Financial Safari, 7/15

The Financial Safari
Sunday, July 15th
The Financial Safari, for July 15.

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And this episode of mania safari does not mean I built not everybody can eat your tax and yeah I. All your retirement. Information provided is for certain purposes only and does not constitute investment tax or legal advice information has been painful. From sources that are deemed to be relying. My home what their accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed either Peter. Well hello America on this week's financial safari we're gonna drive into the three buckets of money from bet good money to growth money and also your own. Personal pension as well as some of the common complaint we hear about in the financial world that much or this week on the financial. The barn. Hi this is coach Pete and if you've got questions on how to properly structured your assets until retirement income. You're in the right place and welcome to the financial and safari. Uh huh it is going to be a good day today we have got a full house here financial safari studio is filled up. Still like we've got a queen or Boston or some really great fans here because we are full house going on there and now if we hear there those that is the coach America's wealth financial an income coach coach Peter read it. In addition we have Marty Hensley our retirement and wolf strategist at 25 year planner. And a former UNC basketball player we also have Parker Hollins he is our chief ball strategist goes by the nickname the chief curry guys doing. Yeah they saw today here it is. And this show about nothing and oh yeah. Folks we're gonna talk about a lot of stuff today and we're gonna go into some of the common complaints we hear from other folks out there who when they visit with a advisors things are not be until things are being told that are wrong. Things that are exaggerated. And what a true fiduciary is Lebanon fifteen years now and July right now. Right frustrating years ago on these that the radio congratulations I think that's that's in dog years with the oil lost out every single week a new show now with got a lot of copycats come about. One in particular that that really has has generated ire and a lot of people on the go see him because. We're gonna talk about later on about how we just worked at somebody when they had in a review held this is your plan you'd give to last year and you're stuck with Honda mart gets knocked it. Is Chrysler listener who lost two of the other player employees after your reviewed. The ducks are dismal week a little smirk have been cut a city mama's boy with ruling that would buy school for no just completely unacceptable in our world. Well this this particular person found out they weren't in the right place or they weren't in place they thought there was going to be yen and when they wanted to get out the Dutch ultimate cost of 151000 dollars or more just to get out. And more importantly was not made aware of the surrender charge to the army out there was as well those things are too great to hear there was not a right. Planned for the person number one and he had been he had been told it was but he and and I guess it was all the read the fine print which we always say. The brochure give us from what is the fine print do technical vocabulary and unfortunately. This plan there should be ashamed himself took a political civil plan or number two to Combs of a fiduciary number three to put people in a planned mission have been in the to begin with now. That's another way Mac. I never positive show but that was that was on our mind because we just heard from that guy he was not happy he called again this week saying that guy is he still mad about the the with the winner to too many wants he wants away from trying to figure out how to get away. That the player was not customize the Merrill what the biggest problem we have is it was not customize the Susan good and brutal situation and that's one of the core things we talked about here on Russia you know it a step ahead of myself because on the next sex we're gonna talk about common complaints of people voice out there about financial the plants mining industry in general. This was one this that we see. We too much people getting in the wrong plan for them for them in the in the finance will this products all over place from high risk the high safety. An interim thing between. And some things that they've been developed as a fit for some people have been developed as the fit for all people. Yeah this not once I think all we don't have the police away yeah actually it is like the political financial products that tell you anything it's that it can't. Let's go to I think that until one. But whenever they go to the planner after he puts in a plan any act like you his best friend ever need that to like he could do nothing without you and and he signed Japanese disappears it's on the horse rides into the sunset. You called back with a question about the plan he sold you and here's what he says you know not being. Yeah but I don't get that night at the barn yeah. It's very important that we talk about that 2018 Social Security retirement tax update consumer guide that we have and it is the difference folks we've done some case studies on that between getting Social Security of 750 dollars a month locked in for the rest your life. To getting thirteen 120 dollars hope the rest your life by just waiting the right time and doing the right thing that the big difference in monthly payments it departments a lot of overtime people that it hit that's and so skewed that it's for as long as your living talk about the difference between thirteen 12750. That the Bancorp payment right there and I. I don't know I don't serpent and things like that and it's by doing the right thing finally the right way we go through all examples we tell you how to file the right way we tell you about some of the blue poles that existent Social Security world you can get this guy at no cost no obligation all you have to do is give us color text us right now. All right the number to reach bill capriati's who has coached peace local trusted coach in the Austin area is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. Now Steve sold as a nice segment fourth he's on assignment this week but role that the chart. Welcome to diagnosis retirement and save money correspond to states and I'll reminding you that the only thing that can go wrong get into retirement. Is everything. So looking milestone. Seven month retirement problems colonials Mike Stacy know they need thirty years away its first long term impacts student. Paying off thirty or 40000 dollars school loans can voted stands and starting to save for retirement. Day's low wages and I guarantee you'll get top dollar especially in today's competitive marketplace. Because they have cholesterol yeah. And finally let's get a job. There's less than stellar benefits packages engines are a thing of the past Social Security is a wild cards. And before you begin to cower in the corner hang on. Coach and sometimes doctor Pete is in and he's got a prescription for avoiding these millennial missteps. The moment he'll. As a what I can say they're behave or movie it may well that I can live at the well he did I think that's. I've met this more and we have one studio we have William Lille to work Imus by year now okay. You're underneath the millennial. I what do you call themselves the house assays that exceed by wanted to blunders and a mean Marty you're or Generation X. yeah let's say where we live good friends aren't nuclear there are back covered we my mistake yeah. One year mark and his people but to be your umbrella a generation answers we are skeptical by nature because we've seen elsewhere stuff and now we're sandwiched in between all sorts of stuff with litigants. Are we know everything. Gonna be a funny world going forward I know how to be a member of it and at at 52 I hope to be here another fifty years at least makers do we always run our plans to H 121 people laugh at that thing and these guys are talking up plans to 121 the number one. We can do it and it doesn't torture income to get in come all the way and another which you'll get less income now to get more come later what would you do. Mary Joseph artillery some of the book summary technology is advancing rapidly you never know what happens in Auckland district we've got to get a four pronged approach in the financial planning industry and and we look at retirement planning is well but it's income accumulation legacy. But the most important one the one that's overlooked in most three pronged. Attacks or plans. Is protection. And I have so here's what wanna do. You're one of the next when he people who call we get a lot of calls we we make this offer right here and do the red green yellow approach. Spokeswoman review your tax returns to uncover a long term tax issues that exists in your diaries or capital gains and Social Security taxes. Well also establish a retirement income goal. That's money needed to cover the cost of enjoying your lifestyle not just getting by. It's it's great to retire on your two on your own terms and that's when you have enough money to do what you want when every wanna do it. Even think she didn't plan to do you can still do have enough money put aside we're also gonna analyze your current investments is is vital. This is very very important I think that's the most important part of every review we do our plane to MRIs are X rays of the financial world is. We help you by establishing a true cost and fees identifying what kind of financial termites exist in your portfolio had exterminated. And then they calculated risk exposure level based on the risk you're taking right now. What could happen if the market took a tailspin and went the other way think that might happen sometime I don't know put it right so let's make sure that if it does. You're not as worn as you would have been if you didn't have that. Review and and know what kind of what kind of situation to rent and also to determine the percentage of assets needed to protect your future income needs not only build your future income. But protect the money have a grow. He's a marketing strategy to make sure you always have Turbo charging income coming in all the way through retirement they can never go away regardless of what happens in the market so we also consider taxes and inflation by building up a inflation tax protect when going forward. But again putting income accumulation legacy and protection plan all of place for the next political horse. Folks this is at least a 9099 dollar value if you have at least 400000 dollar safe retirement. This offers for you. Keep in mind we talk about all things we do our strategies do work best for those of you listening right now with a over a million dollars safe retirement. But will never turn anyone away as long as at least 400000 dollars dedicated to retirement. Call right now. Finally someone is offering retirees and pre retirees common sense and straight talked. And stuff financial double talk in a retirement sales pitch folks you need to sit down and get a retirement Redknapp together. And built cap riady whose coach Pete local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. Will translate for you that complex financial world it's a very clear instructions. This is an excellent chance for you to get a true. Practical retirement review and for anyone listening right now the number to call is 800. 8511636. When you call you will receive a comprehensive retirement review showing where you are now. But most importantly a roadmap to teach you where you need to be. In short folks you have nothing Italy's call on and that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 5116. 36 well we come back it's misunderstood folks and settlers now live at just three buckets of money we're gonna talk about yellow money red money and more importantly green money would come right back. Listen to talk thirteen cent. Meet anywhere with your Amazon and don't just ask Alexa played soccer team. Seven now playing took thirteen seventy direction. It's time we. And resources to do all those things you dream goes without worrying about the attacks. Hotel London police we're all your workers who work for you. Here fruit until. You villagers attacked three soon. Call build Capriati had 80851. 36 and that's 8085116. And 36. Welcome back into the financial spar consumer advocate Thomas looks good here with you in studio alongside coach Pete Dirita he is America's wealth financial an income coach. Joining us as well Marty Hensley our retirement and well strategist as well. As Parker Holland art chief full strategist and excited to get into the segment to Richard mentioned it earlier on other words take on some common complaints we often get listener questions either written in our called into the show but we do have some things that we wanna talk about here vitally important for successful retirement what do you foresee coach. Well this is frank wants put out a survey and frank wants you may see on Fox News that renown in the polls people all over the place that management has his dad is really good because he doesn't just taken a very small sample like you see on. Yeah my gut like five to fifteen people and trying to yeah. They only give it a hundred people yeah it is political polls and they say you know somebody's in the lead then you look at underneath where it tells you how many people polled a 101 found out he's not that's not true representation of what's going on now to frank talks to a lot of people dozens focus groups where he talks about things and people have a knot and hand they turned up a downed them how matter has. Oh. And do we looked at it the other day. In the in the office before this and and I said gushing well lest we see a lot of these we talked of two listeners to comment and they expressed this to us tonight. I'm it would Dave Ramsey went to see him in in Nashville. A cup which goes right got to witness the debt free screen have you heard that and yeah and gosh what a great operation he's got going on here we are Smart investors with Dave Ramsey as well district but so when people wanna wanted a Smart faster they get that's a lot of times you in the local area. But one of things that that we look at our people taking too much risk with the retirement assets that rank number one. Would common complaints that people have Peltier in the in the finance world while it is we're taking too much risk with a retirement money but are visor never told us not to now. First of all. You shouldn't be waiting for your visor to show you that and you should know if you if you have all your money exposed to risk and none safely in a place where you can't lose it. That's not a good plan Warren Buffett was famous for saying it's not to the tide goes out to you figure out who doesn't have a patent suit up. And that it. And if that's I think I. Right gentlemen welcome them. All right so. What we have to do though is we have to say wolves and yes I've taken a lot of risk and unhappy with the gains and getting but what would happen if we didn't get the gains and again at some happen. The other way you know logical let's just spoiled we've got spoiled over the last ten years could be argued longer than that yeah market correction in Connecticut and everything else right back in the V shake. What if we don't get a V what do we get a lie. Yeah. Ignore it was something that never comes back Laguna or eat here. Or does it go. It's. Like the musical chair kind of thing civility and what are what are you seeing when you talk to people when you sit down and we go through. We have a white board that eight feet eight feet tall it feet wide 56 feet tall Moore install the mideast the yeah. But what do you see when we itemize and people come in and we itemize red green yellow and show where the money is currently do we have too much and read too much in green usually. That's exactly what happens accuse our salute having a customize individual us play and we were talking about earlier in the one. Listener than a four surrounded Tibet situation when someone comes into us I can't stress how important news. To take the time to classify. What we have in our bank money are yellow bucket well we have that it's in our red bucket that's our risk money does that risk. The subjected to the ups and downs of the market and most importantly we have about the dream budget which is are protected bucket. Better we want to protect. There's much in the short term assets as we possibly can't generate that reliable predictable income and retirement. The have to ask yourself at this stage in your life how much money can you afford to lose. And every single day I show up to the studio every single week we do a show what's what changes. In May was the voice down good most of times about what we certainly have called supplemental which collected can tell article when and how. But what changes Thomas to in May when you need might not notice it but I'm getting older. Okay shall we are always well yeah. So. There was if there's a phrase there's a famous phrase that they analyst is Warren Buffett again maybe Ben Franklin said who knows is that people can you say anyone that whenever it may be John Hancock gets that and and then Ben Franklin copied into Red Hat and a recovery is not game. All right so we see the people saying they're all happy because they they got the money back they lost in 2008 they finally get it back in 2006 that whatever and they say I've recovered. Let's illustrate your recovered the dating game and what does that mean all that time it took you to recover. You didn't earn a penny on the money used to have. You know and while so psychology takes over and you're just happy to get back to where you started. But you really not because you lost a lot of years in those eight years if you had your money in a safe investment averaging maybe 5% you would almost double your money. I'm just getting back to where he used to be while so but we're getting older and we do that we need to make sure that yes is so the question here's number two complaint and in this. People can't whether another market correction people how many times we hear that Parker you'll come and say gosh I'm fine as long as the market doesn't go back down. If you will hear that weekly like these is that no one ever has anything in the green bucket and they always forget about the compound in of their money you're right they're like I'm back to work started. But now you're only three of five years from retirement when you work ten to fifteen when you start Newton didn't. The next segment show and talk about the buckets all three the bucket and we're gonna go back to the common complaint so it's wonders hit on some of the complaints I want more people twelve of Monroe and we'll cover some now we'll get into what the buckets are and what they mean to you. And everyone's different so Mardy are they mean either one person might want all the money in the red market of what you want want all the green. If someone says they want all of money and one bucket we we basically have to sit there roll our sleeves and say you really shouldn't have all your money in any one bucket. That does exact corrected best assaults on our listeners to come and what is the biggest mistake that we can make your. 100% and red bucket or one Arabs in the green bucket degree but it's absolutely crucial but it's not for 100%. Of someone's retirement money. You know you know in the and we hear about the person who is watching. CNBC. Every day yeah and their watch in the you know you watch the green heroes of this always something new and Gooden when he Watson the TV and though some do a bit too but. You took you view the most weeks you focus in on what's doing good as you're not doing as good as that is that's a complaint number three years. I've never made anything close to what the market has allegedly returned to the city index is on on TV and they're they're really. Going high shore but did you get your statements you're not there and then dealt war. The rating agencies their ranks investor behavior and their outside of Boston mass they say every single year about 80% of folks underperform. The market including people who have money masters how. I have that's a soldier I money manager under for the market and we talk but the market talking but the indexes like the S&P 500 look at the Dow Jones Industrial Average thirty stocks. So if you're under performing an index would you pay someone to do that and it's. An excellent yeah Ethier we've been doing to your team approach for reporting that we've put together a Ashley Parker coach and I said no one gentleman he was with a competitor advisory firm. He is averaging about 6% was money and what we after we do the analysis for have found out. Forward and a half percent in fees the whole who is the tale was actually running at about amounted to percent gain but after those financial termites were discovered -- is his after three and experience return was closer to fort have to clocked a horrible he must have been fury oh it was well. And it was really hard for him to sleep knowing that he was basically find it to somebody else has retired and now the how and so what we were able to do form is put together what Michael sleep well at night when this one plan here's our son for the yeah. Our. Worker let's let's make an offer other folks to make sure that they get on the right path to exit the so they get what we call one to righteousness and definitely I mean were all very passionate here and believe that you deserve to secure independent retirement. And that's why we're offering a no cost no obligation consultation. To each of our radio listeners that calm the next fifteen minutes to make sure that your on the right path or keep you on the right path. This consultation help you determine how prepared you are to handle those retirement pitfalls like coaches talked about. Inflation health care volatility taxation. You worked hard for your money so we wanna work hard to help you protect and grow it. There's a wide variety of tools and services available on the financial world. We'll show you just how to harness those tolls. And services to create a plan that's tailored just for you we will also show you how to achieve a lifetime security thinks story lifetime of income and increasing income. So let's get to work now so you can get this back based approach that you deserve and give better answers to your financial challenges and objectives that's right you call right now you'll get this financial or view a second opinion package that we've seen up to a thousand dollar charge for now keep in mind. We've seen others who offered you charge a 2000 more for this same consultation but this report is invaluable and could help save you hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes the retirement so give us call the next fifteen minutes and will get together. To work for you to put you on the road to financial security and independence. You know the first step really is to sit down what the financial coach it's something that we're talking about on the show today resonates with you and you feel the need to just get that second opinion. Or if you wanna make sure your plan really is aligned with you were goals and that very important risk tolerance that we talked about. Just colon. And you can meet with bill Capriati who has coached Pete's local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. Will translate for you that complex financial world and it's very clear instructions. Take advantage of this true. Practical retired air review all you have to do is call sent 800. 8511636. And you will receive a comprehensive retirement review the show you where you are now. Much more importantly a roadmap to EU where you need to be. That number once again is 808511636. Again that's 800. 511636. So we come back we're gonna talk about the three buckets of money I promised it and deliver. When we come back. Second Blanton. Right now break. Skirts the pace of the fuselage volatile markets and Wall Street money traps if you're worried unsure. Sleep about your money to do something about it fulfill capriati's. He's high. Why. Well yeah I am pretty famous spokesperson thing and we're gonna do one thing in and we do another thing we finally get to that one thing there's. And I got to look at himself though we're talking about what it's meant nothing and I'm well and oh yeah. It makes it it's not a virtue of old it is if that could affect. Nations of the virtue rubble before we get to three buckets of money though wanna make sure that we talk about fiduciary duties and no one wants to talk about producers to the party no one even knows what a fiduciary assets doesn't seem like to think or pretty evident they hear all the time they. They hear it but I mean what what does it really me be the main thing we see Parker mart you can agree or disagree but. When people come in. They are happy to find out that somebody healthier than it's gonna educate instead of just trying to hammer and with some kind of sealed. And that's exactly right when they come in with a first things that I discuss with them that. Our firm is conflict free we're not owned or operated by the investment firm insurance company are investment bank number two there were fiduciary will displace some reasons. Why and how we are producers. Which is pretty funny because we didn't get a referral want to not somebody who was looking for a conflict free advisory firm and they were together referral from basically recommended five different advisors because they don't want to seem like they're recommending 11 person. But one of the advisors at least that we know they recommended was with one company a company that specializes in property casualty insurance basically yes that's home and auto home and they want to go there for retirement and they only have one or two putts they can't offer everything. Why so that was that a conflict free environment. Doesn't look at them talking about do it again do you answer to an overhead you can only offer what they want you offer great so you don't feel happy loser winner keeps telling your everything should be fine maybe it is but I think that the true peace of mind comes from the true review from someone who doesn't have a horse in the in the in the race based as far as trying to put you on one particular. Destinations from one product all the time now won't talk about three buckets of money. Now back for a very simple colors red green don't what is what it means you usually. Stop solid out of them and didn't stop signs retorted I think sort of give us gently roll thing. Well it'll really Howard patrolman. We take no responsibility for market session. The yells the only view older or slowdown slowdown in the green means go I mean we saw monopoly game you want agree disagree money gringo righty you know so let's talk about first let's talk about yellow money what is yell money Martin and what I think it was just the money. You know money use your save money goes your checking savings money this down at your local bank that's for immediate expenses where you can go down right sick for. But you have the advantage of that my money is safe but those talks about it that's how you're Brooke safely. Yeah well I don't have a little money say they don't bail out interest but that's okay because there are jobs to be safe. And liquid and everyone needs safe money and everyone needs liquid money for were like at the roof if something happens the roof and you need maybe have although we have almost insurance. But you need to deductible for new roof mystery where some blood at that time those kind of things so particularly bank accounts checking accounts savings accounts and money market accounts which to me is bank accounts Kanye. There and this is safe and liquid and people use the short term pay bills that's that's real money is everyone needs them no money but everyone does not eat too much guilt money you know what's the most you've seen this towards people with too much at home. Well that's the problem we took puts it as a general rule you wanna have about three to six months living expenses liquid. I had a list routine noon you have about ten years why how could that affect edwards' piece of well my needs money case you know something comes up and it might make some of the next week of it well there you go do on Monday about for our. And Mike Walton. So you know you have to be careful for we have seen some of clips on YouTube where people basically made the wrong moves with the candidate they have all the power that have the control of that he's got a goalie definitely. I got a Parker Europe now read money tell people what red money is is not the lower rent money we don't eat too much or money in Redmond do rent money is money in the market Bettis actor risk it can be a mutual fund it can be a variable annuity stocks even bonds everything that is in the market. That is subject to volatility Weathers the markets suffer interest rates that's a risk that's rent money yeah. So that reminds me your definition a red money goes right into your analogy of the Ferrari their coach if you don't know how to control it utilized at least that's what I'm taken up when it looked as I was. It's happened on Bartlett. Yeah yeah here's where it's simply growth with risk money so you can grow but you're you have to know you attractive. Yeah its of hopefully cannot account is an it is in the biggest problem we see is a lot of people playing long unprotected M Margaret but because I have bonds yet. Those are subject to volatility freshly right now especially bond fund needs which out of the big prize funds often ETFs and gold and silver things like I. Those are those who do well look into it now you know there's always hold close and was trying to sell you something new usually trying to sell you something to rid bucket yeah the Internet the Internet. The most talked to loosen this morning could be Buffy vote to compel barbs over ten years ago and Motorola recently it was like it is like bright. Yeah yeah so I mean I just bought it for show and tell you that I make any money but. Not like Yukon Cornelius C tell you he sometimes he makes an appearance on the show sometimes it doesn't. I don't know where he is right now they're he has. Christmas spirit. So just keep in mind it's it's money that you could I think what the day but also you don't go down that that's a rent money. Now green money I'll let you guys both give your version that we start with you mark. I agree but could become a year but I don't want her listeners you commit to meet with a suit by the top of this is our personal it's a bucket. Some few people of less than 7% of American television. Personal prints and yeah so we say well if you don't have want to work must create one with a grim market that is they are protected bucket when we say protective. The principal is insured biggest in the also the right Parker. It is and a lot of people are like it sounds too good to be true it's not it's out there just depends on who is able to utilize that and if their fiduciary doing it for you what's your best interest. We always say what can go up must come down you always need something that can't go to hell yeah I doubt it is your personal pension like you guys thanks so forward to make money people build up in the forward K which is the only way to really save before three BT SB solid laps and that'll four wicket. It's yet to build your own nationalities you do what you build it don't wanna protect it who got what we talked literally dozens suction back to Drucker and you can't pull from a down account retirement. Well this Huckabee down the drain exactly and that's why a lot of people forget that so it can get green account guarantee your income and guarantee your principal and these usually annuity contracts if you buy insurance companies Colin listening does insurance companies basically they sponsor your pensions for it but the old days when you gotta. When that company pension that was an annuity. He gets a Social Security is an anonymity. So that the way to have a stream of income we can't help with that has growth incumbent protection that's a green bucket and folks if you're not sure what the green book it is are you don't have one. You need to give us call right now we will meet with the U you're one of the next fifteen colors will sit down we'll put together you're very don't red green and you'll strategy. And make sure it's customized for you. The number reached still capriati's senior tax and insurance advisors is 808511636. And that's 80851. 16. 36. It's true I annuities themselves have been in use our member are reading about and in my history books the Romans yes them to pay soldiers and and it's the only way to get that. Exactly what you're talking about that permanent. Personal. Tension well the main reason the soldiers and wanna leave his money behind the house have you and here so because -- kids might not gonna tell you Henry got paid into the shows protection cannot protect and so we give it to a higher authority to whether or whatever they had like the banking or insurance institution backing Roman JR yeah and then they were promised to deliver a some gold or silver were were payments to the wife and children every single month. All while that this all was. All hell holes that's its allotted culprits rule excited about it offer few caller right now model we get the financial review and a second opinion package that was seen others charge upwards of a thousand dollars. Where you come in you'll also get a copy of our brand new. Caught off the press a brand new report seven financial Blogspot. It's a fantastic report almost every single one of her listeners can you knew of its total so wonderfully thought it was. Yeah and I want to make sure that when people come in again if you have at least 400000 safe retirement and if you have a million strategies work even better but at least 400000. You get everything Marty talked about we'll get that three buckets of money strategy here. But the main thing people need to ask your ask yourself right now folks is at this stage of your life. What percentage do you think you should have in each one of these pockets red green and yell you're not sure or you want haven't verified. Come and we'll do that for you to give you that peace of mind. You deserve all the way through retirement. And it really does not so this for years on the show it takes a war he out of living in retirement when you get the proper combination. Of risk and safety altogether. Give the number out against Thomas who reported seeing you in the office. Our goal here at the shows to help you make the best decision possible. So if you have any questions about what we're talking about how they liked your own situation. You can sit down and get a retirement road map put together. And still Caprio ID who has coached Pete's local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. Will translate for you that complex financial world into very clear instructions now if you wanna take advantage of dating this true. Practical retirement review all you have to do was give this call 800. 8511636. And remember when you come and you will receive comprehensive retirement review. That'll show you where you are now but either war toward the Napa excellent shape that outline that roadmap that vision TD you. Where you need to be to end three retirement. In short the shout nothing to lose that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 51. 1636. So we come back we're gonna continue with the common complaint from the plane it will as far as what people think about their retirement as well as go over a brand new fifteen minute retirement later. Going over what we call the retirement. Listen to your favorite shows keep up with the latest breaking news and more anytime at sock thirteen seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy the right choice. We'll be back into the financial support consumer advocates. Thomas looks good here with you studio alongside coach Pete Ruda. America's wealth financial and from those she's also a best selling author the winner of periods in these X fees and other rewards its deal with this as well. We have 25 your planner Marty Hensley as well as our chief retirement and well strategist at Parker a Holland now. For a break there you were talking curves and it reminded me we've actually got a local players here who just got signing get this on a tight in the signal one to the Atlanta Braves. We did I and it made me think about curves and anything about growing up playing baseball home in America here. You got me was so it is a gentleman down a little bit south of us and he. Then what you reminded me of was trying to learn how to third fastball or given that curve ball when I was young you always. Yeah I had to specifically had to hold the ball and there was a lot of things that you had look at now you're mentioning in retirement curves and the signal yes and stuffed closet is similar to us. Yeah well I mean there are a lot of dirty tricks played a fine twirled. You guys know I'm one of the most positive people he can ever meet insisted that streets in negative stuff out there and we see we too much of every now and then when we when we talked to folks who talked other planners and and come in here and who over what they were told in the we have to show what really gonna happen what really did happen Parker here's a here's one of the mistakes people make that could be worth for a couple 100000 dollars to them and their family if they call right now as well. They don't know win they should start drawing social security and we spent a lot of time with folks helping a map out the proper withdrawal strategy and what time to enact the Social Security. Definitely especially when your married spouses of age differences don't know how to set it up to maximize that name compass that always leads back into the planning to 121. One gentleman may say kill me off at eighty take you behind the bar open is marvelous. Today's Monday once he got to make sure to maximize knowledge for you for your spouse your family and like your saying coach. Utilize the money you've been paying into the Social Security system whole life before you pull out your retirement assets. Another one Marty this one is that they wanna leave a legacy either children or grandchildren or church but don't know how to set that up on the net to become the common complaint to be lifted and not doing an irrevocable trust that your advisors in control of mr. Trust the absolutely and that's what we talk about our show we do it quite frequently are spare and then leave. Problems that we set up just one face taking care of our people there most important to us but the most. Important thing about a spend and leave plan is that you do as solicitor our control that at all times if not it revoked what you really irrevocable trust people that term a lot of times meet you have no control over anymore. And that if you find out your advisor put themselves as a with trusting. They are in charge of giving you money not you in charge of telling them you want your money. Big big mistake Sophie have won them but I think it's time to get that arguably would think about that we've seen that way too much lately and certain financial institutions doing this automatically. A lot of financial banking institutions did all the time we see an asset balance on our state team here I mean you got to make sure when you do a trust that like Richie called the grip from the grave. Make sure you tell your terms not at institutions yet very very important. You have to show was going by so fast it has check with a producer there we've been eighteen more spots available some folks with your won the next eighteen people who call with at least. 300000 dollar safe retirement. This offers for you first will run a forensic the analysis to help you untangle what it's cost you to work with their current winner or advisor Russell gonna show you how to protect your investments and the most important part as far as I'm concerned keep more of your money in your accounts not share of the big but get rid of those financial termites will also do attacks analysis to show you I could possibly reduce your taxes folks that is very important you can legally reduce taxes. And if you do that you increase your personal cash flow. But to me the most important part of the whole quest review we're gonna do for you. It's we're gonna customize a lifetime income plan that uses proven strategies and techniques that the Turbo charger retirement income one of the things it'll. Be guaranteed to do is give you a lifetime income check delivered to each and every year we call. I need to fill up you get a financial Philip strategy of spend and leave strategy in advance to protect strategy all incorporated in this plan. We're gonna help you take the guesswork out financial and retirement planning just for you to one of the nets eighteen post or call with at least 300000 dollar safe retirement. Keep in mind as we always say our strategies work best for those of you with over a million dollar safe retirement but we won't kick you out. Won't ship 300000 dollars safe retirement we can put a plan together for you that makes sense for you and your family. That much more when you come radian would you call 21 of the next to eighteen people who call right now. Just like we've been tackling problems on the show today we can help you assess your plan and your outlook for retirement to make sure that you are on secure path. The limited but complementary review hope you determine how prepared. Your investments are to handle all the retirement of balls we talked about on the show there's include inflation Social Security health care emergency so many things the stock market volatility. Risk taxation. But here's the thing folks most important we wanna show you how to produce a lifetime. Retirement income plan that house right votes and income plan. The last Jordan higher lifetime not just the lifespan of a bank account. Now to colon and meet with still Capriati who is coach Pete a local trusted coach in the Austin area. Is 800. 85116. 36. When you call and you will receive a comprehensive. Retirement review that'll show you where you are now but much more important it'll show you a roadmap. Tiki you where you need to be. Folks there really is nothing to lose call on him and take advantage that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 51. 16 36 and for coach Pete Marty Hensley Parker a Holland and the team here we have the found information we presume it's the helpful bullet you again next week the new topics and you questions right here. Financial support. Tell us PRA. Information on its way to the strength purposes only and does not constitute investment tax relief funds information obtained from sources that are deemed to be reliable when I. We just cannot be guaranteed there Peter. We guarantees will be sorely wanting to strengthen claims paying ability of patient company. Individuals should thoroughly review the contract with specific details of thoughts become things of withdrawals from deferred annuities are generally. Ordinary income in the year there.