Financial Safari, 7/22

The Financial Safari
Sunday, July 22nd
The Financial Safari, for July 22.

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This episode of mania safari does not mean I built Capriati yeah you're taxed and yeah I. Are all your retirement. And information provided is for certain purposes only and does not constitute investment tax relief would price information has been obtained from sources that are deemed to be relying. What they're accuracy and completeness cannot be guaranteed either Peter. Well hello America it's going to be a great show this week had a interesting survey just saw this past week one of the three Americans has zero saving for retirement we're gonna go through the eight steps for retirement plan to live forever as well as they very special guide how to protect your net stake in nine easy steps folks you really need to hear about this if you read all glory. That your retirement planning. Hi this is coach Vinny and if you've got questions on how to properly structured your assets until retirement income. You're in the right place and welcome to the financial and safari. Now coach I'm only thirty but a statistic like that it sounds crazy to me that folks just aren't saving for retirement now folks on consumer advocates consulates and joint alongside the selling author America's wealth financial and income coach that is coach Pete Dirita he's also the winner of two and he's now what are we talking about here are folks really just Nazi times say. Well there's so many different risks that we have to basically plan for we're talking about retirement planning it's not just the market risk OK now we were diverted what that it's it's all we ever hear about it I was a market does and what does not doing whatever but. That's it that's and that the big risk on it it's not the only -- OK so what else is that what we have is a big list obviously an attempt at all today but there are a lot of different there are a lot of different things that can pop up on the way to retirement and what you're into retirement they can derail what you thought would be successful retirement plan on an OK and we have country -- the country you live in believe or not has a wrist just the power of the dollar you hear about that time I yam assures so if we have a good exchange rate and your traveling in retirement we can get a lot more bang for your buck if they have a bad exchange rates gonna cost you up more restoration. Yeah I used to traveling your form a role in their exchange rose like a dollar 45 per euros so you would just lose crazy enough money when you never yeah. So the market risk we call big market risk the minutes also price risk the that the risk of the stocks that you're holding being worth less when it's time to liquidate or your bond prices falling when you're holding him those terrorists as if interest rates go up bond prices go down so that's very get very careful on that political risk what's gonna happen who knows the effect that gosh every single day you never know audience here today that this should but putting together a list and there's eight steps were retirement plan to live forever we want to make sure that our retirement plan is forever we want our money to outlive us that I have talked to some people they say they don't care about their money and they want their last check that they write about the only problem is we never know when the last check we're gonna write spot on Erica hill right this second deadline tomorrow. You wake up exactly it's like Ralph auto target the other thing over and over again. So that put together little checklist here will go through some of these and it's just about looking at where you are now and making sure that number one you trust your plan do you trust your planner and many times what I'm seeing is the plan are to get cute to retirement is not the planner that's going to have the right plan to get you through why are OK okay so I'm looking like those kind of things different goals here I guess yes and when the big culprits that drains people down in the planet in Iraq the plan is something called minimum required distributions fossil what are those MR days or are indeed required minimum distribution to both both mean the same thing a -- you have money and hiring these before one k.'s fourth three Beazer TSB's when you reach a magic age of seventy and a half. The government makes you start taking money out makes you yes even if you don't want to take money out they make you take money out OK okay doesn't sound like the worst deal in the world and know what's going on well let's say you don't want to take them rule. And I make you take money out the F pay tax on it when you take it out so that's why they make. So if there was a way which by the way there is that you could put some your money away that's an IRAs and 43 B 401 k.s all the money the government has have to take out of seven have struck. If there was away were you wouldn't have to do that based on the government's rules would you wanna find out about that some remarkable more control from me yeah I didn't wanna have those required minimum distributions and a seven and a half there are ways we can delay that are okay now and you're just -- -- you're not repealing the fifth and expect that you're kicking the can down the road alone eventually you have to take money out no one of the big problems we talk about planning for retirement is coming up with a realistic picture of today's expenses in today's values new building with inflation and what it's gonna cost tomorrow oh the next day the next year the next decade and that's for a lifestyle you whatever is happening in what you gonna lose income wise yeah a lot of people don't don't have to think about this but if one of the -- passed away a lot of times some of the income goes with a while gathered that's a good thing to think about something I don't think about where I currently animal working yours yes that we look at where we are right now and again that's all financial planning is basically and retirement planning is looking at where you are right now the destination you're going down the road you're on and making sure the road you're going down. Financially. Is really the road that is both beyond its Q2 and through. Retirement and Thomas many times we call ourselves financial navigators because we have to get people back on course makes a lot of sense and if you're you know when your on the journey many times you don't realize how far off the course you. Ya ya know what else can I ask you this you know there's that old analogy with guys driving down the road coach that we refuse to ask for directions we refuse to stop at a gas station did you run into that with the with retirement plan. And it's the same way we did that we get ready donate to match. And then we realized maybe we did need a map and we tried to somehow blame it on someone yeah yeah I think that makes sense all right so when we get on that trip when we when we get our journey together a financial journey. We didn't know with confidence that we're going the right way and we need to review that. Have to wait points we call to hey we're morons and that's what their points do the way that they check did the air traffic controllers have some to call weight points out there so when you're when the pilots and here they can check how close they are two with a supposed to make your own or did beacons that are al-Qaeda while so label we're on our journey go through retirement and we have a confident when we know except what we're doing. We can be off and running I don't worry anymore right mystery and so but too many people I talk to each and every day are dealing with the wrong winner for the wrong time otherwise the next yeah and you know we'll fix it right really laugh at this when I hear certain financial organizations bragging about how they were ranked number one or two or three and one like parents of one of the big magazine to what shall I know what you have to do then if you have to listen to the disclaimer at the end how they were ranked that way oh really excited and I you know I I wrote the book fine print fiasco site with analyze fine print because I know the brochures give us. And fine print does what does what it taken it'll take so let's. It and so does the funny thing in the -- point is after they say this institution as fine of my financial planners are ranked number one or two in the nation whatever half that it says based on these chart. On what you want disclaimers little you know and some other things but you know that's in their equation is how much money they're making off how does adding that an oral so that I want to bring about how much money they're -- -- do -- commercial designed to make consumers like it's a good thing why out of those crazy just will be very careful with someone's reading about how good they are they based on what show me the parameters and let's look at that fine print the traits that Thomas won in three Americans have less than a dollar safe retirement. One in one and three have less than a dollar I'm completely like coffee at Starbucks yeah. With the retirement plan wow that is growth and so that's not good no it's not so people who have more than 200000 a safe retirement is about 18% of their listening look at 200 up to move you know 200 plus pitch up though that's not the. Alternate place debate. At least they are on track. To what we call sleeping well at night folks you really need to have those accounts set up correctly especially for getting into what we call the financial reds. Don't read don't sound right there which is 52 or older it's time to look at your financial plans and make sure that some of Columbia start to build retirement plans into the air you keep in mind you don't have retirement plan with you have lifetime of systematic income that can never go away throughout your life and that as a main problem out there there's a lot of problems and my world but folks many of them are correct the bullet and fixable don't put off picks humid too it's too late so for the next on call to call today we're gonna create a one page finance review now this review in indicate if you're in need of a full blown retirement plan or not. And Thomas keep in mind this review was they 9099 dollar value. We're gonna give away absolutely free complimentary with no obligation to the next and callers who have at least 200000 dollars say for retard you minder in that great zone if you have that money saved and let's make sure we do the right things with a now what does that consist of his mapping out and taking the mystery out of the retirement planning process by showing you where you are right now while also run a three report after this folks is a very revealing report and it's embarrassing many times we printed out and show what do you how many feet you're paying you don't even know very important to help you untangle what working with your current planner advisor is truly costing you and see if by simply protecting your retirement investment you could experience what we call dramatic growth potential also good attacks and -- sister Billie can possibly reduce your taxes that's very port as well but most importantly we're gonna run a customized income plant that utilizes proven strategies. And techniques which could Turbo charge your retirement incumbent folks if you do that. You surely we'll take a -- out of living and really living in retirement in shortly up to take the guesswork out of retirement planning process for the next ten powers that's a comprehensive funniest review it's a 999. Dollar value Thomas but we're gonna get away to the next ten powers as soon as you open the phone lines up so again the next and followers call right up to get a busy signal keep calling because we will make sure that you get your playing done for you. Finally someone is offering retirees and pre retirees common sense and straight talked. There's still a financial double talk and a retirement sales pitch folks you need to sit down and get a retirement Redknapp together. And bill Capriati who has coached Pete's local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. Will translate for you that complex financial world and have very clear instructions. This is an excellent chance for you to get a true. Practical retirement review. And for anyone listening right now the number to call is 800. 8511636. When you calling you will receive a comprehensive retirement review showing where you are now. But most importantly a roadmap to teach you where you need to be. In short folks you have nothing to lose call on and that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 80851. 16. 36 speaking of road maps we're gonna go through hell to build a proper financial and retirement plan roadmap and held math really is money. We come right back. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere on the radio dot com. Looks to be just joining us I am consumer advocate Thomas looks him in studio here with coach Pete Dirita and actually us it was just walked and who is that coach. Well we have our chief planner from upstairs Parker Holland are joining us in studio Parker welcome Annika says Thomas they welcome and market. Went and Carla the other day oh did you think that the you know have a really go to Carla you feel like you didn't attack ethnic bigotry and I think people have that same kind of theory when they think about financial folks because I hear all the shows out there yeah let's be honest Lieberman gushes a gimmick one gimmick after another Ochoa feels like shark would all your life. It shows tell you how you gonna make a million by you quit your job you start to show you how to make a million in the market at this to a piece on how many times that has not worked by the way I'll load up. Yeah you're not gonna get rich quick and that's what they do what we wanna do is get cute comfortable slowly date and so I was pondering on the way in the studio today we're gonna talk to Parker about this in a minute though but how confident are you right now that your plan as that is set up right now how confident are you bet it won't get Q all the way through retirement wouldn't know war. That those checks Lois come to the mailbox with all the green flag on the mailbox with a 100% certainty and you'll never have a problem. And if you can't answer a 110%. To that question. You really need to get any real retirement. Income plan put together it's not just a financial plan which resolute sometime bond you wanted to lump sum. And you say gosh I got a good golf slumped after they retire. Barker Eumig you know people an affair with a retire when he retired Thomas you two ya. You know every day's a weekend every day's a Saturday and that's the paychecks stop coming from the company the paychecks now have to come from duke. You other pension master Asia so it's up to you to pension ice Euro won't slow. So what does that mean you mean you make your own stream of income he can now with you need to consistent persistent. Reliable and guarantee that rescue like a stream of income. And we need to eliminate the hidden enemies somewhat so hidden some are really hiding the hidden in plain sight of the IRS. They. Finished fifth. And they're going to be here the state income tax authority to your instinct. S and in both states do and then we have these expense of the commission's attempt so how important is that for you to keep more of your money in your pocket. Utilizing all the tools and techniques that are out there to minimize or eliminate unnecessary risks fees or commissions. Yeah well I mean I look for every deduction every year on a tax returns while an idea that doesn't and to retire out there saying gosh we're not sure or yes we have the slump some what are we gonna do with a and a well the first step is not to do anything. Ochoa right coach speak this that do not do any thing it to get the right plan. And we've seen so many mistakes made were people say one's gonna take a 41 KM put in my stocking cap management cell phone now. And they roll it over or to bring it out they pay taxes really do that the wrong way if you're moving your money. And we hear the stories all the time about people who hire home movers and I don't know if they're bonded or whatever they did the furniture doesn't get their T next to your next hole was no damage or the put in front yard run don't bring it yeah. So right now a lot of people have that movement and in operation where they said one retired I'm gonna move my money he'll be here the movers come the financial movers come and they leave all your stuff in the dark and put in the house and big unprotected in the when the rain comes of people steal things is fees expenses commissions and tax season. So if you're not again you're not a 100% sure that you have that lump sum again and taking your financial planner turned into a retirement plan. Give a call right now and we can do it for you can at least give you look an overview a satellite view. Of where you are right now and make sure that your your the destination you're headed to and that journey you're on is the right place for you and your family. Financially speaking. Retirement speaking very very important because we talked about earlier on the show. How so many people don't have. Harley enough safer retired exactly so we're gonna go through example what Parker a minute but I want to give a number of folks if you really curious about what your wants some can translate to as far as they lifetime of guaranteed income with no Maurice of market law and now we again we have we have all the different tools and strategies available to eat no demand in our inner firm here so we can do risk we can do safety I like to put a perfect playing together yet for the very first thing we do more talk about retirement. It's put retirement income plan together that has inflation protection that would increase your income as you go through life. The number reached they'll capriati's senior tax and insurance advisors is 808511636. And that's 80851. 1636. Parker we see inflation is a big hindrance for a lot of people as a it is and most people don't take into account that a gentleman who brought at a retirement plan last week and the one thing assault. Page one was they didn't even take inflation to count over thirty years to his very winner his current planner well that's not a planet than all this happened. His car salesman remained exactly the assault of a bunch of stuff and make a lot of commission that didn't help that the quiet out. That'll never happen while never. That at Thomas so it every way too much it's it's ridiculous just even here that this is still going on you know that was his money was as money protected at least from market law goes 100% at risk in half of them sitting at large cap over inflated stocks you know a lot of people ask themselves and if you're not you should be. Cannot protect and preserve my assets against market volatility. And you know and win a lot of times the worst enemy is the investor though when the market goes up and they have a profit you instead of blocking that in again you're not up until you're out instead of blocking that while playing Vegas taken money off the table. What do they do they pile more money on the table though and anyone who tells you the market will never go down is lying to you we know what will accept the couple times in this century already yeah. I've mentioned your 20012. In 20078. Even not too far away but gosh we have very short term memories these days don't we do. I didn't say when they last Wednesday that the do you guys remember what you get for general as well not a sale last night I'm also a let me this morning at a benefit was trying to make it more complicated than that that yes that again last night I mean you know it's always I know what I do yet I'm Ellen creature of habit amateur every week there's a pizza and involved them out like that that accounts that talk or do right that he can't and then maybe hamburger from from a fast food restaurant now. Now then the one of our staff in the office was nice enough I don't know if it's nicer people to tighten up to bring to box of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts in the other moon night I'm all the little I would definitely I resisted. For about thirty minutes as well let's now look don't you want to. But I was proud of myself I I I left two bites of money in a through way affect. If pointed divers. About that and maintain control so busy that you're driving down the road and you see that red sign lit up that Krispy Kreme. You're right over there right yeah ever had the hot doughnuts that Chris beat wrong yes I mean you can keep this before I realized there were fat grams and stuff like this back in the day and how little yeah. We could eagle doesn't this thing it's fifty yup I was back a little coach Pete Pace in like fifth grade when we would brag to each other how many pizzas we ate at the pizza buffet firm off right by only good pizza but they get two or three in your full right yeah yeah. Crazy all right so it's very very important week when we come back at the next level gonna talk about. Pacific case example we call it if we had a million dollars gonna go through that minute but. A wanna make sure this is very important to me and it should be important to you what is your retirement alpha. And retirement alpha is how mortality credits in proof retirement outcomes so let's look at that that's at the note the complex term this alpha beta and gamma. In the financial world. Just like incredible Hulk hit right the fact that so but for the next ten callers who call and right now we're gonna creating one page financial review I'm holding it up right now you see it it's it's packed with information while caller yeah I mean it isolates where you are right now. It also shows you steps you can make to get on the path to the perfect plan that you need. For your life. And it'll indicate also if you're in need of a full blown retirement plan or not and keep in mind this the 999. Dollar value. We're gonna give out absolutely free and complementary with no obligation to the next and callers who have at least 200000 dollars dedicated and save for retirement. Folks are we'd love to help every single person is listening. If Jamaican tickets cell death to be some chicken available to make it but I knew each and so if you benchmark and saved 200000 or more we can help you get to that next to realm of the relay race and what this will consist is taking the mystery out of the financial planning process by mapping out for you where you are right now and it will design a full blown retirement plan while also running a three report that this is very very important. Because it will help you untangle. What working with you current planner or advisor is actually costing you and see if by simply protecting your retirement investment. You could experience dramatic growth potential. We're also gonna perform that vitally important tax analysis. To reveal like possibly reduce your taxes you can reduce your taxes it's a good thing by the way that's for legally if it felt a long way taxable and elevation and throw it. So we'll also run a customized income planned this is the most. Vital part of any. Financial planning Matt affected doesn't turn into a retirement plan until. You had that customized income plant that uses proven strategies and techniques. Which could Turbo charger retirement income and the most important part. Take the glory. Out of living in retirement would get a retirement let's not Horry let's worry about where we're gonna go Max not with the checks are coming are not a doubt OK and for the next five callers that the copper here to find its review to 9099. Dollar value we're gonna give it away absolutely free and complementary. You know the first step really is to sit down what the financial coach it's something that we're talking about on the show today resonates with you and he filled need to just get that second opinion or if you wanna make sure your plan really is aligned with you were goals and that very important risk tolerance that we talked about. Just colon. And you can meet with bill Capriati who has coached Pete's local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. Will translate for you that complex financial world into very clear instructions. Take advantage of this true practical retirement review all you have to do was call sent 800. 8511636. And you will receive a comprehensive retirement review the show you where you are now. Much more importantly a roadmap to EU where you need to be. That number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 808511636. Only come back we're gonna talk about the four buckets of retirement and health safe. Doesn't have to be born. We believe in better a better way to invest. A better way to serve you. And a better result we can help you determine how much risk you're taking red flags they could be potential problems for you. How much obtain these commissions potential tax liability for even how to address Social Security. Cult built everybody at 808511636. Again that's 808511636. 'cause I was talking to my uncle the other day and we were talking about a topic that you were quite passionate about their gadgets on all the intricate details about it that is the financial reds on once circular might not talking about double the financial reds. Just felt support there you know if if you're basically Thomas it's pretty easy to understand and and and is no there's no concrete. Age or whatever but that's five or ten years before retirement. Gore and door five or ten years. Into your retirement one a year halo around your retirement date understood the ages stars really depends on when you want her Sheridan have adjusted to the ballpark number and this is where I really start getting worried if I'm talking to somebody and their over the stage and they really haven't thought about retirement right and they have no plan put together and in all the money's just scattered. Scattered smothered covered it chopped off. What it is always the way you like secrets that while Ohio snot out of actually had to hash browns now I guess net net S. You know a lot of people just they're all over the place. And so the financial redstone says at your age 52 world are in my opinion we really need to start figured out how to translate that lump sum you have yet into a retirement income and it's not that much fun to talk about because we're talking about the risk your life. We talk about mortality we talk about when people pass away. And here's one thing we don't talk about we don't talk about our plans when we set him up ever passing away Newton and I plan to 121 while it if you reach 121. Congratulations. The plan doesn't stop but we just say Clinton won 21 because I don't know anyone who's lift of 121 and he got an idea so we call out kicking our coverage units that's with the call of the football world but it's a good thing in this instance because it doesn't matter how long you live you're always gonna get that income and if built right you'll get increasing income exact and there will be no worries that the market goes up or down it doesn't matter for the income type plan the market goes down. You don't lose what you've already gained and you still get income account growing your coming in for yeah. And even if your account balance goes to zero in the future if you have a proper and complain you still get that yearly income check for the rest your life while Parker that is valuable. That's the most important key to every plan we put together he talked about peace of mind and what's overused cliche of peace of mind you know they come into our car lot get peace of mind with our extent award deal whatever it took until something happens and go and sell now look at the little fine print. You have them then it about X yeah. That is well everyone's bought car right yeah. The the brochure give us. What is the fine print do take it to take it the way and so to me I've always read brochures from the back to front or contracts from the back to front because where they hide stuff at the back. It out. Where they were the bad guys the tough guys when he watches TV shows and like the mafia shows what they easily put the dead bodies. Ahead and trust. If that's so let's make sure it then apply if there's any bad things it'll kill your plan in your in your plan as it is today and and a lot of people they are sitting on plans they're sitting on a time bomb they don't really know what's happening and it's not your fault if you if you like that because your planners told everything's fine exactly you know if that I've had a nickel for every time someone came and said well we heard on the radio it really sounds do we we don't know we have a financial planner retirement plan we know we don't have income. But our planner keeps telling us everything is fine and same thing happened in the year 20020078. When people's balances were very low. And they would say what our winner told us. It's just a paper loss. And a lot of people still haven't recovered from that while you hear about the Dell going bananas but a lot of people's plans have not recovered so Parker. I'd be here rich. We haven't done this in a couple weeks but I thought a big good time to do one of our million dollar case example look for doing a Parker you've got somebody you tell mr. and mrs. Smith how original. And I have to work to go to Washington FF yeah. What if your name as mister mister Smith were not talking about. That does have made up names right here right at their names were not mister mister Smith but. What we're looking out was they were both around the age of sixty and had a million dollars in their retirement assets and we are just looking at turning now to an income stream it was like you're talking about coach. Bills and taxes don't stops but paychecks do so we had to create their own so what we were looking at here was a million dollars they were retiring next year. August 1 they were done so what we're looking at doing was saying how much income we can get and the worst case markets an area. And we ran through a 221. And so what we're looking at. Both of them they had Social Security we know that's never enough that's kind of a buffer and our plan by the Social Security's good thing to work in the players are definitely looking accusations strategies in the best way to file so if you can get more Social Security it's a good thing holdup. Never got to get money Anderson secrets of people know delegate been with fewer Mary for ten years and now divorced you may have. Access your back that's where your expelled without knowing about it while not a bad not a bad little thing that would make your numbers better yes. Their expenses were relatively low they had a million dollars they were sixty put their life expectancies along way away. Now we ran through once when he won. We can assume to be closer than nine. 50000 dollars a year out of their retirement assets that's a 5% pay out. With zero market risks your risk zero risk incredible. So 5% but you also did topical to spend relief plan formed in exactly and with that's definitely evil we like doing is even though your depleting your assets that we once you when both you and your wife or spouse husband passed. To make sure that that NASA was still there for a legacy and so just to be simple to do is to really symbolize that down but the with a torn up about her. Yeah at at that they start with a million right around a million and they had a 50000 dollar income starting at what age. 86161. So there's so they're big they're not letting the money build all the sort of take money out right away yeah it's a few started taking in the money out of a million dollars right away without a plan put together. You'd have like 23 or four years and be gone no doubt yeah it did you have zero and zero is not to hear a case right. And we and we ran it thirty years out and not only did they received from a million dollars. One point nine million in income. They still had one point four left at age ninety so spend and lead they spent a lot of money and then when they passed away they've left more than he started with to their kids. Well the big board a lot of times for people as they don't want to. You know they don't wanna spend money and have it all disappear and be well they're here they sure wanna list lease on the kids that don't wanna pass away and have nothing to the kids real. Raw. If your kids wouldn't be too happy if they do about that it would and you know because I had to put that increasing income in there so we started at fifty but over that same amount of time it grew every year and ended up close to 76000. Around us thanks so enemies demonstrate each year when they went in for their. Financial fill up to get detected for share was 50000 but it increased over the term exactly ever got more and more income Thomas while and did it take more risk for that. No more risk if we were maximize an outside but we kept the foundation plays zero market volatility. So this is one of the topics we cover our total retirement plan for all listeners and so if you won the next ten callers you can have your very don't total retirement plan done which will include the standard we've planned. The nest egg guide the Social Security mechanization strategies a true income plan that has maximize. Income potential an increasing income. Throughout your life. And if I sound passionate about this it's because I can't even and the reason why. Is is way too many people out there you were you listening right now to drive another road you may be one of them that think they are fine but they never really looked at what kind of income they can get from their lump sum. You in effect have what I call it lump sum. Time mountain. And if you're not retired yet you may not realize this but when you retired I've seen this Parker you see it every day two when we sit across the table from someone in there looking at the lump sum it's almost like you're at the table and you and they bring all the money and you put it all on the table and say OK now let's play a little game. Let's pretend each year yet to reach of that won't summit take money out. To Linda yes about that. It's not too fun to reach in the first thought that money out of the market did the big pile shrinks a little bit yeah let's say the market goes up to you have a little bit more going yet aren't that's good so took it. What you need to have happened there you need to not live too long and you need the market go up like crazy cool to have that successful if you don't have a a troop went right and let's look at the wrong side though let's say the market goes down. So your pile diminishes what you're watching it you haven't taken money out the market took the money nationally are still got a pension and then knuckle sandwiches and it takes money so tax efficiency. Market efficiency and making sure you know which are standard deviation is make sure you're not taking too much risk for the time you like three and right now is very very important to point though we perform the tax analysis. We gonna take the mystery out of retirement planning if you're in debt. Financial red zone which is 52 and older. You really need to find out about the total retirement plan and now look at applied to UN. And if you want the next ten caller you can have that done at no cost or obligation is a 9099. Dollar value at least 200000 save for retirement. Our goal here at the shows and hope you make the best decision possible. So if you have any questions about what we're talking about how they apply to your own situation. You can sit down and get a retirement road map put together. And still capriati's who has coached pizza local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. Will translate for you that complex financial world until very clear instructions now if you wanna take advantage of getting this true. Practical retirement review all you have to do was give us call 800. 8511636. And remember when you calm and you will receive comprehensive retirement review. That'll show you where you are now but even more important than that looks or Shea that outlined that roadmap that vision TD you. Where you need to be two and three retirement. In short hook shot nothing to lose that number once again as 800. 8516. Team 36. Again that's 800. 511636. Start gonna finish to show up when we come back we're gonna talk about what a true diversification model is and also go into more detail on what a standard. Deviation. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere you all know pretty old stuff come out. Check your bones absorb or visit to a thirteen seventy dot com slash apps. I've got article right in front of me from the center for retirement research at Boston College. It came out in May of 2017. And Thomas wanna guess with the title with her I think at that you haven't yet be abilities and no I don't all right so here is how will more retirees affect investment returns our interest and this they comprehensive report you know when universities do things they. It's got. How many pages at seven pages of footnotes. It never footnotes I. In his day absolutely knows what weirdest and NS want to think about and it's something really you know on the geek when it comes to the financial world and this does keep me up at night sometimes ago. I don't sleep about 4 o'clock duke. Didn't benefit if we do let's all of us who think about this all right so what caused the market boom originally arts we have to get into our. With the back for the future we talked about. Because that's the date 1974. Can be debated for some people but somewhere around there may be eighties at the late seventies early eighties when the for what they was developed yet. All right so why would before we K be in developed helped the market out. More people put an end there yeah yeah because before that it was he had to have a lot of money to put money in the mark Oden. Even back then if you want to trade a stock it was like 5060 dollars for trade put you dollar ticket you know percentage of of blood money per share you bought Henri regulation I mean everybody I've bought stock onetime right out of college right there in 1988 and it cost me like 500 bucks to buy a couple hundred shares of both the the company. Now think about that were used to seven dollar trades now trying to Thomas the I just said it cost me 500 bucks to buy one set of train like 200 shares short yet if I want to sell at a cost another 500 bucks polio and so because trading got so cheap that they traders came and that's why the market moves all around from day to day you turn the market on in the day in the morning and it's up in the it's already held and ends up but we're started yet but they try to catch -- but what's the main reason the markets are going at one of the main reasons is a 41 K because. Millions of people putting money into their retirement plans to their 401K. And when you put money before we take us what they have to do with that money at the company and thus they have been that. Thompson's non nobody got back I think they're not Thomas on the radio at Connecticut that's right all right so. But what happens here is win the money goes in it's artificially inflating the market isn't it or is full of hot air and on and so what the article talks about here is. How will more retirees affect investment returns when people difficult the transition effect when people stop. Putting money in number one the market stops going up as fast but then not only that. But they've. Brought the train to a stop and also they whip it into reverse what happens they're taking money out. Think that might put downward pressure on their so again it's almost gave a musical chairs who's gonna get their money out first and then who's gonna say while this week for. Next week in the market recovers and what keeps going down to who wants to be deficit. So let's design a true income when one that takes that worry out of living in retirement and if you won the next twenty call hours of the week for the show and keep in mind folks when you do call in you may get a busy signal. Because a lot of people call and you may not hear back from the staff to the next day. But keep in mind your phone calls or launch when you call so you don't have to call 34 times want to leave a message. We've got that message and we promise we'll call you back the next business day up you're one of the next quite close to call and right now we're gonna create. A one page finance review. Now this review little indicate if you're in need of a full blown retirement plan or not and keep in mind this at 9099 dollar value gonna giveaway complimentary would no obligation to the next twenty callers who have at least 200000 dollars say for retirement. Now the most important part what this will do for you it'll take the mystery out of retirement planning process by mapping out for you the most important part where you are right now. So many people don't know where they are right now in the finance world. We're also gonna run out the report folks this is enlightening because that helps you untangle what working with your current planner advisor or yourself is truly costing you. In exposed and hidden fees expenses and commissions and you can eliminate the unnecessary fees risking commissions you can protect your retirement investment and you could experience dramatic growth potential. We're also gonna perform attacks analysis to reveal hike possibly reduce your taxes but what I think and Parker of the USC over not there in an easy thing to hold up to one page finance review but I think them the most important part. Is we run a customized incomplete and the utilizes proven strategies and techniques which could Turbo charge your retirement income and if you do it right we'll take the warrior. I don't whipping. In retirement it shortly help you by taking the guesswork out of the financial planning process for the next twenty dollars that's a comprehensive financial review. It's a 9099. Dollar value can in giveaway complementary with no obligation. Just like we've been tackling problems on the show today we can help you assess your plan and your outlook for retirement to make sure that you are on a secure path. This limited but complementary review hope you determine how prepared. Your investments are to handle all the retirement balls we talked about on the show this include inflation Social Security health care emergency so many things the stock market volatility. Risk taxation but here's the thing folks most important we wanna show you how to produce a lifetime. Retirement income plan that's right folks and income plan. The last Jordan higher lifetime not just the lifespan of a bank account. Now to Colin and meet with still Capriati who is coach Pete a local trusted coach in the Austin area. Is 800. 8511636. When you call and you will receive a comprehensive. Retirement reviewed it'll show you where you are now. But much more important it'll show you roadmap. Tiki you where you need to be folks there really is nothing to lose call on him and take advantage that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 511636. Well fast moving show folks I hope you weren't a little bit today were always here to help you with more advance knowledge customized for you for Thomas this the part or all of this is coach Pete we'll join you next week right here on the financial so far. Morris PRA. Permission to find its way to the strength purposes only and does not constitute investment tax relief funds information contained. Sources that are deemed to be reliable but accuracy completeness cannot be guaranteed their Peter. What guarantees can easily financial strength and claims paying ability PC company. Individuals should thoroughly review the contract specific details of call us income payments of withdrawals from deferred annuities are still. Ordinary income in the year there.