Financial Safari, 11/19

The Financial Safari
Sunday, November 19th

The Financial Safari, for November 19.


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We see it on the news every night many financial experts are agreeing that the markets are overdue parade float on flute correction. Now when we hear this word correction it sounds pretty harmless doesn't. Wolf to be honest it's about as harmless as when geologists say that in area is overdue foray on these those quotes again seismic shift. Now in plain English that means earthquake in that correction that the markets are overdue for a well no one actually knows what that means until it happens. That's why whether you're retired approaching retirement work was just be real may be haven't even thought about it. Now's the time to get protection from that market volatility. Cult built Capriati at 808511636. Get this 800. 851. 36. This week's episode of the financial safari has brought to you I think you'll Capriati and seniors. And showing that I could. Information provided just what it was for purposes only and does not constitute investment tax or legal advice information has been obtained from sources that are deemed to be rely. What they're accuracy completeness cannot be guaranteed either Peter. Including usage of information discussed always consult with a qualified investment legal or tax professional before taking any action. Well hello America. This week's financial Suvari show and talked about several important financial aspects one is one is financial peace of mind. Also gonna talk about a brand new video series now. He called the video upon retirement that much more right after on the financial so far. This is coach Vinny and questions on how to properly structured your assets until retirement income you're in the right place and welcome to the financial safari. Welcome into the financial safari I'm consumer advocates Thomas Lipscomb in studio with me is the coach America's wealth to finance an income coach two time best selling author of financial safari and success and onyx 25 year veteran actually dare I say 26 year veteran now in the financial industry and merit their coaches fuel I'll. Out of closets and I flew to heed to real localized that there's 125 and a half but whose count Odyssey explorer around operates. And that's at. Enough for 26 now in studio also with us Chris broad power he's also known as rocket man and we also have Steve's adults are safe money expert and some familiar expert and coaches bring about peace of mind you know I was doing some yard work for my whole life this past weekend trying to get you know you're clean up the honey do list a little bit assert Apollo upon me for a little bit of peace of mind of the family didn't quite get it all clear out. Now Thomas folks has two children I do wanna do right is definitely and also when he is with me all week long in studio in an office and going over the financial aspects of the world. His wife's at home doing the real work houk and del dobbs can come on the weekend help hockey little frustration gets a good. But. Here's what Webster's dictionary defines peace of mind and again this is PE a CE of mind that it cannot. That epitomize and the other piece is like if you drive another road somebody cuts you off you wanna pull over just sort of an API. So. I know the idea being RCA's repeat it's like the two fingers holding up that one right up I would like does a bustling at an average I. S a a feeling of being safe for protected installing security system in your home will give you greater peace of mind as well example and in my example is making sure you have lifetime guaranteed income you can never. Now live. Is a financial prescription for peace of mind in the financial world rev road report here at the five financial freedoms you can't afford to surrender and now Chris you were in the navy is there and I don't think you guys ever talked about surrendering did you come out and technical. So is this five of them that we can't as Americans or anybody who's saving money. We can't afford to give any one of these freedoms up. Number one is the freedom to have guaranteed income and the day you stop working is the day you surrender. Your paycheck and you're guaranteed income like think about it when you if you have a job and go to work is all you show up and smile and do a good job and don't get in trouble get a guaranteed income shark and it sort of you know they checked out well eventually retire. And back in the day you would retire and then the employee her with start sending you guaranteed income in the form of the pension pick up they would give you like pretend you're still clearly give your fraction which they are and you get the check for the rest your life. Those are the days of the dinosaurs the pensions are gone for the most part was given new ways to make themselves feel good track where you could basically have your own retirement plan but it's all at risk the 41 k.'s most of them have all risk no safety no guaranteed income and news of your 59 and a half for over and have money in your 401K your 403 B your your TSP. You can roll that money tax free and still keep your 401K alive by the way I get a match to put new money in there. But rolled the money that you want tax free it's your own individual account now which would be your pension account attempt which would grow when you're not using it and then and is sometime in the future. That's fine to fill up money you can never lose for the rest your life we called the financial escalator that's right about the escalator when it's working. It's really hundred till I get on. Gridlock. I travel the airports at teams like most airports have these moving sidewalk things well yes sure and then most airports one or two a LaBroque. Let them get used to it in the NAFTA we units and then let's say it's funny thing is to see the moving sidewalk this broken. And it's real thin and narrow right people get in there when it's when it's working because it was their best idea Amanda to not work he got this gigantic I'll wait around it yet how many people go into the moving sidewalk you've won is not working. But many people have have you ever think that before Ali just foreseen Georgia escalated its not move an opening a stairway next to a delicate walk and has been uncomfortable feeling walking on a metal got it into a so. How many people are putting their money implants they shouldn't. Even other networking while not working right like the market has shown over history it's not the best place to give you guaranteed income Brister lightly yet people keep getting on it like it's an escalator that's what -- awful awful now who blemish really political sell equipment that would let me ask you would have brings to your mind. But is that a product earlier did you did you put a microphone. There can and try to deny. I well we need to do we slow used to simplicity these days no doubt. Like what we just showed in what thirty seconds which usually by about four minutes to cook something in my way yes we used to take somebody hours didn't doesn't taste is good but it's done right and you know what's gonna happen you know exactly what's gonna happen to put the stuff in the Mike with the right way don't leave popcorn into long by the way conflict. Episode of the office want to oh no we had an episode financial planning we need to be that easy so basically somebody says they want a certain amount of income for the rest her life we look at where their money is right now Erica and we feed into a computer program. I. And outcomes in come you never have to worry about now living. Very very important we go to financial fill up the problem is when we reach retirement we lose financial freedom in the in the form of paycheck needs we have to have paychecks. That we've built ourself that are equal to and I argue greater than what we were getting. When we are working because in my mind and I'm not retired I'm 51 but when I get to retirement. I want every day to be like a weekend because it is you're not going to work salute you wanted to get a home because you can't go out. Would you wanna sit all because you choose to sit at home because you're still so tired from all vacations have been taking a very good point at effect and so if you don't have things set up correctly. Rule. Want to right right. That's Annan Annan for one hour at your retirement every day you get so everybody that's listening right now you know I know life is complicated. You don't have time to come seacoast beat you think everything's fine your current advisor tells everything's fine and yet telling is not show. And we step show and tell what now people tell and maybe show and so somewhere went way off track we did a 180 degree turn were people tell you everything's fine but the never show you. Let us show you and tell you what you tell us what you want then let us show you how it's possible yes and so if you're one of the next twenty calls to call right now. Will people sit down with you and we'll do a full blown one page financial review it'll look at everything you have put aside everything you wanna do in the future and we'll tell you if it's possible to convert your financial plan into a retirement plan that gives you peace of mind you can never outlive very important. Now we take the mystery of the financial and retirement planning process by doing this. And we can isolate fees and expenses commissions and risk you're taking that you should be an if you can eliminate those with home planet to termites by the way. You could experience dramatic growth potential we do attacks analysis also that shows you how you can reduce your taxes. But most importantly we run a customize incomplete and that utilizes proven strategies and techniques. Which could Turbo charger retirement income and folks the main reason we do this it'll help you take the war. Out of living in retirement it shortly help you take the guesswork out of the financial and retirement process. For the next twenty callers that's a comprehensive financial review folks we've boiled down all that stuff you have. It 2123 pages that help you understand exactly what's going on and now you can explain it to your kids great kids and spouse what's really happening at. And take the warrior out of living your retirement again the next wanna call us now our strategies work best. For those of you with a over a million dollars but as long as you have 200000 put aside we can help you. Finally someone is offering retirees and pre retirees common sense and straight talked. The stuff financial double talk and a retirement sales pitch folks you need to sit down and get a retirement roadmap that together. And bill Capriati who has coached Pete's local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. Will translate for you that complex financial world it's a very clear instructions the is an excellent chance free to get a true practical retirement review. And for anyone listening right now the number to call is 800. 8511636. When you call you will receive a comprehensive retirement review showing where you are now. But most importantly a roadmap TD you where you need to be. In short folks you have nothing Italy's call on in that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 8085116. 36. So when we come back I'm gonna talk more about this financial prescription that. Many of the. Sound off on the news of the day with a time poll online ads on thirteen seventy dot com. I'll sock thirteen seventy though Greg Joyce. You hear that it's. Need in joy in my retirement. Kick in Korean food around America's G a baseball team in every part. Sitting in the best seats and Washington June small. That's what it's cool. Now my able to have this great adventure. Years ago I rolled over month I have already felt the moment he crossed its. They helped me turn my retirement worries. In your retirement. The next ten tallest will receive a copy of our club off the press. World one T survival guide when he seventeen edition called bill can't riady and eat. 8511630. Get this 80851. 1636. Over to pretty cool you don't want. Blocked well all the time to put up some really cool information and I was surfing the Internet the other day NFL from the state of Texas. This great income planning worksheet that they designed to skull retirement income planning worksheet build. Preparations for your retirement account and it's a straightforward resource to help gather the data you need basically to put together what your income look like a retirement now we're looking at a lump sums weeks we have what I call up some time bombs. The fund look at. But there's not much into that as far as you don't know what you can really good on with a deciding if you get warden of talked a lot of people when they start taking money out of their retirement plans to get started warned even if they have big bounces millions of dollars. When they start taking money out there worried that the money they take out may never be back in there again lead and you depending on the market many times market based plans to refuel and replenish the money taken out. But unfortunately when it comes time for what we call. Finally to fill up we need to make sure every single year we pull up to that retirement gas station that are checked comes out. Would it be horrible if we pulled up in retirement and this is what hurt real low and auto. Hero you've already drain your money out precise and so that's one thing that I can guarantee that people that I work with the put together the proper income planning strategies we'll never hear because we design plans to go to H 121. And and beyond which we call retirement and beyond because you're never gonna run out of money with a properly structured income plant. Exactly and and I know we laugh about it -- with that we have some fun terms to become a listen great terms 'cause cell lung sometime on the we can laugh about it but this truth I think to myself I say 7585. Livan Woolen retirement I don't wanna come to the point of being 939597. And all of a sudden wondering. Is the quality of food on my table going to be the same am I going to live in the same moment and this is exactly what we're talking about. Well I don't. Every single year you're getting a check but then they do what we call and I still love this we go into the police with a little pink spoon city symbolize great I. Get double scoops right if you double dip. She got a pension coming in already really triple dip because you do the Social Security planning strategy to get Social Security check while and then why not go get another job. They get aerial don't work in a pension bill and you know another paycheck signed basically do whatever you want it's great but this report from the state of Texas said the most overlooked. Source of income is money you put aside your home on your own or have been big accounts like 41 case because in living color launch sometime bumpers like in public that have to be good results up I really don't know you need to translate. What that lump slump can mean for a lifetime of yearly income they can come yearly or monthly we say yearly income people so I don't know if I can budget my money does. Have a one check command of the have to wait. Eleven more my I. I got such yeah so when I say yearly income it could be monthly and we have we have several of of our clients to get monthly income checks because they don't want to get one big check. Once a year right ready get a standard check every single month and then when we say you check. People say well I want to go to the bank every month like regardless of personal problem I totally out of the bag your mother put my second well to something called auto deposits so I I use simple terms are simple strategies explain what we do. But it's a lot more complex behind the scenes and if you want direct deposit you can get direct deposit there again. I did out that's pretty funny. We can't cover everything on one show and by the way folks as we always say this is never investment advice when you hear stuff on the radio no matter who you listening to matter what kind of show it is if that's the one about how to fix your car before how to fix your house or how to fix your financial plan. You need to meet with the individual who specializes that more more than one may didn't get 33 opinions before you ever. Take action on yourself and Chris you've been working on your own car that's what I haven't been that now you're pretty Smart when it comes to that my wife would beg to differ with you but it took. A well outside the studio lets see your car to park lots of either it's stuck there or did a good job now it got here today undertone our competitor what's the -- isn't right because you have trouble with that it is you got your information on how to Texaco are the best way to learn is unfortunately. And honestly hands on and learn from your stakes could be even better way. Is to warrant from other people's mistakes and that's what it's true definition of the geniuses that you go make all mistakes you write a book about your mistakes and I'll buy that book and I'll make sure I don't mess that up. The number to reach Phil capriati's who has coached peace local trusted coach in the Austin area. Is 808511636. Again that's 808511636. Now one. Things though I wanna make sure people need to be what we call retirement ready. That goes along in the whole theme of the of them the show here people don't know Chris I'm I'm sure you telling your younger guys believe you're maybe I'm sure he has some older friends who were wondering when you're gonna retire and I did I I still didn't what did they tell him what was some of the concerns they talk it and what you mentioned earlier coach top was you know house payments are cartel to take a month later enlighten and they don't know what to do with the when it finally -- -- that this is something that they before they retire due to be like a similar wrestler in the ring in you need to push all the expenses out of the ring before you really can retire speaker if not they're gonna be here to costly try to push you out the ring brilliantly deeply it's like playing the king of the mountain with your development and there are ways to do it the right way. There's other ways to. Lot of people thought they push somebody other ring but they were just playing in a dead for men to come back and went over thing very careful so it's about being retirement ready keep in mind no one can predict the unpredictable. And no one can know the unknowable but here's a way to equal the playing field so if you're one of the next 25 policy Colin today. At least 250000. Saved for retirement. You'll be Intel what we call the total financial and retirement master plan. Now you're probably wondering what's included in its offer well first mobile and review your tax returns to make sure you utilizing every tax benefit that is available today. Under the US tax code again legally. Second we're gonna review your estate plan folks so many mistakes are made on the state planning real estate planning attorneys are we work with that are really good about pointing out mistakes but specifically gonna go over certain planning tools that you are may be overlooking. Like a stretch irate or multi generational income planning optimization. Strategy getting the most money given tiered next akin. Every single year for the rest of their life and maybe their grandkids after you passed away. Well also don't go over beneficiary designations make sure you understand complex terms like first or piece lots of mistakes are made the state planning. Third and most importantly we're gonna review all your investment statements. Now we talked about this earlier and you get bombarded with information mail or is email email all that invokes sweep that up that everything is polity just sweep it into a bag or box. Rubbermaid box would or bring it into a Campbell categorizing go through all the information reduce it down to our famous investment analysis spreadsheet. Now that's simply a one to three page document the breaks down the three key elements of a successful portfolio and they are diversification. These an income. We want to make sure that your truly diversified across asset classes and within NASA classes we wanna analyze your fees and revealed do you think hidden thoughts. Of the portfolio you're currently maintaining folks you'd be amazed how many financial termites are in your portfolio right now. And lastly. We're gonna try to increase your lifetime income. And we believe that every investor should optimize their income for the portfolio for more dependable lifestyle all the way through retirement not just to retirement. And finally we'll titled together with our custom designed to personalize wealth projection. That went to the age old question are you gonna outlive your money. Push your money gonna outlive you. Utilizing strategies that we've been working on and perfecting for nearly three decades who wanna help take your family from your personal financial point eight all the way. To your point Z helping you realize your dreams with your goals and values with the least amount of risk and it's much certainty as a fiduciary like week. Can provide and by the way fiduciary or putting your needs above RT it's very very important again our exclusive total retirement and master plan for all callers. But the least 250000. Saved for or invested for retirement. Call right now. Our goal here at the shows to help you make the best decision possible so if you have any questions about what we're talking about how they apply to your own situation. You can sit down and get a retirement road map put together and still Capriati who has coached Pete's local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team will translate for you that complex financial world and so very clear instructions now if you wanna take advantage of getting this troop practical retirement review all he has to do was give this call 800. 8511636. And remember when you come in you will receive a comprehensive retirement review that'll show you where you are now but either war toward the Napa excruciating that outline that roadmap that vision TD you. Where you need to be to end through retirement. In short of the show nothing to lose that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 808511636. And folks we come back we're gonna talk about eight core ideas to guide retirement income planning again put hellfire famous professor. Doctor wade found. It's this has been a great show today folks welcome back into the financial safari and consumer advocate Thomas Wilson here alongside coach Pete to root if he is America's wealth finance an income coached two time bestselling author alongside Steve Forbes he's written a best selling author success and onyx. It's 25 year veteran also another 25 year veteran we had in studio with us as former UNC basketball player retirement and well strategists that is Marty Hensley and rounding out the crew is our chief wolf strategists that is Parker Holland guys welcome then it is on the right now we've got a big question from a lot of our listeners are asking how can I avoid paying taxes. On in come I don't need in retirement. That's a big one it is a big one I mean if you're not me if you're not using the money. Why do you continue to pay tax each and every year on that money that you're not using but you will use or want to use in the future and you wanted to grow right moderate. Absolutely we looked at ways that we can compound interest on the money and potentially defer that to come to later on the like to say so what is the problem the problem is your paying too much in Texas on money you're not. Needed and why is that a problem because what you're paying Uncle Sam and not paying yourself that's a problem with assaulting it was another tax bracket because they were taking incumbent who were paying income tax on the committee did not meet tonight would put him but I. Higher talks front lol this is solution is to do something we'll two different solutions one has to build some tax free accounts and the other one the more. I guess more people use this because it's it's a lot easier than a tax free accounts effects recounts usually. Require you to pay tax now and then have the money bill tax free later truck tax deferral. So tax deferral of the feature of text are pros you don't pay tax on the money is a gross that's pretty good pitcher right back wells monitor compound inside. A tough talks deferred which is the benefit which means more money for you later and the advantages you got more money to do more things throughout your life. And Westport. Parker what do you think about that. It's great make sure you do your taxes working for you like you're saying don't pay too much too quick and taken on your own time not Uncle Sam yeah because with the main goal here is to build. And income plan that has tax efficiency and and that means paying as little taxes possible legally. That's what does not care about the validity Swiss bank account to do and deals that Russia whatever they're doing tax free money. We don't go resentment. Episode and I never know in a special prosecutor may appear in their future and we don't want that happened to you because we want you to have income each and every year all the way through retirement we want that to increase and we call that. I need to fill up each year you get a new check edit your account you never have to worry about it going away because it's not dependent on the stock market going up and down. The number reached still Capriati a senior tax and insurance advisors is 800. 8511636. Yeah and that's 80851. 1636. And you know what Thomas every now and then what we have Parker and Marty in these studio behind we have them do something weak call. Case study that's right when you roll that tape I would blow through here we get guys. I'd be here that he. Now of course that does that Barenaked Ladies and at all guys them at notre. Parker worked on a case study differences with Marty and I had a list are Colin about a week back and we both sat down with this family. And he was sixty his wife was 57 and they were looking at retiring in a year. Marty dove into a lot of detail on it and service distribution which a lot of listeners don't know that is. It's where you can take money out of your 401K before you retire tax deferred keeps it exactly how you want and it keeps tax efficiency and play. But he gave him full control of that money so he was sixty years old wife was 57 and had one point two million in his retirement account. When he set out this in service distribution we took a million dollars. And had at work in form and they advance and protect strategy and that gave them starting in January of 2019. 56000. Dollars a year or so over the next thirty years I gave them one point 68 million dollars of income. And they still had 700000 left for their legacy. Let's bring the plan that it is it was a great spin and leave there had two kids there are looking at hopefully leave them 250000 needs that's above and beyond that. But the biggest play was that takes into account cost of living adjustments inflation that's increasing income. But 56000 dollars today or the next thirty years is a one point seven million from a one point two million dollar investment in still has 700000 let's not account Marty that's around 6% withdrawal rate which pretty good now street sister lucky to get three duke I was ahead and he could run out of money to Wall Street when this is a plan that would not run out of money guaranteed never run out of money. And they can still reach in barker and get some extra money out because they have some left over money correct. And their service distribution that's a lot of the Sorenstam an ambulance service distribution and keep their 401K plan in place and he was able to contribute for this year and that also lifted some liquidity which is important. Any keeps putting money into is the current 41 K therefore keeps getting its match to get a match and geeks sweeps money he doesn't need. Or doesn't wanna leave and that plan because a 41 K plan is missing one big thing. And it's missing an income component. So basically for one case help with a financial plan but they're disaster when it comes to the retirement plan because it's not a retirement plan until it has lifetime income guarantee built into it. But the most important part you have been there as it was not protected against loss that was his biggest concern yeah because of the market goes the wrong way. And he's waiting till tomorrow to two liquidator to make his move. Tomorrow may not be as friendly as today yes exactly so this the way to make your 401K plan great again. By combining it with a true income strategy. Outside the 41 K but inside the tax. Safety net. Where he's not gonna pay tax to make this move. That's a very important aspect Thomas is a lot of people think that if you move your money out of your 401K you could end up designating. The tax time bomb. Not yet if you do with the right way Marty. And that's why people that try to do it himself sometimes. A nice little friendly bomb at about ten minute what do you think they get but so many people make so many mistakes when it comes to this because they've built up these great balances in the 41 K but the they don't know what to do with you and what usually happens is they do the exact wrong thing at the exact wrong time. And if they would wait too long or not do the right way who. Raw. It may not be the best retirement ever but that's a great plan Parker so what they feel about it. All they loved it there it became clients avid listeners became clients and we look forward to our financial planning relationship but also like Marty was saying the tax efficiency their advance and protect the corn explore like you kind of just touched on. Only did it was a put that foundation in place to secure their retirement income and I'm mart said. He's still saving he's does a match that's just gonna be icing on the cake in the future if you one of the next twenty callers right now will build a plan for you that includes an income strategy. But most importantly folks we need to review your tax returns to uncover long term tax issues likely exist in your higher raise your 401 k.s. Capital gains of six Social Security taxes. Will also help you by establishing your retirement income goal. Which is money needed to cover the cost of enjoying. Your lifestyle and Parker Mardy and you said Dallas couple and he looked at what they needed. To have not just get by their retirement but to have a great retirement where they could go see the grandkids go to basically ballparks and of mr. I'd like to take his grandsons two Major League Baseball games. Oh yeah he had to make sure he traveled around he's a brave family all that's in my. But we also the most important thing here is what you did if you sat down and you did the analysis and Anderson it's a way we analyze your current investments. To establish the real cost and fees. And the calculated. Risk exposure level and a week we talked about somebody who was in a variable annuity couple weeks ago and they're paying one point 75% per year to be in the spear bush knew woody. And they were in the safe option inside the variable annuity which paid point 75% interest to them for each and every year there are losing 1%. And that's what we call losing money safely they were in a safe place they could lose money because of the market. But the variable annuity company and the agent the put him in there was charging one point 75%. Each and every year and on the next segment show we're gonna talk about. Something called how to avoid annuity traps but folks you've really need to take advantage of this if you have at least 200000 saved for retirement. And our strategies to work best for those of you over a million but let's sit down to go through a thorough. Case analysis for you. On one page breaking down all those different pages and statements you get putting mild one page so you know exactly where you are today so you can have a comfortable tomorrow and tomorrows after that again the best way to make your retirement great again is to understand it thoroughly. And have a team. Working for you. On this case at all times. So if you are one of the next twenty callers that's a lifetime income planned before one K analysis you get the importance of income planning report as well as the 401K ten point checklist for baby boomers call right now. Just like we've been tackling problems on the show today we can help you assess your plan and your outlook for retirement to make sure that you are on a secure path. This limited but complementary review will help you determine how prepared your investments are to handle all the retirement of falls we talked about on the show there's including inflation Social Security health care emergency so many things the stock market volatility. Risk taxation. But here's the thing folks most important we wanna show you how to produce a lifetime. Retirement income plan that house right folks and income plan to last short entire lifetime. Not just the lifespan of a bank accounts now to Colin and me with still Capriati who is coach Pete sell local trusted coach in the Austin area. Is 800. 8511636. When you calling you will receive a comprehensive. Retirement review that'll show you where you are now. But much more important it'll show you a roadmap. Tiki you where you need to be folks there really is nothing to lose call on him and take advantage that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 511636. Yeah very very important Thomas really think that that everyone out there this thing needs to take advantage this I know we get we get bogged down with a life. Life happens and we leave things behind but we come back a wanna talk more about 41 case of we're gonna go over the 41 table over. Ten point check list for baby boomers. On an online and on your Smart tonight. Top thirteen seven neat isn't the race over. What have they don't want to talk about and by the way folks. We'll we'll be back in financial Savard that's who would show whether they're marvelous regret that I. We had to do we had to jettison the Parker out because he had to get to a special point of this week. But we still have Thomas let's commended Thomas learned that didn't think you're much coach now. Down there right there and I want to introduce something we called the wealth escalator. Good to. We will look to for sound for the Swiss went out on it because we think of an escalator I think of elevator music in a mall yep the girl. Or have settled down and it was a little there's a picture out there with the movie ethical Lawson and two people running escalator and there are going up and stopped. And they just stood there are asking for help please. Plus we get a little because they weren't smartest plucked up the open on what are we talking about income planning all right so we have the wealth escalator and income plan think about getting a check each and every year for the rest your life. Think of an escalator just delivering that check over and over again. As long as it's not at the airport where all the moving sidewalks and be broken all the time. And you will escalator should work perfectly for you and if you want that explain how income planning we go hostile financial cruise control. Where and also called green flag on the mailbox but if you could have a way weird you could take what you've already put aside. Over the years following a 41 K you're on your own and then convert that money. Into an income for the rest your life instead of its sitting there to lump sum which we call up some time bomb and converted we caught patronizing to take that money some of it. And converted to a stream of income. You can never outlive. And you don't have to converted right here today what you have to start taking money out but if you get in the planet that that build more you could have even more income if you wait a couple years they did today. Absolutely that we that we have that advance and protect strategy is providing an incumbent is predictable and reliable you don't escalator you want to be very predictable you're going to affect us I think retirement. No no Joseph will and I know a lot of people while they're very concerned about the diversification of their portfolio yet aren't quite sure how to how to tackle that problem themselves is this a way that were able to implement that it ends of their class. Yeah the main problem is let's say that you are have been Smart you've been saving every year and or forward to block for a three beer thrift savings plan or just under only to a higher race. You've got money put aside but it's in a lump sum fashions and other big problem is how to make sure. All that money put away over the years is gonna pay me back a lot more than I. Put aside again because it didn't it didn't feel good I know it didn't feel good taken that money cynical idea paycheck before you can spend it and good having you go to some magical kingdom somewhere. Where the money is going to be promised you later and as long as the market do what should it takes us because I hate all these little as long as kind of thing because when you're putting money in the four OK you depending. On the market to go up yes but the big dilemma is that we're putting money into our 401K. Sticker inside of our heads we want that market to be going up we want it to four OK to be going up or else we don't up each time we put money in but we do that we're cheating ourselves because we really. While the market to be going down when we're putting money end. It's what we take money well will want the market to be up guy. Also the author of sold at about all of this they do but always thick the wrong went wrong yeah. Ethic as a way to the end of your get your 401K balance at brag to everybody look at how big my balances grow RD out as it goes up as the value of the more underlying market goes up you're getting a lot less shares for a lot more doll aha yes a lot less bang for your buck we call so I advise. That people get their own plan their own complete plan put together and if you're one of the next twenty call ours is we leave for the week and call and right now we're creating one page financial review didn't indicate if you're in need of a full blown retirement plan or not. Keep in mind this they 9099. Dollar value. But give way absolutely free and complementary with no obligation to the next twenty callers who have at least 200000 dollars safe retirement. Now what this consists subs take the mystery of the financial and retirement planning process by mapping out for you bring you are right now financially. We're also gonna run of the report this is very important because it helps you untangle woodworking would you card planner or advisor. Is really costing you and to see if by simply protecting your retirement investment you could experience what we call dramatic growth potential think about it if you pay less fees. And you can isolate them to get rid of them you're gonna have better growth. Especially if you take advantage of the advance to protect strategy we're also gonna do eight tax analysis that can reveal they could possibly even reduce your tax is going forward. But we can even help you going backwards for three years and and refile those returns to get your money shouldn't they have to begin with. But the most important part is we will run a customized income plan which utilizes proven strategies and techniques which could Turbo charger retirement income and take the war he. All the work you have out of living in retirement. It sure would help you take the guesswork out of financial and retirement planning process for the next one it powers that's a comprehensive plan to review. To 999. Dollar value particularly complimentary no obligation. It once you have at least 200000 safe retirement and our strategies do work best for those of you with a over a million. But if you have to 1000 U underway and we'll help you get to the destination you deserve and make your print great to get. We're proud to shed light on a number of topics that we see folks struggling with the work really being taken advantage of and as they prepare for and it into retirement so if you want to complimentary financial road map that we're talking about put together all wall making sure that you walk away from that conversation with clarity and understanding. Now to Collins and me with still capriati's whose coach Pete a local trusted coach in the Austin area. Is 800. 8511636. You can find out what your investments really are costing you because of high fees or commissions. What this future tax implications will be on an even more important than that how how much income can actually secure leak generate from that once she didn't hurt tyrant. Take advantage all you have to do is pick up the phone and call us that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 511636. Marty Headley thanks redundant it all right thank you answer for Parker Holland and Thomas system this is coach people join you next week same time same station right here on the financial safari. Tell us PRA. Information on its way to the strength purposes only does not constitute investment exports. Response information obtained from sources that are deemed to be reliable when you. He guaranteed their Peter. Why the siege of information discussed always consult with a qualified investment. No guarantees can easily. Financial strength and claims paying ability you can help individuals who thoroughly review the contract specific details of you compare to withdraw from. Deferred annuities are you. They're there.