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Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the on the top thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away at talk thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with talk thirteen seventy. To learn to buy and sell cars with your host. Call for sure. Ready to share with you everything you need to know about buying selling and trading and dealing with cars. Hello Austin, Texas central techy stuff oh yeah orange yeah. I TJ and end at all or didn't server and it would open up alliance that they also just. Casual talk about the good the bad the ugly you know the public loves to be. But he is still no but the problem bills they listened so much being in cash. Let things get so low limit a live minute and looking for she and Owen. You know that's mom here I'm trying to get that DS out of the car business would be has out of everybody's a lap would be innocent college Judith Franco missed. End up I'll make him different from your lap. But it sure gives a colleague here. All talked out and certainly 128643. 483. Minutes Bob won today. 643. Or a jury should column lingers. We're talking about the good that no it doesn't matter what buddy thank you stole my nickel and rush Covert. And we talk about rocks quite a bit because abandonment England early forty years. We've never editors Pete never had a problem. Never an issue of any cash. How money's an amazing. Player and I'm still looking for college for friends of mine 606162. Bonnie yeah. Two arts. Still looking for 68 mustang aspect coo her friends of mine. And small trucks. Made authority to the article for drug or print button in Houston. So are a lot of people that warm of reproductive. That warming and proves something won't spend their time improving something. And working hard I mean what are we improve or re increasing our labs are your learning from the show. Well so. I'm open to get all my own website saloon. A little spot that you can go and experience we are making a difference it just politics by. You go and say you're making a difference up warmed ought we appreciate it. But what ever but if you got a few time. Few minutes collar rocks Covert. That is. All this and leave word that you like to show you appreciate him. Sponsored show bubble until you seventy taken 131. Day. Tennis but I won't take seventy to 81318. Tell rocks at thank you for sponsoring yeah to show they enter the price had a lot of what I love all their great. Great great people. You know and Dave did a great job they really are they're one of the 20%. Though Tate who treat treat you right. Did you clinic where you trade you know show. But you got to remember what's gain from a moment of passion. There's only perceive. What is walls is real and permit that debit card business. What is gain from a moment of passion home my and I got this new car. An if you can afford it. Great. Old judo black. But don't you understand that you can't lose some money is going to expect that you've got something you'll somebody's buying spree. You all not gonna cause you any trouble for 36000 miles three years or so. A new vehicles the way to go and work on is getting tougher and tougher to Thad. Good claim these cars. And their gear there's a Sharjah. But now we're gonna double bunch of cars on the market. But September 5 day. I've got rip all my calendar. August 15 sale. So ever I can every client owned get rid get rid of everything I can. Start cutting prices now and give it already arranged it located you'll what I wanted to do and how all of this. So. If you're in that passion blues right now and you cannot I have and you just thank you can't live without it. You're not amber might be eighty forma claimants. You might get yourself in buying something you don't intend to file you're not prepared mentally physically spiritually. All it needs to be bought. What pitcher Nate interest rates your budget. He's gained momentum moment of passion. Is going to proceed. Waters a lost is real and perm. You work hard it each and got to practice together own path. You go to work you work forty hours a week. Uncle Sam takes a little chunk out of it you got what's left. And then you go spend it of course you don't think pretty good job got something. So you've got this money. And now you're trying to invest it right cars on our investment. So you don't make a great decision. Not a mistake. I'll let you by. So. You figure out where I don't even know what's gonna happen next year. And you're looking at owning a vehicle. I mean you're not sure Claudette. For 84 months. So that's that's where you go oh look how you got over two days. What's termed it that tax money that you worked hard now it forty hours you worked last week or last month or last year this golf. You spend their time making your money. But that money is golf when you go spend it you're gonna get those are black your not don't get that money back. Annika so create call it's expensive. It's gonna lose score better money and you don't be a bad situation. But how should understand exactly what should I don't cheat examined go to alarmed by himself cart dot com number one above the good the bad knee and if you go insult a non productive land and our deal work and personal buddies got something non productive or something they don't need right now we go along Molly's. Late model. Cargo glance at a great price I got some good thing crashed your fans at a great price. There's a lot of stuff that's available. Personally if you can overall to September picnic all buying something I've said all right now because of markets hot and it's. I really think the market school every year it happens in September picked October 1 would take a 1002000. Dollar hit. It's the call's. Of all colors in the market you've got seventeens. They're (%expletive) everywhere yet maintains all the way you got all police officer Randall. Re post just all kinds of cars hit the market when you spent. Put that many cars on the market you're gonna have too many car supply and demand. Happens every year and it will happen again this year. So they can wait wait a little bit UB. It'll work better for you good situation. Now if you got some this sit around thank you got Imperial Hotel. It Euro daycare center. You need to merge so it's getting too many models are used to rough birth. Our star running give me a call 83060. 71 but I'm not. I'll make an offer only her unit. Get rid of it you play rod it all they want people wait till December. CBS says we don't get rid all this stuff get off your books. There wait till December. And lots of people out of so he could be that way take take the last two years two weeks off clear. So a buck the big six the intertwining of the December we quit. We're not at risk anybody's going to work out an arrest and ever encounter stops. The options stop stop stop so now we've got an overabundance of cars and nobody's home but if you get a get rid of something do in his right now. One asks people about all the market still up before drops. And it's laying around not doing any good got too many miles or something broke go hitter this rector some. We were subject of black. 83060. Dial 7159. But go to market bonds sell cars dot com follow easy process. I'll describe in your card Gunter a look at Ekuban. It sure. Vehicle you need to look at it look at there or we'll go left or look at real hard and see what you think. Mean describe it to me any personal and I have to fix I'll be glad to buy your car. Our notre argue van whatever it is. We boats and motorcycles lately motorcycle market is wait yeah. Or about motor homes and campers I've got about camper and actually can ladies moving to South Carolina she's selling her camper. We've got a motor homes we got campers there's not shut we got a great show going home with Johnny he's the he owns our stakes. The training. Company and Alston Johnny Steele does and we dreamed up we've got to show called making memories RP. It's okay TSA Saturday night eight tonight. People say we're entertaining. Educational. I'll cash stock or trying to teach you to make memories. To growing understands spend tablet family. You can go to my web site describe a motor home or trailer or give me a column office. And what and we'll try to but. But lots of traders lately I'm out of traders except the one I'm gonna come. And it may be done to motor homes. So we Bobby Ginn and led NATO. Describe your car I'll make it all for all and I'm not on the black or triggered buying sooner. When you bring hall and not go on and ties should economic brain input the number in. It drops down to the bottom and then we'd be Sheila thanks system I got out all worked out of then go door to buy and sell cars dot com Bali process number one did you credit school. Anchor good our look at your credit it up is the score you can Gibson gets low interest rates. Sicker and mistakes don't study it real power. And after each done it real hard. Goto device. 456 blank credit union sue the best interest Jake and yet. They top the bike you don't busily you've got a relationship where you start a new relationship with the big bunker cranky. Great way at that point available for soft and not the wrong attitude at three banks they did she can do business with our trade unions. So active got all line up you know what the total field goal and they put a total interest of the how long you gonna own what's gonna happen. And then you start searching you give some guy out deal what you wanna buy. And she got that idea what you want but talk of mechanics got a body shot stopped ourselves. Go to consume report you don't Lola and do research showing a little work was like no money solo work is cited a lot of money. Sure you got that whole process has put together you know exactly where you stand what you gonna do. Then stabbed to figure out what you got about a you make a decision that you'd like to know outlet to go every word go home you can go Kart three years here's Alan you trying to keep this would. Three to five years. No problem then what you do is you look at a car this three to five years down the road. Guess to make the miles is it looked her son or they'll be some guy at this. When you get ready get re your vehicle what is going to be works. That's the key is Rendell are by itself or it can't be sure gives a collier battle won't take 643. 483. And we all thought showed Santonio. We're trying to orient for you might tune in there escape TSA thought that the AM on out is. I AM station I think those who bought most of south Texas I've got a lot of blisters in Houston and corpus and in that area who listen to show. Now do you got it all on the to your home or your diligence check auto trader a main. Cars dot com. Guru. Just there's a bunch of places you can check and see you record. It is so simple. Shop around. And don't fall for a holy ghost stories or but I don't look at Chicago how to sing the title how long you view ahead why you settled. You know ask a lot of questions we don't ask enough questions will work done a car. We need to know exactly what's going home and why there's so I don't want what they're doing it. So acting you've got all let information just down the shop after. You funny yeah I don't need should try again until it's passed now the last Michael dale. Study Carr talked to bleach and mechanics check it out spend a little monies ebitda are taking your French as they either. If somebody begins his second grade and take a good are okay. That's the key a good deal start with a good car. And that's all she doubts searching for that Ditka. So I can you don't column that you make your deal then you bringing your trying if they want it be enough for you try to sell me the trade. Shown your own either way. Whatever it takes. So this friend gambler myself cart dot com I'll grab my get a differs all you're studying you need to lose situation. Because it's very important right now there's so many ads going all in T date. They are guaranteed a radio on the television and newspaper paper rule out a delegate rich. Because it they'll sign any blank did you cheat entice you to comment. Only Carla. Just like the title home. I've got my time back with titles so and so. Home land I got all this cash run away. Hey is 330%. Interest is illegal in 27. States but not in taxes. Our elected officials. Won't you vote at Leann and then there buddy rob you of your money. It ought to be illegal and text straight and 30% interest nobody can overcome it. Warren Buffett couldn't overcome man next to key. Tell your friends tell you neighbors. Pillar while web site describe your car by now what is worse out of mesa as somebody else. Ginger business that she should choose transportation. That's going to really cheap. Not to do it because your average person pays back a payments and should explain matured pay back more new bar. And you still twenty kindness you pay back when he bought the album per thousand dollar loan. So. Ten year prison you never doubted that time won't worst investment world you ought to be ashamed of yourself house reps and senators. Who. For a mistake still have an illegal today. People can't afford it. Countertop and up they need cash. Hey forestall an ugly death a bad bankers and business people tell me that thought it was 3030 up 40% interest. Now 330%. Interest. Lot of options going home public private government city. Oh big diamond honest San Antonio we've got a big dumb auction will talk a little bit about that this kind of a little bit of trouble go to your budget don't yet. So we'll be back in a minute we'll be right back in a minute. Thank you pretended hander Randy Evans or to buy and sell cars dot com. We sure did she call I want to these six or three up 483. Will be right back Teddy friends and neighbors are trivia. Over the nation. No matter where he shot no matter what you've been offered the coverage will meet it. Hi I am Ginny Covert and we had the best selection above nation Evian GMC trucks in one location. In that color style it was all the options you can wind. All that and saying this look over price that no one can tax. Not now not ever we want to be your truck dealers led us through their teeth. Covering several Indian Indian seat senate to highways anyone and that's how far on mining covered Astaro dot com. If every talk radio program were the same what would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas we days five to seven on talk thirteen seven Michael variation. Chaos in the wake up and fly right on tour. Thirteen seven. Hey get help fast. Action is I want because we might be decisions ourselves. Our choices that we might. I opportunities that we let go right by us. Not doing our homework not study in about it not done a pride thing I ever made a decision you wish you had. Young made you're sleds so you wish you had ever done some you. Were you mentally physically. And spiritually ready I'm actually K. You know usually skis away kit always justify outlaw that always just. Man. You are an independent car mine broke you know what he thinks it is what you take care what you might miss. Home and knowledge don't tell candidate Carl why generating talk in the car. Career immobilize. Us. Any intimidation. And mobilize us boxes stuff in the car business it can show in. Which were trained I tell you but got told you before. You go to school eight years to be a neurosurgeon which we go to school ruby a car salesman for ever. And ever and everything we asked classes ever date emails ever day classes all where the meetings would. There's is so. All ongoing process. But business is change you have changed a talk about some buddies of my. That we're managers. General manager's new car sales manager he's got the they did it all off. And then wait now that they've been out of business. 278 years. They don't know how to buy a car anymore because that this is change. And they're going back to the dealerships they used to work for and they came back Karl there. It's such a change is tremendous. But it card readers have to stay up all the markets stay up only customers it's. Stay Opel is going home. And they got to be prepared for every question every situation. And there's big bonuses on cars is better to lower ill equipped or something. So are all working. As a team you're walking and they're going to almost go cult salesman but I car. I'd they're watching new black hawk. They know what's going all that deal there I'll be taking any kind her daughter. Listen to your conversation especially when someone walks up because if you're in your locker talk and they only hear what child competent. How they can and should it be prepared you know all you've got what was so well and Sarah walking they. What they say it won't want to tell our. Respondent there. So you actually keep you gotta be ready to go to battle you gotta stay up all your game. Got mentally physically spiritually be ready. This is not an easy getting. This is all out that. For your mind you this these Cooper well trained do it every day ready get every available dollar every bit out of budged. And I say 80% of 40% we'll tell you the truth telling her to go other radio show and I've got. I set out my hand that you're making money actually got to make money stay in business we just don't want them get ripped off. There's a preferred customer there's a VIP customer. And now talk of many managers are Schwartz that those dealerships and they make bug 8000 dollars or customer walks in here goes you think that you. You know this got a whole radio I'm on radio but I mean you know I yell back up big thing saying. And he made made VIP coach he may may have preferred coach. But say get your way here are so big that when you walk him. You just laid out like Ohio all of my head I'm Spanish well we're going to give you this special to be honest not. You know that's why I should ask your my people the cobra group. Because they tell you the truth they'll treat you right there and do you write an essay key. You know if you go to spent five and 8000 too much or vehicle. You gotta make another two grand to pay income tax on then you've got interest rate on top of that that in ego or overcome the loss of value that they occur. You only pray it never got its Warsaw open you don't price them bill out her own remote. It'll you keep her on the net for 84 months. So we want you to really own your next purchase. You know but so many people or to the dear David do of those who have. Just like my buddies they're rule Alter the Susan regarding you know they used to work for so they'll walk in there. And they can't relate to McCain get a deal done they're not all of a sudden you're a real head over it when you rule managers yeah. Yeah I don't look at it every day yeah. Was even more the last five to seven years overhead for these dealerships has gone through the root regulations. The Obama cut almost. You assurances up. Taxes up. Employed plays out just a little. And bringing more employs. They're more cars they manufactured send them so many cars they don't have placed Parker well there every Yahoo! taxes. Are going to sit around insurance. An overhead is going up so much. And these guys are walking in the actual roll tour where they work for the net realized that they can get you know Bob. Actually come may I help them get a brand new unit. But I'll live and breathe and eat asks are you tremendously gullah and I'll bring it recently. But good forgot about that they forgot about the days that they look at their first look them up there are pretty Baja. And it looks like Disco beat the 25 26 of the law before they get out of the negative over here. Actually go to work our work theirselves. As hard as they can. Small government truly bent the law when Motley profitable may not very. So. That's a pressure at all but so many people thank you know. I bet so bring people tell me sick. You know we used to do visible this leadership for twenty years and we were whoa Tom may have we wanna go back it up and we big Bechtel. But my. There are treatments try. I think that's the way they treat EG if a small town leadership. Struggle last twenty years you just didn't you're uneducated. You'd have the knowledge and wisdom. And now you see what's going on. And you'll understand. It's not even. It's not they'll its situations. Market situations over in situations. And you look into a situation where you understand you've grown hero are. You've increase your knowledge. Older increase every day you what I do what do our Wada. And I handle things. Are you increasing your knowledge was right leadership. I can payments I had. Out of deals like still brings more. The books out talking about Digg users put money on the climate and not explain it to you and you not dispute it and you got to Qaeda. Kayaking kindness. And that you wanna be all of these people and they're gonna packs more pain. They moderate active by not only the last time you bought in you didn't even know what you didn't understand. Yeah as were open. Now there are open now you see the difference now you wanna understanding secular school milk and the cupboards and we won't she's there. Where you want she's so well so well informed that you can tell others and teacher pushed exactly what to do. But with a business changing constantly. We're gonna. I have to keep pupil in the market. And keeping in that situation. Thanks best word is you know. Words. In fact. Causes challenge. And so you've got to get your. Figure out what's unique. Put the thought process. Think about it and then put it in action. Once you're an action. Sometimes like I told you. Its own you so hard. That you can't get off vote. You're out there for 84 months you're out there for so many months it's your turn up in the circle in debt and can't release. It's easier. To build a show. It rebuild Orlando. And bringing got ways of our buying that we got his child. And now that we're adults. We need to be rebuilt rethought. Restructured. Wildly but what we've but I wildwood cape. If you alone with certain people. While we have that fear of walking and good leadership appear Balkan area at the department. I have a hassle free auto buying yet to cull it while the sport. A 195. Dollar process. But different bankers a large businessmen they know that they don't wanna spend six hours and are they want about the light vehicle they don't need all of the circus atmosphere. They don't know exactly what Cuba. What they're playing that is if they need to Barney money so long stroke chicks like charged 195 dollars. Disable Milan attack scare of the best deal. Make sure they get any further trained. And get to write car. And that's the key but if you want to talk to their god hassle free auto buying go to. A website or to myself cart dot com email me all our. DiMicco 83062. 71. Button I'd be glad you via hand work ormat. Harry can help you we want it you know. I'm refusing initially to Ian from the beginning. As payment slots buddy. Refusing. To say they EM from the beginning. That's the key. You know I'd eaten out of the group raised both my mother. She's totally by Nanette down action by any thing. And I'm only cars that got pressed so. But sometimes that's impossible. Which still got to make it work you budget pitch your budget and make right decisions on what you. Drug and I'm Santonio. Their owners screening if you had a street car. If you hate you claim. If you pay large role in the car. Sure governor who has put your hand new. And you look. Why. Put us in London who is well now we're gonna old way too much. You don't trust dealer trade. And it's going to be so we're gonna be worse although we weren't far go to work ethic our great sport gate play I'll. If I NG. To save a little money out about the election. And man Colin regular show the other day you don't buyout news car because he'd finish last I don't know. You only had 50000 miles on Asa would you get your money's worth now why have they and number two. Who also who also claim when they don't have to make a payment to yourself. And just continued to make it to yourself. And that way you'll have cash about a connection close it's not going as much money. Now it's it's Wallace most of this money it was say 2012. You should. With some miles on it but Kamal what what really muzzle me it was 60000 while they don't put 3040000 miles or not hurting. That's okay that's what you really get to win donate your credit this year I got buddy. Brought near Truckee usually brings me trunk when they have a 190000. Miles when he shows up to stub 2101000. Miles boy ultra. But AT&T turn 101000 dollars that thank you drops another three Graham. Pretty neat you know it like it is money out of the car trunk but we'll let it happen and it was lightly because they put miles. So. You gotta look at what you're via EVP would have dumped that car that truck. Well the 18190. Would have brought a lot more money big block east side. Ya think like you own when you get rid of it think like the custom. That's what tell what buddy had a truck Porsche you know they're trying to miles you know today I say when you've got truck in his condition no what. Let's will be a while when somebody else are strong record I didn't have any money. Forty evil ones learning money won't Sharpton is worth the money. Eagle holding my opponent. Her were don't talk about option triple option is going home. Lot of government option city options (%expletive) believe that budget. But the city option is San Antonio 48 may you know. Confiscate cars that think this city gut and picked up and does somewhere. 48 may. Mask. Somebody's getting rich off this option I guarantee create test. You gotta watch out you go to government sells a product sales. There's a culture than San Antonio. Yellow lights out because guided to an ultra low ultimately consider yourself Hilo brawl happened units there. Yeah I got to know who's back from ya understand how the auctioneer works. Now he can roll here and that puts you back on a car. That scope I asked the blank act like he's got somebody bitten and then. Beckett got so high you'll recall are you bit 141000. Biden didn't fourteenth I was. Oh yeah I got real tight 141000 Sochi. Was trying to hit 161000. But he total purse and all they got laid off her own car at target Dan is still play. Yet proud that shows you got. Got that shows you got dieters sales richer Nosbusch they walk into a take a lot of vehicles for people in that settlement option borrow. And you know ipso monster that might work in that situation we talk about it. Gimmick column office 83060. 71. That. I hope that. Yeah that loan to you give me echo Alter what is a loyalty and kindness went out to winter. Now today. 10 ma. Most look out. Two people is more or Turkey. And his vision. He drama there is kids would be traded treat you like everybody else no matter what does skin color us. That's correct. But outdoor bar country gone sincere. What happened kindness. Kindness of fellow my. Friend or follow. That'll take all the money I your budget as she put too much money down when you let somebody else all a lot cheaper is because he knew you. Friend or foe. Basically. Are you working with somebody that treats you right JG truth. You'll know how. You ought to make sure if you file individual you'll see that tell CUS history that day you. Run car wrecks make sure there is trying so. You just got so you've just got to do some work I'm trying to. We'll and you. So you're ready. For that that next purchase goes Charles Murray. You're ready console like saying they did all day at all. 67 days a week there's some there's little open on Sunday. Yeah if you're illegal to be open on Sunday. But you'll let somebody. You know take advantage of you intimidate chief. We've we've got to teach your mindset. But taken pride greed deception isn't keeping up the jobs out of your life. Coach you're paying far do you get tired there's no money left it in them. You guitar. Hassle from Stanley because you know I have any money lent a strong a strong millenniums especially. What got a little bit but move. Williams next next half hour what they're seeing what they don't want an error was because of the examples set by other prayers. So we don't take short break we'll be back in a man phone number you just as sure Conan and his. But voluntary so exploratory. 483. Gibson column thank you very much. No matter where he shot no matter what you've been offered the coverage will meet it. Hi Anthony Covert and we had the best selection above nation Evian GMC trucks in one location. In that color style and with all the options you can wind. All that as a famous love overpriced that no one can tax. I'm not down. Not ever we want to be your truck dealers led us through their teeth covering several Indian kinsey NC. Seven as to how was anyone in fast out or on my name comfort mascot dot com. A taste talk with you anywhere. On your computer or Smartphone log on to talk thirteen seventy dot com. So I stay connected with top thirteen seventy the right choice. Sound off on the news of the day with the top poll online ads on thirteen seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy go right choice. You know Martin Luther King like us they're. What is children judged by their character not the other color. How far we've come in the last eight years in that direction. Okay great brands that are. All kinds go multi colors multi Ian themselves. I don't know what I. On the lecture a lot of stuff but. Under other somebody's judgement not my character. Than my color of my skin. And just manner great vision way to end of our times great great man. And he wanted this should pitch dark here. I know that the car business Deere does a bad reputation that we have in the car business. Derrick Caracter is well liked politicians. So I won't buying into something else we'll bring lie to me. Well look brand mr. right keep we'll look for him work on you so are getting error ever available dollar out year budget. Trade actually key. What's their character like it's okay detain you any good and about vehicle. It's okay to get every available dollar in your pocket. No prize. Is a big ups school and that any corpus. Most guys are full of pride. But the problem is whenever you heard there pried by not buying from their bitterness comes. Comes that comes out ho trawl. You know and begins to show. And so. You gotta you gotta be prepared. So if you don't buy unit from the sales people you lobby called any good. So you just got to be prepared. And you can't let your body is not achieved its stale they got issues and there they don't they think they should still the world. I don't better than just try to sell world they'll sell you sell it you've got to right into Eagle Forum and it Goodell wrote. Concrete block like that they think once you've operable you're the customer for why happy you'll be who all 'til forever. Oh my I am. You came up from anybody else. You about from Maine and then when you Bob what a lot cheaper what they trust seller but it might teach gay issues. Lots of each key issues is that your problem. You know. And you're rich insecure and you get a candidate run away and you're you're you're make decisions that you don't like Richie crying somebody else. Yeah home and it's all but no just good for Dei car salesman bought me a name. And my credit was bad thing but really it anyway. So we got to be prepared. To grow and learn together. Understand. Exactly what you're trying to do on your next purchase. You know she still looked both like scandal is still going well. There's a few balls why does this hit the market I don't know exactly what outlets scholar tart up. So you think the manufacturers won't let take the couples like you know out go go for other the last. Dealers there is equality gone down. And they worked so hard that they don't fear. I don't care what kind of vehicle collision and they just want spa pursuit champion failed she put. Other big prize sorry Shalit TE. You know we exploit. Customers. We export of slow bad. Sometimes they don't come back but it's amazing how many people get ripped off and go right back to the same day either. And do it again. Is that how. Now authorities your will keep your. Exploiting customers pushed her buttons saying whatever they need to say say your vehicle. Unbelievable. You know. Roberts twelve washes whoever loves destruction and discipline globes knowledge but he UNH recruit. Our correction is still. Well it's been around for over 2000 years and man it works today. You know our society are well attractiveness. And success or book was to. Yeah wisdom is greater asset the strength and even remotely is more effort. Effective ways to more Abby effective ways of cannot always be her. Last people are all to go on yielded. Learn to be receptive or they accept things going home or to be content. And aren't to be ready to go to vote owner export choose. Because if you don't teach your hard earned money that we're not yet. You know so many people wasted talent hatred. And that's what we want to get out of ever buys left the hatred. For each other. We all just love each other and the best we can they go we do local. And it and we do care about. You know. Out out quickly and easily. We become Beirut or labs unexpected turns. We won't you do. Now be better but you might get decision you son nick contract those years you cause a heart in your doha. And that's why try to explain view hearty here goers. Saw a group of mini vans going down the road. There was one old truck filled in Poland two minivans are college Sanctuary. City. Sanctuary. Gonzales because they don't even stop these guys. Point eight what they've done entered dangerous on the road no insurance. Most of no driver's lessons. So we don't need to based on a tourist city. I'll talk and I Austin right on top Santonio later. That show if you follow the purpose of profit will come if you're doing something you like do. Erica the profit will come. You know. We knew we need to be inspired. And change our habits are buying habits bylaw we look forward. Look at what we can afford understand it and do it right. Inside you is still home and I Qaeda or Disco. I deserve our reward myself. This when number one show the more on. You know dissatisfaction. Comes when our attention ships from wall we have. 20 we don't care. Well that's what I would never gets satisfied. With the trade that we have with the car we can't because of new ones will be out in thirty days. And so you week you've got out. Being content what you have are you won't make it right decision you'll be jumping around like. A boat entitled ladies at Porter ranch's. I'm getting a lot of people coming a mile a lot more show me your pick a number and try to. But my and they over too much money. I don't hope they wrote shut down before or they just bought more than make it handle. Our lot but my hand. People owe so much money. I was talking about and I option the other day and they are trying to take over all this is our war home mostly business and there's a chance that I will. I used car lots of San Antonio area are shutting down. Just came handle over here and and and blow it takes to be in business. We want you understand what's going on business. So you make a better decision about a choice. You know these two are good to be true your ads that they're blasting LT day. Man you talk about ads. That are so radio is unbelievable. And they'll tell you any idea home pillar thanks teaching and sat there ought. Where they put it teen mom and be prepared just saw so many people are fearful of war can end leadership. They're they're probable cause they know what can happen what's going to happen. And it's your money we keep score but Bob points. Thinking score with money real money. Safe kids chances this weekend take a little short trip a lot of places you go state Clarkson area and Santonio. Willow creek over the Leona when you tell me at. A main. We don't talk a little bit more about auctions. I've had a lot of people ask me what is going well and the market look at options. End. Owners of auctions have really grown one income taxes right outside talent gonna excellence no matter auction. You can't get in there but I'll give you some kind of a deer can't have somebody with a contacting go to their crucial but you're not supposed to take customers. But they dig. Children. Watch what depression do act like their parents. Grew older titles. Good copy their actions. And their ideas. So. Somebody watching you don't tell you why your children your fringe or somebody. You know when you get Aaland. Who's folders that you go lower each skis somebody else's fault not mine. Oh you're doing is wasting time blatant hatred here are for somebody else. Though. And the beginning. You go look it to deal from the beginning to the year. For waste in talent hatred. You do that page you hate somebody so glad that you try to out do all when you buy your next vehicle. Fortunately. RV program gosh I sell or lease like this at what should RV program where there was Parker business partners. And we're trying to out do each other Bob a better motor home in the other photo. Crowd will cost you but. We're not born here in the medal of Diane let me try and control your falch control your pocketbook. And then it didn't work we at now. Well it didn't work but I wasted my time ice tub that we lost the war not gonna give it a wasted my time here a waste my time there. We got to remember this tab that you are not going to get back. We want you. You know is extremely difficult to increase silent. When others tear you down. Because we or protect our rotation. Trust god. With your reputation. Well. The key the key to good deal Leo's your reputation. Now Orton then. I mean honestly but if you keep your word good do you treat people good you do it right. It'll work force ill be right for you you can pull into your dynasty. Brothers' true way in two year history. That's that's a good statement pro and do your dad state. Pinch. Didn't in true it in your history. Flow and your honestly and work hard to get in your industry. Urine sweat of your future. That's a key rector Trenton and near future. We want you. Got it real needs 66 Bonneville convertible is come in sports go look at a couple of T birds. Got a lot of stuff to go look at. In the near future just Boehner tan go that direction. Instead of complaining. And swallow or in XL PD in grief. You should take action can get things done himself. Go give peace lame excuses I've heard some excuses Cheryl. They blame the owner dull the car oh yeah but don't we got a big bill when you Bayer car. Shouldn't go that'll last purchase you made. It'll it'll make a difference so what we do. You know everybody has great gifts and talents. But. Attitudes. Will not will not let him grow. Attitudes were stopped you from girl. And that's that's part of the bureau plan understand. What's going out noblest of businesses. Talked to a company that bills both houses. And a lake Austin. Man. They do great job. Great great job. Gosh can't believe it. How big shall avail bar. But they've got a team together and they do it then do it right. And it goes from where you're at. In your last purchase did she do it and do it right go to blast so cart dot com follow the easy process describe in your car. We'll put a figure on the coast okay you're if you wanna take it would be good to begin at end go to work on. Monday morning. Our society. Honors well attractiveness. And success of both would be to let it wears them. Yet wisdom is greater asset and strength. Even though is more effective wisdom and not always heard what I meant open. Do it alone here he. So. Bring out that the best a year old bloke cheers all. It really does he ever body there or loads other people are happier. Now I'm not sure accommodations are trying to figure mr. Moeller others else. What goes the duration for that hatred in your in your heart UK thanks straight you won't make good decisions. Should you cannot engage in trade. Get all of aunt forgiveness out of your left. And be ready for your next purchase because you walk in there where you had messed up. Cody whose love it they'll push your book you go about 0000. Well money and we don't want you go a lot of money. You know that's the key and in business I don't know slightly. They've learned to separate the men and the women that they can get involved they need they first I measure you love. Insane it appears the fire. Because they wanna slow load are not waste their time with some buddies are my decision there on the black. And want tabs are women Wear the pants and put him. And are making those decisions. So you've got to be ready. And salesperson asked you to figure out is that he has and it's it's they don't Ennis del program they'll fix it they'll put. Bitch you've got to be you don't. Dealers English brought to customers think they do research on what they understand what's going well they how true. They get information out of you they're not just like saw some colleges sociologist. Because they didn't go to the wanna work with G. And I understand what makes you tick. This Randy Adams wanted to buy and sell cars that come. Go ahead and show little known about 58 AM in San Antonio union terrorists learned a bunch of cars dot com. Thank you get a minute goes in my sister candy Cheney. She's at Bassett furniture old burn at Rhode. Great designer entered their desire sells furniture she's a sweetheart. Oh they. Well things you think about want to talk about forgiveness. Inner healing. The spiritual growth that you can get. I can tell these days and days of what's going only model happens you're up that counts is you're laughing you're productive. If you're increasing and knowledge marketing grown but college dorms. So much about the car business and there's tremendous amount coming up that you can tell and train other people. God bless you also a lot of youth student just sold their junior and JD. That's like 5:50 AM right. We know Austin traffic can via. Challenge. These continue with time saver traffic. Mornings and afternoons on top thirteen seven need the right choice.