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Taste talk with you anywhere. On your computer or Smartphone log on to talk thirteen seventy dot com. So I stay connected with top thirteen seventy the right choice. To learn to buy and sell cars. We're zero. I'm ready to share with you everything you need to know about buying selling and trading and dealing with cars. Zillow home games and here again. And got kind. He's central attractions such they've got a little Lorraine and. Thanks a lot in Roland and everybody in the world has got special call and I'll I'll never heard of oil wells and all but now talking to Jerry over the last drop in. And they got 121000. Paul Texas station crew cab GMC pickup does that does that also wore my iMac is great backs. No bull market is so strong won't pick ups. But that's what they're boring you use. Old fire coming up fifteen to ensure explains. So you all the marbles abduct soldiers but there was gas or easy and they were also and this is the first time in the year not a big nothing else this was going to be the deal. And you need to bug now there'll never be better deals are advised or they're better now than ever before. Unbelievable. But I tell you what watch. I bump liberal place but why are William Ayers. Ripped open in San Antonio and new brawls over Birmingham. Sloan is born in. Four huge huge huge car lots. Unbelievable. What's going home. And here at ago we were in this discussion I was token to have. Big time car man and let alone understand what's going on the Corbett does subtle understanding that he big box strong stores. They're all being used car business and they don't have a parts so nervous our body shop to buy money they have absorbed some butt over here. And there are and there are solid. And worsening and that they're used Marcella who we don't units. Took 5000 over what we can buy renal units or. There but they've got a bike a tremendous amount of money in order. And all order. To make this deal work. So does the key what do you date how much Monday evening to might overcome over it and that's why. This show has been so successful I'm sure you know all open your ask the good the bad and the ugly about the car business. Owned oil believable. What is going on. And used cars there's not enough matching score if you've got to match used car. Yet they didn't find out what the market is what by your ability. How many. They're out they're for sale because a multiracial don't giveaway you're trading. Because it'll be worth a lot of money. Identity will be. Everybody's looking for national mileage cars they've big box stores are paying dearly. Dearly at auctions for the Asian. They're stepping up. And but they won't step up all mediocre average cars. What goes to I don't wanna take the chance they don't know what the market is they don't understand the market. You know we're certainly glad child look over there watching them. Mark with a computer. To computer or older cars weren't able to you what I history years. And that computer can look at their car. They can't tell you what the market is Oden in the past Richard what's so recently. And that computer don't care. But right now all the new coordinators have gone to that system they want to be all bad system. And that like there's their sales people their managers can take a look at to deal and understand. What the market is innocent. Miss it now. I don't cost money and one ball radio customers I was fired up all of sleeper mass. 2012. Honda Civic or probably. And then you ask. Also. A billion duck and it has collapsed Gardner won't get rid of Barack. Because somebody that's got 70000 miles or a money in the end our demands or start a cost a lot of money get fixed. So they're there won't produce up to witness. And we were talking about his neighbors got a twin car. With a little less miles. He's got almost certainly is neighbors got 61000 mile and his neighbor takes it yen. To. To the BMW story to get a new BM dot. About how pretty thousand trained and this is all have a model BMW. Whipped. Along mops. Unbelievable. He should Randi what kind of deals that also tell imam giving man thousand pork. Or city ticket won the big box but we're all pretty bites you you're given a thousand more Russia but a mask go Obama's car. It that's a guideline. Books are guidelines. That's all they are they tell you what they should morning. Not what the caller on NASCAR brings over book. They worry unmask government when I have enough trouble. Certain men have option. In San Antonio wants a bill a lot of consulting and helped in the amount we talk about to market what we see and what's going well. And so we were talking about the sale of what was going home that you real time. And it was only now got a lot of cars are actually yesterday. McGinley the figure of the cars and trucks over a 120000. Miles historic indeed. A city got a computer there. You put whatever you want my computer spread it out. But you know that's that's done bill I had thought of but at a set up black tomorrow while many code orange. I at this option overall and crunch over 120000 miles a great idea glory. This could all have their rednecks we casual than most was talk about a hundred a 120. Authorities would like to know 140 where is equality point. They could I don't know so where is stopping point all the top money for a used car as we know probably submitted their smiles. Then he goes to 9000. Miles an Eagles don't want a change. Then goes to 138. I'm so bitchy people want 4120. America. We'll discuss. Years ago we would see a ball. Before we cut models like the old days always kind of milestone. And it legal but it is not legal anymore and buckets are legal but a lot of doubt about 34000. Mile truck. And playing the speedometer quit work did you go to the junkyard and Bob Ole Ole ball. All the Cox. And claim all my hands broken don't know what the balls are all our financial far. If you're illegal you can control forward to a and a lot of people live in the past but still a lot bigger wanna do what they do look forward. To date to system. Everybody's out to beat the system when money's what factored. It becomes able. It becomes my main focus I've got to make all the money does it take advantage of every situation. I got to beat the system. I don't display yet of the system I don't know this system. So was so we have billionaires company in scope and we'll all have no wheels they build and spoke to forty million dollar of dealerships. Just to sell used cars would go now perhaps. The play the ball from my compilations. And had 5000. And it they've kept the car long enough to drop down to 3000. Of these guys did not produce mark. I think that put Scott ball land. That they don't own a bit of a particular fire aren't they go back. And so we're not won't vote to cover over areas. Big companies are buying other companies in America. Anime that they are because you're scratching and like every available so wins enough money enough money. I don't know these billionaire reportedly put money understand the billionaires. Thinking on this because what you do it with a man Warren Buffett owns apology dealerships whole lot of dealerships. I've got a good friend of millions much of my amateur has brought him I have. And the old bunch of dealerships. And so you know what he's doing what money can cripple billions we met in the duplicate. So he's got to figure out a place to put it. But some random blonde bombshell cart dot com but I can tell what tinsel and the love displeasure in the world the opportunity leg. Only administration came to me because he won't she'd be educated and won't you don't know exactly what's going home he won't shoot it can better understand better. Lil blogger. The owner of this station and a bunch of other stations have to ride an idea. He wore to to have an even playing field just like rocks over what Covert Covert all the group. He won't you have been educated because you know secure educated. And you know what you do and and you'll come to bail you'll understand that they do it right and you'll come back to him you'll big part of their business. So what you want to do in this situation what would you look at fault or are you going. How hard you worked for your money in match after tax money. So were trying to owl but you're meant to. I won't be the best person not to be out wanted to give back I wanna teach. I'll tell you what about tremendous response out of San Antonio. I announced the other night where I was going and I had people like Melvin debate. Me neither. The great opportunity not talked all of whom had Joseph moment that can man installment that we don't actually that. That we were told but the BMW. And don't want to know what it was sort been brought to abide cars all the way you show appreciate it. But now the people I've talked to do tremendous amount of people every week good. Blackmon couldn't show blood simple the difference that I might given their lack. Open runner past teach them let them understand given them wisdom and knowledge. Of what's going known in the car boosts the billionaires. Rural attempt replaced put your money. Where do you put your months. Ahmadinejad told situation. Most places don't people don't wanna put the budget don't go on the interest they don't put it in real estate to taxes are getting. They don't wanna put stock market and don't trust that if it were bugged out about a crash ever talk about this that the other hero these financial advisors. Ever other commercial. Talks about something different all of don't do this from the bad you need to. Four you didn't have that evening to talk about him to understand the good the bad you need to understand that. Yes danger but if possible also owns. And we don't talk about the possible walls of a used car all of Nucor. Noted there's. Manufacturers to people everybody what is the walls. In this country but he. In course butterball brand name. And what to work next year if you can afford it. And it's cultural lapse dollars to kinda cold afford can't afford. News I just like these trucks I would Wear well my hope. UK but dictators sixteen got to go back brand new. You've got to look at this situation. They're taking a tremendous walls or not all the pakistanis lost their past metal if you want a truck in the next six months. I think you need to do it right now. I can do all the way wanna manufacture is going to do but don't job I. You're building to building cars you need to cut back but not. Are not so good about it which you need to get back. That's the key. The news is going to slam always the neutral more and more product because they wanted to outdo each other tribal culture money. Proud war. Cultural relationships. Prior it will cost you your roof collapse it'll it'll cost so much money. But did you manufacture commercial rightful they've got the best product and then they got that they have my rights. Let me know what to say it but this is so when he absorbed by a so called dot com. You got any questions don't want embarrassed she did McCulloch and all the columns are in the don't know. Number here is to do you have. I'm sorry good number here is I want to go to activity stations stop wanting. To export three 483. Let's talk thirteen seventy dot com that's won't do. So export three. 483. Give me a call. We'll talk about in the I'm not talking to about politics don't matter to me my opinion is worth two cents. That you don't want to Democrats. Have come on what they had label company Roche. If you don't there opinion is their god. And if you don't agree with Bob I came back and chill moment color you bad but changed I'll won't let you ever find him a warm bottle gets all the way. I'm mode letting everybody around me. No problem born as a Democrat. But to Democrat party left me is not a signing parties that it flows excuse in the share and then eight. And Republican and independent. I'll walk like as an independent. A wall ball abuse and what we'll give you my opinion and guess what I'm I don't get my attitude you don't like my opinion I'm not going column in leaps. I'm not going to be in there you yes we live in a foreign country even know all these form come over. And they want to live a free country but they won't tie everybody up and won't change rules walls that are kind. But I'll warn. I want your opinion. I talk to everybody I get so many calls on Monday and Tuesday that people are cult bunch of bank. Nelson I cannot believe you called me back. I can believe I would want to look at them 69 of Merrill warrior who switched to man Camaro. This guy has got about 80000 dollars you can almost forty Graham got a big LS and it would all kinds of tricks. Got the late model true Italian debt. Bore bore. Doctor nine each Ford no rear. I need all but. Real trick call and he's got a lot of artisan and by the AD Graham. Any any balls forty grand tour. And the car bud forty somewhere and it needs probably. Grand finished the car. He's got into your he's got two nurses step what to expect to bully opting to dish out. And I spent an hour with him talking about cartel in what I would do what my suggestion work and what I would give up. But you know what I want to talk to people. It got didn't rural people and talk to the people and answered questions. How would then mob money blocks Covert Libyan investment and they show. Among other shows I wouldn't invest in and that's pretty empty but it won't talk to you and I didn't love hearing from you. Or probably a 15 because it says let the last. Listen and add to that a lot of Al Warner listen to how warm or I want to know what you wanna know there. Go to warmed by itself caused dot com. We don't take short break here a minute and we'll be right back with Bob the poll numbers problem take six. Or 35483. Give us a golf club wanting six point three 483. And I about the good the bad and ugly. Political situation MacWorld. It. But Bob good you know I don't know what I'm governor 66 Bonneville amount of last week convertibles also Paulson go. So. Tell you when you're neighbors to two hands. And we'll talk about the good the bad and ugly it was going almost golfers or call market. So won't be brought back an amendment. So tune in tell your friends and neighbors to to an end to this we'd love you essential protections. I'm hopeful Mike in the difference in your lap I hope that you got desire to be the best she can pretty OP in control of your finances your budget. I want to to be based you can base and do the best you can do. Thank you very much you like to tell Morton says apps but I got bill and all land very. Great great producer and thank you Megan and I do how hard conservatives and if you get many. Co ops Covert and devious phone number five want to leave it solvent it closes kids that don't thanked them. Sponsored Randy Adams show will be right back. No matter where he shot no matter what you've been offered the coverage will meet it. Hi Anthony Covert and we had the best selection above nation Evian GMC truck in one location. In that color style and what's all the options you can wind. All that at the famous love overpriced that no one can tax. I'm not now not ever we want to be your truck dealer athletics traded teeth covering Chevrolet Buick and GMC. Seven and two highways anyone and that's how far on mining covered Astaro dot com. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas weekdays five to seven on talk thirteen seven Michael Berry show. The right choice. Clients stuff. Jobs asked closings of the audience others go to movies. And you see anyone you like better you're let's. Yeah obviously you know you ever talk to somebody that got a better deal. Well it's because you're not putting enough effort in our corner Wright place 80% lower being there's chapter. Warrick PL 1% were tendered her work hard or you do whatever they can't. And creature right next to see what do you wanna do you what's your hard earned after tax money all my money. I want to spend it wisely I want to do what's right. So work harder. All my money you know how wanna be player I will be able to sleep at night I want to be able flat inflation customer. I was talking to a guy the other day this. His sister went and bought a car from dictatorship and I told her old man what a great deal more of very desirable car everybody else's solve this final book market. All my and I are old Swede still open ala Sheikh and she had cash. And moral mandate to have it checked drama and they just told her they were the best part of the world worker then and they didn't apologize. For overcharging they did apologize for plan to her and then she gets home and above more play action figures out sheep of total. Jimmy transportation means good transportation. And you know likes it and correcting. You know and a safe car. And and so all these things followed she soared well absorbed self. So she calls me. She says mr. Adams Virgil radio now actually in Wisconsin yes ma'am why do black convertible. Well they told me what a great deal it was more great opportunity and I everybody loves them. A small gold bow echo there remind them of ever buying they told you. And tell them what will they give pork. Scioscia said OK since you went over there she told slow and stuff. All how they've you know told the great card great deal I ever bought him. You know how the market was strong melanoma and everybody water. And so. But overall they Kabul that excuse won't lock well we've got too much in the tore Cilic del Washington you know less cultured you did when I bought this one. Well what you know we just don't. We'd like I'm ball right nationally yet samples forward. They don't what with every excuse in the world not above it comes. To us all over the CarMax. Complex this morning. You know. Now the car keeps getting cheaper and cheaper and cheaper chief ball the brain is made and she has made public an alcoholic should just man it. Actually reached newsman com banks populism of be your guide you voted for them offered nothing zero. And you stopped and a couple other places you couldn't get an Al opponent. How well I was gone you know to do something. You welcome your senses which you know. The dealer did go to the troops. All can you believe there you probably do have to tell you the truth well. I had somebody ask more along radio stations and when it comes that you scarred me and tell me and tell the truth now Manila. And I said man that's so that's our ball and act like butter for wall. And and it would just gas masks are probably 95%. Latin for out symptom true. And then you should really ushered problem so I'm main. You know I don't know would recommend somebody to go Alicia wanna play too much money for convenience. And that's what these big box you score archer didn't complete yanks. You walked in there. And they can kill order and they tell you exactly what you want me here and they show you exactly which can back. And they don't have to so respond there are parts bond they don't have a body shop to make money on so guess what I got my own money on the one yourself. Course you know then you get an open department. And we are subject to take care now player goes I got my money somewhere. They're over here it is hasn't anyone without a new car sale without a franchise only enough projectors. So. You've got published but yen. Was going home. Sonic collectors say it is common in San Antonio. And so their own and they need column. An open Ford dealerships one in docile and weeks and San Antonio. But you know. Loyalty. Or use lol I was without being on land. You know did you buy your last seven or eight cars and you got soul all that you just won't keep you in the dealership. And not shop and I'm not work and I'm not checking it out. I'll talk to so many people who last purchasing ahead. Millions got up went back to the leadership that they wanted. But I've been educated their parents are opening understand the business a little better. And now when they start to ask the questions and I didn't tell her they're old tub leadership that they were Walter. You know. Rory soul. And they were there to do business. They played how they were mistreatment. There were overcharged and how that would bring them up. Every situation was coming up everything was going home and now they understand what Colin. Very insular. Dictatorship we vote collage from what I said we've bought cars from these people twenty years. And now they might as well and we can stand but. I'm so there's the calls that make any money on. And they Purdue and it's sort of more addictive still citizen. This mandate for change known as ownership change you know. Or not this foreign. Note that the way they want to do business flow in year dynasty. Well residents went ten year history a widget or your next purchase. Whether it is wet track on the might you know by this will net them lifted to end of the month. But you drop in your client has to be worse off dub you get the Communist all. Oh my hand it's worth spiteful and opportunities today. We may well be affecting. The future. Affect the future of why is looking to laugh that you can't you keep your job what you experience what what about your house you change it now houses. Are you changing jobs. What's your future look like we only know what's gonna happen next year too and you're gonna sign a contract six or seven years. And right now they're they're worried about being an even works. Also if you get a few times dependent bipolar union new show it's exploded in San Antonio this. One of my new shows. We're having great fun would that Johnny's Kenyan. As austerity. As a mining company and now. So Austin were also. Has ever green RB dot com that's what turned out so much so they know what's going on they can inspect them into LaGuardia. And make it might because scrappy and that's what I want. I'll borrow more like a small minded but I want gushed we're happy so would exploration OK just without their consent don't know column I can remember these are being. And it's because I've had so many of these little ball lately they're little less than a year older people would lose their being 1000 dollar loan. We want to achieve the good the bad openly about. Our big business about Mike good memories Mike remembers what your family enjoying the last and join your time all the and then camped. You know the best people on the drought campers I you can get out and you can make so many people at all out with duds calls. Other vacations. Most camp scholarships women polled by now. Which you make so many people you enjoy your separate relax. And let me tell you the big money is start a they are big places. There's a lot of inflation your boss or. In your country which is sold out America must then so horrible million dollars. It's an ad cabins so you're gonna have closed down down the level of glory RV park. The people to come and spend a couple of days in the ball slip by almost blew them all on board follicles to. We got so many people move in and a town that all live around the town. But John Houston is. As far as it gets told sometimes. And also in so. When the sponsorship for making memories of B dot com my dad bill. Mike can never use RB dot com great show we've got a tremendous response to avoid vaults and campers all of the show. Looked at several motor homes. A lot of life. Doctor. Temperate areas worded goal was like. 200 scripted camping areas. When you're in the coached central north coast of spotting count Alston. So there are some great places to get away and close but. We're real close but. So go to. Making memories are being dot com and take a look at our transient who will relate illustration it will build on that web site that a lot of information on the air or you. Thank you John he's been. You wanna give him what Colin banking group helps sponsor the show and making memories are being don't show giving him what color his office and Leo. 65 feet deep Andre. And man I tell you what I got a buddy I'm aware of who wrote. Don't get me a call up to you were the best place to camp back nice. Neat place and I got to I have ever. Friday and Saturday night out there I think Friday night for sure I'm up but certainly it's still going to go well man. If you wanna go river road and relax and enjoy yourself will last camp ground. Lazy in those place they've gone to school arts. I've known him for over and Greg Greg gets bored and want you to think about what they mean what you didn't return. How are you affected me in bulk. It just down the cult on the side which calls why you're practically called issues in her lap button bill effective taken a couple of days off. If you're cozy arrangement too much money. Although they're going to affect my last year. 678 years. Because you can. Bet good money. Automobile. That loses money you're praying and it'll be worse off but in the end. Of the arguments and I'm talking about him though because sometimes it's just not worth much. Just talk into. Mentioned about buddy and another buddy of mine you'll Bob May afford to racial and knuckleball much but he should I can afford it possible good. Yes sir how many mauled people won't hear himself but. 40000. And actually well no and what Goldman worked in three years ordered 20000 miles and I told them and so okay. I can afford it and that's what I won't you know possible configured what you look for as a cult you know that is not much money per day. It's a knowledge right but that's what I long drive that's what the whole world. That's where all wanna be no true plan is always going to of that other person. Not just themselves. Swirled in the they're so few of them in the in the business are true freedoms. I ran across woman on the other day. And they're one of the dealerships that are wrecked man. And let just let told people this is not what you can make careful. You can now you thank you wolf this vehicle is gone go through what you want to snuggle feature budget. You know you need it back won't wreck. Oh what you need to but the chill some didn't want to in the right so they don't want you. Well. While doing it won't won't why. Won't you won't we will keep mum. On what Cuomo won't. All to go home go home. They've created column or the one of those. I'm appalled. Hope now. Yeah he dealerships. Are almost token do person that I above their trucks from Monday. And bill last part just want to want those being Japanese. Preferred. And they can try. Annually and yes they pay too much money for the car. And so in the most know for the last six months and blonde a lot. So Randy you're exactly right when he went in there. We thought we were sums but I should be it'll be up and we all called we will propose they won't treat us with you know. Would care honestly you know. So who would walk out mixed up more than ever. Plus we know too much money now I didn't trained. He selected thank you about what you say make decisions sit there and they'll play off tomorrow and I didn't make that decision. I made a bad decision to school cost me money and how much cooler weather active bottom Wheeler for a man that in that right. Considered good news is a lot don't have them by mistake because she was an agreement when they won't would block that you. So blew all these years ago these commercials the wall deal somebody do this with all. Not only second open. You know we've been bad examples to our children and I ask you stabbed to learn that nearly can be a good example to our children. Show that we're gonna make better decisions when. Try to buy otherwise you know what I'm gone over but we're not gonna Baja. Too bad guy or else too many many growers. You know. Millenniums don't like it. That's Schwab collects all the bad example would there. How would take care of things how we're overboard. How there's nobody left into the muff. So. We need to change their blanket and our point and also the way we've. You know stars were football. Then it goes to premiums. And then goes to action. Start the ball all meant so much gum may Carlyle. They unions all year I've got to have. Nolan and I salespeople know bit legal pusher but Nintendo yeah you can afford it. After you've got slammed the middle ball and they knew they hit you gotta give Biden we deliver very young but you know buying votes. And keep playing in this man out of Warsaw want five Mike at last I. We'll take a nose short break as he landed absorbed by and so caller dot com saying I want Holler my sister and the energy sales archer. Buses prosecution's sweetheart. Nicest persons who have made great interior decorator. It may blew up there it can be a cult while wanted. So albums more. So than seven forwards are born to. So themselves more and so when 74. Owned banking did a great job today. We'll take a break we'll go comeback in a minute or don't talk about web site we don't have got a little bit more about market. And spot and I don't know what it is with golf but it. So we'll be right back thank you I love you central text. No matter where you shot no matter what you've been offered the coverage will meet it. Hi I am didn't Covert and we had the best selection above nation Evian GMC truck in one location. In that color style and with all the options you can wind. All that and sustain this level overpriced that no one can tax. I'm not now not ever we want to be your truck dealer. Let us pray to teeth covering Chevrolet Buick and GMC seven and two highways anyone and that's how far on Friday covered Astaro dot com. Texas weather can change on a dime will. It's. Doing here shortly. When the weather turns severe. Turned to us for what you need to know on air and online at top thirteen sending dot com top thirteen seventy the right choice. Sound off on the news of the day with its console online ads on thirteen seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy so great choice. Okay. Over the ocean. How will America. Thank soldiers for bike for America. You huge help this country be safe and free. And we don't appreciate the police and meant no news media is blown out. Way out of proportion the placement we made the policeman and five years from now just all look like the wallow Wesley that the policeman. We go our respect for everybody will go learn respect for our policemen. But it starts at home. Not like Obama. And said. At the memorial that Dallas a couple of weeks ago. But by outplacement there that he was scared for black man walking on the street. You know the percentage is way down. Compared in the white people who get shot. We need to real figures on the immediately and not look like knees media. Can we need to truth. This country was built on the truce. And we need to get back to the trees now the truth may be gone in a carbon zone 80% of the dealers but not like. It's not golf Iraq's Covert Covert auto group they tell the truth. They don't try to spin you or query that drug candidate they priced cars right 121000 mile new trucks greatly. That price the more I. Have to treats you right. You know. You can follow my system. What are you need to do. But limitation on it your heart our money starts with a well. And real Errol previews give them Ireland that you're not gonna happen here. That is our own show and get so big it's like a blazing fire starts with a little magic it's very. You get consumed over half Arabic and then you walk and argue that some young salesman of Beijing that you need it. You gotta have it you'll love it. And bill. You make a decision oh bought back pocket national can't pay. We'll go walkabout and sell cars back on followed easy process above it went to. Obama got struck with a bad motor ball up all our actual 350 Alexis was bad transmission. Totally. All. Bought whole wrecked. Shakes things Chevrolet pick out. A body good the bad the ugly don't matter what it is so go to my website wanted to buy and sell cars that come. Follow easy process describe your car what are look at it like you're buying Baldwin Lowe would you may begin each other most by the need to keep it. Look at our go to school rabbit to me O line. It would have been robbery and now for something on there that needs to be faithful may shrill. And need to know about that. Most people coming and I did want to tell them so what's worked don't wanna. Come home give me out. Yeah so domain. Traded hands so somebody has not had money to come out of my money add money to. And say where you're at all. And then sell it to me so somebody doesn't show up to yourself I'm write a book all. Well the good the bad dude real good car business I'll Kevin Reagan and make 6090 days. But be careful when you sell it where you don't let nobody know were you Leo goes shoulder PlayStation. I know what you're trying to work. Are watching all the work that's good. Now go to the other side war buy and sell cars that got bought out what your credit score go empty seat that. So what's your scores look at your critics. Make sure your shot that should be I thought it did get by far. Look it seems there's any other problems when it any other mistakes being cleaned up you straight up. Do little work. A little efforts should be a lot of money and that deal. Now that you've got that organized. And you got your credit scores hagee can. Go talk to five or six by integrating. And Dellums situation. Your data back car give him some guy I'd be amateur gonna spin. But relative total interest gonna be the total plane's gonna be how long legal finances. Know who you're dealing with in there and give me the same interest rate to zero blank given new relationships start would they'll. So you lower your money is what you're gonna spend. Take their payment since it fits your budget but labeled low rent or break engine tires and maintenance and breaks it just everything. And then. Goto if you decide on a vehicle go to October canning body shop parts house. Consumer report all one recalls. Issues. What ever. Decided what you're gonna black and see what the least amount of problems because maybe they sell all callers got problem saying no perfect cars. No perfect people no perfect colors. So managing guy that you carry out what your body topic everybody in the world you know what you trains were. That's tablet shop shop shop. Understand. Oh markets new markets where you stand where the vehicle stands it's gonna draw and a discussion with a man. Oh yesterday one of our regular listeners. He should not forget about doing something. October. I was sent back into what he may have to do it. August it day to October 1. He said was that because October 1 look at eighteen proceeded. We're gonna actual may seventeenth slipped over. We've got wrecked cars but we got all these coerced them and we got great post him. And so markets gold chains like it always good septa or they think October 1. Get your ducks and erode. Get everything land. Get everything ready to go. Nowhere you wanna spend your money and I you wanna spend your money what you need look at your butts all think UT deal but it. A man don't do what they say. You did Skype classes on how to train salesman to push your book. But Ella to kind of go watch it yeah so customer car wears out there's a hundred different they you only. So now that you've got everything aligned you know new market vs oh market take a look at two leaders see how long he's only unit. But he's owned it ninety days he's on the old market you need to feel they market. If he's only had honored eighty dangers might be some long ones that are used to. I look at it is if they don't try and Shalit. Understand. Exactly where he stands how well he's owned it no auto dealers own more Walla so they'll switch back and. Or they don't sink our year. What they switched it back lots of weird looks like oh man we've all had a thirty days. Really yeah only thirty days. But you know we we really don't wanna cut privacy. And then there's a doctor friend of mine that still they all stored beat this guy as well well. You've got Betty these are all wheel drive to get around. He's got a four wheel Gabon near. So excited at the shop is wrong in fact. Almost it would spend a bunch of money on and then they giving back estimate. Now how in the world. Can you put too. Many zeros ten to many zero's. All I asked him. Pago and bully that. But Owens 70000 dollars to fix his car. Sherman 80000. Dollars. All a bad joke issue right now though Bob you do Carl what was the 70000 dollar apple corps. Lisa is still a good cars still got a laugh. I said there are no way of beset by those in the fix it cholera that you could totally restored from that. Well gunfire that. The McCain shot my hamstring how do you put too. Zeros at the end of the bail. And people not know is do you think maybe some other paper gold and they're trained to deal. Wow. So analogy. Figured out what survive. Be bold. Hey don't walk into the dealership tired hungry. And make sure you got 34 hours to battle because Cisco will be a battle. Really need six hour everybody in my comment the other night at 630 surely out of bako. Without while while while Walt's a figure Lehman it sixth Ortiz won't take you 45 minutes to get to the leadership of the traffic. Probably are close so you won't get hurt so bad thing. Ski and you're don't buy you and your car. And get out there. I'll sit there and he had dinner though are you tired yeah. So don't go this is bragging that I. Go to more about 10 o'clock you know due to a good breakfast you wouldn't watch Scott what you don't Obama make sure you're agreement. They get up or Gaudin and bite you. You cock but be ready for a battle being readied for six eight hours. I explain to young lady that's good friends may have bought family. Shouted shoot forward and Jeep. Instead it can't imagine she went to all your jinxed or. And man. Hours later she says she was ready to slash any buying. Any day here. Just to get out there she shut out was stressed out war outs won't have. She was sick. As Carter started the deal. She says. I get home a real Al balding ill equipped do you not want out won't. The price. Of what they price may end up well equipped G. Also Nancy there's no she said red Indians should always have played their genes. She already ill equipped placed team. For privacy should be everything but it's signaled it might end up and an eight hours later. Engine boat captain she bought into all bagels standard warning she's already knows who were out. Council hungry. I didn't know what what I was there I just worn out there. Oswald hello wolf how they're well coached good thing fastball plus you don't relive a moment. She ditched you don't walk in you did what I. Well I don't want to chart I don't want you I want you to habitat. When you walk in dealerships. An old men they got ads don't hold ever do you think in the whole world. I've got mocked black. Total gold medal miracle. No 100 putrid kind of backed by Obama. You know what I convert right. Yeah a 30% interest. Jesse James. LaBrandon back to kill people went no where else would have done that to you. Kyle will. I council representatives. And senators that Texas is he illegal in 27 states. What title. Texas goes to work a little bullet that yellow elected that's when all due to get ripped well we're OJ to be poor. Allegedly a foot. To walk to the table edgy. A bulging from the dial place after option. Below with 9000 dollars the gavel to play in Woburn mass hunger to bulk. We found out he made ten play to my keyboard man files. And he paid back over to bells. And then you lost his Jeep. An elbow eyeball to Jeep for 141000. Dollars and we'll it will take. So that won't please may I filed. Clothes. But house science 151000. Dollars a little less than a year almost Jeep. Tell you Koreans tell you neighbors tell everybody. Don't do it title won't go to my website are a bunch of cars back count to strap your car I'll buy you car. You know what is work and money to social body else in your business by the cheap transportation. Thank you House of Representatives and senators to rub in the public it bode Julia RG just proud of yourselves. H okay flank right or the other brain did you get Travis County. You need any other real information about car business echo it all was 830. Should Steve. 71 by good Joyce Bartlett Upton though it's 330%. Interest. And you know don't care unit your buddies are in the business. Right correct I don't wonderful ideas we'll have all told you so where I want. Yeah today got all their Obama. Your car and leisure boat moll quality of little like your that your Texas. We're the best in the World Bank we got the best legislation up there anyway drabs caddie when you're up your lawyer don't take care bear won't yell now. I can't fix up the and we pulled up stakes by a. Got through it could go out there we got a great governor Jerry Owens and attorney general all night. Our our governor and I attorney general because they're doing their best they're doing the right job at her yeah what took place. Even do it what they problems lately. What not and not our representatives or senators. We need to get rid of Shlomo this. Bad stuff we have in Texas. Maybe we need to clean house and boat hulls go as Astaro over gear. The start of Straus of San Antonio as the sheer unable or volleyball or bird at the world I should you know what. He's only Communists though Republican that note. I guarantee. And if he talks one way and this for something else. What else wealth and hopefully. Riley can't dwell this is Randy at all over here always will share your call never met before. Well go to war violence broke our back now more easy process. Of all this they better open your ass. Teach you the good the bad and the ugly. Beige or call watched Covert thank you or maybe it helps sponsor Shell Oil won't take. Shoveled kick June 14 eighteen candy hanging. And it passes for our general part Rhode Island serious she sweethearts blah but first thoughts later and I am. And I god bless it. Hey no other Alabama you can't keep a good man and a forget everybody live longer now that percent of the stations are dead on forgiveness mother father coached by else. Forget everybody they don't know they don't care. And you're cared that baggage old view all stood taxes. We know Austin traffic can via. Challenged. These continue with time saver traffic. Mornings and afternoons on top thirteen 73 right choice.