How Del Walmsley Achieved Financial Freedom, 7/9

Del Walmsley
Monday, July 9th
This is the story of how Del Walmsley picked up the pieces after working 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, for 12 years only to lose almost everything he’d earned on Black Monday. Down, but not out, this became his turning point to pursue and achieve financial freedom. Today, he shares that story with you.

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Questions everything and it empowers you to return to your core belief still make your life better. You can already tell you the truth that you. Digital lifestyle you really want the next hour will change your life. And know your vote. Self made millionaire national award winning investor of the year CEO and founder of lifestyles not limited to no one's going. Wouldn't let vaulted roof over the miracles don't want it is always working and by any freedom they don't almost started miniseries. And get it out next couple weeks and months. To attribute to talk about the things like change light at. Remember people can you envision those. Places. And things that happened that people would stop the loop when it happened. Your entire belief system. As cup because you're paradigms. Chrome come problem down everything you believe about like it's destroyed right before your eyes and it happened to instant. It's not something that you know snag it for a while some of whom he YouTube hit so hard that you know. That it was like hinder just quote shoot the ball. I've had many such spirit. And I was trying to look back and figure out. Which ones really the most important him like. A Kindle quite a few that were important. Could lose that which what was the most important but I think as far as the radio show goes wiped Dell's success of realty investors. And the successes helping other people really investors. I think the one that probably its most important. For the radio show is black Monday. Black Monday. Refers to the Monday October 1997. When the stock market crash all around the world. Again Hong Kong it's spread to Europe it United States. And by the time document states. US boat started to crumble but the Dow Jones that day dropped 508. Points. He 22 point 6% law. Almost the entire country. But it was even worse for me. If you had a couple ramifications for me that. Completely changed my life. Well I can never go back Padilla could never happen I could never revisited. You never let it happen again I came away with some conclusions in life. That I just could not let go they were too important. And so I decided that I would weapon. Try to fix this entire thing. So today the talk about. The paradigm and ahead before this event occurred the paradigm that picked up after that occurred at wanna talk about. The plan. You know given a place. Where we're young. And the plans to go go to school. Kicker great every one school and hearing about my great. Root extremely caring about one great. Studying and doing the work trying to get all eighties. Getting fitted you gotta be used to seeing a general cared. And yet what upload it's that drop out of college. No whatever the human grade. My entire life. No matter what job they've ever had no matter where I've worked. They ask you you have college degree. You have some college Q I've. That was it they never went to Hewitt transcription of what is seen that I would it be student did better. Doesn't matter all everything that I believed about college about school. Wrong. It was completely wrong. And I didn't have an epiphany until after I got out of college while I was in college a butter is important but somehow one billion cult. I just that you know what. There's nothing important. Of watching the kids around me not study not learn not here. Yet bad grades. That I realized. Hey. 90% of people who get out of colleges have terrible grades. It is not about what bit after the reboot stockbrokers and financial planners and and accountants attorneys and CPAs and what were there doctors. At that great. Europe beat the best in your class to get rid this world that's a bit that the law. Is a gigantic. And I don't know what it perpetuated on your kids but they didn't the upward to do it anymore. When I got out of college and I went to work you know the secondary part of dream can be which was you work. You work hard you work long if necessary. Use save as much money if you can and 1020% what you weren't. And then you work for forty yours your life somehow magically reported to work and you have no money. To be able to retire. And that money you give it to other people this is part of that the belief system. I just they are almost one can only so we bleed but I was led to believe that you give other people your money. Who actually knows something about money. What a bad bad beliefs. So you'd give your money your stock broker. And he would put you in investments because supposedly he didn't. And new items almost everything stock market. Right he. Was supposed to put two of the situation where your money would grow at a weight after Rick just teams. And yet be sick. And so. I started investing in stock broke and they start give stock tips. And I would that you're not and that there. And after awhile. Asserts in these with these guys were doing was not that hard to figure out the way they were playing the game. So I started studying the market quote unquote almost every fool believes that studied gambling. That's what the stock market is its game and I figured out a way to leverage up and make the thing really about. So I started buying options intriguing option. And buying trading options is riskier because you're leveraged out there because it's docked record out of value but it will probably come back. Options expire. So if you get stuck in them. You lose effort. Or next. And that would happen to me out of options in December options to win. Black Monday here. It blew up in my face and all these option became almost were there until Belfour but I'm. Now for life from which has interest in the story. For the wiped me I cannot figure out how much money I walk. I've looked around the plate bar down first figured out. But I don't know and I can't remember. And I think Catholic woman evidently. The paint. So intent. Your brain won't let you go actors sliding my brain has taken news that day that experience. Which was the day before my birthday which really. Meet the dale my birthday. My 31 prepared. It hit me so hard. I didn't appearances walked up who were. Locked up through the keys to bring typical back and figure out how bad the in law. But as I came out of this. Concede. That the dream. We'll lies. That the league system. Was wrong it didn't work now to make it even worse. After being. Fired at a ball. Who told me there was even a better way. To do it. Lenders to work for forty years and they've human. His belief was that. I think he said this to root wearing washes into being willing to work 68 hours a week he stood his plan is cool. Was to work instead of forty hours a week to work eighty hours. And instead of saving 10% of what you're gonna save. Almost all of what you are because what I'm looking when I was working on this plan. Ahead of time. I got up in the morgue and I worked out. I would to work from 10 in the morning to edit night. So I was in the gym in the morning working out for eight to ten and work from ten to ten at night and I did that sixties week. I had no light. What I got off Sunday. I barely had an opponent who growth restore to my laundry and pass from being so tired. It was a miserable life. But it was a wipe the planet cool dream but that's got to me he says look. Work fortress twenty years quite discolored save all your money in retirement under forty years old when you're young and to still be able to joy of life at retired. Boy I'd wring humor sounded good. So on its strong public the right thing to do so I tried. I was in for twelve years. And in black Monday at all. With the usual break be right that they'll want to me. It's. 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Or go to what style unlimited Austin dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718970. Or go to what styles on limited Austin dot com. Again and stands today all day long in the car on my way to work heading home listening online keeps you in touch will you work at top thirteen seventy dot com get a ring no talk thirteen seventy anywhere kind of friends place. Welcome back now here's some more unconventional wisdom to set you free from the man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. So once. What about you don't want to readership today we're talking about. Those items in your life it would be horrible with the view that these. Like when you know something painful happened it just changed everything we saw the world that we. We've been discussing my like the black Monday incident which changed everything for me. The theory that my boss giving me lose my belief system was I was at work. Eighty hour week it's important. Enhancement to ton of money have spent almost none of it because when you look at India as we can do anything. So. You'd be elusive tremendous amount of money by age forty could retire. Rich. And spend the rest of your life. Running around the world have a great time it still a young help PH who grew into retirement as opposed to being or person. It's 657 we can barely do anything. You'd be young and vibrant individual no interest in the you know. The fact she did retire. To me appears later. 34 years of age. I yum. I did have been up to. It really was important. To have that you have their retirement in you we still have the energy I'd do something like. And no money to do it. So that part of the plan was a good idea but the way of getting their of the working media were to be part support just to make that do you look back at it now. Here I am about a twelve years were born out for twelve years they've got the money lost some. Thing to myself. I'm not going to work and other twelve years just to get back to where I met in this as the beginning. All either in massively positive change your life where he met again. What I mean by that is. Would you get the rock bottom and you look back OK I just spent twelve years. To get to right by literally have eight years left. Now you tell me a loss of twelve years so I doubt going to be built twelve to get back were on that and then another rate we're now twenty years while more respect well. Flip 32 so how is that much different then. The other player. But then I realized there's other aspect of this that is that I had no life for twelve years during my twenties. My youthful like the only thing that I had in my life at all with work and bodybuilding. I love by Google. And I enjoyed it I got a lot so we're out of boggled. But it took time. It took dedication to diet nutrition. Couldn't go out eating drinking and everybody else. And I worked so much that eroded at the time that the energy eating drinking but I think you know what maybe. At night maybe Friday night but I'd give him work anyway so. Hear what a question all this stuff but the report big questions is that hey. I can't keep working twelve hours a day for another twenty years. Already destroyed twelve. Years I've got to stop. It's got to be a way to stop doing it and I can cross met all kinds of Tiffany's. That the very. If we need that point was that life is not a destination. You don't get somewhere and then boom you win. Like his sixty year journey. You're gonna do your whole life. And you've got to be enjoying it as you go with you don't enjoyed it should go in you're not ever going to enjoy it. Because it's going to be gone. And you can make millions and millions doubt you'd be successful beyond belief. But you can't buy back even one hour of your life you can now buy back one day one week one month when you are any of it. It's gone. You spent it you wasted it. I'd wish to twelve years well like audible leased it ought to plan. It didn't work. Think about how depressed. That day. To believe that everything is to see that everything that I believed in. And it lived with it for twelve years. Wrong. And redundant Giffords. And it could be that ball everything I believe in my life is wrong. It's one of the most painful thing to ever go through. When I think it's a pain you have to go through and we'll ever get to open your eyes wide enough to see the true living a lie. Your whole life is a lie you don't want to admit yourself because maybe you haven't realized yet additional. Maybe question reports that you know I don't know but. All I know what to skilled player. I'll steal a point here a got a map it says success is up there somewhere I just keep all of the map but somehow you were given the wrong map. The map isn't quick math you're going nowhere. So. I decided that I couldn't workflow we can it will varsity anymore 62. And a look back my office to look. You got to come out back. He should know. Everybody you're workflow if I let one person workload so that I have to let everybody work. And they can do they were paying their own salaries that added up to two Belgians have to buy such an hour. What's commission. And the 275 but probably minimum wage at that time but it was salaries have been better coming out and work. But by the time. Not from what it was probably lose two of you by repayments salary but. When you put that out of forty or 6080 hour week acumen to Zimbabwe. The Arab guys you'd pay per day. So. If you look at that situation like it is important that I can't change it because that is wouldn't hire company's philosophy of the company's name is valid and factory. Bally of course the story and Ali of course has since gone out of business. It's very obvious weather when is they have no idea what they're doing the entire coping was won by acts pro football players that had no idea. I wrote this. None. And what they would Tuesday hired these pro football players which were dumb as a rock. And tell them that's the way it's gotta be and football players use being told don't think just do. Get it done to put away and then reputable money. I remember this guy Evans play and he'd come to working at a big giant health and expect to port town yet Rolls Royce Mercedes. And draft. You know to the nine. And he knew nothing about running the business. He just parted whatever the company models were there. Including I'd be figured out had to be figured out of the people underneath but we couldn't figure do you could do it. He had no idea to do and yet I took my dream. From this guy. From the real pro football player by the way you played when you're in the failed football. Who willed his way to success in the business because it. He was doubled up the work the twelve hour days six days a week that he wanted me to do and that he did that long ago everybody else quit. And you only guy left. So they promoted him. And now here I am listening to this guy ask people where do you get your dream. We are are you getting your dream from you getting it from a loser. Is as an adult to another loser called you. Or have you gone out and look for a winner. It would come back up to this story about the winner. That I read into. And what it meant to me in how it came alive. With a short break. We'll be right back with the don't want to reduce. It. Yeah. There. It's. You're listening to Joseph wants what radio show will be right back with more life changing principles and just a few minutes. Get total freedom in your life safely and quickly build wealth or passive income so you've never worry about working until you drop losing your job or retiring in property. 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Welcome back now here's a more unconventional wisdom to set you free. The man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. Look back they'll want to read it showed they were talking about that moment your life changed everything. The moment I'm curing with the use one I had on black Monday while most of my life savings all one day. Go to distort the ramifications that came after that. One which is more important that I realized that I could no longer will problems it is sixties we. But in the plan to succeed. To get rich quick and the retired early excuse. Between didn't change it but it's important in the dream didn't change I still wondered retirees go. And be rich. But the plan. Was what I could see was wall. And so what Boston told you know it could work one out in the like you can do that would that. So I left. And I want to play for job but the guy. Owned electrical club down in Jacksonville Florida the belt and this guy was a little power lifter. And little short guy NAFTA multiple. And he was super super super religious and he didn't purchase where smoke or drink anything. And he said. He had a hard time because he he'll lose of course we've done in Jacksonville Florida and he was a pure doubt he just couldn't really run quickly wasn't the result he wants and he was looking for somebody could others be the it seemed to be supervisor Ron Paul thank. And you know like I shall whereas Mahan told wanna go to Bally's and and increase their profits very very large margins of property and the club that I read. How we set that things to make way more profitable. And because look at law argue so we're back to what surprises to look at gonna work and goggles when you mean you're going there. Why did the guy I want somebody like me he's gonna pace a bit rot holes that he wanted to become by the guy like me why did you find you. You really believe. That you're just go to walk in there never Bennett city supervisor report abusive supervisor. Because of a consensus of well that's your belief system oblique muscle want to slow down their two coupled friends who you take clubs. And dumb. In no time at all. We had increased the sales. But three times. But 30%. 300%. Aired what happened was that he had a bunch of coral room called young ladies. That really didn't care. And what happened was is it three of the girls run the closely together in his Condo it is a personal Condo in all the appear and the role Coke it. That would be coming to town he would stay at that kind of with these girls. And you play in my go where you want I can be conclusion that there was still going on there because of that. You know increase to visit through the city called me is that you know what. I got to let you go and what you mean you don't golf increase your business 300% Eagles got you fired all my girls. This to my family my employees' or my family. And I think it. Yeah I don't think your wife know that it's funny because he'd when he'd go back home wanted to go out shopping for his wife and shoppers kids. Switched up the take back like he'd been thinking about but it was one of these girls. So right there and there are realists. This world is not as straightforward as I think it is that a lot of the stuff about your business. Is wearily. Net. And that the only way out every going to be successful business. Was own my own business. There was no way I could actually work for someone else because it was either family business we could never give by the -- people. Or due to corporation where you couldn't get by the corporate politics. It's that it's ever formula for the first time that I had to own my own business about they're going to be successful. No longer could it be an employee you somebody. And considerate. Of beginning Richard retiring. Of the massacre. Like him back to Houston. Where notes and gym working out one day old boss Cuba commute today. Our director of a subject that came back in work out there goes one to go back to work for a offices I told you can't work tools now. So. He proposed. That option form. Philip accurately to work what control software system opened up in the morning called tonight. To Peter what will be. We can't seem to find anybody to run the jump on the weekend. It just we can't keep anybody. And he said I'll let you work 42 week. Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday and you run the core. Of four days a week so you can set up all the business for the weekend. On Thursday Friday you'd make sure that those days are set up so when you run it Saturday and you rock the ball. Rock the world so I came in on Thursday Friday on Tuesday to all the silt every other field manager who's still missed. Called the back into okay what commitment Saturday Sunday NC I'm a professional body build up. Competitive bodybuilder I know a lot of all that stuff I think that I probably help you come on and see me a room like take care being true to do. It's like go out of business what apple was. I started filling more business in Ortiz. They're they're still men which owns six are outperformed every steal manager the one. And they promoted who supervises and you can teach everybody got to do you do it. It would be the peace to put all the sudden a warning to clubs for clubs six clubs. And there I am. I'm doing what should have been done in the first place. But they couldn't do it. Because they were locked into this messed up there and what would interest you most. I was able to produce more forty's they removed produce. And act like him quote you pit exit. Is not productivity. If you can keep your job done four hours a day two of the four hours and get the heck out of the office my employees what else they work no war. The forty hour week but we kicked them out. The the mentors. Are only allowed to clocked twenty hours week if we need more hours I'd hire more mentors. You can't be well be in successful. And working. All the dollars that that they don't go together it would be disingenuous. If my mentor for more than twenty it would mean to you that there is no such thing as they retired and rich. It would be a job that is not Asia. To mission. To mission to help people get back. And yet. You have to make sure people don't give two Balkan nation. Forget. The commission is just part of life part of major player part of whole picture. And you have to play. And so I learned the most important thing in the world that how to keep staff. I've had people who work for me for twenty years. I have many people were ten to fifteen years. And it's because you don't burn people out this was a match at the Pippen. The kingdom during this period my life. And so there. I decided I had to go by my own business. And that I wouldn't treat the business people and what do. I remember when we get a quota filled it would change or quotas make it harder. Or they would cut our territory. Where they give the good territory to a weeks old so he can it is quota as put up some tough territory. So that we could bring it. That's about it. I'm gonna go build a business for myself that I don't know what can take away from me what I had my purse right now we got that burst. Check in the mail and I knew that check was for me. It changed my entire life. We thought we are or what can help called would collect a 100000 dollars a week in collections with a club. Targeted to them in I'd get a check 4003004000. A month. Bringing them billions and billions of dollars a year. I've made like seventh grade year. Now if I make those billions and billions and billions a year because to me. And what I building business you can come in and take away my business or apple my business. It's my business. People want to me. This is dedicated to Pitney that you got to. I that would that would. Put it together and realized that. I can lose my own money. I can not be successful in my own business. Just to Houston's I can give all my life away to a company and give all my money which will financial planner or stock broker. And let them lose my wife and my money for me. Would rather lose my wife and my money myself. For him to succeed trying to hit all of that to lose my wife about money to a loss. To buy. These would be Pitney road in different animal like that report. It back I remember the day that it lost all the money that muscle. You know. Which would spend that money. I would have much rather. Know that I don't had a white students in that one out and gets bad. Cars we have been. Partying whatever was. A would rather it's that the money. Has so but he just take it week. What. These painful ball. People took my life. And other people took my money. And I didn't do in. To a. It. You're listening to the original ones wouldn't you. 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Dot com. And breaking news exclusive contests and more delivered right to the rim not I like doing things doing the right choice club that's talk thirteen seventy dot com and you'll be in the just go to talk thirteen seventy dot com and click on the right choice club from top thirteen seventy the right choice. To thirteen seventy. Now here's some more unconventional wisdom to set you free from the man on a mission to retire road America one person at a time. No one's really. Well back to go while he really showed today we've been talking about. That moment your life when everything changes when all the polices and you have about liked but just destroyed right for you guys. And how do you come out of that destruction what you do that you wrote what do you learn from it and how you change your life for the better from. They take let me pick lemons and eliminate that stuff. But recovered much of this epiphany I had during that period when I was going through this pain. The most up recovered so far has been about the negative stuff that I learned. And when you wake up and you find out that. You still want to be rich Stew would retire early storm the dream but the plan. Doesn't work. You've got to go find into the plane. And I realized. That I had been picking. My mentor. From a group of people. It'd never accomplish the goal here this guy was. It years of age still working. Right and he didn't accomplish what he said he was gonna come to do it which it says you can do so it didn't work for him it didn't work for me. A later we're ballot went out businesses guy. Lost almost everything. I mean these downgraded from the house downgraded from cars. I don't know what it live in and out to a country work. To protect the thing to try to earn some money. But his try it lifestyle has come crumbling down. So. You look at that you why it was like picking this person from a mine you know mentors. And I stick it to myself you know don't what you had to do if you could also but he get a bye until we've already feed. You're matures got to be somebody's already gotten where you wanna go. And lo and behold. We just opened a new health club. Called the technical we had oh remember go to it was in the gallery area. And I got it into one charging that Colbert got to supervise that club because. What are readers seniority or whatever time. But I remember going in there. And seeing this guy committed every day. He would drive up and jaguar get out in its tracks and I remember back then everybody had their tracts until the matching pants and jacket. We're there shorts teacher to underneath them. If you come in. Meet guys head butts and friends that play racquetball. Couple hours racquetball. And that going maybe lift weights for you know thirty minutes. Always have a good time all laugh the most happy then go and hit the Sauna. It's all off really well and maybe take a quick dump the pool to cool down. Wondered just got to the guts to ask him you know. A senior all the time. It got there what you do for a living. You know how do you not do you work. During a major portion of the dead right in the middle of the day about the you know there's two in the middle bit what like. He came early in the morning did that about. Or came in after work it did he get it right in the middle of the day when nobody there that's why did current board there's nobody there to get what are we wanted. And so open. And in my got a bigger deficit well I don't have a job would mean you'd be supporters. And distance sensitive. Was like a rocket alert has produced on what we now know I don't realistic. And he explained to me. The old businesses real estate businesses I think he owned. Like commercial strips that are so what that. But in real state there is no job for you do. You don't give up everything I got to go through something there's nothing to do. The check in the mail. Now maybe I'm going out to buy more solemn looking at some stop on try to buy my next project. Maybe I'll put my project together reasonably capital of examples of on the deal in changing up its dapper something. What's that done you're done. There's no job to get to go to. That's what people donors and an over a hundred houses. That I managed myself like doing thing that we were like four hours a week there was nothing to do. And so the time. Bruce is money aspect was something that I had to understand it to pick up that more time does it mean more money. Investing asked it to produce money is how you get more money. And what life's all the map that this guy had. I knew I had to have that map so I started going. To all these seminars over the place on real state you know. Remember that midnight madness seminars is something for nothing denied that mr. Miller's on if commercials on TV in the future about the seminar and they give you another you know great song and dance and in the so you. So books and tapes and I have to say that. The book to take some courses and so forth there's nothing wrong with them until it's up to date have been resold. Retread it many times. So moved up with basic competence. But the worst two bit to do that you know for Toby knew nothing about real state as a way to get started mentally intellectually. And so I started working yet. One out. In the second. And third. And fourth now it's Cedric Cedric won Harrelson time. And then I got to like Lebanon world. In another epiphany. The Pippen was a lot of money. So had to find a partner. And pick a partner who put up some of the money. An iPod apart and put up the money. And I put up the time. He takes W 5% profit to 25 but I had unlimited pockets now. So what proceeded to blog about what tools is one and two and half years at Wright started investing rules two and a half years. It 3040 years of age. A retired. A retired. Twelve years. Working twelve hour days six days a week. Two and happy years. Of spending. Almost no time at all. One produced nothing. The other produce. Most incredible lifestyle that. A wonderful day and see them. The radio show. Can obtain the rest. Join us seventy. Can't get enough. To listen to him. Access faster my. Guests enjoy the. I. Okay. 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