear this term income planning we call it cash flow Blanton let's see what kind of cash flow we can generate with money we've already put aside now we used to call a pension right shorthand company's Houston really not tell you how much they put decided to study how much money you get for the rescue titan OK that's fine again generally slow to get right Social Security same way like that you can figure out what you're Social Security will be by having it income strategy session. Maximizing social security and a lot of people who don't have missed the session like that. Can keep themselves out of up to 500000 dollars over the course of a lifetime let not taking the rights Social Security cleaning option. We nine us something a lot of money into it really is just inherently not funny shocking I'm sure shocked love our listeners while. Yeah so we look at this seven challenges to overcoming. The misconceptions and cash flow plan he thought about that today okay we're also gonna talk about it Purdue University my daughter went to Purdue so all of a special place in my heart to shore university yeah they can public great guidebook called financial planning for retirement workbook a and it's consumer and family science department there and into the with such a department. And the department of consumer sciences and retailing he came out with a scrape report talk and it is with some longer than we can cover but we're gonna go through some of the main. Points in the year eat it and how they tie into what I call our evaporation index we're gonna try to talk with three investment world's later on the show to. The safe money world the hybrid world and the investment risk growth world and those of the three worlds and if we don't have money allocated correctly. And we do a color coding red green or yellow. Now what what would you think Redd would be Chris. Prop open yeah yeah. Well you know what I look at read accounts is nothing wrong with a but I wanna look I'm I'm not a negative person but I wanna see the worst case and there are special pizza. What are under the worst case scenario but he didn't absolutely. Thomas when people. Sell you things though especially the financial what do they tell you about that tell you about the worst case scenario never know. I'd love to determine your don't want it to projections. Did yeah first yeah assumption yeah. He possibly sunshine. ME come on let's get the real truth let's make sure that we approach. In ten years of retirement a retirement we need to know the truth yeah actually you know the truth all along but that we need to know with the blind spots are even talk about this on other shows too I've got a book put together called the seven financial blind spots. And in that we analyze these expenses commissions we show you how to plan we show and help identify the seven blind spots people don't see at a time. And would that be great to know about things before they have boys exactly know what you did you get a little bit of a preemptive strike. We have like that relic that term productive like that so we have to make sure we know what we're doing. But no one on this that the common challenges and cash were planning is it is not knowing exactly how much income you'll need. And when you need it because when I talked to you about retirement. Steve I know you do not talk about retire Ottawa sure. When when I talk about your friends are you tell my front fifty or sixty we will both have friends that are retired when I asked folks when they wanna be and listeners one listeners come and ask them all time when you wanna retire what do you think they always tell me. So owned or yesterday. It was starting was or what just got Mike Mike my boss just told me I was now. Fascinating. Right so we need to know exactly so if we can if we can know Wimbledon retire. That we can plan for that and if we know another challenge in this one no one knows I guess you could control this the end don't want to but we're gonna pass away right. If we knew exactly what was gonna retire when we're gonna pass a waiver to put together a proper strategy. But we don't know that so we do know that we want to have a comfortable retirement when I talk to you about retirement we want to. One of the main things I I hear is we want to have a comfortable retirement and you can define them differ way some people. Wanna know what we've only water. Accounts which they never have to want to warn about turning the TV on the theater stocks go down because they don't wanna be and something that is depended on Wall Street for retirement. And other people wanna take a lot of risks so it's it's all different people different strokes for different folks we always hear that and so it's getting the proper strategies put together. But number two on the common challenges is not understanding the right questions to ask me and I've talking. If I had a nickel for every time silicon minister gosh I'd never thought to ask my advisor that ya know what in my freezer unit you're in a 41 K plan what are all these hidden fees that I hear about and why isn't my balance higher than it should be. What what are these fees for it why are you chart him he sees all the things advised by my daughter's twelve now what was she was five to start asking I. It's. Not the right time for good money bad because well because mommy says it's a good thing. And again that's a fascinating that kind of shift the blame at home exactly at my. On sensitive data is still the king let's go get them as well yeah that's a public event that he called an element. So just knowing what questions to ask in the financial world though because if you don't understand the finance world completely not gonna ask questions because a lot of finger at him so. That's one of the first things we do we sit down with folks who call from the show as we help them understand. Why. Why did do what to do and why they should be worried about certain things and why they should not worry about other things it's all about the Wallace. And we're gonna talk about that more the show along with that that report on the financial planning for retirement workbook that Purdue University has put aside. But I wanna make sure the people worked. Retirement ready. And retirement ready is a big term and and it means a lot more than people think but you need to be ready and no one can predict the unpredictable. No one can know Leo noble published we could but we can't be nice but here's how we can equal the playing field that's what we try to do what's equal the playing field let's let's have everybody be the same as far as. The the multi multi millionaires in the people that are just starting out let's make sure that we all are on the same playing field. And if you won the next 25 callers who call today with the least 250000. Saved for retirement you'll be entitled to what I call the total financial and retirement master plan. You probably wondering what's included in this offer. Well folks number one we're gonna review your tax returns because a lot of mistakes are made on your tax returns. And we're gonna make sure you utilizing every single tax benefit that is available today under the US Internal Revenue Service code otherwise known as the tax code. We're also gonna review your state planning. Our objectives to make sure that you had your celts set up correctly very port because a lot of mistakes are made on the generation skipping passing of money. But what's most important few right now and should be. Is will review all your investment statements now I know you get all this mail from your financial institutions or stockbrokers over the years may get emails whatever. A bit it's piled up on your desk or in your inbox sweep it off your destiny near by and from your inbox and put all the to a shopping bag. We're big box and bring you then we're gonna take all the information reduce it down to our famous investment analysis spreadsheet. Now this a simple one the three page document the breaks down the three key elements of the successful portfolio and they are these are very important folks you should write these down remember diversification. Fees. An income. We want to make sure that you're truly diversified across asset classes and within asset classes we wanna analyze your fees and reveal to you the hidden costs of the portfolio you're currently maintain. And lastly. We're gonna try to increase your lifetime income we believe that every investor should optimize their income for your portfolio for more dependable lifestyle. All the way through retirement. And finally win a title together into our custom designed to personalized wealth projection double answered the age old question very important. Are you gonna outlive your money or your money. Gonna outlive view and that's what you want to have happen and folks very important we're gonna utilized strategies that we have been working on and perfecting for nearly three decades we wanna help take your family from your personal financial point eight all the way. To point C helping you realize your dreams with your goals and values with the least amount of risk and as much certainty as a fiduciary like we are. Can provide again our exclusive total financial retirement master plan for all callers. But the least 250000 safe retirement or invest for retirement to call right now but keep in mind that our strategy to work best for those of you with over a million dollars. But as long you have some money put aside we can try to help you get on that right path to. Way to freedom are suppose if you wanna take advantage 1808511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. Probably come back we're gonna talk about some more this common challenges and cash flow planning specifically not having a customized investment spread. Top thirteen seven. I. Welcome back into the financial support once again I'm consumer advocate Thomas Lipscomb in studio alongside coach Pete to route that he is America's wealth. Finance and in some cuts in studio alongside with us. Is the rocket man Chris pressed power as well as chopper he is our safe money correspondent that is Steve's at all now okay. Income planning I like to have money when I need it obviously is better than having a one I don't need it. Fifth yeah its open sewers are not here though obviously is more confiscated in the. I've got a list it's called the Lebanon told the perfect ten aren't perfect ten retirement planning checklist like at night we took perfect ten Steve's like this because I developed an Internet at and a limited. All right so perfect yeah. Now let's look at it in this small makes sense for some of these well for some people some won't but this like a checklist this week we itemized. Things out for folks we're talking about the financial countdown monster retirement and that financial red zone and leading up to it if anyone listening can benefit from this number one. Save as much as you can in your retirement account and an accent throw it does that not so owned blue wasn't as much as you can mean coach. That that he did more than that right as a what are your recommendations there well twelve to 15% of your pay each year for retirement Democrats including employer contributions if you're investing and retirement plan at work so you have a match right and your employer like if you put in 4% he puts in 4% and 8% total arts all you do is put four more percent Europe that will pop OK gotcha and the more you put away now. The more you gonna have later hopefully you have the right investment options or whatever. He have time when your sides of the sooner you can do it the better and you know what I hear though what I hear when I tell someone they should be saving twelve the 50% of their retirement accounts. Probably nothing they're shocked usually here. A little bit and Rodriguez for a Catholic got to put money away because. Clean cut about what they said if you don't put away now what's gonna happen when you get there yeah I always say if you can't afford to save for retirement now when you have a paycheck coming in what's gonna happen when you get to retirement and the paycheck stops yeah thank you gotta be honest. You look at the 401K or your savings vehicles as an enemy because this cut is taking money. The you could spend today and putting in place you can't touch sore so that's an enemy you procure live bout you look at it you mad at him but but yeah. It's free you. Exactly exactly it's you assure you you're paying future you gas so future use happy future you will be sent if you don't put money away. Yeah I see a lot of people who were not putting money away or borrowing against their 401K which is not advisable. To help children's education or may be by a second home. That kind of thing and it now what happens if you borrow in your 401K and then you either by your choice or by your employer's choice leave the job. What happens to that forward gave ballots that that lonely yet I am I usually do you have to pay it back. And I've seen people reaches their 401K get more money out to pay that back so now they have tax on the money you just took out plus the money you do you didn't pay that it's it's crazy just in a lot of trouble wow so moved. That's forced to. Statement that it is because you know how forward K yesterday paid back if you have a job becomes to your paycheck and you don't have the job anymore can come to the paycheck just come out of your pocket certainly bounce off while NFC people who want to roll their 41 K from their old company a new company could not do that then outstanding won't have to pay that low enough for the can move that really allows it now and again. You know way to avoid all that I don't gadget I mean really you don't need to be touch and therefore OK you need to be adding to it not. Not not taken money and it's honest and did yeah yeah I guess he's pretty easy when you can borrow against it seems like it's free money BitTorrent but you're hurt yourself in the future by taking money before one kitten yet again saving twelve to 50% get it up. You do you don't have to start right away like bat like that but every single year increase the amount you put the way because it hurt as bad things coming out pretax. I think about opening an IRA. And decide which type either traditional or Roth makes more sense for you look at now though was the difference nutritional Ira you get a tax write off to put the money away and it builds tax deferred while which means that the tax time bomb which means when you take the money out it's all going to be taxes there you go certainly so again it's that immediate grass -- college and then yeah. A big hit satisfaction have the money put aside and get a tax write off but you're building a big tax time bond and wears a rough you'll get a ride off when you put the money in but then that money as long as you follow the rules the government has which relieves and that money builds tax free and we'll come out retirement. Tax rate there you know. Pretty good and don't solid out slowly so when you get a retirement anyone listening who's an retirement I know we have a lot of listeners in retirement you know that when you take money out of your 401K plan if it's not a rough you hate it because you have to pay much taxes. So if you look at the balance in a 41 K let's say have a million dollars in a forward Kelly do you really have a million dollars it's certainly not now and unaware of twin attacks came from the I got left to right so let's get him. You're just starting tomorrow. There have you had a good one the bad 112 round instead and that's just look at the choice is it with a you have one saying hey let's put the money and tax free or tax deferred which meets with tax write off and we'll have to worry about Texas today. We have to worry about a long time in the future will have to get salt to a Texas or we can not take a tax write off. Let's put our money into a Roth and some 41 case offer both choices by the way they offered the regular. Option and the Roth option. And so if you have an employer that's offering a Roth option for a long tail would do half in the Roth. And half and great workout in at least half the money put away will be tax deductible the other half will grow tax free come out extreme. So it's a good combination plan. It definitely has sounds wonderful so now what are some of the drawbacks about Roth does that sound like big I it would be because you pretty well the main drawback you'll get a tax write off when you put the money would it affect yet another episode but if you look at it. May be weren't low tax bracket now so why would you take a little tax bracket right off today when you can put the money away and have a grow to be bigger mountain Carmel tax free in the future panics and so would you rather deal to write off a dollar today or a 130 years from now take to undertake a hundred come out desperate. I go. It's it's just about booking and and not be an impulsive I guess we put money away and we need to look at what I call the evaporation indexed as we get a retirement. If we have money that we haven't they tax on. 30% of that money you're so is gonna evaporating right before your eyes in taxes. Not having fun is no doubt and so to have patient and expect thing does that make things up and now we need to make it a priority. To save the maximum Euro well the safe in your higher rates and it's about 6500 dollars right now for folks age fifty or up while that's a lot of money to put aside and end of 55 under for those under fifty seeking put some money away. This is for the folks that say. I'm not saving for retirement because my employer does not give me a 41 day. You don't need important you'll get together rod put your money in your diaries anyway that I like ire raise better a lot of times because you have your own individual accounts you have choices a lot more choices and having a 41 K. And if you have a 401K you're over 59 happy may not realize that you can roll your money tax free in your own individual higher rate. And not be beholden to the group rules anymore and a whole lot more choices and build and income plan that would give you what we call. Look for the rest your life you have to have I mean the whole reason we're saving is to have a retirement income plan we can't outlive. Is Leslie precisely is just a scary when I think about a coach that the fact that they're going to be people out there simply relying on social security and their retirement and hit bad that did I just Rex Manning intensity that's scary yeah it is very scary. Another way to save as in life insurance and a lot of fuel cell like germs don't want that but if someone passed away in that kind of situation. UND leave them high and dry you be leaving them a tax free income for the rest of her life probably more than they had to begin with him now so life insurance is a good fit many times four for certain circumstances then you have a -- wants life insurance today after someone dies who try to reflect yet not a lot of real sharp today after a wreck right choice but it's about putting a perfect plan together and life insurance is an asset class -- I think about 5% a year of your assets should be in some kind of life insurance type vehicle. Because not only will give you the death benefit. You can reach into the new life insurance policies right now when you haven't it takes some of the death benefit out to pay for your long term care can literally while living benefits and that's what a lot of people don't realize not a great idea didn't throw in the fact that the reason why call like insurance or triple play in the in a positive direction is it builds Castro YouTube didn't come out tax rate. So you have a death benefit the goes tax rate on you or you're able to take out some of the death benefit music for Euro long term care tax free incredible yeah it's pretty neat whenever I and it builds the tax free and comes into your real reasons to get into a good life insurance plan. Or heavily you have like returns have that reviewed make sure you're in the right when right now keep in mind never cancel your current policy to get a new one in your handsome as you know what happens today after gets a 150. I have been very careful on that. Folks if you want the next ten policy Cohen they were gonna create a one page funniest review that will indicate if you're need the full blown financial retirement plan. Keep in mind this review is the 9099 dollar value can give wake complimentary actually free no obligation to the next ten followers who have at least 200000 saved for retirement. Now let's just insist that they're taking the mystery out of the financial and retirement planning process by mapping out for you where you are right now. We're also gonna run a fee report that'll help you untangle. What working with your current planner or advisor is truly costing you. And see if I simply protecting your retirement investment you could experience what we called dramatic growth potential. Also perform attacks analysis to reveal how they could possibly reduce your taxes that's a novel concept. The most important part though is will run a customize income plan that utilizes proven strategies and techniques. Which could Turbo charger retirement income. Folks you do this you take the war he. I don't living in retirement you have Social Security review was well will do that in its included here will surely what a true financial Philip looks like. In short we'll help you take the guesswork out of the financial and retirement planning process for the next ten dollars that's a comprehensive financial review. To 999 dollar value that you wake up mentoring no obligation. So something we're talking about resonates with you go ahead pick up the phone and give us a call to make sure that you had a security to your retirement resources are being managed according to your goals and risk tolerance of this call 808511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. Yes well we come back we're gonna talk about how you should be ready for your 25 plus your vacation otherwise notice retirement. We're gonna go through something we call the fundamentals of retirement plan. Look I hear all the other commercials up there and I can confidently say that if you're looking for straight talk. Common sense and a financial planners still for youth and we have something in common retirement planning doesn't have to be complicated take advantage of our no cost. No obligation consultation make sure that your retirement plan really is aligned with your goals and risk tolerance. Cult built Capriati at 8085101636. Again that's 8085116. To 36. We talked about before we left for the break a minute ago we talked about ready for a 25. Year plus vacation otherwise no retirement sending out good. That's a political. I'm not gonna Gil Q by using worn out statistics about how most people spend more time researching their next car purchase. Then they do when you retire at the polls show a little drugs that I really. That happens then do we spend more time on vacations and cars who looking for those than we do on retirement a retirement is the 253040. Year vacation or unemployment otherwise known as retirement so. We already know. That more people need to spend more time on that. Maybe Chevy Chase is to make a movie called retire because they know how bad the responsibility. Into the apartment after a. Well if you can identify with anyone of the following that I again just let your. Probably totally normal yeah. Yeah they've well since I've been more or no I think about it. Every I. A Christy busy. I'm that you know actually I gotta say it is on the horizon not something nice the new talk about a lots of candidates and reasonably corner of your mind a little it is in the corner and I'm definitely gonna get much. Yeah if that's. All right so you don't know how to plan for something that has so many what is sits in the if you're you're if you're one or another matter that's on your mind and your your usual like you know I'd like everybody you know and I'm there the number three college tuition big medical expenses and the mortgage are still being paid off. While yet another strip especially my situation now and again you're totally normal now I bet at that there are a lot of things going on. But it's it's important like the financial jug or to have more than one thing going on what the judge could never juggle it drove two balls and her catch him up third. But in the financial world we got a lot more than one or two balls in the in the journal times well mortgages are gonna kid stuff we get sucked. If you own a house this always some breaking house. What would target so or maybe you can't imagine how you'd feel the time the retirement you know when retirement comes what are you gonna do putting undue Chris. Bug officially gone into full. Fred Flintstones at 12 o'clock right down the diets that now they're good at that ignites a you don't have that burning desire to see the world I don't I don't really wanna see the whole world I know you do I absolutely do yes. We have fun over the content I. A prostitute my fifth. Definitely I can live vicariously through him well you know I ain't got nothing don't want to together a studio I. It could be addicted to retreat like you just didn't elect you love watching different show ya know it's going to be on its. Yeah I. I and so loving you get predicts we all that we did we get in good ones and that one reason or what's bad to you might be good to somebody else and vice Versa. Or you miss the influence in discretionary income provided by your job or your job then recede don't you think about your job to say much and only my job collect my job. But many times the decision has endorsed your employer says they. Not the event tomorrow night so we get we know their retirement with planning and retirement in general has a whole lot of variables and when we look at it. Perhaps when you get to retirement maybe George retarded retirement catch you off guard by your company downsizing your health challenges may be you had to retire because you can work anymore. Or outsourcing or any kind of reasons like that so retirement is not by your choice many times right and so oh with were forced into retirement more than retirement in a lot quicker than we wanted to and so the most important part is to start planning for retirement before you thought you would ever have to quit retire. And start. The planning the yeah I was very true. Global something really soft on the show before that have really taken away is the earlier they ETS are obviously gives you more security that it really at the end of the day you're gonna have a more successful retirement because of that time value of money. That interest piling upon interest yeah. Michael retiring on your terms the price though there's hope retard Emanuel even though I've got political they have like booklets and everything else that. Emanuel on retirement everybody everyone is different. But the secret is to start winning now C can retire when your term no doubt and probably one of the most important themes anyone who's thought about retirement new look at this one. The best on the wind tree was twenty years ago right into the second best time is now. Couldn't agree more to us they want I just convinced my 25 year old son to start saving for retirement did you drill now Andy you know I started talking element he said holy crap I better go confess I didn't you know good for up to. Just start now to preview crazy but it twelve months to be glad it didn't exactly four months after no matter how old you are right so the sooner the better that's you'll phrase we heard over and over again. But how to start and would he do first what are but he says well you know number one you give us a well. The number to reach still Capriati. The number reached still Capriati a senior tax and insurance advisors is 800. 8511636. And has 80851. 1636. Now some might say to begin with the end in mind and so you you envision what you want to have happen retirement and let's see if we can fill up that that box with enough money to make sure you have retirement like that so let's go the retirement fund box but you need to have money you need to have the income. All the way through retirement and so. When people get to retirement many times they have a long some we called on some time bomb because they have no plan for that lump sum. And if you can't translate that into an income. You're not gonna be happy retirement is rose to be warned you're spending too much and you're not gonna have enough left over. And then we have something we called evaporation index which is fees expenses commission and risk that you're taking that may be shouldn't take. They could reduce the successful this of the retirement and and so first we need dual life in the tour. And so after we will we will we meet with people it's easy to do what we can worksheets all that but just envision yourself. With the fundamentals of what's gonna what you gonna need a retirement number one is it. You have to have your wills and trusts put aside numbing when you pass away people have to know what's gonna happen. Where were wont work what you want to have happen exactly if that and so have the inventory of all important documents and that kind of thing so and then look at the kind of money put aside and see if you're still on track. To retire when you thought you want to be done. And unfortunately some people are behind the curve. But what's a better time to find out your behind is now not ten years from now precisely so make sure your financial health is in some semblance of order. So that it's if you are forced out retirement did you have a way you have a plan put together their report. He has as it is I mean it sounds vitally important sound something that really connected difference between a healthy retirement and that crew quite frankly rather stressful and. So the perfect ten list we're talking about earlier we covered number one it was like save as much as you can for retirement. Number two is don't be shy about asking for professional advice on a tech fans though think about whether you're comfortable making upcoming decisions on your own or whether you want to spend time. Would someone maintain that for you like going through that looking ahead showing you what's happened to other people the past right and no one no one has a perfect fit no one really knows what's gonna happen was very important to. To the right plan put aside. Simplifying your portfolio as we get closer to retirement have too many investment choices were too many investments going on your into portfolio. We don't build a really. Control what's going on there plan to pay off your debt before retirement to was important and I don't think it's it makes any sense at all to end their retirement in debt. Because then you're always behind the people so they took over two people so it. So would you apply this to let's say health dead as well as mortgage standards is critical that all debt a crack addicted yeah now mortgage debt it's it's it's. Give and take a little lizards so but that's a controlled debt that's what you know exact what's going to be eaten if you're borrowing on credit card that can get bigger and bigger and you really have nothing to show for a tech yellow here let me do this if you're one of the next ten call or to call and right now we're gonna creating one page finance review for you that indicate if you're in need of a full blown financial retirement plan. Now keep in mind this the 999 dollar value can generally complimentary no obligation to the next ten followers who at least 200000 saved for retirement. Now what this will consist of us take the mystery of the financial planning process by mapping out for you we are right now also gonna run a theme report to help you untangle what working with you currently in her or advisor is costing you. Is it a simply protecting your retirement investment. You could experienced dramatic growth potential. Welcome to do something your own personalized the separation index showing how much money you're losing and not even knowing showing how much risk you're taking the you don't have to be taking. Very important aspects right there. But also running customized incomplete and the utilizes proven strategies and techniques which the Turbo charger retirement income and folks we do this the right way. You can take the war yet of living in retirement. It sure would help you by taking the guesswork out of the financial and retirement planning process through one of the next ten followers that's a comprehensive finance review. To 999 dollar value regularly complimentary no obligation to keep in mind there are strategies to work best for those of you with over a million dollars they've retirement. But as long Jeff 200000 say it will be out this. Your chance to benefit from a personalized retirement income plan scoring now as we still have a limited number of availability is on our calendar this week he can sit down and get that retirement Redknapp put together. Still Capriati who has coached pizza local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. Will translate for you that complex financial world and so very clear instructions. This excellent chance to get a true practical flourish review can be accessed simply by calling 800. 8511636. When you do call you will receive that comprehensive retirement review. We'll show you where you are now the much more important that it was shady that roadmap that we've been talking about TK you where you need to be. In short folks have nothing to lose that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 808511636. Earlier on the show we talked about Purdue university in their financial planning for retirement workbook when we come back and finish a show gonna go over nine of the worksheets they have they're gonna summarize them tell you why each one. Very important for your return. The right choice. And so that we have social become an and so we so security is done right we do Social Security Maxima they should strategies to make sure we get the most. There were entitled to. If we've been married before we married for ten years we're not married now and I spouse was making a lot of money back then. And we were sit at homers gonna do in the working grace in the kid's second I think we are entitled. To our spouse's Social Security benefit if it's more than ours without a spells finding out about a very good one. Once the once the government has not taken away in some of the once it taken away over the years that is still the spousal benefit is still alive. Yeah and that's important I think there are a lot of folks that aren't aware that out there and anything is most certainly a life changing. If you were a homemaker and your I didn't use spells was up to make the money that you're home raising the kids would you would you worked probably harder than the south that were. Oh yeah yeah yeah absolutely and I felt really happy to go to work but I think she should just wanted to cover version blown multi ethnic Illinois might address. Yeah that's just a dumb guys the ghost to topple the Little Havana and yeah exactly well. You gotta reasons that Dalton. Charts. Worksheet before estimating annual cost of living ten years after retire it's something people don't realize that things are gonna change yes if you know how sick situation spoken to change our view our automobiles that's gonna change may be our food may be that different dietary plans may we need different things. And maybe it's more expensive and I know medical gonna get one more expensive right. And slew than taxes on the taxes are always gonna be here the other two up but nobody from my clients to be in the highest tax break a possible retirement means that my investments have done well for me down a path I never understood the that this did give the point of view worthy of budgets is we're gonna be a lower tax bracket in retirement what does that mean that visited a horrible job building you might talk about it. Yeah. We want to have as much money as possible for folks as they chart. Italy and only money if we go into retirement we wanna make sure that we have plenty of money for the rest your life we plan to 121 that's on page 121. And one a money to continue to come Arian company it's going to pass that. If you elk and you never outlive your income plan prepare well. If you get totally up front but you're double it'll still be there. Eat out very important is poise violent toward you were talking about that forty years and inflation before cuts have brought it up on the show on 33 years old. My current person than in retirement my entire life as a we can't say inflation doesn't add up the number to reach Phil capriati's. The number reach still cap REIT at senior tax and insurance advisors is 800. 8511636. And has 800. 85116. 36. But you say it's it we make light of it sometimes but it is a process to make sure you were in control of your retirement we call it being retirement ready. And I think everyone listening out there I want you to be retirement ready retirement can mean different things to different people but be in ready meets the same thing to everyone doesn't it. So no one can predict the unpredictable and no one can know the unknowable but here's the way to equal the playing field and put Q and control. If you won the next 25 calls to call in today who have at least 250000. Safe retirement. You'll be entitled to what we call the total financial and retirement master player. Now you're probably wondering what's included in its offer here that is. First and review your tax returns to make sure you're utilizing every single tax benefit that's available today under the internal revenue services. Iris tax cut. And then we'll review your state plan to make sure that you have you're planning tools incorporated. Make sure you're not overlooking positive advantages like the stretch I ray and the multi generational income planning optimization strategies. Folks there are a lot of different ways that people make mistakes in their state planning we know we need to make sure you're not making those mistakes both third and most importantly will review all your investment statements to make sure that you were taking the best. Possible approach for that plan of retirement. We're gonna take all the information reduce it down into our famous investment analysis spreadsheet. Now this is simple one to three page document the breaks down the three key elements of successful portfolio and folks he's the most important. Three words I'm gonna say all week. Diversification. Fees. And income. Wanna make sure that you're truly diversified across asset classes and also within the asset class is we want to make sure the analyze your fees and revealed TU. The hidden costs of the portfolio currently maintaining. What's your preparation index how much you losing the you don't have to be losing how much even know that you have at potential loss. Folks we need to make sure debt we are in the right place for the right time pro life and lastly. We're gonna try to increase your lifetime income because we believe that every investor should optimizer income. To their portfolio. For a more dependable lifestyle all the way through. Retirement and finally win a title together in our custom designed to personalized wealth projection the way up through the age no question. Are you gonna outlive your money or your money. Gonna outlive you and folks we utilized strategies that we've been working on and perfecting for almost three decades wanna help take your family and you from your personal financial point eight all the way to point Z. Helping you realize your dreams and your goals and your values with the least amount of risk and as much certainty. As a fiduciary is I am can provide again our exclusive total financial retirement master plan for all callers for the least 250000 saved for investor for retirement. Call right now. All right the number to reach Phil capriati's who has coached peace local trusted coach in the Austin area is 808511636. Again that's 800. 85116. 36. And for coach Pete crisp breath power Steve's at all and myself it has been an honor being with you on radio this week and we hope that you found information helpful and look for you again next week. New topics any questions right here from a financial support. Currency. Information on this where the strength purposes only and does not constitute investment tax will be. Response information obtained from sources that are deemed to be reliable when. This cannot be guaranteed their dear Jay root for his gas supplies for the usage of information discussed always consult with a qualified defense. What guarantees can easily financial strength and claims paying ability can we talk. Should thoroughly review the contract were specific details of you compare to withdraw from defer to release or general. There.