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The Financial Safari
Sunday, July 16th

The Financial Safari, for July 16.


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Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the on the top thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away at talk thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with talk thirteen seventy. Safari is brought to you I should do capriati's. In your taxes and insurance that I couldn't. Information provided just what it was for purposes only and does not constitute investment tax or legal advice information has been getting from sources that are deemed to be rely. What Barack receive incomplete this cannot be guaranteed either Peter. We don't always gas reliable for the usage of information discussed always consult with a qualified investment legal or tax professional before taking any action. All right you've all seen it past performance. We're talking about her best that we always look at past performance to. Basically justify our future investments but folks this week on the show we're gonna talk about how looking at past perform. Formatting and judging where you put your investment could lead to future headaches. If you don't have real plan. That Obama or. Right here on the financial so far. Hi this is coach Pete and if you've got questions and how to properly structured your assets until retirement income. You're in the right place and welcome to the financial safari. I'm Thomas Lipscomb has welcomed into the financial safari we're gonna have a blast on the show this weekend I'm joined alongside. Marty's Hensley he is a former UNC basketball player 24 years. In the planning business also in studio with us is the coach Pete to rebuild winner of two innings three XBs and two quill EC is just released a new book called America ask coach. Absolutely fantastic retailers are people receiving it. Let's like having a baby get a better receive a good. Yes and yeah a great book it is a great book I've written eight books now and they seem to get better every time I write one right Israel yes but all of them are great and really all of her different and you can learn a lot from them and we're gonna talk about today how he can write your own financial story can affect the year old author of your own retirement Marat how important is that. For everyone listening on this great day to make sure they have the right plan put together. It's absolutely crucial hole planning processes is a major. Part of that obviously so it that's that's crucially important member camera. So let me give you some bad news we can have a list here ten reasons your net stake and that's the money put aside for retirement will never be enough for retirement or did you creek that they've probably listed ten reasons there has been. The number one reason is you're not saving and retirement plan. Right okay so what does your retirement plan to what's also with. Let's turn to Thomas Marty was at this time or Thomas you're 32 years old I heard that right for once on the show at that time. I delegate and so you are probably not think about retirement but you may be chore yes so what does the retirement plan to you what does that mean. So if I think universe arm of planned it are obviously putting aside a lot of things low learns here along you know on the show alongside you coached. I would think is that plan's gonna give me from the time that I finish my working years that's I'm gonna say OK I am done I'm ready death spend more time playing golfer on bass fishing boat instead of an office. Some just gonna get me all the way through a really leading most lest we can. Yes they wanna have enough money to save for retirement you wanna put money aside right to straighten. And so you're not gonna go a game show to win the bodyguard and and that's what I had to. So whatever money put aside and so the used to be you would work for a company. Maybe thirty or forty years and then you would retire. And they would give you a check now for the rescue I feel you were working that's called a pension plan. Now. Are a lot of pension plans still available out there today we start a company. Cool you know how I like my stats I'm pretty sure there's sand around 20% of folks only have pensions now service. With less than 10% is it really well now 8%. How does not mean I know it's not feed us ads is now. Yeah. I thought the article out this chance to indicate that aren't good at most prepared better. These two buzzwords like 403 B 401K. QE SP. For a savings when it's TSB for three B is available the school teachers hospital police the nonprofit employees universities included as well. A way to save with a pretext dollar beat so is saving for a pretext dollar. Always the best thing to do though Marty a loop when it makes sense but it's not the full plan that would get to retirement you have all your money in a plan that is saved with a pretax Stallworth is that a good thing not. I took out here when you start taking money out of your pension plan because guess we have to share that money would while as give favorite uncle there Uncle Sam state and federal government always say about wealth and or federal oracle a lot of hidden relatives you don't know appear so. We save for retirement that's one reason why. Number one is people are taking advantage of their pension plans in the number two people were overtaking them Java and not knowing. That the taxes are gonna be there when they get the retired while he and so we can affect have a million dollar retirement. I'd be here. What you really don't have a million dollars wrestler if you have a million dollars and a pre tax dollar you have about 700000 dollars or so then after textile mistress that's a big difference is these you're ready to retire but really not. Now you don't need a million dollars to retire many times you need a plan that is built like a million it would built a lot of marks exactly but it took took proportional touches that's a big part of our planning process. Fights always look at the you know again we're talking about just a really a really good list actually and it's ten reasons you're not gonna have enough for retirement number one is you're not taking advantage of your retirement plans before through these forward case. Gore TSB's or if you are taking advantage but not taking vanish fully. You're not taking advantage of the company match now what is a company match officers. Crucially portals talked with a Zuma this morning where his company was of contributing. A 100% Frist the first 3% and fifty cents on the dollar for his next 3% and didn't find the value in doing that additional 3% above mystery why I salute that was baffling to me. Every time you work for a company in the the employee you're just giving you extra money you should think like this. Yeah. It just a short would have taken advantage of the attention when he would have won back then but it I want back them right I was very those two years the he just sat around and not much was really happening so we have to make sure that our money works for us basically and and again it matches a good thing it's free money for me now. I don't advise you to put too much over that match in a forward K advise them to do something else but you know it's it's better to save they air the not save at all. It's especially crucial open at least good Merrill that the company will match you because it's not those talking point this morning. Considering if you had about a dollar stock for me and you woke up this with a 150 dollars you can tell that a lot of people want to get my office at. It's it's like the way it's a way to get free money really does that mean we it's overuse that that's cliche free money but it really just free money news dudes like news right return if you have a match on here and if you're neglecting that match you're just cheating yourself it's extra money you have to ground and earns you could head for the right and Thomas that would make sense to me. No it doesn't as a great way of looking and it is something that a lot of folks up there need to be paying attention to if they are taking advantage and so if you're curious about this list we can make sure you have a copy that Dennis ten steps with with did the number of people get a copy this console sounds great. Our folks that number 808511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. So to make sure you get a professional planned by a team of fiduciary who put together a customized plan for you folks you'll need a Google anymore. Big Google be something you to stooges to to have some jokes or Google recipes but. But by the way I know someone who grew at a recipe and did it and some always put a joke breast beyond their did come out what the spokesman. No I can't play and there's a lot of joke financial recipes and joked financial people. And and people on the on Google C had to be very careful but the Internet easy but for the next fifteen callers who call in right now. We're gonna create a one page finance review. Now this review little indicate if you're in need of a full blown financial planner not very very important in this review is a 999 dollar value. Gonna give way at no cost for the next fifteen callers now it consists of taking the mystery out of the financial planning process for you by mapping out where you are right now and putting together a professional fiduciary money map. That gets you to and through retirement. All the way to H 121 and beyond that's right asset retirement and beyond all the way. To planned a 121. And that's so we put plans together you could that the 121 and we wanna make sure your money's gonna be there all the way to end through. Once when he wanted to go to 124 money still coming in confession go very very important. We're also gonna do if he report on this street report is very important does that help you untangle what working with your current winner or advisor is really costing you. It's if by simply protecting your retirement investment you could experience dramatic growth potential to be going the right way folks and that's more important than anything. Well also help you buy before he attacks analysis tuchman going the wrong way. To reveal how you could possibly reduce your taxes for overpaying taxes are going the wrong way to stretch reduces taxes and let's make sure we go long term plan on your taxes. To show you if you have too much money in a qualified plan that means money haven't paid tax on yet what it's gonna cost you to take that money on the future. So we can do is spend and leave type plan to make sure you have the right. Order of your money and also super wealth protector but be sure your money is safe for you and your next of kin. We'll also run a customize income plan that utilizes proven strategies and techniques. Which could Turbo charger retirement income and take the war he out of living in retirement. It shortly LP about taking the guesswork out of the financial planning process for the next fifteen callers this thing 9099 dollar fines review. Gonna give way at no cost or obligation. Keep it might our strategies work best for those of you with a over a million dollars but we have never turned anyone away and we never will suit your radio listener we will open our doors for you. Thomas is gonna give you out the number territory just and then if you get a business it'll make sure you keep trying because we do get a lot of calls during the suffer. Folks this. Advice like this that shows you how important it is to meet with financial coach who understands. The ins and outs of the financial world now take advantage of this opportunity to meet or free with Phil Capriati and his team. And he can make sure they hear on the right path. And that path is based on your wrist preferences your budget and your goals their number to call is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 85116. 36 we come back we're gonna go to financial Central Command. And check on economic. Yes if every talk radio program for the same. What would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics but we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas weekdays at five the seventh on talk thirteen seven's Michael Barry show. Coach a wallet channels secret. It's a case of you're talking about economic zombies are right before we had to break there. Just gotta admit C I love meeting good zombie movies yeah on the side and theft the theft. Well you know economic suddenly you look at the zombie movies and there's a lot of mouth there elder and a lot of zombie financial products to market there invest in the stock and it goes downton almost nothing and you hold it because you feel it's gonna come back but it affected still in business somehow yeah to stock prices are moving at all yeah. And as a topical DryShips DRY asked. Who's a container company they've they moved dry goods all across the world trade company indeed but they keep reverse split in which means for every hundred shares you have they give you want to know. And then they did do bad financial stuff again and do another reverse split on if you had I had only know what the numbers are now but if you have let's say 101000 shares of DryShips at two years ago yeah you probably have half once shared now all of them. It's bad that's an economic zombie that's a terrible concept I mean we need the shipping. We need these ships to move the big dry goods from one continent another Reich or yeah we haven't figured out how to transport elected to a Star Trek with that this team that's right and what they're mismanaging the heck out of the company well I guess they're managing good because they keep screw with a shareholder base and that's not what's not what we want to have happen no I must certainly is that's a scary movie there. So you know we want hey Ed a lifetime of income for the money we put aside we really do that's what's called retirement because we don't know how long we're gonna lift the string don't wanna make sure that inside our 401K we're making the right choices. And if you have a lot of these inside your 401K you and effective basically contributing to an economic some Dayton because you keep it more more money in. And they can take it more more of your money help me right now yeah have so many times people don't realize how bad their 401K performance this because it's an economic garage. Because you're putting new money in every every paycheck right. Therefore when you get your statements that looks like you're doing okay you have about what you started with chore. But if you're the one they keep putting new money and then they keep taking money out and these are the performances bad you're never gonna get we need the Big Three don't and so the goal is to always try to get this close to million dollars as possible for retirement. Or have a plan that would pay either equivalent of having a million dollars put aside for retirement. We can affect takes so would 500000 dollars or give them almost as much income as they went ahead as someone with a million dollars in the market while it's called in complaining right aren't. Take advantage of the offer there were offering because we're gonna do do that full analysis is go to say the fees expenses were under performance comparison. So at least you know when you put money in before want to you know what those fees are going to be you know what the performances compared to what you should be doing. You know everyone's different and if you member must I think they still make this mr. potato head oh yeah I think hemp you know you're in charge of making mr. potato head looking however you want. And mrs. potato head after that right company had mr. and mrs. and a lot of the equipment so you can make it out you wanna make it brightens and talk about head now just ahead of the bad guys on the hats and all that kind of stuff Doria and especially. So will we look at our financial plan it's up to us to build it how we want to build it. They want a lot of income in the first ten years or retirement other people wanna have a steady income all the way through retirement. Every single person I talked to wants to make sure that whenever they passed away the children and grandchildren take care of doesn't reflect if you don't care about their children can't do care about the grandchildren you don't know. About that how many people we said that with who they care more about their grandchildren the new children while. Commanders are just flew out there happened to my children were doing their doing very well you know and revenues particularly grandchildren my children out working in the not doing very well. Violation a grandchildren know suffer like they are out of I don't know what I'm wondering is that his children usually have the common enemy of the you're their children hate them and they're in a pair take a month. I so you have 341 K survival guide to top off the presses the dynamics SharePoint gets a copy this address is 2017. Addition we also have the 403 B survival guide. And the TSP survival guide so if you are in any three of those programs. These are pages and pages long and it basically goes through. A lot of the mistakes we've identified ways to correct it waste to see if you make a mistake and don't realize that. Also comes with a very special attachment called the true cost of fees yeah. This is they eye opener and also is a a maddening. Piece of paper you know coach when he first and only I could Malia. Marty the first time we put this together we've got met here is just a mere tools and I think that's when you look at it I mean when you when you're looking at someone who pays 0% fees and of someone who faced 3% face right you think the difference is 3% right sides of my retirement be off 3% choice so instead of having a million dollars I'll be I'll 3% less than a million dollar a century yes you know which is what. 970000. Repetitive. Is that you think the do you think we're good we're gonna we're gonna argue with the going to happen but they do think that might be a little different. Of my could be. Yeah fifth all right so instead let's talk about someone who puts in 200000 dollars okay let's assume that they have two different counts yeah. Let's say they like to give voice live to accounts they have one that's 3% fees shore let's say they only thought they were only thing they were paying 1% boots it's 3% total fees and what has no face and and let's say they get 6% interest that through the course of the time they're also again that's a great interest rate these days but let's just pretend that a vacuum nothing changes except and his no market fluctuation either count and okay so don't think it's gonna change is affected one account has 3% fees every year. And wanna count as though no face to okay that's the only thing. All right let's go forward. Until that account to. With zero fees has a million dollars I wanna prove or disprove her theory that we should have a million in in McAllen no fees and 3% less an account with 3% say you get when you said we're starting off wood 210200 K I don't thousand dollars all right. So you're 28. You have any county haven't been paying fees even grow by 6% a year no market fluctuations you have one million. Common 022 comma 337 doesn't today 1222000. All right okay now. That's where the cal would no fees what do you think you have an account we band 3% easier. Do you that is a tough question I don't think I could do that Atlanta Thomas yeah well there's certainly not none better suited out there. 'cause another ceremony at Mardi. It is 456000. Common 785. Period dates haven't supported the 6785. So you are over 500000 lists are. I'd I'd I'd done that the last thumbnail studio audience. But look at the difference though that's a lot different than 3% of blood for the 970 dollars huge. How can we even had a little Morton a million dollars in the cattle no fees we had 1022000. Us right so that is the gigantic difference that they're paying just a little bit of these that you think are gonna make a big difference. They're making huge difference in 1948 years. All right so you get to retirement. You're expected a million dollars to be there and you have less than 500000 those terrible and you're in what we call the financial red. Financial red zone. Now Marty financial red zone is when you are five or ten years right around a bit of the years before retirement although we in retirement you're in a financial read so what's the main objective Marty when we sit down with someone who's 52 were older. What's are main objective of getting close to financial red zone. Is our main objective try to get them one or 2% more return or to make sure they don't lose what they already have the advance of protects strategy. We want to be sure the cut principles protected you do not wanna wake up each day look at that this CNBC suitor. Our retirement still employs guarantee your principal of the dead to giving come to tackle the guesswork out of it going into retirement. Yeah very important Thomas you hear me talk a little time take the guesswork out of financial planning process absolutely and put together simple to understand it easy to follow retirement plan. Apps and again that's a mr. potato head type footage of when if you want a bunch of income we can help you with the income and then we decide how much income to give you over the course of your life. We usually established three or four different accounts each one growing. And it and it anytime in future you can start taken a lifetime and come out of each while and we have another account for meet emergencies like a median income short and then we have a throw up a final account. That takes advantage of the market's ups and down so we managed that accounts that say they that the true horsepower the market right but only after we have enough money put aside for income that we know we're gonna. Never outlive and we know we're gonna have increasing income so inflation can't beat us down and so. Did the money we keep the market is money on I hate using this phrase what it's money we can afford to speed we don't wanna lose it but. We have to know up front we could exact and I talked to wait too many people Marty you do too who haven't been told they could lose money when to put in the market and I don't understand this mentality. But when it goes in the market it could be lost. We receive clients every day that they did they talk about they have of account. At a certain investment firm owned or even the bank where they so well baucus investment account through the bank so it's gotta have guaranteed principal so no it's not there. Out of them not to do did two principal solitude investment through any investment firm in the country. While these are for retirement plans and I mean in plans associate any talent and on and something personal lives for. If we can't have that money go away so effect we are the financial Betsy Ross is for you we will weave together the perfect retirement plan for you. And if you are one of the next twenty callers what we'll do for your right now. We will help you by putting together a total plan for you based on what we're talking about now we'll isolate those fees will give you the 401K for three BR TSB survival guide. Will regain your tax returns to uncover those long term tax issues. Like higher raise capital gains or Social Security taxes and also help you by establishing your retirement can go how much money you really need to have a retirement you can't enjoy. Not just get us. In joy have money to do what you want to do when you wanna do it because every day is a Saturday on a weekend nice also analyze your current investments folks this is what we're just talking about this whole segment. To establish the real cost and fees and the calculated risk exposure level based on what you're doing right now. How much could you lose and how much you losing every single year. That is keeping you from getting that million dollar portfolio because of these going out again the difference between. 1022000. And 400. And 56000 up 3% the incredibly well year crazy notable and it'll do all that for you a forensic analysis tax analysis income plan. And make sure you have that totally complete and planned a 121 to retirement and beyond to call right now. So something we're talking about resonates with you go ahead pick up the phone give us a call to make sure that you had a security to your retirement resources are being managed according to your goals and risk tolerance of this call 808511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. Yes we come back it's time to get on the boat the well boat. It's won't be. Be right back to. Yes get the latest business news from CNBC's. Weekday mornings at 63830. Every weekday afternoons at 12343530. We make you smarter. Hopefully colossal make you some money stay connected with top thirteen seven lead the right choice. Notes billions. I love. Remember the song and evidence showed. And basically it was stopped. They set up for three hour tour and turn until lifetime for a lot of runs they did and they got rescued probe do Gilligan's Island as a movie about that time. But we talk about retirement and it would make fun of a lot of the plans and over the planning processes but the most important thing is that we just make sure we have the right plan for the right time pro life exactly earlier in the show we're talking about it and very special report a checklist. Ten reasons your nest day will never be enough for retirement. Okay and what's out of the summer as we talked about your not saving and retirement plan Colombia or taking advantage of the forward case for three b.s are the TS pesos to place you can say three company tea and if you are. Saving would you company you are neglecting your company match many times you won't put in up to what you're your employer will match. And the matches free money. Right yeah very early is yet another thing is maybe you didn't start saving early enough in your career. We talked about the the situation where somebody fifteen started saving two Brothers twin Brothers OK okay. And once started saving a fifteen and stop the twenty to save a hundred dollars a month a short the other guy decided at 22 to start say there aren't a hundred dollars a month yeah. The guy who started last after the other guys stopped by the way. Had to save all the way to 6500. Dollars a month and still did not have as much as his brother who started fifteenth stopped the Tony really that is incredible Sosa the first person from fifteen to twenty students stop for some reason now if he would have thought about talking to him he he would never stopped he would try to double down and make it at a but he stopped at age 42 and then let the money grow right. All right we're assuming again that indeed they took safe investments and then put the money at risk sure yes but the other brother started when his other brother stopped even well now the Johnny stopped under the seldom done to ensure and went all the way to 65 to 22 to 65 right yeah I think you have so much we're talking about 43 years for hate the other guy safe for seven years India one brother in the other brother say for forty some years I don't have as much does the time value money this. Right you'll you mentioned this on the show before health as tell really in all aspects of retirement planning everything from the health care side two to what we're talking about here at the time now. Worse yet time matters and so does Wear you invest okay. A little got a bunch of junk in our portfolio doing the. Remember remember Sanford is absolutely a lot of jump on that show I just pulled a lot of talk can jump to between gradient Brett. So we have to be careful all right so we can start early enough McRae are now we are listening and we said we'll coach Pete descendants start early and if I'm not gonna say does that let them play and I would not. I'm not who how he's gonna have to save a little bit more and you're gonna have to pay attention more or get a good win and plea entered together on your team do you gotta make sure that if you are saving you were making sure that your money is getting the maximum potential. And you're not being taken advantage of with financial termites in your portfolio and in other words too many fees expenses commissions those kind of things just. Well one thing that'll learn from you coaches a lot of folks have these a false assumptions about retirement planning whether it's a retirement age or this type assets they need to be precedents and what I found in listening to. It is. And I hope folks realize this as they listen to the show it really is a process of customization because as from from the age somebody wants to retire today and our assets and a half to thriller what they want your retirement everything is unique today it's an individual yeah. Now let's think about this when you're waxing your car. Doesn't look good when you put the wax all over don't know if what does that look good after you get a nice shot and I can't take the wax off. And you buffet up real good. It's exactly and up real good right there so lot of people may be looking at what will we design form initially let them look as good as much glorified market accounts Lotta people putting a lot of money in the stock market there and they're. And are excited because the market's upbeat over the market's failure celts don't look that good no announced it's in retirement happens that our plans really shot no pun intended for blacks amount because basically it is it's not designed to look as good as as the stock market account should not too short well there's a glorious thing in below brag that. At the party so I'm not so big grade gas but again what we say every single show global most of the time is your not up until you're out there you go you have a paper gain but it's not a real let's get into you liquid. There you got ploy you know my family spend they've been doing forming for awhile and I can imagine if you have this nice sleek new sedan that you wanna bring out onto the field and try to do the work that a tractor would do that is just not going to be able to perform same wake as a wasn't insanity same thing going on here and hasn't. Yes we have something we called financial burn rates and so it's how much money were going through every years we do long term projections based on what you wanna do retirement here's how much money going to have to have put aside if not only put aside but here's how much money's gonna have to pop out to income YT sure so would get a future income rate. A based on what you put away today. Now let's say that someone was able to put in 400000 today into account that's gonna grow for retirement and have was let's say ten years or two or board to save for retirement ya when we get up to retirement. Based on a 400000 originally put in May be able to take out 80000 here while all right so they're tears to their. Future income rate is over 10% of what they put it. Nestle which is obsolete aircraft for life by the way bully yeah exactly and castles awesome because if you think about point ADR for 400 only lasts a few years otherwise if you don't have an in place to guarantees lifetime and Terry Jo yeah it's not what you earning. It's not what you're making it's not the glorified what happens of the market up and down it's what you be guaranteed to get the rest your life with is called future income break. We aim for future income rates at least 8% of what you put away today swap contract so again if you put in neck and it all depends on us and this is like every once customize their once different but I if you put in a million dollars today and we let's say we had ten years to put too weight short torso maybe eight to ten years. We would aim for at least an 8% featuring come right on that million dollars which is. 80000 dollars a year ago yeah and so that's better than the Wall Street model they claim that 4% rule that's what they claimed ownership and they said about 92% of folks will be fine with a 4% roi of the million dollars in the market. Say you could take about 40000 out here. A camera yeah which that's a 4% 4% of the million us 40000 he got a short there's no guarantees your money well we view you can act it out with the money and that's not good notes plus in a down market if you're taking out 4% let's say you've taken out so let's say you've been in the market for a for years and even a retired now for seven great years right taken up 4% a year in the market has has not really been replenishing like you should so now your stock based on the 700000. All right the market takes a little that'd of the depth so you you're you're down 7000 instead of the million right so 4% of 700000 is only 28000. Right if you want us keep the 4% rule writer Frazier evaluate every year or not not when you started because we started 4% the million was 40000. But because you're taking money out this may be fees commissions expenses and the market dips. Well now 4% of the lower number is a lower number absolutely you're used to living on 40000 which is pathetic when you think about he had a million dollars put aside all you can take out. With the 8% chance of still about living your money. Is 40000 but now it's only 20000 of the market has doubts. You're saying we we might move away from those revise or full lays over to maybe some task seriously. Some say and there's a lot of funny business in the market yes OK yes and it doesn't make sense because if you saved a million dollars or 500000. Were 200000. Why not put in a place you don't have to worry about how living it without loosing it ya and getting a lot more income the ever would have got if you were depending on the market exactly so again future income rates of about eight. Percent will be screened for content all right. At least 6% 8% we've seen as high as 12% based on what to put away today to some open a million dollars with today in the had a had a long enough time to hold it may twenty years okay yeah. Where we asked the nest sometimes they would get 12% that which is a 120000 your for the rest of her life guarantee a single at a very very important to all using buckets strategies. Different different termed kind of savings plans and make sure that we have enough money put aside and we don't take risk but the money we can't afford to lose. You Dolan like you're just talking about they're getting started early not letting up for crescent. And generous early to start the better I don't and so consulate and again it's it's just make sure thing and this happens with many folks who have a 41 K right now they're not being offered inside their 401K income planning techniques and and options so you built up a good amount. Let's say your 59 years old or sixty years old and got to 401K now you may have available to you and I think you do. A something called in service distribution which is something a lot of times the company won't tell you about because the company that's administering your 401K they're getting paid to administer your forward today that's a pretty well many times he's they don't want to know that you can roll that money tax free into your very own individual irate. Now the most important. Warden apple phrases individualists yours you won't it's not a group plans individual irate tax free is also another good pre prepared you'll attack three. And now he can you can have all different options instead of just the 2030 or forty that your 41 K plan give while I don't have an incomplete and built in there and keep in mind your financial plan does not become a retirement plan. Until it has an income plant built and that's my definition of a true retirement plan. Is one gives you lifetime income and I want 34 or five different streams of income that I can adjust. Yeah when I get to retirement in effect we called the green flag on the mailbox so. Folks if you're interested in finding out about number one how to do how to make sure your 401K for a three beer TSB is working for you. Make sure to make the right options get a copy of the 41 K the fourth reveal the TSP. Survival guys that we have over thirty pages each. And along with a very important she called the fee worksheet what we show you. Different kind of fees that are charged and how much it would cost you over the over the term of the appeared to Tonya holding their money how much it's cost you hold it in different fee accounts. Really it makes sense and and have a real your very own customized lifetime income plan put together a customized review. And a forensic financial analysis help you identify and eliminate financial termites can one of the next twenty callers will do that at no cost or obligation few. And you know it's it's really. Getting together your very own money map having to customize. Multiple meeting Gooden might not mold that grows on our bread but multiple lucky mold in your hands again yeah. Tittle that you like a glove perfectly and that gives goal right now. That's right and our goal here that shows and hope you make the best decisions have yet any questions about what we're talking about or how it may apply to your own situation. Connect with still cat three ID and his team his senior tax and insurance advisors by calling 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. Well folks it's not just me talking about this and who's concerned I've met effect when we come back we're gonna talk about financial planning for retirement workbook that put out by Purdue university in a consumer and family services division. And this is very important two weren't from a non biased point of view thank you really need to start saving for retirement that much more come right back. Taste talk with you anywhere. On your computer or Smartphone log on to talk thirteen seventy dot com. I stay connected with top thirteen seven deep the right choice. You've made the right choice tough thirteen seventy. Freedom and the resources to do all those things you dreamed of without worrying. That's good a time and place where all your hard earned money towards food he. And tax free so. They'll capriati's. 36. Again that's. One thing. Coach I want to bring up topic that we have talked about on the showed the strategic development process I know this is something that you are passionate about it as something that you model here at the show and I was just took a wicked maybe break it down for our listeners out there really get into the meat of it. Yeah there's some simple steps five simple steps that will look simple to us tour but at a that can can put you in the right place. For the rest of your life a cut and no sentence they retirement right the rest of your life I mean we talked to people in their forties who are retired. And I talked people in their seventies who were working in still work because they like to work this trek so it's all value what you wanna do and and that's what we do the total wealth index. And build inside. The strategic development process attack and then we use all that and we incorporate into what we call you for just before a lot of times the total. Retirement plan exactly you know at least we start by reviewing tax returns. Now. If you like most people April 15 comes your pilot you put away diplomacy gets a slow but what if we could go back and look at the last three years and uncover. Long term issues maybe you didn't realize that you're overpaying ha so that's a time where we incorporate the super wealth transfer we turn taxable money into non taxable money OK now I have to pay the taxes Julia now but but then we have future income. And we have future legacies. Leading money toward Mexicans that are tax free exactly very important and that puts you in control by the way. Because you know we all worry about they were distracted by the market going up and down. But what's the main enemy of our retirement plan. This. Is the main enemy because I have people coming in every single day what coach these wells got a million dollar we had to keep a rout out. The coach of the mill is in my retirement plan. Want to make your own daughter and I have to say let's beautiful looks good on paper but you don't. I'll now turn now wandering a 600 witnessed that. Sorry about no soda. Yes along Jim anywhere within a lot longer to we have ways to combat that easy Aaliyah and what did you say Thomas what is your well I think people in their own plan. The SE get your way yes which all the time a lot of people won't pick the phone up now called getting their own way there you got a very easy to pick the phone up and called our number and so then we get a plan together for you but I so we look at taxes and then we don't just look at him with. Look at holding. A little what is that is taxes. It was the vodka what you would do let's run. And he can't hide but we can do things we can get right up the Texas face. And swept. Right so we can put ourselves to control we can we can pay taxes at today's numbers as we know what today's numbers are exactly when I was growing up of the thing I hated the worst was a guy that had the ball would always try to make the rules up. If you kick ball earlier so one guy and they would who's paired with bottom the fancy new balls Astoria and if so. What we would do though is you know what he'd do during the games he changed rules on. I know this I get four or else you get three. I am not out remember those kind of things yeah well heeled and of course they don't have a lot of us feel really commitment so. That's what the I just as they keep change liberals on this right did not allowed us managers sell our leader development process puts you in control we also help you by establishing your retirement income goals and look ahead in the future find out what your going to need a cat and we had at least hopefully twenty or 30% of that money did you. Lifestyle money money to do what you wanna do when every wanna do it there yet and we create net income plan we also look at your calculated risk exposure level what you're currently paying now. He wise and also the risk you're taking the you don't realize that we put into real number if the market did this you money would either dropped to this or gain that depending on where your row again and you know it all gets incorporated into the right plan for you. And again the main board in this whole situation. Is customize strategic development process customized means. It's all for you it's not going to these the rental house you spend a summer vacation or for week when every trying to put a puzzle together get to the last he's not there ashore yes that wasn't real putt that was the puzzle for everyone. Yeah let's put the puzzle together for you. Let's complete it with all the pieces of the customized win and that's what we did. You know financial double talk and sales pitches or just rampant out there finally folks finally someone is offering retirees and pre retirees. Common sense and straight talk folks you need to sit down and get a financial roadmap that together and Phil capriati's of senior tax and insurance advisors will translate for you that complex financial world. Instead clear instructions. This is an excellent chance treaty get a true practical financial review and for anyone listening right now the number to calls 800. 8511636. The next five callers will receive a comprehensive financial review shown you where you are now but most importantly a roadmap CDU where you need to be so in short folks you have nothing to lose called now over five chances to win today. That number's 800. 8511636. Again that's 808511636. 808511636. Thomas real quick the most useless back to the way politics fortunate that there are no rivers in Saudi Arabia. On a real issue gonna take your guy had a gap is they don't. We'll Thomas that's when we show has an event and it has the better. I hope everyone enjoys as much as we've talked here on the Mike and folks would look forward to visiting with you next week same time things they shouldn't write yeah. On the financial so far. Us currency array. For reasons why this what is the strength. Purposes only and does not constitute investment tax relief response information obtained from sources that are deemed to be reliable when I. Peter. What guarantees can easily financial strength and claims paying ability sweet company. Individual should thoroughly review the contract specific details of the its components of withdrawals from deferred annuities or you know. And when you're near me. Take a talk with you anywhere we'd be on the news talk thirteen seventy app lets you. Keep up with the latest breaking news and our search for top thirteen seven.