How To Solve Problems When The Problems Are The Solutions, 8/7

Del Walmsley
Monday, August 7th

As with every 2-Day Financial Freedom Seminar, the name of the game for addressing the problems with retirement is to confront the middle class solutions we’ve been fed all our lives. Del reminisces about another successful 2-Day experience to drive this point home. Then, he digs deep to show how the strengthening U.S. dollar will affect the real estate market.


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Keep up with the latest breaking news in Austin and around the world take a moment to make sure you're following us on Twitter at top thirteen seventy elevenths waiting began. Just one more way to stay connected with top thirteen and indeed the right choice. Welcome to go until one sleeve radio show. Children. Questions everything. Power's future returns. If they're true. Next hour. Will change your life. Now you're. CEO when it. Welcome you don't want your radio show our girls don't want to lose always working on your financial freedom. Today I wanna start with factory is got out of ten day workshop. And to me it's one of the greatest things that it happens in my life is to build a border roomful of people. That when they walk in the room they were there are filled with skepticism. But at the same time filled with hope that there's actually something in their life that could change that they could come up with a solution to problem. That they've had as a lifelong problem and that is how do I retire. In a world. Within a system. That no longer works or never did in the past because they're no longer tensions. There's no longer anyway for someone to support themselves other than to continue to work. And in this day and age right now where people have been told that you're going to have to work longer longer longer. And put off retirement. Two later and later part of your life. A lot of people were sitting there are going you know look I don't have the energy rookie anymore. Lot of people going I don't even want to work go along you know I have people come anywhere from thirty years of age. You know we do a few of them went for almost thirty years of age up to about six years of age and you got people in the thirties to one of retired now has already tired worker normal life. Got people in their forties are sitting there going man I am really burnout got a midlife crisis going on mentally. God but the bottom line is is that. And we. We see no way. There were ever going to be over retire. Right positions are gonna happen. And then people in their fifties they're frantic they're sitting there going like look. They sit out their ten times my annual income saved up to be your retire. And I've got one times YA new income that even saved up and what am I gonna do. And you know did you get people in the sixties they're just like man it's over what I don't know what I'm due. I'm probably gonna have to keep working I can't see anything else to do but it's hard to get a job now. I go in the port MA continues you've got. All these people that are struggling. Warning something to happen but it's a problem that does not exist in our society. So it can't be solved and she said what do I mean by that. We'll beautiful financial players these guys they're talking to you about how can you. Mix of financial moves and adjustments. So that forty years from now or bother tiger 65 years old you'll be able to survive. Now that user bitter. Probable. And they have there are solutions to solve. Their problem. But as Einstein says. You can't solve the problem with the same level of thinking that the problem was created. It's how you see the problem is the probable and these financial players. Just don't have a clue. That people are not trying to figure out how to work until they're 65. Or now it's long as they age seventy. That the average person had always intended to retire by age 5055. With the latest. Right. And in fact even if you look at the do we the IRS that the system ball. Originally. You know you could actually start taking your retirement at age 55. You can set it up on some type of a long true. Extraction program. But now. Everybody out procedure could have to work until HW back there are seminars all their people seminars. They talk about how. To get more out of your Social Security by working to. And and not starting source security go to start to take Social Security. Until you're seventy to 75 years old. Well folks. I don't even think I'm gonna live to 7075. Years old I have no idea but I don't think so. The average bill by apparently died before 65 years of age. And so the Social Security system to complete rip off the market going. And probably to many many other family. And yet now they're telling you don't even takes Social Security. 59 and half. Don't take it it's sixty don't ticketed 62. Which blows like the end all be all when I was a kid. Don't take it as 65 no you need to hold out to age seventy. Or seventy far. Right now you can understand and appreciate the frustration. These people. In this two day seminar going through. Will the rat when they walk in the door and they're hoping. Pray. That they're gonna get an answer to a problem the real problem not the one the financial planners who set out for them to believe in. But the real problem I'm old I'm hired I'm worn out I don't have enough money to retire and I don't see how I'm gonna get there. And it happens. Right before the rock they start to see things. Information. Stimulation. Inspiration. Things that are like turning on the white who darkroom. And for the first time ever in their life being able to visually see. A path that goes where they want ago. As the end of the sector as he under the first day occurs. In fact was go to launch but the launch the first day people are sitting there at lunch bubbling and excited talking and it in the Jewish. Purely motivate. What he you know. What's coming next. By the end of the first day. People almost looked relieved. It's almost like law. They see it now. It's gonna happen. But the second in my reference. The second day of their free worked earlier to day workshop. Where we talk about how to go out there. Double. Your money. And double will begin at double it again. How to make millions of dollars instead of just hundreds of dollars. That's when these people really come alive and husbands and wives who walked into the room on Saturday morning. That were skeptical. Fighting amongst each other as to whether or not the idea is really made sense. You know you've always got the positive persons and there's got to be away only got the skeptical person saying no way out even gonna happen. But by the end of the two days those who have made up. And found common ground for them to we just thought. To play and their wives bought in to be able to get to this common ground future. Of an incredible life style. And my friends. To see that in the rise is why do this. It's such a wonderful. Component. To watch it happen. Right before your eyes. And maybe these people. They come up afterwards. They give me a hug so mobile crawler. And what we're not trying to elicit those types of responses don't get me wrong. It's just that. It's like a thousand pound bird news come off the back. And every one of them. Because I talked to each and every person slides up or send out. Surveys and I spent time talking to them. Each and every person. You know I speak to. It's like 8000 pound boulders been taken off the back. And what they believe. Before they cave in. Has been shattered. And now what they believe. Is intolerant. So my friends it's time for you to get up off the couch. It's tired for you. To help out here well like you didn't get the next one minute you're I've got to go to. Prick awards or call 8776556755. And tell us why you believe rules state works because you've got to you've seen other people don't it. You've just got to do the seminar now you understand it what do you understand it done it four or about it. Gives the call. Pass this knowledge forward save more people's lives. It's hard for you to take a step. 8776556. We'll be right about the. Listening to there till one. Principles are just different. 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That's my passive income workshop dot com. Texas weather can change on dime more. Monitoring. Here shortly. When the weather turns severe. Turned to us for what you need to know on air and online at sock thirteen sending dot com top thirteen seventy the right choice. Dell on the radio show. Our numbers are 77655675. Bob I got to ask your question limited email that I didn't have the answer to. And so I had to go get some help from an economist who question was how. Is the fact that the dollar has strengthened against forwards foreign currencies. How's that going to affect us in real state. And I really couldn't answer that question because I'm not a currency expert at all and never even followed them to be honest with you didn't make a lot of sense to me. So I went and got all of our economist here. Doctor dots are which by the ways coming into town for us if you're one of our members. You've got to get to see you my guess. I think it's this Thursday I believe it is that. You wanna check into that. But the question was how does this a practice and goes on and doctor rose the all mighty dollar showing the world who's boss. The dollar strengthened against. Most foreign currencies in the past year. The strong goals a reflection of better economic conditions confidence in the US vs the rest of the world the dollar now carries a bigger purchasing power. And is not necessary but that is not necessarily a positive thing. Numerically on average US dollar has strengthened by 11% the past month. Two be favored by more. Immoral moral over the past few years. Against other. Against some currencies the games have been even more dramatic as up as much as 25% compared against recent years against the Canadian counterpart. And up 70%. Against the Japanese yen and up more than a 100%. Against the Russian Ruble. In this game means American travel abroad will see bargains everywhere and these extra. I can through sensor pondered the country for American staying at home maybe the foreign made products that Wal-Mart. For example will be cheaper writes we saying it look. Those stronger dollar could mean we're going to be get a lot more purchasing power around the world. And for products that can be shipped across the ocean that are made very cheaply over there and our dollar will buy more those product right now. But then it goes on says the strong dollar. Unforeseeable not translate into lower housing costs why. Land cannot be shipped across the ocean. And construction workers demand dollar compensation. That was a demand repaid US dollars. This is why rents are rising at 3.4 percent. And essentially. A seven year high. And home prices are appreciating it more than 5% a year. The Federal Reserve. Will raise interest rates sometime this year the gate of interest rate hike is likely to further way because of the strong dollar. Because the strong dollar house or reduce the possibility of inflation. Right and so goes on to say that the US dollars unrivaled global. Reserve currency the British about a hundred years ago had this status where the British pound could command five dollars. Of anybody else's money. In the long distant past and that is held the global currency. And the economy when it's economy flourished the importance of global reserve currency was noted by. Played merchants of benefits it would be have been very easy for the short term gain to simply default. Or all the money. And leave everyone out of Nicole well that's too much political stuff for me getting out of this here's the answer. It's not going to affect our real estate investing. In any significant way. And it may even keep interest rates Dell. For a longer period of time. Which would be beneficial for. Right. The next article someone so it was this is says Mark Cuban. This is just the start of all college of explosions. And the email read this way my wife and I were just talking about how we hope that student debt bubble would hurry up and deflate. We have kids to put through school. And in the not too distance future. The sooner things settle all the better the current situation cannot continue tuitions are unsustainable sustainable. Student debt has fueled the bubble in the university system and it's going to end perhaps badly. Now this is the response this week we may have gotten a glimpse of things calm just on the road for me sweet briar colleges decided to close up shop. Mark Cuban thinks it's the first of many colleges that will close. He goes on themselves and this is in the business insider. When you're eighteen years old and you don't really understand all the nuances of what it's going to cost. To pay something back there was almost inevitable Cuban said a few years ago Cuban bought the domain college debt dot com. Which publishes why optics of how much college loan debt is held by students. The current total of just over one point three trillion with a T trillion dollars. This debt ultimately will all weigh most of the potential benefit. You're getting from your college education he said what you thought. Were going to be. What you thought you were going to be getting in quality of life. Is now being undermined by the depth that you've taken on. True this Richard to the point where there's almost no benefit of going to college. Anymore. They'll think about that. When I was in school they had the sharks. And I think there's their historical actuarial charts but I don't really know they were just made up or not. But they say if you were colleagues or fewer high school graduate and acted just graduating high school the big thing. If you're high school graduate you would make more money than a non high school graduate by X percent. It was just make a good number of them understood you might make 40000 dollars a year. But if you had just one year of college. You'd probably make like 50000 miles here not get a two year degree. Right so doubled social history you probably mix somewhere between sixty and somebody else. If you had a four year college degree. You make something like you know seventy to a 100000 dollars. And if you had a master's degree you could make over a 100150. Other doc Tor you might make as much 200000 dollars. You know and I think the numbers are a little skewed there. Because you're just making an apple over. My own personal members say. Which are probably should've looked it up for this article just to be closer to the truth but the reality now is. Is that kids coming out of college with these stupid degrees that they have to remember people used to go to school in get degrees that matter. Now kids are just going to school because parents are trying to get rid of them to try to get them out of the house. And so they're sending kids to gap bad grades ecologists and kids that are domes are rocked a college they're sending kids that are lazy is competing columns are sending kids. That I've got your rings tattoos piercings. I'll Wear their pants down around their d.s so the body exile. They're setting all these kinds of crazy kids to schools and colleges or taking them because they need quotas. And these kids are and they're just creating Havoc having sex taking drugs and doing nothing to improve their lives. And yet they're coming out with enough debt to keep them strapped for the rest of their life. My friends. The college system is about to implode. Well I wouldn't take a short break we'll come back our phone lines are open at 877. 6556755. Will be right back with a Dell wants week. Radio show. Listening to their job while. Principles of justice. Long time lifestyles member Curtis Haines a real joy for me looking back. Is helping others and I wouldn't be able to have done it without the support of myself ladies can't say thank you enough feel for that. If he were to ask people if they could vote on the top ten guys. That help other people you'd be one of them there's no doubt about it here. Has this roadmap of holy success stories on this one I'm just. One person out of the thousands fantastic success story that each and every person can learn from that's my advice. Take Curtis Haynes advice come meet felt like minded successful investors who are helping others just like Dell helped him. Attend the workshop get you were map. Safely and quickly build wealth and passive income so you never have to worry about working till you drop. Losing your job or retiring in poverty. Call 18669718970. Or go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com that's lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to register for the workshop it will change your life. If every talk radio program for the same what would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics but we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas we days five to seven on talk thirteen seven Michael Berry show. Hope wisdom just six. The men on a mission to retry. Plunged. The other day one of our shows. We've got asked the question now what rules of thumb if you live volume. One of them that I brought up was that I never purchased a home the cost more than I needed one years. The year approached the hole. And the concept was that tell you keep from buy to expensive home right well later responded to that these tailback. But she went to different correctional care and so I'm sure this was because I think it's an interesting point. And it's one that we don't spend a lot of time on but I think it's a relevant point she says. I still in my first starter home that I bought 2009. It was a foreclosure in great shape that I paid 85004. And that is about how much money on a per year doctor. One thing that I would like to mention that I never hear anyone talk about a live in the small middle class neighborhood where my neighbors complained daily. About how broke they are and are driving old broken down cars have fallen apart. I have a rich friend. And when I visit their neighborhood she says friends' lives richer and also when I visit their neighborhoods. They have bankers and doctors that are commonly approached me in their expensive cars and introduce themselves. They sometimes even invite me over for dinner with their family. Whereas in my neighborhood you see these cup guys walking around with their shirts off. They're pants hanging down so that motivates me to make more income grew forty nice. Big hole. That in normal middle class person cannot afford. And for that I could live monks exercise for positive people in a safe environment. Now. Trying to route to piece together in my mind. You know what kind of neighborhoods you lives and for 85000 dollar houses and put the bottom line is is that. What I've realized. I've spoken about a film that model law but immigrated dug into it today. Is that people who are more financially successful. Are definitely happier. And hence definitely nicer people to be around. Go board until now you've really jump off the deep this is ridiculous. All hope for personal moment wise guy well maybe. Maybe not. Because you think about we resolve the crime taking place. It takes place in lower neighborhoods. Where is all of these brave kid ends and where are all the shootings in the rapes all that stuff happens in the lower Scioscia protecting them right now. All of it is the wrong statement so don't hold me out to that wrong statement put a preponderance. Of God's. And I've said for years or so look. Every person I've ever met it was financially successful. He's easily approachable. And whether value or something stimulating or interest thing for them to talking about a one thing you know you go bad there here. If you go talk to him about stuff that. They have no interest in whatsoever because it's not in their wheel house of either needs or desires. I can understand them giving you cold shoulder. But there's still not a friendly. Now you walk up to a budget gang bangers. In a bad neighborhood and I'll tell you what your gonna get you're gonna get yourself some trouble. Right because these people are not happy people they're miserable people. And if you go open down useless you're committed bracket tell you this was just take middle class people we get up go to work every day. I dread that I will not take. And go anywhere during rush hour morning or afternoon. Because it's a nightmare right. And because of the fact that I don't have a job I can go for a while ago like yourself why port itself when I wanna go right. But even so. Everywhere to all get caught in traffic. And when you do people or hurry and behind her late for something. We could have sat. And so they wanna cut from interviewing them cut you off and go act aggressively and they're just ridiculous and it won't look at you when they do they throw up the deep infamous middle finger to you and so for. And I have to tell you I don't doing that stuff I just don't care. Because I'm rich people don't have those problems. I'm very happy to let people cut in front of me because I mean over to get almost anywhere. And I've never seen someone drive up next communal limo. And give me the infamous middle finger. I'll just never had it happen these guys to look at your smile grew back to what they're doing may be way that you could wave at them. You know you let somebody and they waved back get your hey thanks a lot friendly. But man. That's not the case for all these unhappy people. Well what I wanna share what he was this this is a long discussion. But I tickled well needed one for some people out there. Friend's life is a jerk. It's not a destination. It's all of foul called life. It's not the money it's the lifestyles. The quality. All your life it's the journey you get to today. That if you don't have a financial plan that works for your journey is miserable we know that. And so what I'm saying you as you need to change your plan the plan that they gave you from youth doesn't work. Isn't working and never will work right and that's why you're unhappy. The reason that the lower socioeconomic people get in trouble. Is because they do bad things they do wrong things that make bad decisions because they have the wrong route. And quite honestly because you're so frustrated. That they're just acting out. Now all of this how those moments when we want to lose our mind. And act out and when I was young and dog and four. I did the same thing. They guys I want you to understand something is very important for you to listen to me on the radio that is understand this I grow up and Ferguson users. That is one block. And so our group and force of Missouri that is one block from Ferguson users. I grew up in that neighborhood folks. I know how unhappy those people aren't there I understand that these people have nothing to live foreigners neighborhood. And or why it is actually the most interesting thing they have come up in their life. It's a great opportunity to expel their frustration. It's a great opportunity to steal and riot can break things can get it out of their system. Because they got nothing else to live for. When I lived there. I had I got beat up on a regular basis I had teeth knocked out I had to have plastic surgery because someone threw a rock and split the side of my face open. I had my nose broken eleven times. So my friends don't tell me about what it's like to be poor and living a poor neighborhood. The difference between you and me is that I did something about it and my parents didn't do something about it yeah we took a job at another neighborhood. Which of your job and another city that was a good choice by my parent. But still I had all that rage in me I grew up in that neighborhood I grew up with that rage who would that hatred of people. I was able to get it out of my system workers time. To realize that was all wrong. Now you tell me well it's not funeral understand I Wear a hoodie and I get. I get arrested and I get shocked and I get beat no I totally understand if you Wear a hood you look like that Gary beggar you look at got off. So now I'm gonna tell you story my friend. And here's my story. Live in a very affluent part of talent in Houston. And on Christmas Eve I went for a jaw. In a booty. And just so happened somebody robbed a bank. And this little. Imprinted little frustrated little freak of a guy. Called the cops and told him that art most of and the person that robbed the bank. Iron run by the bank during the bank robbery. And by the time the cops got there right circle was coming back. So six cops came to take me down. Now I would have been like any other person from the hood. I would start to given a lift. I wouldn't tried to fight back I would it denied having anything to do that. I would have become a problem and they would have to be moderate bought. They would have majored me and pounded me kick me and if I kept fighting shoot me. No my friends. Christmas Eve. In an affluent part of town. A millionaire is taken down by six cops and stuck in the back of a police car for six hours. While they investigate the crime. Only to be let out six hours later with an apology. Oh my gosh. It wasn't view. My friends. You can beat the rap that you can't beat the ride. Shut up sit down give up. I don't Q killed. Don't get beat. That's what you need to learn if you're poor and miserable and wanna change your life. 8776556755. Will be right back. With a Dell wants the radio show. Listening to the Joseph wants. Changing principles of justice. Did you know that every dollar you put into a piece of real estate makes you money five ways. Cash flow of money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars you create when you have the right team and by the right property using the right map. Appreciation. Real estate doubles in value about every ten years equity buildup. Printers pay down your mortgage each month and finally there's tax advantage we pay almost no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains. These are the five ways we make money in real estate which is why realistic accounts for more millionaires in the world today than any other investment vehicle. You should have some real estate in your portfolio. To learn how to attend one of our free workshops call 18669718970. 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Allen ties some strings together your from the last few segments talking about the college education being a failure and a flop for our society. And also talking about growing up impoverished neighborhoods lower. Middle class neighborhood even possibly. I don't type stuff together because two of complained about them for two segments is so views. He's had no use if I can offer up solutions. So let's go back to the college you guys gals lady's friends Romans and whatever. The bottom line is this. Don't send your kid to college unless the kid has an idea what they wanna become. Don't send your kid to college at peace already a mess up it's a waste of time it's wasting your money. Do something better for them get a good job make him start developing some skill sets make him start developing some discipline. And then if they show some discipline and the willingness to stick with something. Then off from the opportunity go to college but until they're willing to stick with something to stick your kid there's a brain is wander into colleges who waste your time. Now on the other it. Yes and this is a bigot if you come from a fairly that is problematic. I've deterrent in life. The ideas to cute kid out of that neighborhood the talk about the second part of the second argument you've grown up in a bad town like that. To get a kid like that out of that neighborhood to get him into school whether it's on sports scholarship whatever. That's a good thing. Because can I grew up in this bad neighborhood I grew up with parents my mother was an alcoholic and a drug my dad was a workaholic right. So I came up with this mental construct. That allowed me to survival. I heard it somewhere and I think was from doctor Wayne Dyer are not sure exactly who utters somewhere which says. Item from them but I am not all of them to okay what does that mean that means yes I am all of their sperm and their cell. And yes I did pop on about womb but I have not of them somehow. I god. Who knows how inside at the wrong fairly soon. I've no idea because my brain does not connect to what these people are what they did what they believed in any way shape or form. I am called knock down I might have well been you know adopted. Age and it could bet you know I don't. Think I was but it it wouldn't bother me if I was because I don't relate to the middle anyway because I'm not a workaholic I don't wanna be a workaholic. Because I'm not an alcoholic and drug addict to the point. The my mother was crucially on the couch all day long every day for the rest of her life and did nothing for nearly fifty years okay that's useless life. Somehow I got out of there accomplished a lot of things and had a lot of goals and did a lot of stuff. That only occurred because I separated myself. From bad ideas so you're right now listening this heaven forbid cured some bad city. You know your bad part of Chicago or bad part of Saint Louis or a bad part of Washington DC picture taken this up. And for some reason you've got the desired here positive video in your life and your from you know he's got away or whatever. Hey guys listen to me I'm there for you. There is help. You can get out of those situations. And you can make yourself better you can. Read books that will make you better you can go places and hang around with people that will make you better. He's set to make a decision that you may be from that place but you're not all of them push you or not. That existence. Now let's go the other direction. I had a friend. That was an investor with me when I first started. He was against. One of the greatest men I've ever met in my life. He had the ethics of we had the greatest ethics I've ever met through highly intelligent and yet it was fun. Quick god loving had a super family. And he perpetuated. The super family. And this gentleman. I remember I was a dentist made great money. Good money saved up was and then one day he cut his finger off working with a chainsaw in the backyard and so. He thought who's who loses Krueger's dynasty could not do oral surgery anymore so. He decided to invest with me to make some money to build support his family. Kate and we did okay permits money form but that wasn't really an important part what was really important what I got out of the relationship. Which was not body. I did make money you Russian facility but I got something I got to see how it man. A real man. Raises the failed. Not a man who leaves his kids and dust comes in supplies wills sperm that leaves. Not a man that beats his kids up about a man that doesn't care about what goes on this was a man's man. This guy was at every one of his kids dads he spent massive amounts of time framing. Their belief system and their ethics. And by that factor the children had the desire to grow up to be as successful he was. And one of the one to be a doctored the other one wanted to be Dennis. Well these children went to college. But not only did they just go to college. They completed college at a very high level. Of accomplishment. Met their spouses to be in college which were also in the medical field. So you have again mirroring that values matched up mirroring values. I'll success on both sides of that marriage. Right. And then what they had and got married and became highly successful kids. And I looked at that I go man I could touch that with a ten foot pole but how to be a father like that how to raise a family like that. The mother and father are dead together since high school. And the wife. Who had gotten educated become a teacher taught at a very very low level. As a teacher to support him going all the way through med school. She worked for twenty years to get him through college. And to help set up his practice as a dentist. To win their fair and it was financially successful and then five he took on the financial burden and then she did something else don't remember amber what she ditch wonderfully. But the point I'm making view is. Here is where. The American dream of school and success and all that worked out for porn on American view is. It was it college that made these kids successful. It was the family that made these kids successful. And the problem. In this social woes social economic brackets is not that these people don't have money. It's that they don't have morals values. Dreams. And goals. My friends. Is not the destination. Is the journey is not the life. It's the lifestyle welcome it's a lifestyle have a wonderful day and we'll spend time tomorrow. From listening to the dome on the radio. You can obtain the results. Join us every Monday. This in lifestyles unlimited dot com click on the way. And to listen to the lifestyles are limited real estate investor radio show access national pie. Join that conversation. The information and opinions you hear on the tell monthly radio show or those of the post Joseph wants what his guests and scholars and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the station its affiliates its management or advertisers the Joseph monthly radio show is for entertainment purposes only please consult a professional regarding your personal investment needs nothing presented on the job monthly radio show constitutes an endorsement or recommendation offer or solicitation to buy or sell any product or secure. Take a talk with you anywhere we'd be on the news talk thirteen seventy app listening to keep up with the latest breaking news and our search for top thirteen seventy in the App Store or find the links at top thirteen semi dot com it's anywhere need sock thirteen seventy right choice.