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Sunday, September 10th

The Financial Safari, for September 10.


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Information provided just what it was for purposes only and does not constitute investment tax or legal advice information has been obtained from sources that are deemed to be rely. What Barack was seeing weakness cannot be guaranteed either Peter. Well hello America and all financial safari it's this is coach and this week we've got a real exciting Joseph Torre if we're gonna talk about the seven financial blind spots and more worldly ways you can identify. And eliminate them. That much more as well at the mansion from US news and world report we come right back. Hi this is coach speak and if you've got questions on how to properly structured your assets until retirement income. You're in the right place and welcome to the financial safari. And we'll commence of the financial safari I'm consumer advocates Thomas looks don't and we have a pack studio here don't we tell it's now I'm joined alongside as always best selling author America's wealth financial and income coach that is the winner of three XP's and Sudanese. Coach Pete to root out it is packed in there those. It wouldn't be as good as it is bad well I'm not introduced one you can introduce the other we've got app returner joining us from UNC early ninety's our favorite summer intern. It's turned into a year round intern. Luckily again. Thank you must be a fun environment well I love it here is awesome so edition daddy we have master injections seats specialists that is Chris brought to our Chris will commence hey guys they don't. You allow the US navy veteran by the way that's right appreciate the service but thanks you know when Chris came in and Chris is working with a full time heavily came in the first day he wanted to bring get brownie points for coach I guess what guess what he did boy did he gave me ten trillion dollars. Or attempt from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe yeah. Right there we're gonna put a copied this right up on the financials far website because wanna see it is an actual ten trillion dollar bill. And this is what happens when you have inflation isn't it. Peter that you invest in the company called DryShips. Whoa. I don't. Our end and as a stock that's it so yes it's gonna fast moving here I can't believe borrowed rolling here in a September. We were coming down to the final stretch of the year we look at when we look at the years. Building up. Our life to the same way I mean did you go past fourth of July and weasel into that the December period and it apps and so once we reach forty it seems like our life starts to speed up on 51 now like remember 22. Like it was yesterday. And Chris so you were in the navy for four years and he specialized in the ejection seat which is the most important part of any airplane. That is now certainly there about it. This bit of comic strips there were people sitting in the plane when it's on the runway and a president that says don't press that button gets really do. Yeah I am so. Having how's how's school been so far and it's pretty brain you know I miss being around here so much we let you do and we wanna make sure that everyone gets their right planned for the right time their life and gosh Thomas that that's why put together the seven financial blind spot. This this really is a great really set of information that you have here I was looking at it earlier and I'm assuming you've got this just from your years of experience meeting with people finding those little points that of people struggle. Yeah the color blind spot for recent I mean you know something you don't see almost just until it's too late you look at the buses they have these are getting mirrors on on on top of the mayors are and when you around when the when you see a telephone pole or something might have embargo of Cirque to a mayor on top of that that's for the big trucks to see around there because they're blind spots I guess it. And so in the financial world though a lot of people are making their mistakes they should make but they don't know the right and short Abby if you if you were doing something wrong in school and when you want your teacher to stop you right away and say had been beaten differently in friendly and say the FB I think you should try it this way instead of that way up to work better. You know I was a hard hitting kids who and dad and mom told me to do something one way or did the other just I don't know. A story but to do it in the financial world to mess up in the finance world many times you don't get a second chance and just like I mean if you make a wrong turn on the road you might not get a second chance to ever drive again you might get hit you might mean Mikey kill. We want to see anybody get you know get killed in the financial world the number one blind spot though is. When people say written goals are necessary really well and we really think can I think that it's good to write down at least what you want to have happen in retirement says so what do you mean by goals are we talking just financial here or well what you wanna do I mean you know financial is is a great goal because when you have money you can do anything you want to cut yeah legalese that. At sort. But if you don't write down what you want to have happen you can't identify which you need to have happen you can't assign certain amounts of money to make sure it does happen and apparently it's a constant like dominos if you do a right it works fine not the pizza place well. And so badly when you're in school due teacher gives you some to call syllabus I still get those out I don't. And you guys well ahead to do list in the navy and navy knew which are supposed to do. And so we take that same mentality in the financial world we have to do this after our clients are radio listeners tell us what they're looking for. We make sure that they write it down and and when you write it down it becomes a realize goal. If you don't write it down it's a drink. Nothing wrong with Raymond by the way but wouldn't it be great detain turn a dream into reality and that's what we do we write down things and so. When we when we get into what I call. And make sure we're doing the right thing but we have to go back or sometimes two and say hey gosh member will be tried this it didn't work. Let's not try to get the Hyundai Accent makes a lot of sense if you invest in a stock is not doing well many times people file more money into that stuff. He's a good example was DryShips that you were mentioning earlier a stock that I'm sure a lot of people hope to you know would rise out of the ashes like the Phoenix at some point but is just kept fallen fallen. Else like the people that bought the Iraqi dinars who were told that they are these of the US government was gonna come believe magically brought that up and down to millions of dollars for each one you bought yeah in the made a fortune on that is that the guys cellist and are sloppy and it's it's a yeah I guess we always look at the motivations of the person who's trying to sell you some offense and so again we got off topic here but I mean the main thing is we have to. Identify what we want to have happen in our retirement and everyone's different. Chris you may want to travel around the world you they've already done enough of that navy I don't know but some people. Yes you write it down wanna travel around the world and I take it one step further go get some magazines or go online and print out pictures of places you wanna go or pictures of cars you wanna buy. Those kind of thing OK yeah and so then and then the goal becomes in your head and now you you can plan around that goal. If you wanna go round the world. And what's they have enough money to do that right now but yet you keep your money at risk in the market and in the market might go the other way mass effect two great articles came out last week. And the Wall Street Journal. And one was worries grow about stock market's bad breath. Alabama or not not bad breaths okay let it get hot breath for a short breath Minnesota northern Canada and it's basically it's a slew of signs appointee to decline in the stock market's momentum while and you know it it's gone up like crazy hasn't absolutely we look at the last crash was basically 2007 to nine yet and now were like nine years later almost it's. And casino aligned there's a lot of chatter in the back Prius but assembly this is trying to the first hard information certain amount of other worlds out there there has been out there in a lot of I would talk about it for a couple years now and again. And that's just a sign that the market may be overheated but it could also keep going up and see you don't you don't magically is ripped all your money out of the market. But you make a plan where you lock in some of your gains and you make sure you can never looses gains but to keep some money in the market decline and win how much you'd keep it a market all depends on you absolutely everyone is different and we wanna make sure that everyone's plan is customized to the time like they are in. And what they wanna do. In the future that's what everyone forgets they make decisions based on just what's happening today chore yes I forget what they're gonna need 203040. Even fifty years from now. We call retirement fifty years of unemployment otherwise known as retirement and so it can be up to fifty years that's why we do plan to once when he wants that we planned with our clients like they're gonna live to 821. If they don't Thomas nothing bad happens the money that still left the playing goes on Nick's akin he has felt going so which is awesome yes and so you don't wanna plant denied the in live to 95 feet and those five bad years when they. Exactly exactly Allah ya you like to use the analogy of which did the plane I think you're going head gasket 90% of the way to decimate yeah. If the pilot came on while the pilots that they folks we got about 90% chance of landing safely. 10% chance we're gonna need those rejection seats that they Chris was talking about we don't have them yet commit a lot of trouble ought to be running an. I just really think we've got a video series gonna talk about this more during the show but we have a video series under seven financial blind spots but. Really if you are listening right now and you just wanna make sure. That you're going in the right direction in retirement because we never wanna hear the wrong sounds and we never want our money to tell assist room. Raw. There he presents from the price is right of one does that sound don't think. But what I wanna do is make sure we get the correct planned for us for you for you listening not just something that your winner has you in the might be the same play and they have. A thousand other people it. How important that the customize very very important vital yeah no wind windy when the course when you're in the navy. The pilots there had customized helmets they fit just right and so. At a smaller head so I remember a play football back in the day and my helmet and fit but it was recreational leagues so the idea that the coach that make it fit. The daily we don't want them the financial world so if you won the next ten callers who custom designed your very own retirement and income plan. For you looking ahead. And also looking behind what's happened before. And make sure to put a plan together that works for you and your family. We also do a fee report here that will show you if you're overpaying on your card fees Italy and identify some of the regionally and say. So gonna take all the steps of the seven financial blind spots and make sure the act in the right direction for you. We're also gonna Billy customizing come plan which utilizes proven strategies and techniques along with something called a pocketing strategy which could Turbo charge your retirement income. And we'll take the warrior out of living in retirement because you never run out of money you get income stream for the rest your life. Again that's for the next ten always with the least 200000 saved for retirement. Keep in mind our strategies do work best for those of you with a over a million dollars but as long shift 200000 we can put a plan together that makes sense for you and your family. So something we're talking about resonates with you go ahead pick up the phone give us a call to make sure that you had a security to your retirement resources are being managed according to your goals and risk tolerance gives call 808511636. Again that's 800. 8511636. Yes we come back we're gonna talk more about these seven financial blind spots as well as the optical retirement income solutions an article from last week and Wall Street Journal. Wall Street banks are sending. Warning signals. Sound off on the news of the day with a time poll online ads on thirteen seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy go right choice. So we didn't talk about this last week for some reason broad desire that he wasn't in the studio with us but I want to ask her every member the quips yes I didn't. I'm wearing glasses I did my I think my mother would've killed me otherwise and other sports a you know I don't know how many millions of these glasses were sold on it and I'll admit it retired on what they sold but the reports that some schools were ordering from an organization that was supplying phony ones on and had another totally look thrilled that don't work hey. I think everything wow so that's not something you wanna I mean gosh look at the trust we all put in those precisely I didn't true I detest the glasses I took the -- -- somebody gave me a little right to decide you know so how important is that you trust your play and make sure that they're putting the right players together for Mary I mean Lotta times like if you looked right the sun with with without the glasses it was supposed to help and they didn't help and they archrivals here ya yourself. There was a second chance strains of you're with the wrong planner. And you'll discover you're in the wrong planned until the market goes the wrong way. Many times no recovery from that other shot and we have experienced this in the past I've talked to people who've listened to the radio show and they've all happy because maybe five or six years after 2009 at that they finally recovered. And get back to where they started they were happy then and I have to sit down with a missing you know what yeah I'm glad you recovered by the way which a lot of people have and and look at Japan it's taken. Maybe thirty years and I still have recovered some of the money yeah but recovery is not gang. That's at that somebody the other day and I had the strangest look return to me recovery is not game well anybody that. Yes it would Dini met that I ask you first ask so what out and I mean seriously missiles into a they're though it sounds like they've they've recovered but it actually had made any profit they spent the last ten years literally just kind of turning the will. Exclusive well to Obama so go back your advisor who put you in the planned originally to break the market crash and asked them what's your average in return has been the last ten years hop. You know and that's and make sure they go back before the market crash to go through a true. Portfolio review because you don't numbers can can basically say anything you want to say -- numbers if you're if you're trying to twisted to CC could twist him in your favor let's say someone got an account with a broker in 2001 after the 2000 crashed into him and the broker had him up and is Wragge tomb every year they were up 10% a year or something like that than 200789. Happened. And they were down 40% approved and now you're down 40% takes about 80%. Return to get back to restart and a lot of people are aware of that yeah. Did a month if you lose 50% it takes a 100% gain just to get back to where you work before you should've taken that risk to begin less ridiculous crazy and so. Just looking at the article Wall Street banks are sending warning signals. Basically Wall Street banks are are are saying that we are overpriced on a lot of stocks a lot of these. The price to earnings of book ratios are very very high which feature investing in the stock that's overvalued. And now it's he does nothing to say that he can keep going up by the way fraud but the that's the odds. And of course you go to Vegas you know odds and the odds are gonna lose you go to Vegas by the way I think that's FF. Went a couple weeks ago I didn't play any games. Because that's what they are the days are of these threats against an eleven walked around the casino for an assault people happy and sad. And then I saw people who said they were happy. And then we're sad to get your back and forth it's it's a true definition of a manic depression really yeah it's -- to Wall Street you just just sit there and watch it you know I but I know the group I was with those speak InterGroup blessed you know they couldn't afford these fancy lights in these fancy casinos and everyone one better then there's the odds are very much in favor of the of the of the table data elements on casino itself that those but in this article thought it's pretty interesting number -- -- talk about five points or five things that could. That made a big impact for the last couple weeks. And they were talking about the futuristic look on the new iphones not iPhone would not blow away had said real and the new it's the iPhone aide I have the six myself OK yeah what you have evidence as seven plastic it would value as Samsung's galaxy SS and LC and Thomas I found southern would've been all busted strength. A lot of people waiting you know like you haven't talked to some people who said gosh my screens busted out like a foam but I'm gonna wait. Until the hate comes out because it's supposed to be going to be better it's gonna blow you away yeah but I mean you know what can I like my six because I have regular headphones so like do you hand him and when they went to the iPhone seven it took away the headphone Jack yeah Lotta people like Larry you know an old man like me at 51 I'm stuck him away agency that's I don't wanna keep buying new stuff. You'll even someone like myself who may have professional had thirds of one season with their device yeah yeah yeah. And then you have to use the converter which anytime I know back in the day. When I had a cassette tape player in my car in the negev just converted a police CD of store yeah as enemies now but it never sound as good as if you had a real CD player now because the kept tend to transfer information from wanting to the other exactly and all equality there and this happens many times when people try to do their own financial plan when they're basically looking the reading an article when they're trying to do their own plan or their planner is basically. Topping other plans lot of things are lost in translation Thomas I grew up in age where if you wanted to buy an album yet at the store and buy the album. And then you have to listen to the radio stations and hopefully if they were solid c'mon oh yeah played report on on the cassette tape players see this differently at all rallies according to let the cassette they run for about a half hour hopefully your favorite song would come on. Then you're stuck it all those the absolute answer absolutely nowadays I mean we just have instantaneous music it's amazing isn't. That's a technology improves but when we look at the ability to for me to talk to take a picture right now Abby Chris right in front of me and and Thomas drove from the left in this in the surrounded by blast in the fishbowl we go astray and if I took a picture guys right now I could send it to China and back in a second single credible amazing and they can print it out. Yeah a couple seconds. We know what amazes me coach just as we've set a sack here means for so often has you know talking retirement. Is you know the same technology is being integrated in and the folks retirement plans and yet there as literally passing by potential opportunity just 'cause they're unaware. Yeah yeah and so we're I'm going all this. Is it's amazing to me that supposedly you can send power yeah without appellate court yeah yeah picture lightning bolts flying over. If you think about that I might have struggled to church twice a week now there you got doubles final yourself at. So I just don't know it but then we get people lots more than I am Chris here let's more than I am when it comes to his ejection seats in a plane too by the way. What was the main mechanism in the plane that made did that made the seat this explode out of that the plane like that whether there's several mechanism but the primary be in the rocket motor rocket itself you worked on the seats. And you in the navy yet and it had a rocket motor in it registered in Tomas we have a rocket scientist. At the last thing spam epic match went away. We go. Professor. At we haven't even got into the seven financial once spots like I said we would but I and I think it's important that we understand that things constantly change. But the more things change. The more they remain the same. And if you talk to somebody fifty years ago and they were thinking about retirement. Now things changed a little bit because the company you do work for a company for thirty years or forty years and then you retire and they would cut you check for the rest your life what I call the green flag. On the mailbox it would continue to come over and over again for the rest your life and also call. My fellow you just walk on gets to me about to get that but you can get your own pension plans today. And the the first step is to build your celts up your ire raise your 41 case you're TSB's are for three d.s or 450 sevens all myself that suit that exists out there. And no health that's an odd numbers by the way but I just you know the sets a story and though. They go to looks well. And Michael along some time bomb though because you don't know how to take that money up correctly gonna talk about that we come back but the most important thing for everyone listening right now is to make sure that you understand. No more what your needs are going to be in retirement what you want you're going to be in retirement what you have put aside for a target which I know you hate the forward taken this taken money out your paycheck every single day period and you hate it. But it's you're paying yourself and your building a balance that can be. Transferred tax free into your very own diary account which could then give you a lifetime income you can never out we have now some of the money. You have knees he put aside and needs to be in retirement plan gives you lifetime income your financial plan is not a retirement plan. Until it has lifetime income built into it and so if you're not sure where you are right now which most people aren't has nothing to be ashamed of we wanna educate you and I've been doing the radio for over twelve years the show I've been in the financial arena over 25 years and I guarantee you Nolan is the same. And I have seen about everything out there. But I don't like seeing the same plan for everybody that's from seeing many times out there. With folks and have radio shows to act like they know what to talk about we're seeing a lot of mess he jumped out there these days. Let us help you translate where you are right now let's get you in the right place let's get that peace of mind you deserve so to win the next one caller to call and right now. Dobbs and give it about a minute. He might he get a busy signal keep calling back and our team of professionals we'll call you back on Monday morning at is that the latest in my he'd be right after the show. But if you call anyone that's white callers and at least 200000 safe retirement. We're gonna help you by taking the mystery how the financial planning process we're gonna mapped out for you what you pay now fee was risk wise we're gonna look at if you're taking too much risk for the time like you're in right now. Russ gonna figure out look on in community and get trying to put a plan together that will guarantee you get even more than even thought to it again that's possible. It's not problem T give a call them and get somebody to get with a specialist who who basically. Will set what you really need in designs in complaint so. The next week Hollis Thomas no fee no obligation at least 200000 safe retirement let's put her retirement playing together. If you're 852 and above this is vital because you're in the financial red zone. Finally someone is offering retirees and pre retirees common sense and straight talk instead of really what we come across all too often financial bubble talk a sales pitch folks you need to sit down and get a financial roadmap put together and still capriati's of senior tax and insurance advisors will translate for you that complex financial world. Instead clear instructions. This is an excellent chance treaty get a true practical financial review and for anyone listening right now. The number to calls 800. 8511636. The next five callers will receive a comprehensive financial review shown you where you are now but most importantly a roadmap CDU where you need to be so in short folks. You have nothing to lose called now over five chances to win today. The numbers 800. 8511636. Again that's 808511636. 8085116. 36. Guys at the common fact that most retirees had just one or two years' worth of savings available once they retire it's a scary situation. One that detailed. Documented retirement plan can help you avoid would come back we're gonna talk about how to build a retirement income plan. Coach would you get carried away with the show here there are two web sites of wanna get in front of our listeners out there at one of them is a weekly radio vision dot com is a fantastic site coach I know we have a lot of fun putting these together but what would you call these Dick cliff notes of the financial safari world. Like a video cliff note of the audio show big now I love this and into the show myself after we you have to we've done the show listen to a 34 times or to wake shore. Or do you know because it's fun to listen to this data but if you are few pressed for time working enjoyed the show the wanna see what we look like that and we'll have some B roll footage also what we're doing in the studio but we'll we sit down right in our TV studio. And we summarize in about a seven minute clip what happened on our our show. The got now there's another website I have your Pete on demand dot com now which it feels like every time I go to this website there's there's another resource there for retirees. Yeah that is packed I mean I don't know any other financial professional who has as much information yeah free while with no obligation. To anyone. Available on a world wide web doesn't really don't I mean if you can find one let me know which is one aspect we've had videos audio as work books guidebooks. It interactive videos where you enter information and then basically you can almost make your own retirement plan on that site to. And so we just you still need to make sure it's. It's it's what you really need to be honest with yourself a sort of what led to one of the things that I spent a lot of time with wanna meet with folks is just helping them be honest with themselves OK yes we all think we can get that 12% return true that we did in the market we figure out we didn't get that 12% to turn. You know there's some great issues that talk about a magic 12% neutral and I haven't found that the folks at that if it existed today we all began. Look at the rule 72 and that's when you divide that the interest rate you're getting into the number 72 right. So 12% to 72. Not many times six times right right and so that means in six years your money would double if you can get a 12% return which would be awesome short you know 12% return to what our grandparents used to have when they had a seat any aspect of the day in the banks and then actually well over 30% on on that but that it's hard to find that with. It's a possible fine it would no risk by the way plows. I'll say I think this this is actually dangerous for folks out there preparing for retirement because it leads them into a situation looking for a specific number as opposed to look at what they need them right there at least amenities risky situations that again it. He'd tear people part when 2070000. Eights happen. Yeah well the first thing everyone thinks about when they talk about investing is yield in return and yet when was gonna give me what am I gonna make on you and the rate of return is not the most important thing would not end as a relates to retirement strategy. What it is is looking at what kind of risk you're taking a lot of people forget that they didn't say what kind of return guy get well before we talk about return. Let's talk about what kind of risk. You're gonna have an abbey that makes a lot of sense doesn't add does and so when we want we're looking around and and we're looking at stocks it was oh gosh just had a great return that's what look at we look at these magazines is. Glossy full color ads for the mutual fund of the month. And had a great return and then you see a little fine print down there that I can't read without my reading glasses and it says investing may to meet a constant risk condone putting money can't afford to lose also the stuff in there that no one ever looks that so we also need defector and we're talk about retirement. A Social Security plan review. Okay yes so talk to me about this because I know a lot of folks not to oversimplify honestly told me it's an oversimplified as a Social Security pro yeah well it's it's it's a complicated process they used to be better for everyone listening to the government took away some some great claiming strategies a few years ago but they're still are some good ones that exist. And just going down to the off the Social Security Office and in filing the paperwork without reviewing what you could get. Could cost you six figures could cost 200000 dollars or more over the course your life. Could you do the wrong claiming strategy say exactly you know the government took away some options yeah so confusing I heard there's deliver 500 some option in epidemic is really did a lot of guys say that when they try to get to become Indian. Go and they can charge you for that I have the baby ten good ones that really knew how good and yeah. And so 500 at this make someone sound like they're Smart and Dotson OK okay 500 allied not a gambler. Yeah FF but and now there's there's also taxes we need to look at hey if we get a great return but we have to share a lot return with a government how great was a return after tax attack. Because what can we spend too we spend the total mile or after tax amount you have to that's about assert that they every unless you like in Texas. I hate it I think that's a fact that the other tail wind that to value meals at a restaurant at a fast food place and were five dollars and I think is 76 cents each. So my Midas and that's gonna be about eleven maybe twelve dollars a month it was thirteen dollars exactly because the taxes were over dollar a while sleep so that's. Wanna go shopping for food do you see the taxes and I really don't think they should charge food tax on food but that's different stories and edited it's actually than to begin with the added it so. We'll set to factor in inflation inflation here this of one of the deal blind spots we talk about. Taxes Social Security claiming strategies. And taxes are three other blind spots we start the show talking about the 71 spotted out those are some of them and we've got a video series on that we're gonna be posting on financial safari dot com. The seven financial blind spots folks really need to watch that it comes little workbook as well. And the workbook Thomas is 25 pages long it is yes incredible to interactive workbook to weaken your own information and and it can really accentuate your belief that your retirement is on track or it can get you to pay more attention. To what's going on and make the right steps or make the right changes to keep you on the path to the destination really wanna get to keep in mind we talk about this a lot but the process. A financial planning. Is making sure that the road you're on right now. We'll take you to the destination you you were you supposed to get to a U wanna get too. Chris if you were on the ship and the the guy wasn't paid attention appeared to bridge and see the admiral up there it's not a core mantle again recommend again. And he's basically east instead of get that little cup this thing out and get on computer he's unknown he's on FaceBook. When route FaceBook friends and all that and and also think he basically puts in the wrong degree of change by soft like this one little fraction of the great. And you guys are on your way to Japan and you could end up and you that Putin could become see that there are not good would that be an analyst and there's an international incident. And we've had some bad incidents Wheatley unfortunately in the tunnel or make fun of this but in the in the navy and I and our hearts go out all the guys that are there were viewed the perished in this two collisions that we heard about him. But just one fraction of degree off could make the difference between successful journey and while we make and you turn. And we don't want that the fine we have Thomas a lot of times he can't make you turn the finance world because once you get to retirement. Kitty cats they give it appears that exactly it's crazy event. Exactly lawyer and that's where we talked about already goals in the past so just on the show how important it is to start there's earlier than later and of repressed nation people like to delay we talked about that that was a bad habit of mine in college did you really can't do that. Yep and so that we look at IRAs and a forward case how to we take the money out properly. How do we do that because we look at the ballots in the balances are fun to look at but again we have to keep in mind we still have to pay Uncle Sam and the money we have to pay tax on for the whole grave with a gain and the money put in so. If you look at a million dollars and a 41 K your an IRA. He really only have about 700000 dollars of yours and 300 Hostin struggles then he's basically apart within this investment scheme here so we have to be very careful to make sure that we're building a plan we build a money that's ours not that somebody else's. Having that I mean it just makes sense of this if you worry going to class do you take a test with somebody else because of the share the grade. When you want the person to do for 2% of the work attention. But he there were doing a 100% of the work in the government's taken 30% the day. Does it wanna get rid of that study partner real quick when you EF net so folks very very important that we diagram out our own situation and we make sure that we have the proper plan in place. For what we want and I. Theses terms snowflakes but I mean I know that's that's not a good turn these days politically but it still is true here I've been told that no two snowflakes look the same. I've never believe that because no one's ever looked at every snowflake as they melt for you see him ready yet but every once plan is different and so if you if you call right now if you're one of the next ten callers will do will will roll our sleeves up. And we'll review your tax returns to uncover long term tax issues like if they exist and I raise the capital gains and even your Social Security taxes a retirement could each live. Will establish a retirement income goal with you your personalized go what you're going to need for retirement and we'll tell if that's possible not to get that's money needed to cover the cost of enjoying your lifestyle not just getting by. We don't want to just get by retirement want should drive the retirement wanna build a plan that would TV income that is guaranteed for risk your life predictable Thomas what else yes dependable and reliable coach every like this three words and then people want a boyfriend like that right predictable dependable reliable and that's good at that. That's what you want. You remained. And when you when you have somebody around if you have only to have a financial planner we'd like them to be predictable dependable reliable without a doubt if you transfer one planners another when you want your money to at least be predictable. Dependable reliable and we want our retirement and everything like that's an every day and so did it is possible to have that. In the finance world. Getting away from the noise of Wall Street and getting the right twin together proper combination of risk and safety and when we get we're gonna talk about how to build a proper retirement income plan the next segment. But here in this segment again if you are with a next week followers will put together all this for you as well as determining the percentage of assets needed to protect your future income needs. Considering two with a big enemies taxes and inflation will put out altogether for you know one page financial review folks. You know financial double talk in sales pitches or just rampant out there finally folks finally someone is offering retirees and pre retirees common sense and straight talk folks you need to sit down and get a financial road map put together and still Caprio I have seen your tax and insurance advisors will translate for you passed that complex financial world. And to clear instructions. This is an excellent chance treaty get a true practical financial review and for anyone listening right now the number to calls 800. 8511636. The next five callers will receive a comprehensive financial review shown you where you are now but most importantly a roadmap CDU where you need to be so in short folks you have nothing to lose called now over five chances to win today. The numbers 800. 8511636. Again that's 800. 8511636808511636. So Thomas just to summarize and I'd go on to and just everything but my main point is chasing yield and raid a return alone is not a proper retirement plans strategy and we can answer all your questions personally and they customized. Report format. That is personalized to you give us a call right now folks you really need to see this. Are you folks state seemed as we discuss many more topics on how to set yourself up for successive retirements when we come back. Thanks for making the right choice I don't know what I would get the truth if it weren't for you talk. Thirteen seventy. But they'll find no itself from a while ago now but doctor David babble that a presentation OK okay and it was a very good presentation of course he has the he was a professor at the Wharton school and the east that the name of the study was ward plays with the tuition sender policy brief personal finance OK okay in this personal finance brief. It was as brief writes are you take a short story after another short about these ugly and not only in size paper printed out but the time they studies on OK on this a two year in depth study of fixed indexed annuity a while a by six Ph.D. economist went to senior actuaries not you know what action here actuary is no I don't you know circling my attention was an actuary in the biggest calculated he didn't understand before. Humility you know those big calculators are and is all the numbers and buttons I don't know what they mean you know is not this is the opposite mine numbers and zero at all these different keys on the scientific calculators and out of the biggest calculator ever seen and then mulled what about three step three of the companies and the picture dark room and while the sales and -- would numbers. That's an actual that's what actuary and then nothing. That that's what it does but. What they were doing is studying. How someone could have a plan and it could be a forward Capel and how they can take that forward Cape Wind and turned into a personal pension plan with huge year they would have. We all funny to fill time he never would worry about running out of money and a very very important right I mean every I know you're only nineteen. But if you can transporting your life and picture your seventy and you're done working when you like to just sit by the mailbox away for the second coming or else yeah course by then there won't be any mailbox company directory or maybe not and cannot. The hovercraft and probably come and and automatically transport like it just transport stuff around you I guess I don't know we'll say all right so retarded and then since inception in 1995. So than the many fixed indexed annuities have outperformed corporate and government bonds on equity mutual funds. And money markets in any combination. So I tell your planner would try to devise thinks the fix index nude they don't really now. The fixed index and earlier almost like the robo financial vehicle you don't need to devise you don't need to meet with advisor with the moneys and its financial empire leagues and had a little violent financial cruise control that you have to worry about. Below the belt that he coaches you've often talked about how often gains and risk are associated together higher gains high risk but it sounds if this fixed index is out performing and there's minimal risk their because the principal protection is no risk for market wild. All right gotta risk is that safety of the insurance company sure to make sure you get a powerful charge got a straight yes they also you don't wanna put all your money in here because you can't take it all out what you put it all ended up some but that's not what they're designed to do the designed to give you a yearly income you can never a list OK so I am so did they manage yourself better do it but I haven't seen anyone -- do it right there's a separate study investing your lumps summoned retirement and it says the list of positive attributes of annuities IC guarantee payments you cannot live. Access to investment capital and legacy benefits the argument for this income solution retirement is compelling in other words it makes sense I guess the key and all this is to begin by covering all the basic living expenses with lifetime income annuities season as the study does not mean the vetting at this again is six Ph.D. economist yeah add to actuaries whisper you know usually one's enough there you actuaries in a room. Don't know what would happen there but most importantly if you are over age 52. And you're wondering about retirement plans and income plans and you wanna play and the you'll never outlive you need to take advantage of the offer getting ready give for the next fifty callers what we're gonna do for you will be only one page finance review include everything we've talked about today backed up by all the scientific in university studies as well as a customized and lifetime plan for you. What this will do fused is take out the mystery of the financial planning process by mapping out for you where you are right now we'll figure out where you are now. Look forward and run a feed report that'll help you untangle what it's costing to work would you current planner advisor. And she can show you by simply protecting your retirement investment like we've been talking about like the university studies say by protecting your retirement investment. You could experienced dramatic growth potential also run a customized income plan that utilizes. Proven strategies and techniques which could Turbo charger retirement income and the most important part take all the war yet of living in retirement. It's horrible take the guesswork out of the financial planning and in common retirement planning process just for you for the next fifteen callers that's a comprehensive plans review. That's a 15100 dollar value. You know financial double talk and sales pitches or just rampant out there finally folks finally someone is offering retirees and pre retirees. Common sense and straight talk folks you need to sit down and get a financial road map put together and still cat three idea of senior tax and insurance advisors will translate for you that complex financial world. Instead clear instructions. This is an excellent chance treaty get a true practical financial review and for anyone listening right now the number to calls 800. 8511636. The next five callers will receive a comprehensive financial review shown you where you are now but most importantly a road maps edu where you need to be so in short folks you have nothing to lose call now over five chances to win today. The numbers 800. 8511636. Again that's 808511636. 8085116. 36 in effect this is like one hybrid vehicle with two engines got the growth and the income and it's guaranteed for life you really need to find out about this and we need to stop listening to the Wall Street lies get the right plan put together incorporate Wall Street Ford did the money we can afford to lose but have the hybrid type accounts. For money we need for retirement folks it's been the financial safari of one of they have a gill turner and Thomas Lipscomb. One final final remind you about how you can go to Washington to recap of the show any time weekly radio vision dot com. But to join me next week right here on the financial. Us currency array. Permission on its way to the strength purposes only and does not constitute investment tax relief funds information obtained from sources that are deemed to be reliable when. This cannot be guaranteed their Peter. Guarantees pays only financial strength and claims paying ability of patient company. Individuals should thoroughly review the contract for specific details of he comes in some withdrawals from deferred annuities are still. Ordinary income in the year there.