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The Financial Safari
Sunday, December 3rd

The Financial Safari, for December 2.


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We see it on the news every night many financial experts are agreeing that the markets are Hoover do parade float a fluke correction. Now when we hear the word correction it sounds pretty harmless doesn't. Wolf to be honest it's about as harmless as when geologists say that in area is overdue foray on he says closed again seismic shift. Now and plain English that means earthquake and I correction that the markets are overdue for wolf no one actually knows what that means until it happens. That's why what are your retired approaching retirement or was just be real may be haven't even thought about it now's the time to get protection. From that market volatility. Called build Capriati at 808511636. Again that's 800. Deep five line. This week's episode of the financial safari is brought to you by the filled capriati's. In your taxes and insurance advisors he. Information provided just what it was for purposes only and does not constitute investment tax or legal advice information has been obtained from sources that are deemed to be rely. What Barack receive incomplete this cannot be guaranteed either Peter. Including usage of information discussed always consult with a qualified investment legal or tax professional before taking any action. Think folks can we hear that. Well I can't either but I guarantee you have financial termites in your portfolio gonna show you how to identify them and put something we call the green pin. On your portfolio for me in golf pro life we're gonna talk about. And much more about the seven point two retirement beyond system when we come right back right here on the financial so far. This is coach Vinny and if you've got questions on how to properly structured your assets until retirement income. You're in the right place and welcome to the financial safari. All right so 'cause I have to begin the show by asking actually a question now I am Thomas holds on what your joint alongside coach Pete to root out we're gonna talk about today from the Department of Labor understanding retirement plan fees and expenses go out to twenty page report from the Department of Labor a campaign who's supposedly looking out for you. I think the Department of Labor back then a little with something that looked after people who break. But that's awesome yeah now are so we Abigail looking at us like definitely a financial journalist particularly. We try to have fun on the financial show because it is a complex financial world and at beginning of the show I talked about that such financial term not just right and gosh of anyone's ever had termites at their house or know someone who had. As it's not you start seeing when you start seeing the termites is almost too late it is wasn't very scary thing when you run across and yeah yes so we're gonna talk about a seven point. To retirement beyond systems during the show today OK not to build covered all obviously because it's part of the total retirement plan for us right with the main goal of everything we do. To being to put a green pin and green picture green push and you know this bush spent okay yeah picture the biggest one you've ever seen OK and let's go into retirement like let's envision what our retirement will be what our age will be a retirement and let's push that pan am sure and that pen tool will justify it or show what kind of income we want all the way through retirement OK every year. Arriving to the mailbox we call the green flag on the mailbox that's right and put the green pin and notice the color theme mere yeah he's the collar about it it is an absolutely is so we don't want the read another red pins where we are now we have to figure out first ball before we can ever put a green pin anywhere. We need to stick a red pin and find out where we are right now. And what we need to do to overcome obstacles to minimize these eliminate fees commissions expenses. And truth portfolio percentages of what kind of risk were taken and what kind of return would you get with that risk to make sure we're in the right place. Yeah this sounds very important sounds to me like a lot of folks may be stuck on that red tent and we need to really get him over to that green ten mentality where where your suffers excessive. We'll get into that during the showed today in an umbrella cover again the seven big steps here and it's fully automated. But I think it's better to have somebody a coach go through each step with the and because husband wife Lotta times don't agree you bells don't agree. It's just we need to make sure there were on the right path we need to identify what we really need. Some people tell me did need a lot more in retirement that I think you'll ever need which is good memories of that but a lot of people tell me they need less than I think they're gonna need no really and that's because I think that's the that's floated around the plant world telling people they only need sixty to 70% that are working income. When they're retired and you've heard that aren't that ever out of that him at that doesn't make sense to me. I'm not returns I have at least a 100% of my income when I'm working. Because I don't want to retire in a poverty and that's what happens we want to retire into profits where we always have more money coming we're gonna show. To on the show gonna talk about how you can stack is different and comes in appear before. A good pyramid. When people here pyramid these days they think of pyramid schemes industrial might global marketing we could have a whole bunch of different income producing assets and we stack them atop each other and all guaranteed for life now you gotta good income pyramid that increases and income as we get older Abigail you heard of Bernie Madoff. No I have not. You never burning man off. Think the La Donna this is where Bernie Madoff is a guy who stole other people's money now strays and bring an end Buttner which is right on the roof must hear North Carolina. They've got a new movie out on a monies be they did you think it's a Robert De Niro plays Bernard Madoff be out there jail where he's at that's. Yes I mean where you really need to see that's what happens a lot of time yeah we we get our own little world here you know I'm 51 now shortly they last week the straight and you're 34 I am not and have a heels early ninety and nineteen. So we got three different generations here don't astray we did now I am what a lie I'm dubbed Generation X. ED I just missed baby boomers tell us what you. I and barely a millennial plan one early religion why then you and I'm Jens the Kansas on a millennium doesn't get all different things here and slew and we have different places we get our news front right yeah right. Because she had heard of Bernie Madoff that's sees me all I've ever heard of and the appellate hurting sprinkling the party made a sprinkling. Absolutely couple is so funny because it's it's true and I would imagine the way to people sort of the retirement plans is obviously based around their experience has to have someone like you Abby would be setting your retirement plan very differently just in not knowing who made off Lang -- and how he really not some people felt acre. Let me ask avenue will what do you consider all what's an old person you come out and maybe sixty. India I remember fifty be an old I think gosh I hope I never get up there yeah reload and now I am there and I'm on popularly done right so it's pretty funny though we had just. In our different generations it's important we plan like that to somebody put together plans this is why it's very important that the plans customize the strike because there are people under thirty that are retiring -- or not hit it big somewhere and there's also people in their seventies who were still working I can't afford to retire and other people who were in the sixties and are still working. Because they think they can't afford to retire they haven't really got their own system put together their own green pin want to talk about and many people that I've met with could actually retire comfortably if they met with the right plan while us incredible political watcher retire because when you retire you start taking money out of where they have you. They make less money on you if they're getting compensated everything an aspect of that he had exactly did look at where the objectives are where the motivations are your current planner and here's offer a lot of make everybody out there folks is very important you get a second opinion Michael to third opinion a lot of times because you have an opinion your current advisor has an opinion let's get a true opinion based on a fiduciary I set asides in my eyes that are fiduciary or my team so for the next five calls to call in right now today we're gonna custom create a one page financial review. Now let's review would indicate you're in need of a full blown financial planner or not. And keep in mind this they 9099 dollar value but it we're gonna increase said that you. By adding a seven point two retirement beyond system attest to this we're gonna go over that later on the show what that entails but given that's Al at no cost or obligation to the next five followers warm your phones up to them and have Thomas give the number on a minute but what this consists is taking the mystery out of financial planning process by mapping out freeware your right now again we need to figure out where you are right now and who will design a plan based on your desires and goals to make sure you have income all the way through retirement also gonna run a free report that'll help you untangle what it's really costing you to work would you current plan her advisor and see if I simply protecting. Your retirement investment you could experience dramatic growth potential also there's enemy unit where we all have what's called Texas a case of gonna perform attacks analysis. As text analysis is very valuable because it can reveal I can possibly reduce your tax is Thomas would if you could reduce your taxes legally and you're not doing it now. An appeal to. And there was a way to do it we do wanna know about any day and a half obsolete. Abigail had experienced the true threat of taxes you know going to school and she will answer accident I'll be here forever so let's make sure to minimize them because we're overpaying or overpaying there's nothing else to say about volatile now. Now most importantly though inside this review we will custom designed an income plan that utilizes proven strategies and techniques. Which could Turbo charger retirement income and if you do that folks you really do take the worry out of truly living. In retirement that is what we talked about we're gonna go in more detail about the stacking of income the income pyramid bunches of different products and strategies they give you income for the rest your life very very important financial Lorena I really think that. The most overlooked aspect of retirement plan is income easy and if people are running routes they may have reach our plan is no income in there that's guaranteed for life they really don't have a retirement through ya so for the next five callers we're gonna help you take that warrior living in retirement that's a comprehensive finance review at 999. Dollar value. Gonna give wakeup Metairie the no obligation. Finally someone is offering retirees and pre retirees common sense and straight talked. Mr. financial double talk in a retirement sales pitch folks he need to sit down and get a retirement road map together. And they'll capriati's who has coached Pete's local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. All translate for you that complex financial world and have very clear instructions the is an excellent chance for you to get a true practical retirement review of and for anyone listening right now the number to call is 800. 8511636. When you call you will receive a comprehensive retirement review showing where you are now. But most importantly a roadmap to teach you where we need to be. In short folks you have nothing to lose call on them that number once again is 808511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. So we come back we're gonna talk about something called a TD I am a true diversification model and what it really means he. You've made the right choice for top thirteen seven feet. Excited about this segment out highest dividend since I've bought a car that I'm excited because I'm gonna be getting in the market here soon know just wish I did the couple is a good lord oh. Marta was in the inspiration for me to put together a special report IDS tenth tricks that car salesman you everyone should know about and how to handle. And it's more towards the used car but it could be any kind of car OK and so. Could buy a good start that's. One thing you don't want that to happen right now but every now and then. Still be some tricks that they use of the Carla that'll make the car seemed very nice but when you take it off the lot the next day it doesn't quite look as nice as did on the lot right Martin's a generally. So clever word play is used a lot of times you know many car salespeople use clever wording to persuade you into buying a vehicle. Instead of saying words like can I help you today or how can I help you today. The salesperson may choose to ask are you looking for sedan or an SUV today we call that an alternate choice close it in other words that and ask if you want divided this assumed you did so it's a softer glows with a say would you want to. You would he want to leave today NA SUV or worse today OK and so in your mind now you think they've eliminated the fact that you're not gonna leave without the car. And you know in this funny buddy what about sitting in that office when he gets in there and they get your who they'd they'd make it look like you really don't qualify for the car whatever they get just sitting there. And they keep disappear and go back to talk to the manager what about that you have been magically we have an offer to do is open. What. Another thing is they play this game called quarter with prices OK okay so if you hear that a vehicle costs 29999. Things which is 299099. But they say 29999. Doesn't sound bad does Jerry but here's one step further they go. They break it down to monthly payments he 455 dollars a month may sound a lot better to. So first question we ask me how much can you afford remarks on the yet is baffling really gets you to think about the monthly price Thomas instead of the total cost us right now as dependable they're stretching him seven years or longer now over those seven. Years every single month. So seven times twelve Thomas has a lot of good luck tomorrow especially into vehicle is gonna be depreciate its way to its. Yeah with a minute you drive a brand new car off the lot you lose between fifteen to 40%. Rate ya I'll also. Now one of the tricks they use and at the Carl let's say hedges roll the loan into the new loan and also that you're paying for a car. That you don't even have in your new car payment wow yeah so any stretch began 84 months which is a long long time news and lot of people were paying for cars they don't even own or two cars join the announcer if you wrecked that car whatever. Right wreck you don't get full full for full replacement value Lotta times well while so we have to be careful that long loan terms again that's what we just talked about they get people in a lot of trouble. Because you stretch out the loan Ewing had the car you still need a course of the what you gonna do. You know paying BMW prices for a little VW bug and let's not forget. It gets it what's the number one objective for a car by the way of for release myself get from point a two point and that's what we do financial planning our objectives to get people from point eight points each all the way through retirement. This is one of the things we do for our clients as we help them when the when it comes time to buy a car we helped them with. Information that may be useful to them to get the better deal were to not buy a card altogether or get a different on the car than they are thinking about. Because we need that little voice inside her head the talks some reasoning into us Fred Flintstones. Had to zoo which was that their voice decided that he had good watered and bad one member that float around up there. And so we wanna be the good to do for you make sure we give you good knowledge you may not like what we set a but this for the best for you and I wrote a book years ago now eight years ago but if it's relevant to this subject here because. Even let's say years ago it still comes up every week so must come up by a car how they kept taking advantage of it Carla with the Dow now Marty you and I talked about this and this is another one of those again folks were talking about the ten dirty tricks that car salesman mean sometimes use number not all cars isn't a bad morning and you that in your families that car sales were great yeah absolutely yeah and so did not all bad beliefs wanna educate you on some things that could be going just a little bit off track exactly. That's a nice way to say it right at the very latest. That's a low balling your trade in Marty how bad does that. Yet courtesy don't let that happen to me even wanted to be about half what it was worth for the magically became back and offered me 3000 dollars more a little later. So they know you are pretty excited about what did you mentally put yourself in a new car reading this right and so in their mind which I think is in your mind you the value of Jakarta car is not a size it should that you have a print on your Buckman has been there's a reason why you're the Karla because you're not happy with the car guard in their mind. And so they gave off feel a whole lot less in hopes he'll just say yeah on this raid to get rid of this wanna get into the new the new wheels right and it and so they globally a lot and up to half of the value Lotta times a global it just so you can play a mean does this wiggle room there and wiggle room I used to love that term and a little. A lot of wiggle room there is an artist sleeping room a lot of times then that those brooding gray area. I think if you. Another game they play is unnecessary upgrades where they basically try to sell you went to stuff like under ten people raise your stuff like that does or Scotch guard on the seats. Which ignored by Candace got started Wal-Mart for under ten bucks but here they charge hundreds of dollars are not starts right don't let just sum total of emotion. Yeah you know financing where they're basically offering all sorts of stuff in the play dirty tricks with the leasing to talk about that again the book the fine print fiasco right yeah a close up very very important though you know we talk about the financial world there's all sorts of mummies to say. When Osama paper route sheets a little coach speak to Woodson coached and yeah. For every dollar you have everyone else wants to get a hold that. So the objective to life is to come home with the same dollar that you have to elsewhere and it and we see this more this was back in the seventies. Think about today we're bombarded every single minute with sales techniques we are and so the objective is to come home would what we have and make sure we do when we do buy something we get the best deal possible. What things we do is we help educate our clients on this and we want to make sure that every single radio listener has the same opportunity. So if you are one of the next 25 callers will do a total plan for you number one we're gonna help you by reviewing your tax returns. Now this uncovers long term tax issues and your diaries or capital gains and Social Security taxes lots of things happened that people are not familiar with. And many people are overpaying with a don't have to. We're also gonna help you by establishing your retirement income goal and figure out what you really need in retirement and get it in writing we can have that same predictable. And guaranteed income for the rest your life it's called a retirement plan very very important so help you by putting money needed to cover the costs of enjoying your lifestyle. In a place that will be guaranteed to arrive at your mailbox every single month for the rest your life it's called income planning folks. And your financial planner many times wants to keep your money at risk because they're getting paid keep your money at risk. We are total planning firms we have risk and safety. And income planning so peel off some money from the risk world putting the place that would give you a lifetime income. We'll also help you by analyzing your current investments to establish the real cost and fees. And your calculated risk exposure level. Marty not a week goes by that we know meet with someone who has a lot more risks they realize every single David taking on risk in removing had yet and if the if you're taking too much risk. And don't realize that. Windy usually realize that after the (%expletive) after the death of the roller coaster goes. Now and we don't want that to happen and it doesn't have to happen and that's the most that's the most I guess saddening thing in my world. The most baffling thing in my world as one people are lied to. By their current financial professional and they don't find out the truth until it's too late to do anything about it full transparency in what we. Pride ourselves on here golf to do share and we are fiduciary spokes we put your needs ahead of bars. And we also help you determine the percentage vessels needed to protect your future income needs in a considers taxes and inflation which would basically put the total retirement plan together for you. Our goal here at the shows to help you make the best decision possible so if you have any questions about what we're talking about. Are how they apply to your own situation. You can sit down and get a retirement road map put together and still capriati's who has coached pizza local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. All translate for you that complex financial world until very clear instructions now if you wanna take advantage of getting this true. Practical retirement review all you have to do was give this call 800. 85116. And 36. And remember when you calm and you will receive comprehensive retirement review. That'll show you where you are now but even more toward the Napa excruciating that outlined that roadmap that vision TD you. Where you need to be to end through retirement in short both showed nothing to lose that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 85116. 36. That sound is what people think about win they hear the word life insurance gonna try to clean that up and show you why life insurance could be essential for retirement planning as it is a classic last. We're also gonna touch on Donald Trump. And the 2017. Retirees guide to the truck tax plan a new guide we have just coming out. Which is over twenty pages folks that much more when we come right back. Broadcasting from coast to coast. The financial safari is your source were common sense approach to planning for a secure retirement. Sitting down with the retirement planning specialist can make all the difference we pride ourselves on bringing 21 century solutions to our clients' retirement needs. From our detailed review to complete income planning and the latest in financial strategies that teens from the financial safari strive to improve and ensure that you have the best available plan for your retirement and financial future to make sure that you're doing the best things to ensure your financial security call and set up by no calls consultation with your local trusted advisor today. Welcome back into the financial safari I'm consumer advocates Thomas looks them alongside once again America's wealth financial and in some coach coach Pete the root as well as student intern. Abigail turn on your talking about one trick ponies. Their before we kind of brake coach on my father was telling a story over the weekend about how when he was a high school went it's a talent show. And hit and he could not play the piano at all but his sister did and so you wash through the night before how to play Mandy on the Canucks and went into the talent show the next day on he might have a little bit to trickle through into the show. Just a caddie he's a local Pelosi get while he was. Think it's I think it's like he went in and was it really perform the show well but a one trick pony he had no idea what you. Well good friend and I. While Wheldon right when he's about today get aria if so what we need to do though is that I I never hear that term I. Haven't heard a long time now. I've heard this past week in that aside talk about your uncertainty and a one trick pony read this. And I guess we came back from the day when there was Portia oh and there was one politically they want to be. But look let's look at the financial world considering all the different possible sources of retirement income and the many different ways that Texas can be applied depending on the source heat and you might expect to see a wide variety of financial instruments used by players. For accumulating and storing retirement funds. And while such a variety could result in some tax wise in quotes a cut income strategies are most people aren't tax diversified. And many end up reaching retirement with a disproportionate amount of their income. Coming from social security and traditional 401 k.s TSB's I arrays and other tax postponed. Retirement plans now to the attacks postponement is. A dissident I'm assuming that's where the tax is delayed and you pay later on as opposed to right away yeah and unfortunately is it's all fun and games when you're kicking the can down the rest. Right on an as yet but if you haven't paid a single cent on the taxes though that money that's grown pretty big pain you gonna have a big tax time bop yeah inside -- lump -- time bomb that we talk about you don't want to launch sometime bumpers and as a textile about how -- -- is a lot worse than bombs right while so we talk about diversification you mentioned tax diversification they're now this is different obviously than stocks and bond yeah we'll keep in mind it's not unusual to find a person who reaches retirement with 95% or more their total savings in their 401K you're the prior raise enough when this is a one trick pony approach to retirement savings and and it's understandable considering that we are rewarded. With that postponement of taxation every time we make a contribution. To our traditional 41 K or the retirement plans that are commonly offered in the workplace and trying to. And so what's the solution. Well number one if your employer offers you a Roth 401K. Which means you don't get a tax write off and you don't get the post on the taxes you pay the taxes right away rain but then your money grows tax free forever isolated from all future taxes only you follow the rules of the government a sounds good even the growth. While and also. You know it's it's easy to forget the tax literally postponed in the regular IRA that's right yes and then we when we start retiring and a 100% of the money we take LB subject to taxation do you think it's bad B attacks thunder and can't think Bobby attacks on your retirement right now right handers and then you Social Security gets taxed a little that kind of stuff they're so we need to make sure to take a step away from traditional planning which you go to planet they always say take advantage of four OK and bill that lump sum up in a short and then even your 401K doesn't have an option for income and retirement -- you know it doesn't so even if we did we'd have to account for taxation artsy say well I want to get 30000 a year from my 401K in income. But we have to know that are always translate to about 23000 effort yell at us a very big difference there to do the numbers and our head OK so the easy way due to get around this were to start doing things the right way. Is to get rid of that tax postponement. Retirement philosophy yes and at least look at the different buckets for taxation again have your have somebody money bill tax postponed but have some that spilling tax free. And have somebody money that is building for a lifetime income who can brow lift. OK so you've been in the industry for years on any help folks out on a regular basis what are some your tips and tricks for being able to do this on. Yeah we'll keep in mind it's not how much income you have but it's how much income you have left to spend eternity and that's that's I think about it so. So first thing is if you have a four OK irate TSB we need to look at ways to transition. From that lump sum that's taxable into at least getting a yearly income we can never I'll lift right tore up one yes and then we can do something called tax arbitrage where you move textbook counsel to text three counts Taipei in some Texas Tech and using some other vehicles out there to lessen the effect of the tax say OK okay yeah but again the main problem I see again we know that we know that exist world do and we're all building that tax time bonds short but the main problem I see in the financial world is a lump sum time bombs people have not gone and export what really could happen if they use that income time traveler approach certain and the income time. Is the way. Yet what kind of want some you have now would translate some of that lump sum total lifetime income you can never outlive for both you and your spells which could double for long term care of the income for up to five years and some of the places we put itself just a way to know which surety what your income is going to be regardless of what happens in the market. Exactly added nineteen and allows us the united all the time when he'll be joining. March next do you like it's total liberal dot appetites so how important I know you're only nineteen but how important is incomplete that we not get retirement that'll be important right yeah. It would be more important surrounds they have got a million dollars in this lump sum or outgun a lifetime income of 50000 like a never lift a definitely the latter that may increase fruit and combat inflation again I didn't want some assurance I am so again it's it's it's different it's a different philosophy but it's a way to. To look at what is most important and again I've talked to people that had the million dollars or more sitting in a lump sum and they were gonna self managed and and take there and come out of their only counts as they get to retirement. After they take the first two or three withdrawals out. They realize that bounce goes down. Right here and you got to live the rest your life and the rest your spouse's life so income planning. And the power of zero very very important and been talked about the power zero on the next segment here but it making sure that. You gain what you can gain but you don't lose when the market goes the other way to look at the importance of you have a good game. Is it more important to lock they gain and or try to get more game try to import has itself that Thomas. You know out slowly no more every day right well. Or would you like a lot to gain your he had been law I would like a lot of it had to trim. Yes you can and that's the most important thing you don't wanna do what blanket plus even everything have outlook for both the when he got to say one thing in other really a classic one about a half and half when we call a man half your money should he continue to try to get that horsepower the market but the other half needs to be in place for you lot to gain in. And I have a lifetime income you can ever live from Canada and he can add to that down the road because it gets exciting knowing hey. No matter what happens for the next ten years of the next twenty years in the market where the next five years in the market. I know that regardless what happens I have a certain amount of income it's guaranteed to come to me in my Finley for the regional and yes now that's what we call piece of Mott absolutely exactly what you gonna get when you're gonna get it no no dirty tricks no strings attached it is what it is. And also knowing if you need some of the money you put away in the income when you can get some of it. But keep in mind the more you take out before you get in cum militia gonna have when you need a gun -- all right so again we it's more fun to spend the saved but if we can save a good amount we can have a whole lot more force are retirement astray and I I think is important for us be someone make sure that our listeners Thomasson an ambulance make sure they get. To take it into this and a customized Smith a fashion one we can look at what you have exactly what you have. Ensure the correct numbers to to have some money in a place you can't worry about we won't worry about and get loose. And other money you can continue to enjoy the high horsepower potential. Of the market you know the most important word little phrases potential users will now. But does the surety count there's knowing what's gonna happen knowing is more important than potential I think but yeah. The combination of the two gives the higher horsepower potential so for the next fifteen caller to caller today we'll gonna create a one page play to review. Now this review will indicate if you're in need of a full blown financial planner not to keep in mind folks this review is a 9099. Dollar value. We're gonna give weight actually free cup Metairie. With no obligation to the next fifteen callers who have at least 200000 dollars say for retirement. Now what this consists of is taking the mystery out of the financial planning process by mapping out for you. Where you are right now let's figure out where you are and what's design and run a three report. That'll help you untangle what it's costing you work with your current planner or advisor or even working for yourself. And see if I simply protecting your retirement investments. You could experience what we call dramatic growth potential. Also perform a tax analysis and tax MRI. To reveal they could possibly reduce your tax is going forward which would make a big big. Positive effect in your total footage of plant also run eight customized income planned for you which utilizes proven strategies and techniques. Which could Turbo charger retirement come and if you do that folks you take the quarry. Out of living in retirement will also incorporate that income time traveler type account for you to know exactly drink comes going to be all the way through retirement. In short will take the guesswork out of the financial planning process for the next fifteen callers. That's a comprehensive financial review and 9099 dollar value and give out no obligation Nolte to call right now. Just like we've been tackling problems on the show today which can help you assess your plan and your outlook for retirement to make sure that you are on a secure path. This limited but complementary review hope you determine how prepared your investments are to handle all the retirement of falls we talked about on the show those include inflation Social Security health care emergency so many things the stock market volatility. Chris taxation. But here's the thing folks most important we wanna show you how to produce a lifetime. Retirement income plan that house right folks and income plan to last short entire lifetime. Not just a lifespan of a bank accounts. Now to Colin and me with still capriati's who is coach Pete shall local trusted coach in the Austin area is 800. 8511636. When you calling you will receive a comprehensive. Retirement reviewed it'll show you where you are now. But much more important it'll show you roadmap. TK you where you need to be closer really is nothing to lose call on him and take advantage that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 5116. 36 we come back we're gonna talk about something we call the income replacement ratio gonna define that for you also had you can have a blueprint for a lifetime and lifelong security and independence by building. Gary don't retire. Making top radio upgrade again somebody has to come out. Todd. What just happened in front because it. Don't even know what's going on Internet quick break harpercollins had to leave on assignment and so we have Chris is joined us in our rocket scientist and does apple. And at the buffalo demand for example is I got a scientist on the site because we're gonna talk about financial eclipses now that that that's excellent now I would say what the heck is code speak talking about financial quipped that with the blitz a few weeks ago yes we did. There were rubbed the building want to watch that we all did other wielded even us and I'm not going out there will Madonna and other it was pretty fun to see excel Marty let's talk about this because that's the term I think most people driving down the road. Have not heard in the finance world the financial. Quips you wanna explain that to the listen. Yes that's that's a broad term that we're used as a way to go to where all of the fees will eat up all the returns on an account and that's what we know people do we do our MRI what are those fees and how much of her turn goods are those peas eating away. I'll go two steps further with the house that okay risks. Are equipped system so if you take into much risk let's we have a gain of 30% the stock one year the very next year you're down 20% so used to Quist toward towards a new game went away. Just like the sun disappear right in front of a few weeks ago and then inflation can also quips your buying power so there's three big enemies we talk about the financial quips. Not among people really pay attention to. The fees many times it's not your fault if you're listening because your broker or were you happy money they've done a really good job of trying to disguise the fees or not that show you the face. That affects some of the 41 K plans out there that don't have to disclose up to eighteen different face while there are included in your plan it's the old term. Baked in there some planners do this because they're driven by more commission to put money in different places. But again tell you what a fiduciary is. Our producer we have to legally put class best interest first. And that we want to know every person becomes a masseuse at that players can be customized. To their situation it's not going to be cookie cutter approach to be customized to what they want retirement they want their retirement to be predictable. They wanted to be guaranteed they know that they cannot outlive it. You have very very important is that accused crucially important so take some time like. I don't wanna go do what I had to do I want to do colonoscopy this week or or the lay sick but I did it for the better a bit of me in my family -- be alive for my daughter Alicea graduate from college wants you get married not really don't and are for the political. We have to make sure we do things now and we don't put it off if if I would've blown the doctor off a look at the bill in the mail by the way yeah which is really that was a minor part five will the doctor off I'm hurting myself. You know ISL and along a little bit I'm hurting myself and my filth in my future if you blow off your financial planning situation or you know needs something needs be done. And you know he analysis but you're gonna do it next year we're gonna wait to something else happens folks a life is a funny thing at every single day. You to do this we get bigger bigger so just like it did everything to be better next week that's not a lot of people say when I get to retirement I'm gonna all the free time but cannot. Elegantly doctor retired who were more busy retired and we're gonna work it. 100% of listeners who take time to come a serious after our consultation or financial MRI 100% the time they're sick I'm so glad that I took the time out of my beta community go out. The famous banker on the South Park episode a very famous philosopher here's what he said about how fast like this day and it's got that's what happens if that's right all right very important. And I know there's so many more thank you wanna do the talk about your financial situation but if we can get it ironed out and put in the right place without charging you planning to be what it makes sense you to do tomorrow. But think it would let's get a college right now if you won the next point five dollars is only for the week. We will custom designed for you your very own one page financial review. Now this review indicate if you're in need of a full blown retirement plan or not keep in mind this is the 9099 dollar review because we also we're gonna include something called a total retard that roadmap. Folks this the most important aspect of retirement planning is having a road map that you know we're on the right course or the turns you need to make to get on that right course. We'll also take the mystery out of the financial planning and retirement planning process by mapping out for you where you are right now we got to figure out we all right Nelson and the destination. Also run of the report that a few untangle what working with your current planet or advisor is truly costing you. And see if by simply protecting your retirement investment you could experience something we call dramatic growth potential folks if you're not losing money because of these expenses commissions and taxes. You're gaining money is staying in your account more money for you west for the bad guys that I went right for me right. So the tax analysis is important as it could reveal they could possibly reduce your taxes but the most important part of any. Retirement plan is to run a customized income plan that utilizes proven strategies and techniques which the Turbo charger retirement income and to do that folks you take the warrior out of living in retirement. It's a great feeling to watch people go in from warning about retirement. Ted enjoying retirement not wearing any more we see that every single day our office it shortly he'll be take the guesswork out of the financial and retirement planning process for the next 25 dollars. That's a comprehensive finance review. 9099 dollar value we're gonna give way complimentary no obligation you must have at least 200000 safe retirement and our strategies do work best. For those who view with over a million. We're proud to shed light on a number of topics that we see folks struggling with the work really being taken advantage of and as they prepare for and move into retirement so if you want to complimentary financial road map that we're talking about that together all wanted to show that you walk away from that conversation with clarity and understanding. Now to Colin and me with Phil capriati's who is coach Pete's a local trusted coach in the Austin area. Is 800. 8511636. You can find out what your investments really are costing you because of high fees or commissions. What does future tax implications will be on an even more important than that how how much income you can actually securely generate from that. Once you do and events retirement to take advantage all you have to do is pick up the phone call us that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. For Marty Hensley and a rocket scientist Chris rep well. On coach Pete along with Thomas let's stumbled join you next week same time same station right here. On the financial so far. Tell us PRA. Permission on this for the strength. This is only does not constitute investment tax relief in the price information contained. Sources that are deemed to be reliable when it's complete this cannot be guaranteed you don't Peter. While the usage of information discussed always consult with a qualified defense. Guarantee it's only a financial strength and claims paying ability patient company. Individuals should thoroughly review the contract were specific details of the company's withdrawals from deferred annuities are still. Ordinary income in the year there.