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The Financial Safari
Sunday, May 13th

The Financial Safari, for May 13.


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In news and this episode of mania safari does not need my milk not riady and your tax and I. Are all your retirement. And information provided is for certain purposes only and does not come. Investment tax or legal advice information has been obtained from sources that are deemed to be relied. What Barack receive incomplete list and guarantee you there Peter. All of her good coach big hero of the financial story this week we're gonna talk about if you don't have long term care insurance or a plan to attack the enemy. Keep in mind your not alone only about seven million people in the US have long term care insurance but they're not. There's a new solution that doesn't involve buying traditional long term care insurance. They do for that information as well as discover the secrets of the did you come retirement. All that and more coming up next. This is coach Pete and if you've got questions on how to properly structured your assets until retirement income. You're in the right place and welcome to the financial safari. And it is about that time of the week folks consumer advocate Thomas looks good here in studio with each coach America's wealth financial and income toast that is coach Pete the root up also in studio rocket man Chris breath how are excited to get into the show today we know a lot of really awesome topics the market up and down as it always has been that does not matter in this trimmed as we talk about retirement planning is America. Well you need you need growth income protection they're really big big words and then combine that with consistent persistent reliable as far as your income while those six words to make difference -- a happy retirement and when we maybe never can retire yeah I agree airport like that candidates speaking of which we have the offer coming on later on the show he's a phase of a friend of the show he's been on several times before visa ban on PBS gives special on PBS he's written a couple really really good books. The one I love the most is don't worry retire happy. And seven steps to retirement security Tom take misses they need to be joining us between segment to a three I think today. Who whenever we can get in touch that's what time we have LaMont so I'd be joining us from month somewhere on the road. Think you do yeah and we got a little or retire happy you know like he'd always salvia strident for Tom travels around the nation educating folks on on that system had to retire happy by taking what you have already put aside many times and putting in the right place in my putting a puzzle together. Andy yeah we we talk before you ever go on summer vacation back today we parents Brenda helps no doubt about it for the Caribbean B stuff it's like that I just have to get the want ads now back in the day and I don't Internet. And find a rental house we get there maybe at the beach that's what usually was up to Cape Cod we go yeah and it always be a puzzle were too. The the puzzling thing about the puzzles as it was always the missing piece of their ethnic or is it that I somebody who has played a joke actually look at possibly by Riddell sports and took a puzzle based with a I have Oxford of one piece puzzle to. The suspect it'll all the fumbles as though there's. But you know trying to get retirement planning done is like if you don't know what you're doing yen up live work and all your life you put the puzzle together you can never find the last piece yeah exactly and so or you can have the last piece we get it done way ahead of time and just waiting for retirement on that makes more sense it's it's frustrating not you'll find that one piece the puzzle that. As a ploy and somebody talk about a line you're kind of hit nine here is is for press nation and I you know we've talked about there's every different ones isn't stuff like that is something not struggle lets you know 1000 school like to put things off it but the US we seriously though it would to present on always put things off. You know I guess if it's just human nature than I guess in the with this technology age we're in now where it was supposed to be easier for everyone staff. And they've got all the technology you let them be so much easier though we got a lot more stuff to do now. But it can happen everybody else has to do lists and their bomb anyway what he's done out. So this secret to procrastination is to do something and it really has put one foot in front of the other I think that was on a Christmas special link into the back in the day maybe Rudolph. Could Foster home -- put one foot on them a little thing and think about that and I like to think of things about Atlanta at Florida has stuck to my daddy got there's and there's a name for that windy here as a tune or jingle and a six in your head and Steve at all knows what that's called a special name for yet does our respective of the puzzle problem though I feature the puzzle problem in a brand new video series that put together called the video on retirement and we spent a lot of time on this very good video series. It explains how to get that puzzled Don completely by fining that missing piece. And knowing you know the hardest thing about to try to find the missing pieces you don't know what it looks like the FF a and you know shape you don't know the do you look and so are we know the shape and the look of a proper retirement plan but we talk about in the video series Thomas. Will be given a copy this way later on in this segment here the the video on retirement people can text right now fit like just gone back and see if they want that though give the text a code up. All right the number to reach Phil capriati's who has coach Pease local trusted coach in the Austin area is 80851. 1636. Again that's 808511636. An adult and a coach that term that we were looking for something Maria stuck in your. Senior yeah my ear war there more I'm supposed to say that people who are going good yeah that's an event and a frustrating you know again remember kind of thing at you know before we before we came on I talked about the beginning to show women remotely intro thing about a long term care insurance are short yes and it's a topic that don't want to talk about obviously only seven million people around that big a little over seven million people ever traditional long term care policy in America. And we have over 300 million people here in America sees the ratio is not a good is bringing you know that they thought you know why because it's confusing and the term used that are losing comes up a lot of times people don't know feathers of the proper plan they don't know if they're overpaying. Many many times people got a plan back of the day in the nit rate increases when they told they would not have already aria yeah look at the cost of long term care in general a long term care is having somebody take care view when you can't do your own thing yourself no doubt and so the cheaper state in the nation. Is Texas we've not really 54008 under is the average of long term care. Cost stills ignore first of Sharpton and you'll pick well you if you let me let me show you something you think at best and let's look at Connecticut and wanna guess what Connecticut since he got seventeen S this the real this real guessing I can assure ourselves from Texas a Connecticut arm while you try Thompson and play and you're gonna try to Chris -- to -- and say 150 organized three times. Okay you Chris let's say a million okay well Thomas. You're pretty close at whatever time and didn't go over which is important but at. It was a here's here's the average cost is this is a blessed as last year in Connecticut 150200. Wryly I ouster nonconference everybody else about a triple triple the cost. In Connecticut the the Texas is wrong and that it does is cheaper labor in Texas a sponsor the average US household 85800. No effect while we see that North Carolina we are with about the cost here it's crazy Tenet's defense of Soviet and say hey. I'm not gonna need long term care about 70% of people listening in need some sort of somebody taking care misery in our lifetime so he got you know the objective of this is not the so longer cares to show you though there are some ways that you can overcome. Not having all your gear the reason why people. Aren't getting long term care is because they don't like the traditional policies and they have fewer fans out there because the other 5% rate increases user lose that. All sorts of dirty tricks played. And what you had you do what the yes you get sold a policy you really don't know what you had you didn't have the benefits you thought it'd sure you know they saw you got a policy that would take care of your home and the facility the long to give silly when it comes time. And they read your policy is still no you have to check into the silly cutesy at home to home health care so loud and clear. It really amazes me and I understand the confusion at all my grandmother I recently you know she was the type the woman at at 89 years old Schuessel go into the mall walk in store and everything else and then one night she trips and falls and it changes every few broken hip right now it's precisely it's exactly what it was and it's funny because we all think we all think that nothing's ever gonna happen to us and she sure thought that and now I know that you know she wishes she was planning more personally quite frankly with long term care. Well I can it can happen any time but have no fear. All righty attack there isn't a new insurance in town. And this is very important because a lot of people don't realize this affect as traditional long term care insurance premiums and and cost go up and the sales and spotter. Another policy is taking off in the life insurance industry you can get a universal life policy which or whole life policy. If that's up to you decide which one makes sense but you can have. Did death benefit available to you. As the long term care payment if you need to really like Internet outlets they get a million dollar life insurance policy and you need let's say the average also 8485000. Figure out each year. Until we deserved the death at a runs out or you pass away or whatever happens. The beauty is when you pass away whatever is left of that policy goes on the death benefit to your Mexican or you don't use a life insurance for the long term care turns into a death. Okay well so it makes sense and does it looks like they tell you one of the caveats of what you were talking about four with the old style plans got an early really worked here this very very important people get on the right path so if you are what the next fifteen calls to call right now we'll do your very own total retirement plan gonna talk more about this and an excitement well we follow a three step process to create a comprehensive financial plan. The alliance with your financial goals and your values that we translate that into what it would be for retirement. We go through an incomplete and we look at growth in comfort section of everything you have how much growth beginning how much risk you're taking how many fees you pay and and is the person you deal would now making too much and commission would that be good enough naslund was proof fiduciary does and then we analyze the party your money that needs to be different consistent persistent reliable income all the way through retirement. And we also show you what these hybrid long term care policies could be you as far as peace of mind as well to the death benefit so all together is a true retirement plan for the next fifty callers who have at least 200000 safe retirement this will be for you. Finally someone is offering retirees and pre retirees common sense and straight talked. Instead of financial double talk and a retirement sales pitch folks he need to sit down and get a retirement road map put together. And bill Capriati who has coached pizza local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. All translate for you that complex financial world. It's a very clear instructions. This is an excellent chance for you to get a true practical retirement review and for anyone listening right now the number to call is 800. 8511636. When you call you will receive a comprehensive retirement review showing where you are now. But most importantly a roadmap to. In short folks you have nothing to lose call on in that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 85116. 36 when we come back folks you've read all the stories you've heard about the beavers people don't like they were a lot of times. Let's talk about money dams and how you should be dealing with a financial lever when we come right back. Listen don't talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere you all already know tell us how. Check your phone's App Store or visit to a thirteen seventy dot com slash Al. The folks welcome back in again this is coach Pete joining your right here live from studio on the financial safari join the mr. Thomas wisdom and the rocket man Chris brass our Kate coach guys read a fun today you know one of the things that we haven't talked about in a couple weeks and when I realize this gets we're gonna do. Plus talk. Yeah. Financial well. You know we we and nothing ever talked about is the green flag on the mailbox very very important both of those are income planning techniques we're we think about back in the day and this is for people may be just joining in maybe you've never heard this. The back of the day if you guys remember remember maybe your members may be don't. I remembered some 51 but I used to be in the back to the station wagon multiple into the gas station engineer this. That would run a guy and he would fill the car wash the windshield check Doolittle who knows realty was doing and there may be but disconnected a pipe to the door goes through it and then I thought well. It was making sure mom maturity we all felt good because the guy left us with a full tank and we were on our way out and out and anytime we need to guess we're pulling in the same thing happened there were no bank machines back to answer everything with cash and no credit cards either may want to. Remember that these guys don't even know that the defendant not -- gonna study says you in your memory do you have any recollection of love your mom heavenly go to the Vatican going yen for the teller and getting money out she'd have money for the weekend I do remember that very rarely because they can't I don't remember have a doesn't know they say yeah that's right there are of course once they've been a bank machines and head bang machine robbing criminals come appeared in the house so that could do everything just cottage industries string up. But that's not good enough that the let's talk about income planning and the fact that the that the matter is. Many people listening don't have a true incomplete and you have a financial plan which is great. You can save money in your forward cage for three vis your state return wherever you are to retirement plans your company retirement Jim pension. But we get a retirement he did have an income. From that lump sum that will never go away and that's the important part that support that many people overlooked is how you gonna take that lump sum and get a lifetime income from and it's easy to get income from the first couple years just take my short yeah yeah yeah. So you need to make sure that you have the perpetual income and I'd like to look at it as a money Dempsey YouTube we talk about and we hear about in the news and how people are mad at beavers every now and I'm content at beaver clog up the streams and turned into a big old. On whatever I do for a minute and floods and gets a lot of demand. But dealing with a financial beaver can help you build an income peered into the B recycle these trees and that's a big teeth by the way than they chopped trees down in the league stack them up because they create their own pyramid of a safety for that because. They like a big big pond not a little stream pager and so what we do there was where like beavers we stacked different financial products on top each other to dig him up the money to create an income stream you can never outlet. Makes a lot of sense and obviously beavers are specialized to what they do just like your coach and some that you mentioned developing that in some planet thing I want to make sure listeners hear this but doesn't suit you mentioned and you come planet that will not run out I think there are a lot of people out there that that abide by say the 3% 4% whatever ruled him out there that there's this parachute gear. Two when it comes these things we hear about the 3% 4% 5% rule that's where you say look who you're lump sum and you can take out 5% a year you have about a 91 or 2% chance of not running money right now the problem that I've always said this is an 8% chance because I exactly yes so what are you gonna tell the folks that you set up and a plan that doesn't work yeah why don't we do when we know what's gonna work because it has consistent persistent reliable income that will never go away. Most times at least a lump sum on Unix the cat while yeah I love it really and you can get extra money out he needed to so gross income protection they're very very important. We talk about the beavers build those dams they they stack up to the logs we stack up income planning vehicle so you get streams of income. They will never go away. And so it it makes sense always through retirement takes a lot of war got a retirement soon. So. How do you figure out how much money you're gonna need in retirement is the question a lot of people that publishing any well. And this is something they don't really work with folks wanna comment on us not something that they you present is really a back and forth the customization game then that's something that differentiates you from a lot of these cookie cutter plans out there. Well we spent a lot of time with folks going over let's let's figure out is that what you need to what's that about 20% penalty tracked about 20% most would retirement planners I hear about say hey you only need 70% of your income in retirement really says oh come on what are you gonna do retire immigration and earlier worked for me. No yeah. I think volunteer work maybe I could I edit at an acronym travel and instead when I'm retired I'm retired DA. You know Fred Flintstones plateau when he's down to the slide down Don helmets and Levi's vital work and event a couple of local clubs and yeah that's a. Oh that we have to do active planning vs possibly planning your review was in a possum trot across the street. Try to you don't get across previously the left overs it is this is big birds into the blackbirds have learned this this that if I help in the ecosystem abundantly. So we we need the importance of the retirement winning and having a true incomplete we need to make sure that people have the green flag on the mailbox all the way through retirement that's when you walk out to the mailbox. Every single year. And there's a green flag dear you open up as a big stack of cash in the mailbox there isn't the check into a nice have expect casualties but it. Contrast that to the red flag on the mailbox that we all have to put up only walk out to the mail but. Now clear we have all the bills we have to pay we put him and it would stamp on an open throughput step uncle Al twist to put a stamp on an analyst bill I had a roommate back in college and I don't know if this is true or not. But an and I didn't like it really because I collected last three roommates we we have four guys in one apartment let's today he's right that's our policy to write like ninety dollars each pay got he would ride his rent check to making ninety dollars. Put in the microwave for fifteen seconds and give the missile. And so he said that he read somewhere that it would mess up the code and so that they would have to manually enter at so we can keep his money is account an extra couple day. I let him a blessed day if you know whose account it's supposed to go into yeah. I. If you let coach please check bounce coach he's not gonna happen so that's pretty fourth is also with the money tricks edits. Funny I know what you're circumstance I assumed he was an error over over the stove try to steam them off now I had never ever even heard and not lose the Internet that defections but yeah and this means we met Barkley bet that we did area but he put the microwave. And given to me you know beyond smiling I was facing all discuss the big money long ahead look at. Though is still good guy this day and at that that was a one of his better moments she's still my question itself. Do we talked about it than the money beaver and how you can dissect it and come up and have a lot of people listening guys we do not know you hear me talk about every single day in and people who listen to the show a lot here but a lot of people listening don't have an income plan while they have a financial plan but they're court advisors never talked about. How you can turn that lump sum into a lifetime income and that's a three m.s of retirement we need a proper mindset we need a model and a method. And most people having had the the mindset of retirement taken that lump sum of translating into an income explain to them. The model is a true incomplete and we do that every single day for folks. And the method is proprietary yet to come in Syria after bad but the good news is if you're one of the next wanna call to call right now and have at least 400000 safe retirement. This is for you. We are financial service firm and not all financial service firms in the same. We have expertise in financial planning tax reduction strategies an insurance strategies. We're also able to recommend products services strategies to maximize your financial and retirement success. Our motto is design build and protect. And it's a specific scientific strategy we enact. Investments have an impact on Texas and Texas have an impact on investment we are not managing one without a few of the other means you could be paying too much and losing money. Our approach enables us to look at each person's unique financial situation and make recommendations for you tailored for you to your specific needs. You'll also see for yourself others approach to planning can help make a difference for you and your family. All the way through your life our principles are we believe in integrity and integrity is everything. Without integrity we can't even go forward we have to have integrity so we promised the fiduciary standard here. And all financial firms. Have a standard of ethics but our firm has been built on core principles that guide us daily in our recommendations and our relationships and our focus is doing right by you for you. There's never cookie cutter approach to personal finances. We manage each clients as an individual. Just as we manage our own affairs the only purpose is before I'll never recommends on this someone I haven't recommended to my family. I mean exactly and I mean it and not a day goes by where I don't hear of a horse story out there financially where financial advisors work recommending something that someone told about that wasn't. That's gore wasn't wasn't gonna return what should or the money disappeared you sort mission statement and our goal is to customize plans to meet your needs provide you would conservative investment opportunities designed to preserve and grow your assets. Help you avoid costly tax mistakes and make all the information we give you easy to follow in real words you can understand not big big words of people hide behind we call the barrage is these are bored you can understand in writing. You can clearly understand. And we treat you would dignity you deserve will always are you respect your view are what the next twenty people who call. We'll put together a total planned for you it'll involve the financial fill up it'll volatile retirement plan. Folks we're gonna go through this in detail so you understand every single thing that's happening to you right now. And this changes and tweaks if needed they can be done to put you in a better place if you call right now. Our goal here at the shows to help you make the best decision possible so if he had any questions about what we're talking about how they apply to your own situation. You can sit down and get a retirement road map put together. And still capriati's whose coach Pete local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. All translate for you that complex financial world and so very clear instructions now if you wanna take advantage of getting this troop practical retirement review all you have to do was give this call 800. 8511636. And remember when UConn and you will receive a comprehensive retirement review that'll show you where you are now but even more important in Napa solution that outline that roadmap that vision TD you. Where you need to be. To end through retirement in short those shout nothing to lose that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 808511636. Welcome back. We've got world famous financial guy and bestselling author Tom meg not talking about has put toward retiring. We see it on the news every night many financial experts are agreeing that the markets are over two free float on foot correction. Now when we hear this word correction and it sounds pretty harmless doesn't. Wolf to be honest it's about as harmless as when geologists say that area is overdue foray on he's this close again seismic shift. Now in plain English that means earthquake in the eye correction that the markets are overdue for well no one actually knows what that means until it happens. That's why whether you're retired approaching retirement or let's just be real maybe haven't even thought about it now's the time to get protection. From that market volatility. Call filled Capriati at 808511636. Get messy a hundred. 851. Do you ever feel like you're fighting for financial knowledge and we'll now. At no cost or obligation you can get a copy of our hot off the press 401K survival guide or take advantage. At over 999. Dollars and fulfilled Capriati. Sixteen. Welcome back into the financial support consumer advocate Thomas looks good here with you in studio. Alongside America's wealth financial and income coach coach Pete to route back at it again for another signal with us in studio is Chris breath power and we actually have had someone new walk in the studio who's your listeners. Well we have mr. Parker how Barbara welcome good to be here guys at a fast proven week fast moving here already has that it has Gracie no less. Thomas you know when Parker walks in he usually has a case study and what do we do before the case study area. I'd be original. You know what I like about this case studies in the real life examples now of course we changed names because we don't want anyone think we're talking about a and organized and I thought Parker what do we have this week I'm gonna call these mr. and mrs. Smith. Since we had a record day now he's gonna mix of a very genuine horror I. Don't know how old are they so they are both sixty years old this year. Content and they're looking at retiring. In the next two years so they're gonna start pulling from their nest I get a 62. All right around the corner right around and the birthdays or we can Parse that's a busy time there for a couple years for Allen Edwards and it is too much for the starting with they are starting with a million dollars Lucas. And there's are a million dollar salt. That's right and there income goal. Is 70000 a year so it a 62 tiers and I'll take it out 70000 year. And that continues to increase. All the way any I told them off at age ninety now the 70000 you talk about is just from their retirement money does not including Social Security everything else with the head of the had a gap or short of 70000 he needed to go along with Social Security anything Yeltsin got right exactly this that is strictly from their. For retirement nest take care of one million dollars because 70000 a year increasing over the next 28 years. They do you wanna spend in leaf plant because they do have a legacy they're look at giving to their favorite college and university and endowment so we're trying to keep this million dollars intact. So at age ninety. They have taken out. 2.4. Million dollars from that million dollar investment now not yet because of that they have increasing an increase combat operations for the first years start to 70000 after that goes up every year it does gagged and at age nine need at 70000 was paying them. You know roughly 94000. A year. Potentially went from seventy to 94 over the period of time they take it out to about 2.4 million men over the course of that. That twenty years they have yet and they still have just over one point five million left in the account to pass on to pass on to an endowment fund now this is what confuses folks let new people have talked to me is that will Parker's talk miss case study unique quote unquote killed the people off at nine dig what would happen if they would live to a 110. It would get go we did we rain in the plan actually to raise a 121 like you makers didn't think yeah well like Atlanta won 21 exactly and the video this isn't really being if you could be 122 keeps go right yeah bunny but I'd ever seen anybody who wants one thing we want to make sure that you have your plan how we if you basically what it is exactly a happy couple now we did not include Social Security or pension. But that million dollars not only did that don't know hold you like to call it. But it made sure that their standard living stayed the same to enter retirement. Yeah that's a that's some really good plan and then there's no risk is there any risk of the market in this there was no market risk in this account at all so a tidal wave could come in and wipe out the retirement no not at all they would not see the fluctuation. Now another question we get a lot of times of the what about the long term care element what do they need extra money is more than that seventy may have more than increasing income they get every year to pay for long to gear with a with a display and have that in there it did have that in there we go this and in that. Lucky you like to hear Marcos for health care planning that we it was not use or lose that long term care plan like most. Yes I I really think that's why we'll have about seven million people in the I'm in America would traditional long term care plans because the user to lose exactly and I'm. I'm not a big venues and lose it I wanna say if you don't use that it passes on to somebody else exactly and there's a problem Alain. I don't wanna add something to the budget sheet right and retire right right now right so how did they feel about that Walt they're coming back end tomorrow to meet with a -- I think they'll be very active so the most sixty years old right now we'll call that the 66 people and that's exactly so the sixty you don't have and that's a pretty good retirement age at 62 most people have in their mind well yesterday yesterday. And tomorrow besides that you know the traditional H we've all thought about when I was growing up on some 51 now it's it's us 65 and looking. And this way they don't have to. Go to 65 guess they worked longer they would put more money away and have much better bland but I mean this is one that the won't get them all that they need. Two went through retirement so they're happy enough to retire here exactly miss Smith says she was OK with the lead mr. Smith continue working in her just retiring at 62 look I. You know with what other plans retirement their plan for retirement was taken RV around the country to follow their favorite college team which I can respect that greatly now what they like about it what I like about this is this win is consistent. Per system. And reliable those three big words we talk about putting together a plan the makes sense not one that's just depending on the stock market. We want a dependable manner independence plan we wanna independent plan and we see too many of those dependent ones for our second opinions here yeah and will we spent a lot of time who unfortunately other brokers is brokers you know be political system juries don't like just because we've exposed the financial termites that are hidden inside the plans and there's a lot of mark there there is not just last week we saw someone who they're like normally pay my broker 1%. But the hidden fees and their account came up close to additional one point 8% on. Top of that 1% broker FEMA find that adds up very quickly doesn't mean I mean it. When we ran their numbers sells close to a 54000. Dollar detriment and retirement consistencies just in fees while we're gonna talk about that but take it it's very important have a financial external lists peer to to get rid of the termites they jazz and their a lot of different termites is the existing a lot of them people's plants. You know Parker would like to call because there's so many different countries out there we like to identify and then if you were indeed the world looks at the bucks thirty bucks and it's called entomology and so we are financial entomologists. Then apply for use some of the fees that are when you know the new stadiums we have low adjusting items in the stomach. That's her life is his translator. I can get talks about Imus did not return is that a buzzing or mosquito larvae and that's right a lot and and so we want to make sure that the the plan gets done the right way and so folks if you're interested in having a plan similar this you don't need a million dollars for the million dollars never hurt. More than a million dollars makes it a better plan. But 200000 dollars or less we can put a plan together for you. The number reached still Capriati a senior tax and insurance advisors is 800. 8511636. And has 80851. 1636. And limit the very special offer a call this my golden offer a regular want to show for the next ten call or some call right now. We're gonna create a one page financial review no this will indicate if you're new to a full blown financial plan this review will also include a case study example just like. We heard on the radio for yourself. This review was at least to 909 on dollar value. We're gonna give it away no obligation or cost for the next ten callers if you have at least 200000 dollars safe retirement. Now what this does that this will consist of taking the mystery out of financial planning by mapping out for you where you are right now we're also gonna run a fee report noticed he report will help you. Untangle very very important folks it'll untangle what working with your current planner advisor is truly cost you not only this year not only last year but the over the total time. You've been working your visor with C helps you but they and that person. To get what you got now. If you're not happy with that you could eliminate some of those fees and expenses and commissions and you can experienced dramatic growth potential you also get a tax analysis and a customized incomplete and the uses proven strategies and techniques that the Turbo charge your retirement income that will take the warriors out of living in retirement. Let's take the guesswork out of the plan let's get a surety plan that has consistent persistent and reliable income for the rest your life or the next ten callers. You know the first step really is to sit down what the financial coach it's something that we're talking about on the show it's a resonates with you any feel the need to just get that second opinion if you wanna make sure your plan really is aligned with fewer goals and that very important risk tolerance that we talked about. Just call and and you can meet with Phil Capriati whose coach Pete local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. All translate for you that complex financial world into very clear instructions to take advantage of this true practical retirement review all you have to do was call sent 800. 85116. And 36 and you will receive comprehensive retirement review. That show you where you are now but much more importantly a roadmap CDU where you need to be. That number once again is 808511636. Again that's 80851. 1636. You've all seen them obituaries but be careful. How you write your families once within what we're death notice double crossed the. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere. All new radio dot com map. Parker has exited the building is always great to have him here in studio Elissa wall deceit. The power of having a true. Total retirement income plan in place and in the break there are no we mean Chris tried to Korea there could see if we could explore this topic little bit more 'cause I think it's something a lot of folks served quite frankly they're missing out on non then just here you know reflecting back on that example Parker. Missing out on a much more enjoyable retirement by not having it. Thomas the most confusing part to me this is as many people listening have what they need to retire comfortably but they are taking way too much risk. Think to suppose we hope we make more money I guess but it doesn't always work out like that charts a great article in money magazine the insane amount millionaires say they need to be happy hour interview. 4000. Millionaires. And threes they had to talk to people with the least eight million dollars to to get to find people that work truly happened okay though that's the the two comma retardant we talk about so you know to thomas' two comes in a million Africa but you knew he shouldn't be on when he got to W what bring Thomas. So it's like fear and greed right there but but and that is to people with eight million dollars felt a little happier than the people would seven point nine million we're not there is a very distinct difference between seven point 9000000 and eight million food even though it's only a 100000 dollars different yes sure you know campus on it and it's on inside the study they say that millionaires who had made their own wealth. They you know it was a made on their own. The study showed were indeed happier than those who inherited it or basically married into it okay and so that the punch line of the story was. So if inheriting wealth makes you less happy. Perhaps you shouldn't give it to your kids should not yeah. Yeah. Well amazing study that late million dollars summing up I got to be pretty happy Garnett because there are made bail and point B is happy with seven point. Think I would suffer with that we're either Chris I'd it would be horrible life that it was a also an article a song about to be careful what you put in New York. Obituaries and this is very important because at the time win. And we have. We have telemarketers call our company has done just that one yesterday they try to act like there are they're researching whatever the final affirmation on UN if this may be one employee in the in the company that doesn't doesn't realize we shouldn't talk to strangers. And there's only that a long time ago and they are getting yes but what they do is identity theft so if you put someone died as a lot of dead people voting for that people out there you know yes or more than get a credit card in the person's name could you talk of a lot about the person obituary on people to name their address. Now Google search can reveal other things shore and so. There's also something called a grandparents scams cameras use name published in a bit too poses grandchildren of the deceased calling grieving survivors with sob stories about being mugged or arrested or need money for car trouble block. Yeah and there's deceptive debt collection so they see you or your relative is in the in the obituary in the call you say will grapple OB 5000 really that kind of though. Accounts that means all sorts in this fictitious life insurance also very important if you put a bitch we there if if it puts a person's name people into Google search final with a person lived and go rob the place there and on the very very important that that you would be very careful. What you put in the obituary you know the funny thing is. Well nice to visit my grandparents and their life and I would sit at the kitchen table and eat lunch. My grandpa would have the the paper would come about lunchtime talk in an in this in England town. And you guys but again this is no trivia question I think everyone get this I think both these guys what what I'm gonna ask both you guessed to Q answers a parent I. What is the first section of the paper my grandparents turn to. Have a sport of statuary spoke where they wanted to thank got a and so sports got hot I had such as. Would migrate. That's port FF but no it was obituaries and then I don't know what the next section wasn't there is a very far second so first that's who confidence that Thomas got these long term care and angry congressmen are really good comeback on. I want to talk today though we had this in my notes we have with the again like always. The show's gone by fast stated yes yes it does that you should. Chris we tell the folks how many pages of notes amphetamine commonly abused me you wanted to abused and yeah but opponents with fifty or sixty people under the cover and front it's seven by four feet up at so but I did wanna talk about total retirement plan graduating to retirement. You know we can outline for you everything necessary to have a complete retirement plan. And what goes and that's not to sing on retire. What I say is if it isn't complete you might as will delete the top Johnnie Cochran got a Fraser cleared a. Just like we've been tackling problems on the show today we can help you assess your plans and your outlook for retirement to make sure that you are on a secure path. This limited but complementary review hope you determine how prepared your investments are to handle all the retirement of falls we talked about on the show those include inflation Social Security health care emergencies so many things the stock market volatility. Risk taxation. But here's the thing folks most important we wanna show you how to produce a lifetime. Retirement income plan out of her straight folks and income planned to last short entire lifetime. Not just the lifespan of a bank account. Now to Colin and me with still capriati's who is hooch Pete's a local trusted coach in the Austin area is 800. 8511636. When you call and you will receive a comprehensive. Retirement reviewed it'll show you where you are now. But much more important it'll show you a roadmap to keep you where you need to be. Folks there really is nothing to lose call on him and take advantage that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. Well for T money. Four rocket man Chris and for part or all of this is coach speak we'll see you next week right here on the financial support. Tell us PRA. It's for the strength purposes only and does not. Constitute investment tax relief funds information contained resources that are deemed to be reliable and we just cannot be guaranteed their dear Jay root for his desk while the usage of information discussed most excellent qualified defense. We guarantees can easily financial strength and claims paying ability officially come. Individuals should thoroughly review the contract were specific details of it comes into withdrawals from deferred annuities or your. You know into your parent.