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To learn to buy and sell cars. Would your hopes. I'm ready to share with you everything you need to know about buying selling and trading and dealing with the car. Gentle touch. Right now aren't a bunch of car back out. I'll you have right Sunday after I cannot tell you lock you up. Prayers vulture going out if Florida love your ball. Is Elizabeth Cape Coral. And no way to hurt. He's handing Scotty it Marco Island and Cape Coral right at that area and are bunkered down. And a total rush that you. You need to write a book about physics bears some telomeres is gonna Leo. While Iran a text your low ago I said Bob Dole all. You're in Perot rack and she's really ready I guess I don't know they play gut power plants like out water they got food. But they don't have electricity at all. Lost electricity but TN thirty. There's some morning so that's torrid time 930 our time. So we're talk about floods and here we go get out and a bunch questions for peoples and now we got Florida like cars come. And there's only a few but not main nowhere near what we are talking about with Houston. A main used in his gut tremendous amount and we're not done but there are claim you know. Topic is so moderate thousand there but usually Florida. Loses. Thousand. Maybe 101000 causes the worst luck because most cars are up there on on the beach not knoller and lying areas slow. We're gonna help a few more blood colors but not like what we've seen in Houston and a board talked to so many people. I that have lost the men around me you know there are expected FEMA. To play a ball by other unit might come whole boycott rock and roll and again. And it don't work that way yes they'll have begin back on your feet yes there are dubious systems. But it didn't work better life. So we're gonna have a whole lot of good cars on the market we're gonna talk about it. And today wanna give Bob mobile umbrella just to take issue so well. Cars trucks vans it don't matter what it is about trailer above motor homes. I'll put a figure own Amal we have a radio show going on San Antonio Saturday night whatever Texas and they'll knock us out. And this Saturday night top 50 AM KT SA from nighttime it's making memories are the I can't and won't make you memories are they dot com is making members were your family good or bad. May give members with the purchase of a motor home or camper pit window. It is making memories and do it right but here I've talked to a lady yesterday we are at work a deal it was a benefit DO. And I have talked to a lady yesterday. They bought a brand new ones six months ago she had used it yet. I got these forty. They're not really good if you don't usual. And she bought it brand name as she'd get up almost forty gees song is so wore black and if what if you don't use it. It's just not worth the money. So she's Balart forehand Lula and not used it Torah says you just lost about 20000 dollars. And you're about to charge a year older own ship involved sexting that's gonna be two years old and she's never used it. We can't show weeks site. About making a purchase. Just like in a car that's why Abbas himself on the good the bad and the ugly no matter obviously. And so she's she's got emotionally but I don't wanna go. And now more user now more like camp Elmore do all these wonderful things I just came our way. She don't do it. And she bought a truck to pull it we're so now she's got a truck and a regular sitting there. And you worms being used the truck catch black a hundred miles or she drives just to keep the battery up. Just enough to keep it going so you know we got to think. Still these these this excitement purchases in real good purchases. Store or the vote. And they away bowl remote we think about it but we want remember that got attached camping the good tabs Spain didn't you know. Time will our friends. And it Johnny's these. I'll stay printing geezer and Austin, Texas becomes San Antonio goes there's evergreen RB new Roswell has Warren tech market science. Fact I've got to Jason over marijuana looks like this so lump take it another one over there Monday or Tuesday. But I'll probably good but no doubt about that trick to traders on the motor homes Baghdad should come to think about it we've got to know who and so forgot about. I just bought a good clean case with 111000 malls oh motor home. And we got looks like we've got its so. So. You know these feel good real good feeling. Purchases. You got your usual. You gotta make it pitcher budget my game pitcher needs my kid watch unique. Childress that's what I am trying to do don't try to get you put talks. Think about it hard. If you put action. Make sure it's right decision. Making sure. That your bike and a right decision and now we have all these. We'll have cars over here. And my mobile number hoping your pen and paper I'll give again a little later. 'cause I need your vehicle I've got so many dealers column make an ear lightly open the car my ex quite a bit. Fact of the depicting hunter or truck. Up Friday. And then a Corvette of beta 2000 dollars. And so but I'll be not to adopt albeit CarMax a portrait of your thumb on the promise every time. But not into some pretty CarMax. So give me a column about the 0830708. 4789. 830. Sean and 08478. Met Anita Busch cars I've got so many dealers calling me stuff that lost all or immature Denny Houston. A so got a few cars over the weekend although month dealer shy and we're working on another deal. Or I take individuals cars that want a little bit too much a 1015 hour you can probably give it will go wrong through the auction. You probably did it. At the auction in about three to four we should now what should start. Kicking in people got to find transportation are getting got to have some means of transportation. So work it all meant to be gimmick com mobile 830. 7084789. We'll go through your car like he'd have a list stuff it all through it real good. And that way we won't have to culture it three times will go over the card and tell you what I get caught out more about your car. As 830708. Or 78 that rain dance floor to buy and sell cars dot com they act they won't Wear it. If there's any questions that you've got huge cult one taking 643. Bath 483. A slow sincere in his Austin, Texas so it gives a cult Bob won't tell you. 643. Up 483. Gibson always looked up you've looked good the bad and the ugly usual dull question a million different. Situations a million different needs so Gibson girl willow told you about the good or bad the ugly. I don't matter to me I don't even tell. Politics on the show you know what I don't. I'm. I liked his book much exists out there are some gumbo it's about waters were two sets that. I don't want them go bourses got a little common sense. And our Burke that's wa story out would that solve every week because I do love them work. A low voice fastball a little bit prosperous productive. Trying to be the best person I convey. That's why rocks go work out paper leadership thank you Iraq's Covert they need to get a few minutes. Give me a favorite color Iraq's Covert and thanking for sponsoring a show. The numbers but I want to show them treat children thirteen 828. It's got more and take. Country today. Thirteen eight to give Brooks Covert golf. Thank you for sponsor the show. Remains a lot to me but you know walks while those kind guess. He won't cheated being the best cool are do it right by the right purchased by the white car fit your budget while. Cause rocks workshops small profit. Any wants to say you may want you to be as customer profile he knows the difference in won't shoot votes difference lot of dealers don't want sponsoring the show. Little or take care of all ripped off or call. 304050%. Rocks works on small percentage lesson. Probably less illustrates person does you know we don't willow didn't 6% to rose thank person. And he does for your market or even a little more on the card it. But in all these volleys they uniform make 304050%. That's why you've got to be mentally physically spiritually ready for a black. Goss director ever playable color of their Oprah hit over it sink that's the key. That's why I'll step up by as many cars are always. Is because over it. I don't have any over it back the bucks Selma Carla got several offers a. Am moving a smaller Carla to specialize. In but I allow listeners and sell or allow listeners vehicles. I'm guys stopped me to donate covenant church in most about update things sixteen Chevrolet cargo plane. And I had so played well last week you might have so this week. So you know. I sell Obama's Karr away and he's gone so many as 230000. Ma 028. But Josh is like Brandon this guy really takes care of it so. The good the bad yeah. So be sure and give me a call my overhead just super a lot over here it is one probably holders. Of what. CarMax is at what new car dealers are and I don't have to pack in order to make money. And I use my money I don't have to go lower it or borrow the money. So that might. Say oh or hit makes businesses work. Blu-ray you've got to be able to make more money and you're over it is and Gerald Richmond endless amount. You've got a package or add more money you gotta make more money for you to sell. And that's what I'm trying to explain and they show I don't try to explain what it takes have been there is what it takes to be at the garbage the minute 54 years. I'll write a book right now starting all the changes. For 54 years in the business the owners are now. How they made it work council will make it work out so don't like it workout Sean the meek. You know you could say but you can see has somebody thinks there's other actions. Do they have integrity. Do that character is a word good. Yeah nice which we try to put all of this together are pushed the air was going I don't and and the carvers. So all of bio you're unit. And I you know and if you need to show you you need to know what it's worth give me a cult. 830 shut them away or so but any and a that's Marmol would you don't get it straight left and finished like it has been lately but he's keep track. Late if picnic mailbox is full. Keep track. And because I'll try to color her body back a college guy yesterday they'd go late Friday morning up filing got back to be just after thank. And looks like a more revise truck he needs to get rid of these companies giving him a brand new draft so he don't need to. The vehicle ladies got he's gone charted a cash usual elsewhere the and it's late model and he owes money on it while more payoff tying the difference. And so please don't take that money cash to do some now's not like kind of stuff like that is your strength back and best. You know these investors talk about. 350. Dollars could asylum law and you'll be a Marie tell our what you're. JP fifty perhaps sixty. You know what I was in sure sure Ryan nowadays watch a pirate right now I gotta put in my client had fifty of mobile truck. That 150 Nassau County insurers. As Scott can't keep that's not cap bank and trust account tires. A stock car breaks. We gotta fill us in our budget to know exactly what's going well. So shame what they want to talk about can't talk about Johnny stay and and our strength training there Austin, Texas. We have making memories are deep. Why they're so cheap today social really asks. There's aluminum structure. And there may not Amish. Rick troops campers. And so they can sell those fines for 200 a month. If that picture budget and should camping going out aspirin tablet making memories or your families cheapest way to go. And here or go get how does that fit into covers all it was your last purchase a great one. Ardidi take six months to a year to figure out it was a bad experience. Good memory bad memory good memory bad that rail back. Motor homes campers. Trend above that excitement trying to battle but what do you have attacked. You wanna go gamble means going out of stone a lady yesterday. She's wont a camper. She's got a of cross over issue date well. These retro is Marshall like she wants smaller for her daughter she's replaced burst. I guess policeman but I guess yeah I don't misquote have been exposed beset by anyway. Anyway. So she's wont buy a whopper her daughter in addition to opinion. And take her brother. And don't get a great big but they won't she won't smell world traveler brother are both of them are getting up and age. So she sure you're not well fitter bunch. The good part batters. Our vehicles tight for she'd put it children should collect camper a little ways and there's like a 150 places. Ramp San Antonio we can't. Some great places to go and and they so. As Randy and our last show cars dot com or go talk a little bit more about blood cars we're gonna talk about. Just can't stop this going on in the car business I've got news magazines all kinds of violations. All kinds of stuff that's dealer to dealer. Why isn't as Smart probe of public. And it just had some people call me says he told us about some. Educational deals on you to yeah you can go to YouTube and but how do you Hoosier train it themselves people so you. Don't give account editorials similar wait force. Eight net. Get it can't not talk to your buddy. Oh that she can get through to keep track don't give up all with. I've been super busy late last lately on the charter school bill at the end short amount tab. Gizmos stuff going oh. I'm trying to get my how much simpler hailed just what the radio business status. I'm thrilled wanna do I'm thrilled to give back I'm thrilled to be a mentor I'm thrilled to be there for me. So we're real tight short break we'll be right back and it got relation central Texas. And tell your friends and exit junior weren't up through and I'll give my mobile opera again thanked. Over the slow. No matter where he shot no matter what you've been offered the hybrids will meet it. Hi I am Ginny Covert and we had the best selection above nation Evian GMC trucks in one location to. In that color style and with all the options you can wind. All that at the famous look over price that no one can text. And knocked down. Not ever we want to be your truck dealers led us through their teeth covering Chevrolet Buick and GMC. Seven as to how was anyone and that's how far on my name covered Astaro dot com. Catch up on the latest headlines at anytime at top 1670 dot com it's. NASCAR your last drug dealers purchase. He knows satisfaction and always ready mentally physically spiritually with you. You did it fits your budget is that you need or do so you know pump sales but so you so good that you cater for but you did well 88. 85%. And vice. That is a manufacturer's figure not Randy Adams not this is carved figures. Talking about. Alligators both social body that old age got a bonus owner teal color ill equipment or something. And convince them. That they need something else to split them and give them all all fine so often that they can forward. Actually so many people every day we're talking about a guy who needs sellers. Books. And it's worked a 100000 euros 280 by 300 another woman's situations. He needs. Keep body bones don't usually didn't have yet an editor won't but no no nine these are rare. It also now it was flat but he'll have the 100000. To get caught up on. Hundred grand Jacques come up with a hundred grand social. Which are not usually you don't wall. What I say that with fifteen and 20000 dollars don't own cars O kinda. I keep people calm me up over 250101000. Dollar car. I had a lady called me up all of Nissan Cintron. That was how malls and it was always a good game and had a 120000. Miles or. SharePoint Bob wells don't let your dog org but I'll tell you I'm sorry ma'am but I didn't put you know position I don't know miracle worker. I'll just I. These kinds of gestures are going on and on it was so many big political aides say what I do but his claims adjuster. Our plan of maybe banks will give you a quick course on how to buy a or how to go and that was trying to gesture. Friend of mine that used to work former. He's a kind of gesture trainee she trains claims adjusters. To preaching to up to save the company a lot of money. And it win. They're trying. Actually so many different cases so I was talking to a gap. That knows 111000 dollars on his car. He's he's not great shape health was. And they are all giving 6004. Any don't have dental insurance. And is and is cars were Tim manner TM at least. Manolo kind gestures they've guiding compass at worst 6000. So. Surrender what you charge me to. Print out some stuff to. I served you know our dollars so engaged background. You sum given me Bagram. Or how to fight just got to. You know. In each showing what the market reported as quarter bringing the what is the caution should Britain and it'll. Wholesale it's Tim Graham cannon fire. And it wanna game at 6000. What do you think's gonna happen with billions of dollars. Danny Houston. Would you like to meet some of those people. That that deal is huge what they're gonna lose. Huge. It's unbelievable. These claims adjusters and all of them there. I got friend of mine that was in the garbage most of slap called me up Wednesday or Thursday. You say our Baja good colonies. Economical. Blue truck. I says that don't work well. There you know. It's an asset how much money you'll spin OK pretty green I should say that don't work us let us open eagles' late by over 60000. And that didn't work. Move what's your war so what do you duties and I am only trying to gesture on go with the cars. He said they know about past bad you know nuke arsenal a Larry Hughes gerchas manager. An outlet and all the while you know which time Spain and that's what you're charged with your. You know Adam Maida. How a band that's wonderful but. You know you need to give it pays so well at the current drought and he's just I'm retired and you know it's not much car and I need a little truck. I won't solve that care little equipment may be a letter to just get set to decent houses shall take a look at some stuff you know. Should not alone and I'm you don't understand. Clean glow ball each little trucks. There's some might thousand dollars is in playing this decent. Now I just had a little list in pick up a solo buddy I'm thirty umpire what it was standards sheer out ode to. 120000. Moms. And it was a natural trump he's a lot of more standard I got picked deal. Sure okay well is gone but that same truck equipment 4500. Bob Grant is trying uses stroke stroke. Was branding. So that makes the difference you got to understand what you've got how are you taking care of what's going. No resale got a saw the reseller here's a good case the market's going to jump up. About 15102000. The next probably work two or three weeks from there that schools stay up. The good days there's all these days it paid too much money do you market a market where were all on market it was corn crop worship is ever drop before. It was gonna drop it Dana under September per September 15 is gone drop 15100. October date date. Men have auctions. Are all experts they all knew we were in pearl they tab. Drop but when you swap out 700000. Units in those first probably my guess is a lot of people say. Avert 600 plavsic's fired up heard a million colors social homework and that neighborhood school debate. Well we knew what that many units saw. Hey it's scorched so a lot of man dragged the market up so good exists. Dealers and all of these Garth Taylor out of are about to thank they hit they don't but they don't have my mind I don't raise their prices even more. I've talked to several dealers they want their their remarked all or cars up to three grant. So well no we've got to be fair to these people you know I knew what about our regular customers. You take care of your regular customers just because. The people down blouse or vehicles and Houston on the coast and you take. Advantages of people that you normally do business who live around San Antonio or Austin. Or do you just go ahead just you know a more repair her body else goes I got the opportunity. Here we go again Barrymore and duke under others as you would have they have un do unto you not talk about an all time. Dealers when they go to Bonaduce they had done research. They want the best TV at the best price they want the best warranty free they won't reply right. And there won't be don't even playing field but Atlantic coast to you walking and they're still war. They don't want even playing field. They want to be take advantage make all the money convince you they're doing it right there take care act now. So. When you won't be even what did you do and others as you have the ability he'd. I want to be fair or somebody hold them be fairway I loved to have truce all the time. I'm beginning to wonder what has happened to troops. What have we done with the troops. Abate and we almost yet. Is it anywhere. Our vocabulary and moan. Or does it matter all it's OK everybody does it wow well let's tell the troops. Let's do it ended right. So that the guiding thanks for sale give me a call 830708478. Now. Well actually just bought a bus it being blessed with 111000 moms. And it gave 50000 dollars work out of needed to get rid of it's really get rid of it needed. Out of his lap. But Brian corvettes off of people behind. Cargo vans high mileage car bomb that cargo planes and Obama is currently. If anybody needs any third type is kind of Monica showed us but he got sings you know. I've got to pick things up by Google. Would look like under 101000 miles. They're state things are good for. Shuttle bus are good for churches. They're good for all kinds of things and their date Danes will all role models like they. I got shuttle buses. Got a large trucks and have command and because so many people are new drug should sit up it didn't measure by she stood. But it was shipped out there needed it they need it to move. People around. Just straight up there there Carlyle. It gets stuff picked up or get back over clean up but even people we get it and now it kind of as solar solar and they don't. Sol another dealer and decent up fourteen Tahoe. He's they never told. So. You know we won't be fair we won't take care but the market is up now we can you do know about Martin joked about 15102000. But we got a big player this is Randy absorbed by and so cart dot com now they don't know what you'll be doing if you wanna. So your vehicle no matter what it is you give me a cult like yourself Bob Hope. Bob vehicle. It is hard to buy and sell cars dot com it's a web site go there describe your car. And I'll give you figure on call me like are triggered by consider all entice you to come here and it cuts you do your knees take the car real art. And try to beat you up. I want to bite your vehicle actually used cars go I should nicks and scratches is not oh look like knew about I am new price you know what sticker on it. So we won't buy your vehicle shall act you've gone through learn about cell car and I can't describe it to make a TV column try to but. Other shattered or to buy and sell cars dot com is. Got out what you credit issuers go to FTC. Didn't go. Don't know what you're looking forward know what your budget is know what you mystery at clean up your credit get your credit completely cleaned up. So you know exactly where you're sure you get the best interest rates. Talked out of buying stock Ukraine huge talk to everybody go all planners of bunch O line places. Where you can but. And ditch good money official work Kamal. By animal. And find out what she told my time's going to be what's your interest on bring you want to total interest or they say it but should budget at some got an idea what you're miscreants. So that you've got your financing plan and a Dutch credit score divesting debate you're ready to rock and roll. Now stabbed atop your mechanic talked to body shop Coptic everybody go to consumer report check all the blank look appreciate your recalls. Well. We're Aaron Aaron some kind of funny the other day. Brennan behind college that you don't going about it Steelers so and so you know pork that I said no I don't. And he said how'd off find out if he's got a dealers last. A session in advertising. Quite a bit this agenda. Coming up on out he's got Peter guests say. You if you go to the Texas MB. Motor vehicle division MBD. Dot org. And check it safeties go to Beers last. And said. Okay. So I combing back and he said they don't showing have a dealer analysts. So well how is he doing neck. It's kind of funny there's people who run around here there's there's twenty digger don't want to blast sometime. Any vulnerable washes don't know what their mother I think guys are harder if there lagged chino state. So you know that's that's what we're looking at this business so I'm just not what it appears debate not sometimes it's not. The right way so I checked the person out that your body from. Act he talked a mechanic empty talk to everybody. Start chicken and you know what you want implied he talked previous owners he talked apart store she talked ever but. The more information you got the odds are better decision here go to night. I'll let you know the other day she had a limited budget she didn't care what should borrow clothes she ball so well miles I'll probably is. She bowl models salvage title billion hard main hour. Carved it's not a real good car. She fell well miles. She shoulder shuffle along. With a good deal starts with a good car. And I was a problem she start with a good car. So active got all Atlanta though you figured out you're dealing with a bigger individual check to titled sing it to individuals got the boot. Vehicle and they're nine and a ball to their tell you did show he's. No story. So grandiose unless you shell attack he should these individuals show me a car it won in his name Pete till I want a great car. How many years he's had it. He put all the balls all my instant all this and all that. They set up parked car. And it wouldn't Newsnight. I forgot to look at. He should man this gap put me together so what he maybe could get he should eat them destroy a better car had slowed in the motor city. They didn't change already go to shady but knew Greg sorry he said. After about bump the price stores squeeze and they took a while they were wore out. He's a guy lied to him so worried look slippery buzzing mopping individually clips of but friends neighbors relatives are supplemented Flickr and you're you're the ones stuck with a deal. We didn't have been flashy but you do about it you know. That's Dutch is part of it. So no your bottom nick Carr know what the market is the market's go go up. I'm short so I be prepared. You not want to buy it now rather than wait either but now like six months one military. Because just Obey Tex thanks much for this stuff to clear out everybody get what they need. So. You've got it figured out what you don't know about you know what you trains were because I trust to my. And if you're back from an individual act by your car she busts up vials. Are you selling car got a friend of mine also his Chevrolet diesel truck. An absolute must said. If you've got somebody comes in there and Walsh show they're truck in order but I years gimmick com chart above there so they can buy yours. That's an option a lot of people forget about that. If that happens every day. So this drain Indiana bar about cell car stuck up Bernanke talk thirteen seventy thank you Iraq's Covert. Thank you ever all the listeners out there anymore no they don't take TSA about 58 email. Ball station and it from 34 right after the shows it to an end about 58 AM to eight years say it escape TSA dot com. And so now that you got you figured out what your but I do think got a dual. You figure out is right dealer. And you know what to do you trade are traded in herself to make. And didn't make the right purchase button when you get through this purchase. I could take a break of the weaker tutor mop the start thinking about your next purchase. They observed that Iran should show you what the markets didn't say what people are trapped and ask questions talk to a make sure that your Bible why you knew that you can afford. The stranded absorb a class a cart dot com we've got another twenty minutes left Gibson call here exploration. That's about wanting 6435483. We'll be right back. No matter where he shot no matter what you've been offered the coverage will meet it. Hi I am Ginny Covert and we had the best selection above needs Chevy GMC trucks in one location. In that color style and with all the options you can wind. All that message saying this look overpriced that no one can text. Not now not ever we want to be your truck dealers lettuce for that seat covers are like you can GMC. Seven as to how was anyone ambassador out or on Friday covered Astaro dot com. The right choice. Okay. Change. I. Over the nation. Now. Okay. I'm proud of grammar and god bless America. But day of life just like in Florida and Texas. The people who got common sense of people who blow people yell loud doesn't work but it gives it life. You know and the problem is most people don't you know what love Vegas they love their shelves and nobody else. But once you start loving everybody and give her way the more will come back to eat. Thank you for coming in essence we got our own Life Partners is right on site column. I got a relative is looking for about a fourteen to come off or door. Unit and I bestseller. No I don't but are available love. And up for change road they've gone up due to the deceased things so things are so hot. But if they want so call an officer column while mobile. I deal with a lot of people and we get some of them I just had eight and twelve and thirteen. And we show them right away they're great units it's amazing you know achieve peak above coastlines and Forte no you. Compared they're bring in about the same money they did when they were. Due to the price of the new ones and the new bodies stuff. So you don't get a cup. Why don't care what are. You had won it twice today. He show you get a bottom brand new force cellar for 2226. For these six kids. And so yeah that's aged men vote. An hour now recommend when I first got on regular recommended I have several people can't say what would you buy out for a little truck towed to columns they keep their thank. And they have I got a friend of mine who works selfless research. And yes and they said he's got a twelve I'm Maine is Brandon Boggs. And it simply get a bus solo said but I want to outlook to two new ones and her so much harder and so will Dick tears. You know if you wanna know what you need to Barak and let me get your usual because nurses kept its bite you so much. And so. It didn't cost him much to trap at the last five years is Scott ADC. Thank you to over 8889000. Malls. And it'll bring you know 81019. Grant. And so. It was a great back and I think keep it like 24 or Nate. Are so like without golf I leave a message us your take a look see what's available and we do Iraq crossed about race. Right across the lot of extended camps all police. But I don't crit care. There's a few around and while quite a few lately. And thereby based more pop occur quicker thank you burn a few bucks. But the present buy after won't so twelve to fourteen Tacoma they're great you just own. But our I tell you what they're returning your value real well why excited about but people want and twelve. And thank you told me get 24004. SR class and domain as brand and a box and so like eighty some thousand miles Lisa what's it worth red. So this you know it's worth 1819 grandes want to give it 24 new for the salute all of you thank you got to let you. Make it right decision and his boy shot chart of meanings these new engineers selfless research. Any he shops hard he don't just jump up and run and a black or goals we've been friends for years needless debate. And he meg right purchasing voter backed off the table today you're doing is we're. And he made a good purchase. And so if you make the right decisions are right purchased knowing what you bunt don't let the salesperson switching to something else. You can make a better solution. And but now here we go into Politico. And all my so many people flight coerced and word to say don't. I mean wording of the Shia. All million cars. Or do you send them there's been good. And then go to go to the salvage sales and they're gonna go. The wars that have insurance because we don't collect any shares in shares cubs go beat a book. Thank their insurance companies go so cost of all money I don't try to save all my and they can't act guarantees they roared at eighty together. With a claims adjusters dump raw raw data while we're gonna win take care where. Everybody you can. Herat all we gotta save a lot of money list ilk analysis billions and billions more are expected you to save them money. We've you'd be on the same company. Let's say that it's not fair. Goes repay it we trust insurance agents we trust these companies. To give us all the money to tell us what is worse. You know do this right we're paying off ever law. And then they won't be just so they won't wholesale unit while we can't replace it. According talked look at that had full replacement. For his vehicle. And he called me up and said this is what the insurance companies given me what cannot replace it yeah for that. NASA said you know. I think that's below wholesale. I said now the market's going up and insurance agents are not figured out the claims adjusters are not making adjustments. Shoulder trying to show what you normal market style to jump up 15102000. Well certainly in just a mash units. Now what's going to be Schobel. Is to have bald rock units are going to be Schobel in mobile probably three to Babylon. It looked insurance companies are gonna try to run around so will everybody be humble and a war they gear before the market jumps up. So glad you're here so what insurance company. And you're trying to make a deal and then you take that money you try to replace it. And it's not gonna work. These insurance companies know they got to beat the market they know that is going but you know I understand about supply and demand. And work there. Over Wales where the and car taxes. Car faxes artists and think about car Alex could invade our entire by the hour. People are unskilled boasted to. They can put in big numbers. I'm just shuttle deal almost like card never been wrecked never band that actually it never made it happen. Car by accent that total down. And sold by Hollywood got all the history all the information. And it. Slow body enter in the pin number entered a wrong number all all bets in a salvage. And totally left and my vehicle got blamed for it got blanked it was a one in there. So. You got up this is going to be a battle a single bit of blood bath or individuals. Who have worked hard to play for their vehicle worked hard to play for insurance. And it not come back. Not that don't put him in a black and put him and I hope that little raw around here we're gonna have a shortage of short units. Will all smash units. They're gonna be up three grand. The nationals are. And then you're not only able replace it there don't you cheat you or grant or book. What you can you know you're being independence you big 6000. Trying to get transportation. As to people who use or look at it I guarantee. Actually it outlived it ethics prayers to abandon the business long enough. And it's going to be a battle of these insurance companies won't take a yes so what a great moment. Guess there's agency's goal by far air everybody next year we're all gonna appetite for money. For this situation in Houston don't you just slowly ol' ball. Are they treatment is right yeah we're gonna have to play through this. In the long run they're gonna go apple ever body's age groups. Oh just a little bit wash it I have to play well live in Florida area. Well you've got to play board helped us out stay in business don't. Insurance companies. Go to Google. Are you able to the financial sanctions. And show you what insurance companies were worth into the house. And see what their worst two day. We're up three and 400%. Thank you lads. Money profit lives. And they claim they're not making any money. Ole man ball hard village that you cherish got things. And then insurance agents are not gone up by or should all ball. We bought we Peggy shares are and we expect our agent to go to battle force that gives advice should give this government. And in addition to fight these guys wouldn't. Oh no don't don't expect your along not McCarver is I don't have that information not just here. All they yelled at all play I don't bowl. Yeah look he's sending them money. And should make sure you're cover all your payments skills if you're 02 days late where you're not covered by attaining true. Also with corporate finance for good for demanding. A slow. Well a lot of cars finance Laura Garcia restaurant. And anyway. I helped him when nobody else. And you always more Corvette I've got a core base. And so he was driving it. And just laugh. Sent to thank mania and guess what good ol' US bio. It didn't get there and they've mailed it. Like a day or two before the end of the ball which he should I guess Cheryl Miller I don't know. I don't like since may but anyway. So. It then get their nature scope. Well. He's gold home. Any stops although railroad track. Adam good car. Daschle and it was over corporate. And the batteries Lulu week. And is trying to scope so well I guess so the Corvette. Engine train hits it. Well. They they don't do it in pictures like. It and got there. And they didn't pay for the car Willie did. You should rent a bit to carve up there and I won't pipe and almost continue to make it claims that's that's what kind of got this won't. But that's solid guy for years and years and years and his word was good and he thanked me for the car. He made the payments course as slow a car wreck. And when he got to the what was the rest of it O'Dell. I told exit you know you've made up the difference what do soul. Or you know an inward I talked a lot of money we're all bought. You know Leo 8000 so what corporate 15108. Patriot can now. But his word was good but it sure got me sure it was tough to deal with measures Gandhi didn't care about it. Is your Scott Leeson don't know who didn't receive the Bible or not hang it. And you know what Santa Barbara what are pretty thousand dollars for a good customer. Bowl win money is a factor. When money is your god. You know all bets are off. And that's what I love about rocks go out and a business watch for forty years. And we've never had a problem and money's benefactor the whole time. Here's word he's been good but we're good good living and let me tell you something. We were discussing this at math auctioneer of your day. When your daily big car dealership most of the Panama rocks and their staff or talk about thirteen they are all worse. But rock short to be fair. And he Walsh good relationships good people and that's the way Roxio. But you know we've never ever had a problem now I can save them about the other man hundred owners I know. But rocks and I had never had a money problem. Never edit this is what's right Schwab was wrong wrong what's fair's fair and that's where Iraq stands. And swallow. There's the Covert group and bash. With the now that's the deal. What's your word works what's your character work DNA integrity. And this plan works on many rocks I don't how we hear these. He's ounce 68 I know he's older because I've been to abysmally low forty years. I bet ya like it we've been doing business since nineteen certainly water to. And so that's it that's probably F press forty years it's almost fifty years you know. They're short ones sudden except the Cold War group. And they won't go our way are no way I had to play a big. A deal that calls made a lot of money. And we've got that out was dating whit. And what I wasn't involved in the deal at all but the new car owners and bankers say you don't have to play. Quite a bit of cash difference in order to continue to position is so we've been doing business. Twenty years and all manner. She either one is slightly. And that's the way art and asks there's law and our businesses in the car business that's saying white girl wants you take these auctions. We deal auctions. And it won't say it's doorway are happily now they treat their car they use a little letter to take independence. You take. Taylor's mom and pop store urge you take hold shoulders. We are never right against auctions. Where you have to pay one way earned. It's a one way so I'm trying to explain to me the car business. Isn't dodgy business. Very few guys who word is could it. Rocks overt and Covert auto group. It's all along that stands saying that. On she. It's so it's amazing that's why are recommend them to all wac my customers. Goes I think they're the best. Show you've got to understand that. This business is not an easy business. And it takes a lot of money to be in business. Except for a few ovals like me and my overhead shoot a low. And that's the way I want to keep it and I'm working to get you know. But just it takes a lot of money to open up to storage every day that's why I can be CarMax mad at ten times. That's one out about lots of cars off molesters. And people who listen to may and operations. Emit collar bomb mobile number 830. Shut up though a. Or 78. Give it to you want more bad people do it created by April real quick. Remember. Knowledge pops up beloved bills. We all understand what's going home and you know things don't matter you go down on the coach she looked down east do you look see what's going all in order. You know we go out and help people and and be the best we can bait. You know we know what we know what sometimes. We think we know too much about everything we know every thanks thought to have. We get our knees cut off of us and we realize we don't know enough we don't realize how blessed we are. We don't realize what a great country we live in. You know it and we didn't have been a great country now you know and I wish all people right now. I trot was not pitch but loving me he's done a great job. His approval ratings going up but our congress and senators your brain did their approval ratings are 80%. We need is a America to come back together and love each other. Because of moral loves you give them moral view received the boy you'll understand low. And let me tell you something. Lows will make you happy. You'll be real that you got in you can give it. God by a nanny back percent of addictions you're fed on forgiveness to vote filers else forgive everybody lived longer. Go to take TSA if he AL. We've got the show three to four while stationary Bob all the number 83070. Wait. 47 hey Mack gave me a color but it good the bad. Today god why should I look yeah ousted.