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Let's Get Healthy
Saturday, December 2nd
Hosts: Dr. Amy Tyler, ND and Dr. John Finnell, ND.  Guests include William Pullen, author of Running with Mindfulness: Dynamic Running Therapy (DRT) to Improve Low Mood, Anxiety, Stress, and Depression; and Jessi Burns from the film Jessi & Andi, a Mutual Rescue Film.

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It's now time for let's get healthy with bills Whalen sock thirteen seventy he's taking your calls live at 512643. Life that's 5126435483. And now here's mills wailed. Good morning thank you for doing so yeah that's the thing. And they have made stunned. Liver cancer had afternoons. And we're here to end and the big shoes of our beloved bills Leland. Being a few great guest today is the first guest will be talking to is gonna discuss. I'm running with my infamous and so he's the psychotherapist from England and he'll be discussing. His how he came to develop this program. That combines movement in mind fullness and how that can help with a variety of conditions. Including. Anxiety those self esteem depression. And so he'll be with us in just a minute and leaders and valor will be talking to a woman Jesse burns to. Who found her way out of depression resulting from. A traumatic loss on to rescuing a dime and how that really was Hurley finds them pretty inspiring story. And organization actually helps pair people and help people find. Rescue pets. And so. And do we have William Cullen is he ready to join us. OK he'll be tennis all the way from England so we're trying connecting with them. And I think. Out writes this is a good timely topic because. Although the holidays bring a lot of silly for so many people can be really hard times when people are. Experiencing the first holiday season without a loved one in order. Or they may be alone and there's just so many feelings that can bring up and fair not everyone is it actually full seasons so. The theme today is all about what are some ways that people can. Boost their mood naturally and William thank you for joining us a year as psychotherapist. Joining us elderly from England. You practice are sure yen integrated therapists they specialize and depression anxiety. And also just helping people low self esteem and substance abuse. Yup and I do all authors and pick me and say your new book running with Maine Falmouth. My first question is how what got used to first of personally with your own journey. Discover that this was important and inspired to write a book about it. So when I was about Fortier had to. But it from metals town mosque sort of relationship this year and I really. Need it to it sort of pull myself out of the hole I found myself and and among so many things I took up and I tried taking on many things but who's running and psychotherapy. And us are running with a friend of mine and then I was start talking about what was happening and I notice that the running would make me feel empowered to at a time myself. This empowered in the therapy was helping me just talk and the running with helping bring you grew up sentenced to ten together and and and it just seemed miraculous to me. That's. Maybe the AM I can share that Jenny in some ways when I was fifteen I had to move across the country you know from Indiana to Connecticut and it was a tough move for me at that time. And one of the things that kind of got me out of my funk and let actually set me on the path towards becoming an inch at the doctor was. Discovering the mood boosting power of branding as well. So I love I love this topic and so tell us. This is a little different than just gonna turn around though what's the rule that mines fullness plays. In this it's more of mind body therapy that you develop tell us about the rule of my influence. Case too well I think there's sort of two pieces to the book says the one group which is just it description of how to two months running a minus war can which is a culmination of both of those movements with Lawrence on the news. I'm concentrating on the press concentrating on foot faults concentrating on other. Things that are happening around you keep present. And get you grounded and to them. And and into the living moment in front of you instead of everything that's boring you don't yesterday and more. And then just. So that's that piece and then there's another piece in the book which is very much about addressing certain mental health issues. The ones you mentioned before depression. And anxiety anger things records. And two two took. If you follow the book it has programs for each of senators and lifeless as part of and I and I into a process of questions which IO skew and you take notes souls. And it takes muscle to Jenny true. Who you are and what you believe so our guard yourself and value condition. And it opens up ideas about how you can be somebody else. And move into because so much it's about being star card. Absolutely. And and they just you know there's always been concrete evidence and him. I don't know how much has been looking at the combination of exercise and infamous but definitely for any of research supporting. Exercises of primary intervention for him. Mood disorders and so in we have more and more recent coming out of both my infamous. And so white what do you think this is effective especially. Getting people you know part of it is. I think the movement and actions measured and indoors and boost that also there's something about being outside in nature that also. Please the rule better than being in tune with. You know loud music and that's sort of the setting. Yes as you say there's increasing amounts of some content research showing. How good month on this is for you local switzer says illogical. Stress levels except true and also we're learning more more about. And our environment who terminals trees and tolerance and how that impacts on metro. So when you bring the two together. I do on some tickets just makes. Walking out and running just a little bit more farm near. Would sue court ought to know heads. Well what I do what I care from my of war which is pretty much any walker. He's done a make sure I'm aware of my breath and make sure I'm aware of each foot four. I tried to listen now for the sound of my foot when I mean. We pass this bad habit as humans caused a sort editing out so much of the physical world. In favor of more than jumble. Nonsense is going on in our heads and uncertainties your child's. To come back to us which are I think is a current release you. Chris why did a better place then certainly don't watching the news or social media. Yeah I think three and do you think this they have can be effective in. An urban sort of setting like if someone is you know running or walking. And then more busy you know area can they still achieve the same benefits as this if they were on the trail somewhere. Surrounded by a do nothing. My assessment and work well where were you when you're doing you'll running renew a six well you. It was Merrill I lived in a really rural area but they continue to run for the stay and now I'm in modern urban environments it is a different experience they still. Feel obviously gets. Beneficial but it's different. Job I'm an Indian thing I would say it is is that I don't encourage people who were given a choice. I would encourage them to run you know around to see. Sitio town's streets where he moved in with traffic pollution. No really. Prosecute you might find yourself. Getting runners so I think. Which is not crate. Goal and so I think. I encourage people to John find someone agreeing to say ten Parker square where reviews goal. At that and wonder around but for the month for war can continue that and where. You know the I'd like to look up I like to look at the architecture like to look up to things and we always forget to look at the T tells him. Let's see how buildings are put together they can be anything it's just about. You know coming make sure that troops. Grieving fully unaware of where you are more you're doing. It's weird you know rocket science and yet it's incredibly attribute charred due to my infamous assault. I do I do I have two young children anywhere so many moments access. Some available Simmons what they do and and sometimes use technology to help me and I want to ask you let that there's apps I use them and speak. As a way to take little minds on the straight so I heard that you have been at the center right. I have I have an apt to rituals so office. One of the things we've talked to about the month walking and running and also. A program for depression. And stuff and Sacha. And certain and it says she free. So I encourage anybody to give you to give director of its. I had space is a fantastic and he put it come as this is a great man. And the NASA's plan. He's had an enormous impact. And the something very honest about. When I was in my hand now pressure our our eyes almost aren't thinking about what the circular about Wendy's and the truth is he's very authentic. Byron is it is that your experience of her as his voice. Yes that's that's authentic and it's accessible and yes I think it's real. Sitting in easy does it and it's also sure enough little increments but I think it's digestible for people who feel like I don't have thirty minutes an hour and a meditate right now. India well I think that's it could he he's very much. He doesn't try to be anybody that is not very relax. He doesn't try to create some he's just being himself and I think that. That is the very definition of marvelous. That the and that's it says to be mindful of what I am Robert Mueller wanna be you. Sierra and note here I am with me here this is. Who I am it's good and else the way it news. Absolutely so in summons and just in an app as it does have the same name mister Butler went with Acer's. And today was such. And our store for dynamic running therapy okay thing that's and in. The book of course is called running with my iPhone news. And kicking in my co host on has a question for area. So I vigilant. And I morning. Well to morning here it's probably the leader there. I work with a lot of competitive athletes. And often times they come and was. Anxiety and stress as C it is common theme and I've always. Surmise that that was because you know they have to. You know get that adrenaline rush and in order to do it is. 22. Operate in that competitive environment. That there may have a hard time coming down how do you think that if these techniques might be helpful for. Those athletes that think that they're tough they're came but maybe they need a month almost component. Taxes to wind down or to. To get out of there. Well for me. I think once on this crew relieved that again because I was just saying it puts you in talks with crew you won't want to announce won't just. In terms of your character your emotions but I think in terms of your fortitude. I find. Well I'm practicing my infamous are trying to have a lot more energy. Hassan I find that edge is accessible but it's it's sort of grounded and that she says it's most sort of stalked install. It's like it's if I need it. And then it quickly resets serve but don't mindful practices is something all athletes. Should be using come whenever increasingly. They all kinds sports or college is increasingly. Lost component of last. Sports has. And that I have a question Z did at one point he mentions him mindful walks us some people for various reasons. They may not feel and shape for running an iphone's limited there meaning they have meant. Knee issue that gets cleared up if they're trying to run. And most of your techniques. Applied to walking. Well fooled the the program so there's mental health conditions. Does her than to need to walk or run a new dimension need to sort of get the blood news and those who reproduce. It's walked slowly to trust him more a little false single meter. Mournful walking on the other hand. Of course is not cook outs Peter O'Toole. And so I would say. Most definitely if it's it's it's the perfect wage war actually for somebody who is a slow war grows somebody who. This is suffering from some entries tickets you can think about what you're doing and what cure Laura work your pace in your own mind and I knew startled. And such a way that tell them. Complex and ice with fashioned way. And Hank and now one question and you said there's a different program depending on what it is that people are trying to achieve any Thompson. Generally medium range in terms of what kind of tying commitment this wouldn't kill someone on until really today and this program. Whether it's that you know do you the answer is elect when he 45 minutes or is that you know 150 minutes a week just let what's the sort of time. We took care industry mindful of the stuff we've talking a mental health stuff. And for the mental health benefits both the case of each one of those programs has torn questions and and this questions. You can do as many times as you log guidance suggested. People. Particularly if they're regular walkers or runners on it and expect him to every single day now feel that they are pushed from which one of these questions. It's not about forcing change. It's about I Genco period of exploration and and and using the border. As a way to help you to do that but not least to Volcker kiss. Through using reporting from getting from ADP. There's a sense of of enacting change on the person that's doing this thing I'm not just thinking about it too gripping about it too planning it. Here I am actually doing it served. Some just keep moving. Note taking it's a big part of it. And I said I've reported. There is no Roy tyrant to stall and you'll know when you've chorus much out of it because you want to fight. Think that the questions. Are very carefully tailored. And there are many sub questions to to get you to really understand your Christmas who relationship if you saw a lot of lessons about relationship with your self. On what is sure and a darn old glory if it or you gentle with yourself what are your expectations of this war. How do you treat people who have similar. Conditions here those weeks or these kinds of things. The familiarity. And and and gaining that improved. Internal dialogue. I think makes it an enormous change. And an and of course you can scroll oppression and go getting out from government doing something. To your empowered so. Yeah it's something you can do and and anybody can do it anyway it. Okay and do you find there's a minimum effective. In terms of like generation of around like kids. And you know is there certain minimum tying their distance that people should be aiming for a tape at Stephen therapeutic results. Who who question well only half. Another run for senator twenty minutes OK we're. The titans are very doable view you can of course run longer than that if you want to be who. Finish confinement of human parents always in life. But some. No I don't think Serb. I think you beyond through its because there's only that there's only through doing coming out of recession and annual getting some you know recession. If you're earning their per minute. Becoming more important occurs to you about how you treat yourself. Then I minutes in an invaluable. Likewise there might take you 45 minutes to return to come to the same sort of on the stand and will make people and views about. Something that you understand the so it's that it may be an emotional states that shoots me. Get offensive compassion. I mean grace you know like it calls you all know all this particular. They're just doing whatever was cool if you dedicated this time Q so you've noticed that you can be death itself. And if you do have the resources that she needs. You know change happens and also have to do since it's. You've lost me you know woman's simple question but. And and it you know. Yeah and then ultimately you both sometimes that's a stumbling block for people they don't know if we'll help you know is it an entity in our would have to spend. So it just helps against them against winning the war. Planning management zones ounces manageable. Yes. Don't expect and more happened two or. And all the how fault and our run and and how quickly and I human so it's not a and it's just about. Why not right relationship with yourself and moving along slowly and gently and keeping your expectations to bill. Hard. And since you were there were tenth two. It's about being there for you still with us and have very different that different from Puerto more powerful than overwhelmed by the person. But and that the them relationship to that on the lawn. Feeling that it's something that rule that time kind of problem of them although. Who the person that found. And so. To coordinate. What choice do it war. Is necessary if it within but there's this thing is mind. Do. And I choose to death for myself. It's. I think and so we just some documents left for those who just tendon was speaking with William Cullen a psychotherapist joining us from England about his new book mending with mines wellness. And his program which is fine in the planning there'd be he also has an app which you can search on your iPhone dynamic running their feet. And it's a program that combines movement and the ninth on this with the help with. Depression in eighty. Self esteem issues and so before we wrap up which have humans but can you Guinness. Shares success story about someone who. Whose life was transformed using this method. But don't want it. One seller who's one of my earlier people ever work where it. His face stuff in it and and where he was he was senator joked that he didn't like relationship you know like you spread too much drank too much. And just getting about. He couldn't run at first we start off with small and and then we started running together. And everything changed wants to go movement happening. As any change in within a year eight that's our relationship is and a new relationship. Is Paula I was pregnant and smoking is just an uptrend twelve to an uptrend in the cut down on the train. And that he just. It was amazing just to see how. Just movement alone and it has created. On a loosening up of will have felt so stuck and static in his Lawrence. That's what you know I mean that's the good I don't get why were no rule using homes the faulty. As part of of a therapy. If it really it's such. And all of this hack if you like but this poem if when he does. Hope that this launch and to. And engage. That sort of thing. Absolutely and it the years we we love what you're saying so we're both enter perfect for the Susan. We feel that this is just the foundation of health is getting people moving in a mindful in this. As well that if if we can get people doing these things on a daily basis then. Is it really and lot of cases they do they won't need to resort to stronger interventions and their overall health. Will. Be so much better so vicious the whole preventative aspect who have. Of these daily practices as this enormous. And so yeah we really appreciate you joining us we want them before we wrap up please not let people know where they can find your book. Walker put schools. And Tim of course I was on the phone. OK great so Benning with my infamous thank you so much for joining us this is William Cullen. And thanks again with a Teddy that's something you're listening to let that get you healthy fully back in just a minute. You're listening elect get healthy with bills whale presented by people's Austin's local holistic pharmacy we'll be back with more cutting edge news and health and wellness and a few minutes. The right choice for breaking news first. Talk thirteen seventy. So right so I. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy the bills well on top thirteen seven lead. Rescue by people's Austin's favorite pharmacy college life at 512643. Lives that's 5126. Or 35483. Thank you for joining us. This is Amy Taylor and John fennel standing in for or bills will. And we just have to have William Poland about. I'm mindful lists and movement and the importance of that can have on their mental health and treating different conditions. And my next guest is Jesse burns and and she was the subject of an inspiring film amateurs. He had to slash this morning and brought tears to my eye is it's about how she. Was pulled out of her own depression by a rescuing a dog who was and they're in need of love and help and so. Are you there with us Jesse. Okay yet ears and illness superior like instead being moving and so we and can use. Tell us Mora votes. This journey and what led you to. To find this guy again how that helped you during this really dark time in your life. Yeah so I. Matt my boyfriend. And when oracle can graduate school. And we are really in love Hewitt it's really funny and Smart in just a wonderful person. Unfortunately he was struggling with depression which I didn't know he was very very good at hiding it. And arm and partially in 2011. He ended up picking them. And so that obviously put me into my eye on very dark Clayson buried deep depression and that just you know my whole life and I know it was. Was completely gone into the future that I had envisioned myself what would no longer going to happen and and so sort of the one thing that got me out of that led by ends up adopting a shelter dog she. I covered her onto online and she. 'cause it's really really sad pitiful looking photo and that I found online and she I think a look how I felt and played itself it's really deep connection with her. And what ended up adopting her and bringing her into my life. In them and tell me how did you get involved because so the film. Basically shows that story it's very sweet and how old. How did you get connected with mutual rescue was that through the adoption of the dog. So actually wasn't so I actually. God mutual refuge first tell them what you called air can PD and it about a man you're. It's actually had over ninety million views. I'm so many people have probably seen it but at about a man who was Opie and he ended up adopting a shelter dog. And end up losing a 140 pounds after adopting stock. And he had an incredible story. And so with the release of air can PD. Mutual rescued during a call for submissions of backing people who collect their own story that you truck wreck keel and obviously Andy really. Let the one that brought me out of my own depression and and she really rep immediate action by rescue her and I decided to amend my story. And down luckily it was packed gym and I feel really honored to be part of mutual rescue and such an important. Initiative because their goal is really to spread the message of change in the conversation prompt people or animals to people an animal. And to show that when you support your local shelter or you adopt animal. You're not only helping the animal what you helping people here because just with often when leave rescued animal Iraq Iraq and her way. And I just I really believe and that messaging industry caught part of it's really important initiatives. I I completely agree I love it and tell me and so with in those early days what was it a boat you're done in the event. Help to get through that time and this kind of helped pull you out of that depression. So candy was my first about her she was an eight month old ill lab an inch. Anybody knows anything about flat and copy at bear very very energetic and so. You know for awhile all I want you do you explain that and not talk to anybody not clap side not do anything I just how energy or bad news doesn't mental ability to be able to do anything else. I let her I had to you know I had acute care for her I had the pier had a pod eighteen current patchy crime lock and they let her. And so I think that she really allowed me start getting out of my head you know. There's something very unique about suicide obviously with when it's somebody who has. Taken their life by choice. You know it comes with all these questions of why am like why did they do this you know whether my fault that I contribute. And it it just really easy to get caught up in your own head and to not you know just focus on yourself. And she really mean we get out about united kind of look at our current focus of her wealthy you have to care or which then in turn. Mean you start taking care of myself like getting a walk every AM. Start talking to people and inner I think people will say you know we interaction with people again and so. She like I said it was really just the one that probably out of it's really really dark place that he and each started allowing me to see that there was. You know potentially another feature for me. The hands of us agree and so. Guns in this not only obviously this is a huge turning point for you but it extended into something else in the sense that you actually ends about. Changing. Your career you ended up getting a job at the shelter re adopted her from a separate. So I got the job those several years later. But you know with my knee. Breast giving up India and seen how much she changed my life I just sort of felt that. Poll in the Ito wanna work with animals other people trying you know they're eager like I count AMD. And so. A couple of years ago a job opening is actually different shelter in the same area. Where I thought in. And they had a job opening and I didn't think you know I would get it at all and I I absolutely dead and it was you know it's just an incredible saying. And then therefore. Almost four years and it's just. You know feeling like I'm helping people every day by eight I mean there there are new Trevor companion is just such a rewarding experience. That's the green. What Intel's abode some part of this mutual rescue financial rescue from what I'm getting it's an organization that's helping. People find in their local areas where they can get paired with there McKee said there save your pet someone that they can help but also. That can help them it's a mutual release set and so. As part of you doing this film. You are able to. Choose a rescue of your choice to receive a 101000 dollar award as having. Gas so. You have to be muted that generosity of mutual rescue and all the PetSmart charities there that are major funder from you sure you. They. Leads you designate 2000 dollars to go to rescue group of my choice and I actually put that into two so I gave 5000 dollars to be unique idea to take peak region which is right up to Indy crown. And then Nelson gave a thousand dollars to circled animal shelter. Where I work just because. All the but if there's obviously a pad very shouldn't impact in my life and I wanted to honor all ultra feminine it off he's touched. Amazing work that I really wanted to you you know ten. Show them come my appreciation for my own personal life of each of the work that they do. And I agree end. So when you first saw the film that they made about unions see what did you think. He did so I was really overwhelmed but really really overjoyed you know all this and then. You know that obviously with the most traumatic and hard and painful things had happened to me in my life. And so it's really hard to know Howell it could be captured in Jena Six minutes now. I need to rescued at such a wonderful job I think they did a really neat job of showing. You know. My journey and and my struggle but then also you know really showing in these. Wonderful and kooky personality you know she's a typical lab up to play action. You do that I can go up diet and meet people and I think they just did a wonderful job of of capturing Mac so I am just like at that I'm so honored to be part of that really important connection as. And it looks like at this point there's science. Short films on the website and there's still looks like mark to come a slow. Yeah after their five films up now anchored their repeat go watch them at mutual rescue dog or. And then they also did a culture tradition that pack plumber. And that they're releasing five more four or five more short films and 2018. And if you wanna stay up to date on the as you can kind of the nature you Ian flutter in you'll be a Christian alcohol in them or at least. Firm but I I helped choose some of the films that were trump for next year and they're all again buried apple really powerful storage. Don't think think. So let's would you like others than those of someone has been through. And we just a few moments thanks honey here's yes for people that been through a similar difficult experience meant the exact same thing you at Cuba's some sort of lost her time in their life for their feeling hopeless and alone and what what you want them to know. I think the main thing is to take care of yourself you know I think it's so easy to stop taking care of up to stop in elk. You know trying to get good sleeper even doing basic things like our ring we're eating good either. Any of that kind of suck and so it's really important entry huge T care of yourself I would also say Q. I'm recap different than handling besides get happening in geek. You know being able to reach out my friend and can only half their support is so other and economy true that you are difficult experience because I think having people around you who. Courtney Love you no matter what. It's so important. And people wanna help you know my situation people didn't quite know how to help that they want to cheat so badly and so. I think it's a letting people how appeal. Arm and then I think in if you are able to bring an animal in your life I would suggest that cute you know obviously a big commitment and you wanna make sure that you have the time and money in our. Well we're bringing him on your life but. They offer such. You know. They're just so joyful and so happy and me. You know it there's nothing better than coming Coleman to a dog that sees Q&A so happy to see you and they can spring such a sense of comfort and can be known non judgment and their their creed no matter what I would definitely suggest you know bring in animal or are relying on your animals majority that. To to help you get through something like that's. And angry and it's also innocent unconditional love that you're describing. And they're just talking before your previous guess we're discussing. The importance of movement and exercise aren't helping with depression. And so the other benefits there's with the dog you know cats and animals would be different but as for a lot of owners against them up locking. And so that crew that also builds that just the fresh air. The running into other people in chatting it just kind of helps get people back out and the world's and so. We really appreciate you joining us and sound we want to send people then watch a film is on mutual rescued dot ordered. Violence against this mutual rescued or income. And where. We're happy to have you here just in Indy is the name of the film with a touch again sometime. And and hope you enjoy the holidays. Thinking how much is big here. Right. More cutting edge health information is right around the corner you're listening to let's get healthy with deals well on talk thirteen seventy brought to you by people's Austin's favorite pharmacy. We'll be right back. And your favorite shows keep up with the latest breaking news and more anytime at top thirteen 78 dot com sock thirteen seventy. Right choice. Thanks for listings and let's get healthy food bills well on top thirteen 78 prestige by people's Boston's favorite pharmacy. Collins live at 51 C six board three life that's 5126. Point 35483. Thanks again for joining us this is Amy Taylor and Nicholas Johnson of Indian officials will today. And yes been an ace theme I think overall it's just lets people continue to support. Mental emotional health such as are discussing this ten years especially important. Found there's a lot of agility and reflection but there's also for some people. Good experience loss or are dealing with depression anxiety the holidays can also be a much counting Tammy year. And so just reminds you a few months look into the book we discussed earlier with William Cullen. The psychotherapist from England. His book is running with mines fullness and dynamic running therapy to improve low mood anxiety stress and depression you can find on Amazon. And he also has the app dynamic training therapy that you can use to incorporate my infamous and two running and walking. And again we talked to. Jesse Barron's. From mutual rescued debt currently you can go and watch some pretty inspiring films this year on the verge of adopting. A pet and need that push. I think that. That was so good to their. So. We have a few minutes left and we spent countless events going on at people's pharmacy. As well as in the community this weekend ends and upcoming weeks. On Monday December 4 at the people's llamas senator Norris it is natural approaches for dyslexia and ADHD. And that's with Phyllis books. We also have for the same locations that this is all the people's wellness and end up north. And cute agenda and there's this period diet with registered owners that Barbara gaffes and those are two very popular diets that iron. Going around and now and she's gonna help you understand what are the differences than. What are some tips that are doing those diets that's Tuesday December 5 at 7 PM. The following week Monday December 11 at the same location. We have natural sleep relief with Jane you and acupuncture list. And Tuesday December 12 at seven we have safe removal of dental amalgam fillings to reduce Mercury exposure. So a lot of people who are interested in getting their olds. You know what we usually come metal fillings they're all the Malcolm's. And and they contain Mercury so a lot of people and just in getting those removed in error please this Vince Seifert. But technique is important used to work with the dentist who knows how to minimize. Your exposure to retreat in that process of removing them. And so. Dentists. Matthew carpenter will be discussing. How he approaches that and answer any questions you might have suns again Tuesday December 12. We have. And the date sun here for the Sunday some some time that same week that two weeks from. Now understanding your favorite how relieved still with us and inching mood in much smaller with Scott Jericho who's a chiropractor and and an enclave at played clinical nutritionist and so all those are taking place with the wellness center at Norris. If you missed any details sickness go to peoples are expect com and we haven't events calendar. Down south we have a fire Slater workshop and ourselves from our conference and for those who don't know if that is buyers say there is. Sort of herbal. Tonic that you make out of vinegar and all sorts of different herbs flake. Ginger and garlic and that's the real good things he used during cold and flu season if you have a sort through to you coming down with some sort of respiratory. Ailment and so that's a perfect after Lauren Sanchez will be. Leading people through workshops to. Ten teach them how to make an of the great. And this coming Tuesday December 5 at 7 PM a son Austin herb society holiday desire. The national Gardner also has a freeze he'd starting class December 9 at 10 AM. So lots of great events coming up we also have a few fun community events going on until Nate is. The plating of the tree. And the holiday sing along downtown and so. I believe it starts at five they have some different events and sudden they have a compound relating the capitol tree. That's just a fun family event that anyone can go and it's. I think afterwards people stroll along congress avenue and there's. Difference. Some vendors and that sort of thing in light music of course. And anything else going on the you know term this weekend. No I'm sure the authors. And moves through things do in Austin this week. The this and plenty of opportunities to see Santa and there's free lunch today at fed did Meyer recreation senate. From 9/11. Debit crafts. Breakfast. And pictures with Santa so. Lots of fun things going on there's another interesting one and Tamar. And you see if I can fine. OK this sounds really just think. So it's it's at the Neil Cochran house which is museum and Cindy Beale street. And it's a historic holiday. Putts house's historic board games and commentators I have to confess I don't know exactly those things are a bit if you wanna find out. What people is it. To entertain themselves during the holidays before we had all these fun technologies like I pans than. Iphones then you can go and learn about what people did a long time ago to entertain themselves. And so. Again it's a free event and it's at he'll Cochran museum tomorrow. So there's always so many fun things going on there's gonna be. There's also a German Christmas market today at the German free school of Austin. And I think it's from elevens defiance. And they're gonna have authentic German Christmas ornaments that crackers. From stolen just some some treats as well. Losing our desire is going on from 10 AM to 10 PM. This weekend and that as 6100 airport boulevard. So lots of fun things to do and in the I don't know designing and testing health topics in the news that that we can discuss. Fair. And seen a few studies just speaking of technology a lot of parents are trying to decide you know if they're getting holly gets sick kids a lot of obviously kids instant video games and I've had finesse and that. And there's been more in my studies sun just the importance of modern eating those sorts of things and alliances though. I think. You know with that we have to just be really conscientious there's some. Studies showing even for adults that using the phone too much can actually changed. Their chance that are balance in the brain and their. I think we just have to find ways to make sure that with all these fun things that we have access to that we're finding the boundaries for that. And there's so woman who. When she gave her son. And he was I think around twelve years old when he got his first phone she came up with a contract that he had to sign before he could have a son. And so. Her name is Janelle early Hoffman and skull if there's if you look up Gregory's iPhone contract you can find it. As an example so I think. Going in the holidays are a lot of kids are gonna be receiving. These sort of gadgets. That. I think it's it's really hard for a lot of adults to find a good balance with using them and so even harder fair. Young children. To figure out what are the limits and how much it uses healthy with these devices and so. I thought that was a greets. Great way to introduce. The sort of technology to a child and help them find a healthy balance with using these things that are just part part of our lives today. So if you won until look at that you're on think about doing something similar. Even for like I said sometimes people the adults make contracts with themselves so that helps them find boundaries around. How much they're using their phone or how much they're engaging with social media. But you can go to Chanel Charley Hoffman dot com and again lookup greatest iPhone contact if you are an idea of how you can do that. And so. Yes and agree Al where we appreciate you. Sticking with us on let's get healthy. And sound. Again if you want to learn more about the events are disgusting go to peoples are expect common events. And see. If you'd like silicon stat book again it was dynamic running therapy. With William Poland. So. Any. Okay and any of us thought stoned afraid of death of. Well I think there's the talks today really inspired me to maybe combine the mindful. Walking with. May be mindful dog walking so I have to rescue dogs. Ball in Toby that have been with me for a number of years and so we tried to. To get out and especially this time of year where. You know it's not a hundred degrees so for the and we should be spending on month as much time on courses we can. Absolutely. And and interestingly and I didn't mention it earlier because the conversation was so dynamic that. I got multi. After. My dad passed away. And and one of the reasons for it was those thinking back to things that I really enjoy and about growing up. Pit his house and he had dogs I've never had a dog my own. And so. We just had a blast on. And stuff all the years sounds from the night. Toby a year after Moline just heard. A play mate and partner to so so that's been a really good experience and notes David. It's also got me outside more you know getting me away from the dusk and and out nature's so it's it's been a when while. Yes absolutely. And I think to even if someone is not ready to to adopt a pet but they're in a time where there struggling. Even just Ontario whether it's with animals or with people this Amir can be really helpful to get people if they're feeling the kinda holiday blues to get them. At a funk so there's a lot of great opportunities to volunteer here us via Austin pats lions that they opens these tendon. Obviously means say there's a lot of great ways to get. Connected with animals even Ireland sometimes elderly neighbors may have done they would pump walking so you can volunteer your services that we've seen. Well we appreciate you joining us and help young guests I get moving and connect with animals that's the theme of the Saturday. Have a great week ends and will have to Mexicans. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy would deals wail on Austin's top thirteen seventy Tenet again next week Saturdays from nine to 10 AM for more cutting edge health news and wellness information from people's Constance favorite pharmacies. Yeah.