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The Financial Safari
Sunday, January 7th

The Financial Safari, for January 7.


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We see it on the news every night many financial experts are agreeing that the markets are overdue for a float a fluke correction. Now when we hear the word correction it sounds pretty harmless doesn't. Wolf to be honest it's about as harmless as when geologists say that an area is overdue for able to ease those quotes again seismic shift. Now in plain English that means earthquake and I correction that the markets are overdue for a wolf no one actually knows what that means until it happens. That's why what are your retired approaching retirement or was just be real maybe haven't even thought about it now's the time to get protection. From that market volatility. Cult killed everybody at 808511636. Begin at 800. 851. Episode of the financial safari has brought to you thought you should feel Capriati and seeing your taxes. And insurance that I could. Information provided just what it was for purposes only and does not come. Investment tax or legal advice information has been paid from sources that are deemed to be rely. What they're actually seeing weakness cannot be guaranteed either Peter. Including usage of information discussed always consult with a qualified investment legal or tax professional before taking any action. Okay folks there's two questions I know the cure ask yourself number one haven't saved enough money to last as long as my duke and number two. Can I maintain the same my slow I have now. In retirement we're gonna talk about how you can answer those questions yourself as well as a very special topic. Yeah trick to car salesman used that everyone should know how to handle it that much more when we come right back here on the financial safari. Hi this is coach Pete and if you've got questions on how to properly structured your assets until retirement income. You're in the right place were welcome to the financial safari. While those sounds like we've got an exciting show this week folks if you're just joining us were here in studio with coach Pete to root as he is known as America's wealth retirement and income coach joined alongside Marty -- he is a former UNC basketball player 24 year planner guys will commence. Exciting stuff nick good stuff going on here and it's I doubt will be able to cover everything this week was a good look at all the show notes everywhere we gonna talk about mistakes people make when they buy a car and used car especially the games that are played in the car lots. And this is all inspired by somebody I'd risen very close to me get you know taken advantage of the car lot not too long ago and announced that a lot of time talking about what happened and we put together a report about things that you should ask. Or know about before you go and buy you score while yeah but first post retirement we'll still single lot of people are wonder about retirement of the main question Marty you have to tell me if this is true or not you see it as well. Have I saved enough money to to last as long as I do retirement absolutely quick question yeah it's a baffling can subject we think about it because you put go away money every single month for the rest of well for your life you're when you're working. We need that money to last the rest her life because the hardest part of the retirement equation. Is figuring out what day you can retire kids are not a dummy because even if enough talk to people just last couple weeks that had over two million dollars. But they didn't have an income plants that they weren't sure if they could afford retirement yes I'll think about that you know we go through life it's deciding if we can afford to buy things. What retirement is the biggest purchase you ever gonna make believe it or not. You can increase the standard of living in retirement by not increasing the money you have put aside by doing the right incomplete and so it's like going and finding the great sale at a Neiman Marcus. Is that going to Kmart and buy what they haven't Iraqis okay so would you rather buy something from a very expensive store like Macy's and David nieman Marcus marked down. We're going to Kmart or some like then buy something full price for. And tunnel and at NC on ISO. And unfortunately a lot of people that we see. With with a good amount of money put aside when they get to that financial red zone and that's five years outside a retirement or or even if you're over 52. Designing an income plan with some of the money that you put aside already that would give you a lifetime. Of income you never outlive now Marty. That's called income planning and it's called recession proofing your retirement as you know recession and Toms you've seen maybe if you talk to relatives who who had a recession and a life right certainly. Recession is when your buying power goes way down the standard of living you wanna keep the word is pretend you don't have enough money to do that's yet to take a step backwards. And we we do something we go going back to the. I'm gonna go back to 2007. Will give this speech a little mistake. Big hit. Does have a title provide for my speech wasn't going moved 2008 I was on department. Sent back then they Genesis ten years ago I was talking about working capital not working and that was money in CD's credit unions and money markets and how they weren't performing the money there wasn't performing like it should I'll send our ten years into the future from that 2007 date shore and Marty. Our banks and credit unions and money markets performing like they should have. There have been a good people go broke slightly different. And we talk about bonds of people run to bonds and bonds are a place that was safe and still is safer than the stock market. But when interest rates are low we were bond prices bond prices interest rates go up bond prices go down hill ever Klestil relies some people locking in the bonds which are walking in which are assuring the fact that you never have what you should have these are and so we are in a environment where interest rates should go up because they really can't go anywhere in a series of clues can only do a premiere but we've been saying ever tenure as. I think about that Thomas and it's instinct. Boy it did make you wonder when the other side is gonna come around. Yeah but we're talking about how you have to have some money in these accounts so for temporary parking space. It's like when you go downtown and they have this parking meters right of the pay per hour and so you're basically paying. By not getting a good interest rate your pain have your money under the same with quit while. And yeah it's a hefty fee though because you are losing money safely because inflation around 3% and your raid at the bank may be 1% of your lucky. Schroeder net buying power goes down by 2% every year. To extrapolate that over time it really adds up. No we got that C worksheet to by the way fees can eat you alive as well so if you put money aside. And you have let's say you have a choice between zero fee account and one that's 3% fees. And it got the sheet right here we will have that available to any listener consulate if you have a 100000 dollars put aside. And you leave it alone for twenty years and let's go let's say 8% so you know it's hard to find 80% up their blitzes we'll get a percent tour. After twenty years the money and zero. 466000. How can a considerable growth if you're paying 3% these per year the money would only be worth 264. Hole how. How funny just disappear because of peace wow we don't like fees because of the obvious reason. It's money that could have been an account that is it's illustrations like that to inflation is taking money away. Or fewer in a bank account you could be earning more somewhere else you have a net loss every year what got us up to hundreds of thousands of dollars or so with lifetime yeah absolutely that's a scary thing for those sorts of so comfortable out of money to buy from and most CD's I see because people want the money 100% liquid they keep it in something called a non qualified account which just means that they don't get a tax write off to put it and that they can take the money out of any time but you know the drawback to the non qualified account. Each and every year at the very small amount of interest insuring is taxable fully he. So you lose money if to say well we did get a small return but Jeff to be taxed on that small return. Which makes every towards small or being double while on. Well think about Marty. Exact without that there Mal doesn't mean a lot if you don't have a plan to go along with a. Yeah so let's do this then we have a limited number of spots because we have limited number of hours and a week but for the next ten callers who call in today. We're gonna create a one page when its review that this review indicate if your need of a full blown financial plan. And this review combined with will help you with that total retirement when we talk about new personal wealth index when you come in that's in 19195. Dollar value for the next ten followers to be no fee. Port charge. Now our strategies do work best for those viewers over a million dollars but if you have at least 200000 dollars we will waive the fees for its part to 200000 is a big save for retirement. Not value the house and get ready have a with the health but you have to have money put aside for retirement because. When retard becomes not gonna cut off little chunk they're healthy given away every month you have to have that money put aside somewhere where you gonna have an income plan for fact. So if you are one of the next ten callers we will help you by taking the mystery out of the financial planning process by mapping out number one for you. Which you are right now. We got to help you figure out where you are in the financial world and how close you are to retirement or your retirement. How long your money can last and my goal is always to H 121. So we say plan to 121 very very important and all our plans to run to eat at least 121 with guaranteed lifetime income it's a fantastic offer very important. So and weak number one we're gonna look at your current situation to determine if you are over paying in fees. And if we can eliminate by doing a forensic financial analysis eliminate some of the feature paying you could experience dramatic growth potential because less money going out more money stay yen. Always important. Well also help you by performing attacks analysis that could reveal Tyco boss would reduce your taxes and if you do that increase your cash flow. But the most important part of a total retirement planning getting you in the right place make sure your retirement as they are and last longer than you do. Is to have a customized income planned. Done that utilizes proven strategies and techniques which could Turbo charger retirement income and if you do that you take the war out of living in retirement at on the way to retirement the warriors are eliminated. In short will help you take the guesswork at the financial quitting process for the next ten callers this is a 19195. Dollar value. Gonna give away complimentary absolutely free whose portfolios more important New York's New York that's right let's make sure we get that total plan in place folks and take advantage of this offer because it's not going to be here forever. Are suppose if you wanna take advantage 1808511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. I hope the phone lines are lighting up already very very important but folks nothing is more important than your ability to generate income in retirement and understanding. How to turn your savings and investments into income that will trump everything else and we come back and talk about how to design that proper income plan. The last two out you and your spouse's. Catch up on the latest headlines at any time at top 1670 dot com it's. Yeah. So I'm excited about this segment now. Hi is there a bit since I bought a car but I'm excited because I'm gonna be getting in the market here soon. Relatives were cited a couple weeks ago it looked old enough. Marta was in the inspiration for me to put together a special report side yes tenth tricks the car feels when you. Everyone should know about and how to handle and it's more towards the used car but it could be any kind of car okay and also. Could buy ours doesn't start that's. One thing don't want that to happen right now but every now and then. Still be some tricks that they use of the Carla to make the car seemed very nice but when you take it off the lot the next day it doesn't quite look as nice is that on the law Greg Martin a generally. So clever word play is used a lot of times you know many car salespeople use clever wording to persuade you into buying a vehicle. Instead of saying words like can I help you today or how can I help you today. The salesperson may choose to ask are you looking for a sedan or an SUV today we call that an alternate choice close it in other words that and ask if you want divided just assume you did some of the sought to close with a say would you want to. You wouldn't want to leave today and a ASE V or worse and again I'm okay and so in your mind now you they've they've eliminated the fact that you're not gonna leave without a car. And there. You know edit this funny buddy what about sitting in that office where they get you into here and they get here who they did make it look like you really don't qualify for the car whenever they get just sitting there. And they keep disappear and go back to talk to the manager what about that have been magically you have an offer the juice out of work. Another thing is they play this game called Cooley with prices OK okay so if you hear that a vehicle cost 29999. Innings in which is 299099. But they say 29999. Doesn't sound bad that's right but here's one step further ago. They break it down to monthly payments he 455 dollars a month may sound a lot better to have its first question we ask me how much can you afford to mark the yet is baffling really get you to think about the monthly price Thomas instead of the total cost us straight now has tickets available they're stretching him seven years or longer now over those seven. Years every single month or so 07 times twelve times is a lot of people like mullah especially into the vehicle and depreciation of cling to its. Yeah with a minute you drive a brand new car off the lot you lose between fifteen to 40% for quite ya ha also. Now one of the tricks they use in the at the Carlos hedges roll the loan into the new loan and also that you're paying for a car. That you don't even have in your new car payment wow yeah episode and they stretch that began 84 months which is a long long time news and Lotta people are paying for cars they don't even known or two cars and unbeknownst so if you wrecked a car whatever. Right wreck you don't get full full for full replacement value Lotta times well while so we have to be careful that long loan terms again that's what we just talked about do you get people a lot of trouble. Because you stretch out the loan Ewing had the car but you still need to Carson the what you gonna do you know paying BMW prices for a little. VW bug people who'll listen to get open get your what's the number one objective for car by the way of release myself get from point a to point and that's what we do financial planning our objectives to get people from point a to point Z all the way through retirement. This is one of the things we do for our clients as we help them when the when it comes time to buy a car we help them with. Information that may be useful to them to get the better deal or to not buy a card altogether or get a different on the car than they are thinking about. Because we need that little voice inside your head the talks some reasoning into us Fred Flintstones. Had to zoo which was that that voice decided that he had good wandered and bad one member that float around up there and so we wanna be the good the zoo for you make sure we give you good knowledge. You may not like what we say. But it's for the best for you. And I wrote a book years ago now eight years ago but if it's relevant to this subject here because. Even though it's eight years ago it still comes up every week so most on a buying a car how they can take advantage of of the Carla with the Dow now Marty you and I talked about this and this is another one of those again folks we're talking about the ten dirty tricks that car salesman mean sometimes use them not all cultures that prevent Martin W that in your families that car salesman right yeah absolutely yeah and so they're not all bad beliefs wanna educate you on some things that could be going just a little bit off track exactly. The nice way to say it right at critical of what is that a low balling your trade in Marty how bad does that. Yet to see the blood that happened to me they wanted to be about half what it was worth for the magically they came back and offered me 3000 dollars more a little later. So they know your party excited about what did you mentally put yourself in a new car rented a strain and so in their mind which I think is in your mind you the value of Jakarta car is not a size it should that you have a print on your excitement has been there's a reason why are the Karla because you're not happy with the car guard in their mind. And so they gave off feel a whole lot less in hopes that -- to say youngest rating get rid of this wanna get into the new the new wheels right but it and so they globally alone and up to have to have the best you Lotta times a low -- it just so you can play him and his this wiggle room there and wiggle room raised about that there that the little wiggle room there is an artist sleeping room a lot of times then that says the gray area yeah. Another game they play is unnecessary upgrades where they basically try to sell you went to stuff like under painful rage or a flight data source Scotch guard on the seats. Which ignored by Candace got started Wal-Mart for under ten bucks but here they Georgia hundreds of dollars or not they are sprayed over do some of total thought emotionally. Yeah you know financing where they're basically offering elsewhere the stuff in the play dirty tricks with the leasing very very important though you know we talk about the financial world there's all sorts of mummies to say. When I was on my paper route sheets a little coach speak to interleukin two and how. For every dollar you have everyone else wants to get a hold of that. So the objective to life is to come home with that same dollar that you have to elsewhere and it and we see this more this was back in the seventies. Think about today we're bombarded every single minute with sales techniques we are and so the objective is to come home would what we have and make sure we do when we do buy something we get the best deal possible. What things we do is we help educate our clients on this and we want to make sure that every single radio listener has the same opportunity so if you are one of the next 25 callers. We'll do a total planned for you number one we're gonna help you by reviewing your tax returns. Now this uncovers long term tax issues and your diaries your capital gains and Social Security taxes lots of things happened that people are not familiar with. And many people are overpaying when they don't have to. We're also gonna help you by establishing your retirement income goal and figure out what she really need in retirement and get it in writing we can have that same predictable. And guaranteed income for the rest your life it's called a retirement plan very very important so help you by putting money needed to cover the cost of enjoying your lifestyle. In a place that will be guaranteed to arrive at your mailbox every single month for the rest your life it's called in complaining folks. And your financial planner many times wants to keep your money at risk because they're getting paid to keep your money at risk. We are total planning firms we have risk and safety. And income planning so peel off some money from the risk world put in the place that would give you a lifetime income. We'll also help you by analyzing your current investments to establish the real cost and fees. And your calculated risk exposure level. Marty not a week goes by that we know meet with someone who has a lot more risks they realize every single David take on recipient in nova had yet and if the if you're taking too much risk. And don't realize that wind usually realize after the (%expletive) after the death of a roller coaster goes. And we don't want that to happen and it doesn't have to happen that's the most that's the most I guess saddening thing in my world. The most baffling thing in my world as when people are lied to. By their current financial professional and they don't find out the truth until it's too late to do anything about it. Full transparency of what we pride ourselves on here golf to do sharing and we are fiduciary spokes we put your needs ahead of Morris. And we also help you determine the percentage of assets needed to protect your future income needs in a considers taxes and inflation which would basically put the total retirement plan together for you. That's right that's right and finally folks someone is offering retirees and pre retirees common sense and straight talk. Instead of the financial double talking sales pitch that you often find out their folks you need to sit down and get a financial roadmap that together and still Caprio idea of senior tax and insurance advisors will translate for you that complex financial world. In a clear instructions. This is an excellent chance treaty get a true practical financial review and for anyone listening right now. The number to calls 800. 8511636. The next five callers will receive a comprehensive financial review shown you where you are now but most importantly. A roadmap CDU where you need to be so in short folks he had nothing to lose called now over five chances to win today. The numbers 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 85116368085116. 36. That sound is what people think about win they hear the word life insurance gonna try to clean that up and show you why life insurance could be essential for retirement planning as it is a classic last. We're also gonna touch on Donald Trump. And the 2017. Retirees guide to the trauma of tax plan a new guide we have just coming out. Which is over twenty pages folks that much more when we come right back. Thank you know someone who retired air looked up retiring in 2000 feet. You know what market uncertainty continues to her retirement blueprint. The uncertainty haven't gone away. We think passed both the bond market bubble burst well the euros selling to find its budding wolf the US debt he would drag on economic vitality. 130 year period of uncertainty man back breaking work off themselves. But new ones historically. This means understanding that the solutions for 1% of economic circumstances that may not be appropriate for a new set of circumstances. Got to block certain Thomas Carlyle said he's super of course see if there's reading can. Could be rich spend thousands of years. Preparing for uncertainty and let's not knowing what the future holds hasn't had a top teen people's response to changes I. They and fold. Wow we have covered a number of topics on the show everything from tricks played. At the car lives how properly fund retirement essentials we need to know now all you guys were talking we have coach Pete in studio alongside Marty Hensley in between breaks here you guys were talking about mutual funds sounded really pushing one trip he doesn't mind share now with our listeners out there. Well you know mutual funds or they've been around for awhile now and it's a question of stocks in the basket called mutual fund or bonds like there was four or real estate Lotta times two a cup but. Let's talk about this and this was again going back to week we talked earlier. In the show let's go back to the future. My daughter get a kick out of this last weekend when she was less than in the show my life she said daddy you played back to the interest on. And I want to sell tracks though Vanessa well we do this whoever we go back into what I said in the past either on the show or into the putted Pashos who or when I've talked in the past in the public. Yeah based on a speech I gave in 2007. Now in New York City and Atlanta and allow the title of the speech was little mistakes big headaches. And some things you wish you wouldn't listen to me about it the next year dad and Anita Baker than we really foreshadow wow I didn't really realize to myself how much of a foreshadowing what is yeah but we talked about how your banks are under paying. Interest rate wise which we still see today and couldn't estimating worse today and were lucky to get 1% in the CD or something like that but we have to take that as a have as a way Agassi but will open because we need to have some money in a place that we can get to right away liquid money in this emergency money. But then I talked about mutual funds bunker and this section the speech was what's wrong with mutual funds seek. Too many experts. Not enough facts huh hollow out and you hear about one Fella on they are always talking about and we that we have people come in single so and so said that I can get 12% return mutual fund Taylor a rocking good and I go below one we'll look at an event number one if there was anything banks will be about an easy if you could just go put money in one place and a mutual fund which is risky. And get 12% return every single year guaranteed. Why would you need to think again we have 1% to Tyco while twelve return as well everything else. But that's not like that right so here's what we need to realize about stock and bond mutual funds look at it real estate mutual funds they may lose value. And so there's taxes on capital gains and dividends in non retirement accounts inside mutual funds so you have what I called the triple play. Commissions. Fees and expenses while initial blast while and if you're paying a money manager. Ahead of peak every single year and quarter for a and that money manager turns around invest your money into mutual funds now you have a double speak English if they history. And then you're paying the mutual fund the OK while we have to be very careful and so let's say somebody had a 100000 dollars in the mutual fund. And they lost 40% which happened this is my example to see it right here these are my notes right as an example I showed on the screen this happened the people less than a year later after a special example it's great. The 100000 dollars would now be 60000 riot because you lost 40% OK and then assets everybody you know when it's 40% down 40% up not equal. You figure hey if I lose forty and I gained 42 things back to normal right Torre asked they would get close we did fractions back into its second or third pregnant they canceled everything's fine and well it's not. So if you're down 40% now I have 60000 the next year or eagle up 40%. You don't have a 100000 now he you know 84084000. In both so that's a lot different. Then a 100000 and you were down forty and up forty should be mentioned you mark tomorrow's most likely to have this out so there you know what kind of return you would need on your mutual fund if you were down 40% one year. You'll come to return you need the next year to get back to even though hundreds Aussie started with just he would even low 67%. Oh wow dove down forty needs to be up 67 just to get to even one this is when math goes against you Marty two under the real though that 2000 and it scared then I put up on the screen variables that could affect your mutual fund picks that has member 2007 we are truck and went along everything was fine mystery everybody's mind right now yeah. I've put. Oil and gas. The dollar terrorism fraud stock scams. Hyped stirs inside trading except right now. Out everything their happened the next year. I mean Bernie Madoff and there. I think oil gas and then the all the insider trading the mortgage and the mortgage fiasco not all that kind of stuff you know Bernie Madoff Ponzi schemes stuff fraud stocks scans everything happened. Had those day locker room my wife and I got married the year prior to that I remember our first years there is was when gas was up four dollars a gallon. 350 some crazy yes we wish the tipping point where people just gonna sustain anymore and the economy collapsing and along with a lot of people's retirement they found out very quickly what a C among us. I am happy then so will explain to people as collateralized mortgage obligation right CMO. I think you know that term neither did I didn't we just heard the mortgage scams right but it CMO and basically they took your mortgage and divided in a hundred pieces and sold told from people while as investments and then the people stopping in a mortgage investments stop returning home with dominoes start happening the threat so what I said the final point of this whole thing about what's wrong with mutual funds during a speech was it's time to take back control. And so easier said than done a lot of people said what's not really easier said than done what we did is we look at people's portfolio we do today. And we say well there's nothing wrong with taking some risk but some of your money people let's take some of your money and put in place it won't be dependent on any this junk they could happen in the future and look and will return a certain amount of interest that you don't have to worry about. And could grow your income account by a 7% per year you have really got everybody absolutely and then in the future whenever you decide. You flip the magic switch. And a monthly or yearly check will come to you and your spells for the rest your lives never going to weigh never depended on the market very important Golding complaining. That's what we do for a living here how many people forget about that. Then again nothing wrong we take some rest but with it's easier to take risk when we have our income are set aside this right you know the sinking. So we have our money coming in are well what's so to speak for the rest pro life break retirement could be 304050. Years of unemployment let's make sure we have a check coming or two or three we designed something called but getting strategies. Which gives you more than one check and retirement each and you decide when you wanna start getting the checks the longer you wait the more the money is gonna do you are controlling the money. You don't like we in the stock market the longer you wait is no guarantees your money's gonna increase. But in the income market the longer you wait to take your income the more income you gonna get and it's guaranteed for risk your life nothing guaranteed in the stock market so we just have to make sure that we do money managed platform too but we only advisor clients take risk the money they can afford to lose for sure after they've already established what we call the court. The core is money you're going to need to explore counts the money would it take risks with. Very important many people don't know that give orders to kill me student diminish very quickly what yeah at red zone Medicaid we're doing with the advisory doesn't offer the income type accounts and certainly that advisors going to be pushing you to stay in a financial plan and not transition some of that money into retirement plan called the retirement transition. If you haven't heard about this which many people haven't. I'm baffled every single day Marty I think you are to that deficits we're talking about the break we'll love about mutual funds and how many people are a 100% at risk ya when they're getting five years or less away from retirement that is financial suicide here Richard just took a terrorist movement is CNBC Souter Thomas bit did you wanna be able to turn the TV on when you want not to have to look at the stock channels if you retirement there now and so we called the green flag on the mailbox which as you walk out to the mailbox each and every month for the rescue life in this and check it. Not a bill. Or there may be some bills but the checks going to be going to affect and so it's a lot easier to pay the bills we haven't checked the bigger than the bills come again and complaining 101. Folks many of you haven't heard about this don't be embarrassed and don't be shy. But to get a second opinion it is vitally important to you get educated and you get the right place for the right time your life so if you're one of the next fifteen callers. Who call in right now we're gonna create a one page for each review. Now this review would indicate if you're in need of a full blown financial planner or not and this review was a 995. Dollar value gonna give away absolutely free complimentary. Would no obligation to the next fifteen followers who have at least 200000 dollars saved for retirement. Now what this will consist of us taking the mystery. Out of the financial planning process by mapping out for you. Where you are right now. We'll also run a three report to help you untangle what working with your current planner or advisor is truly costing you and see if I simply protecting your retirement investment. You could experienced dramatic. Growth potential. We'll also run attacks analysis to reveal how he could possibly reduce your taxes and we'll run a customized income plan. There will utilize proven strategies and techniques. Which could Turbo charger retirement income. And the most important thing take the warring out of living in retirement. In short we're helping about taking the guesswork out of the financial planning process just for duke that's a comprehensive financial review. That's a 995. Dollar value gonna give way complimentary would no obligation. You know financial double talk in sales pitches or just rampant out there finally folks finally someone is offering retirees and pre retirees common sense and straight talk folks do you need to sit down and get a financial road map put together and Phil capriati's of senior tax and insurance advisors will translate for you that complex financial world. NC clear instructions. This is an excellent chance treaty get a true practical financial review and for anyone listening right now. The number to calls 800. 8511636. The next five callers will receive a comprehensive financial review shown you where you are now but most importantly a roadmap CDU where you need to be so insured folks. He had nothing to lose called now over five chances to win today. The numbers 800. 8511636. Again that's 808511636. 808511636. I don't know why why the world of sports. Yeah I don't. Folks would come back we're gonna talk about how important the financial threesome is to you Social Security when it reports retirement income planning reviews and learning about proper. Index strategies we'll be right back. Listen to your favorite shows keep up with the latest breaking news anymore anytime at sock thirteen seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy. Right choice. Do you ever feel like you're fighting for fighting full knowledge one now and at no cost or obligation you can get a copy of our hot off the press 401K survival guide or take advantage of at over 999. Dollars and fulfill capriati's. He's 51. At 800. Sixteen. Coach has been absolutely fantastic show we've covered oh. On a really great topic so far on the show there's something that I think we need to do in front of her listeners and asked the total retirement plan how I would I was have awaited pick your brain open up this topic and really did in front of people I think a lot of folks struggled with this area. Have got them from now want to talk about sixteen questions you should always ask when choosing a real tort two solid in the net again but you know let my one of my favorite commercial growing up I don't know why just accept my head with a Mikey commercial for. And a certain cereal with her was that odalis sole way before migration serial. What life the right drive and Mike you like much to try and devoted. So we see this a lot of times in the financial world a lot of people just keep doing the same thing because they're fried afraid to try something different order could be better form by the way because life sir it was a part of your balance breakfast nook an amendment but here's the mentality people take place. Get my act be dangerous yeah. If you have you've got a birdie diversity you know a lot of people don't want to be the day the pioneer says beacon in the financial world and you're not a pioneer anymore if you get left behind you are basically one of the leads left behind you we have to make sure we get the right plan in place and that's why designed. The total retirement when you're asking and yeah and which is 22 different steps that are mainly done behind the scenes for our clients are for the radio listener. And in a series of two to three appointments we accomplished total retirement plan while which is a living breathing document which can be changed and modified any time needed to be. But the most important aspect of the total retirement plan is one that's overlooked in every single financial win that I've ever seen but it was not its retirement income that is guaranteed for the rest your life okay what's the most important thing that we get we get a retirement. Can't exactly what that income to be certain passion filled with not just. We want to know that we walked to the mailbox. Every single month at that certain day of the month. Which just they want it to the mailbox but you know what the nowadays that automatically deposited right your checking account anytime literate but we wanna know every single month at the income we promise is going to be there right. So let me make an offer here before we leave for the week and a fast moving show resident has. So I'm gonna give this offer help to the next thirty people folks take advantage of this get your very own income plan number one. But let's let our team review your tax returns first you go back three years and save you money and also look forward. The protector behind from the tax man. Reduce your tax returns to uncover a long term tax issues like higher raise capital gains and Social Security taxes which eat a lot of people life so there are some things you can do to minimize that. Will also help you by establishing your retirement income goal. That's money needed to cover the costs up and Jordy. Your lifestyle not just getting by but having a lifetime income he can never outlive which could increase. Over your lifetime so long jeopardy as the new retirement risk let's eliminate longevity risk Marty they're very important is that it's crucial yeah so strategic design plan. And we'll implement this plan by analyzing your current investments and establishing the real cost and fees just like we're talking about that fee worksheet. And they calculated risk exposure level folks if you're paying too much in fees. Would you like to know about that today or wait ten years from now and then find out you could have all this money you've lost. Back or no bonuses are. You have never want to you know we always kick ourselves we go down the road after pumping gas it's against two sets cheaper down the road. What about a couple 100000 dollars you've cost yourself and your plan because your drink too much and these are not getting the bang for your. So sure they're very important trip so we also would help you determine the percentage of assets needed to protect the future income needs and build a true pocket strategy and income planned just for you. 21 of the next thirty caller to call right now just to get a collection in my books is that 995. Dollar value. But when you think about the money you could be saving and feature paying right now what could be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. So don't procrastinate I know took destination is one of our biggest elements that we all specialize in eliminate that pick up the phone right now will open the phone lines up with the get a busy signal keep trying. The next thirty callers will get this total win done for you totally German point call right now. That's right that's right and finally folks someone is offering retirees and pre retirees common sense and straight talk. Instead of the financial double talking sales pitch that you often find out their folks you need to sit down and get a financial road map put together and still Caprio I we have senior tax and insurance advisors will translate for you that complex financial world. NC clear instructions. This is an excellent chance treaty get a true practical financial review and for anyone listening right now the number calls 800. 8511636. Callers will receive a comprehensive financial review shown you where you are now but most importantly a roadmap CDU where you need to be so in short folks you have nothing to lose called now over five chances to win today. That number's 800. 8511636. Again that's 808511636. 800. 851. 1636. And for coach Pete Marty Hensley and the team I am Thomas looks good bush knew a wonderful weekend. Look forward to joining you next weekend right here on the financial safari. Tell us PRA. The strength of purposes only and does not constitute investment that's what really wants information obtained from sources that are deemed to be reliable when it. Dear Jay root forest gets the wireless usage of information discussed always consult with a qualified defense. We can guarantee you it's only financial strength and claims paying ability and you can help the individual should thoroughly review the contract with. Specific details of you compare to withdraw from deferred annuities are still. There.