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The Financial Safari
Sunday, March 11th

The Financial Safari, for March 11.


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Imagine it's time when you have the freedom and resources to do all those things you dream goes without worrying about attacks. Let's find in place we're all your workers who work for you. Here through future. You villagers attacked three zone. Home built Capriati had a 10851. 36 and that's 808511636. This episode of mania safari does not mean I milked every ID and your tax yeah I. All your retirement and. Information provided just what it was for purposes only and does not constitute investment tax or legal advice information has been obtained from sources that are deemed to be rely. What they're accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed either Peter. You don't always gas reliable for the usage of information discussed always consult with a qualified investment legal or tax professional before taking any action. We'll help America this week on the financial so far we're gonna talk about the five. I'm retirement what does that mean we'll find out heroes show was well at least seven I need to find spots. That much more this week on the financial support. This is coach speak and if you've got questions on how to properly structured your assets until retirement income. You're in the right place and welcome to the financial safari. Welcome and folks this is going to be an exciting show I'm consumer advocates Thomas looks and an in studio with me is to tie and best selling author one of those books being able to actually wrote alongside Steve Forbes he's also the president. Of the international association of registered financial consultants he's he's 25 year veteran in the financial arena and he is also a registered fiduciary. I like to keep it simple and just called the coach Walton and to coach Pete to redirect coach Peter don't have a yeah. Until and well also in studio with us we have 24 year planner Marty Hensley is a former UNC basketball star we also have Steve's at all better known as chopper how you guys doing still evolving very good good good now now you use an old concern with the -- there were talking about a bunch of Els with retirement planning and hey listen those stat that was thrown across my desk earlier. That said you know it and it's kind of scary actually when I read this. It says that 65 point 2% of Eagles and include appointees were disappointed. FF FF a couple less than a thousand dollars in cash or say. Yeah it's kind of scary and cool yeah Marty wondering college we don't have much money but we've survived but well I don't want retirement they like that you have to portable student so we're expect this sort of a lot of time. That's a Steve I mean you talk to people that are that retirement Monday night when they hit retirement there really can't pull that switch. Were flip that switch into let's they have money put aside as it Turkey got to got to have money and did it's worrisome that so many people that that was a war don't like statistics by the way that's one that I really don't like because I don't like what's that take exactly out and I'm included. Now a lot of people have 401 k.s are not taking advantage of new and it it is showing people how to save money in the forward case but once you put money in this is where the the trouble happens it's not just the fact that people are saving in the 41 K. The Nazis in the right way oh really money in there while and Marty we sit up it seems like every single week or so now what folks have on the manage their 401K. Telling them where they really should have their money some people are way over risk and some people are taking enough risk in the forward. That's exactly right that's one reasons criminal system can be sure that your particular motorist who is commensurate with your major goals and objectives yeah luckily got a 99 page book for all radio listeners I think they'll give it up to the offer right now for sure wants one. It's how to retire worry free 99 pages folks if you were to belt running out of money and retirement if you're not sure if you happen if money put aside for retirement. If you don't wanna think about retirement but want a book that really show you want to talk about this will be the book for you. And will also address assisted living you know leave long term care costs that we need to identify. Before we reach retirement because a lot of people were hitting retirement with what they thinks enough money. For the way they're living right now but. Here's what I've seen over my course he said you re your 323333. Your whole life you're your grandparents have been retired I have. And you probably think like you ramp up brawl can't do everything he's built to do. I know now he can have and so we always fight it where humans by nature we don't want to have to depend on anybody else on as we get older. Our mental capacity slip maybe and our ports are physical capacities I'm forty much the woke up with a hurt back then it. But I told the bedrock. I'm only 51. I can only meant to be in 91 or 81 and that kind of thing to see have to pay for more things you need to build plans that would increase our retirement income. Every single year throughout our retirement later on the show gonna talk about the five Ailes or retirement I'll teach you would what they are right now one is lifetime retirement income that's ill. Liquidity having money you can get it any time that's another male who loss mitigation making sure that if if we have a bad market environment you have all your money exposed to that forces again. Haven't offered to Lyman a whole team off its alignment around your money make sure they're protecting that sort surely the new quarterback and unlucky long jeopardy. Were lucky so we don't know about how long and whoever was lucky or unlucky do we have enough money put aside those serves and Els and then loved ones how we gonna make sure their loved ones are taken care of when we reach retirement and those are all good points are gonna talk about each one later on the show. As well as we come back we'll talk about something called diagnosis retirement and I'm very happy about the new segment. That's decent all done our financial newsman yeah. Now I want to just offer them for everyone out there folks if you were at all concerned about your retirement if you are putting money away and will assume that you're one of the people that are saving for retirement not some of that statistic. The Thomas talked about earlier what was that number again those stray it was sixty. It's scary it's scary but if you're one of the thirty some percent that are saving for retirement and if you're one of the next fifteen followers who call in right now. We're gonna create a one page when it review for you. That is review in indicate if you're in need of a full blown retirement plan or not and this review is over a thousand dollar value. No gonna give it away to the next fifteen people at no cost no obligation. Again if you won the next fifty people who call in with a lease 200000 save for retirement. Now our strategy is to work best for those of you with a over a million dollars but it won't get 200000 put aside we can help you diagram and diagnose the proper retirement. Now what this consists is taking the mystery out of the financial and retirement planning process by mapping out for you. Where you are right now folks the most important part of any map is that little that showed you where your starting from we also run a fee report that'll help you untangle. What working with your current planner advisor is actually costing you there's a lot of hidden fees out there we can announce we can do analysis that we can identify financial termites. We can exterminate him to. And we can if with we can reduce those fees and expenses and commissions will show you by just simply protecting your retirement investment you could experience what we called dramatic growth potential if you eliminate fees you increase your return to it's that simple math and it simple physics do what goes up must come down but if you eliminate. The gravity out that the financial gravity get rid of that. There's never been anything pulling down in place to gravity forces are fees expenses commissions always pulling your portfolio down. We can eliminate that. We'll also perform attacks analysis that could reveal they could possibly reduce your taxes another form of financial gravity pulling you down. Is overpaying at Texas a picture you're and one of the balloons. And you're constantly sinking but he can throw the sandbags over which of these expenses commission of Texas and you get to go up in value not down. We'll also run a customized income planned for you which utilizes proven strategies and techniques. Which could Turbo charger retirement income folks if you do that you take the war he out of living and planting. For retirement it short would help you take the guesswork out of the whole retirement and financial planning process to one of the next fifteen callers that's a comprehensive financial review. That's over a thousand dollar value that you would get no cost or obligation to one of the next fifteen callers. Finally someone is offering retirees and pre retirees common sense and straight talked. Instead of financial double talk in a retirement sales pitch folks he need to sit down and get a retirement road map put together. And bill Capriati who was coach Pete local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. Will translate for you that complex financial world and so very clear instructions this is an excellent chance free to get a true. Practical retirement review and for anyone listening right now the number to call is 800. 8511636. When you calling you will receive a comprehensive retirement review showing where you are now. But most importantly a roadmap to teach you where you need to be. In short folks you have nothing to lose call on in that number once again is 800. 8516. Team 36. Again that's 8851. 16. 36 folks we come back we're gonna talk about the myth of the lowered post retirement tax bracket. You'll sometimes see the tag one size fits all along she baseball caps and that's because they have a little plastic gizmo on the back that has several different adjustments on. If you're dealing with the financial advisor who sells products and you might end up with a one size fits all financial plan. Here at the financial safari we recommend you find an advisor who doesn't sell products but rather find solutions and since you are unique your financial planner have to find out what your goals and what your current financial situation is before making a personalized retirement plan. What's right for your neighbor golf buddy or even your sister in law and may not be right for you. Avoid those cookie cutter one size fits all financial plans and work with the financial coach that customize is a plan with your goals in mind. Any of this. We retirement. We look forward to having more time spent with their families enjoy every day in May be taking their dream vacation I'm only eighteen room. And so did their research institutes Tony this pain in retirement. Surveying its balance sadly enough it's just 22% of those workers are very confident there will happen and money has its retirement. Statistics like this. Change until the fear uncertainty turn your retirement dream. The nightmare. We can help PC how much risk you're taking this potential red flags that could cause problems three down roots as tax liability as well as the deal includes. How we treat you gain in its. Tunisians it's your current plan forward lyzard fulfilled every opportunity for. Yeah I'm glad. Yeah 8089116. Your whole working life building up your nest egg saving enough the last Jenkins you're tired it's now is the snags that test today and as you're heading into the financial red zone crystal you preserve or act. Can keep building and Jordan for retirement and fulfilled every I mean ten to 808516. And thirty. 85 why it's sixteen and 36. 25 year veteran in the financial arena he is also a registered fiduciary folks that means he's got your best interest at heart that is coach Peter Reid also in studio with us he is better known as the chief but he is. Our chief wall strategist here that is Parker Holland also with us safe money correspondent Steve so all welcome guys Steve is our financial news guide to. On all the news and a master of it right on and and so what is these nickname so Steve's nickname is a love this chopper him. Hurdles. Yeah look what I've brought into the studio Topper a look at how. The directors are automatically choppers they month that other. Do you they got some definite effect again so no he is our news guy doing he's really put together a fantastic segment force you guys ready for I am all right here we don't. Welcome to diagnosis retirement and save money correspondent Steve saw reminding you that the only thing that can go wrong getting to retirement. Is everything. Incidents at the Iraq Barack everywhere I had cats we'll delve into one of the most egregious acts of personal data ever. It involves the credit reporting companies Equifax and officials announced that the personal information of as many as 143. Million Americans was compromised. Everything from Social Security number driver's license and much more. All they aired for the bad guys the city's. Love more than your credit score your particularly. If you're at or near retirement. And intimates the crafty hackers take your Social Security number and access your account. They initiated change of address and then when you turn 62 and they claim your Social Security. Would you go reclaim what's yours at say 65. The SSA tells you you don't take it for three years. It's not as far fetched as you might think. Thankfully we've got coach Pete AKA doctor Pete with a prescription that help you keep safe. And I'm guessing that prescription is not more cow bell. Nice segments these aren't like that Alice fantastic I don't know 143 million people think about that all had their identity at risk and it's or Social Security numbers there are a mean everything into political out of a divot pulled a credit report they know where you lived twice 53050 years ago I. Where you worked all this kind of stuff Sony credit report. So what can people do about it number one thing did met a little bit because I really think that somebody some heads need to roll on this I know people are leaving that affects their designing whatever. But that doesn't you know maybe it will find a slap on the wrist I think some people really need some jail time for this. This is our identity and we trust these organizations to guard him. So hopefully the other two are doing a better job than Equifax was. I hope that hopefully you know Experian and trans you know what they're doing their job and knows so what can people do about it until the well you can check your really I would write a whale ordered my credit report from the other 21 of the other two. No need to order one from each of them every single every single month but if you order one every three months you can get one every single year like every three months get a new credit report. Check your credit cards. If you get some mail in the mail that's that's basically saying congratulations on a new account. You open a new account. You better cola company right away find out what's going on. Another thing is people can show to the hospital would your identity and get healthcare in your name and all sudden you have way what's that somebody has that the kidney removed and they say either you. When now when you go to the doctor they're gonna assume you only have one did. That kind of thing that we've done medication that kind of thing so be very careful the medical identity theft ferry security make it's been more popular afternoon. So very careful be careful be vigilant and don't share your space from anybody else on working on new article right now I'm ready for the New York Times. Will talk about identity theft so we'll see things that people should not much care what is in and get us past begin with a certain to certain things they either out of our control. We trust these organizations just like people trust us when they come in with a financial information we guarded here we have a safe and we have strippers and we have cameras and and lots and everything. They were just basically let them win the back door right I mean a 143 million a lot of them are you are among the area that's right and yeah. I don't know and then people going to check to see if their identity was stolen out when you go you go into the site disposal was already hacked in putting your information and so Acura I don't are offering free you know I credit monitoring different conference but you know what they little disclaimer on that is no one can protect you completely but will do the best weekend will that just basically sit and other. Let's I don't like 99% protection a 101%. Yeah and when they put a disclaimer and that means that the not guaranteeing anything like you said it best coach and just be vigilant yet to be aware of what's gone on by. So be very careful I mean it's concerning to me Steve I mean that did are the places we go to protect our Denny you're the ones that are basically put our daily at risk Alia that the so let's talk about a little bit one of the Els that we were talking about this this five bills you know retirement planning and we call it Smart planning strategic movement around retirement taxation. So would before we go after the break I said there was like a way to tip to make sure to justify. Debt making. A lot of money retirement is not a bad thing even though you're in a higher tax bracket right so we have in your post retirement once you've reached retirement vehicle that post retirement. You may be a higher tax bracket in retirement because you lose. Mortgage interest deductions you can pay your health soft. At home child exemptions because children are Gonchar. Retirement plan contributions will now he retires he can't deduct the money you're putting in your terribly just taken money hill they didn't next right. Charitable giving his salute the inner or some some people still give an end in retirement and they still can get right off on that. Student loan interest so you only pay to student loans off and and then you have the RMD's coming out of your retirement accounts and you know what that's they were required minimum distributions and every single year. He will make a lot of mistakes on this and if you don't take out what you're supposed to take out the government hits you with a 50%. Penalty. The what you're supposed to take else what they were supposed to got 111000 dollars and forgot. With a gun Cyrus continued over 5500 dollars in next year. That is ridiculous. Because if you take money out of your retirement accounts too early it's a 10% penalty. If you don't take money help which we do everything wrong they hit you with a 50% penalty and I did is they wanted to take money out so they can tax you on that money. You know that's what it is you put money and you've you've got a tax write off you've built that money up all that money comes out taxable. All right so the secret is to make sure to convert some of that money from taxable and tax free. And to put in order to spend relief program we're gonna want them we come back on the next segment talk about what to spend elite program is. We've got a case study would Parker Holland our chief strategist gonna talk about that. But what I wanna do wanna make sure people are on the right track and folks are 21 of the next twenty close to call and right now we're gonna do one page funny to review this will indicate if you're need. Of a full blown financial or retirement plan. And keep in mind this review after we do all the work we do it all the man hours going into it and everything we give you is over. Well over a thousand dollar value Ollie posted 2500 but we say a thousand that's. That's what you're gonna save by not spending put that links again but the cost you penny it'll cost you gas money to come to our office. Do like our office because we'll give you coffee and then donuts and cookies we have all sorts of goodies and office. But if you're one of the next twenty callers who call right now. Absolutely free complimentary. That's their review. And if you must have at least about 200000 or so safe retirement for this to work for you and our strategies do work best. For those of you with a over a million dollars but we never turn anyone away as long as they're showing that they are trying. Folks you're trying to get to retirement and you're trying by saving money we'll show you the right place to put that money. Not gonna penalize you for not having million dollars. But what this consists of it's taken the mystery out of the financial and retirement planning process by mapping out for you where you are right now. We'll also run a -- report they'll help you untangle what working with your current planner advisor is truly costing you there's a lot of hidden fees out there people don't realize we called financial termites we need to get rid of those and if we do that. It'll take a lot of the anchors away for your portfolio and you should experience dramatic growth potential. We're also gonna perform attacks analysis that this will reveal how you could possibly reduce your taxes all the way through retirement. We even help you by running a customized income plan this the most important part of any plan to plan it turns into retirement plan. It utilizes proven strategies and techniques. Which could Turbo charge your retirement income if you do that folks you take the war of living your retirement if you're not worried about where the money's coming from. And it's automatically coming we called the green flag on the mailbox each and every year to your mailbox. And yet income that's increasing over the years. That's a true income plan and that's the true way. To take warrior out of living your retirement in short we're gonna help you take all the guesswork out of the financial and retirement planning process to one of the next twenty followers. Who have at least 2000 safe retirement this at 9099. Dollar value at least we're giving away at no cost or obligation call right now. Our goal here at the shows to help you make the best decision possible so if he had any questions about what we're talking about how only applies to your own situation. You can sit down and get a retirement road map put together and still capriati's who has coached Pete's local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. All translate for you that complex financial world and so very clear instructions now if you wanna take advantage of getting this troop practical retirement review all he has to do was give us call 800. 8511636. And remember when you calm and you will receive comprehensive retirement review. That'll show you where you are now but either war toward the Napa excellent shape that outline that roadmap that vision TD you. Where you need to be to end three retirement in short both showed nothing to lose that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 808511636. Well we come back we'll get a press the fast forward button in the finance world gonna bring four Korean he's gonna talk about a million dollar case stuff. Well this is one of the well will do and if we don't do it every week but we do it every now and then sort of like Santa Claus the Tooth Fairy Parker hall and appears and he's got a great case study for some but you know Thomas before we even start this Steve you know financial news gusty noses to what do you do you roll the tape that's very. I'd be here. I hope they bare naked ladies have no idea what that means with a song that's the million dollars would we do familial cases that they do they have at least a million dollars in this case study hypothetical case study but. True numbers and true results. Par according enforced today. So what I have today is a gentleman as wife they have a little bit of an age difference he's 64 she's 56 now I don't know if as her planner his plan but he's retiring at age seventy. So what we're looking after that is they have one point seven million and their retirement accounts. All of this and their IRAs and 41 case. And their goal is that they send me they just want their standard of living the same thing undertake homing com is roughly. A 120000. They just want that number to continue to enter retirement. So most advisors they don't like hitting income that odd cause it's a 5% pay out. And Wall Street OSS take 4% on alliger money boy here we need 5% to make the numbers work so to make that work. We just need to put a foundation under them and protect them against loss and make sure that no matter what the markets are one. They have that green flag on ML what's going up so the foundation against losses called but I like to talk about the cancer protect strategy right. Yet advanced to protect us the best thing here Marty started it just sticks now you mentioned the Wall Street. Myth in the Wall Street myth as they say the could take if you have your money at risk and all stocks if you have a balance you could take 4% of that balloting at about a 91% chance of not a living your retirement but a 9% chance of not having any money left when you need the most exactly you've taken it in either increase the amount that they could get out of that one point 75% per year with no chance of ever a living their money's everything. Exactly no chance of ever out living so while we did is add a seventy what's the number we can get to make it work and no questions asked. We got a 121000. Add a seventy coming out of a one point seven million dollar portfolio. And it continued all the way through Rajon 121. Cards credit if you if they live to age 121 how much would they've taken them. What they would have taken out of that I would have been roughly three point one million dollars out of a one point seven million dollar investment and they still have 2.4 left their heirs incredible so they have more than they start with a the end. And that's a that's what would go spend and lead a way that they've spent a lot of money they've enjoyed a great retirement they've got extra money they needed a knee and then when they passed away their children grandchildren river still having. We'll get 2.4 mile an hour one point seven million and the beauty is they take that income continues to increase inflation protection on it that once when he continues to grow and he gets up closer to a 153000. Just over the first Tony years. That's a lot of money it is a lot of money coming out and they just came in their happy a then met with multiple other advisors and no one can make that number were concerned believe this because they don't have a whole told us like we do here coach so when you looking at fifty years of retirement which that's where you look at a you're anticipating that the good with stage 121 that's 51 years and he retires -- seven that it and he said he wanted to make it a long but we wanted to -- watched it and yeah how about it please take a 121 he said that they'll 121000 would increase over the years because I just that I 121000. To multiply that times 51 years they have six point 17. Million to be taken out of the plan exactly and with this going through just that he's 93 without inflation cost of living we can take into account Social Security. Any existing pensions and we didn't take into a tiny a future savings as well and the numbers don't work so this is just on their lump sum of one point seven Elsa and other money exact same okay good. Well how they feel about that they felt very happy and they became Kleinsasser and a Steve what do you think a minute that makes a lot of sense I think about it now starting at one point seven million inputs and a lot of money by Ron Alia. And Wall Street says you could take what was 4% of one point 7000004%. Of one point seven million out of the rough ride around 9395 outs to Wall Street said the could get 93000 and you had about a 90% chance were rodent of not having problems in the future but got a 10% chance of having problems. And there was no guarantee of of increasing income and that and it was no advance or protect correct Turk and Ellis 4% based on at age seventy would have been around 93 but actually if they start that the same day and they never had any market growth they would only got 68000 album out polio. I took a class in high school called myths and legends and it was about the mythical figures in the in the past and I don't know where Wall Street gets away with telling people that they have the proper retirement plan that. Wall Street does a good job of getting people to retirement it's up to you out there listening to get your very own retirement plan now. We're not disparaging it all Wall Street because we utilize money managers for folks once we get the airport. The core money that they need to take them all the way through retirement in a protected fashion we take the extra money. And we put it and explore account you picture that earth in a moon. And there's some other plan a steady demand an exit astronomy. We're the ones don't so so you can have a bunch of different moods but that earth is the most Britain most important part that's where you're gonna have to protect the money he can never outlive. And then the risk money can be a little moons. But of course if we lost our moon would get a lot of trouble because the tides would go out of whack right so we need our votes. So again it's a proper diversification method having the right amount of money the right amount of places like we talked about earlier. My daughter had a whole bunch of chocolate chip and a bowl but it didn't make chocolate chip cookies to edit the flower in the water in the bill collect the stuff exact clutter thanks to a like mind would butter myself and that's the biggest concern. When class coming in that these other advisors are there just for the first time meeting when multiple planners. And there are also on the all these buckets not a single one I've met with yet as a core foundation of their plan you know the most important word Steve when we're talking about a financial plan or retirement plan when people were looking at this and I know there are a lot of planners out there there under the Madonna doesn't gore everywhere right but but but this isn't everywhere toward that someone who's not gonna tell you this. It is everywhere. Looked down at the projection you're getting number wanted to projection is not true it's not it's not guaranteed but if it says this word the begins with a H hypothetical. Hypothetical does not work too good we're talking about retirement planning I don't want anything hypothetical I want guarantees. And that's why we have to leave the Wall Street we have to make a right. Off Wall Street and get over to the safe road. To make sure we have the advance to protect strategy in place nothing wrong with a Wall Street but we shouldn't have all of our cars parked on the Wall Street side. A lot of Reading collection and nobody does what you guys do it and do it as well as if there's just no question about that but not a day goes by or a week goes by where someone says what talk to my broker and he said he could do that. After the where are they when you initially asked for but never want a public can't do that is not not with the tools available to him because we're independent we define what we need and we put it altogether. But again we put people in risk accounts and only after we get the court where they can't lose money. We point out with a high letter. All the different things that are caveats that could change their risks side. In the not favorable direction and there's no magic 12% mutual fund everything you're out of there was we all have one. But if you're taking risk you could lose that money if you're trying to get a bigger gain you could lose that money you have to know that yet to be an adult about it. To realize that if someone's telling you something and has not backed up in ironclad writing. And it might not work like it should it. What Parker says are we sure would put on the radio what Parker says backed up by guaranteed contracts. In right. With no hypothetical were added on guaranteed yeah 5% paid out for as long as both of them are alive on the percent legacy protection to the kids now that to me. Is important and folks if you'd like to be retirement ready this is what we call being retirement ready they are retarded ready now even though he's gonna work to seven because pro the life when he might not an armada health problem but they are outside the voting Obama but their retirement readiness the most important thing and there's three main words we talk about retirement ready diversification. Minimizing fees are limiting fees and income that means your retirement ready. And will build a plan if you won the next twenty callers will to a plan like this for you. So keep in mind in order for plans to work we have at least 200000 safe retirement and our strategies do work best for those of you with a over a million dollars but if you're one of the next twenty goers who have that money put aside and won a troop plan. It's not a cyber decorum went folks. Go look around at sea to defy the better I robot heaven telling the better we have here because we're totally independent. We find what you're looking for we go out and find it for you we put it together in a plan. And now to total confidence when we call being retirement ready so if you're one of the next one to call course where at least 200000 they've retirement. We'll do it for you. Will do an incomplete and we'll do spend a leave Quinn will do the well suited to advance to protect strategy worked in new corn export these are all big words for your retirement plans that are important for you guys. Give us a call right now Jim when the next twenty callers would do that no fee no obligation this is the least. A thousand dollar value but it could be a million dollar positive step in the right direction for lifetime income for the rest your life very important. You know the first step really is to sit down what the financial coach is something that we're talking about on the show it's a resonates with you and you fill the need to just get that second opinion or if you wanna make sure your plan really is aligned with you were goals and that very important risk tolerance that we talked about just Colin. And you can meet with Phil Capriati who has coached pizza local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. All translate for you that complex financial world into very clear instructions to take advantage of this true. Practical retirement review all you have to do is call sent 800. 8511636. And you will receive comprehensive retirement review. The show you where you are now but much more importantly a roadmap to do you where you need to be. That number once again is 808511636. Again that's 885116. 36. When we come back we're gonna talk about the six potential risks that retirees may face in retirement and I guarantee it is a couple of him. Do you ever feel like you're fighting for fighting full knowledge one now and at no cost or obligation did you get a copy of our hot off the press 401K survival guide to fourth take advantage of at over 999. Dollars Paul field capriati's. He's 51. Sixteen. Catch up on the latest headlines at anytime at top thirteen seven lead dot com. It's a financial safari and consumer ad. Because Thomas looks good here in studio again alongside coach Pete the routing the is just coming off another win winning another award for AEA another movie that you've actually been able to do with the UNC basketball star that is Marty Hensley welcoming guests first the stretch. We look at the financial world and it's confusing place Steve it is on it no question about it and I learn every day there's so much to learn when given a news guy forever honorably when you have that you UPI machine the gaping holes out stories come across all eyes every dad I've read stories every single day about a financial advisors taken advantage other clients it's amazing how many of my sit here every day going out and a lot of involve investments that are unregulated which is very very. Difficult for people to distinguish between regulated and unregulated if some of selling you something they're gonna make it sound like the best thing since sliced bread that's what my teachers just say. I'd never that that is like rip. And a lot of it revolves around real estate investments are investing in different projects through these things are regulated by the agency's Boston red nose complacent Martin C all the time real estate big one more people have been investing in promised returns until the real thing doesn't return like it should. We don't want a retirement money go on and. One place as we do not want this especially with the retirement money is look at a fluctuating investment like as volatile as rules they committed. Yeah real estate is volatile and then if you get in the real estate investment trust called reits that are non traded reits that means is no market form that major giving somebody money that invest in real estate it may never come out a also. You may never be able to sell another word so supposedly. It's sold on the return so it's a return on your investment like you're destined to drugstore and supposedly that's. Drugstore you'll pay rent and then then you get to share net rent because you're an owner and that's a real estate investment trust what if the tenant moves out. Exactly you know. Come again and exactly you know I'm gonna get unpredictable. You'd retirement income and it's on traded which means you can't sell your trap with a no so let's see you would reverse hotel California. Never good luck to Hollywood and was sticks out to music consumers really camera lying on the advice from an advisor you know as the what I should invest and another thing I see is advisors will put your money and they're celts at their office and then they need money for new car let's say they use your money for new car. Happens a lot to I read a lot of on a bit Africa. Chuck at what you need to make sure that the advisor. Put the money into a custodial account that means they can't touch of what would you go to C attorney in new and you put an escrow the much for your accounts and news we don't wanna just so all financial buzz on the bus with food attorney 200 bus. Every now and then and attorney won't put the money in escrow open than they would the law firm's accountant and spend that we hear that two SE those kind of stories while. The number one thing is you need to get the proper plans you need to make sure you deal with a team of fiduciary that's what we have here I don't staff we have three fiduciary stood. Folks if you are one of the next thirty callers openly for the weekend you wanna have when as examples gone for you which one not no cost no obligation. We could charge thousands of dollars this because we're helping you. You lifetime make millions more than you could if if you had money in the wrong places many times. So if you want the next thirty caller is we will do that absolutely no obligation or cost. They have financial and retirement income plan it's they had one page sheet that your usual this backed up by a tremendous amount of pages. But we make it very easy to understand. And what we will do for years we'll take the mystery of the financial and retirement planning process by mapping out freeware your right now like that's when you start with the folks you showed where they are. And then you did he report to help them untangle what they were paying their court broker advisor. And you eliminated a lot of that got him in a place it was a lot more comfortable for them. Even more tax friendly environment many times we'll do that as well folks but the most important part what mornings is talking about. We will run a customized income planned. Just for you utilizing proven strategies and techniques which could Turbo charger retirement incumbent folks if you do this believe me we've seen this over 25 years from me and 24 for Marty. You take the war got a living your retirement and that's what retirement is all about the coming years what do you think about retirement you wanna warn about what the bunt all you want your money do the war and give you a check every single night. So we wanted the warrior out of living in short we'll take the guesswork and the war out of financial retirement plan if you win the next thirty callers. Keep in mind folks as you've seen with some of these examples are strategies do work best for those you would over a million dollars but we can build the plants for as little as 200000. So if you meet that criteria I think it was a golfer no risk no conflict. Totally. Fiduciary plan. Just like we've been tackling problems on the show today we can help you assess your plan and your outlook for retirement to make sure that you are on a secure path. There's limited but complementary review will help you determine how prepared your investments are to handle all the retirement of falls we talked about on the show those include inflation Social Security health care emergency so many things the stock market volatility. Chris taxation. But here's the thing folks most important we wanna show you how to produce a lifetime. Retirement income plan and a house right folks and income plan to last short entire lifetime. Not just the lifespan of a bank account. Now to Colin and me with still capriati's who is coach Pete a local trusted coach in the Austin area is 800. 8511636. When you calling you will receive a comprehensive. Retirement reviewed it'll show you where you are now. But much more important it'll show you roadmap to keep you where you need to be. Folks there really is nothing to lose call on him and take advantage that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 808511636. Well Fessler ratio of one thing was Parker Holland island think Marty Hensley Steve's at all and Thomas and folks we will join you next week right here same time same station. Financial support. Tell us here hey our information finds the strength purposes only and is not come. So information obtained from sources that are deemed to be reliable when. This cannot be guaranteed their Peter. What guarantees can easily. Financial strength and claims paying ability pick sweet company individual should thoroughly review the contract specific details of you compare to withdraw from the first news or your. There.