Financial Safari, 6/10

The Financial Safari
Sunday, June 10th
The Financial Safari, for June 10.

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In the and this episode of many safari just got to keep my milk every idea and eat your tax and intensity and I are all your retirement. And. Information provided is for certain purposes only and does not constitute investment tax or legal advice information has been obtained from sources that are deemed to be rely. What Barack receive incomplete this cannot be guaranteed either Peter. Well it's coach Pete how confident are you in your retirement plan. If you really look at these expenses and most importantly folks. That taxes. We're gonna look at the taxes and way to make it financial bunker to shelter your income in retirement from taxes when we come back. This is coach Pete and if you've got questions on how to properly structured your assets until retirement income. You're in the right place and welcome to the financial safari. Well Thomas and you do win and let talked about the opening I really mean there are way. Seeking shelter from taxes you talk about that I am that's on the ground you're younger guy yes but you pay taxes I do frequent that's that's a staff and even if you just think you don't pay taxes when you can shop and it paid to you straight now does nothing to do is nothing we can do right now to shelter sales taxes right that parents right right and so that's our time now what we're talking about income taxes and retire OK and you know one of the one of the main secrets of planning for retirement. Is to be in the state we have a high state income tax. And piled money India for of one caddie. Off and then when you retire moved to a state that has no higher. Gone tech at another yet another let's say you're in California where I think it's like just twelve to 15% state. In context not bad role in addition to the federal while and view sock money in your 403 B 41 K whatever your tax deferred accounts IRAs right and then a retirement age you moved to Texas Ohio State income -- there Tennessee coming a lot of people do that now is a Florida would be the same sad to in order to high EMI grandfather has house at different histories and now these the the flip side is that if they're not having a state income tax we get to other places don't property taxes are higher short right okay yeah but that that's just you know one of the things. So or you could really put yourself in the wrong position. By let's say you're a state that has no state income tax and you live there now you and you are starting to put money in your 401K get a get a tax deferral on that but doesn't really matter because you were gonna protect anyways they were right right and then you decide to move. To California load when you retire. And I take the money out you must pay to go to act as though the shuttle weather story but it only talk about retirement a lot of people are war you'd and they should be. About the risks they're taking in retirement that's right many people are taking more risks than even know. And to me if you have some hidden fees to stop and Parker the other day Parker's one Olympic planners and he had met with a very nice couple. They had a gigantic portfolio. And they thought they were only paying let's say half of 1% in money management they suck but they were mutual funds. So we will we threw that blew right through the system when we went back and did an analysis of forensic analysis on what they were really paying rent with a hidden fees that mutual funds are telling him bright two point 6% own no real. I'll let you see it's what was really happening sure it's the wizard of us all over again don't pay attention here really don't pay attention the guy behind the curtain right member of that and let's watch Clemson it was a dozen years I notice the climate that outflows so we need to figure out how to reduce the amount of money you give to the IRS to retire and that's one of the things we spent a lot of time on but also reduce the amount of money you give your broker to have through retirement because whose retirement are you funding. Lot of people say well gosh I thought it was funny money and but sometimes we are funding our brokers retire that's right so I've got a special report here it's it's twelve pages and is developing a personalized retirement bunker mentality. Modern techniques and strategies to properly shelter your money from unnecessary risks fees and taxes. As we head towards the year 20/20 and beyond a straight to our government doesn't it it is like gambling it's already here but it's completely reject just around the corner and so we're gonna give you way to get a copy of this as well as they review. Folks you really need to have a review of your situation your financial situation because even if you think everything's fine. It may not be. Just because you think you know everything about your portfolio doesn't mean you really know what's going on behind the scenes a straight forensic analysis is so vitally important and I think I think maybe. 10% of the people listening have had a true forensic analysis done and we do an analysis would folks. They're number one we usually charge 500 dollars for this but as a radio listener wrote in a way that while fan talent alone doesn't of this yet but three things will happen. Either you'll find out that you are in the wrong place. And you'll want some advice to get in the right place right port to like like we say financial exterminator all the claims mr. mayor get rid of those fees exactly and the may be your taken too much risk OK so you wanna get on the right path. So we can help you with some simple advice get on the right path many times we do that. Or we'll find out that everything's fine you really do have the plan that you thought yet in the -- it got that it is but then a third thing is make you need to total redesign maybe you're not quite sure maybe you don't have that retirement income is going to be guaranteed for the rest of your life right maybe don't have the proper devices in place to make sure long term care isn't a big enemy in retirement tentatively as a little secret for you and everyone out there listening. We are living longer we are just look at the society which is fantastic it's a great thing and the bad things. Not just the worst of times right you have to be prepared you really do end and my very first book I wrote which is twelve years ago now the financial safari but he's not an additional after be prepared not surprise yes that's the rail or visit to be prepared though. It's terrible I don't know well I was a boy scout I was armada looked. So let's make this offer if you're one of the next thirty followers we will waive our 500 dollar fee to do that forensic financial analysis. We'll also build then he retirement income plan and a tax plan and making sure you have your your proper financial bunkers. In place now this the tremendous value and I'm picketed right away here on the show. And you know a hopefully people listening yeah maybe Dell offered again on the show too but this is very important that we do that forensic financial analysis. And that we get did in death of what's really going on in our fees and expenses and we also look at we look at the the total retirement plan we did to make sure that we have at least six things in order all right let me go to these six things is very important that people understand this. We need to make sure that our tax situation is fine. And it's not just retirement Thomas at any time of the year taxes are gonna be here in December your life absolutely this year yeah but Texas they're here they're not cool the way. If you think they may go higher would that might make sense to pay the taxes now and then get your money into place you'll never pay tax again seems logical here which is you know what the tax rates are now we know they you know they. We don't like them they tried but they could go higher couldn't exactly in your opinion Diane Thomas you thirty what 35 and 32 and camp trying to get it done and I'm fifty right so I'm calling you get but when I get to retirement I want a paycheck coming that I don't have to share with Uncle Sam Castro wanna tax free retirement. And when we put that green flag up on the mailbox by the way folks that is win the mailman brings you money. Instead of you walking out to the reluctantly walking out to the mailbox with the bills and and they have to pay. You put a stamp on and put him in the mailbox put the red flag yeah bush is a real good flag color isn't that a lot of pain killer fled the means to know what is going out and really like the money go out. So the green flags very important but taxes are important yet we also may need to make sure we are paying as little fees as possible restraint that's right because these can really eat up your portfolio we've done studies earlier this year. We're just a 1% fee actually Finneran the organization looks at advisors. Looked at just 1% fee you could make a 50000 dollar difference in retirement are born each and they start compound that that's a Leon over twenty years a child over 3040 years that's right content or five meet every time you're paying a fee. That you should be that's money going out that's never gonna be in your portfolio again that's never gonna build for you. History will have the opportunity to be able to sit across the table from you every week coach jag did you hear these stories of people you meet with and it's incredible to hear the amount of money that sadly is lost up to things that it doesn't need to be lost. Well a guy so we got taxes we get fees were talking about retirement is ready to minimize both of those yeah we need income which we wanna maximize absolutely day every day and if we have any income you combined income with fees and taxes are right so if you have no fees coming out your incumbents hire you if you have. No or little taxes coming out your incumbents hire a guy you see all these all work together right right right to income taxes fees and that's like a retirement having a comfortable retirement. And make sure you have proper diversification. With the fiduciary standard and making sure that we have more control of Iraq our retirement. You need to have this review and again for the next thirty callers will do attacks review we'll do fee planning analysis we'll do it income planning analysis which include Social Security income analysis. Keep in mind our strategies work best for those with a over a million but anyone who saves. We have a division that helps anyone who was saving. Get that proper. Planning and proper tools and techniques that you could be a millionaire one day a strain all right so very important folks there's no games no gimmicks no fees were gonna waiver fees for this. For the next thirty callers. Finally someone is offering retirees and pre retirees common sense and straight talked. There's still a financial double talk in a retirement sales pitch folks you need to sit down and get a retirement road map together. And built cap riady whose coach Pete local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. All translate for you that complex financial world. It's a very clear instructions the is an excellent chance free to get a true practical retirement review and for anyone listening right now the number to call is 800. 85116. And 36 when you call you will receive a comprehensive retirement review showing where you are now. But most importantly a roadmap to. In short folks you have nothing to lose call on end and number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 851. 1636. When we come back we're gonna talk about how the world has changed and a three dates that have gone down in history that have really changed your financial situation one of them has just been this past year we'll be right back. The right choice. All right so we're back and you know we talked about those three day some good talk but three dates that are very important the world has changed folks of worlds really change financially. And these states will make sense when we talk about a there again but it's very important that they basically get informed in the finance world. But doing this 26 years now so I pretty much know what people are looking for what are the situations out there and more importantly. The dirty tricks. That are played on a lot of people out there gaffe by some of the big name brand you'd never suspect would be playing dirty tricks a lot of them that sometimes the worst of all it's straight commercials. Cover up a lot they can make things look like Mary wonders yeah you need another industry sometimes pocono and it's it is funny out there what what. What goes into the advertising world for some of these big companies marriage and it's basically its name brand recognition and so we used you hear every ties over and over again so you you bring your money to him since he saw a lot of ads for. Exactly I don't make any sense now now it's really to try to crowd herd mentality now it must be OK so go to food the food world the same way even though I do like political better than the other sought a meeting this sends a lot of money at that and does do does he does do but Coke spends more than I think in the than there and have a diploma. Now outside the district and any other but it's good it was through much is that there again. It'll elicited great and it got fights other three dates that have changed the face and future of American retirement system forever yes and what. To do once you understand these hidden risks we're gonna talk about that right now has that all right all right now I doubt. They you know what these states means that maybe somebody does our first one is January 1. 2008. I know our way. If you remember 2008 we heard just in the midst of a market crash yes we regress and unfortunately a lot of people I've talked to still have recovered from that. Didn't you hear about how great the market's doing it. A lot of people and that's right and so that's and another reason why we need to do that forensic financial analysis number one to make sure you're not overpaying fees make sure that your portfolios tax efficient. But make sure of the year in a proper position to recover if something goes wrong that's right she never put money away let's we have an exit strategy the evening in other words knowing. When we can get their money out and why we're gonna get that money. Second does something that up around Bermuda if I if I lose 50% in the market I don't have to gain 50% back have to gain 100%. That yeah that's a very big difference I know and you know some of the companies that you were in before the market crashed. Have never recovered Cisco technology so BSE these never they were 89 dollars a share before the America they're hovering between 25 and 35 right now. While great company sure we have them in our studio woman and we use them in our office president routers and all that yes let's give people a phone number two were waving the fees for our forensic analysis and also our tax planning bunker mentality situations. And and one on one meetings where we can help you with the analysis tax analysis to make sure. That you have the proper structure for retirement income and eliminating all those unnecessary fees that you have in your portfolio what a great time to clean out the ropes that's right we need to get rid of those unnecessary face we really do because. And clutter. I think about it you know everyone listening has a closet that they have things in and every now he'll be gone to the closet you find they had. I forgot about the shirt that's right it doesn't cause it was so cluttered didn't you forgot it was there or you had to you know like in this in the bureau the drawers and triggered the Dresser drawers you have. Maybe a favorite pair pants or whatever you do that and ended up underneath a lot you forgot about there yeah I was like get a new pair plus. So we need to audit would get rid of that corner if we get rid of the clutter we can identify and eliminate the fees that we don't need to have. And we need to make sure that we performing again have that super benchmark protector and we know we are performing. As good as a benchmark that's right if you're paying someone to keep up with the market and they're not more than gosh why you pay in a person you could be in the benchmarks at no cost exactly very little cost exact cause of the index funds. So we need to make sure that we are at least performing up to the indexes these the benchmarks if not outperforming them and then we also need to have. An incomplete and built into our portfolio. That we can never outlive and needs to give both husband and wife let's check for the rest of their life that's very important every single month in new check comes for for you guys and if one person passed away nothing changes and and the other question I have about income planning is what happens if we both passed away. Yeah because back in the day if you both passed away you would loosen. The money would disappear allow OK boom could be gone right nowadays if you both pass away. You have already established a chain of command so that whatever is left goes on to your next to kiss us and how very very important you know give the number out there because I want people to attend the realize. Did they do have a friend on the other hand absolutely three things will happen either we'll tell you everything's fine which is a great peace of mind right absolutely we will give you some simple instructions to get to back on track which gives you what peace of mind or will put together the right plea and for you and will go eliminate all the stuff that shouldn't be there and build a plan that is customized to what you want now what does that give yell as well. Piece of Myanmar Dan yeah this. One of three things can happen and all of immigration administration give the number of folks say I do encourage you to call when you come and you get all sorts of Spanish reports we we have here. They're doing is 26 years and Thomas I'm very proud about this have never had a single. Complaint I think about that and that financial world never had a single complaint in 26 years. We are a plus rating with the Better Business Bureau we are a plus rating with the national ethics association. I mean you know what more can you say we we we basically do we say we say we do and we make sure. That we approach every single person who calls with individual planning making sure that they have the proper peace of mind and. All right the number to reach Phil capriati's who has coached peace local trusted coach in the Austin area is 80851. 1636. Again that's 800. 85116. 36. And you know cultural history you know I do we do we talk across there a table here and people can hear sound on the radio the we have commerce have a glass between us last. It always hotels and in his suit and was great it is you know you have certification you have all these different things. But the heart behind it is what matters and what I appreciate is you get upset when people are taken advantage of you get upset when things aren't going as they should be for people who are heading into retirement. And I think people need to understand that they really do have someone sitting across the table from them who isn't just trying to get a signature but they're really looking out for their understand. Just missing the stages of emotion with me when people bring in stuff that's jump basically yeah I go from being amazed to getting room at all yeah yeah and because the shame on that planner who did that it has a lot of that out there with a salesman. Yeah killed financial salesman appears sell you some and didn't like a picture of the western movie gets on his horse and rides off into the sunset you never hear from that person yeah yeah we encourage our clients to be with us at least once a year we have client events to that we need is groups but individual planning every single year if you want. To make sure you're in the right place so were there we don't disappear. All right so the the three dates. For that. I'm famous for going off on ten display we have fun here exactly and this is the same kind of things we do when people come in look at what your situation is and we designed the perfect plan for you ever go through this conversation have a conversation finding out what's really important you. Is what's really important us we'd build your individual point four. Some people may not care about income which I don't know who would but maybe you don't think bill the plan that has more my guess more risk to bill yeah yeah someone wants more income so we make sure that we have the vehicle set up to give you a monthly income that could increase in the future right that's important too because we have inflation it is yes and and we also Social Security problems who knows what you know how do you take it isn't gonna be there let's make a play and that doesn't depend on Social Security. So that when you get your Social Security check just extra money come and thus friend always good for us for a price of the three dates that are going to change the shape of our country already have. January 1 2008 that's when the first baby boomer reached the age of 62 top are now 101000 every they reach an age 62 wow look at every day January 1 2011. That's when the first baby rumor reached the age 65 are okay putting a big strain on the Social Security system by the way which we say a strain OK a lot of people taking out not me not as many putting in anymore and he all right and then the most recent date June 15 2016. That is when the first baby boomer reach the age of 78 and a half when he people out there saying what a seven and a half yeah that CHE government makes you start taking money out of your tax qualified accounts OK they make you take money out and a lot of people are doing at the wrong way they're paying a lot more taxes is no tax efficiency built into the portfolio. So we need to look at ways to not only build tax free bonkers for you but tax efficient making sure that you pay as little or no Texas possible. With a higher rate money the haven't paid any tax on before we gotta we gotta find ways to do what's called tax arbitrage getting their money from attacks will place to tax free place now you pay some taxes sure do that. But you'll never have. The glory of not knowing what the tax is gonna be the future or having a text retirement so there are a lot of strategies there. And you know Thomas just very quickly I wanna offer the next thirty followers they'll get all this planning. But we'll also do safety report attacks analysis and Billy customize lifetime income plant that uses proven strategies and techniques. Which could Turbo charger retirement income especially if we factor in our Social Security planning. And a forensic fee analysis this is that it would use when you throw all these together that's the 9099 dollar value was in ways that fee for the next thirty callers. Our goal here at the shows to help you make the best decision possible so if you had any questions about what we're talking about are how mail plenty your own situation. You can sit down and get a retirement road map put together and still kept riady whose coach Pete local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. All translate for you that complex financial world and so very clear instructions now if you wanna take advantage of getting this truth practical retirement review all you have to do was give us call 800. 8511636. And remember when you come in you will receive comprehensive retirement review. That'll show you where you are now but even more important than ethics rules change that outlined that roadmap that vision TD you. Where you need to be to end three retirement. In short of the show nothing to lose that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. We come back we're gonna talk about Wall Street's use of average rates of return. And why what they are shown is typically never put together. His second flotilla. Takes courage to face up to things like volatile markets and Wall Street money. If you're worried I'm sure or losing sleep about your money do something about it all look at the eyes. Everything else that we get Parker down into the studio right that's he acts like he does only coming here sometimes couldn't tell I was not only come and visit us early we asked as I always do Thomas I would like you'd accuse the special music when Parker crimson have sounds good organ music we'll call it here we get. I'd be here. So laden and every now and then we depart to bring in a case study a real life case study of course we changed the names to protect the innocent. I like that so and let's see what you've been able to do this week and a case study. All this week we had one of our young pre retirees coming enforce ID say young because he's looking at retiring before most like 90% of who we meet with he's retiring at age 54. With Colin mr. young men tells Ellen mr. yup I like at that he's 54. He has roughly worth looking at about 2.2 million dollars sums taxable sums not kind of the main goal is keeping that standard live in the same Phillies starting with 2.2 he's 54 years old that's pretty is not a really good job saving money than hasn't he has and he's retiring in the next sixty days are. Right now so congratulations. On setup -- no way we do and he no pension we're not relying on Social Security this is going to be his retirement nest -- so what we have here we did kind of the split combination not only with tax efficiency but another spend and leaf plant because he does have kids we wanna leave that legacy is now let's talk about what is pendant leave program is and why it makes sense to everyone listening I would really should make sense if they understand fully what is especially programs spend only program is not only utilizing what she saved for retirement and making sure even when you're taken Manning come. That you still have something left for your legacy whether you lift 32 when he fifteen or even forty more years we wanna make sure you have something left for your beneficiaries I'll tell us that at times you wanna hear the easy way to explain that yes well yes only spent early program will look at it as whatever you have today you can spend it all during your life I can't even more than had a lot of times I believe when you pass away eggs exactly that or more would lift to the kids or grandkids louse and that's the name spend it the way. How about these have to be wildly puppy love about them is not only do you get it at least what you head over your lifetime when you start with you yeah Bob Moore. If you live longer right and that's when you pass away your children grandchildren usually get more than you start winning and sometimes it be text her incredible flopped pretty good so let's go through Parker use so again 54 year old guy. Mr. young we're going. Is it Mary he is not married not married he does have a girlfriend so that could be in the picture well she if you guys have had enough and yet here's this you wanna be in the I. Kessler though I had my little drama Erica it's time. No license 2.2 million let's go through 2.2 million what we're looking ass trying to maximize that up running come so roughly his standard of living he wants roughly 70000 dollars. We're gonna give them a hundred because we wanna have that buffer. Because I don't like build a buffer and a so let's go back to 30000 dollars and nice but aren't there table we don't know health care's going to be in two months caressing without an answer so with what we have we have a 100000 dollars paying out. Starting thirty days from now each and every year is gonna get a 100000 and that we call that a financial fill up. Right and straight he's gonna get the full tank every year OK I'm once becomes then. I ran his life expectancy let's come along when he's 54 let's go through raising 95 event at age 95 he's getting a 100000 dollars a year starting thirty days from now coach Pete and we're continuing that through raising 97 so is that the squirrel wood in 9700000. A year he's always starting with now. Now we can say only Zanzibar and 2.2 million but he's gonna get a 100000 a year for thirty some years are afforded some forty something years forty some wow. That's over four million dollars incredible and over that same amount of time he's invested 2.2. And he's received income of four point two million dollars. Sophie I have the nine. 97 he's gonna have reason he's taken in over four million dollars. And he only put into real point what do you point to a terrible and let's let's good news that's really good news events and over that same amount of time that not only preserves his legacy we haven't adjusted for inflation. And we do have some long term care built and for that form as well so you're saying he grew his money by that much she was able to use that much money during his life but he still had money laughter relief. The legacy at age 97 after receiving four point two million in income yeah right two million dollar investment he still has. And a very minimal growth market. Three point eight million left of oh my goodness wow that's incredible yes be so excited again what I'm Carly do we just have to go this week. It's like to leave at least what we start right that's the goal well yeah honestly Starwood 2.2 so anything over two point to his bonus time you go yeah who. Encourage a lot of people been asking when they come in and they care about the plans we discuss they'll say well what growth 3-D user their saints 71012%. A right or this is based off five point 02%. Are you kidding wow. Maybe it's your putting the the W drawn a line in the sand so he's not gonna lose that money that's the most import exactly how all of this is a 100% protected against it doesn't based on any hypotheticals or any imaginary 12% mutual funds or anything like that right no it is not a lot and it's not like some of these shows they say just give us your money will help you invested UB millionaire no. Right now doesn't get it never works out doesn't have many you know on us and that I don't know I'm I'm I'm not. If you wanna hear the dog and our retirement right this episode the other promised plan because it's true in is guaranteed in writing and and gusting at Starwood 2.2 weeks ago and over four point two million in his lifetime if he with a 97 and is leaving three point eight. His next akin or spouse or whatever like that right he is and he told me he had a younger life expect see I would expect retiring at 54 is gonna enjoy it a little bit so even if we went through age eighty. He still has that. Three over three million dollars to pass a ballot blog about citadel also included long term care and hearing it did we did have a supplemental long term care insurance component of this that if he did have a long term care event. He would receive not only the continued think somebody has close to double and 200000. Dollar 2000 years that that would know real long term care bill that's incredible yellen has something to be prepared for 7% of Americans they say are gonna face long term care of some one year Amber's calls sister around here's cluster probably 9000 mark here about why all of a private room and all this while while so again he's gonna put himself a front front of their road most everybody else with a plan like this because it's a war free plan. Well it is a worry free plan and there's no risk associated and then also we've built in multiple scenarios multiple simulations even with no market growth. We still don't have a chance of an olive and now that he talked his current advisor about this earlier as did discarded as a never told them something like this current advisor did not tell her many thank a he's using his advisors there was companies for one car and go there and mutual fund gas. Again and many times they hear about this when you when you go through this example would somebody show what you could do form and then they go back to revise or Nevada says I can do that yeah. Let that affect where were they before we're of the ideas. That's what it sounds like mostly I just don't know why is usually great. Planned for this individual mr. young will call. And folks if this is the plan you'd like to see customized for you you don't need 2.2 million you can start with those 200000 to get a good plan put together. If you're one of the next ten callers will do it for you at no cost or obligation will create a one page finance review as well. It'll indicate if you're in need of a full blown retirement and financial plan and income plan all work together. This a tremendous value gonna give way to the next ten callers now what this consists of Parker knew Greenwood mayor disagree but we take the mystery out of the retirement planning process by mapping out for everyone when they come in. Where they are right now we've shown where they are right now we re run that he report that forensic analysis that shows where the financial termites are that are leading the way it is not a foreclosed yeah. How many times you see them. Every single day but there's a lot of hidden things it's like hide and seek adult version here. We don't want that happening when we're talking about our portfolios. We want our money to grow for us and we don't wanna be at the whim of the market. To make sure we have a good retirement plan so will do that forensic tree analysis will also do a forensic analysis showing you your risk potential you know what kind of rescue taking if the market goes the wrong way what could happen your portfolio and if you can minimize or eliminate those fees is unnecessary fees and tame down risk or get rid of risk completely you experience something we called dramatic growth potential. We're also gonna do attacks analysis to see if you have financial termites in your tax plan. Or you don't have a tax we will pull one together for yet and but finally the most important part of what we've just been talking about here on your example. We'll run a customize income plan that utilizes proven strategies and techniques which could Turbo charger retirement come and they could take the war re out of living in retirement folks if you're not worried about where the money's coming from. Parker I'm sure that guys told you it it did basically feels like there's no war is a retirement anymore. Well and in back with a on this week's somehow pennies listen into the show that also with that the same thing we discussed last week is the best plan for you it is not a cookie cutter approach him so in short we'll help you by taking the guesswork out of their retirement planning process and the company process for the next ten callers that's a comprehensive review including the spend a leaf when we just talked about call right now. You know the first step really is to sit down what the financial coach it's something that we're talking about on the show it's a resonates with you and you feel the need to just get that second opinion or if you wanna make sure your plan really is aligned with you were goals and that very important risk tolerance that we talked about. Just Colin and you can meet with Phil capriati's whose coach Pete local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. All translate for you that complex financial world it's a very clear instructions to take advantage of this true practical retirement review all you have to do was Collison 800. 8511636. And you will receive a comprehensive retirement review the show you where you are now. Much more importantly a roadmap TD you where you need to be. That number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 808511636. It's well thanks three time part of thanks for being here goes well good to see against Thomas looked like I was looking up. No I didn't begin when we come back gonna talk about some common sense in. Income strategies which went well. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere. Radio dot com now. Segment of the show I thought I would change things up beloved little bit. I have no idea what I'm generated do well you're the voice of reason for everyone writing down the road listening a home wherever they listen to the ship and right you're gonna pick. What we're gonna talk about here OK on the less likely notice them choices. For you and you can you can tell me what what you wanna talk about checked. Here's your three choices getting your financial health in order. Getting physically fit. Or financial blunders Weston's we never learn. Oh you know the last when actually sounds like a lot of fun and Warner zag we got a whole hallway blunders stay here to cover someone area. FF FF at say you're referring to the celebrity's. Am so and so is so folks out there listening you may not be aware but into which Pete's office he loves to keep these plaques of different celebrities and their stories of how they made these just insane money mistakes beat anyone even think about making assays like Elvis and not a crazy. East of people with a lot of money NC figure they must have a lot of players underside sure many times they have a lot of procrastination but they don't ever do anything. And I it's a legacy gestured decided to talk about financial blunders lessons we never learn there you don't sound good now. How to avoid losing up to 40% of your retirement plan on the day you walk away can blow now now now at what does that. Now who is a big enemy that's the problem and the problem is when we get to retirement. We have a lump slump again would like all our time mom what time Bob no lumps along lumps on about it. And so we tried to take it all Al at once and put it somewhere let's say in our checking account to make our system which lets a friend if that's what you out drinking one night. We go to the bank which he knew basically that we look at this guy to take out twenty dollars and shoot your balance of 800000. Definitely not so I think whatever have done. But then you have to do a double take at that because you thought you had one point two million men other things is 800000 what happened 3% Texas Austin, Texas you lost money attacks is well what happens we know want to miss the big blunder people make every now and no reason extreme example there. But you never wanna take money out of your tax qualified. Accounts. Now tax qualified accounts are higher race. 41 case 43 b.s TSB's forfeit your seventh all the different ways you can save pretax OK and you analytical attacks qualified. I think he does everything pretty well by the big Texas I'm definitely there if one does have the one government turned and half makes sense and at. So what are so that's the problem in other solution is you never taken out like that yeah. You know agencies have to be retirement ready and no one can predict the unpredictable we talk about that's if you're one of the next 25 callers this movie for the week and at least 200000 safe retirement. Giving Intel will recall the total financial and retirement master plan that we go through your tax returns because you're getting all the benefits are entitled to your state plan picture you're taking advantages of such topics as stretch I array and make sure your state plans set up purse Turkey's very important to have children grandchildren or if you've been buried more than wants. And third will review all your investment statements and you get bombarded with a -- will bring amenable boil it all down to a one to three page document that breaks down the three key elements of the successful portfolio. And folks need to write down these if you don't remember anything else from the show the three key elements are diversification. Fees and income those together can either make or break. Your retirement. And we wanna make sure your truly diversified across asset classes and also within SA classes again there's a lot of different diversification techniques we wanna make sure to analyze your fees and reveal to you the hidden cost of your portfolio. He's currently maintaining. And lastly. We're gonna try to increase your lifetime incumbent folks we have some techniques and strategies were a lot of times were able to do that safely. We believe that every investor should optimizer income for their portfolio for a more dependable lifestyle all the way through retirement all the way to 121 and beyond. And finally we title together and our custom designed to personalized. Wealth projection. That will answer the age old question are you gonna outlive your money or your money and how we view. You letting strategies that we've been perfecting and working on for the last three decades we wanna help you take your family from your personal financial point eight all the way. To point Z. Helping you realize your dreams with your goals and values with the least amount of risk in as much certainty as a fiduciary can provide a folks producers' top of the financial pyramid stars make sure your needs ahead of their needs. Again our exclusive total retirement master plan for all callers. At least 200000 saved for or invested for retirement. Just like we've been tackling problems on the show today we can help you assess your plan and your outlook for retirement to make sure that you are on a secure path. This limited but complementary review hope you determine how prepared your investments are to handle all the retirement of balls we talked about on the show there's include inflation Social Security health care emergencies so many things the stock market volatility. Risk taxation. But here's the thing folks most important we wanna show you how to produce a lifetime. Retirement income plan that's right folks and income plan to last short entire lifetime and not just the last span of a bank account. Now to Colin and me with still capriati's who is coach Pete sell local trusted coach in the Austin area is 800. 8511636. When you calling you will receive a comprehensive. Retirement review that'll show you where you are now. But much more important it will show you a roadmap. To keep you where you need to be folks there really is nothing to lose call on him and take advantage that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. Kos has been absolutely fantastic job a lot of fun on it today. I hope people aren't a lot of stuff I mean it's it's it's a complex robo it's a fun world to understand it and retirement should be fun and that's what we're here for every single week Chris thanks for done really thank you Donna. You guys and me folks we'll see you next week right here on the financial so far. Tell us PRA. 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