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The Financial Safari
Sunday, December 10th

The Financial Safari, for December 10.


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Yeah Blanton. My email play. Takes courage to face up to things like volatile markets and Wall Street money. If you're worried I'm sure or losing sleep about your money do something about it all look at the eyes. I fly. Information provided is for certain purposes only and does not constitute investment tax or legal advice information has been obtained from sources that are deemed to be rely. What Barack receive incomplete this cannot be guaranteed either Peter. Well hello America you know what's coming close in a year but in this week's financial authority we're gonna talk about Walton did. Dreams may Disney. Dreams won't make your retirement gonna learn how math and science overcome dream and speculation this week. Financially it far. This is coach speak and if you. Questions on how to properly struck here and since then they'll return income you're in the right place. The financials are. OK coach I thought I could escape to when I came in the studio here got a one year old two year old home and here you are talking though Walt Disney. Yet what we're gonna get into why this is the big thing because too many people are dreaming. About a great retirement. But they don't do the things they need to do. And put their money in places that need stability to get to where they didn't they desire and math and science Tom pegged a famous. Author and also broadcaster on public TV. Does a series called don't war he retire happy yes and he always says math and science to overcome dreams and speculation. All day long and twice on Sunday now editors. Absolutely folks I am consumer advocates on slows him right there you're hearing a one and only two XP Dirita known as America's wealth finance and income goes also in studio alongside us is rocket man Chris breath power as well as our chief. Retirement and well strategists Parker Collins walking and guys. It's good to hear my daughters and six great right now she comes home with all these math problems I scrubs all that. And I sit down there every now and then and I put into real life examples like how many. Candy bar she confide in and tell how math is money and she understands that more you know put it in two things she can understand which she was younger. Ice to use American girl doll. Good example for the hundred dollars each or more to show up to accessorize them and quote them and then he can quote yourself to look like a great marketing by American girl doll play console port yeah yeah and I sat yeah. That's right. But she's in sixth grade now she's outgrown that a little bit even though she I think the door closes in her room she might still play volatility. And Alltel and your friend and do an. So it's just important that people realize. That we can customize. Examples for you that you can understand because it's in your. Every day life kind of examples is that just hear about what everybody else is doing. Well we and segment tune they were gonna have a million dollar case example from Parker to follow it yeah that yeah I'll call our chief strategist upstairs in the financial world. Parker if you brings things really. Easy to understand come down to the level of Abu radio listener which it's harder because we can't write things on the boards are gonna try to make it. Easy to understand case example coming up here in the next segment. Garlic force through a you know I love the fact that we get to see us folks who walked to and then walked out of the studio and always love seeing the couples are folks. Walking out of the office are always so happy you know they have that. One page financial review that you guys do and just the confidence walking us incredible another. Cool thing is we designed some magic eight feet. YE. White ports are react yeah and they're eight feet wide six feet tall they're gigantic but they have everything already pre populate as far as the different examples and and different places people need to have their money Chara and one of the things we do first is we show people where they are right now. And so it's great to see it all in front of you where your money listen if you have not your 100% that risky need to know that and so we diagram out if you have too much money is safe place you need to know that weekend if you have no money for income of the future who you need you know Connecticut and I don't recall that the financial fill up in too many people that are listening don't have a customized. And personalized financial Phillips strategy for themselves when they approach retirement. And that's the most glaring deficiencies that I city barker what about you it doesn't matter how much you have lumps on if you can't get the income you need to keep your standard living where it needs to be. The dog which reply and you know mentioned they were they were eight feet wide and six feet tall so we stand up and do would guess who doesn't have to stand up. I don't Antarctic at a party had a clear we could talk basketball player it's funny Ella Jimmie sitting in the charities that you reaching over like a giraffe and writing and Atlanta. I can tell if I sent down markers are because obviously that. How calorie and then shortly and as a so what if things don't wanna talk about as we roll into 2018. As we need to talk about what the cost of retirement are. He knew what I true cost shortage is one thing to say watt got plenty of money saved for retirement I'm gonna have this kind of income retirement. But what's our cost going to be every time because we have inflation and inflation fears so if we don't know what our costs are going to be each year throughout retirement how do we know. That our retirement plan is is good enough yeah onyx sunset that. I don't know what's gonna be good enough now one of the things we do also in this is something that people find very valuable as we sit down and set realistic. Retirement goals would folks affect not just saying they wanna go to the Bahamas a couple times a year in Key West does Jimmy Buffett likes it yeah I don't want to retire and Jimmy Buffett's new nursing out at an. Don't you think about it really does as it is these developing a chain of nursing I'll be really bad idea again and he's save money up for that is just like it's concerts. Not going to present a clearly not. Let me know that. That's about it though labor every day could be a weekend and it is a retirement but it could be a fun weekend to appear in Jimmy Buffett through Tahiti to call a Margarita Ville. And Warren Buffett to afford to Buffett's role about. Confessed to John brook on what it all the things presented during. See it got a little shot ran shots create I don't know Barneys for Barbara Holland let's educate them on notice from a list. That is the British up. So far left after the Torino barker wish less than that tuition bill for education as Davey Allison and band a third death at the here's what we need to do and this is what people who work is identified sources of income at retirement just wanting to send gonna get all the send double where's it gonna come from exactly and to all unfortunately people are so hard way in a couple of the lead the most recent market crashes your 2002007. Companies would go out of business you've got a company pension guess what happened to your pension plan. You know well if anything like daughters and one Lancaster Lebanon exactly gross we saw some delta pilots who thought they had a great retirement plan and but then then then delta went bankrupt other later still flying around the planes but they went bankrupt back then. And one of things in bankruptcy what the court did does that enable them to cut the pensions to the pilots. A lot of people don't realize that when a company goes bankrupt it's still in business many times you still can buy from onshore but if you're stockholder you lose all your money many times. So just because delta air at the had a conversation with this back when it happened with with someone who invested in delta stock. They swore to me that their stock was going to be fine up until they got a letter from their brokers say in the there's Stockton exist anymore oh no now they re issue is under different symbol Dotson a guy go there the old Delta Airlines is worth is okay yeah oh sells stocks just get together just like the Enron once why now so people have to be very careful so it's about mapped out where you are. Financially and mapping out what kind of retirement you wanna. And that's. Well the overlook things that we see in the retired world of things like that people just don't realize what they really could be due exactly district yes so if you're one of the next ten callers. Will go through with you a three step process to create a comprehensive. Retirement plan review. That aligns your financial goals with your values very important. OK first we'll understand what money means you and how it fits in your life very important because if if you're not caring about what's happening with your money than that it's hard prosecutor to. We didn't picture that if you're taking too much risk and we identify that we need to know that. You gonna act on what makes sense for you and that's preserving your assets to a quote like we say we don't want a dream about retirement will want a true retirement the and we got to organize will organize your finances so you have a clear picture of where you currently stand right now that's what we do on the big white boards we map out where you are right now. It's hard to design a plan if we can't figure out where you are right now and then we go from that starting point we call decks. And we designed. A seat the retirement plan and then we tell you why we do have a Democrat SO. Next we're gonna talk about your financial goals to retirement goals what are your short medium and long term goals. And will work together the clarify your goals so that their crystal clear intangible and Parker will tell you we sit down what folks many times. Mr. goals are different mrs. golden rule here and I had a thought we need to make sure they you guys are in tune with what you want and the best not to do it I've not been called the Dr. Phil the financial. I thought and I do have some refereed jerseys we can put on the open goes out and make sure but finally we're gonna create actionable steps to help you set a path towards financial and retirement. Independents. And folks it means a whole lot when you get there what I just said. Our goal here at the shows to help you make the best decision possible. So if he had any questions about what we're talking about. Or how mail plenty your own situation. You can sit down and get a retirement road map put together and still capriati's who has coached Pete's local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. All translate for you that complex financial world until very clear instructions now if you wanna take advantage of getting this truth practical retirement review all you have to do was give us call 800. 8511636. And remember when you calm and you will receive comprehensive retirement review that'll show you where you are now but either war toward the Napa excruciating that outline that roadmap that vision TD you. Where you need to be to end three retirement in short the show nothing to lose that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 851. 1636. And we come back we're gonna talk about how the world is changing. Need to make sure you are as well. That's what you want me. Sound off on the news of the day at the top full online ads on thirteen seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy go right choice. So coach I always like talking about this. Required minimum distributions are in tees it's my money and yet they're forcing me to take it as. It also called us some details call two or three different things and it wasn't as multiple variations but all of us the same thing it's Uncle Sam forcing you to take your money on their schedule while you are indeed required minimum distribution or RM Mardi minimum required is to be -- -- -- -- what it really boils down to and we see mistakes and it's a great time here to be talking about it so we can correct those mistakes before the end of the year okay yeah we see these mistakes almost every year after you could corrected so when it's too late. And so the end when that happens then then we have a whole different situation go and because. You have to ask your advisor why they didn't look out for that for sure sure because who wants a date comes and has gone. And it's got this delay it and know what we did do is make sure that we we understand what the looking at all are different higher Reagan 41 K accounts. And knowing that once we are age seventy and a half. All sorts of alarm bells go off at the IRS don't marker they do and that's under current law but we see the mistakes because here's one thing maybe you have one advisor who's on top of things we haven't shared all your council that one advisor. So they help you take out your requirement industries is for the accounts that they know about him. But you either forgot about or didn't tell them about other higher rate of 41 K accounts you have and didn't take enough that that wanna count. To justify the iris not giving you a nice little letter in the mail. Never gonna get a higher risk letter well I don't know how I got one a few months ago is because I overpaid little bit on that really very happy and kind of sounds I don't like every bulletin next year at Aetna and to the committee semi another letter friendly like that a player. So that's really key. Well and the guys have been asked how they don't get. Many good letters from the IRS Smart retirement SM AR TS and record them and strategic movement around retirement taxation. And because taxation exists there and if you don't believe that exists you find out big time in retirement that it exists because a lot of your counts that affect mostly retirement accounts. Our tax deferred. Which we call tax time bomb accounts because you haven't paid tax on any the money. Now the money you put in grew hopefully get in the right place right we've seen is trying to have with sometimes. People come in the show was with the money wasn't wasn't wrong place but this is assuming group. Way bigger than there was when you put in now all that money is fully taxable and retirement and seven and a half comes and you start having to take money out even if you don't want to. Again the mineral record distributions if you're not sure about your MR IDs give us a call what we've got a special worksheet which can help you figure out where all your accounts are. What date. You have to use to look at the balances and those accounts because that's another place where people get in trouble they look at their card ballots. And then they send them Marty checkers has taken a certain amount of money other counts to satisfy what they thought would satisfy the government. But they took the money out of the wrong balances so we have to help you figure out what balances you need to do for that equation right Parker yeah I mean if you have a little bit of a loss you have two cents to load they're gonna come back on yeah and so they don't put them and they don't play and it's a 50% penalty. For every dollar you haven't taken out so let's say you're supposed to take out let's 5000 dollars and you'll we took out 3000. Now you have 2000 dollar difference what's the percent of 2000 crystal meth later. Talent on all of a and that goes right to guy arrested doesn't I'll go and you never get a bet pot yeah. And so we always joke that the penalty to take money out of your diaries and four we case early is 10% to these analogic 10% to take the money out too early or they penalize you've 50% you don't take the money out governor is no logic in that at all until I get older so Parker roll the tape here. I'd be here. So we teased the listeners earlier about a case study here and we we we like to do these case studies because his real life examples about what could happen with different portfolio Asia Parker give us your details just wait. Are so attic couple that came in earlier last week and they were to listeners from one of our local shows here and what they were looking that is they had a million dollars. They're 59 years old. The mrs. is a few months younger she still falls and a 59 category and we wanted to see. Retiring at 65. Would they be able to keep the same standard of living their custom to. So we're looking at a true retirement income plan now everyone knows occurs to us on this earlier that the risk involved our goals to minimize risk as much as possible. Now luckily we didn't have to have the budgeting your savings talk like we have to have a lot of times of people. They understood that when they were pulling money out that there could be chances that. They're used to receiving X there are now receiving why they have to adjust their lifestyle that was a needed here so we took that million dollars and we left 250000 of it in cash. Now there's a lot more issues behind the scenes but. So we were taken 750000. And making that the peace hell's gonna be in the protected retirement income bucket effect now to 59 year old is 750000. Retiring at 65. All right let's go to the computer yeah. Are up at 65 to six years of the money's gonna grow for six years and then what happens is stars that distribution way before that aren't you requirement. Yeah I think it's direct and iron IRA money salt tax deferred for which is Larry money for one Keizai areas whatever which means that they text and every penny they think help mom is no magic solution that. If you haven't they tax on the money before guess what you have to do eventually they attacked attacked I don't care who put their thumb I just felt they though we slipped. You know their line of people saying that they can get money out of my race and helping in fact is that true or false that is all 0% benefit a and that old video and and if you do it really can't do it and then what'll happen all you can bet and I did not my daughter and I am confident he'll. Well you're darn little blow up the governor come and help you and into the and a lot of trouble. They're the open to text or do we tables were so so are its irate money they've put away for six years to 700000 has grown now the gonna start getting a yearly income of what. The yearly income those are receding as 69000. Dollars. The Hauser target goal including taxes so we're looking at a gross income from their accounts a 69000 dollars or 69 from this from what the 750000 dollar Celtic put away six years ago yes and sixty on those now of course we run every play etheridge are 121 right and we had the hard part and we made sure the numbers work. But the mr. of course wanna be say he's not a livid they pass 89 or is it be to take him on the barn was physics that went yeah. I he's said kill me off at age 89 killed off they do not let her. Now we kept her go and I kept her through 821 as well but then she said age 95 woodwork again but. I don't think she had the same requirement take on the bar so happy we got here 750006. Years of deferral horse are taken money a 69000 a year. Now at his age 89 that is one point six million dollars that was paid out from a 750000. Dollar and thus while so if if we lived 89 courses the longer he can keep get the money already to date night took out one point six million how much is still left in the balance. One point two wow that's incredible that we call the suspend belief witnesses in the Leo they spent what they started with in more and they're still gonna leave more to start with to the next again and they did that affect that and of course got to take inflation. Adjustments changes in tax all the that's the moving target but we made sure the numbers were through multiple scenarios -- absolute minimum income they would Geddes here's 69000 and over if he lived 89 that would be one point six million hazard chance that they could get more income going through all of course mark because of that number increases and it's always gonna keep that account balance keep going cause we didn't touch principle a single time so this is what I like to do this is called the worst case scenario all right and because a lot of people like to be blue skies and a plastic banana and all this kind of simple what what we try to do is show you. The worst case example could be better never be less Thomas that makes a lot of sense. Really does end is something that I've seen we all have our own projections. Ed just like if you know the news outlets do and everybody in this thing is we have to make sure that our projections are lining up with what's possible yet Parker this is absolutely incredible and you're taking. Something I am sure they had their projections and you blow right on the water deposit. Of way you know there were words they don't they'll take around 45000. Worst case scenario yeah we made the picture clear form now being gullible they pass reforms does not predict future like this on every single stock portfolio prospectus out there for mutual fund. But we plan everything worst case straight 121 well it doesn't matter about best performance or to show in the worst Alia area yeah exactly exactly as the blue sky. I think it is what it is like Bill Belichick would say. That's what's gonna happen so you know get as she lives longer she continues getting going and was she vessel is going to be balance there liftoff at gets. Yes and war make sure is that even with the legs even with the plans I mean. This still does not take into account at 250000 we had to leave a cash went and so I mean there's a lot of buffers in the plan not everyone has the same goals and objectives shorts and make surrogates her own personalized they complained on because. Making sure your income is taking care of as the number one concern and the most often the most easily forgot about spend a leave court explores the court that you got that can't lose and and that's 250000 could be used to explore going into the market take more risk or or do whatever they want to do with that. Because they've got they're incomplete and a place and it's a true retirement income planned trip. Which makes a lot of sense to us yet and that advanced to protect exactly what we're looking confident to us it's very very happy trip by the way for the if that's the worst is gonna Demi had yet. Folks if you want example done like this you don't have to have a million dollars put aside our strategies work best for those of you would over a million but if you at least 200000 dollars and one of the next ten goers right now. We will custom designed your very own. Full blown retirement financial plan there's no cost or obligation for this it's about a 900 dollar value when you factor in some of the things probably more than that defector and a lot of the giveaways you get to comment. To call right now. Finally someone is offering retirees and pre retirees common sense and straight talked. There's still a financial double talk in a retirement sales pitch folks you need to sit down and get a retirement road map together. And bill capriati's who has coached pizza local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. All translate for you that complex financial world and so very clear instructions this is an excellent chance free to get a true. Practical retirement review and for anyone listening right now the number to call is 800. 8511636. When you calling you will receive a comprehensive retirement review showing where you are now. But most importantly a roadmap to. In short folks you have nothing to lose call on end a number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. This is the best we have put out by the ARP a couple of years ago we're gonna talk about as we role in the 2018 and 59 retirement planning was. And welcome back into the financial safari consumer advocates Thomas looks good right here with you in studio alongside America's wealth to finance an income coach that is eager to we also have Christmas power rocket an in studio. And so we had just done a tag team Ric Flair style folks that I can. I guess people says Parker a Holland has exited the building and Steve's at all our residents say money correspondent in studio with us now well. We've eyewitness the daggers they perfectly legal to Canada are trying to they are both entering at the same time and but Parker left real quick so they get serious because we just want to do T welcome Ed thank you PayPal aria good. By the way Atlanta barbour's not here right now but the other Napoli gave out those two in the numbers at the break Jimmy they've they've read it's it's a tremendous example that he showed on the radio does 59 year old couple they had a million dollars and dated wanna put all one place of total blame and so we took 250000 put into place they could use for anything they wanted to attack took 750000. Put the place the time capsule account. And the time Kessel tells important because eventually they give you. Fill up and so from 59 to 65 they let that money grow. And at 65 they start to get the check every year for 69000 for the rest of their lives and Parker kill them off at 89 days and I. During that time they they got one point six million dollars out it and thought it would 750000. And if that's not good enough they still at one point two million left incredible. And if they lived to be fifteen more years from they are they still get the 69000 at least every every kid out with a plan which is very important that's what they call it a total retirement plan. And he particles of the trip. A true retirement income planning adrenaline and a travel so Parker came up with a himself I'll give him the credit for that I dollars and family plan Michael would advance to protect. We you know and at the end of the day from because it sounds like hope because they you know often times it can be hard you know for a lot of spokesperson and save it and see what you can do with your assets is is just incredible once you don't put and change at the end a lot of people on the you have I. I don't want to an ugly and had we had enough of that right my guess where they're hilarious. Effect. So but I think about it that was the minimum we design plans to data which we can only show's producers we can only show you the minimum expected could be more. Nevertheless that makes a lot of sense it doesn't seem way too many plans the the come and where people have been told things that is all this thanks to you what they're used to do and blah blah blah it sounds like you're the phrase as long as I know that here comes the baloney. There's other words for the but I agree that gap that if I'm building my plan. I'm gonna build that well I know exactly what I'm gonna get at a minimum. So we would be more than happy to take a plan like that put it to end our plan our friendly so if you deal with a advisor. Who is giving you advice. Contrary to what he would give himself personal family it's time to find another visor there would you have a second opinion service here to secure not really comfortable with your current advisor or not sure. If you're getting all the advice you need or you were learning about all the different plans that are out there likely to showed you this is. With the example Barca went over we do this with every single person who comes in from the radio customize when I say it on the radio. It might not mean as much to people than when they see it but when I say we customize and personalize a plan for every single person that comes in and it takes that was to do this by the way. I made it really does we really do it. And that's just one of the examples on their so if you would like an opinion on what's going on it never hurt to have an opinion if you go the wrong way. When you wanna know about it now instead of a couple years later the course financial planning is always looking at the road you're on now in making sure it's going to get to to the destination. You assumed it was gonna get to. Let's make sure in writing that map as a member of the old maps and writing you don't full digest and you'd get a highlight around highlight your route we do that the financial world not this GPS and calculating. You don't wanna hear it and I don't want our calculation so let's make sure we have and in writing we have a firm concrete plan. And if you're one of the next twenty people call right now we will do no cost or obligation will do your very own second opinion. Third opinion financial MR IX rays financial expect all different terminology here literally means is we're gonna show you. Based on what you have right now what you could do in the future in a guarantee fashion. All right the number to reach still capriati's who has coached peace local trusted coach in the Austin area is 80851. 1636. Again that's 808511636. Now appear risk taker we are also money managers with we'll find you risk if you want risk that was always a caddie got. If we put your money at risk we tell you that we don't accentuate. The upside and say hey if everything goes right goes great gonna be great chore because it's always another side to the point Dana so as long as you understand that and what I what I like to do when people with Steve we've met people like this in the past you're sure when people are risk takers. But let them take some risk but let's lineups and save money first and we called the core. And explore philosophy. Let's get some money in a lot of times husband wife they've they've won one likes risk one like safety. This satisfies both that your deeds because we we box them anyway in a safe place locked away meaning locked away from the downside pressures of the market and it starts growing from day one. For retirement income he cannot lift and it grows every year so like we talked about the example would Parker. But then we take the extra money that goes into the export count and that's what we can take all sorts risk if you want because even if you lost every single penny on the outside. You would still have your retirement plan now I've I've gone over wins like this with some professional athletes before they get that big check yes many government act like they don't need a plan like this for the got so much money. Coming in so fast. And then eventually what happens it. It stops in our goals and I never watch football the NFL I mean every year you see the same stars over and over again but the surrounding cast is always different. So those guys need to make sure. That they take the right steps and as everyone listening here. Your career could end tomorrow today you could show up to work and could tell you the number one the company could be gone and they could be gone out of business or could be a lot of good guys and let sunglasses and under and black suburban outside of people like Enron they don't commodity weather and then all the stuff you thought you had could be gone so we need to make sure we have a plan that is ours it's customized its individualized. And it's individually owned by us. Like when you like you're playing and like you you won't instead of a group plan you hear these group plans for one K plans or group plans. Pension plans many times accompanies our group plans which is all fine and dandy until something happens to the group. So get an individual plan that you're the only one that's responsible for and you're the one knows exactly what's going on and. All right the number Drury still capriati's who has coach Pease local trusted coach in the Austin area is 800. 8511636. Again that's 808511636. A lot of questions people ask me many times and so what provides Myers Steve do you have grandchildren and children and I know you get along great when your children which is live at. It did that happen many times. College and I cannot always thought it makes you wanna take care of them and my grandkids which makes my job even bigger yeah you would think they're more burdensome yeah but a lot of people I talk to us and what about your children I don't care about the children and public agenda at it has effect so you whatever floats your boat. We say but then that's when it's a a vital step to have a spend and leave plan put inside. So that means you have a retirement plan you spend money that you built up but you know inside that plan. When you passed away a chunk will go tax free to ever you want your family. So let's say have a million dollars you live a great million dollar retirement as you do to spend only because the court spore but when you pass away. Your grandchildren or your your case your children and grandchildren will now get a million dollars tax three. And they can all have made no solid twenty million dollars and at the QC Pam how much of what you want straight I I won't be here all better at Vanderbilt so that a lot of money to their children back of the day yeah and there's only one or two that survived that that's the bill or else you see that but but most of them blew all the money and the Arabs and their audiences blown in about six to eight months while we always recommend if you're if you're not too short of the children grandchildren young. You meet with our legal team that we work with and you make sure to put to spend thrift plan together where they have the trust that gives them a certain amount of money each year so they can't blow through the whole retirement. Very big step to do so be very very careful on that so when we come back no later on the show we're gonna talk about the nifty nine retirement planning mistakes for 2018 but I wanna make sure the people get their very own customized plan put together and folks if you are one of the next fifteen callers will help you by establishing your retirement income goal. That's money needed to cover the cost of enjoying your lifestyle not just getting by a retirement. Having a Social Security analysis making sure the year I raise your 41 case are not gonna slam you would taxes. If you take about the wrong way to retirement as a way to take things out the right way we'll help you with that as well will do a future planned for you we call it the trip play and that's a true retirement income plan. And will also help you by analyzing your investments to establish the real cost and these what do you really paying your visor right now and is it worth that are you getting your best bang for your buck or should be redesigned or retool or. Get rid of it all together you never know and so we do a financial MRI we do a second opinion for you and we'll help you by determining the assets needed to protect your future income needs. That considers Texas an inflation will put together. A total retirement plan for you if you're one of the next fifteen callers who have at least 200000 safe retirement our strategies to work best. Does he with a over a million. Just like we've been tackling problems on the show today. We can help you assess your plan and your outlook for retirement to make sure that you are on a secure path. This limited but complementary review hope you determine how prepared your investments are to handle all the retirement of falls we talked about on the show those include inflation Social Security health care emergency so many things the stock market volatility. Risk taxation. But here's the thing folks most important we wanna show you how to produce a lifetime. Retirement income plan Diana her straight folks and income planned to last Jordan higher lifetime. Not just a lifespan of a bank account now to Collins and me with still capriati's who is coach Pete shall local trusted coach in the Austin area is 800. 8511636. When you calling you will receive a comprehensive. Retirement review that'll show you where you are now. But much more important it'll show you a roadmap to keep you where you need to be. Folks there really is nothing to lose call on him and take advantage that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. Scouts honor Steve I'd promised when we come back we're gonna talk about the nifty nine retirement planning mistakes that AARP has been about as big. The right choice for breaking news first to talk thirteen seventy. So right so. The best movie show and I promise I promise that we're gonna talk about this though he's a good point I mean I think something addressed here. The best time between deposits of the day at the end of the year so let's bring out of the closet to let's get our financial classically doubt no doubt I've got. Could miss the closet at home and I like I have several closets and I and I am not looking forward to you know the clean the closet for us like a particularly help thought about the attitude of that's well bill I do and let's get into some of their main points on this list right here and one of the things that AARP says and this is 2015 but still relevant today for a don't take Social Security too early to earlier this over and over again and their two camps on this two distinctly different camps on whether you should take it right at 62. We'll wait to age seventy or somewhere in between now Steve you are getting close to that. What are you gonna do. I I declined to weigh in on seven don't know why because it's so it's a lot more money yeah I mean it's 8% he might my retirement age is 66 wrapped up so I'll get another 8% per year if a late onset yeah starting at 62 if you would take it then if you left it alone you know get him through eight times eight. He kept at least a lot more the money so percentage wise it's so. But here's what you. A lot of people don't factor in again is that right or wrong answer on this but something to consider is that once if if your life span of like you get the symmetry that that is too good when he gets look at all. I like by tree and entrees come down on the ice storm we have one big group that goes very far down. It's at Emory separate it separate and I don't and he stated and are oratory and corporate strays that would protect him so when we get the ice on the trees it just snaps doesn't come down and we seven's big oak trees in Wisconsin within the walnut trees and when when the snow accumulate their they would just have come out by the roads the typical tree would tip over and if we take the money out too late in our family trees to small then we may not get the best bank for about ideally with two or three years at least are taking the money in the so security administration won and I'll take an early but it's a gamble no one knows a lot of live as long as possible Salmonella. I'm gonna what I like to be punished firfer from may be living too long that's good right so I'll wait I'll wait to take seven as well the one more money. But a lot of people who need money right now and if you don't have a retirement plan you're probably gonna need money. That's what things we try to do is sit down what folks and say. You haven't saved anything for retirement yet you're only fifty some years old let's catch up on your forward K let's put as much as we can wait for the next fifty years so that when you reach 65 you have an additional retirement plan. Instead of Orange in addition to just Social Security because it Social Security was not meant to be the main source of retirement or the only source retirement. Saw me asking us what if the spouse get my case significantly younger right. So does that does that factor yes Anderson claiming strategies on net and there still are some that are available there the government took a whole bunch away a few years ago there was there was like file suspend once it really made a lot of sense but if you are younger if you have a younger spells many times there are still some options available to help. Get them some bang for the buck. And then and then by using yours a happy yours and and then getting some there's later on so against social reclaiming options one of the biggest confusion topics out there. We do a Social Security claiming analysis for all of our listeners and folks if you wanna get one of those you can call on the giving spirit now let's get the belts. The next fifteen callers get your very own Social Security analysis done for both you hug you and your spells making sure that you understand exactly what the melts could be and what they should be if you do the right claim options. The number folks is 808511636. Ganassi 808511636. Coached these really aren't concept that people need to be aware of I think it's important. It Sidney was someone who understands industry for that reason I mean there are things I'm hearing I just in the conversation now that that are vital that yep. Had no idea about we're gonna carry this with over the next week as were running a close to the clock and ensure that everyone listening gets their very own customized plan put together so if you won the next fifteen callers who call in today. We're gonna create a one page financial review. And this'll indicate if you're in need of a full blown retirement financial and income plan and keep in mind this review was a 909 on dollar value but you call right now you gonna get that absolutely free and complementary. Would no obligation if you're one of the next fifteen followers he must have at least 200000 save for retirement and our strategies do work golden for those of you would over a million. But what this does that consists of taking the mystery out of the financial retirement planning process by mapping out for you where you are right now. We're also gonna run a theme report to help you untangle woodworking which occurred planner or advisor is costing you and see if by simply protecting your retirement investment. You could experience dramatic growth potential. To stop paying fees folks are pay less fees yet more money for yourself that's what I define as dramatic growth potential we'll also gonna perform attacks analysis to reveal hi could possibly reduce your taxes and that's a novel concept. But it works. But finally and the most important part will even run a customized income plan. That utilizes proven strategies and techniques which could Turbo charger retirement income folks I know one thing it does it take so war out of living and truly living in retirement. It sure would help you by taking the guesswork out of the financial and retirement planning process for the next fifteen callers that's a comprehensive. Financial and retirement review. The 9099 dollar value. Its doors because right now. We're proud to shed light on a number of topics that we see folks struggling with the work really being taken advantage of them as they prepare for and move into retirement so if you want to complimentary financial road map that we're talking about it together all wall making sure that you walk away from that conversation with clarity and understanding. Now to colon and meet with still capriati's who is coach Pete a local trusted coach in the Austin area. Is 800. 85116. 36. You can find out what your investments really are costing you because of high fees or commissions what is future tax implications will be and and even more important than that how how much income you can actually securely. Generate from that once you do it in his retirement. Take advantage all you have to do is pick up the phone call us a number once again is 800 C 5116. To 36. Again that's 800. C 5116. 36. Coast ear hey. Information on this for different purposes only and does not constitute investment. That's when the price information obtained from sources that are deemed to be reliable when there are receiving complete this cannot be guaranteed their dear Jay root for his guests. While the usage of information discussed most excellent qualified for. What guarantees can easily financial strength and claims paying ability patient company. It's early review the contract specific details of the the confidence of withdrawals from deferred annuities are generally. Ordinary income in the year parenting.