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Sunday, December 3rd

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Holidays are now upon us and with only gave being in the joined in together with Stanley there's often a lot of people that I'm in the zones and may not so. Joyful place and here is he about. That's polity blues is Karen reign as what mommy Austin Karen welcome back to the program. Thank you for having me back we've had you on here throughout the year how we enjoy speaking with you and I'm pretty sure listeners love listening to. A lot of the information up to give us so. You're here to speak about a holiday blues and would you let us know a little bit about it. Sure you know I think a lot of people hear about the holiday blues but. Don't know if it's like a real thing and or it's just something that we just talk about but the reality is that holiday blues Serb theory real experience. And in fact nominee did a and study abouts. A couple of years ago which they found that about. 68% of people when they surveyed them so that they had an experience of a holiday blues. And what we know is a holiday blues is really just. Something that refer to is sort of the feelings of anxiety and depression that sometimes people experience in that period between Thanksgiving and New Year's. On a lot of it is a step that you mentioned is the sense that. We live in a culture in which we're surrounded usually by October already with music and images and songs and an and a lot of high expectations on finding the perfect gift and having the perfect family gathering and so there's a lot of stress. And then we're not eating normally you were maybe drinking more aware out of our usual sort of read them it's dark already be you know by 530 year whatever so. That and then if you compare met with the fact that there's also the reality that there's a lot of people that during this season. And maybe had a year where they've lost someone close to them I have a number of friends that lost. A family member in this last year so it's their first holiday without a loved one. Sometimes it's the financial stress I mean there's a lot of folks who are in between jobs or they recently lost a job are quite frankly that perfect gift in the search for it. Is a financial burden for them. And then you just also just dealing with the overwhelming sense of I've got to. Get all these things done the long lists that people have so there's a lot of things that can contribute to that sense of holiday blues. And so what is something a listener that may be experiencing this sort of depression and anxiety when something they can do. You know I think it's really important to remember that I mentioned the fact that. A lot of times or not we're not getting enough sleep or were not eating well were eating a lot of party type food and we're going to parties may be were drinking more alcohol than we usually do. An alcohol is a depressants or it can impact us. So I think it's remembering that. This is just a mental health issue it's a brain health issue. Which means that physically anything that we're doing is impacting our our way of how we're feeling. So keeping that in mind I think it's really important for people to do just be simple things like the trigger getting enough sleep. You know try to eat normal whenever you can and maybe you're going to a big party where there's going to be a lot of food that you're gonna wanna. Nimble line and stuff that maybe have a little bit of something beforehand so you don't go to a party in your super hungry and they use. We more chicken wanes and you know cream send brownies and you really planned to. And I think just making sure that you try to get some exercise in everyone's Iran you know take a walk it doesn't mean you're taking three mile runs it just means getting a little bit of exercise here in the air. And then knowing when to say now and I think that's a really important one. I think so often we get to feeling like we've got to say yes to everything and self care is sometimes about saying you know what maybe I'm not gonna go to that party. Or maybe what I know is that this particular part of my family when they get together really stressed me out this so maybe I'm gonna plan on. Going and be with that particular family and saying hey you know I've got this other. Some things that I've got to get to some only gonna get to be differ 45 minutes or an hour and really just. Taking good care of ourselves and known when to say no is really important as well yeah eating if you want to drink it may be it is saying instead of having. An alcoholic beverage every time your refilling your class maybe every other you know maybe you're having some sparkling water in between. And having a couple of that really pacing yourself I think that's your absolutely right there's this sense again that's the expectations. That we're partying and so everybody's get a you know drink a lot Eli and to and it's just knowing how to take it and and I think some of it is having a plan for that before he even stepped into the situations. Now you like a said. You've been in here before and you've mentioned a lot of the programs and Tommy Haas has offered. A mom maybe someone's holiday blues are a lot more severe maybe it's. It's more of an issue that they need professional help with this that's something they can reach out to you guys or absolutely if they need to and I think you've raised a really great point wish holiday blues is something never really talk about is a temporary situation. That is comment however. If you get past the holidays and you're not able really to function the way you'd like to be functioning it's impacting your daily life. And you just still feel like you're really in a funk and it's been going on for two or three weeks that's timing you should absolutely go see. Your primary care doctor in beautiful check and make sure that there isn't something physical going on. But then if you also feel like he needs some additional supporting may be there is something going on maybe your experience in depression or some anxiety or something else. That by all means give us a call we've got some great resources classes you can take support groups you can access. Great information on how to choose a counselor if you're gonna see if they are best. So we offer all kinds of great support and that's all at no cost to the community. The other thing you're gonna be doing actually next Thursday December 7 Israel to be having them. A program called coping with the holiday blues and it is free and open to the public. We're going to be doing netted so next Thursday December 7 at 7 PM and it's at the Austin presbyterian. Theological seminary. It's over close to the UT campus. And no cost to that we are asking people to maybe just do an artist BP you can find this on event bright he just search for coping and coping with the holiday blues you'll find us. But that's an event that we're doing so. That's kind of taking everything they were talking about right now would end and having a program around it and you get to. Then you know they'll be other folks there they're having the same kind of experience who will give you some additional. Tools and skills that you can use during the holiday season. And did you hold this event last year we actually didn't this is the first time oh don't this I so here's the thing that we've done the last couple years as we always have on our website to all the information I just gave you about what's the holiday blues and what she she do if you're concerned that something more is going on. If you go to our website so numb me constant dot work so an eight and I Austin dot award. You'll see that we have a holiday blues tab on our website Teague and click on the tab it's got all of this information so the possibly years we've shared that information with the community. And this year I just really every year I felt like we should really have some sort of event because what I feel is that when I would talk to people about it. There was a lot of interest I think he goes back to the fact that if you asked people they've ever had that experience in May be feeling kind of in a funk and not really feeling like. They were really into the season you'd find that there's a lot of people agree yeah you know I'm just not spare the air this year you know life. I lost my mom this year I lost my job or I don't know I just feel like overwhelmed. You planet there's a lot of conversation around that so we were able to actually collaborate wits the therapists and the practice atx. They're a practice of their is that we worked with before and and collaborated before so we're working together on man and hoping to have a really nice program that it'll be about an hour and a half long next Thursday December percent. It's so great that you were able to. Put this together and create a nice little common space for people just feeling the swing general and I know it's like I said the time change earlier. I had a hard time getting over that it was just. Dark the whole time and just it puts you. And a little bit about a fog throughout the day goes quickly and you don't know what happens. Yeah it's weird because you get home and it's just like. I know for me like on get home and 6 o'clock and it's already dark it was me yeah and it's like. So I do think. That absolutely you name something that I think is really important is one of the other reasons I really wanted to do an event around this is that. Think so often people really do feel alone. In general when they're dealing with this kind of staff because you know every time you turn on the TB York. Flipped through a magazine or wherever the images are everywhere that what we ought to be doing is celebrating and be really joyful and exciting and you know week in and so it's really hard when you're not there because it makes you feel like you're really like what do Scrooge you why you know. You're just being immigrant because you're not in the mood so to be able together group of people together where everybody looks around the room and says okay like everybody in this room gets it. Come in to see how many people are there that get it I think is really powerful 'cause you realize that you're not alone and and Karen now understand today you also fund raising effort underway and it helps fund a program throughout the year career he had you know all of the programs that I mentioned we do at no cost in the community so we're really excited to have a donor this year that offered us a 30000 dollar talent snatched. So basically this donor is prepared to match every dollar. For a dollar. That we can raise between now and the end of the year so are ultimately our goal was that by the end of the year we brought in 60000 extra dollars that we didn't expect to have. And all of that goes toward really supporting all of the program that we're doing and we've we've really just been doing all kinds of new programming in the sense that. We're not just providing classes and some workers for individuals and families are impacted by mental illness but we're also doing larger community events like. Coping with the holiday blues we were really educating and supporting the larger community as well also were really in schools workplaces faith communities neighborhoods. Jails we just recently did some programming in the Travis county jail. Because we recognize that. Again with numbers like one in five who were impacted by mental health. This is impacts all kinds of people in all kinds of different situations and so the better we equip people with education in an understanding. The Mets better than all of us will be we're getting help a whole lot earlier because now we know it's not anything to be ashamed of and here's the signs and symptoms to look for and things like that so we're really excited to have this kind. Support. And so on if anyone is interested in providing some support around that every little dollar makes a difference in every dollar that you donate to us is doubled to buy this to impact of this challenge match. You can just visit our website and we've got a link right on the landing page so. Not meet Austan dot or Tzipi just visit our website you'll see that we've got some information Aaron how to make a donation tests and to support some of the great programming now we're doing. Well Karen it's always a pleasure to have you in here I think this was their time this year I hope to have you again give any times as possible. And painted when he eighteen but I Anderson one last question has always say what would you like to add. Think the last thing that I really like to add is just to remind people. How important self care is during this time. And that it's okay to say no. That it's okay to set a budget for yourself and not necessarily be looking for the perfect gift. And how important it is to recognize that sometimes. If that fox he's on a little bit longer that it may mean that you need some extra help. And some don't hesitate to reach out contact your primary care physician contact us reach out to a friend and say hey I'm not feeling too good. Again I think it's really important that we recognize especially during the season where people can oftentimes feel isolated and alone. Press ahead of the willingness to reach out but also for those of us that are on the other end they're submitting your life that you were a little worried about that you're concerned about make sure that you're reaching out and letting them know hey it's okay to get some help if he needed. Parent. Again thank you thanks again and thank you for what you did all right so let's. Again for an evening of tips and tools for managing quality stress. Tommy Haas and is hosting coping with the holiday blues just. Thursday December 7. When he seventeen. Arias BP is requested. You can visit holiday blues ATX. Dot of them breaks dot com again that's holiday blues atx dot and them bright. Dot com to RCP. Need people like to help Tommy Haas and reach their 60000. Dollar goal again remember that goal has been matched. By a donor they only have to race thirty K. They are going throughout the year you can visit non meat costs and dot org again that's not me Austin dot org. You'll be able to make your donation there. You're listening to. Inside are.