Financial Safari, 2/11

The Financial Safari
Sunday, February 11th

The Financial Safari, for February 11.


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We see it on the news every night many financial experts are agreeing that the markets or boo birds do parade float a fluke correction. Now when we hear this word correction and it sounds pretty harmless doesn't. Wolf to be honest it's about as harmless as when geologists say that an area is overdue foray monies those quotes again seismic shift. Now and plain English that means earthquake in that correction that the markets are overdue for. World no one actually knows what that means until it happens. That's why what are your retired approaching retirement or was just be real may be haven't even thought about it now's the time to get protection. From that market volatility. Called build everybody at 808511636. Beginning at 800. 851. In the this episode of mania safari does not need my milk every ID and eat your tax and and I. Are all your retirement. And. Information provided is for certain purposes only and does not come. Investment tax or legal advice information has been getting from sources that are deemed to be rely. What they're actually seeing weakness cannot be guaranteed either Peter. For the usage of information discussed always consult with a qualified investment legal or tax professional before taking any action. Well retirement when he put to sleep every complex process it's they do. As we're gonna break down the processed into three very easy to digest and simple to understand pieces that could help you take the glory. Plan for every time. This is coach Pete and if you've got questions and how to properly structured your assets until retirement income. You're in the right place and welcome to the financial safari. All right I'm consumer advocates Thomas looks and and joining us is best selling author in the award winner coach Pete to root and now in studio with us we do have a special guest he has been on the show as before I believe coach has managed to convince them to come back Dan one more time was loser coach. Oh god Marty Hensley a famous name if you want Carolina basketball more than welcome in Europe thank you coach going to be here so what Thomas we you know we spend a lot of time and I am America's income financial and wealth coach just heard a lot of time putting together the proper strategies. For the proper time of everyone's life and you know like Israel best it does well you know in a way we talk about safe money strategies and wealth preservation and and and just getting the money in the right place for the right tire life. Thomas that's a full time job then a little time occupation for us. But for folks out there doesn't have to be complex and it doesn't have to be overwhelming doesn't. No it doesn't end is something that I think folks struggle with because they've gone through their whole life working on a budget and all of a sudden they're in this transition period not sure where to go not sure who to look to who can they trust. Well and that's a big thing these days so we our own worst enemies many times and and even if you have a planner maybe the players telling you do things you shouldn't do. We hear about the magic 12% return on the mutual funds and other radio people talk about choice and maybe it makes 12% one year maybe one mutual fund does but they don't do that consistently many times and so we shouldn't put all our money that we need for retirement in a place that is tied to risk because the opposite of 12% up. Talk pursued over the an out of more sometime Friday that have the wrong way until another culprit in and it's not talked about much was not understand why. We talk about it all the time so we help people with a forensic the analysis to back folks listening. And you're not sure what's going on your accounts are. Here's wondering gosh you know I've been in this cal for a long time. I put new money and make it's a 41 K account but my balance doesn't seem to be as high as it should be idea you might be paying too much and he's every year high and it might be hidden fees so we do a forensic analysis of elect any strength on we identified a hidden objectives either watch survivor. Is a guy out there are always looking around for the hidden immunity idol right short yeah well let's find these hidden fees astray and you know how happy they are when they find the hidden immunity I'll make they basically can go another week without getting voted off the island. Well if we can identify fees that your pain and you don't have to be paying. And have many times you can't go back and get the money back but you can go forward and not pay them again and again and again exactly Anna got a very special sheet we put together I'm gonna give them an open the phone lines and make something everybody listening needs a copy of this but it's the true cost of fees one -- attacked and we analyze accounts with no fees. First accounts with 3% fees and everything in between so 1% of the every year annual 2% annual fee of 3% Kofi affect how much of a difference you think it is over and we look it over thirty years by the way. For over ten years if you're if you're in an account which we have two different accounts brown account has a 1% the and the other count as a three percentage look at. Well Cindy better let's say you have one account would know please say or do exist out there by the way folks who you know they the broker won't tell you about that is that they make their money. Exactly they've ever about our feet and I get an episode that account would no annual fee what's person with a 3% C you know ten years let's assume you started to count with a 100000 dollars right. And let's assume these accounts make 8% interest now that's a pretty high interest let's assume I'm sure it's apples to apples source comparing it yeah. If you fast forward ten years down the room. And you get you started with a 100000 dollars how what you think you would have in the count with zero fees they're grown 8%. Yeah I ran 200000 dollars a 1099900. Kind of a 1099 Colin 900 dots and a compare that to the guy who's paying 3% for easier may not even though he's paying it but now you fast forward ten years later he only has a 154000 lol that's a huge difference Marty yes absolutely totally see your rebate is it about transparency embassies now the chances are if you're an account like that and you're going on. And you've got an auto pilot your mind you you're not gonna pay attention for ten years maybe twenty years down the road. No different than twenty years to get out with the again starting with a 1000000. Feast Tony years later is worth 3099601. Almost 400000 great but the guy is paying 3% pace and that account guess what his baptism again you have right around 4000 if you're not paying fees racial or the guy who's paying 3% a year 240 pounds slowed no word that other 160000 go after birds and there's talk of wealth. Not just the amount you don't have a nears the growth you would have a that money just straight that's all right now thirty years which a lot of people put money away thirty years leave alone and then hope when he gets it. Took the retirement age everything's fine yeah. Thirty years of putting us starting with a 100000 have to grow by 8% a year no fees thirty years later your balances 1000000 and six dollars Josh while now the guy who spent 3% easier you know by the time you reach thirty years later. You've got 431000. Are less than half think the less than half truths so. That's over thirty years while so if you want this worksheet port happy to have this but if you really want that forensic -- analysis we will sit down with you and cope through what you have. And sometimes they do pretty good job behind they don't they market for. Adjustment required to do better and we well we said now we're discussing his stuff to you mr. chairman he was 1000% convinced that he was doing and only if we have 1% a year and we did that through your analysis for him we broke down his account not only do remote and also student performance but look who's who easily restrained just cite a 3% low and he had no idea. But go on paper news circled several times 1% 1% are yet though I do that's the problem would we had today is a transparency of fees while he was just talking about a house account was not going as quick as we ought to look at us now called blood and there is out there there's 2% a year there was going out of out there no limit expenses about a the most acute. His pocket for anyone who's who's struggling to make should do to make ends meet or see what's gonna happen in the future or not sure what kind of these are paying. We'll do analysis for its go to strategic development process and if you haven't had this done for your financial portfolio but just what we'll do. We'll reduce your tax returns to uncover long term tax issues like higher raise capital gains and Social Security taxes people in a lot of money in taxes. Russ gonna help you by establishing your retirement income goals money needed to cover the cost of enjoying your lifestyle Marty. And when you talk to be we ask them what they wanna do retirement that's fine right you don't plan to make sure that has money for that. Right just and that's what our biggest goals and out of my even though they're Woodward talk about it so what's the money they would want and the money that we need or what our goals turned the institute for using cluster with possibly can't these other. Yeah and and one of the ways we do this is win this is this is there in time intensive process but we do this all behind the scenes for you. We analyze your current investments to establish the real cost and fees. And the calculated risk exposure level at Thomas that you would not believe how much risk people are taken you don't realize it really have been pretty lucky it's almost like when you fall asleep by the wheeled to argue wake up but you're still driving you're still safe right right now Melanie has a lot of risk that realized so yeah how's about a safe so they're not even realizing that that's the scary part that's the most embarrassing part yes and the financial world and anyone who do who has clients in places that clients don't realize how much risk or fees are paying should be ashamed of self restraint but would help you identify that if it if it does come to the point where you are paying too much or take it too much risk and didn't realize that. Spotify of that advisory get a new data will also help you by determining the percentage of assets needed to protect future income needs we call this income planning and buckets strategies we have to consider taxes and inflation isn't too big enemies we need to. A dental plan ahead of time so we can counteract. Their harmful affects us right we do all this to make three have a plan that you can explain back to your family the cult of the illegals and longevity estate planning. Will offer that for the next twenty callers. Our goal here at the shows to help you make the best decision possible so if you had any questions about what we're talking about are how they apply to your own situation. You can sit down and get a retirement road map put together and still capriati's who has coached Pete's local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. All translate for you that complex financial world and so very clear instructions now if you wanna take advantage of getting this troop. Practical retirement reviewed all you have to do is give us call 800. 8511636. And remember when you come in you will receive a comprehensive retirement review that'll show you where you are now but even more important than that folks or shady that outlined that roadmap that vision TD you. Where you need to be to end through retirement. In short though showed nothing to lose that number once again is 808511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. Well we told the retirement income dilemma and it's the three big risks their retirement timing risk inflation risk and longevity risk to go over all three of these and ways to counteract them we come back right after this. The top thirteen seven. Welcome back into the financial safari I'm consumer advocates we hear once again with America's wealth. Financial and then come coach that is coach Pete to root a joint alongside mr. Marty Hensley. Now coach what are we talking about here. The three risk that can amateur retirement security Thomas Lowell isn't it sounds interesting now what are we talking about grounded out of these are big ones do another make fun of them but timing risk and that's what if I pick up bad you to retire would have picked a bad time to buy stock hi yeah I thought this stock and sell it goes up the triple the value and you kick yourself forever don't you that's right what happens a lot of times is people have a gain in the stock build a liquidated to sell at the -- of forgetting the seller for profit sure they'll keep watching the stock and depict themselves when it goes up to goes up it's Ellen today and goes up two or three more days. And it goes up where he really should be doughnut and then she decide to jump back in on Google and up and you'll notice that votes short committee jumpin Marty what happens though. Men and I think goes round and now you took a great game you turn into a small gain or loss because you were greedy. When this event we talked individual clients almost that they do the exact opposite of what remission listing is el duque. But it takes so whatever you get ready to do do the opposite exactly apprehensive contrarian view so Tommy risk gets a lot of people in trouble and it is one of the factors in you being your own worst enemy for your retirement plan and so that's why it's important you get a qualified team on your side that had that has seen this before. And knows all of with certainty. The mistakes of people make us right as we all make we do like Marty says you you should basically decide what you wanna do and do the opposite. Way it works sometimes. To ask you some because something you brought up on on past shows that a warrant for me is having that proper exit strategy so it sounds like just what we're talking about yours is really thinking through lower doing not not just on the front but until and as long well we have. One thinks in and I and every now and then some little sell stock in and then. Buyback run what usually happens you sell a stock and you start watching it then you say to yourself. Any jump wrecked in a stock and then it goes down sailors have to be very careful. And trying to time the market has been shown. To be a horrible strategy and Gelbard that's they had to research firm in Boston that ranks investor behavior compares it against the index's eighty. Always says that the average investor. Almost like two times if not three times underperform the market and do the wrong thing. At the wrong time Marty thought I your your non over the you know things change in your life. So win you are younger in a bind to sell the stock are doing it doesn't hurt as much than when you're older and you need that money to retire on and use that they're playing in the market so like the difference tween a guy shooting a free throw at the beginning of the game. Or the last couple seconds to. Exactly in the last few seconds Cecil were bright and determine exactly so you get closer retirement that's where there is free throws made a lot more when yours yet your tour and its army so we drugs at all at risk government Saitama risk and it's so. Again have the right team make sure you're not doing the wrong things yeah and picking a bad you to retire so you decide that the day you decide to retire into got a lot of money in the market you've got market based accounts where you are so mean that money's gonna find your retirement. The market was down 40% 50% so inflation risk is number two of the three risks that can damage your retirement security and inflation is just things cost more astray and will my income pace keep up with the rising prices the pace of rising prices and hopefully yes. But one thing it's not gonna keep up with the many times as medical expenses and they're going up their double digit. The census every guy rising and college tuition going up as well astray but looking at your necessities to your food. Wanna make sure your least you're here celts early he's keeping up with growth that's you want a counselor growing by five to 7% absolutely compare that to CD of the bank now where you're lucky to get 1% you are losing money safely your accounts are underperforming inflation so even though there in the bank and they are quote unquote safe. The buying power shrinks every year coming you need to think it's all find your right by the bank you waste your money. Number on your money's not there anymore thanks hardy along that same dollar you gave them out ten times the ten other people. Fractional cards they. And that's a whole different story is very but we just need to make sure that our money is growing that's number two now long jab and he risk is the third risk that affects us that we don't realize is there's three hidden risks. In retirement. And will my income less my entire lifetime OK and you hear me talk about a lifetime of retirement income we need to have lifetime income you'd have something called a bucket strategy. And math is on your side if you do the right things or retirement and that just means you want your money to grow you don't want to shrink you want to be there when you needed the most because you don't want it to leave you. Right we need it the most eye that quit again Thomas does straight. Back and steadily growing 1973. Or 45 somewhere right around there I remember that because we played Little League Baseball back of the day we had to sit the station wagon and wait for the thunderstorms to roll through spelling Kelly I yes and we would have AM radio that song seemed always beyond. Back mad at me like ten songs back in the day another one bites the dust by queen I. Glacial cycle in the gang and the owner of only art and you left me just so many emotions and don't dons the pro sprinkled into there again it's funny how much choices we have how many choices we have these days a period of the old days astray there was a very trees so we do have a lot of choices in the in the retirement world in the financial world to so it's not just getting that same plan. That everyone else yet. And Marty. I mean we've talked about this but when people come and they don't understand what they have many times from the current advisor to the business. Exactly right that's wrote to us well the biggest process we go through it's helping them understand exactly what they have a quantity that diligently to understand where it where the money's invested how it's invested. And when we get to have that conversation and we've quite honestly we tell Moscow wanted to have two minutes you completely understand miss. You know for not. Unattended we go back to revisit eventually they are so committed going to comment understand that god is going to an amateur. So lets people commenting you say on a scale of one to ten how well do you understand your current plan. Mr. it was a pretty spirited there at their responses I have no idea what's the point. Ono Bono and the number reached still cap riady a senior tax and insurance advisors is 800. 8511636. And has 800. 8511636. Now when you do laundry and I do my own because I don't trust anyone Dumont line treatment and I know when the let's just skip ahead I've ducked on the laundry hamper output of the dryer Thomas and Marty I am always hovering around the drier waiting for the bus to go off I want to get to the close real quick shake them once and hang them up let these shirts that are. They call wrinkle free. Unless you leave in the dryer for five minutes after the Dreier didn't go there you go exactly anymore so I'll make sure and of course when I do my laundry now going back into the process of the washing machine I make sure to divide my clothes and different colors and so I haven't. An action step in the book here on the financial laundry and explain all these you know make these comparisons to doing laundry to do in the financial process I got an update yes and my daughter's eleven she's doing her own laundry she says daddy math is money she loves math. So I think I've got a good one here and she she can do laundry. And she understands spending money is not a good thing many Terry got adjudication of minority you twice as much as a staging era that's. My actions that in a book that was get a professionally designed customized money map designed based on your current situation after reviewing yet. Make sure the money you have in your plan is in the right places for the right time of life fury in now. And so when you are just starting out working the best place to have your money's in a 41 K. You want a pile money in your 401K hope we are getting a match again here's something that people always can understand when I say this when you're putting money into your retirement when you want the market attacked. So I'm assuming this is coach because we have more time for recover so if it tanks you can invest more money early on when a grown up you get more bang for your buck when you put the money if the stock markets at a low point you gotta ask you be amazed and Marty you'll agree with this we have people come and they all happened the markets way up when they're putting new money into the for a one day. Yes that's exactly right as we're talking about earlier is like when you see a dip in the market that's when you wanna put as much as a kid in the right and then on the market is doing great that's that's maybe not the best time to put every dollar would you have gone worthless well. I don't think yeah what's the best on the by way of McDonald's stock when it's that a 101 it's at fifty tonight. I mean that's what he won a dollar cost average in your plans all the time and you want the most bang for your buck Connecticut in the money away yeah now I wanna offer this offer really quick before we go to break short because we got some Warren Buffett's stuff coming up then we're gonna talk about is simply come planning is well later on the show. But if you're one of the next thirty call hours. We will custom design a one page finance review and this will indicate if you're need a full blown financial plan or not other slim 9099 dollar value you're gonna get it for as a radio caller right now. It'll help you take the mystery out of financial planning. We're gonna map out for you where you are right now we're gonna run a fee report we're gonna get a copy this true cost of fees worksheet. We're gonna do a Social Security analysis and a full pockets strategy showing you based on what you have now and what you wanna do retirement. Number one if it's possible number two what that true Intel will be for you going all the way through your life we're gonna illuminate and eliminate. Many that misconceptions from your current plan apart current planners so again the next three followers call right now you'll be one of the three people to get to meet with Myanmar in the team. This'll take the warrior and living in retirement puts you on the right path for the rest your life. Finally someone is offering retirees and pre retirees common sense and straight talked. There's still a financial double talk in a retirement sales pitch folks you need to sit down and get a retirement road map together. And bill Capriati who has coached pizza local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. All translate for you that complex financial world and have very clear instructions. This is an excellent chance treaty get a true. Practical retirement review and for anyone listening right now the number to call is 800. 8511636. We are you calling you will receive a comprehensive retirement review showing where you are now. But most importantly a roadmap to. In short folks you have nothing to lose call on end a number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 511636. Well if you like. Most people the term retirement planning brings beads of sweat a bit. It doesn't have to fully come back we're gonna show you what to expect your investor bill of rights so to speak have you ever felt like you really knew what was going on the financial world. Now again they do. Thomas tells like the weather forecast. I think it does something you Tommy toast the markets really are a thousand predictable as the weather can be you know as well as I do what it does around here. We can't control the weather Kelly anonymous and natural with the market does either gambling. But we can be prepared and ending get educated to educate as Paramount in the financials also in a little world that's part of when you see it rain and outside do you think yourself of course you say self need to get my umbrella today. I thought. Music would you see an unstable financial future is itself amid due to financial advisor and does what that's what about other people just know they're not the right place they keep doing the same thing over oh wow deck and the results Albert Einstein call that the true definition Evans then a dozen very very strict. It's not gonna get a better that's not doing good right now a lot of times has it. So we want to go through the mental process of understanding and reasoning behind. Each strategy that people making so I thought we talk about a four step process in the financial world that we go through with a everyone explain why we do have some very important because. You know the more you know in the more you understand the more comfortable he could be when the markets faced challenges because they're gonna face challenges. And our plans to put attitude tests I mean when the markets start going bananas you need to make sure your plan is. Just as good as it was before and a planners figure competency planners are too. And with that in mind when taken again look at these four steps aboard discovery. Missed the very first meeting we have people it's we begin the stage with our initial meeting with people to get to know one another week we see. They are Marty Hensley I'm coach Pete your name is mr. mrs. Johnson let's see what we have a comment and we'll see what we don't have a comment we'll see if we can reach an agreement that. It's pretty good sometimes not everything you comment there that's right that's right I was very sure iron sharpens iron yeah well you don't love me Mardy and our fifties in your opening thirty so we have that we don't have faith in common but we can work for each other camp counselor with out and make very conversational so it's not we don't want to lead to edit and this so the very first thing we do is focus on when you. And what you want your savings and investments to do you know you have got this money in and and we like to do this is an up. Taka and the reason why we have our money here is the system that a guy fanatics that's not right aren't exactly what are your goals and objectives and how can we get there as quickly as possible with the least amount of this kind of one of thanks Thomas we do as we focus and discuss past experiences and feelings of the future you know that's so important because there's a lot of those past experiences really can determine what we're doing right now yeah well again if we in our discussion it allows both of us youth. The listener who comes in to see us in Myanmar he has some planners that allows us to determine if there's a basis for continued relationship or not yet if you don't like us and we don't like you. There's no reason to take videos here and we we look I'm not members of the Cummins used to yeah. And then we go through something called a strategic development process it's a strategy meeting basically in the primary objective here at this stage is to develop an effective strategy that is custom tailored. To the unique needs of each and every person who comes in while that's a novel concept evidently because a lot of people saying well gosh the first time anyone's ever asked me these questions. And easy to understand ways that you ought to understand what those things are. Well when I talk about the easy to understand financial review that we do put everything on one page we really minute astray we really do it and it really is easy. Understand it the happy couple. Does ray want to see how these two things that hand in hand you're seeing they're having a discovery meeting discover what people's passions are with their techniques are and then you're showing them how to achieve that. My dad is they physics professor ha. I can't tell physics from from Israel wanted to sign but he knows what he's doing right on the financial guy so we need to make sure we're on the same page we can understand each other literally doing a lot of the meetings here. Custom tale worth the unique needs to each client what they want and I had very very important. Because unfortunately. Many people are in the wrong place and don't realize that's right and maybe it's because that it had this conversation with their visor Marty or maybe they didn't understand what Levi's were saying that's what happens many times as emphatically yesterday 66 years old he said this is the first founder of erotica recession like the spin while. So that we have a conversation it's a good one it's very informative and it's an enlightening many times we then develop a comprehensive plan that outlines the strategy we recommended for. This is an half a concert too long term success. I had a good for you tomorrow and after that I don't know. Veteran with a look at your whole life let's play until 121 that's what we do not and while we're we say lifetime income we mean lifetime income that's right if you that we won fifty could still get income while isn't about getting strategies that we put together it's called lifetime income planning for a reason. Because it has the last. Your entire life cycle and it's so true coach I mean I'm sitting here I have a grandmother who's eighty nicely going to be turning nine years old right this year. And she is is she she outpace the 65 year old. Income takes on obvious importance Dunham Mardy I mean it's don't have that you really realize how important this is right we need to make sure that after years of economic uncertainty many retirees. Would like their income to be more predictable and more secure we need to make sure that we get the right plan for the right person and turning assets and income no can be very complicated. And there's three questions that everyone asks that we go through with you we basically help you answer these questions we ask and answer like to do the attorney says ask and answer your honor yes. Can and can't be made more certain. That's that's the number one question that kind of based on what I have here. My financial plan the money has saved all my 401 k.s my TSB's my favorite actress savings for three days and the money that I put aside. Can I have that in income. That I'll never outlive and can that be a certain income that I know exactly it's going to be long war if we error Marty. We air on the underside in other words we may tell you gonna have less than you really gonna have in the future not the other way around the worst thing to do. It's for a planners say you're gonna have 20000 a month when you retire yet retirement Thomas you have 9000. Oh no no no. Let's say you're gonna last 151000 a month and you may end up with 25000 Obama yes I think you'll come and complaining too so I don't think so that that's what we use our illustrations or reduce reuse real world numbers down by 1520 years we don't use hypotheticals or were assuming a lot to just cannot be relied on how the financial term. Might again we're gonna talk about them ten income have built in tax advantages so you can we do to build this most tax efficiency is possible in each plan. Tax officials see just major paying as little taxes legally. Possible yeah that's the way to do it was very important question can it be safe yet grow over time these are questions everyone needs to write down ya gonna do it again Kenny and they'll be made more certain can I have a certain income that I know is going to be there for the rest of my life very important rights let it. I think that's the most important absolute number two can income B have built into accident just another one of the questions to ask you currently and they'll say all based on what's happened in the past in the market and as long as the market does this net nut. And Prince Charles live rides a horse done cooperatively funding and that a and a lot of eight. As long yes right I want yes it's guarantee here it is in writing and nothing's ever gonna happen but you're gonna get your check you gonna go to the mailbox and the big green flag on the mailbox a very novel green flag of waiting in the win. Green flag means the check in there a straight red flag means you're paying bills Odom we want it to reflect the retirement and the third question can it be safe pair important yet grow over time now another example they can bury the backyard it's safe as long you have a shotgun to guard the backyard you money safe. Exactly and we're like we're saying earlier you could throw it in a CDS eventually lose money to inflation and all these other things out. Now had they have 81 when your commission had twelve different CDs from nine different banks flop okay and it and it answered the age old question that we remember since grade school why did the chicken cross the road. To get a higher CD rate at a different hop. Yeah and so it's just making sure you have the right plan for the right time your life and Mardy I think that a lot of times. The advisors of people met with have charged a fee to put a plan together than the people feel obligated to go back to the advisor to the patent something and here's what I wanna do this is very important we we can do your very your own strategy session based on what we talked about here answering those three questions for you make sure you have the true strategic development process Donell. Perfectly. She won the next thirty callers will custom create for you that one page financial review that Marty talked about that this will indicate if your need of a full blown financial planner or not. And keep keep in mind this review along with a bucket strategy and all the planning. Is a 15100 dollar value while and we're gonna give away again to the next thirty call or so get ready folks want that phone appear to pick it up. We're gonna give away complementary with no obligation to the next thirty callers are now what does that consist of for you is taking the mystery out of the financial planning process by mapping out for you. On one page where you are right now. We'll also run a favorite for the help you untangle what working with your card playing her advisor is really costing you. And save by simply protecting your retirement investment. You could experience what I call dramatic. Growth potential. Ross gonna perform attacks analysis of this could reveal they could possibly reduce your taxes and that's very important to the more you save the more than your celts. But most importantly we're gonna run a customized income plan utilizing proven strategies and techniques which are time tested. Which the Turbo charger retirement income. And this the most important part of the whole planning process for you it will take the war he out of living in retirement. In short. We'll take the guesswork out of the financial planning process for you for the next thirty goers that's a comprehensive review of 15100 dollar value. When you wake up Metairie with no obligation as long as you call now and meet with a team in the next three weeks. And keep in mind our strategies work best for those of you with a over a million dollars saved for retirement but we had never happened we never will. Take anyone else who's interested in planning for themselves and a family's future. You know the first step really is to sit down with the financial coach is something that we're talking about on the show it's a resonates with you any feel the need to just get that second opinion or if you wanna make sure your plan really is aligned with your goals and that very important risk tolerance that we talked about just colon. And you can meet with Phil Capriati who has coached pizza local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. All translate for you that complex financial world into very clear instructions to take advantage of this true. Practical retirement review all you have to do was call sent 800. 8511636. And you will receive a comprehensive retirement review. The show you where you are now but much more importantly a roadmap to do you where you need to be. That number once again is 808511636. Again that's 800. 511636. So folks if you're fifty to a older you are in what I call the financial red zone we come back we're gonna talk about retirement income and the fourth step she must take. To make sure you have a secure retired. There are. Welcome back into the financial safari on here consumer advocate Thomas Wilson joined by America's real financial and income coach coach Pete the root as well as Marty Hensley. Now we have had a very fine show here today coach it looks like yes I'm inching their talk about. I promised earlier show we thought about Warren Buffett and president right yeah arguably the greatest investor of all time period like it or hate them whatever it but he can't he. It's made the right choices such right and Natalie so big that when he decides to buy a stock he actually moves the size of stock mover now while they might go over so incredible and people here that he's getting ready to buy a stock or sell stocks short or even worse. People buy or sell depend on what Warren's gonna do some stock moves on its own right can he asked one of the innings of a bunch of different quotes we'll talk about some of these and in future shows because that's I really wanna talk about retirement income but he's got seventeen really good thesis is that he's done before wanna stock picking is not a hobby not a -- and Marty and I were talking about before the show on this because we meet with folks every now and then we're when you're in your 20s30s and forties it really is it could be copyright you're trying your bragging to everybody you buy stock hurt you see someone CNBC and you buy the stock and Kramer says these roll the sleeves up 10 to 5 -- tells us they'll that is built. Showing you see you do that's all because you're just you're you're using money could afford to lose such obvious. But you know everyone should be an investor and something he had not all your money go and as you get closer to retirement and detained down their risk and may be looked at more dividend type stocks are getting a dividend check out and hold the stock race it every now and then you hear about somebody getting lucky and buying a stock get a couple pennies and a ghost a couple hundred dollars that's what they. These gimmick guys that you see on FaceBook and Linkedin on the Internet where they're trying to get you to buy their junk stock gas yes they will you know apple was a penny stock once and look at how would that not many apples out there are other -- apples on trees that would have been doing it all up close look at the chart Rodney now would be very careful this warms and a lot of them too so I see this announcing that way to many times in the last couple weeks I thought we talk about this for minute. But if you're in your fifties and sixties and seventies that's not the time to be gambling with the money you need. To live on. In the stock market that's right and we see that way too much lately I don't know what's going on here with a lot of people are taking their retirement money and if intermingled in now with their fund money or their hobby money and they're playing stocks that really have no. Track record no rhyme or reason but somebody told the tip that they might wanna buy some of that which most it's not that good of. It's dug us a thing is very easy to pick stocks and some without Tim are going up billion bull market but north now that a few weeks ago we have the highest point it's ever give him his entire history and our begin to get really nervous. You know what I told them. Those kind of tips that really are good but people take them and put their real money to took risk and in the market most of Waffle House tips on the net a telethon like the soft everyone else does listening and if you've enjoyed the show will we'd really enjoyed meeting you and so if you're one of the next twenty callers. Will create for you a one page finance review. Now this review with the team here will indicate if you're in need of a full blown financial planner or not. And we're also include a bucket planning strategy here that's another 500 since the 15100 dollar a day usually 999 outs 15100 while we're gonna give it away to the next twenty call hours Ashley free complimentary would no obligation. Now what this totally if you will consist of is taking the mystery and a financial planning by mapping out for you where you are right now. We also run they feed report now this is very important because it also comes with a fee worksheet the true cost of these LP untangle what working with your current plan planet or by yourself. Is actually costing you a feast. And by simply protecting your retirement investments you could experience dramatic. Growth potential you could get a lot more return if you make us face. Also before the tax analysis sicker reveal how he could possibly reduce your tax is going forward utilizing what's available today in the tax world. Also custom designed few an income plan. That utilizes proven strategies techniques and time tested strategies which could Turbo charger retirement come. And take the quarry out of living truly living worry free in retirement. In trouble take the guesswork out of the financial planning process for you the next twenty followers that's a comprehensive plans review of 15100 dollar value when you include the pockets planning strategy and there. Many giveaway. Complimentary no obligation to one of the next twenty callers every single day you wake this financial termites are getting more more comfortable in your portfolio. Just like we've been tackling problems on the show today we can help you assess your plan and your outlook for retirement to make sure that you are on a secure path. This limited but complementary review will hope you determine how prepared your investments are to handle all the retirement of falls we talked about on the show there's include inflation Social Security health care emergency so many things the stock market volatility. Risk taxation. But here's the thing folks most important we wanna show you how to produce a lifetime. Retirement income plan that's right folks and income plan to last short entire lifetime. Not just the lifespan of a bank town now to colon and meet with still capriati's who is coached Pete's a local trusted coach in the Austin area is 800. 8511636. When you calling you will receive a comprehensive. Retirement review that'll show you where you are now. But much more important it'll show you a roadmap to keep you where you need to be. Folks there really is nothing to lose call on him and take advantage that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. It's dime for the most useless back to wake real quick one this week against the clock and let eskimos used refrigerators to stop their food from prison. I don't love it don't opposite of what we all go through ourselves right so Richardson Richard Russell is a Marty upon the studio today it's wonderful depth. Thomas thanks for having a son absolutely can it's all right so for Marty amply and Thomas left them on coach Victor Rita Wilson next week right here on the financial so far. Tell us PRA. Information on this when the strength purposes only does not constitute investment tax relief funds information obtained from sources that are deemed to be reliable when. This cannot be guaranteed their Peter. Guarantee it's only a financial strength and claims paying ability peacefully company. Individual should thoroughly review the contract with specific details of companies have withdrawn from deferred annuities or general.