Financial Safari, 4/15

The Financial Safari
Sunday, April 15th

The Financial Safari, for April 15.


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This episode of mania safari does not eat my milk Capriati yeah senior tax and the guys are all your retirement. And. Information provided is for certain purposes only and does not constitute investment tax or legal advice information has been obtained from sources that are deemed to be rely. What Barack receive incomplete this cannot be. Guaranteed either Peter. Well hello America it's usually this week on the financial party we're gonna talk about three big risks that could potentially devastate your retirement income. Much more this week on the financial support. This is coach Pete and if you've got questions on how to properly structured your assets until retirement income. You're in the right place and welcome to the financial safari. And this about that time it is time for these financial safari consumer advocate Thomas Lipscomb here in the studio alongside the coach America's wealth financial and income coach coach Pete are rooting he's a registered fiduciary the winner of two nannies actually count this folks foretell leased to quell these and four XBO words coach let. Oh right now Mike got a secured as well. Our rail is selling game presented to me for the visionary documentary that's Peter him on this who's won three big brains behind space. So I love and go on an exciting day on most can no sir Richard Branson can really while some big names there guys a lot and also his studio this rocket man Chris present are as well as Sarah see this one of the newest members to the team welcoming guys anywhere I. There are necessary Veba a nervous like anybody would be on the first show Sarah. That is not to be nervous about rights aren't at that. I be nervous about that too much money in the market right now pool the water. I still haven't yet been up and down and all around really crazy day on Monday this week Monday well well I don't. Though it's. Too many people are taking too much risk assuming that everything will be fine a good example of that is bitcoin new gets me would get going here as we are you know it was a hit 20000 dollars the coin and note that really there's no point in its electronic nothing total to 20000 dollars earlier this year. Downed around six or seven re discovering it's it's it's a thousand which is still high short but I could have bought in 2009 and entrusted but I could Bodiford 300 dollars a going thought that was two extra Israel Honda but if you have all your money money you can't afford to lose tied to risky investments it usually doesn't end well and here's the cell you don't wanna hear when you do when you go into the bank for retirement money. Rule. Whenever you sound you have proper ballots right proper balance is very important and making sure that you're on the right place in the right path for retirement income. And educational income to Thomas he saw this that I share with a. I I did and they unity gave the senior right through since that the studio here a little flabbergasted there's a sick costs or raising a kid resonates with me I got two kids as well 233000. Not only about the rest 610 dollars. That's part of raising a child and and it's been a breaks it down where the Costco nearly 2% for food 29% healthy which are gonna have a house anyway so you're gonna. Don't really put too much faith and Abbott 16%. For child care and education I think that is probably higher I think that that may be used to a state university or something like that if you wanna go to private school SPS could potentially double that to 500000 instead of 233000. San 9% for healthcare it did do at least where I am the one year old a two year old seems little love. I didn't ethnic actually this is not including the annual cost of college total I don't know how the shelter again without that yeah I guess that's going up to the twelfth grade men you run your grandchild so those are really need to add another 4050000 of us well for her dear forget that NASA 450 per year to try our college act while so basically you would double money like it's yet to acknowledge tack on. And so it's not fun to look at but there's ways to plan around that first told you just had a new child we have some children or grandchildren you wanna. Make sure that your helping them without. Damaging your retirement you need to open a 529 plan a form or do a special Roth Roth Roth is tax free basically put money and after Texas and grows tax free. Because you can take the Roth money out to pay for education Annika but don't take the Roth money out if it's your retirement plan brings together so many people just don't care tonight and I see that you have children you wanna make sure they have the of the right education all that yes but that what's. Risk or what apparel to you where you will and have a good education for them. Exactly because if you're taking money out of your 401K. You borrowing hitter you're taking out to pay for college education you may never get them. Or how sad would it be to send them through college have been educate themselves and then all of a sudden they're having to provide for UPS well there are two ways one there's not make thinking that yes there you go over exactly they are not big Mike should they can't so I don't ever assume that any let's gonna take your view besides you need no doubt you can say about that yet you know and and. We have a lot of people come and they say well my broker said this or that NAFTA then something goes wrong and indicated set for the broker they're broke rollover works at that organizations are and we've got a really good later on in the show we're gonna have a really good brokers behaving badly which you wouldn't believe this want effect is what the company is basically financial company is. We'll have that was a good word Thomas. And not treating their employees fairly if you take the toolbar. Yeah they'll edit and other driver. Disc companies give it to their voice bad and there's certainly I don't know slowing in trouble. We don't wanna have to use the the what does that that's sensor but yeah there yeah I got a little beef and I really think if we need to look at college education because that's going to be a big successful we need to look at retirement retirement is the most important thing on your terms retiring on your terms we have something we call. The personal wealth index question year. We've tied that to the wealth report card dot com where people ego he did ten easy questions you can answer three different ways to look at it either you're widow. Or single person we want to retire wealthy or you just wanna retire on your terms as three different sets of ten questions you pick and choose which one if or all of you wanna do. And then a personalized. Reportedly customized view based on your answers show you where you're lacking showing you where we need more education or may be more knowledge. For more savings we do all that go to wealth report card dot com. Or if you want a personalized consultation. With a planners right now. To give you a second opinion. To make sure that everything that your being told is true. You can get a personal consultation with the true to do share each team member of my network right here in the area you call right now. All right the number to reach Phil capriati's who has coached peace local trusted coach in the Austin area is 80851. 1636. Again as 800. 8511636. Chris last weekend you went to the gun rage after you don't get to decide my rifle when he rifle I bit trying to come out pretty good it came up unit reported FF so that that's the thing so people to go to gun range and don't cite the rifle. Well like people that are going to retirement and haven't had a proper site don't retirement well makes what they're really does Nicklaus has especially off track don't even know there are strict. Pulling you made the analogy before about a plane you know beginning in LA perhaps fly to New York has a long distance and the end is the same thing was that your your Scobee and off in just a bit by the time you travel 300 yards down range. Well doctor Sully Sullenberger the pilot that landed the plane in the Hudson not a movie so he's out now Tony said coach. It's very important navigation it's overlooked but he said if I was off just a fraction of degree you taking off from Boston. And I'm going to San Francisco and end up in LA which is good for those I don't know but it certainly has a very small fraction is often that's a big difference we're talking about people that are paying. Maybe one or 2% in fees they don't really pay it and you could really you retire and in no wind and par and poverty compared to retire wealth by. Making the wrong choices or having someone take too many fees out for yourself. What I wanna do here for the for the listeners Thomas and Chris and and everyone else they're listening folks wanna make sure you get on the right path and so if you what are the next fifteen calls to call right now we'll custom designed fuel and easy to understand financial review. Now keep in mind this review indicate. You're in need of a full blown financial or retirement plans. And like always there's no obligation or cost to this initial review. To all callers who have at least 200000 dollars saved for retirement folks you have to ask the money's put aside to to be able to build proper plans 200000 is. Is a great number to start that our strategies do work best for those viewed over a billion but 200000 is a great starting point to get you on a path to financial righteousness. Now if you meet that qualification through global do. First are gonna run a forensic fee analysis now this is very important because it helps you untangle what it's costing to work with your current planet or visor. We'll also show you like to protect your investments and keep more of your money. In your accounts we're belongs. Next speaking of money disappear and we'll do attacks analysis to show you take a possibly reduce your taxes and if you reduce your taxes you increase your personal cash flow. And finally will create a customized lifetime income plan now this year's is proven strategies and techniques. They could Turbo charge your retirement and cut it short folks we're gonna help you by taking the guesswork out of the financial and retirement planning process is one of the next fifteen goers who at least 200000 safe retirement we've seen. Reviews and plans like this before. At a cost of over a thousand dollars no cost or obligation. If you call right now. Finally someone is offering retirees and pre retirees common sense and straight talked. There's still a financial double talk in a retirement sales pitch folks he need to sit down and get a retirement Redknapp put together. And bill capriati's whose coach Pete local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. All translate for you that complex financial world and have very clear instructions. This is an excellent chance for you to get a true practical retirement review. And for anyone listening right now the number to call is 800. 8511636. We are you calling you will receive a comprehensive retirement review showing where you are now. But most importantly a roadmap to teach you where you need to be. In short folks you have nothing to lose call on in that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. Well we told the retirement income dilemma. And it's the three big risks they're retirement timing risk inflation risk and longevity risk the go over all three of these and ways to counteract them. We come back right after this. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere. Radio dot com. We see it on the news every night many financial experts are agreeing that the markets are over two free float on foot correction. Now when we hear this word correction it sounds pretty harmless doesn't. Wolf to be honest it's about as harmless as when geologists say that in area is overdue foray on these those quotes again seismic shift. Now in plain English that means earthquake and I correction that the markets are overdue for. Well no one actually knows what that means until it happens and that's why what are your retired approaching retirement or was just be real maybe haven't even thought about it. Now's the time to get protection from that market volatility. Cult built everybody at 808511636. Begin at 800. 851. Sixteen and 36. Do you ever feel like you're fighting for financial knowledge one now and at no cost or obligation you can get a copy of our hot off the press 401K survival guide or take advantage of at over 999. Dollars fulfilled capriati's. He's 51. Sixteen. Coach I'm excited about this segment now. Hi is still a bit since I bought a card that I'm excited because I'm gonna be getting in the market here soon. I just wish I did it's always good lord our nominee. Marta was in the inspiration for me to put together a special report yes tenth tricks that car salesman you. Are everywhere should know about and how to handle and it's more towards the used car but it could be any kind of car I got and so. You buy ours doesn't start at. One thing you don't want that to happen right now but every now and then. Still be some tricks that they use of the Carla didn't make the course seemed very nice but when you take it off the lot the next day it doesn't quite look as nice as did on the lot right margins are generally. So clever word play is used a lot of times you know many car salespeople use clever wording to persuade you into buying a vehicle. Instead of saying words like can I help you today your how can I help you today. The salesperson may choose to ask are you looking for sedan or an SUV today we call that an alternate choice close friends in other words that and ask if you wanted to buy this assumed you did some assault to close with a say would you want to. You wouldn't want to leave today and SEV or worse and again OK and so in your mind LU they've they've eliminated the fact that you're not gonna leave that a car. Hello and it is funny but what about sitting in that office when he gets in there and they get your who they did make it look like you really don't qualify for the car whatever they did just sitting there. And they keep disappear and go back to talk to the manager what about that you've been magically we have an offer Medusa but it worked for. Another thing is they play this game called quarter with prices OK okay so if you hear that a vehicle cost 29999. Innings which is 299099. But they say 29999. Doesn't sound bad that's right but here's one step further they go. They break it down to monthly payments he 455 dollars a month may sound a lot better to have. So first question we ask me how much can you afford remarks the yet is baffling really did you think about the monthly price Thomas instead of the total cost us right now as it's available they're stretching him seven years or longer now over those seven. Years every single month. So seven times twelve Thomas has a lot of people like especially into a vehicle to depreciate cling to its. Yeah with a minute you drive a brand new car off the lot you lose between fifteen to 40%. Raytheon are also. Now one of the tricks they use in the the carlin's hedges roll the loan into the new loan and also that you're paying for a car. That you don't even have in your new car payment wow yeah so any stretch began 84 months which is a long long time news and Lotta people are paying for cars they don't even own or two cars and unbeknownst so if you wrecked that car whatever right wreck you don't get full full for full replacement value Lotta times well while so we have to be careful that long loan terms again that's what we just talked about they get people in a lot of trouble. Because you stretch out the loan Ewing had the car you still need to Carson the what you gonna do. You end up paying BMW prices for a little. VW blood people who listen to get open get your what's the number one objective for a car by the way of for at least myself get from point a to point and if that's what we do financial planning our objectives to get people from point a to point Z all the way through retirement. This is one of the things we do for our clients as we help them win when it comes time to buy a car we help them with. Information that may be useful to them to get the better deal or to not buy a card altogether or to get a different on the car than they are thinking about. Because we need that little voice inside her head the talks some reasoning into us. Fred Flintstones. Had to zoo which was that that voice decided that he had good wanted and bad one member of the floating around up there and so we wanna be the good to do for you make sure we give you good knowledge. You may not like what we set a but it's for the best for you. And I wrote a book years ago now eight years ago but if it's relevant to this subject here because. Even let's say years ago this still comes up every week so must come up by a car how they get taken advantage of it Carla with the Dow now Marty you and I talked about this and this is another one of those again folks were talking about the ten dirty tricks that car sales men sometimes used them not all our system prevent Martin and you that in your families that car sales were great yeah absolutely yeah and so did not all bad beliefs wanna educate you on some things that could be going just a little bit off track exactly. That's a nice way to say it right a very closely what is. A low balling your trade in Mardy how bad does that. Yet to see the blood that happened to me they wanted to be about half what it was worth for the magically became back and offered me 3000 dollars more a little later. So they know you're already excited about what did you mentally put yourself in a new car reading this right and so in their mind which I think is in your mind you the value of Jakarta car is not a size it should that you have to print on your excitement has. There's a reason why are the Karla because you're not happy with the car door in their mind. And so they gave offer you a whole lot less in hopes he'll to say youngest rate to get rid of this wanna get into the new the new wheels right mode and so they globally a lot and up to half of the value a lot of times a globally you have so you can play images this wiggle room there and wiggle room based on what that term at the a lot of wiggle room there is an artist sleeping room a lot of time and that says. The gray area here. Another game they play is unnecessary upgrades where they basically try to sell you want to stuff like underpinned all raise your stuff like that person or Scotch guard on the seats. Which ignored by Candace got started Wal-Mart for under ten bucks but here they charge hundreds of dollars are not starts right don't they do some of total that emotion if it. Yeah you know financing where they're basically offering all sorts of stuff in the play dirty tricks with the leasing very very important though you know we talked about the financial world there's all sorts of mummies to say. When I was on a paper route sheets a little coach speak to Woodson coached in high. For every dollar you have everyone else wants to get older that. So the objective to life is to come home with that same dollar that you left the house was and it and we see this more this was back in the seventies. Think about today we're bombarded every single minute with sales techniques we are and so the objective is to come home what what we have and make sure we do when we do buy something we get the best deal possible. What things we do is we help educate our clients on this and we want to make sure that every single radio listener has the same opportunity. So if you are one of the next 25 callers will do look total plan for you number one we're gonna help you by reviewing your tax returns. Now this uncovers long term tax issues and your ire raise your capital gains and Social Security taxes lots of things happened that people are not familiar with. And many people are overpaying when they don't have to. We're also gonna help you by establishing your retirement income goal and figure out what you really need in retirement and get it in writing we can have that same predictable. And guaranteed income for the rest your life it's called a retirement plan very very important so help you by putting money needed to cover the costs of enjoying your lifestyle. In a place that will be guaranteed to arrive at your mailbox every single month for the rest your life it's called income planning folks. And your financial planner many times wants to keep your money at risk because they're getting paid keep your money at risk. We are total planning firm so we have risk and safety. And income planning. So peel off some money from the risk world putting the place it would give you a lifetime income loss and help you by analyzing your current investments to establish the real cost and fees. And your calculated risk exposure level. Marty not a week goes by that we know meet with someone who has a lot more risks they realize. Every single David taking on recipient in nova had yet and if the if you're taking too much risk. And don't realize that. Wind usually realize after the (%expletive) after the death of a roller coaster goes. Now and we don't want that to happen and it doesn't have to happen and that's the most that's the most I guess saddening thing in my world. The most baffling thing in my world as one people are lied to. By their current financial professional and they don't find out the truth until it's too late to do anything about it. Full transparency in what we. Pride ourselves on here golf to do she area we are fiduciary spokes we put your needs ahead of Morris. And we also help you determine the percentage of assets needed to protect your future income needs and considers taxes and inflation which would basically put the total retirement plan together for you. Our goal here at the shows to help you make the best decision possible. So if he had any questions about what we're talking about how they apply to your own situation. You can sit down and get a retirement road map put together and still capriati's who has coached Pete's local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. All translate for you that complex financial world until very clear instructions now if you wanna take advantage of getting this troop. Practical retirement review all you have to do was give this call 800. 8511636. And remember when you calm and you will receive comprehensive retirement review that'll show you where you are now but even more toward the Napa excellent shape that outline that roadmap that vision TD you. Where you need to be two and three retirement in short both showed nothing to lose that number once again as 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. Well if you like most people the term retirement planning brings beads of sweat a bit. It doesn't have to we come back we're gonna show you what to expect your investor bill of rights so to speak have you ever felt like you really knew what was going on the financial world. Now again they did. The weather has become a certain natural with the market does either Campbell. But we can be prepared and they didn't get educated to educate that is Paramount in the financial is also the little world for Saudi when you see it rain and outside do you think yourself of course you say self need to get my relative thing I thought that. Which you would see an unstable financial futures itself or maybe due to financial advisor to us what that's like sometimes people just know they're not the right place to keep doing the same thing over wow decorative results Albert Einstein call that the true definition of the senate does very very strict. It's not gonna get a better that's not doing good right now a lot of times is that. So we wanna go through the mental process. Of understanding and reasoning behind. Each strategy that people making so I thought we talk about a four step process in the financial world that we go through with a everyone explain why we do it actually very important because. You know the more you know the more you understand the more comfortably could be win the markets faced challenges because they're gonna face challenges. And our plans to put that it took tests I mean when the market started going bananas needed to make sure your plan is just as good as it was before and your planners figure competency planners are too. And with that in mind wanna take us again who look at these four steps of one of discovery. Missed the very first meeting we have people it's we begin the stage with a our initial meeting with people to get to know one another we've received. Hey Al Marty Hensley on coach Pete your name is mr. mrs. Johnson let's see what we haven't come on let's see what we don't have a comment with if we can reach an agreement that. It's pretty good sometimes not everything you comment there that. Right that's right now is very true iron sharpens iron yeah well you don't love me Mardy and our fifties in your opening thirty so we have that we don't have faith in common but we can work for each other camp counselor with out and make that very conversational so it's not we don't want to leave little edit and that's so the very first thing we do is focus on when you. And what you want your savings and investments today. You know you have got this money in and he we'd like to do this this and a contract. And the reason why we have our money here is the system that unpatriotic that's not right aren't exactly what are your goals and objectives and how can we get there as quickly as possible with at least a motorist I'm one of thanks Thomas we do as we focus and discuss past experiences and feelings of the future you know that's so important because there's a lot of those past experiences really can determine what we're doing right now that would again in our discussion and allows both of us do you. As a listener who comes in to see us in Myanmar he is a planners that allows us to determine if there's a basis for continued relationship forgotten yet if you don't like us and we don't like you. There's no reason to take videos and we reload and not members of the people come to you sir and I. And then we go through something called strategic development process it's a strategy meeting basically in the primary objective here at this stage is to develop an effective strategy that is custom tailored. To the unique needs of each and every person who comes in while that's a novel concept evidently because a lot of you were saying well gosh the first time anyone's ever asked these questions have been an easy to understand way to download to understand what that things are. Well when I talk about the easy to understand financially did we do put everything on one page we really minute astray we really do it and it really is easy. Understand it is a happy couple. The straight one ST how these two things that hand in hand you're seeing they're having that discovery needing discovering what people's passions are what their objectives are and then you're showing them how to achieve that. My dad is a physics professor at. I can't tell physics from front chemistry a lot about it. But he knows what he's doing right on the financial guy so we need to make sure we're on the same page we can understand each other literally doing a lot of the meetings here custom tail or the unique needs to each client what they want and I very very important. Because unfortunately. Many people are in the wrong place and don't realize this right. And may be its president had this conversation with their visor party or maybe they didn't understand what Levi's were saying that's what happens many times as emphatically yes they 66 years old he said this was the first founder of erotica recession like this head while. So if we have a conversation it's a good when it's very informative and it's an enlightening many times. We then develop a comprehensive plan that outlines a strategy we recommended for this is an awful concert too long term success. I had a different tomorrow and after that I don't know I. Veteran let's look at your whole life let's plan to 121 actually do not and while we're we say lifetime income. We mean lifetime income that's right if you really want fifty could still get income while he's in the marketing strategies that we put together it's on the lifetime income planning for a reason. Because it has the last. Your entire lifetime apple and it's so true coach I mean I'm sitting here I have a grandmother who's eighty nicely going to be turning nine years old right this year and she is a race she she outpace the 65 year old. Income takes on obvious importance than the market regulation don't have that you really realize how important this is right we need to make sure that after years of economic uncertainty many retirees. Would like their income to be more predictable more secure we need to make sure that we get the right plan for the right person and turning assets and income no can be very complicated. And there's three questions that everyone asks them go through with you we basically help you answer these questions we ask and answer like to do the attorney says ask and answer your honor yes. Can end can't be made more certain that's the that's number one question okay based on what I have here. My financial plan the money yes they don't my 401 k.s my TSB's my if everything thrift savings 403 beast can the money that I put aside. Can I have that in net income. They'll never outlive and can that be a certain income that I know exactly what's going to be well or if we era Marty. We era on the underside in other words we may tell you gonna have less than you really gonna have in the future not the other way around the worst thing to do. It's her at a planners say you're gonna have 20000 a month when you retire yet retirement Thomas he had 9000. Unknown are not always say you're gonna last 151000 multimillion that would 25000 Obama yet open to come and complaining to assess penalties on that that's what we use our illustrations of what we do we use real world numbers don't buy 1520 years we don't use hypotheticals or were assuming a lot to just cannot be relied on now the financial term. Lights again we're gonna talk about them ten income have built in tax advantages so you've we need to build his most tax efficiency is possible in each plan. Tax efficiency just means your paying as little taxes legally. Possible yeah that's the way to do it was an important question can it be safe yeah. Yet grow over time these are questions everyone needs to write down ya gonna do it again Kenny and can be made more certain can I have a certain income that I know is gonna be there for the rest of my life very important right slightly and I think that's the most important absolute number two can income they have built into activated just another one of the questions to ask you currently there and they'll say all based on what's happened in the past in the market and as long as the market does this net nut. And for strolls live rides a horse have been voluntarily be funding and a and well. 18. As long yes right I want yes it's guarantee here it is in writing and nothing's ever gonna happen but you're gonna get your check you gonna go to the mailbox and they'll be a green flag on the mailbox a very novel green flag of waiting and a win. Green flag means is a check in here a straight red flag means you're paying bills Odom we thought they reflect the retirement in the third question can it be safe very important yet grow over time now not ever played in their backyard it's safe as long give a shotgun to guard the backyard. Your money safe. Exactly and or like were saying earlier you could throw it in a CD and eventually lose money to inflation and all these other things have they they won when your commission had twelve different CDs from nine different banks flock okay and it and it answered the age old question that we remember since grade school why did the chicken cross this road. And to get a higher CD rate at a different thing hop. Yeah. So it's just making sure you have the right plan for the right time your life and Marty I think that a lot of times. The advisors of people met with the charge a fee to put a plan together than the people feel obligated to go after the budget is paid for something rough but these plans of people of pay for in your opinion. Could you have done the same thing at no cost of these people. That's absolutely what we should have done that for the most frustrating things for us is that we see. We wanna go back everlasting 1520 years or so just what could we have save them if we have this conversation twenty years ago and that's exactly right they feel like the need to go back to their current advisor because I wanna get. Quote unquote their bang for the buck that when he. And another question we are licensed to accept these upon somebody wants the pay a fee if they feel like you're getting a better player and we are more than happy yes it but I don't see any metal scene is something that. Again this does make it's that stops us right out and here's what I wanna do this is very important we we can do your very your own strategy session based on what we talked about here answering those three questions for you picture you have the true strategic development process done out perfectly. She won the next thirty callers will custom create for you that one page finance review that Marty talked about that this will indicate if you're need the full blown financial planner or not. And keep keep in mind this review along with a bucket strategy and all the planning. It's a 15100 dollar value while and we're gonna give it away again to the next thirty call or so get ready folks want that phone appear to pick it up. We're gonna give away complementary with no obligation to the next thirty callers are now what does that consist of for you was taking a mystery out of the financial planning process by mapping out for you. On one page where you are right now. Also run a favorite for the help you untangle what working with the current winter advisor is really costing you. And saved by simply protecting your retirement investment. You could experience what I call dramatic. Growth potential. Roster perform attacks analysis so this could reveal how you could possibly reduce your taxes and that's very important to the more you save the more than your celts. But most importantly we're gonna run a customized income planned utilizing proven strategies and techniques which are time tested. Which could Turbo charger retirement income. And that's the most important part of the whole planning process for you it will take the wore me out of living. And retirement. In short we'll take the guesswork out of the financial planning process for you for the next thirty hours that's a comprehensive review of 15100 dollar value. Do you wake up Metairie with no obligation as long as you call now and meet with the team in the next three weeks. And keep in mind our strategies work best for those of you with a over a million dollar save for retirement but we had never happened we never will. Take anyone else who's interested in planning for themselves and their families future. You know the first step really is to sit down what the financial coach is something that we're talking about on the show it's a resonates with you and you fill the need to just get that second opinion or if you wanna make sure your plan really is aligned with you were goals and that very important risk tolerance that we talk about just colon. And you can meet with Phil Capriati who has coached pizza local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. Will translate for you that complex financial world into very clear instructions to take advantage of this true practical retirement review all you have to do is call sent 800. 8511636. And you will receive a comprehensive retirement review. That show you where you are now but much more importantly a roadmap to do you where you need to be. That number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 808511636. What we go back I'll promise so cool down a little bit of women handles an email questions as well as go over what I promised earlier in the show the three big risks that could potentially devastate retirement security. A little lower and we come right back. Thirteen seventy anytime anywhere they all know pretty old dot com. Check your phone's App Store or visit told thirteen seventy dot com slash happy. Welcome back into the financial safari consumer advocate here Thomas Lipscomb and studio alongside troops keep the reader is America's wealth financial and then some coach he's a retirement income certified professional RI CP for short he's also a 25 year veteran in the financial arena a better. Really veterans judiciary I think is closing colleague here registered fiduciary is Wheldon but as something and the reason why save veteran features does something that you really have your heart coach Andy you know you were let off full steam and LS are now on a lot awful scene here now about technology and the idea your opinion how literally since this to the financial world so you sort of pulling out their -- is -- -- yes yeah for around here to -- obviously is a wireless now which is pretty cool you know running you don't have to worry about us up to the better does exactly. Because I think what your battery dies while you're you know in here with this show or something like that would if you can just look at a tabled only makes sense rate or eliminate some batteries to kill them. As a it's picked itself back up when they put the charging port on the bottom of the mouse are not outsider the front so's you'd be used as you certainty is that when you're charging mouse is basically dead exactly and it's four lakes it is. Yeah. So you know I thought about this so Solis relayed this to retirement I have also found some got this useful tool here but at the same time it's not useful when it comes down to the correct that I need it the most and I think this is. Good conversation when it comes to retirement planning not having a plan set up first for your goals your needs your dreams for retirement that's. A big argument with the east rivals congressmen oh wow sorry guys the computer is in charge would've computer blue screens on an angle and I wrote it I mean this story is about to happen actually they've they've delayed or canceled testing for to have test was driver's car and also Google. Because of Rex and cause I've seen either drive was door I would say if you're in the back seat it's your car to drive those cars and gets in Iraq are you gonna get charged you can get salute your car yeah exactly. Hillary and it's to me. I don't know I don't trust that technology at no I don't either. The person that's why people identify actual ability more skeptical than that I mean I don't believe anything until I actually get a look inside the the good pop good precisely because an actual yeah. So people talk about great investments like the bitcoin we talked about her or whatever. Until I can analyze it understand everything from back to front I've I've read prospectuses those of the mutual click on the mutual funds and variable annuities and effective front you know why was that they stayed to make all the good the bad stuff. In the back and I think about as I do get they're either not looking anymore or you not know what your reading so you are the author of mine press yeah yeah fine print too much fun for in the kitchen area and so the most finest brand is is printed on green things are called dollar bills and hello to you that's good friends noted at night and also let's look at the let's let's take this time for you to look at the three. Big risks that could potentially devastate retirement security to the promise that they're leasing segment now we're finally at the end of the show but yeah Bosnia almost it quite so it's important understand these risks and then think about ways you might try to planned for them happening. And gang and and hopefully plan to avoid them completely but let's look down toward first one is what it's like pick a bad year. To retire contents of the market down 20% when you're you retire that year will the money you've taken out of your stock account to to fund retirement. Can never be replaced did you taken out you've taken out smaller amount because it's download and head down yeah and it's never gonna recover does not they are exactly locked in the lowering the single. Have a time horizon when you put money at risk in the reason they say that the markets down you'll want to touch that money. Very important so well I wanna do though if you are when the next twenty goers who go let's make a 25 we've got a lot of calls today are you there next 25 callers who at least 200000 dollars safe retirement. We're gonna follow a three step process where you create a comprehensive financial and retirement plan that aligns with your financial goals and your values very importantly. The first one and understand what money means you and how it fits into your life. Dem gonna organize your finances she have a clear picture of where you currently stand right now you know that's the most important thing and that's overlooked looking at where you currently are. And we can build a proper plan going down the road from two retirement. Next we're gonna talk about your financial goals what are your short medium and Andrew long term goals and more portly what are your dreams. And I'm gonna work together to clarify your goals for the crystal clear and a tangible and it happens. Who cares what you dreams are not gonna happen let's make them happen and we can do that for finally will help you create an actual step process to get you on the path towards financial independence. This process is not something we do Watson set aside on the bookshelf. Just like your physical fitness. Your financial fitness these costs and attention to out your career and beyond. But don't worry will be there every step of the way to guide you to make sure your money. Is working just as hard as you did to. Artist just like we've been tackling problems on the show today we can help you assess your plan and your outlook for retirement to make sure that you are on a secure path. This limited but complementary review will hope you determine how prepared your investments are to handle all the retirement of falls we talked about on the show those include inflation Social Security health care emergency so many things the stock market volatility. Risk taxation. But here's the thing folks most important we want to show you how to produce a lifetime. Retirement income plan and Idaho straight folks and income plan to last short entire lifetime. Not just the lifespan of a bank account. Now to Collins and me with still capriati's who is coach pizza local trusted coach in the Austin area is 800. 8511636. When you calling you will receive a comprehensive. Retirement reviewed it'll show you where you are now. But much more important it'll show you a roadmap. Tiki you where you need to be folks there really is nothing to lose call on him and take advantage that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 808511636. And for Thomas has come for Sarah. Chris this is coach Pete can join you next week right here on the financial support. Tell us beer hey. Recent findings were different purposes only does not. Constitute investment tax relief funds information obtained from sources that are deemed to be reliable when the receiving complete this cannot be guaranteed their dear Jay root forest gets. While the usage of information discussed always consult with a qualified investment. What guarantees can easily financial strength and claims paying ability of patient company. It's a thoroughly review the contract with specific details of it comes into withdrawals from deferred annuities or Joseph. Ordinary income in the year they're.