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The Financial Safari
Sunday, July 8th
Financial Safari, for July 8.

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And this episode of mania safari just got my build up everybody and senior tax and yeah I. All your retirement and. Information provided is for certain purposes only and does not. Investment tax will be live on its information that benefit from sources that are deemed to be rely. What Barack receiving the weakness and guarantee either Peter. Forrest Cassel liable for the usage information discussed always control and qualified investment legal or tax professional we were taking any acts. Love America it's coach speak I hope your enjoy doing. And say this week on the show gonna talk about the retirement income train station. Into retirement and helped to build a better portfolios on this link shows they do. This is coach Pete and if you've done. How to safely and properly allocate your investments. You're in the right place welcome. To the financial support. I'm excited to get incidents show I am consumer advocates tons of students here with me. Best selling author and America's twelve financial and income coach as well as winner of three X these two in the he's acted keep going on for awhile looks that is. Which beat Hillary does it at that if you don't care it's I'm doing great let's welcome in our student intern have a guilt under yes Abbie cats. Hey it's another week has gone by it's funny how fast this year's client Alitalia. And sooner or later have you had about school Thompson beset on for now I'm adding that. So say it's. It says the fast moving world and we can agree on that and we look at. Companies that we never even heard of before they are skyrocketing in perceived value they're not really publicly traded yet I wanna. A talk about and laid a daily money minute I do locally in Raleigh Durham area. A company called goober okay yah and and Abby and use Hoover definitely into lovers become almost like Whitney Houston wanna make a photocopies ago Xerox that for me is straight and in the matter of it seems like no time at all. Is there it's at a slam then I'm gonna get that from point a to point beyond that over country got so if in 2010 if you've been lucky enough to know the insiders when Hoover was just a bright idea and he put a hundred dollars then. By 2015. It would be worth over a million dollars. Why maybe we own daughter and that's amazing to me. But incredible talking Abby Abby how many times did do you use Hooper and those in a week probably at least 33 a little. And I do too whenever I travel you know I don't think about a cavity more moments. Who replaced Ollie. College campuses I mean yeah that really where Dugard yeah thriving on man had aunts and they have goober eats will bring food to get to right so it's pretty neat it's and he dug into the Thomas will we talk about over you act like you're not too. They will now I've actually never use the service America Dahlia astonishing got a car drive here in Norton has not appear to download the axle wants you wanting to get you to download the app they adjusted now. This attack on a really good job I just wish if they could invent a new overtime machine I would go back to 2010. Now what by more than a hundred dollars yeah and I'd be retired to go. That now. So today we're gonna talk about the how to build that better portfolio Erica and had a transition into retirement. And something called pension maxim is patient and the strategies that go along with that making sure they when you retire Abby now getting started working vehicles are still in school but let's say you work for forty years and you retire would you like to get as much income as possible when you retire after. But would you want to take those smaller amount. My off I go that well that's why pension Max has been that that's the slang term or is this really taken off and attention mats position as a way to. Maximize the amount you get. And this really comes into effect when we're talking about a husband and wife because back in the oval still today for most people like the say back in the old days but back in the old days before this concept became. Realize yeah which you do issued work for company and then you'd have that would basically three options some more variations of the three main options when you retire one is a life only option. And that means for your life you get a maximum of income and the best way I can assure. If you best way one day later. All the money's gonna if you go fifty years they still are on the hook for that okay yeah that would come in handy for a single person because they would get a Max income doesn't care about anybody Korea and answer might even also come in handy facility doesn't that's about it. But if you care about your spells which you usually do is take. One of these two options one is called joint and 50% survivor option attack which means you get a lesser amount let's say the life only option we give 2000 a month OK okay so you were guaranteed to get 2000 a month no matter what and when you passed away that money disappear. So you can take a new life and 50% survivor option which would give you 16100. A monthly had a 400 hours. Decree to shore but if you passed away your spouse would get half what was coming in so instead of 16100 your your spouse would now get 800 while look at my spouse that doesn't sound too good. Because I'm used to live and on sixteen under with you and you're gone. And I know they say was one less mouth to feed but he's still paying bills right exactly exactly than the other option was joint and a 100% survivor option. Which means well you were here you would take even less amount you get 14100 a month. Keep in mind the fit was an option to 16100 mile than the no. But no one worried about anybody else was 2000 right now so in a few passed away your spouse would keep getting at 14100 a month really look at those of the three big options and they still are for about 90% of people they're listening and let me tell you about a secret cult pension Max was nation ya if there were away where you can get the Max option and then pass away your spouse still gets at least that is not vortex three. Would you wanna hear a hole all day long yet you don't want to hear about it I would recommend you take steps to pet at a very young -- hear about us said cubic thing Sarah said you could get the Max option and then when you pass away your spouse could also get that maximum out. But then also said tax for a while yeah so ineffective get a pay raise about 30% when you passed away so are you worth more dead than alive we have to tell. We don't wanna make ourselves. Worth more dead than alive do you don't know or don't but pension Max just a way for you to take a little bit of that money you're making when you get the Max option. And purchase a life insurance policy that specially designed. To get your spouse and income greater than or or equal to what you're getting right now while I'm makes a whole lot of sense and especially when you're when you look at these other options taken 50% less than all Hamid Doug McKinney is not about them directly if you are within five years of retirement it's time to start planning. For the pension Max positions strategies exist today or retire tomorrow it's still not too late but to me if your 52 and older. It's time to look at the season yeah and nothing's is a substitute for proper planning. Ahead of time so I mean you understand that right it's important. That's why we're spent little time today to talk about it because it doesn't really matter what financial products you have if you don't have the right strategy in place. And I should I had a nickel. For every time I was Marty Hensley and Parker we're here today they're both on assignment they're both my planners upstairs in our offices but we meet with folks and they have a whole bunch of products. But no strategies. And so they're current quote unquote planner has put him in a whole bunch of stuff that the winner seldom. For no reason whatsoever except to make commission on short yet to get to be very very careful about that so what I would recommend is the combination of pension Mac strategy inside what we call the total retirement plan. And riding a new book on sixteen different. Vehicles and options and strategies that you should enact before retirement. Sixteen adults sweet sixteen and they can easily be done at three steps so sixteen intimidated at. Yeah but. By the way we talked about your sweet sixteen party your parents had a crispy cream party for eight years yet that's critical yet and it wasn't the little bag of donuts tokens that he doesn't like cake doughnuts it was the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to realize the real data they don't compete. Anything. Hot sign when you see the red sign the red light on the Krispy Kreme signed it's time to pull yourself some good unload yesterday. Just having that proper plan and proper strategy and I wanna make sure that everybody out there at least has a chance and we get equal well the financial world so if you feel like you maybe have a go at the right advice over the last few years or less decades are all your life now the chance to equal that playing field out and get a real plan from a real planning team won the cares about two that will put strategies. In order what we do the strategies have you seen this happen. Strategies are. For us three C and then whats even easier after we have the strategies we can find the products for the strategy I. But the worst thing to do is to do products and and try to make them fit into a stretch it's like that commercial where the for the month were. And had a monkey come out with a with a sledge hammers and we'll make it fit Conan I don't want that known to us so here's what I wanna do if you're one of the next fifteen callers who call it today what will custom design a one page find its review that indicate if you're need the full blown financial planner or not. And that's a 9099 dollar value gonna give way absolutely free complimentary. No obligation to the next fifteen call hours and I could be like some of the some of the other shows here call a number between ten and 25 at the mine is only 25 people call another show anyway. So what this will consist of us taking the mystery out of the financial planning process by mapping out for you. Where you are right now. We go to the shopping malls we always up to find out where we are before we can find out we're we're going right that's right so we'll do that will also run a theme report and SP report is of vital. Because it helps you untangle what working with your current winner or advisories really costly and thought to be amazed at how many hidden fees are called financial termites. Hidden away in a lot of your portfolios that are shrinking. Where you could have we don't want any financial shrinkage going on we wanna dramatically increase your growth potential in your financial point. And another way to do this is to perform attacks analysis that could reveal how they could possibly reduce your taxes that's a vital that's vital to pile up now but the most important part is we will custom designed it income plan that uses proven strategies and techniques which could Turbo charger retirement income. And take the worry out of living in retirement included in this is they pension mechanization survey customized to you. This is very much overlooked in the financial world so any income plan that includes pension Max was elation turns and and a real retirement plants of Thomas is is they. No brainer as far as my concern with the next fifteen callers want the folks that call right now keep in mind folks are strategies do work best for those of you with a over a million dollars. But will never kick you out difficult you're serious about finding two point. All right the number to reach Phil capriati's who has coached peace local trusted coach in the Austin area is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 85116. 36. Well privacy is a big thing but sometimes it can have a toxic effect especially if you're being too private with your family. But what happens when you're not here folks we come back we're gonna talk about what I call our little green book the confidential family of the tournament. Listen to your favorite shows keep up with the latest breaking news and more anytime at soccer they're scenes seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy don't. The right choice. Coach I'm actually excited to get into the segment because I think we're going to be talking about something that's very important and wanna to actually ask you question Abby is sitting across the table from a she is our UNC student intern and if you largest joining us. On consumer advocates Thomas looked him in the studio with coach Pete to root he is known as America's wealth. Financial and and come coach now. When he asked Abby coach was referring to legacy planning before is that something us even in your head I guess I Jiri you know at the end being nineteen during your early twenties. Now I mean not really Thomas and still a student but I do hope that my parents. Have thought out and have quite a bit. Short oval what's your experience toast with folks to you know we talk so often on the show about how that. Financial residents so vitally important begin preparing for when you when you're that fighting years before retirement so I'm assuming at this point we really want to make sure that we have a legacy documents in order is well. Well if I again if I didn't at that time machine I would go back into the past and I would advise my grandparents to bio onto life insurance OK you know they're gone right now and so coming up in. A lot of people create these massive portfolios. Because someone left a month short gap trust fund babies hear about that done or been lucky enough to have that but. You know just it's just so many people now could be in that position to set their Finley up for generations. By creating life insurance are foundational planting these kind of things but the most important part. Is to at least in the Torrey where you are right now offense but this is you know the that the most baffling part to every one. Is when someone passes away and they don't know where anything is so like you say it may be mom or dad passed away you go to the house may be the last to to pass a waste and you go to try to have to. You have to get rid of everything right word yeah and give number one yet to find out where exactly and and I this is not a stretch I did meet with someone once who said he was buried things and Mason jars in the backyard but if he didn't write it down so we're not whatever amount. I gamma. So one day some guy would won those things you see him on the beach where they got the little headphones on the wave and little stick on the yeah. Some guy likable and find your your clone now right so you got immature things out so thank you don't even think about. Like your marriage records your Social Security cards where where you keep in the EC right down in this booklet. And it's it starts of the first page says dear loved ones in this booklet we have record information you'll need when the time comes to settle our fears while attend. Not like talking about this anymore and anyone else that onshore because we do this we admit that we're not going to be here forever right. I've got some news for you we're not gonna be forever. Not that I don't know anyone rests in no one ever well. Now it's true answer and I and I know it's a hard thing for apple to approach to the end of the day you know coach I've got a couple of kids myself and if I think of the twenty year the forty year the lights on planned. I have to for them at the end of the day I have to for the on this is just for me sometimes you have to do a little bit hard work a little bit of thinking to make sure that when I do past. They're not put it in more harm's way and more sadness and more grief. By having this chaotic environment that they're in the they're able to walk through my legacy documents in a proper way a way that I that would be easy for. Just making sure that bits of road map to where everything is now we go all the way from you know these Social Security information to your living will where do you keep your will swear to you. Can help you with pain like if you're in the military Ben and military during active atomic war national service yeah. Many times you have that want to get paid for restraint on people don't realize that aid the tenets of skull though. If you don't have your military record so you can't be your your family can't prove that IMO and so we need to know where everything is certificates of deposit a lot of times people put money at different banks. The banks have combined by the way -- changed clothes for sure it's not here anymore but you still have a CD does this first economic does he got a years ago Obama but your kids might not know where the CD is or how to cut traded it had to get it out in the money for nursing home that kind of thanks. Where's your 401K data wish your ire race all the different things that this keeps that. Very simply agency having yeah not only from you know where you when you're mayor because it's good to be able to win your writing an obituary not a fun thing not to write your own obituary here which I'll again my not a fun thing to do this looks rates mean I really hope that something like this has put together yet for. I mean god forbid when I have to deal with that we could start 11 right now for yourself don't you think about how you had a certain things where your bank account so yeah. Now and and we also have a section here for savings bonds because back in the day people buy a lot of savings bond. And it may be put him somewhere because they are basically like cash and are you lose undergone that allowing you to know what type it was what Ceres type all the series how much you paid when the maturity value was or what went maturity time was. Many people want we've done this in the past we look at the savings bond and we write down the maturity date was ten years. Into the best hole out. So we have to go back to the future we do it if you've been holding out on the art of maturity probably not making what he should've been making on us right now is they're each so I'll be very carefully analyze the nets so when you write down where you mutual funds are we your bank is out who your bankers are if you have a safety deposit box. Where's that information. So all the things you might not think about who your relatives are okay yeah because a lot of times you don't Demi tickets don't know all the relatives on the right level the honest answer so it was a goal right now. All right the number to reach still capriati's who has coached peace local trusted coach in the Austin area is 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. You know something we talked about a few weeks ago and we got a tremendous response for a but nowhere near what I thought we should have done because I think people just don't want to admit that this exists now and it's it is the true cost of fees workshop high right now and I think it's because like caller worksheet people wanna do any work. This is all done for you though it'd having yup I think it got an addict so it shows you. If you had different amount of these in your counts. How that would affect it in a bad way over the years and he got to see this I mean when would you wanna find out you're paying too much in fees now or years from now on. Now yesterday yeah yesterday so we look at a 6% interest rate. And we assume each account starts with 200000. Yeah we'll get a count would zero t.'s always up to account with 3% to ease the idea if you fast forward thirty years into the future starting each account again with 200000 big cat would no fees is over a 1000001100000. While nice the account with 3% fees 484. House hello look at all. Difference I gigantic difference so we do fee inventory and we can eliminate those. Financial termites like old news now but folks you need to get a copy this so difficult get a copy the speed worksheet the true cost of these I can't think of any other name worksheet I did all the work. The sheets for you right so I guess just shoot at this goes to the work mr. coach knowledge is power yet yet very very important and we go through something called a strategic development process that and I think everyone listening folks have you enjoyed the show so far. You really need to have one. The strategic don't process is done for you would sit down with you will go through everything you need to make sure you've not only have the right when he took win order right now. But how that transition into a proper retirement plan in the future. And first we reduce your tax returns to uncover long term tax issues like higher raise capital gains and Social Security taxes by the way they each alive if you're not prepared for. We'll also establish your retirement income goal that's money needed to cover the cost of enjoying the lifestyle very very important. They'll also analyze your current investments that's the most important step I think to establish the true costs and fees again go to that worksheet but customizing it showing you. What it's costing the way you have your portfolio now. And also the calculated risk exposure level this is something no one thinks about when the markets going up but when the market goes down. You could accelerate your Dell would progress if you don't. Have this. In proper order it now too much risk and the seesaw goes the other way. Click the fat guy on the seaside gets up your way and Harry gets up at least where you don't need to win an eagle on. That's really fun. All of back in the day by the way and so also gonna determine the percentage of assets needed to protect your future income needs in other words keep that income coming all the way through retirement and have a combat. Taxes and inflation folks this is done no cost or obligation if you won the next fifteen goers is that at least a 900 dollar value. But as a radio listener no cost you. You know the first step really is to sit down what the financial coach it's something that we're talking about on the show it's a resonates with you Amy fill the need to just get that second opinion if you wanna make sure your plan really is aligned with your goals and that very important risk tolerance that we talked about. Just colon and you can meet with Phil capriati's whose coach Pete local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. Will translate for you that complex financial world and it's very clear instructions to take advantage of this true. Practical retirement review all you have to do was call sent 800. 8511636. And you will receive a comprehensive retirement review. That'll show you where you are now much more importantly a roadmap to edu where you need to be. That number once again is 808511636. Beacon that's 800. 511636. We'll folks when we come back I want to talk about something we called their retirement savings checkpoints and pelican relate to if you're a grandparent now. And work they argue that a new child on the way you'll hear how the 529 and dividend reinvestment programs are vital. Where their future financial. We'll talk about that we can make that. The supply he thinks you're sailing easily we're successful retirement. When suddenly. Don't get some find it easier conditions this you need any advice you can trust. For radar it takes. Locate and avoid. Costly and unnecessary drains one warned us. We can help you. How much risk you're taking in thirty red flags that could be potential problems where you into the future. As well as public preview pane and he's working that we'll find that out as well as the potential tax liability and of course votes might insecurity. A lifetime retirement income plan that includes maximizing more Social Security benefits. Paul Bill capriati's. The five point six. In the 800. 8511636. And welcome back into the financial safari I am consumer advocates Thomas looks almost enjoyed alongside pooch to root as well as UNC student. Intern at the guilt turner. Now coach if you are awesome to work for folks up those thing I'd just done back from vacation downloaded an extra energy going on trying to butter me nothing to another when you have the ultra low that I access for a couple of extra days towards that and excludes use graciously allowed it. Really enjoys an extra time when my kids and the segment is what that is all of now help get this it's idea you know. And here's our sound for the financial red zone by the way. We're near 52 year old girl within five years of retirement a year and a financial reds on what we're talking about now a different kind of red zone. When you have kids and you start wondering. Wish all the money gonna come to keep the kids go and write yet that I am I gonna do about my children when they get to college for some data plan and you don't wanna play and the day before they go to college for college education exactly so I've met with a very good friend of mine this weekend she's pregnant right now with a first baby off on an. And so she was wondering what to do about college for the child's not there yet one out there and other sex of the child yet but I. Let them know we talked about the 529 Winchester what I did and thanks so you know what I. Mikey doesn't let Mikey likes it move it must be good night and I ya know so what I've always said no and I'm. Truthful on this 25 years in the financial world. I'll never advised something to someone that I haven't tried myself relax. You know on the test rabbit we caught that yeah right. I so what I told her it's what I do my daughter Kerry is I put money in the 529 point OK and I used Utah's for awhile right at beginning now use north Carolina's because I'm in North Carolina to special benefits about using one of your state can you can always look at what state is doing better and you can invest in many states by between nine putting you really uninteresting offend my daughter carries going to be twelve soon. But I still keep the maximum risk in a five point I'm pleased another words were you kid cares take a lot of risk should note sure but she's done pretty well. In a five when I put a guy and let's say she gets scholarships though that's what a lot of you'll wish is arm should only child but let's say she gets scholarships if you have more than one child what you can do you could pass at five point nine went down the next county early Lowrie can you have for yourself. OK okay ride you wanna go back to school they're like Rodney Dangerfield that it like get your ID guess so dirt so many different ways but it's better to have money put away the not have put away exactly and you know. And I asked you can't tell you why the 529 I'm not super familiar with what way does that happen especially the tax write off the neck and I'll bet with the money comes out tax free for her when she goes to go on doesn't matter what kind of game is always used its use that for education yeah. The money comes out expert on a lot of gang at. As it exists today in tax law now I never they think best the government you look at his health care law going back and forth if you're gonna happen yet but as it exists today the money's gonna come out text tree is on as we do it for education and Gant Nixon and so let's say she gets a scholarship though she might still need some money for books a room and board and still justify that this educational expense yeah sure then we can do that but if she doesn't use that. And we are having more kids which on 51 night markets and but if I take the money on the futures could she didn't use it I just pay tax on the money with money yet. It's free money anyway right out of my head of Playtex on the gloves or did whatever does matter that money that's available so idea but but for people want more than one child and it it's way to pass the baton down the down the delta immaturity like yeah. Not everywhere else you know makes a lot of sense of the five point nine when we talked about. In an asset that gore and door. He could do a trip planned dividend reinvestment program okay to now a great way to teach your child the belt understand the money world. Is to have them sitting in front they like the eagle kitchen table on the commercial right to sit near with a pat part of a balanced breakfast readable cereals and toast right to actually get them some stock and kill lots. But you do it every single month if you do a dividend reinvestment program which means they take out with a 10200 hours that he checking account put out by company. Stuck right in that's a Kellogg's yeah same day each month the same amount comes out we got that dollar cost averaging. And then these companies pay dividends and pencil and it pays a dividend the use that dividend to buy more stuff onto. Chronicle the dividend reinvestment production cut OK and I since high school I've been doing McDonald's Exxon and Wisconsin Energy honestly about how the energy has found an energy company content but. What I had to do is ahead of courtesy twice to Carolina and went to school UNC Chapel Hill a tenth emergencies popped up and go to Myrtle Beach. Alan what it took money let's not play with. But it was money other would have to begin with right now yeah wish I didn't touch it because that's then McDonald's the next on both political time again but I continue to put new money ends so if it would have been their credit put away. So heck I've had a little fun that a straight yeah and Myrtle Beach was fun back in the day warning shootings there. Get LA again it. Now we've got a take a guidebook to put two to put together the family plan basically and it's included in the total retirement when we do. Looking at your children and grandchildren make sure that you put money away from them in the right places the third option in what I call that the trifecta of college when it's like insurance. All right we call it a self completing. Savings plan let's say you buy a million dollar policy on your grass and weed your grandchild as they beneficiary Barca and let's say to pass away twosome when they don't we had the the policy for like three months you pay three months were the payments to pass away one million dollars this tax free. To your grandchild doesn't really to get set up the trust with a kid blow it right they can we get a certain amount they want to give it to overlooks up. But think about that there's no better way to abide dollars for pennies and like concerns with John W talk about like the church think of that movie on it's Groundhog Day after a equity jackets trying to sell life insurance and a favorite. Let let insurers agree it's been made fun of but I've never seen anybody now I've had delivered a couple checks in my life I've never seen anyone tell me they don't want that check and I'm an era tax free. Which you know wind window when the time comes like that with some pass away. You don't wanna be warned about anything much less pay in taxes all that's a tax freeze very good mystery is why don't buy too much like in terms of time at ten million dollars for the life insurance. It's texture okay I'll okay so if you knew when you're gonna pass away the best on about life terms to be the day before he passed away and is sure that the man you elected do with a health insurance law Nellie even if you have a preexisting condition go buy health insurance. Right yeah goes against anything that has to do would like hers are lower insurance world in general he's both the buy ahead of time. It pull your money up so here in life insurance your total control but here's another caveat for life insurance that most people don't realize. And this is very important because it just came about a few years ago really something called living benefits okay so back of the day like we talked about the only way to benefit from like insurance was for you had a pass away you never saw the benefit exactly. Well nowadays if you go to a nursing already long term care one home healthcare. You can reach and let's say get that million dollar policy we're talking about million dollar. Death benefit you can take some of your death benefit and use it to pay for long term care when your life peer to kick your really well so think about that. Like interest never has a rate increase. You've got a great. Million dollar policy if you pass away you've got a million dollars with a long term care coverage for you not Osama also now you've benefit now the only problem is once you spend it on yourself that's less death benefit you're leaving your next akin sure Canada have a not needed they needed not have offered exactly right exactly very very important they are a lot of people don't realize that in if you have a life insurance policy and it doesn't have the living benefits on a you need to do and life insurance audit and see if you could trade him like duke our trade in old model for the. Look at it right so you can do that for folks at somebody wants to do that well it's just so happen to be able to do it for right now I don't know what I want to give the number the number reached they'll cap riady a senior tax and insurance advisors. Is 800. 8511636. And that's 80851. 1636. You know attention had asked as you never know if you have to go back to the issuing company are now. Really don't wanna go back to them because I'll try to sell you saw the maybe don't think I'll look at all the retirement equation and Abbie I know you're only nineteen but it would just think about that I mean let's say that you passed away tomorrow. And your parents might not think you see that's a lot Thomas let churches a lot of times they start pass and around the bucket or someone who passed away you don't have like insurance and don't have any way to bury someone out Esther yeah so hit it's always and again as I hate talking about it because we no one wants to talk about it but it's gonna happen every when we're all gonna pass away -- written in a pathway with a good policy or no policy and dentistry or bad policy you better off having no no policy right brain so just make sure we get the right facts and we know what's going on and it's all part of a true retirement plan. Not just a financial plan but retirement plan income for you and income for your next of kin and make sure you take all the gory and living your retirement part of the 22 steps in the total retirement plan. It's going through what to do for the kids green kids make sure that you have directly for yourself and also covering long term care when it comes up without having to buy. Along to appear policy while so if you won the next fifteen dollars. Will put together this for you will go through all 22 steps in the total retirement plan we cover this in two or three meetings with you so it's not a painful process so folks look at what kind of feature paying right now under current policies and look at how rearranging certain things can give you dramatic growth potential. While also look at eight tax analysis make sure you're not overpaying taxes. And put together customized lifetime income plan that uses proven strategies and techniques also goes through that process we call pension Max was elation but you sure you have the right plan. To get you not only to retirement. But all the way through retirement if you're in the next fifteen callers is the 9099 dollar value. No cost or obligation our strategies do work best for those youth over million dollars but we've never turn anyone away and never will. Our goal here at the shows to help you make the best decision possible. So if you have any questions about what we're talking about how they apply to your own situation. You can sit down and get her retirement road map put together. And still capriati's who has coached Pete's local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. Will translate for you that complex financial world and to very clear instructions now if you wanna take advantage of getting this true. Practical retirement review all you have to do is give us call 800. 8511636. And remember when you calm and you will receive comprehensive retirement review. That'll show you where you are now but even more important than that looks or Shea that outline that roadmap that vision TD you. Where you need to be two and three retirement. In short hook shot nothing to lose that number once again is 800. 8511636. Again that's 80851. 1636. He gets really too good to pass up folks you really owe it to yourself and your failed to take advantage of the offer. Well we come back I want to talk about held gold based wealth management and diversification. Can make a big big difference in your portfolio we're also gonna touch on a case study. A someone looking at their house as their retirement plan. Top thirteen seven. And welcome back into the financial safari we are excited to have you back here with us it has been a very fast paced show this week covered a lot of topics something that we haven't focused on yet though they'll win to get out of Freddie guys is a weekly radio vision dot com now if you're not familiar we are making videos every week recapping our show. I really just in case she can't sit down on the radio for an hour you need to get a fast paced it wouldn't we talk about format your knee at this five to seven minute video that really recaps all the constant that we talked about it all the all the most exciting parts of the show. Weekly radio vision dot com Natalie you're younger. And I know your visual probably coming up vigil like apple and audio but I mean this is weighted to put the audio the here in this of our shows an hour here on air and a but it likened 789 minutes whatever you can you can watch a recap plus some of the things we talk about here that I can't hold up or a hold up to Abby and you Thomas. We get pulled up on the video and show people we're talking about ego let the true cost of these worksheet there there really is green its just a shorter months. You know one dollar and I understand everything yeah yeah basically shut me up for the most time and to get it done. That an hour. But it's that the you know because we have videos and pictures worth a thousand words rights have been cut off a thousand words every time we show a bit of video on the show you know weekly radio vision dot com people love this only the daughter from a three or four weeks now yeah but it's very popular and it has been very yeah if you've got some good feedback ethic from your own fan. We have now I have very much actually was stopped by I would like to call or are great trooper because that's not our great grand and much better than. Gonna stay stick super delegate lead over. Guys she's in a bit of the conundrum I did maybe ask you question here and there sure a case so she is in her early eighties as so she's well into retirement surety has a lot ever assets set up fairly well lit the question she was asking me it was this is she says I'm already starting to receive those required minimum distributions. Some scenes are and the theory goes that she's got a qualified to count out there somewhere. She is receiving social security and she also worked for the state so she's receiving state and Tom says she feels very secure on that but and I'm gonna throw out a number here she hasn't let's say a 100000 dollar sitting out there. And she went to a local bank. Two investor because she wants to make sure that she doesn't lose the 100000 but I must make good money on good good arms she went to the bank they were offering her I think it was less than a percent half. I choose a slow frustrated by that I want to get in front a year that your America's wealth financial and income total stood. Well first of all low ball point half is better than what I hear most banks that blue lakes are under a point now which is crazy because I still remember the days when I would get 14% interest in my passbook savings account manager you know would bring the cash down this is back in the seventies now yeah and cash in the bank that was paper voice but collect on a route broadcast on the bank and Panama booklet. And they go back to this little machine it would it was starts at around numbers on the air wanna go back -- showing my balance and how much interest that are not essential critical decision nice but so she's only making one epicenter but it's better than not making anything speed up and keep in mind what they try to do many times in the bank is when you complainer poke queue lip out. They read they advise you to go down to the corner office inside the bank can talk to the mutual fund guy they've got fancy names for for the person like a vice president or something like that day I didn't mind if you talk about a bank. If you're not a vice president you're the Janet O'Donnell a I heard that joke long time ago ever what the vice president of bank yet by president of the Mitt. If but when you when you go into the corner office inside the bank under the roof of the bank. Many times they don't follow the same guy lines up the banks of your buying mutual funds are managed accounts are variable. Annuities which are. Not a good annuity if you want safety. And I heard a the national show that talks about how you can make millions buying and selling stocks by the way you can't make millions buying selling stocks not everyone does shorthand but they want you think you're working for yourself and you can make a fortune despite investing yourself. They were slamming annuities on the show with a few weeks ago Alla and the problem was they were distinguishing the difference between a variable annuity and then the other duties that that are exist out there that don't have risk or fees or commissions coming out your money yet but they want to make a blanket statement because they want you to bring all of your ball your money to them and they wanna charge you thousands of dollars for their stupid investing glasses. And what we really do is we try to take the mystery how the financial planning process by mapping out where you are right now. Then we run a fee report there help you untangle what it's costing to work with the court advisor and see if by just making some simple steps that corrections. We can protect your retirement investment and you could experience dramatic growth potential if you pay less these that have better allocation. Your retirement should be a whole lot better while Saddam a look at the taxes now and in the future and see how that will affect your portfolio. But most importantly will run that customized income plan that utilizes proven strategies and techniques backed up by Boston College to take the warrior out of living your retirement for you in short folks will take the guesswork out of the financial planning process just for you. Two on the next point goers that's a comprehensive financial review 9099 dollar value no cost or obligation. You know the first step really is to sit down what the financial coach it's something that we're talking about on the show today resonates with you and you feel the need to just get that second opinion. If you wanna make sure your plan really is aligned with your goals and that very important risk tolerance that we talked about. Just colon and you can meet with bill capriati's whose coach Pete local trusted financial coach in the Austin area and his team. Will translate for you that complex financial world and it's very clear instructions to take advantage of this true. Practical retirement review all you have to do is Collison 800. 8511636. And you will receive a comprehensive retirement review the show you where you are now. Much more importantly a roadmap to edu where you need to be. That number once again as 808511636. Again that's 800. 511636. For Evan gill turner and Thomas Lipscomb on coach Pete would join me next week right here I'm. On the financial support and. Tell us appear hey. Information on this when it was written purposes only does not come. It's an investment tax relief for months information has been obtained from sources that are deemed to be reliable when I. We just cannot be guaranteed either Peter Jay root for his gas line for the usage of information discussed always consult with a qualified investment. We get guarantees copies only a financial strength in claims paying ability patient company. Individuals should thoroughly review the contract specific details of income payments of withdrawals from deferred annuities are generally taxable ordinary income in the year there.