Let's Get Healthy, 2/17

Let's Get Healthy
Saturday, February 17th

Hosted by Tess Strickland, ND and Loredo Ritter, MD.  Guests include Michael T. Murray, ND, author of The Magic of Food; Robert Rakowski, DC, CCN, DACBN, DIBAK; and Dr. Ellie Phillips, DDS.


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Welcome to let's get healthy and talked 1870. Perhaps you by people that our eggs Constance favorite pharmacy we're taking your calls live and by 26 foot three life. I went 264354. And 830. Don't know let's get healthy brought to you by people's RX Boston's David pharmacy. I'm doctor Ted Strickland asked they're huge trees to cut position. Usually here every fourth Saturday of the month. With doctor Marianne colonies. That your son your PGA's and don't know it it's the third Saturday I'm here filling in for some other docs. And not with me today is doctor companies. So I brought and mystery guest is gonna help me out today in the studio. And of course were also missing are below the bill sway all Austin's favorite pharmacist and founder peoples are acts I just wanna give a shout out to bill. If he's listening he's an iconic Austin figure. And a longtime supporter of natural medicine so get well soon bill. I can't I'm doctors test strictly nastier you train Nash at that position at a clinic here in southwest Austin. Focused on weight loss and counseling so check out my website if you want tickling after Catholic dot com. Okay so we have an amazing lineup today I'm so excited because we have the rock star a modern dance about medicine and doctor. Michael team Murray talking to us today about his book the magic a suit. And busting some digested mince about pro by onyx and more and he'll be on in just a few know. I'm he was actually a professor of mine at best year universities I'm excited test talked to him. Food but not let doctor Murray's fame over shatter another giant figure we have on today is doctor Bob cow ski. He's a chiropractor who's also spoken and taught about natural medicine for decades and he'll be actually speaking today about important health. Information on immune system health and some products that can help that. And then another Austin hometown hero we're having on today is doctor Kelly Phillips CDS you let us know about. What she's up to in the fight against teeth and mouth disease. OK so. Long enough I'm gonna just introduced my surprise guest is in the studio and then we'll talk to him a little bit after. Doctor Murray comes on. So my mystery guest is doctor Carlos rid our faults if you don't know him you well he's here in Austin and he's a man on a mission. So just say hello doctor Ridder and then we'll go on in my golf. Hi good morning to everyone or are you today good morning doctor am so glad you're here and I can't wait to hear more about what you doing today and you have an event that you're gonna talk about. And sell we'll get back tee and just a second but I think that doctor. Michael Murray is on the line are you there doctor Byrne. I am well how. Doctor Murray this is doctor Ted Strickland and you probably know me as Tamara strictly and I was one of your students themselves aren't. And so I didn't even try to you today how. Yeah goes. I'm superior human Austin I'm Cindy now. What a great city when the best city in America for sure. It's fantastic. And I am so excited because I'm actually subbing today. And I was so excited to hear that you were coming and talking to us and I. Picked up your book. The magic sued because as since I was sounding I I wasn't you know as a prepared I had did. Jump online and look at it and I have to tell you I could not put it down. I didn't go to Carl because it was so interesting things though. Some trade in and me about what made you wanna write this and what you want us now. Well long guys. Got she got me all choked up he found. You know all. I wrote this book because I wanted to inspire people eat really healthy way and oh. I decided to call it the magic of food because. The greatest technology news person nothing that man is created its nature in the way we communicate on a daily basis through the that we. I came across a quote from sir Arthur Clark wrote 2001 estate sightseeing and said that. And it sufficiently advanced technologies. Indistinguishable from magic well. I just got bit nature integrated technology in the universe. And food is a reflection of that we're just scratching the surface on. What we know about them and how it works to promote helping her body and R&R Michael buying Ohman and it's just amazing and I guess it's just so awe inspiring it and humbling to learn about who does magical ways in which food affects our health and what I did this book is I just collected things that I quote fascinating and and I thought maybe people would bill would also think the same and so when he told you couldn't put it down has slowed hearing that this great. Well that's exactly I felt because it is so grounded. In research and studies and presented in such an interesting way. And of one of the things I loved hearing you talk about was at be genetics and the twin studies could you tell people a little bit about that because I think it's just fascinating you were used to going to the doctor. And they say does your dad and I heard disease does your mom have. You know whatever the diabetes and we just kind of go along without him well with them we must be at risk and so I love to hear about at the genetics and can you just help people little bit about Don. Yeah Kabul will basically. Our DNA is is a light is likely that computers hardware and just like computers need software to run properly. Or changed or influenced by a non genetic actors these are referred to was a genetic factors in this includes diet lifestyle attitude. Are firemen are we seeing. Well what we experience in our lives what we feel all these things influence Howard genes are expressed and nutrition is that the core of data like he did the example of queen bee the queen bee outlive us the worker be considerably lives about three years worker be about six weeks. Queen these two and a half times longer see only be that can be reproduced has a great life. The only difference between eight queen bee in a worker bee is what debt well are that we've seen as I'd like to feed this of course of the loose bad during that stage and it just shows how. Food in this case being led to larva can influence the expression of the gene well. The same thing happens. In our in our bodies when twins are born. See who reflect about naming 90% of these expression of genes in common. And it can't work if you less than 3% so they're not. Identical format the expression of their team's standpoint and the reason is because they're different they're different in. How they think steel and you usually eat and live and those are the factors certain real influence. Whether we're gonna get heart disease or cancer or alzheimer's disease. So. Did the genes are important yet it genetic key fact. That that that's something that you know really difficult over even more can't do it. That's not what we're we're looking at what we're talking about you know family histories and and whatnot it's really more an expression of seize control over controllable factors. Led by diet so. It's truly fascinating and it's really in power and it's empowering to know a bit. Even if you have a family history of of whatever. If you take steps to reduce your risk. More than likely you can prevent it never fall prey to it. Fantastic well. People have three more about the details of back it's you have all kinds of interesting facts. And I have to say I also love. Work on biochemical uniqueness. And a lot of the research that you brought. To enlighten us on things like coffee and heart disease and you know these things that we kind of I think this clarifies a lot when we see in the news one day copies that another day coffee's good Wendy facts that another day fats good. You kind of enlighten us on bio chemically uniqueness can you talk a bit about that's. Yeah it's it's where world were all you need it we have not only in the good genetics but we also have a unique micro bio we have these unique. Enzyme activities and for example the casting some people tabloid caffeine very rapidly others more slowly and what they found was is that. In people. Rapidly. A metabolize. Caffeine they drink two to four cups of coffee gate. They would reduce their risk of developing heart disease by about 50%. On the flip side when people are slowly out blazers. And they drink two to work cups of they actually increase their risk group having a heart attack stroke like 250%. So. Playing. And include just completely different effect. On. People based upon your ability to detoxify. So we can do it if you look at we're. Some people. And with the so big population of rapidly tabloids there's such as Asians need to move the tabloids can't seem very fast. If you if you look at stage where there was a large population invasions like this study was done in Japan or China with greens here were copy. They assured that their caffeine intake reduces the risk of heart disease cancer bunch of other things look. If you look at the studies that are done predominantly with our occasions where it split. A much more between slow him and ask compatible wagers are in the results which showed negative act or a senator Mel what so. It's it's really. It's really interest seeing him in and assurances that the world unique individuals and that is what they'd be good for one person. Could be really bad for her another. Most often people and can you kind of feel the effects of caffeine you know whether scooter that. As far as food goes or me you know that they're that different story we're just learning. How do you who'd mores medicine and I really believe that the of the future. Medicine is food and then we'll know much better out there. Prescribe. You know menu is diet screws to promote that helped the Buick. How much much time do we have what he looked the other thing don't want it. We've got we got planet time we have a we have we have twelve to fifteen minutes so. Go to town tell us when you want to know what's the most important thing you wanna get out. Well some importantly I want to get out is first of all if you if you're just sitting at the domestic food. If you go to the magic of food dot com or magic food dot massacre who dot com the magic of food. Or magistrate who dot com. You go there you can get eight free download of the process from the book and also the first chapter. And so you really get a feel super. You know what the book's all about and hopefully. You'll you'll be inspired him to get the whole book so. During. Just go to those web site either one of the magic of food com. Or go to my website Doctor Murray dot com and and you can see. How to get open the book. That what I what I really wanted to talk about to gauge. I want people to get results with natural product and which in the news these days what a lot of people reaching or what and Kobe Alex are being asked. They're very helpful in promoting the health of the microbe bio which is the collection of bacteria and other organisms reside guard vessels cracked. It's very important for immune functions for. Help. Or marine in any mood. Metabolism all the important things any can't help certain Dixon suggestion that a lot of people there. Aching croak out extra help them relieve gas bloating and in indigestion I think they're better coaches. Out there and I want people to understand that in most cases when people are dealing with these functional gastrointestinal. Disorders which I. I define who's you know and they'll have a disease perceive that there are guys you know the food is truly not agreeing look yeah. This affects about one out of three adults what tree don't look viewing experience gas flowed the occasional or bird. Indigestion. Constipation diarrhea. An awful these symptoms are a result of lack of digest of factors like that suggested enzymes and I work with and America's chief science officer in our lead product digest goal is that it is like Florida. The most popular and might be used I just and then giant supple and out there and it is an example of what I'd like to see people reach for. If they're suffering from some of these a common. Signs is incomplete digestion. So. People can go to ends in Connecticut dot com them and learn more about digested and kind of outing might be able to help them. With their gas bloating indigestion etc. Yes and I am I saw the I think as a YouTube video where it was a video of using. This product we is yogurt I believed John and tell you about that that they can finance. He had it and interest immediately we we have this little experiment you see it on line where we. To do. Yogurt robotics makes it out and doesn't change the physical characteristics of yogurt so lumpy bumpy. On the flip side if we had just one capsule to digest schools to the yogurt it it would look this city is digested. It in. That really helps or digestion system now mutate enzymes or early this week we can have that same action in side. Our body especially a Formula One I just goal because of specially formulated to be effective. Throughout the entire gastrointestinal. Tract. Most people. They're the problem is is the combination of two things. Or quality nutrition in inability to break out. Those. Large food particles into smaller group who articles. We wanna promoting healthy diet you also want to make sure people are breaking down their food. That's where enzymes can really be helpful and are all of this information is available it into medical duck been. I guess I want people to get results from natural products were afraid that if we if we take a crowbar and can. It's just not gonna work for them fact. Many people would be durable bowel syndrome or are there. Common. Some common issue it's characterized our guest loading usual diarrhea and constipation. Maybe these people have what's called small intestinal bacterial over well known for throwing chromatic out ask them. Typically makes there's symptoms much worse so we want to use acrobatics. That we have to have. Reasonable expectations. Were hippies and for the right things. And I really think for most if people. Past bloating indigestion or you can spend too much or that it. And times first and yeah and also talking to your local not a path in my it. AEA. In any of that is that particularly important we're talking about digest you issues because. In order to really get to the root cause he actually good medicine is all about. It's not about distressing symptoms they're using biochemical bandage it's about. Identifying. What is underlying issue here without a week correct. It would I guess issue we and that. Take detected sometimes losing those doctors can eat quite helpful in that. I only by listening to the explanation of when these symptoms or rides but also we're doing some necessary testing. What what I downloads these bears are just a simple way you see if it. If these enzymes are gonna work for him that's simply that they become deeply I just goal of every meal for two weeks fourteen days. You get a good sense of whether it's the right thing for you typically within the first day or two people are. For rating on my guess I feel so much that are in The Who really feel a difference and yes so they incur cougars in the putting. I would suggest to patients. There's this you've been seeing improvement in their in their digestion. That's the best indicators are on the right approach. Great so great clarification. About Wendy's prep her by onyx and when she's enzymes dramatics is not a cure all it's important and not a cure all. And enzymes much more effective. Rate for the problem of indigestion bloating gas. And it. Say it again and then the gold gold ends us say it again for our listeners. The other guy just told I just a matter of. And America and dies a school grade. So one last question and then he just can mean in so again need to make sure ready remembers. The product in Aussie your bug. What do you think about antacids. All my guys feel that the weather Walt was belongs yeah. While this discussion it would give it. And it happens particularly these high powered. Proton pump inhibitors like that examines guerrillas sect. These are bad news. It we need. Stomach acid we need at a quarter past the it's the digest our food properly and also it's kind of domino. Big domino that causes of the dominoes to fall. And if we we walked that we see all sorts of problems these these strikes are really robbing people of their life they're associated with. Early mortality increased risk for heart disease certain forms of cancer alzheimer's disease fractures in traction. The bad news and and and in many cases it's not the overproduction of acid that the issues the under production so what happens is here. Surprisingly receptive you're actually the tracks we go counterproductive. To what's. Of the body. Earth is really. Crying force so. I think there's better approaches for digestion issues in general and again like you said getting into nature and really help. There's also a sensible things that people can do to try. For themselves and as a relates to anti acids I don't know if you saw this study really interest in what a great studies that are done. They'd never get up here in every game utilized he ate he didn't study will be looked it. I guess throw esophageal reflux and he compared. Using a proton pump inhibitor again for your drugs and vaccines and go check. Which is drinking a glass of alkaline water after the meal and that's any any water that has to PH greater than eight what they found was a drinking that alkaline water was more active and I'm taking via the CPI so is it it I just think. He in America we have this tendency to be grabbed being the scribes who and there are release date. Sometimes very simple approaches that can produce better results. Well thank you so much doctor ram I think this is such an important topic because almost. Everybody is that everybody knows somebody who's got they just have complaints and there's a lot of myths out there and I. And loves to talk about it and I love us to just elucidate. Simple things like pro by addicts and enzymes so tell everybody again where to go on how to get that info. Well wolf first of all please join my community is Doctor Murray dot com DOC TO RM URREYR. Two very dot com if people understood in my latest for the magic of food they'd go to the magic of who'd dot com and it. And if you are interested about improving your suggestion and learning how to use. Digested in science go to ends a Medicaid DNC YM. ED IC AA and so medica dot com. Fantastic. My goal marry the rock star of natural menace and and just so happy we got to have you here in Austin for just a short while and pick your brain a little bit and please come back any time we would love to. Okay. Well thank you have a great rest of me being in a good show and it's great that we connect with the again and I look forward to seeing you know in some. Yes if you come to Austin definitely look at our food and well. Thank you Doctor Murray. I. That I. Write every line we're gonna take a short break and then we'll be back we've got lots of other good. Guests and information Korean we'll see is him. Chaos in the wake up and fly right on talk. On thirteen seventy. You're listening to let's get healthy with peoples are acts often favored pharmacy. I talked 1870. Got a health question call us now at 52643. Lives. Hello I'm back this is doctor test that play. That's a classic physician and sitting in today for a few other docs I'll be here next Saturday to my regular time. And in studio I have doctor Carlos Ritter with me say hi again talked to is how are you think you for having me today it's great having you here and we're gonna have with us in the second here. Doctor robber taos ski he's a chiropractor and speaker oh gosh he speaks all over the country and he happened I happened to take on his course is too so this is like a blast. From the past day for me. So we'll bring him on an if you many questions farm to doctorate or you can jump in as well in case things you write a doctor cows are you there. I am. Happy beautiful days. Happy beautiful today how Mario. Yeah and I'm loving life. Everything is great here in Houston Texas a lot and today. I'll Austin is a little dark and cloudy the Lotta sun so I enjoyed a little cloudy day so it's nice. So he is ever piercing your calling us from Houston today. And here and I'm I'm sure you don't remember but I actually took the course with you through. Netted gen X. And I have to tell you what I remember from it I'm sorry to say it was so long ago I don't remember the subject but I remember you are very entertaining. Oh yeah. You know what I love and sometimes I do monetary system we don't want to be just hybrid entertainers and who share information that intact lion that got a little bit and a. Oh I definitely did I read about it was right after medical school so I you know I was used. Long classes I was kind of dreading it and then you are very entertaining sad to say if anybody can take its course the doctor taos ski it's very fun and interesting as wells informative so what have you got for us today. Well you know last night I absolutely. The shot clock certain product that new Medicare and I think he had incredible application. Becky could even use it as the anti universal baseline I'm just like soccer team. So many people need. OK so. And what do people usually take it for a why would our. Why would our listeners be interested and it. Packing and little story I was actually at limerick I didn't literally wrote the book a lot from them. We've been treating me as an increase I have been looking into all mammals give her a lot of young all mammals nurse their young. All mammoon look at it differently you know you don't know the program didn't immediately know the lobster and congenital. The end and I wanted to be really really well I bank of human being written long long time that you can get help from other animals. Apple actually absolutely incredible help and every night yeah incredible variety of coaching nutrient it's got even you know locker room. Yeah. Should benefit everybody that instance in little. Literally. You pick your immune that in a moment and you're plugging it literally and Nike and Iron Man and apparently right an evidentiary and nobody even looked yet panic and there little. You know when we look at him on the people that are struggling right there is that back and repeating action and no or little literally they don't. Hi this is a great way to go after him and he direct one on my great mentors and let you know whenever people have a challenging. The I'm Victor not really getting older and everything you want to look at you won't look at it you respond you look at don't infection computer not a or you look at it rattles and look at there's. Gloucester county is legal and he'll be back end pork can decrease cougars on. When you look at children's action beautiful pass and community greatly utility industry and art clogging the nature of the injury are right and Clinton now that there's not a minor. In track and also holding. Locklear metals and things like and the we'll just just how horrible and delicious and my dad was. I'm turning it. And so you know there's a lot of bluster on the hard on your recent recent news new Medicare is rather than any other plus. Certainly quality control yeah baby yeah actually yeah. The company. And organic and how they're treated wonderfully usually end and very personnel action it was a dirty cap and everything else. We're fortunate thing around the clock during the is that. I even have to know personnel and how will. There's plenty an inherently wrong way down slightly and maintain the integrity. And couple that. And rightly. Late. I'm rich people who didn't do dog every kid needs and even if they feel something coming on. War that order which they can mix and higher lighting. We really appreciate you want to purchase street lightly at all. General Eisenhower. Predominantly differently when you got a lot of great community throughout the hot you know. Lynn was great absolutely anything you. Yeah. I think that people can easily do very very frequently. Tell people that are these your frequently duration and intensity. The ball and turning it feel like. He's liked or nutritional and exercise. An assault on the nothing really really nice easy to use products that. Great captain. Fantastic and before we go I would dearly miss and I didn't acknowledge that there are people out there listening don't use animal products. I'm seventeen hasn't been done in clean medica. A toolbox that they can use its main lines and similar aspects to your immune system. Sure absolutely these are talking about. Not an animal products and yeah how I couldn't even appreciate you come home. Which might the lightning little beautifully want to connect you're trying to do everything normal parent. And that getting into the little limiting and actually they're they're data show that the very very clearly. They didn't hear his little buddy level. A life we dream but incredibly who have. And that would that they can actually protect against impact on net during the application. A which people often and it didn't handle other I didn't need to remember is important I think pretty incredible. I don't like the film leading. Which hasn't tremendous outbreak began its feet and utilization at new treatment that little power a little. Yeah featured jingle all along along my eight. And they're just the other great products in the outlying area community drinking yeah. They're. Yeah. Yeah what are the what are the issues beat them. They content. Fantastic great. We're now it's on the lights go green did tell us where we can find out more about these products. Clearly you go straight after the new America air conditioner why. Certainly people aren't you rate it as well my personal last night didn't he got a lot not all the national mediation team these are the deal being dot com. Green thank you so much doctor tells viewers so happy to get to happy today and he's come back. Okay. Anyone might intermingling your share of great information like the other major. Okay you haven't did today and we'll talk to you or. Thank you. All right area lines that we heard about sadly I was he doctor Cosby was coming. To us from his car so we are a little shell hearing but I hope everybody heard good information. And before we go to break I deathly wanna talk to doctor Ridder and they're really hear from him why he's here and why is. Passion is he this is a man on a mission and that he's gonna tell you a little bit about what he does and what he has. I'm he has an event today that he's gonna invites all tennis a hijacked her there and thank you while the first. As I enjoying a lot and I'm learning a lot of things. To my feel actually is not that food or are. Products they might feel actually its environmental. Toxic it's nice were all listed in that yeah environmental toxins actually place a huge role to do you mean everything is it is a whole thing. That impact our elf. I'm so mom. The environmental what he didn't understand the environment and how long time ago I'm in a few decades ago. Because there's things in the environment they're invincible. And to understand these things do we need to learn a little bit of biology. Man has been as good. And ash is 62. So it took me awhile until you're so wild that is signed this to understand about them down. Electromagnetic. Radiation that is my past and I can't connect to make an irrigation and Islam. So I very can't understand what it is this sickness. Electric and magnetic fields coming from the wires. Coming from entertainments broadcasting. And any kind of signals. Well armed our naked eyes scan that's he's signals. But and they're here with us. And now we're using tremendous idea however right can they hear is today. That com that high density and they signals is the one needed it got our attention. So we as humans we can now be exposed to that point. And that is a bid to pass from the so so tell the viewers concretely. What do you do to help people understand. About these signals and what was. It how it affects them how can they country lead deal with us yes go on. A lot of studies Harry's shown depth in our homes. We cannot have a high density of of those signals hang time and they too demanding that he feels so. One thing that I do is some wing I mean my team we made sure. The deal the city of hold these silly to get magnetic feels like home. In non com we have stand their salary. Not. What do we find. Ramos and the times says it a lot of people. In their houses is leaking more DNC then. This year it in him whenever we do is we lowered that expulsion. And and so we may Sher refers because we need to know what is in reality. Mom how many feels we have a much web sort. It is is too much we eat we look forward. And has excellent hearing it as I know we all worry about what's out in the whirlpool and I'm hearing is as if people just take control what's in their home. As a really big impact DOS a DOS is at it again and we have a lot of data a lot of research. Now what happened when we actually lowered to the standards and we should ask a whole a lot of changes in the body. Beyond the three main organs are the ones are being. As shoring more symptoms. By being exposed to radiation. One is essential and every system because he wars with electricity then when our electricity out relate to it feels ire. In. And interference with electric fields in the environment. Well we feel an effect in the negative way and somehow it actual official and sleeper was how in the ass so war. But right now we have a huge. Amount of kids with out system. And then what are we would find out is it electric system of these little kids. It gets dot com. Disrupted. And sleeping off one of my specialty is somewhat common neuroscientist now from one of my specialty is this is sleep medicine. Why do we sleep is so important because we need to restore went to restore in science we need to restore. Or against conservatives tell. And is sleeping is is the big tools do we have a C humans to restore. But electromagnetic radiation destroy duels frustration pathways during sleep. So we have a huge problem right now we can CDC. Most of the population. And probably over 90% of the population houses is sleeping problems and weather Dave recognized it as insomnia as. IE what cops really early nineteen out of go to sleep or I'm just tire I would copy and I don't feel free French. Both those are. This seemed doesn't waste he wins we've been what we've been electromagnetic. Radiation exposure. And that of course when weasel word data exposure. We seemed. These patients recover. Their ability to restore. They feel refresh again the key embattled. And I chronic illnesses and a better way not wanting to I say it is an electromagnetic radiation essentially destroying our healing systems. We cannot heal RS EC as we issued. Bizcast we're not restoring because we're exposed to these toxins and there's some. And a huge priority of different by chemical pathways they get destroyed and so for sale. Well this is fascinating to me as a Nash to have exposition because of course we deal mostly wind. Biochemical pathways. And environmental toxins that are. You know that we see and smell and things like that and sometimes we just can't get to the comments and I knowing that we have another avenue to look at the cause of disease and in fact this sounds like more like getting to the true cause often. Un is very exciting to meet personally. And I know it's your passion tell us and that's the events that you're having a hell yes just awareness out. Actually I haven't been today com and today and now live in from eleven to four is gonna be in mayor Cory mumble and dancers say it's eleven holes Evan. South eighth street and now arm and a half a few gas but I mean I talk about this this problem. I'm gonna talk more about solutions. Does I think that is what is important because. For a lot of people today is discouraging. To learn did there's a huge problem in there if there's no solutions. Some focus today in solutions. How to leave. In these new era now where technology is everywhere. And what can we do. Well there's so many things we need to learn. Fantastic OK so you're event is today. 11 AM to 4 PM yes and Mercury mom though yes you all can look that up to get the address. And it's really easy it's right and saw on off the south Lamar really easy get to beautiful space Bonnie good news is here is everybody talking about how Mitt Howell who live healthy and it talks about how. Else and what the solutions are not just problems but the solutions yeah that's recognizes a free of Santa they need Hamels some thing well I DIE team this term DNA it said ten dollars twelve dollars per instance of really make our environments. Healthier with us for a an Austin we all care about. Yeah arms went around. Costs nights they did and they really care about him. There L attic and all the gave vendors there anybody else yes there where you have vendors not amazing I mean there's amazing I have some gas. Then that they're gonna talk about. The same things from different point of views and we discount business is one thing I mean you have to tackle it from different views so I have a an amazing Koppel they're gonna talk around neuro linguistic program nation and in in this well again tried to merge all this things together. Again. Tried to to show that there's attacks and that we should be aware but most important there's solutions. Rate and I know this is always on everyone's mind should they bring their snacks that are there any snacks there available to people we're gonna have some snags. People love an accident where we have a later. Premier wine until it was only can pays the theory that I actually went into the land lines and it was very yummy stout oh not you like and I love to have you back from there I will definitely coming back. And we will talk to doctor reader again and maybe even he'll keep getting at this hour but also next week we're gonna invite him back to talk in more detail. And I'm gonna tell you about. My real life experience of having him come to my house and do this so you know he's gonna common measure and I'll let you all know how that go. Our aid and we're gonna go to break right now but we'll talk to him get back. Sound off on the news of the day with the top poll online ads on thirteen seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy though Greg Joyce. You're listening to let's get healthy with peoples aren't Constance favorite pharmacies topped 1817. Got a health question call us now is at 52643. I. IE back again with doctor test strip fun not to panic position here in Austin. Gonna check out my eight clinic in southwest Austin you. Elected not trip sorry strictly not a topic dot com. I specialize in weight loss and in counseling so he can check that out. I'm belittled in just a second we're gonna have doctor Kelly Phillips on the line a dentist here in Austin. And until I have her wanna tell you what we've got going on this week. The people's wellness centers son troll. Oh that sell the doctor alleys event that's the hidden dangers in your mouth and how to treat them Wednesday January 21 at 630. Shall talk about that just I can't also with people south conference trim the Lyme Disease support group meets Saturday February 17 that's today 11 AM. There's a chi gong self care for stress reduction at the same location Tuesday February 28 at 7 PM. And in the community there's an interest introduction to be keeping with the natural Gardner on Saturday February 17 oh that's again today 10 AM. So you can also go to the people's RX website and look and see those events and find out more details. And then I definitely wanna say one more time that doctor Ridder is having an event today. It's come about live being healthy in a toxic world solutions to it 11 AM to 4 PM at Mercury mom. And anything else gonna say doctor ever for re bringing doctor early Phillips on the line Belcher event tour well I don't I. I see this amazing where you Jennings here reaches your bringing all first take this to be held for. Issues so calm I went to thing did environmental toxins to sleep medicine neurology and that's what I deal. Mom is very important but the reality is that everything is so important. Then nutritional aspect. Found environmental aspects that sleepy. So war amazing all the things you're doing right now beaches are bringing everybody together. India in the in this. And in this case. Yeah and that's that your offense is trying to do as well correct like you bring in people who have different. Topics and come from different. Perspectives backgrounds all the mall and you know what we all want which is making people healthy and I'm making sure there are not missing any pieces of fast. Fantastic I'm in Wenatchee traffic. Physicians world we call that the total load scary so it's where wouldn't. And where we don't just consider one caught this it's even though we considered you know a multifaceted. Approach where we look at diet and we look at. Supplementation and we look at maybe medicine's side effects you look at environments so I love it I love that to everyone's clicking it. At health more like at these days and you certainly are contributing to integrate way so thank you for coming in the studio and being a little finger and hand me the mystery guest today thanks so much and and come back anytime indefinitely here coming back next Saturday night's. Berry get OK I think we have doctor Alley focus on the line are you there doctor. Yes I am I can tell you. Are you. Well you had a great program I've thank you very much for having me on here quickly but. All of those things that your gas instead are so important and what people don't really understand that the components. About mouth health. Except you guys could you had younger yeah and involved with people in near it now yeah I was a kid. You can be doing all of the right things but if you amount that the mass. It's not it it really to have an impact on your whole body howl and to have healthy mouse because you need to leave and have good circulation and digest of how that. If everything we're all connected and the people often get. Forgotten. I think because. People don't understand the dynamics of the mouse. They don't understand it still back a hundred years ago when we thought that the food were responsible for Kennedy isn't much that that that they've gotten any big gum. That's not. Now how could go about its. Really really use science that we know now so. You know I I thank you so much were letting me share. That's really important information I'm actually I think you'll people's wellness. Ten on medical parkway this Wednesday night at twenty earth. Stay with them 31 hour. Talk about it. But to talk about Hayden. Gum disease but they called passage and the bad bacteria that you don't even know and you mount. And I have to say if I ask if I can just plug your events so much I can such a thing and I'm one of your fans now. On your system is so incredibly. I mean it's it's exciting because it really you can really do something about this and it's so much easier than I think a lot of the old ways so I I wanna really encouraged people to go listen to you and hear more of your. Well it ended when you know people think that it can papers rushing him laughing. You'll never get rid off an eco ecological movie your mouth is a whole ecology. And just brush and floss and less human you get the whole strategy. And you know I've just written another book. Because they're. So much new information much and the president hosting that Whitney on Wednesday it doctor Molly merits from the their wellness center. And that it because. I met her about fifteen years ago I think it was. And she really understood what I was talking about recognition that the president in it and fell flat out. And then you've got me it involved in the seminar cure knocked them. And she will have an experience of an office manager who is going to have century pension prepaid. Thousands of dollars. Of gum disease that shouldn't be scaling and reclaiming and all that. And dot net under this but strategy that I was explaining to get back how often told her office manager. And I think it was about eight weeks later stipulating when half a century. And the very honest parted on fifth Lipton have battled them. Said there has been trying to meet that that's incredible day money back only guys we have to go to. It's a good doctor analyst at I love talking to you please come back and talk more and latins and yours done date Wednesday at that people won't attempt it everywhere I go. Angry and got I wanna hear more of the stories thank you doctor sun spanky and things at me out thank you Austin Eagan yes thank you Austin and will talk to you next Saturday.